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Eagles-Panthers Pregame Thoughts

What Nonsense Will We Witness This Week?

At this point in time, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost nearly all of their legitimacy as an NFL team.

The Eagles are dead in the water.

Most of the players have checked out mentally, and the failures of this team’s leaders have allowed the club to develop a losing culture.

The head coach and his staff have repeatedly pressed the panic button in search of a way to spark this lifeless football team, and they’ve come up empty every time.

Every week, the Eagles find more new and unbelievable ways to lose. From blown fourth quarter leads against the Steelers and Lions, to allowing the Falcons to score on their first six possessions, to failing to score a touchdown in five redzone opportunities against the Saints, to special teams breakdowns against the Cowboys, to the abominable mess that we saw last week in Washington, the Eagles have treated their fans to one of the most frustrating brands of football ever conceived.

And the amazing thing is that this situation can still get worse.

The Eagles are now preparing for life without the services of their best player, LeSean McCoy. Although Andy Reid and Marty Morhinweg enjoyed keeping the ball out of the hands of their star running back (unless of course, they’re down 31-6 with less than two minutes remaining in the game), McCoy has been one of the only bright spots of this team in 2012.

Just take a look at the projected starting offensive lineup for Monday night.

Quarterback: Nick Foles

Running Back: Bryce Brown

Wide Receivers: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin

Tight End: Brent Celek

Left Tackle: King Dunlap

Left Guard: Evan Mathis

Center: Dallas Reynolds

Right Guard: Jake Scott

Right Tackle: Dennis Kelly

As bad as Carolina has been this year, can anyone see this offense putting up more than 13 points? Although he was put into a bad position by his pass-happy coaches, Nick Foles didn’t do much to inspire confidence in his first start. Bryce Brown has had his share of nice moments this year, but he’s not going to keep Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott awake tonight. And of course, opposing defenses practically salivate at the opportunity to attack an offensive line that is completely inept.

How The Eagles Can Beat The Panthers

The Eagles will need to have a simplified offensive approach that is designed to set Nick Foles up for success.

A good start for this offense would be to build off of the few things that they did well against the Redskins. One element we saw return to the offense with Nick Foles under the center was the use of the screen play. The Eagles used to be one of the most efficient screen teams in the league, but the play almost completely disappeared from the offense while Michael Vick has been the quarterback. Vick’s height made it difficult for him to effectively execute the play, but Foles was able to use the screen to counter a number of Washington blitzes last week.

Foles needs to do a better job at getting the football to his top receivers, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The rookie completed only two passes to his starting wideouts against the Redskins, and its going to be important that these two receivers become much more involved in the offense this week.

Defensively, the Eagles will go head-to-head with Cam Newton, who plays a very similar style of football to Robert Griffin, who torched Todd Bowles defense a week ago. Bowles’ unit will need to learn from the mistakes they made a week ago. When Newton attempts to take off and run, the Eagles can’t get caught overpursuing. There were several instances in last week’s miserable affair that the Eagles’ defenders ran straight at Griffin, only to get burned by the speedy quarterback. They’ve got to understand the importance of staying disciplined, taking away Newton’s running lanes, and waiting for help to arrive.

Why The Panthers Will Win

The Carolina Panthers are a bad football team. They’ve struggled throughout the season, and they can’t find ways to win games. But the difference between the Panthers and Eagles is that Carolina hasn’t quit. Even though things have gone badly for them, they’re still putting in enough effort to make their games competitive.

The Panthers defense doesn’t exactly have a daunting task in front of them this week. We all know that Reid and Mornhinweg aren’t going to run a balanced offense. They dropped Foles back to pass over 40 times in his first start, and they could just as easily drop him back 50 this week. What are the odds that the two brilliant offensive minds try to run the football with Bryce Brown in his first career start and Dion Lewis who hasn’t seen the field all year?

On the other side of the ball, Cam Newton should have no problem putting up big numbers against this defense. The Eagles are so poorly coached, and they’ll continue to make the same mistakes that they have all year long. We can count on the defensive line failing to generate pressure. We can expect missed tackles. We can look for Nnamdi Asomugha to miss a few tackles and turn a receiver loose for a big play while expecting him. This has been the Philadelphia defense all season.

