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Lurie Should Have Mercy On Andy Reid And Fire Him

It doesn’t get much worse than watching a 2-8 team take a knee at your stadium to seal their third win of the season over you.  Then you walk out on the field and get consoled by a former assistant coach of your’s.

This is the life of Andy Reid now.  Everybody feels sorry for him and he tries to act as if the inevitable isn’t going to happen.

I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Reid will be fired at the end of the season, but he’s carrying himself as if he will be coaching the Birds for another five or six years.

Last night after the team’s seventh straight loss, Reid answered a question about how he feels after the team has lost their eight game, considering the fact that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had said during the off season that an 8-8 record wasn’t good enough.

“We’re going to keep battling”, Reid said as if he didn’t hear the question. ‘I’m going to control what I can control, and that’s getting better as a team. I have to do a better job with that obviously by how we’ve played here. I’m not worried about all of the other things. I’m worried about winning football games and making sure I get my players coached up to where we do a better job with that.’

That question was followed up by another inquiry regarding whether he had talked about his future with the team’s owner.

“We really haven’t talked about that”, Reid said. “He’s been supportive. Obviously he’s as competitive as anybody and he wants to win games. That’s what he’s in this business for. But we really haven’t gone there. I’m trying to get this football team to win games, that’s what I’m trying to do. That’s where my energy is.”

I don’t think Lurie will step in and fire Reid, but he needs to do it.  Reid needs to bow out so he doesn’t have answer any more of these torturous questions about his future.  The Birds coach knows he’s gone and everybody else knows it as well.  Firing him would be a merciful move.

Reid needs to go spend some time with his family and take some time to mourn the loss of his oldest son.  Brushing it to the side because of the season, doesn’t mean it’s gone away.  Getting away from this awful season would be healthy emotionally and physically.  It’s too bad all the rest of us can’t get away from this awful season.

This team is getting worse every game and Reid is not doing a good job of communicating with them to get it turned around. Every decision he’s made this year has turned out to be the wrong one.  I can’t say I know the reason it’s worked out that way but, it’s very clear that it’s time for him to bow out.

I would also like to see the Eagles fire Reid because it will give the fans reason to get focused on the future rather than continuing to sift through the remains of this terrible season.  We’ve talked about this bad season and all the reasons for it, enough.  If Reid moves on we can move on.

Some people will say they played a close game against the Panthers, but you must remember this Carolina team had only won two games prior to their win over the Eagles.  Both teams made egregious errors at the end of the game, which is something you expect from bad teams.

I would like to see Lurie turn the page by letting Reid go and end this episode of the Eagles. on Facebook

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37 Comments for “Lurie Should Have Mercy On Andy Reid And Fire Him”

  1. There is no point in firing Reid at this point
    Who is going Coach thesec bums the last 5 games
    Marty M or arise Bobby April. It is what it is and let Reid and his
    Stale And Predictable staff finish it out
    What good is it to have another Coach from this Staff, who will also be fired at the end of the Season Coach for the last month
    This was probably their last chance to get a Victory this Season for their remaining games are against teams that have something to play for
    I expect Vick back who should have fresh legs and be able to make plays but it’s clear that many veteran players have already checked-out menatally and will leave games at the first sign of an ache or pain
    Like DJax did last evening
    For the record, this is the worst Def Secondary
    In the NFL, horrible Safety play recognition, pussy tackling by the CB
    Asmo and DRC have terrible hands and are a joke to watch

    • Jeff Laurie shoulda never gave Andy full control, outside of a few players over 14 yrs OVERALL, HIS DRAFTS HAVE BEEN HORRIBLE. he was a qb coach in GB , and with in 3 yrs he was makin all the decisions, Ron Wolf ran things in GB. that was the owner’s biggest mistake. AND IM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH ROSEMAN MAKING PERSONEL DECISIONS IN THE FUTURE, it takes yrs of sitting under someone in evaluating talent. anybody can read a magazine and draft 1st & 2nd rounders ( AND WE MANAGED TO SCREW THAT UP ) it takes real skill to draft 3rd to 7th round players consistantly. Who did roseman sit under ?? and i don’t mean sitting in on a few meetings. without a legitimate NFL personel guy in the front office, I’m very concerned

  2. Yeah those 3 fumbles were Reid’s fault
    And again NO fumbles or ints from the Eagles D
    That was the game right there

  3. the good news fellas is that there is no need to waste another minute in front of the tube watching these a.holes. watch the highlights and read the stats to look at foles–

    • if all you are going to do is read stats to make an opinion about a player…please don’t bring your comments here…Highlights/stats doesn’t paint the full picture, requires more substance.

