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Bowles: No Change Amongst The Defensive Starters

Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles said the Birds will not be making any changes with their defensive personnel for Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.  He says his best football players are on the field.  They’re surely not playing like it.

Regardless of whether they are his best players, he should sit somebody down because they aren’t playing well enough right now.  You can’t continue to tolerate blown assignments.  If you blow assignments, you don’t even give yourself a chance to succeed.

The coaches want the team play better, but they’re not willing to shake things up.   Nothing gets a players attention more than being benched.  Getting rid of Jason Babin in order to play younger players isn’t going to get the attention of this group.  Somebody out of the remaining group should have been benched.  It’s that simple.

They’re telling the players that they won’t tolerate poor play and blown assignments, but their actions tell everybody that they are willing to tolerate poor play because they’re tolerated it all season long.  Many of the Eagles defensive players have been tackling poorly all season long, yet none of them have been benched.

Enough said.

Another sign of a lack respect by this ball club for their coaches was seen yesterday with backup linebacker Casey Matthews.  Right now, Andy Reid is still the Eagles head coach, yet Matthews is talking about how great his college coach Chip Kelly would be as the head coach of the Eagles here in Philadelphia.

“I think the fans here would love him,” Matthews said on Thursday during the media session. “They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality.”

Are you kidding?

“The way he carries himself, the way his mind-set is, I think they’ll really like him here,” the second-year linebacker Matthews said. “He would crack jokes. When he would talk to reporters at halftime he would give the most sarcastic answers.”

Reid has been too forgiving and easy on these guys.  There’s no way in the world Matthews should be talking about somebody else being the head coach. on Facebook

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93 Comments for “Bowles: No Change Amongst The Defensive Starters”

  1. If chip kelly becomes the next head coach casey matthews probably wont even be on the team.. good college player thats it.Too small no awarness he’s terrible..This year is a lost cause so i dont care who gets replaced at this point.Nnamdi and Kurt coleman both should have been sat down weeks ago and maybe we could have salvaged the season. Let em play at this point. Its draft position time!!!!

  2. 1977…I’m with you….we should be shooting for a high draft pick…but I don’t wan Roseman to be no where near the draft room or have a decision on who that pick should be.

  3. Stop with the Chip Kelly nonsense as the next Eagles Coach..
    We just have had 14 Years of AR WCO and this dink & dunk with small but fast players on the Roster.. The last thing the Eagles need is another Spread-Type of Offensive Philosophy using small but fast players
    If you look at who the next VP of Football Operations is (Tom Donahoe)
    He’s a more traditional type of Football guy who is going to most likely hire a no-nonsense,discplinarian, basic type of Football Coach and work on rebuilding this Franchise with bigger and more physical style of play and not
    this Spread-wing the ball around the field 50 times a game for thats what this Andy Reid era was.. Eagles will be going back to “Basics & Fundamentals” which is soreley needed and a refreshing to see to be honest with you

    • paul i want david shaw or gus bradely.. defensive minded coaches that run the ball.Chip kelly needs a rg3 or kapernick type QB to succeed. Im tired of the spread offense too.whens the last time this team had a blocking tight end?

  4. fraud did you check out AR’s december record?

  5. 83-53-1 in november and december fraud– all that in an offense not built for winning in the last six games of the year. thats a .61 winning percentage. you are such a fraud!

  6. My Dream scenario for next year would be Sean Payton as Head Coach/OC…Monte Kiffin as Dcord. Lurie should be doing everything in his power to make that happen right now.

  7. To HAC, stop living in the Past.. Coach AR Post-Bye Record and December Record means nothing to me in the hear in and the now .. This is a Bad Team and has been for 2 + Years now.. Have you looked at the Eagles Home Record over the last few Seasons.. It’s Horrible …
    Also you can stop calling me Fraud and apply that term to Coach AR and this entire Eagles Front Office and half it’s Roster of Players for they are all the real Fraud’s here.. I simply tell it like it is which pisses some of you off who are Eagle or Coach AR or QB Vick sympathizer’s, but that’s yuor issue and not mine…

    Sean Payton will re-sign with Saints and has no interest in coming to Philly
    Monte Kiffin is 72 and retiring full time from Coaching as he is stepping down
    at USC after the Bowl Game.. If he isn’t to coach and work with his son, you think he wants to come back to the NFL and Coach in Philly.. C’Mon Guys..