Final Thoughts

Prime time football on Monday night at the Linc. Remember when these games used to mean something?

Unfortunately those days are just distant memories right now.

Watch this game to get another look at Nick Foles. Watch this game to (hopefully) get your first real look at Vinny Curry, who may finally dress for his first game of the season. But don’t watch this game with the hope of seeing a 3-7 come together and show signs of improvement.

Watch this game for the now comical antics of the head coach. Laugh off every bizarre play call. Don’t even react when there’s a questionable time management decision. This team is a joke, and should be treated as such.

The only other question I have is when do the “Fire Andy” chants break out? Before the end of the first half? After the first three and out? on Facebook

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58 Comments for “Eagles-Panthers Pregame Thoughts”

  1. After watching all the games today. We better get a stud QB in here.

  2. Agreed daggolden gotta get that franchise player for sure.

  3. Hardy and Johnson are going to feast on this o-line…the over/under for sacks by Carolina is 7

  4. There are no franchise QBs in this coming draft…sign a veteran for one year and wait till 2014

  5. Jott1972

    How much do you wanna bet the next coaching staff will decide keep Vick one more year until we draft our stud QB in 2014. I say we scratch this bum ass coaching staff and wait for our online to get healthy for next season. Draft a safety with our high 1st round pick and get some depth at the Offensive Line position. I still believe this team has crazy ass talent that just is not being properly used brought together by the right coaches.

    All I’m saying is I’d rather go into next season with Vick under center behind a healthy offensive line with a whole new scheme and coaching staff than Nick Foles.

  6. Watching Drew Brees its amazing what a QB looks like when he has no time to throw. Ints for TDs, sacks lol.

  7. Damn I love the 49ers defense lol.

  8. The eagles need to watch this. Hmmm playing defense, who would have thought it was so important! fire Juan!

  9. The 49ers-Saints game was an exciting game.The Niners D forced Brees into mistakes with their aggressive play. Far cry from what Brees was able to do to the Eagles defense. That’s the defense the Birds need to build here. But did you notice what Harbaugh did when one of his players cost THE TEAM! When McGinn muffed that punt which led to a Saints TD Harbaugh benched him for the rest of the game for non-performance that cost THE TEAM. He sent a message that loss of focus will not be accepted. Andy would have sent his returner out again. Love Harbaugh!

  10. Eagles need to hire 49ers D/C and S/T Coach Brad Seely
    Foles can be productive behind a healthy O/L when Peters, Herremans and Kelce return. The key is utilizing a 2-3 headed monster rushing attack
    With McCoy,Brown and Havilli or even Polk
    Shorten the games, control the line of scrimmage, cut down on penalties Nd turnovers and the Eagles can be in the hunt in 2013 with 4 new players on Defense (DT, Safety,CB and a big DE)

  11. Panthers 27- Eagles 16

    Panthers WR Steve smith chews up CB Asmo and TE Olsen has a big game along with RB’s Wiiliams,Stewart & Tolbert

  12. If you guys haven’t seen this article by Ruben Frank of, check it out.

    Apparently, Kurt Coleman believes the Eagles secondary has the talent to be the best in the NFL. Unbelievable. I don’t mind Coleman, I think he plays hard and he would make a decent third safety in this league, but he’s out of his mind with that comment.

    • Denny, that’s the problem with this team! Reid has the rest of his stepfords, deluded into thinking they are better than what they are. That’s why the stench of this entire FO & coaching staff, needs to be cleaned out by the Hazmat team! They are all egotistical, delusional & nuts!

      • I know, over the last couple of years this team has done nothing but talk. They act like a 10-game winning streak is just around the corner. Remember just before the start of the season we had Michael Vick running around telling people that this would be the start of a dynasty?

  13. Im telling u guys that vick may very well be back next year unless we get a high enough pick to get a qb in the top 5 or something.

  14. If foles doesnt show brilliance this game its time to start figuring out ways to get Geno smith .. I want at least an interception free game..