      • uh REALITY CHECK FOR UNREAL… WE AREN’T MAKING THE DECISION!!! thats the problem you actually think that you are important.

        • Reality check? you imbecile, you! you have a hard time reading? At no time did I say anyone one of us make decisions…

          Big difference between making decisions and having an opinion…you stupid little shit

  4. This for Birdo
    Do you really think the Eagles can win the NFC East still..
    What a joke, this Season was over when they lost that Monday Night Game versus the Saints which was a must win in my book and then needed to sweep the Cowboys/Redskins just to have a chance .. they will not win another game this season (Maybe the Giants in the final game as the Giants will play their back-ups since they will have a Playoff SPot already locked up and will have nothing to play for)

    • Great job, on rubbing some salt in the wound of supportive Eagles fan…that just so happens not to possess the negativity you have towards the team…Aren’t you happy, though? your team won last night…actually you’re probably not too happy, they still have the same record as the Eagles.

  5. Yay… We have another prime time game this coming week against the Cowboys! Sunday Night Football, here comes the Eagles!!!

  6. We are having a fantasy drink of warm cocoa ,Andy is made president of football operations ,he brings Juan in as head coach,Firing Bobby April ,Marty and appointing deuce and Dawkins as co-ordinators .The owner doesn’t need fire Andy so he doesn’t need grow a pair of Xmas balls. What’s the difference,the locker room can be opened to the fans to view the tomb of the unknown players .Xmas sales of Eagle jerseys hit a new low as fans ,spend there hard earned money on things that have value.Is there any players jersey you’d wear with pride?Stay home and stay warm ,demand your money back for getting pre season games in December ,tell Jeff take his 20 million under the cap. And shove it !

  7. Just painful to watch.

    Jeffery Loser should Fire Andy Reid now, to have Mercy on the Fans. Forget Reid. He made his bed.

    Spineless Jellyfish of a coach.

    Perfect example of why evolution is a joke. He just keeps getting worse.

    He’s missing a link alright. The one that connects common sense to action.

    “I’m happy with the recievers we have”

    When he said that with “James Trash and Todd Stinkston” on the roster, I knew then, he was full of crap and a loser.

    “I’ve got to do a better job of putting the players in a position to win”

    And then went out and got Vick creamed on the 1st play of the Playoffs.

    I knew he was a bum.

    “And with the first pick in the NFL draft the Eagles select…The oldest player ever to be selected in the first round”

    who is now on the bench. Bum

    “da da dat da da dat…Breaking news from ESPN the Eagles have hired Juan “bozo the clown” Castillio as their defensive coordinator”

    At that point, I allowed the TRAUMA UNIT to talk me off the ledge… Should have just jumped.

    It would have be less painful than watching these games.

  8. maybe I have been disappointed for so long, that to be honest, I feel no emotional attachment to this or last years Team to be honest.. I would rather see them lose so they clean house and start afresh..I have never been a fan of AR’s/MM’s Pass-first Philosophy and this DInk-Dunk with small but fast Playersapproach to winning Football Games.. Last time I checked 90% of NFL Games are still decided on who wins the Battles along the line of scrimmage and the Eagles have been losing these battles consistently since the end of the 2009 Season in my opinion.. I hate to even admit this, but I actually take some enjoyment out of watching this Dysfunctionalbe Team and it’s Stale/Outdated Coaching Staff wallow thru their misery.. and it’s not beacuse of a “I told you so”, It’s beacuse the Andry Reid ERA is finally ending and a style of Football that I have not wanted or a fan of is finally going to leave where I hope is replaced with a strict disciplinarian, no nonsense type of Coach who preaches fundamentals,toughness and a physicality that we haven’t seen in the last 6-8 Years with the Eagles..
    So if the Eagles have to fail for this to occur, which we all know had to happen, or that Coach AR and his faulty system would still be around, then so be it.. We have already gone thru 2 mediocre to poor Seasons in 2011/2012 so whats another 2 Seasons to rebuild this Franchise back to where it belongs..