    • fraud you claimed his offense wasn’t built to win in late season games you’ve been exposed as a fraud over and over.

      • HAC, His offense and defense isn’t built to be competitive. The record he padded over the years was the direct result of the NFC East teams rebuilding at that time.

        Yet despite that he still couldn’t win the big one because he frowned on a #1 receiver, small defensive lineman who still today continue to give up massive rushing yards, and non athletic, unaggressive, nasty Linebackers.
        Freddie Mitchell for Reggie Wayne, and others
        Brodrick Bunkley for Haloti Ngata
        Casey Matthews for Justin Houston
        Danny Watkins for Aldon Smith, Jimmy Smith, Bruce Carter, Cory Liuget
        Brandon Graham for JPP, and others

        Poor Drafts compromising Potential Pro Bowlers, for soft, small, system guys who really can’t play. Which boggles my mind that Casey Matthews is being interviewed, let alone even saying anything, He sucks, and it is inexcusable that he is even on this team; Just another example of Reid saving face for drafting him, just like he did with Trevor Laws over Derek Landri. JUST ADMIT HE IS OVER HIS HEAD!!!

        He can’t make adjustments on the fly. He is incapable of doing it. Thats why we always get the cop out ” That’s my responsibility”. IT’S OLD AND STALE!! Andy was hired when he was the QB Coach w/ Green Bay; He’s never been a Coordinator, who is experienced at making adjustments. So, he has Marty, his friend who is terrible to do it for him.

        Get off Paulmans case, at least he has a clue. Your the fraud perpetrating as a real Eagles fan……………

        • you play the team that shows up in the other color jersey- its his fault of who was on the schedule. stop defending your nerdy boyfreind.
          and you a.hole are saying those teams were not built to be competitve. you are a fraud too.

          • I’m sorry that made no sense at all………and it doesn’t defend your point. Andy Reid is a fraud; and I wanted him outta here last year.

            What does the schedule have to do with talent evaluation, that would keep you competitive all year long? He has drafted essentially special teams players over the years. I wonder why you can’t see that?

            When you drive him and his family to the airport after he is fired, tell him and Howie….GMCliff said, to you, and I to kiss his ass, and good riddance.

  8. Plus, both the Kiffins would have been gone sometime next year. USC was awful this year and that is one of the worst defenses that they have had in a long time.

  9. 1-5 in late season games that matter the most, Andy Reid the most overrated coach in history of philly sports, maybe all of sports, a poor man’s version of Marv Levy, and that’s being kind to the man

    • None of the other games he won were important. None of them. Best era in eagles history. You are joke, flat out no debate

    • All you need to know about the mutts opinion…called flacco at 9-2 a bum! Everyone is a bum to you. Must be cuz you came in third in the office fantasy league… Your athletic prowess
      Flacco is 53-22 and 5-4 playoffs!
      You must be frustrated for never getting off the bench on your jv team

  10. Damn Jake that’s harsh. LOL Marv Levy.

  11. HAC,
    What is a retro flashback for you
    Who cares that AR was a good Coach with a Solid Record from 2002-2008
    They have not won anything of consequence in the last 4 Seasons.. In fact if you take away their wins verus the rival Giants, the Eagles and his record against teams with above a .500 Record is atrocious… He’s become stale and predictable like you have become .. C’Mon Man, It’s 2012, snap out of it .. time to move this Franchise Forward and Coach Ar and this COmplete Staff have no part in it as neither does QB Vick, CB Asmo, DT C Jenkins,
    OT D Bell, WR J Avant, Safety K Coleman, LB Matthews..

    • i thought you said he built an offense that couldn’t win in nov/dec…as a matter of fact you did! so you were speaking out your ass as usual.
      AR is gonna move on and win a SB with someone else before we do!

      • HAhahahahahah!!! You really don’t have a clue do you?

        • The last three years have been a disaster he should and will be fired. That doesn’t wash away the great years! He will be offered a dozen jobs of and when he decodes to coach again.
          I have never defended these ladst couple of years and the idiotic decisions he made but he brought good ball to the Delaware valley

          • You call the first few years he had as good ball. It was compared to what Ray Rhodes was playing, the problem is he hasn’t adjusted it since then, and teams with more innovative Coordinators have caught on.

            That’s my point, he was never that good a coach. Some of the other teams in the league were rebuilding, and he had every opportunity to win a SuperBowl; should have won at least 3, and couldn’t because he thought he was smarter than everybody else. Don’t need a #1 receiver? Small Lineman?, Linebackers are not important? Yet consistently, teams with the opposite would dominate us. How’d that work out for him?