  15. All these guys are in such Denial as they get their lead from their HC
    And their Front Office.. I stated my rankings of the Eagles Position by Position late in the Summer versus just the NFC East and they were among the bottom I many Positions and this was just against a Weak NFC East competition let alone against a stronger NFC Conference
    The bottom line is that the Eagles are what they are which is not a very good Football Team or Organization from Top to Bottom in my opinion

  16. Hell dont want Christian Ponder or Brandon Weeden or Ryan Tannehill and they are high draft picks. Them teams arent winning anything with them. Look at the difference between them and the 2 franchise QBs this draft in Luck and RGIII. Its not even close. Then you have the dumb ass Eagle fans trying to shove a 3rd round project down my throat in Nick Foles. Are you serious? Thats our franchise QB? Nick F%^king Foles/ A third round project? Then you got Eagle fans saying well if we make our oline the best and our defense the best and our special teams the best then Foles will be good. lol

  17. Not be brilliance, Show brilliance .. Flash something ,you idiot.. Thesse guys are all playing luck rg3 tanehill wilson weeden and they all show something.. NOW go get me a beer .. beer bitch

  18. Sean McDermitt is gonna bring the friggin house tomorrow night. Hes gonna try to embarass Andy.

  19. Foles last start anyway. Word is that Vick will be starting in Dallas next Sunday Night anyway. Rumor also has it that it doesnt matter what Foles does in these games that the next coach coming in will want his own guy unless he is really high on the 3rd round pick which the odds are he wont be.

  20. There is no way the Eagles bring back Vick at $20 Million
    He’s out along with Coach AR
    Remember that Owner wanted nothing to do with Vick

  21. Really fucknuts? What “flashes of briliance” did Wheedon show you in his 35% 4 int 1st game performance? Or Tannehil in his 3 int first game?

    You dipshit, compared to their first games Foles looked like Joe Montana.

    NFL rookie qbs in their first starts this year threw 3 tds and 12 ints. The only early “flashes of brilliance” came from RGIII. The rest were pedestrian at best.

    Look deeper you illiterate fuck. Does Foles know the playbook? Yes. Did you see him audible? Yes. Did he make good decisions? Yes. In the first hald 18 of his 20 throws were good decisions.

    That’s all you can ask for. Is he going to be a long term answer? Who the hell knows, hopefully he will improve a bit this week. That’s it. Shove your “flashes of brilliance” garbage into the same recycling bin where now rests your poster of the former superstar.

    And for everyone else:

    1 – Vick is done. Gone. Give it up. He’ll be in “stage 4” or whatever and will miss another week, and then what’s the point? The only reason to play him would be to showcase him for a trade, but since no one in the league will trade for him because he’s due $20 million and he sucks, then playing him is pointless. How is this hard to understand???

    2. The Eagles are 3-7. The best thing to do would be to lose out. Roseman and Lurie know this. So do all of you.

    3 – The Eagles will not be taking a QB this draft because there isn’t one. Media right now searching for someone to be the “next Luck/RGIII”. There are no QBs worthy of the top picks….so why take one? (Besides the 4 teams tied or ahead of the Eagles in the draft all need QBs – Raiders, Jax, Carolina and KC – so Geno isn’t going to be available anyway) So the new regime will concentrate on the oline and roll with Foles for another year…if they lose it doesn’t matter… thing that could happen is another high draft pick. and then maybe a QB if Foles stinks.

  22. Vinny, I agree with you 100 percent unless, the new coach wants to try and win right now. that’s the only way he stays.

  23. Aaron Rodgers sacked 5 times due to his line. If he played in Philly theyd be calling for his job. Hope the Cowboys land Vick and the Eagles will be torched. Just watch. Foles cant be a bust but he sucks.

  24. The way the throw the ball. Even in college foles had a duh ” which way did he go ” attitude in games.. He threw stupid interceptions in college and he threw stupid interceptions in both games and at least 3 were dropped. Im rooting for Foles I was happy with him being drafted. The fact that he has to show something this game is just that.. Its his third game and we wanna see something. Its not to much to ask against the Carolina Panthers.