  9. Who cares if Andy Reid continues to coach until the end of the season… It doesn’t matter… This is the team he put together, let him suffer with the rest of us.

    The Eagles have bigger problems. If this kid Foles doesn’t mature into a good starting quarterback this team will suck for at least two more years.

  10. I actually really liked last night. I am looking forward to the next game.

    I don’t expect them to win. Don;t really want them to win……but…

    Who didn’t like watching Brown tear it up. We haven’t seen a 6′ 225 lb back tearing up another team since…well….since never. We’ve needed a guy like this for a long long time….could he be the guy? I’m in if he is.

    Foles progressed from his 1st start. Audibles. Presence. One sack against. I am excited to see him next week against a team that he’s seen and who has seen him. How will he react to that?

    5 tackles from Curry? Good stuff.

    I liked what I saw from the kids. There could be some promise for the future. Lets watch them develop the next few games….if they don’t, its gonna be a long 3 or 4 years full of 3-13s.

    • You sound follish, sis!

      Foles has been audibling to runs since he has been inserted…Just because Gruden spoke on it on Monday Night Football does not mean its the first time. Many times the audible in the Eagles offense is to the run. We’ve seen this before McCoy went out…We’ve seen this with Vick at QB…this is nothing new…its seems that some of you actually really just started watching the games now that Foles is the QB.

      Curry played well, Brown ran hard, but his fumbles were costly, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear any excuses about it.
      Foles, as I’ve stated in the past, is having trouble sustaining drives. Field goals just won’t cut it.

      The 1 sack is attributed to coaching, the coaching staff did a better job managing the O Line…It also helps that Foles didn’t have to throw the ball 30 times. With the dink and dunk passing game, there better not have been multiple sacks.

      Yesterday was the best coached game in a while on both sides of the ball, besides the terrible start by the defense and the failed two point conversion…The coaches put players in positions to make plays, and catered to the inefficient offensive line.

  11. Vinnie glad your happy with an extended pre season.

  12. NO NO NO — Andy must take the two remaining home games of fans booing and or fans leaving at half time on the sideline and look up and see the apathy and/or disgust of his failure in those seats

  13. Vinnie,

    Forgot to mention that if Panther s make the extra-point last evening than
    Boykin’s Fumble is a moot point..
    Talking about Foles, I like his compusure,His Pocket/Line of Scrimmage Awareness, I simply don’t like how he throws right now, he’s been late on almost every throw as he has not trusted his Receivers yet to get to the proper spot which takes time to develop.. He has Potential but I can’t say that he has that “It” or “Wow” factor at all.. I would like to see him play the remaining 5 Games for him to get as many reps as he can adn the way players are packing it in and gettting hurt week after week, it’s as if he’s playing with the #2 “s anyways.. No McCoy,no avant, No D-Jac, 4 back-ups along the OL and even Celek/Maclin were dinged up last evening..
    Keep him out there for what’s the point of havinv Vick out there for he clearly does not fit into any future plans with the Eagles…

  14. I have finally come around to Paulman’s opinion on DJax — he just isn’t tough enough for the NFL anymore — he has checked out and is running around looking to avoid contact

  15. G:

    I want to see David Culley be the HC. Every receiver he has ever coached has failed to improve. Has Jeremy Maclin or DeSean Jackson improved? I don’t need to mention any of the other receivers who have schlepped their way through this town. Terrel Owens arrived as a finished product, and he was lightning before his sense of justice took over his brain. Name ONE receiver who has improved under this man’s tutelage! And you have, again, totally ignored me about it.
    Here we have had a West Coast Offense being coducted by a guy who will pass even if his top 4 receivers are in the hosptial; and his Receivers’ coach is a total bust.

