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What Exactly Is It That Awaits Us Tonight?

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is on the fast track now on his way back from the concussion he suffered against the Cowboys.  It seems that tonight’s battle with the Panthers will be the last game he will miss because of the injury in the Dallas game.  It could make things interesting depending on how Nick Foles plays.   A lot of people feel the Birds should play Foles the rest of the way regardless of how he looks tonight.  I could understand that.

As bad as Vick played this year, the evaluation of his performance is helped when you see how poorly Foles played behind that awful offensive line.

Eagles Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy is still having concussion symptoms, so there’s a chance he could miss more games after tonight.  We’ll have to wait and see how he quickly he comes along.

I’m hoping the Eagles play a good first half against the Panthers because things will get ugly if they don’t.  The national audience won’t be huge, but football fans nationwide will be able to see what happens if something foolish takes place.  If an Eagles fan or two makes an idiot of themselves in front of the nation, we will see the highlights dominating television for the next week or two.  Hopefully they haven’t started drinking yet.

The Eagles defense will face many of the same problems with defending Cam Newton that they dealt with while facing Robert Griffin III.  They’re going to need to be disciplined in playing their assignments.  The defensive tackles and ends must get off their blocks and pursue to the football.  The linebackers will need to defend the correct gap and get off of blocks ASAP.

The Birds defense can’t let the Panthers running game get going or it will open up the Carolina passing game as well.

You know the deal with the Eagles offense, they’ve got to cut down on their mistakes and put together a string of plays which will allow them to move the ball consistently.  I would love to see them start out with a long drive.  It would give them a great deal of confidence. Foles has had a chance to see what a real NFL game is like, so he should be better in his second outing, but that still might not be good enough.

The Birds must try to get their running game going by giving the ball to rookie Bryce Brown.  Would it be amazing if the Eagles give the ball to Brown, so much that he winds up carrying the ball more than LeSean McCoy has in any one game of the season?  That would be ironic and a testament to how foolish the Birds have been in their game planning. on Facebook

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45 Comments for “What Exactly Is It That Awaits Us Tonight?”

  1. should be an interesting match-up of the 2 worst teams in the NFC CONference with nothing to play but pride… Remember the Panthers fired their GM about a month ago and have not named a replacement yet so their Players nad COaching Staff are playing for their jobs and even though they are 2-8, they have Blown 4 4th quarter leads (2 of which were double digits)in the last 5 weeks against the TB Bucs,Bears,Falcons and Cowboys and really should be around a .500 Team, but they are what they are which similar to the Eagles, are inefficient in the Red-Zone, too many Penalties and negative plays, Defensivley, can’t make 3rd Down Stops, Don’t create enough Turnovers and don’t have a consistent Pass-Rush, Poor Special Teams so all in all, these Teams kind of mirror each other and it should be a close game, but will come down to who has more pride and who shows up to play for a full 60 Minute Football Game and my $$$ is on the Panthers..

    Panthers 26 – Eagles 17

  2. lets talk about what we WONT see….. we wont see….

    1. An Oline that can hold anyone.
    2. A run game.
    3. a good tackle
    4. a big hit from anyone on our D

  3. what we will see…….

    1. Eagles player cry about the fans after the game.
    2. Someone in the secondary talk about how good they really are.
    3. Fans drone on about how good/bad Foles is. As in if we can tell anything about him behind this line.
    4. Stats from stat girl comparing Foles to all the other rookie starting QB’s not named RGIII.
    5. Stats from stat girl comparing Foles to Joe M and comparing Vick to the Devil.

  4. G, i couldnt agree more about the run game. History has actually shown that Reid will give his backups a much better game plan then his starting QB’s. Im hoping that Foles makes good throws right off the bat, im hoping he doesnt stare down his recievers again… and im praying the Oline helps him out more in his second go round as the starter.

  5. Funny Stevo….

    However History does not show us that Reid gives his backups better gameplans,

    Last week the Eagles set a new record. 55 dropbacks was the most ever for a rookie starting QB I believe….

    • agreed Vinnie about last week…. thats the part that amazes me. However…. if you look at games under Garcia and such… you will find that Andy did exactly what we always beg him to do.

      Why did we throw so much last week? Oh yea…. the D blows.

  6. I’m almost scared to watch this fiasco tonight.

  7. Panthers 33
    Eagles 7

    get 7 in garbage time…..

    Andy ease the the Philadelphia homers by these ground breaking statements.



  8. I get that the D blows. But I still don’t understand that as an excuse.

    The goal is no longer to win. Its to develop a QB.

    I was pissed by MM’s comments last week talking about why they threw 12 str8x in the 4th (only to then give 25 a useless carry with 1:25 left or whatever)…because the game was “getting away” and they needed to come back and all that.

    Who the F cares what the score was? This isn’t about winning games. Its about teaching the kid.

