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DeSean Jackson To Miss Remainder Of The Season With Broken Ribs

During his press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Eagles head coach Andy Reid revealed that wide receiver DeSean Jackson suffered multiple fractures to his ribs, and will be placed on injured reserve.

Jackson finished the season with 45 receptions for 700 yards and just two touchdowns. on Facebook

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40 Comments for “DeSean Jackson To Miss Remainder Of The Season With Broken Ribs”

  1. 2 Broken Ribs on that hit.. what a puss.. C’mon Man…
    Can’t these players even have any contact any-more..
    Let’s face It, these Veteran Players don’t want to risk injury playing in meaningless games over the rest of this Lost Eagles Season..
    I would expect to see Maclin, Asmo,Allen, C Jenkins, T Cole all go down next

  2. I think the Birds owe him half his salary next year so he will probably be back — use common sence and remove him from the red zone offense — he won’t block anyone well, he can’t do fades, and is afraid of all NFL safeties in the middle — even Nate “trucked over” Allen scares him

  3. this is 100% my fault….. every time i buy a jersey the guy i get gets hurt and is released or traded the next year.


    Last year I bought a Cole and Djax jersey.

    Good news tho….. they cant cut Cunningham again so… we should be safe there.

  4. oh man they will be going on the DL with hang nails! maclin apparently slipped in the shower and twisted his lower back and is listed as doubtful, Namdi ate a bad clam and has food poisoning and is improbable, Babin got nicked shaving and is on IR.
    has anyone noticed that eagles recievers get plowed over the middle, get the wood layed so to speak yet you never see our opponents get hammered…EVER

  5. Since when does broken ribs mean your a pussy Paulman? You people are unbelievable

  6. how do we know his ribs are actually broke? he just doesnt wanna play

  7. @Biglion821, I completely agree.

    Paulman sitting on his big butt, making mock-drafts and calling professional football players pussies… Hahaha!

  8. idiot i know about those machines and i kno the eagles probably have them, but have we seen the proof? where are the copies of his xrays? the eagles have lied to us before, and i think theyre just trying to keep one of their stars happy by letting him have the holiday off. kind of their way of apologizing for not giving jackson his money a year ago.

    you gotta read between the lines sometimes to see the truth, haveatool

    • so you are now saying pro football teams publish xrays? they don’t need to show you proof.
      there are no lines to read people. between. he has fractured ribs and is out for the season

  9. I’ve stated since 2009 that if D-Jax was used only for what he does best which is the Deep Routes, that he would put up a same average Stats and make his usual 8-10 PLays a Season.. He;s not or ever been an everydown WR in my Opinion and now that ‘hes paid as one, it was a dumb move..
    I would have kept him field punts for handling 4-5 PUnts a game there is a decent chance that he can make a big play for you.. But playing in short-yardage/red-zone snaps is assanine for he doesn’t contribute in these areas or situations and is a wasted player on the field..

  10. yes they do, if they are supposed to be honest wiht the injury reports every week they need to make it all public so everyone knows its true….they owe it to us after such a god awful year….and they owe it me after i put down my money for courtside seats against the skins for the final game of the year, im gonna be out there in my djax jersey wondering wtf is goin on why isnt that toothpick out there suffering with the rest of us, when instead hes at home enjoying he ham on the holiday season with not a true broken rib to speak of

    • you are an idiot. bill belecheck always is vague about injuries– they all are and the reason is if the guy comes back you dopn’t want too much info out there to opponents. do you remember the player that published his xray or mri results on twitter or facebook?
      you are also an idiot for buying a djax jersey– he is a one trick pony and marginal player at best.

  11. I could give a rat’s ass if D-Jax ever plays again or not for he adds very little
    Look at his Average Numbers the last 3 Seasons.. Not very productive is he..
    I always love when everyone says he makes the other Receivers better and spreads te field out .. Well I don’t see many other open WR’s or other Receivers putting up good numbers.. Where’s this BS come from..
    Trade QB Vick, WR D-Jax, CB Asmo & DE J Babin to the Oakland Raiders
    for their entire Draft Class in 2013

  12. My take is I guess its a 2-3 week injury. Why bring him back for the last 1 or 2 games when they don’t mean a damn thing…Same thing goes for Shady. Let them sit. Play the rookies…

    Nnamdi should have been benched weeks ago. Isn’t there a clause in his contract that says if he doesn’t play like 90% of the regular season his number when you cut him drops from like 4 million to like 2 or something…

  13. This guy Nnamdi is the eagles fan Antichrist, soft, damn soft, gives up on plays, scapegoats his d coordinator for his failed play, then is still making excuses , but the worst is that this chicken shit makes about 15 million a year to dog it, puss it and blame others, Asante is laughing his ass off, haha, I am laughing too, gumby, soft ass pussy assomaugh

  14. Babin has been cut. He will be the first of many of these overpaid overrated bums…Hopefully he takes Washburn and the wide 9 with him

  15. Jakedog, the only guy stealing more money than Nnamdi in Philly is Andrew Bynum…at least that dud is hurt tho…BUT since Babin is gone Im guessing Nnamdi is the next to go…

    IM sure Babin is going to blame he Eagles Fans for this. He simply couldn’t play with hard because we hurt his feelings with name calling…Please take the wide 9 with you on your way out

  16. Not going to miss much with him gone anyway. He hasn’t been a productive player since he was halloped back in mid-2010.