    NOW go get my beer . BEER BITCH..

  25. I would trade as many “big name” players as possible even for 2nd/3rd or 4th Rd picks if they could get it
    Trade Vick, Herremans, Avant, Babin, C Jenkins, Asmo
    Let Maclin walk, offer DRC a fair contract, but not crazy money
    And then Re-build the O/Line, D/Line and Secondary in the Draft
    And add 2big WR and a Safety in Free-Agency
    And go from there

  26. Eagles are ranked 15th in the NFC Conference
    Just ahead of the Panthers and behind every other
    Look at the Bucs, Seahawks, Vikings, Redskins
    Rams, who are all young and only going to get better in the next couple of seasons, the Eagles cannot even compete with these Teams let alone
    The elite Teams of the NFC (Giants, Packers, Bears,
    Falcons, Saints, 49ers) in the short-Term
    It’s going to be an ugly few seasons for this Franchise as they
    And the Cowboys, Cardinals, Panthers, Franchise have fallen behind
    The NFC Competition and you know what these Teams all have in common
    Poor leadership, no real Football Men as their GM and poor drafts and questionable coaching at best.. Lots of changes need to be made for these bottom feeders or we will be saying the same thing in 2013

  27. Eagles should go out and Hire Tom Gamble from the 49ers as
    President of Football Ops and oversee a Football/Player Personnel/Drafting and overall Roster Management of the Team
    Let Howie hand Contracts/Salary Cap for the Team
    Then hire Vic Fangio as HC, hire Brad Seely as DC and then
    Hire Jay Gruden from Bengals as OC/Asst HC and go from there

    • John Dorsey is a fantastic football mind from Green Bay, should be a candidate to be VP of Football Operations.

      Yes Howie should do the contracts. Vic Fangio should be our next coach period. He is an innovator when it comes to countering the opponents strengths; took the Bears apart.

      Offensive Coordinator – Aaron Kromer – New Orleans Off. Line/ Off.Quality

      Asst Off. Coordinator – Joe Lombardi – New Orleans QB Coach

      Defensive Coordinator/Asst HC Keith Butler – Pittsburgh Linebacker Coach

      Asst.Def Coord – Mike Phair – Chicago Defensive Line Coach

      • or Dante Scarnecchia the Asst. HC/Offensive Line Coach New England as Head Coach.

        • Green bay has a stud QB

          New Orleans have a stud QB

          N.E. has a stud QB

          we need a staff that does not come from Super Star QB systems.

          • Stevo, those individuals could identify the talent needed to become a winning organization, including the QB whether they have to draft one, or get one through trade or free agency……we’re trying to change the mediocre culture into a championship one….I beg to differ they are exactly what the Eagles need…….and I’m not convinced that we don’t already have our QB

  28. Ha Ha Ha!

    I remember when Andy Reid Fans would talk about how we should be so lucky to have him, and the next coach might lose and we would miss andy. ha ha ha

    Told you all along Andy was the loser. Andy does not adapt. Teams got hip to his offense and he no longer had JJ or the Running QB to bail him out. McNabb stopped running and Vick saved him for a little bit, then teams figured out to just use a safety on Vick and blitz him and well that was the end of that offense.

    Of course Andy could have adapted and used McCoy more, but there in lies the problem with Andrew Walter Reid. Too Stubborn and ignorant.

    Dick Vermeil use to always quote the statistics of Superbowl winners. He was building his team and his philosophy around known principles. Principles known to win the Superbowl. He got a sorry Eagles organization to the superbowl and won with the Rams.

    Who has won the Superbowl using the wide-9??? Who has won the superbowl ignoring the running game? Even John Elway kept losing until the Broncos put the ball in Tyrell Davis’s hands.

    Did you watch how the Redskins destroyed Dallas in the first half??

    The Redskins ran to the short side of the field,and I thought, why did the do that? They were setting up the play action fake that lead to the bomb on the other side of the field? When was the last time Andy Reid ran enough for linebackers and safetys to bite on a play action fake?? You can’t overpower NFL teams week after week, no matter how much talent you have.