            Did you see how Vic Fangio took apart the Chicago Bears? Do you think an Andy Reid coached team could have beaten them in such convincing form. Heck, he has never beaten the Bears mainly because his teams are not built with the players to beat them…nor the coaching minds to beat them.

            You say Andy brought good football here, okay for just a few years, especially when he went against the grain of his stupid philosophy, and got TO, SINCE THEN ITS BEEN DOWN HILL.

            He won’t win a Super Bowl until he humbles himself and learns what kind of players, and coaches, it takes to win one. Then learns how to really coach, something other than his version of the west coast offense, and make adjustments on the fly. So he’s got work to do….times his

  12. No change…Good.

    This season is over. Let’s keep losing and get higher draft picks for the new coach.

    You see, selfish Andy could help the organization by playing some youngersters and getting them experience. But he wants to do like he did last season. Win meaningless games to make him feel better at the press conferences. He players reflect his selfish attitude.

    So keep losing Andy. The high draft picks will ease the pain of your pathetic rein.

    Jeffery Loser, you catch a smack as well. You let this bum stay on, after he walked into your office and said the 2 dumbest things ever.

    2nd Dumbest thing ever:

    You work for an organization that gets rid of players at thirty. And I want to use a 1st round pick on a 27 year. Even Pat would say that was stupid. (Pat: Mental patient who wears the desean Jackson jersey in the new movie “silver linings playbook”)

    1st Dumbest thing ever.

    Selecting an offensive. Offensive. Offensive line coach to be in CHARGE of the DEFENSE. Their is no logical excuse for that stupidity. and you Jeffery Loser allowed it. Jerry Jones would have put his foot up Jason Garrets rear end, sideways if he walked into his office with such a stupid idea.

    Honorable Mention:

    Going to the wide 9

    Getting rid of all offensive line depth by changing line coaches

    waiting 5 years to get recievers for McNabb

    not drafting a center when your center ruins his ACL at the end of the season

    having Lesean McCoy on the roster and treating him like he’s the scrub on offense.

  13. Cigar, why do you think that AR would win a SB somewhere else when he couldn’t get it done here? His winning %? Is that all you have? He does have a good regular season record and a good playoff record until championship games when he apples up.

    I am not saying that he is a bad coach, in fact he had a lot of great years here, but nothing he has done in the last 3 years has showed me that he will suddenly get better when he leaves.

    Do you think that he should stay? Are you happy with the current status of the team? If not, then why do you keep defending him?

    • no i think he will and should go! I’m not defending him one bit i’m pointing out to that creep fraudman that his statement about ‘building an offense that can’t win in weather’ was completely wrong.
      the reason i think he will win a SB is the irony of it.

  14. PauI……. could not agree more about Chip Kelly. Horrible choice for head coach. We might as well stop watching for three years because they will suck until he ultimately gets fired. He would bring in a gimmick offense that would be like Pattino trying to run a full court press all night in the NBA. It would fail miserably!
    Now on to the draft. What would the Eagles take with the 5th pick?? I really think Joekel is almost the only option or to trade down for more picks. The other OTs are not top ten worthy IMO. These QBs are Alex Smiths. There’s no Luck or RG3 here. I would not reach for Barkley at five or six. There is no real stud WR or CB that’s top ten worthy. Is there a monster DL in this draft aside from Lotulelei? And is he only a 3-4 NT or can he be great in a 4-3 as well? The other problem is the Rams jumping us for Joekel if they are within a few picks of us. It would obviously cost them both firsts but they may love him that much.

  15. Top 5 OT’s as Rated by NFL Scouts.Com

    #1) Luke Joeckel – Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs (a Top 5 Pick)
    #2) Taylor Lewan – MIchigan 6-7 310lbs (a 10th-15th Pick)
    #3) Jake Matthews – Texas A&M 6-5 305 lbs (Mid 1st Round)
    #4) Eric Fisher – Central Michigan 6-7 305lbs (Late 1st Round)
    #5) Lane Johnson – OKlahoma 6-6 305lbs (End of 1st Rd/Early 2nd)

  16. Part of the problem is that this team has no depth, and there really isn’t anyone on the bench defensively that has a a high enough ceiling that they’re worth starting at this point.