    All I want tonight (and all the Eagles’ brass should want) is for Foles, Curry, Brown and other rooks to look decent, and for the team to be competitive for as long as possible. If they win – I guess that’s a bonus, though its probably better if they lose.

    • C’mon Sis…here you go again….This is the problem with your logic…

      you are assuming that Foles is indeed the future of the Eagles…I’ve stated numerous times, he hasn’t paid his dues nor has he proved that he is deserving of this title you and so many want to give him.

      Possibly, the Eagles are trying to find out if Foles is worth teaching? Maybe they aren’t willing to anoint him just yet? Yea we can all talk about how we hope he does well all we want..But the fact of the matter is Foles was not a 1st round pick, like RGIII or Luck, he is auditioning, to see the possibilities.

      Maybe the Eagles aren’t ready to hitch their wagon to a young QB, that may not be ready. Maybe the rest of the players on the team, would take that decision some type of way, other than a positive one….

      Also I don’t understand “The goal is no longer to win. Its to develop a QB” yada, yada, yada….Develop a QB, by just letting him hand the ball off to the RB? I could do that…you probably could do that. What would handing the ball of to your RB teach him besides the fundamentals of a hand off exchange?

    • um… no sis. u said Foles would be he answer for THIS season. keep he spin alive tho.

  9. Foles and Bryce will do enough to win us this game. The defense will shut down the Panthers. You heard it here first.

    Vick comes back next week against the Cowboys and lights them up.

    By this time, the Eagles will be in second place and will win out the rest of the games with the last game against the Giants coming down to the division crown.


  10. Vinny is an idiot anyway. The goal is not to win, its to develop a QB. You f’n moron! The goal is ALWAYS to WIN.

    You obviously have never won anything in your life.

  11. the goal should be to see if Foles can be a franchise quarterback, anyone who says they already know based on his limited play is full of it, he gets no benefit of doubt for sure like luck or rg3 because he is a third round pick, so he has to show something special tonight and the next games for the fans, organization to go with him for the future, that’s just the way it is, so let’s see how he plays under the bright lights, big test for him lots of pressure, we will see…

  12. The upcoming draft offers no panacea either. Some team, hopefully not the Eagles, will overpay for either Matt Barkley or Geno Smith. The only two tackles worth taking in the top-10 are Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M and Taylor Lewan out of Michigan; neither of whom are on the same tier as Jason Peters/Jake Long/Joe Thomas. My naive advice: trade down like it’s going out of style and prepare for next year.

  13. correct eprcotimesyours, which is why every eagles fan better hope like hell that Foles is the real deal because if he’s not this team will be down for the next 2-5 years

  14. Twit. The goal is to Winnnnnnnneeeeeeaaaaaagh!!! You sound like Howard Dean.

    Winning tonight still leaves the Eagles at the bottom of the division. Point differential is -90. That’s 5th worst, behind Oakland, KC, Jax and Tenny. You calling for them to make the playoffs too? Did I mention they’ve all played an extra game, so its possible we’ll drop lower on the list?

    If Eagles go 6-0 they finish 9-7. For them to make the playoffs the NYG or Wsh cannot make 9-7 as they both have better div and conference records.

    So…we’d need the NYG to go 1-4 and Wsh to go 2-3. Whoops…they play each other next week. One will wiin. If its the Giants then we’re “officially” gone. And if its Wsh, then they’re only need one more win to “officially” put us out of our misery.

    For the final wildcard, we’re 3 games back, 6 to go with 8 teams higher in the standing.

    And of course the goal is to win. But not in the way your limited intellect understands.

    Long term. Sustained winning program that must be built through a deliberate, slow process.

    You’re chanting for Vick to return next year so that you can: A) put your poster back above your bed and b) somehow this will get the Eagles a win – BECAUSE THE ONLY GOAL IS TO WIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!! (as if he’s shown any propensity to do that over the past year and a half)

    Of course the goal is to win.

    But not this game.

    You can’t win every game, nor every battle. Sometimes the better, more intelligent, long term strategy is to withdraw and regroup. Reorganize and return with a better strategy, equipment and weapons. CLearly you do not comprehend this.

    You’re an idiot who blindly charges forward screaming “You gotta BelievvvvveeeeeeWinnnnnn!” like some petulant child when clearly the team is finished.

    Thhis game is all about future development, and I will be happy to see that happen. Hope it does.

  15. We are NOT “officially” done until the Giants win 10 games. They still play the Ravens, Saints and my (I say my because you are not a fan) Birds. Thats three games that are realistic losses for them. Putting them at 9-7. If we win out, we will be at 9-7. Beating them twice which means that would give us the advantage. We also play the Redskins, if we beat them in the rematch (part of the whole “winning out” philosophy), that gives them 7 losses as well. IF we win out, we will have the best divisional record and win the division that way.