    Nothing from you about this. What…is he your brother-in-law? He should be the Head Coach for the last games. What a totally inept, unprofessional professional coach. Silence from you G. Thanks a ton.

  16. G:

    Ignore the pain from me. I disagree with you, so ignore me. It’s the easy way out, dude.

  17. What i think is funny is how vinnie called the game against Atl a “simplified High school O”… now he praises the same style. He is a child.

    What I liked…

    The coaching staff played it safe. They took the pressure off the QB by using the running game and quick hits to the flats. Frankly, no need for an Oline when he do this. Many of us have been screaming for this all season but….. only the back up qb’s get this kind of treatment under Reid ( see Koy and Garcia). Its a little late for solid coaching and gameplanning but….. its the end so…. its all good.

    Brown can play- This is what i was hoping for when we decided to keep this many RB’s this year. I would LOVE to see a run game featured next year with Shady and Brown running behind a Vet FB.

    I liked seeing Patterson get in there and make a play. Kudos for him and what he has overcome to get on the field.

    I hate to say this but…. I “liked” that they lost. I know that sounds bad and i deserve any slam i get from fans that say its always wrong to root against them but…. it has to happen.

    This week is a different thing tho… lets kill the Cowboys.

    • kill the Cowboys with what?
      no pop in his pads Nate Allen or only hit people after the whistle Kurt Coleman

    • Because you twit.

      For a 10 year former superstar it is a “simplified high school offense” and a coach should not have to do that. If a coach has to tdo that for a 10 year veteran, said veteran should be ridiculed.

      For a guy in his 2nd start and who does not have 100 games of NFL experience, simplyfing the offense is exactly the proper thing to do. Said rookie should not be ridiculed as such.

      The fact that you can’t understand this signals that perhaps its you who requires a simplified playbook.

      • and Rg3 and Luck and the other qb’s are getting the same kinda treatment right? High School o’s?

        U sir are the twit…. let me explain.

        The O should have looked like last night all year because we have no flipping line to stand behind. Quick curls, tosses to the flat and a RUN game is how you deal with a line full of 3rd stringers. ALWAYS.

        If the birds would have stuck to a run game through an earlier part of the season it would have allowed the D to sit a little more, and that is a good thing because they sure arent helping when on the field.

        Why is it that H.O.F coaches and players can plainly see what the problem is and you cant? Are you going to say that you know more than Steve Young when it comes to being a player?

        Jon Gruden….. a superbowl winning qb was slamming your boy last night and yet….. to you he was brilliant. Does this not tell you something?

        Notice I havent said anything about Foles because im rooting for the guy… notice….. YOU are the only one that is still ripping on Vick even tho the guy hasnt been on the field in a couple of weeks. Amazing.

        You blamed Vick for the early losses (you even BLAMED him for winning…. if that was even possible), whats your excuse now? Why are the eagles losing still?

        • your points after the first couple of weeks were….

          1) Vick keeps other teams in the games that the Eagles would win big if Vick wasnt the QB.

          2) A pocket passer who could read D’s and release quick would lead this team deep.

          3) A run game is for teams who dont have elite QB’s in a passing league.

          4) A NFL qb makes his line better and wins games regardless of whos in front of him.

          Over and over we explained that this D was not good enough.
          That this coach is not good enough.
          That it didnt matter the QB behind this line.
          That a run game would help.

          Whats your spin now?

          Its a building year?
          He may not be scoring TD’s but at least he’s not getting hit?
          He can audible to a run better than vick?

          • V1) Vick did keep other teams in the game and has been for the past season and a half. We would have won several more games over the last year and a half if Vick hadn’t been the QB and had been some other QB paid in the same range. (Buffalo, Atlanta, Balt are first that come to mind) Though of course not a rookie.

            2) Yes. (but of course that isn’t Foles – not yet anyway….we’ll see by week 10 next year)

            3) Exactly. Didn’t you see Brady passing the last 2 games late in the 4th with 30+ pt leads? Al teams with elite QBs have crazy 60-30 runn-pass ratiios nowadays.