    On the defensive line, I want to see as much of Vinny Curry and Phillip Hunt as possible. I don’t understand why it took 11 weeks to get Curry on the field, and I think the team cut Hunt’s snaps much too quickly. After Week 2, he’s been lucky to get more than 3 snaps a game.

    At linebacker, do we really need to bench Akeem Jordan to see what Jamar Chaney and Casey Matthews have to offer?…No.

    Same goes for the secondary…if former third-round pick Curtis Marsh hasn’t been able to carve out a role for himself as a nickel or dime back two years into the league, I can’t imagine him taking over as a starter. We’ve seen enough of Brandon Hughes to know that he isn’t more than a fourth or fifth corner.

  17. I have followed this team since Vermeil and I notice the theme has remained the same for 33 years. Offense is always not good enough. And the foundation is usually a tough defense. Then when it comes down to crunch time, the offense can’t get it done and the defense CHOKES!! Cases in point. Number one defense gives up 27 points and 300 yards passing to Jim Plunkett. Top five defense gives up big plays to Brad Johnson and Joe Jerivicius. Top three defense gives up 32 points to a 9-7 Cards team. Top ten defense can’t get Corey Dillon off the field in the fourth quarter and Brady converts third down after third down to the same mediocre WR. 1979 Top ten defense gives up 24 points to an expansion team with a mediocre QB. Offense: Score 10 points against the Raiders as our PB QB throws three picks to the same average LB. Score one TD in three playoffs under Buddy. Score 21 points in two playoff games against Dallas in 92 and 95. Get shutout in 96 playoff game. Score three points in 03 NFCC. See the theme??
    Let’s face it. This is the only team of the original 12 teams that has never had a HOF QB. I cannot remember the last time we had an offensive player in the HOF. You may have to go back to McDonald and Retzlaff!! For this reason it is clear that we need another offense minded coach or we will never win a championship. We will just be a hard nosed gritty team that can’t get over the hump. I know Philly loves that but I want a championship.

  18. 2013 Draft is Deep and Strong at 4/5 Positions per most Scouts

    OL, DT,LB, Safety (areas of Need and where the Eagles should conentrate with their first 4 Selections in my opinion)
    Draft is Considered “Average” at WR,RB,TE & DE Postions
    Draft is Considered “Below Average” at QB & CB Positions

    It’s always to best to Select and Draft from the “Draft Pools Strength” instead odf continually trying to finad that diamond in the rough, play the %’s and you will most likely end up with Quality Football Players
    The Eagles in recent Years have done the Opposite which is why they end up Reaching for players.

    2007 Draft was strong at OL,LB,WR,RB and Eagles Traded pick to Rival Cowboys and Selected QB Kolb and DE Abiamri which were horrible picks)

    2008 was a Draft Strong on OL,RB And DB’s and Eagles Traded out of the 1st Round with Carolina and grabbed Trevor Laws (#47 Overall) & Desean Jackson (#49th Overall) in the 2nd Round

    2009 was Draft Strong on Safeties/CB’s/OL and weak on DL
    (Eagles Select Brandon Graham with Top PIck)

    2010 was a Draft Deep with DL and weak at OL
    (Eagles Select Danny Watkins at OL)

    2011 was a Draft Deep at QB & DL
    (Eagles Select Fletcher Cox which was a good Selection from a position of strength)

    See A pattern here.. Stop reaching for players in Drafts..
    It Draft is Strong in OL, then get some good OL
    If it’s Strong in DL or Secondary Players, then get a good one

    If It’s weak at QB, don’t reach for one (Kolb)
    If it’s weak at DL, don’t reach for one (Abiamri, Laws)
    If it’s weak at OL, don’t reach for one (Watkins)
    If it;s weak at Safety ,don’t reach for one (Jarrett)

    See a Pattern here, everyone wants to know why the Eagles are so young every Season, and I still say it’s because they miss with their Top 3-4 Selections and have to continually turn them over before their Rookie Deals are complete meaning you end up with 15 1st and 2nd Year Players every Season which is not conduscive to winning NFL Games

  19. Paul….so who wlould you take if Joekel were not available? Lotulelei certainly comes into play if we convert to a 3-4. Or he would be nice to have if he can play in a 4-3. Could you imagine him and Cox together? Top five run defense for the foreseeable future. Of course, why would anyone run with the secondary we will have the next couple years. But at least running would not be an option with Cole being very good against the run as well and our LBs being unblocked. But where is the pass rush and the coverage??