    We are going to find out that this team is much like the tampa team that won after gruden took over.

    Scrap the wide-9. Get a young coaching staff out to prove themselves not these guys on semi-retirement. At one time Burt Reynolds was the number one box office attraction. Today, he could not get a roll in a lifetime movie. Scrap the Gessers. Get back to basics.

    Get the Coach from Stanford. He won without Andrew Luck and is fundamentally sound in all phases of the game. He would bring detailed knowledge of all the players in the pac-10/12.

    He has NFL experience and the last coach we got from the Pac-10 turned out pretty good.

    • With you on basically all of that. I’ve been listening for years to friends and pseudo-friends telling me how much of an idiot I was for not worshiping Reid. Just like I heard it the year before Buddy was finally let go…

      The key to winning in the NFL is growing, changing, adapting, adjusting to the game, your players, and the competition. Reid will not do it. His fraudulence is now crystalline after the untimely demise of Jim Johnson.

      The thing that has made my personal celebration of what is now an undeniable end-of-the-road for the Reidles very abbreviated is the realization that Lurie is clearly every bit as pig-headed as Reid.

      Think about it – who would have stuck with someone this long with decisions like Reid has made on defense, in the draft, etc. if he didn’t believe the exact same dead-end philosophies (‘you win with small, quick linemen,’ ‘win with small quick linebackers,’ ‘you don’t need a quarterback over 5’11” to win,’ ‘strong team leaders are a threat to management and must not be kept around,’ ‘unless the player is a free agent, any player over 32 is useless,’ ‘anyone groomed in “our” gold-standard system [eg Roseman] is good – outsiders are losers,’ ‘the system is flawless – we just plug in bodies and we will win super bowls,’ et-freaking-cetera)?

      Right now, I’m just as scared about what Lurie hires for next season as I am anything else. He’s every bit as stubborn as Reid and that is part of the problem. To paraphrase the British credo: God, save the Eagles!!!

  29. Why does anyone even mention Vick in any capacity any more. The guy has never won ANYTHING in his entire career. He can’t read defenses, he holds the ball too long, he throws into coverage too may times, he forces the ball and is prone to fumbling. He has done that since he came into the league. Offensive line good or bad cannot fix that. As far as Vick winding up in Dallas, Jerry Jones is an idiot but could he be that big of an idiot.? Besides if Jones gets his hands on Sean Payton or Jon Gruden(smart coaches right?) you don’t think those two guys will want Vick do you?

  30. I like David Shaw get him and his coaching staff in here pronto.

  31. As per ray diddly, if Reid has any idea of playing Vick over foles he should be fired immediately, we should also see vin curry and other youngsters, see whose worth saving, but heave out the garbage, assomaugh, Jenkins, babin, cole, graham, Allen, Coleman (good competitor but can’t play at this level, on offense, Vick djax, maclin, Watkins, bell, scrub backup olineman also, draft big wideout or two, there’s a start…..

  32. Forgot avant and cooper, stiffs

  33. as far as future coaching staffs…..

    I dont want anyone from greenbay because they are very similar to the eagles….. throw throw throw not a great overall D.

    Same goes with the New England crew….

    Take away Brady and Rogers from those teams and do they really have anything?

    I feel this has been the problem with the Reid coaching staffs…… ALL the marbles on the QB….. who cares about D?

    I want a coach with NFL experience on D. I want someone who knows a run game is needed. I really dont like Brian B but i’d take him right now.

    Coaching staffs from Pitt, Bal, San Fran, This is where we need to be looking.

  34. the point big lion is since the eagles area all but mathematically eliminated from playoffs, playing vick over Foles, even if you think he give you a better chance to win now, is less imortant than the evaluative process looking forward, especially since Lurie is previewing this team, and the most important player right now, Nick Foles. Look at like this…..

    If Foles shows a lot of potential to be a stud quarterback, then a potential head coach will be interested in coming to philly since he has a franchise quarterback in place.

    If he does not pan out then the coach knows coming in he needs a quarterback.

    Keeping Foles on the bench keeps the question unresolved.