            4) Exactly. Suddenly this Eagles line is remarkably better. 1 sack last night. Foles able to get off over 91% of his attempts for the second str8 game. (Vick 75%). Pretty tremendous run blocking last night too.

            BTW – I agreed with all those other things about the coach, oline, D etc. But first….always first…,.is the QB. That shitter has now been bounced, so its on to the other positions.

            • Week 10 next year??? you’ll know by week 4, maybe sooner, Cmon!
              O line better? Did that have anything to do with the play calling, dink and dunk passes, why Foles had 116 or so yards…Why the run game was utilized a lot to help him out…Also he didn’t even reach 25 passing attempts, so I’m sure that doesn’t have much to do with it either…

              You know absolutely nothing about the game of football…I give a lot of cats on here a hard time, but you are the most clueless supposes football fan I have ever come across!

              • Screaming that over and over does not make it so buddy. I’ve forgotten more about the game that you’ve even seen.

                Reid called the same dink and dunk plays against Atlanta and New Orleans and Vick was sacked 10x, hit after he threw at least a dozen more, and was “forced” to scramble another 12x.

                Vick’s last 119 dropbacks (in 2.5 games vs Atl, NO, Dallas), He was “able” to actually get the ball out of his hands 82x or 69% of the time. The rest of the time he was getting sacked or scrambling.

                Suddenly a raw rookie can get the ball off 90+% of the time and is magically only sacked only once last game?

                Foles has thrown the ball 109x in his last 2.5 games (dall, wsh, car), and has managed to get the ball out of his hands 99x. Or 91%

                A raw rookie.

                Imagine if we had had a real competent QB under centre all year….I doubt you would have heard as much bitching about the oline.

                Oh…and the heavier emphasis on the run game is exactly the right thing to do with a rook under centre. But we’ve only seen it for 1 games, and I doubt that will last.


  18. will the Cowboys score more TD’s next week by play action faking Nate Allen or use their smallest WR to out jump Kurt Coleman on a Hail Mary duck

  19. Great points e0S- my only point was… i cant root for the cowboys like i did the panthers. All i was saying is that i HAVE to root for the birds this week because my HATE for the booys is bigger than my desire for a higher pick. Thats all i was saying.

  20. g:

    david culley. An example of your football negligence. Not to worry, didinger, or palaontonio didn’t notice it either. you’re safe. West Coast. Receiver intensive. Terrible WR’s coach. 14 years of sustained negligence. Name me a receiver who improved. Ignore, sleep, sleep, sleep….

  21. G:

    I call you out as dull-normal. Have a female family member sharpen your knife. It’s in the lower 20% of sharpness. You jumped onto the criticism boat just as it left the harbor. These position coaches have been horrible (with the exception of Castillo as OL coach,) for many years, and you have heard me say so.
    I also think that you were a very good Linebacker for the Eagles. But that’s out the window now with your puerile aspect of this team. Mostly, you’re a boob now.

    P.S. What do you have to offer? Shouldn’t you be lobbying to be a coach?

  22. Castillo was the best coach the eagles had in years, including his stint as defensive coordinator, todd Bowles is the either the worst defensive coordinator in the league and/or his players flat out stink, problably a solid combo, check out this stat…

    In 10 years only 7 times , total, did a quarterback play at a rating of 120 or higher, under Bowles the eagles defense has seen five consecutive quarterbacks play at 120 or higher,

  23. He should finish the year, he deserves to suffer with the rest of us. If for anything, because of his arrogance, and stubbornenss alone! For all his smug looks for being asked common sense questions that he was wrong about, for his drafting of players who would ve been available 3 rounds later, for every bryan smith, or freddie mitchell. For every time he passed every play in the redzone, for every i need to do a better job, for every wasted timeout and position undervalued. For these reasons he should suffer right along with us. Finally, for david akers, juan castillo, and forever BDAWK, he should suffer along with us.
    Thanks andy, u did a good job, we appreciate everything you’ve done, but you’re burnt out, and its time to move to a better position on the golf course! Godspeed!!

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