  20. Hey Denny,
    I think I gave a decent explanation on why the Eagles Depth has been poor the last few Seasons.. it’s these continual misses with the recent Drafts..

    Look at 2009/2010 Drafts, most of the guys are not even on the Roster and would be 3rd/4th Year Vet’s now and either competing as Starters or at least established Back-ups who know the System and at least form a consistent Special Teams Corps whih is another Reason the Eagles SPecial Teams are so poor (besides the lousy Coaching from Hot Air April) is that there is no core for many of the 1st/2nd Year players are gone every year so there is a continual turnover of players who play Special Teams which is another indication of poor Drafting and Coaching in my opinion..

  21. Paul……I totally agree. The Eagles need to draft where there is strength. That means drafting multiple players at one position to make sure you hit at least one. Draft two safeties and OTs instead of reaching for a DE or WR instead. I would go Joekel or trade down if he’s not there or Rams jump us. Then I would look for safeties, DTs and interior O line depth. I still think you have to get a FA with the cap casualties we cut. Byrd is my top FA choice.

  22. If the draft is weak at CB then I guess I would go OT, LB, big DT with my first three picks. DT doesn’t need to be athletic. He won’t be in the third round. But you can still find big space eater in the third round. After that, just look for depth at safety, OL and LB. LB depth would definitely improve STs. And as a coach I would institute a rule that all rookies play STs unless the player is a first round starter or a QB. Kendricks should be on STs this year.

  23. To JBird

    Teams that are likley around the Eagles Draft area that are in need of a OT like Joeckel can provide from Day 1

    Raiders,Browns,Panthers,Jets, Bills,Lions,Cardinals & SD Chargers
    LT is probably the 3rd/4th most Important Position on a Team behind a QB,
    an Elite Pass Rusher and a Cover CB and then LT.. so there will be many Teams hoping he falls to Them
    I Expect the Top 3 OT (Joeckel,Lewan & Matthews to go by the 12th Pick
    so unless the Eagles can Trade Down but Still keep a Top 12 Pick to secure one, I sit at #4 and grab the best one and lock that position down for the next 8-10 Seasons with Joeckel
    In the Eagles Case, they would have Peters return at LT, Mathis at LG, Kelce at Center and Jake Scott or Herremans at RG with Joeckel at RT starting out and then move Joeckel to LT in 2-3 Years Time when Peters retires, but it Peters re-injures himself or slips dramatcally with his play, then move Joeckel to LT and have Herremans slide back out to RT if need be..

    This Pick and re-siging Jake Scott and with the return of Peters,Kelce & Herremans could make for a Strong OL for the next few years still..
    and put Herremans back to RT and get a RG whi

    • agreed. This is what i would do. The biggest weakness this year become our strength moving forward.

    • I would target Ryan Clady, AND Andre Smith in free agency. If Peters comes back to form have Clady play RT. If he cant we have an experienced LT. As insurance sign Smith to compete for the backup to Clady at RT. If Peters can’t play, and we move Clady to LT, we can slide Smith to play the RT.

      2nd Round draft :
      DJ Fluker OG 6-5 340 Alabama
      Jonathan Cooper C/OG 6-3 320 North Carolina

      3rd Round:
      Larry Warford OG 6-4 342 Kentucky
      Alvin Bailey OG 6-3 323 Arkansas

      4th Round:
      Alex Hurst OG 6-5 353 LSU

      This could be added to: Kelce, Scott, Watkins, Kelly & Peters

      I would trade Todd Herramans,andd Evan Mathis for draft picks

  24. At 3-8 with a coach that everyone assumes will be fired at seasons end, rumors are going to circulate.

    While all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, the latest one should be of interest to Eagles fans who are hoping their team goes after Oregon head coach Chip Kelly.

    Because according to one report, they have already started.

    Pro Football Weekly recently published an article compromised of quotes from NFL coaches, scouts, and front-office personnel. Here is what one of them had to say about the Eagles pursuit of a new head coach.

    “I’ve heard talk about (Eagles GM) Howie Roseman already meeting with (Oregon head coach) Chip Kelly,” said one of Pro Football Weekly’s sources. “Obviously, there are no rules preventing a GM from talking to a college coach during a (school) visit.”

    Again, all rumors should be taken as just that- rumors. It’s hard to believe that Roseman would meet with Kelly considering that Andy Reid is still the head coach. It’s also hard to believe that Kelly would take a meeting with his team 11-1 and preparing for a bowl game.