    Vick will not be back under any scenario because his is not worth the franchise qb money they pay him, they can get out from under the contract after this season with no hit on the cap, so he’s as good as gone.

    The only logical, practical course is to play Foles. If Reid doesn’t, then as Ray Didinger stated, Andy must be fired for he is not coaching in the best interests of the franchise, an insubordinate jack ass

  35. Eagles are ranked 15th out of 16 NFC Teams with a poor 1-5 NFC Conference Record, the only shot was to win the NFC East which is not going to happen

  36. Paulman calling that Dave Wannstadt will be the next HC of the Eagles
    Senior Advisor Tom Donahoe, who some may have forgotten that he was hired last off-season will replace Andy Reid as the VP of Football Operations
    and is close to Wannstadt (as is LeSean McCoy)
    Wannstadt will focus on the Defense and hire firend Tom Clements from the Packers, to be the OC/Asst HC to focus on the Offense and will buil the Offense around RB LeSean McCoy
    Wannstadt likes the 4-3 Defense as his base with bigger DE and Stout DT’s along with bigger,athletic LB’s
    This is a match for all involved that will be too hard to turn down and makes sense for the short-term (2-4 Years) before Lurie ends up selling the Team..

    You heard it hear first from the Paulman

  37. We can still win this division fellas! Just need some help from the Ravens/Saints along the way.

  38. Stop it BirdBrain,
    Eagles need High Draft Picks in Each Round
    What good does it for them to finish on a roll and 7-9 or 8-8 ???
    This is not a Playoff Team and doesn’t even deserve it no matter what these other Teams do or not do..

  39. We can win the Division fellas..

    If we go 6-0 (despite being 3-7 right now, reeling with 6 str8 losses, with a rook making his 2nd start and having the 4th worst point differential in the league, a fanbase that will be unruly at best, a group of veteran players who are mailing it in and a lame-duck coach who has internet vids about “never ever winning” tearing up the internet. Oh…forgot to mention that this team, that must go 6-0, has one win over any +.500 team not named New York and over the past 2 seasons and must face 3 of them over the next 6.

    On top of the impossible 6-0 scenario, the Eagles would also need:
    NYG to go 2-3 or worse despite the fact that they’ve made GB, SF and other NFC powers their personal bitch this year
    Washington to also go 2-3
    Dallas to ggo 2-3.

    So to recount….Eagles need to run the table against 3 teams with winning records, tonight with a rookie QB, rookie RB and a bunch of Vets who are already home for the holidays, take down Dallas in Dallas, and then win @NYG in the finale….all the while each and every other NFC east teams, including red hot Wsh, and top 5 NFL team NY to shit the bed.

    FOr what exactly? 9-7 and a wipeout in GB or Seattle?

    Dune…the Eagles right now are one of the bottom 5 worst teams in the NFL. We’re at Raider level right now.

    Develop the QB. Give the kids playing time and improve draft position.

    Wsh must also go 2-4

  40. VINNIE, you MORON. If we win out, that would include giving washington their 7th loss. So even if they end up with a 9-7 record like us, we trump them because we will have a better divisional record then them. Basic NFL intelligence. Get some.

  41. Vinnie, you obviously can’t comprehend and are not good at numbers. We play NYG/Skins/Dallas. If we beat Skins and Dallas, that gives them their 7th loss. So their best bet is to go 9-7.

    All we need is help from the Ravens/Saints to beat the Giants. Both of them.

    And of course, we need to handle business by going 6-0.

    Crazier things have happened.

  42. Lol the fact that you fans are even keeping hope alive that this team wins out at this point are crazy. You know who you guys sound like??? the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles current roster. Always yapping at the mouth and never facing reality. This team SUCKS. face it they STINK. They aint winning squat!!! what have you seen so far this year that makes you think this team is going to win out?

    This team has no heart. what you think that in a week they all of a sudden they grow a pair and decide to play like a legit NFL team? what Nnmandi plays Michael Jacksons man in the mirror and decides to play like he’s 26 again? does Demitrius Bell take a 5 hour energy before the game to wake the F up? I mean you tell me what will it take!!.

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