    Like I said, as long as the Giants don’t get to 10 wins, which is a VERY good possibility that they won’t, we will win this division.

    Either believe or GTFO.

    • Dude, what world of delusions & fantasy, do you live in?!? O_o It’s over!!!! We’ll be lucky to win 2 more games, let alone run the table! They’ve checked out like the overrated, overpaid, talentless, heartless mutts, that they are! You GTFO!!!

  16. Eagles were “officially done” in Paulman’s Book when they lost to the Saints last month, they needs to get some NFC Conference Wins and have let 3 NFC opponenets beat them with the Saints/Cowboys/Redskins so it’s over and has been just like last year I said it was over the 1st Weekend in November after there shitty start in 2011 and it was.. These remaining 6 Weeks are meaningless It is what it is and they are the ones to blame, not me or any other Fan.. They’ve played like sit for 3 months now and don’t deserve anytinhg to hang a helmet on.. It’s over, the Andy Reid Era is over, the MV& Experience is over and time to move on. Kind of think about it as Mitt Romney winning the Elelction.. Paulman called a 299-239 Electorial Victory for Obama and though some states were Close, Obamam won every one that mattered while ROmney was crying in his Hotel ROom.. It is what it is.. and I will continue to call them as I see them..

    • Eagles were officially “done” when they required a last second drive (that really shouldn;’t have happened) against a Cleveland team starting a rook who went 35% for 100 yrds 0 tds and 4 picks.

      Can’t roll that? Season over.

  17. Draft is very good in 4 Postions in the Top 3-4 Rounds
    OT,DT,LB and Safety and that’s about it

    Eagles need to trade Dead Weight (Vick,Avant,C Jenkins,Babin,Asmo,Tapp) and try to get some additional 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Round Picks if they can and stock up on Quality Players in the these Deep Positions for the Future

    The Draft is not very deep at all at QB,DE,CB and is considered only Average at WR,TE, & RB

  18. I dont think we should trade vick if we want to win.. I think we should let the new coach asses vick. I think what will find is that vick played well given the conditions. Foles failures further prove that .

    • only a vickpologist with vick PJs and membership to the VIik website and fan club would categorize Foles first game as a “failure” and use it to defend the 10 year veteran former superstar.

      Vick if we want to win….funny….you write that like he’s ever won anything.

  19. 2 picks 1st drive Foles. He better improve.. Vincent you cannot evaluate talent. Its just a fact.

  20. better fire Juan and bench Vick again.

    Not going to talk abou Foles

  21. hmm… run game. Odd. Garcia in?

  22. Hell yea .. Out ran the angles and everything

  23. Eagles have their President of Football Opeartions already in place and his name is Tom Donahoe who was hired last off-season as an. “Advisor” to the Executive Team which is Owner Jeff Lurie and President Dom Smolenski

  24. The handoffs by #9 are sweet

  25. Damn we gonna need a QB too

  26. Leave it to Andy to wait ill our starting RB is out to start running. Amazing. Im really starting to get pissed off about that. lol

  27. wide 9 o the 1. haha

  28. Man Foles is a stud. He passes were so great, defense couldnt keep their hands off. Im so glad he’s playing you know, because hes awesome. Being tall, and anticipating where wr is, and his accuracy, oh and hes sooooo smart. You know hes gonna win a ton and be so much better than that BLACK quarterback whose NOT SMART enough and can only rely on this ATHLETIC SKILLS. what racism? how dare u call us on crap? we want reid gone too, and were totally about equality. we’ll just be happier when that equalityy features a white pocket passer. Cant wait til Vick is gone. Whatever team he lands on will dominate your team. The Eagles are the Cleveland browns as of 11/26/2012. @ChuckRob hahahaha ha.

  29. Birds seem to be in the stretch drive to get a top 5 pick.Bryce Brown dampened his effort tonite with those fumbles. Too may turnovers, too many penalties. Nothing changes week after week.

  30. Watching the post game show. Rendell is an idiot. Can’t stand the guy. Nothing qualifies him as a football expert. I think Comcast should select a fan each week to fill that slot. Rendell offers nothing.

  31. God bless Ike! Finally someone who has knowledge of the game talking about football IQ. Besides having little talent this team is stupid.

  32. Hey how many times did foles get sacked in 23 dropbacks??


    That’s odd.

    How many passes did he get off when called to throw 23x??


    You mean he threw the ball 91% of the time he was asked to? Right at the NFL average? But Vick only gets off 75% of his dropbacks…..

    That’s odd.

  33. Vinnie, not here to argue I could care less Foles is not the answer I have seen enough. Yep 2 games isn’t fair but my eyes tell me he is a career backup.

  34. Vinnie<bag of rocks

    Not even going to bother with your words.

    About foles… i liked some of what i have seen…. however…. he cant stare down the recivers like that. Should have been 3 or so picks. All in all… he handed the ball off well tonight.

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