    Still, Pro Football Weekly has been right before when it comes to the Eagles. They were one of the first to report about the bad blood brewing in the Eagles front office before Joe Banner left. Whether or not they are right about this report remains to be seen, but it certainly is interesting if they are.

    Either way, Eagles fans should get used to these reports. Until Reid is gone and a new coach is in place, the off-season is going to be filled with speculation, rumors, and reports.

    But with the way the team has been playing recently, that might be the better alternative

  25. I really like 3 Defensive players in this Draft who are all playmakers and fame changers who will be gone in the Top 6 Picks

    DT Star Lutuliele (reminds me of Hgnata of Ravens)
    MLB Monte’ Teo (reminds me of Junior Seau)
    OLB Jarvis Jones ( reminds me of a Von Miller Type)

  26. Talk about Chip Kelly being the next coach is ASININE!!!……

    I don’t want him as our next coach, nor Gruden, or Cowher

    Vic Fangio

  27. I agree 100% GM
    Whoever is wishing for Kelly to come to Philly is off their rocker
    His Spread-Option Offense Scheme will not work in the NFL
    Maybe initially he could have success for a dome team or warm weather city like San Diego due to being unique at first, but with today’s athletic DE’s and OLB defenses would cut that edge off and then system would stink since it’s built on small but fast skill players which is what we have watched over the last 14 years in the Andy Reid Era.. No thanks
    Eagles need a no-nonsense, strict disciplinarian who will stress physical, smart and fundamental play on both sides of the ball and yes, it may not be sexy or as exciting to watch but it’s what this Franchise needs more than anything at this time if they want to move forward
    Vic Fangio, Russ Grimm, Ray Horton Jr, are the type of Coaches that they need
    I wouldn’t even mind a Mike Nolan (DC of Falcons) who was HC of the 49ers a few years back and wasn’t ready for the big stage yet, but he built the Dolphins Defense back to a good squad and has done a great job with the Falcons Defense and would love the chance to be a HC again

    • Fraud still jacking my stuff as if you came up with it. You also said months ago that Horton wasnt a good fit bc he runs the 3-4. You must think people are stupid or something. Your throwing all these names out hoping that you will hit on one of them so you can say “See I told you” But just a few months ago you tried to shoot them down when I mentioned them or when others did. Fraud

  28. If the eagles hire another gimmick coach, quarterback I am done with lurie and his garbage, build a team in the likeness of our brother to the west, big strong men, a tough coach, tough quarterback

  29. David Shaw needs to be the next head coach point blank period.

  30. David Shaw of Stanford has a very bright Future and will make an excellent HC
    In the NFL. Good call Biglion, with him having a Red-Shirt Freshnan that he recruited now the Starter, Stanford’s future continues to be very bright, I doubt he would leave Stanford at this time but is definitely worth talking to if he’s interested.. Another protege from the Harbaugh Staff and learned the physical style of play from that group who are now on the 49ers
    I believe he’s a west coast guy and is probably biding his tone and has connections down in San Diego which is where he may end up but I believe he will stay at Stanford and pursue a NCAA Chanpionship with a very good young QB

  31. Biglion – you took the words right out of my mouth. He’s Beene choice right along.

  32. In regards to Danny Watkins.. He is one of the players that mite benefit the most from a regime change. If the eagles do move to a bigger, more physical type of blocking, he could really benefit from it.

  33. Paulman – get a clue on Shaw

    Was Eagles quality control coach in the 90’s worked for Raiders and Ravens….not a west coast guy. And would take an NFL job if offered $5m per season. Every coach wants a chance at the highest level.

  34. I just like the way Shaw’s teams play no gimmicks they come right at you and his defense is full of guys who will punch you in the mouth. They line up and play big boy football.

  35. It hurts to admit this, but I want the Pittsburgh Steelers here in Philadelphia. Good team management. Play smashmouth football with good running game and awesome defense. Can we just trade franchises. Say all you want about Andy Reid and his vaunted West Coast Offense. Jim Johnson and his defense were the reason he was successful. O was great for one year when TO and Donny played nice. Other than that it was the D that kept them in it. JJ, B-Dawk, Trot, Hugh, they were the cornerstones. Management blew it by letting Trot walk in his prime and letting B-Dawk walk without replacing him. Doh! Joe Jerivicous is still running past Blaine Bishop and LeVon Kirkland!