    Are we really going to miss the 9 TDs he’s scored in the past 34 games since getting his bell rung?

    There’s a reason Joe Banner laughed when asked if he would have resigned Jackson.

    I could see Jackson being released this off season in the coming purge.

  17. You guys are hilarious, everybody sucks but Foles we need to see what he has. Bunch of clowns on this site, no better than the team.

    • No. We need to see what Foles, Brown, Curry, Grahan etc have.

      And why do we need to see what they have?

      Because we know what we have in Vick, Asam, DRC, Desean, Cole, Babin etc. ….and they do suck. And the realization that most of these guys will be released (now in Babin’s case) or after the season (in Vicks, Jenkins, Nnamdi, DRC (hopefully), Dunlop, and perhaps even Cole’s case is a testament to that.

      • How long does it take ?
        Has there been a WOW play/throw in the 2 1/2 games he’s played
        just a lil something besides screen pass, 10 yrd out route and a check down

        and just so we stay on track…yes we know what we have in Vick, Asam, DRC, Desean, Cole, Babin etc.

  18. Joe banner is laughing, so is asante, Gumby assmo is the worst professional football player I have seen in a long time, certified crook as well

  19. I was actually being sarcastic, we don’t know jack until the next coaching staff decides what we have. But it is fun speculating who stays andwho goes.

  20. By the way I think you can breed a culture of losing so I don’t agree with this let’s play the young guys and see what we have and get a better draft pick nonsense. This isn’t the NBA.

  21. If that mentality worked then the Browns and Raiders would be in the AFC Title game every other year.

  22. Didn’t Mcnabb crack ribs against the Panthers the same way?

  23. McNabb took a cheap shot while entering the end one versus the Panthers a few years back on opening game (I was there in Charlotte watching live)
    But the funny thing that disturbed me more is not 1 player came to his defense or put up a scuffle. I knew right there and then in 2009 that this Franchise lost its heart and passion and here we are 3 years later and still no heart, leadership or passion from the players on this roster who are a reflection of it’s HC

  24. Jackson is not durable and will only get slower as each year progresses. He dives to the ground like a QB. He is a faster Pinkston. His sidekick has no shoulders or chest. Where does Reid find these guys. Runts of the litter!

  25. No big loss! He’s been a non-factor for 2 years now! Overpaid, one trick pony!

  26. djax is a middle of the pack reciever i would take 20 or more guys over him. way overrated and definitely over paid

  27. I wonder if players like D-Jax, Vick, D Bell, T Herremans,
    T Cole, Watkins,and N Asmo are going to give any of the $$$ they earned this Year back to the Club for their Subpar Play and people continue to bitch that the Eagles are cheap, I beg to differ, the problem is the Eagles tend to overpay overrated players and then don’t take care of up and comer players
    Both Cole and Herremans were already under Contract and needed a bump
    Now the Eagles need to make some difficult decisions after the Season as they will be approx $13-$14 Million over the Cap in 2013 so a few more players need to go and I don’t want to hear about offering them less $$ for that’s not how it works in Professional Sports, when a player is underperforming his contract in Football, you cut the chord, not if there at the end of their careers, you can possibly restructure, but not players who feel they have 3-4 years left of playing
    And starters..

  28. Ah Boney James….

    While most of you…including Mr. Cobb, kept saying give him his money, I said he was a bum. Character is character. If you whine and don’t put out because you are protecting yourself for a big contract, even though your signed contract still has time left on it, you are not a man of your word.

    If he really was a quality NFL player he would have dedicated himself to getting better, ie put on some muscle. That is his profession. He has done nothing in the off season to improve. Out performed his contract…what a joke. I have yet to see an agent walk into a front office and give money back when a player under performs his contract. Is Jackson giving the Eagles money back for not playing the remainder of the season??? Is Jason Babin giving money back for being a scrub this year. After getting paid a Pro Bowl salary.

    What soever a man sows, that shall he also reap. You will get your do, one way or another if you do right.

    Andy Paid all these vets and they have stunk the joint up this season. Trent Cole, the end of season burn out bum. They paid him, now he just decided, why wait till the end of the season to stink?

    There is a reason you get paid at the end of 2 weeks work. Give the money up front and it kills your desire. Unless you have character.

    Something many of the players on this team lack.

  29. i cant believe watkins actually held out his rookie year.. what a dog. Im sure this isnt possible but this is who i need gone. asomougha, danny watkins, bell, and dunlap,kurt never in the right spot coleman, and nate allen. Theres more but these specific guys i cant watch play for my team anymore

  30. 1977,
    Watkins didn’t hold out, he wasn’t under a NFL Contract yet and like most Rookie 1st Round Picks before the new CBA Agreement, your Deal is typically related to where players around you signed for based on where you were selected him missing 2 Weeks of Summer Camp was the norm for Top 15-20 Selections and is usually the Agent holding out for the Best Deal for his Client for his Rookie Deal..

  31. @paulman, i understand. but the audacity of this guy missing anytime when we seehow he turned out sill pisses me off.

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