  36. No changes on the defense! No surprise there. Put guys in who couldn’t play on any college teams today. Please this defense needs to be revamped and it will take a few years to get it complete. If Donahue is the guy making selections in the draft this April at least he knows what a defense should be after his 8 years with the Steelers. Cox,Kendricks,Curry, Boykin and Ryans are the only ones I would keep to build around.

  37. Richcow, it is exaxctly how most of us feel, get a smash mouth defense instead of a punk ass offense, get rid of djax, maclin, celek, avant, real tough football players instead of pusses

  38. The Eagles will be watching Matt Barkley very closely. Depending on how he looks at the combine/workouts they may end up drafting him (As I said they would a yr ago). If he begins to fall into the 2nd round and hes available when they pick, they cant pass on him. Hes potentially the next big thing/Franchise QB in a few years so how can you pass on him? You cant. Yes he had a down year this year, but he still has talent and skill and is a smart kid. Id like him in the 2nd round for the Birds to select. And for all you Foles lovers, your boy isnt looking up to snuff at all. Blame it on what you want, I dont feel comfortable with him as the QB and Im sure the coaching staff feels the same way.. But we ll see what he can do tmr night against them cowboys..

    • JH, They should steer away from drafting a QB in the draft this year. Matt Barkley is totally overrated, and is NOT the next best thing. Foles should be given a chance to grow under new coaching, philosophy, and improved offensive line. He’s got more ability than Matt Barkley; the next Blaine Gabbert

      They NEED to fix this defense. Star Lotululei, and Manti Te’o must haves.

  39. As average of a season as Barkley has had, he will still go by mid 1st Round to a team that has a year or two to groom him
    But there will be a Team like the Cardinals or Raiders who may grab him early for they have the need. Barkley is not very tall 6 1″, does not have a big NFL arm nor does he move very well. I see him as a career back-up in the NFL
    But could see a Team like the Steelers,Packers and even the Giants possibly grabbing him to groom for they have no real backups and their Starters are 30 years +
    If he would fall to the 2nd Round then the KC Chiefs would grab with the 33rd Pick
    Depending who next Eagles Coach is will probably determine if Eagles are real interested, plus it really depends on how Foles plays and looks like these final
    5 Games

  40. Landry Jones from Okkahoma has dropped as gas Geno Smith from West Virginia
    Out of this years QB Class, I like I Florence from Baylor and
    Mike Glennon from NC State who both have size and the arms to make the NFL throws but this 2013 Draft has no Franchise QB that I can tell and mostly 2-3 developmental QB or just plain back-ups material

  41. How would one draft both Manti Teo and Star Lotoluei? Consensus top 10 picks

    I have a feeling, and I have said it before, Mark Sanchez may very well be the qb in Philly next year. Not a very positive situation for us eagle fans. We need Foles to show some promise tomorrow night!

  42. There is not a chance in hell that Matt Barkley makes it to the second round, baring injury.

    He may very well be a second round talent, but not a chance he makes it that far. In all likelihood he’s the first qb taken.

  43. I think KC Chiefs trade down or by pass a QB until their 2nd Round pick (#33rd)
    The Arizona Cardinals will likely release Kolb and be the first Team to select a QB in the Draft
    Raiders stated they will Tyrelle Pryor in some of their final games to get a look from him, Jags are another possibility
    The Chiefs, Eagles, Chargers will a have new HC and GM/VP of Football Ops
    The Panthers will have a new GM for sure and possibly a new Coach though I think they give Rivera 1 more Season
    The Jaguars, Titans And Jets could all have new HC’s also

  44. Playoff Caliber Teams that need to upgrade their Back-up QB
    Situation with their Starters getting older and who really have
    A need to start grooming a young QB
    Steelers, Giants, Bears,

    Bad Teams that need to find their QB of the Future
    Chiefs,Cardinals, Raiders, Jaguars, Jets & Eagles over the last remaining
    games or in the Draft

  45. Matt Barkley has been throwing a ton of INTs lately. I like geno smith.. I like glennons numbers and intangibles also.

  46. QB Matt Barkley is listed at 6-2 230lbs which is bogus (He’s probably a shade under 6-1″ and does not move real well and has a weak arm as far as NFL Standards go… He reminds me a lot of a Colt McCoy,Jimmy Claussen type and yes, even a a little of Kevin Kolb.. I would stay way far away from QB Barkely

    A QB moving up the Charts is Syracuese Ryan Nassib (6-2 228lbs)
    and Tennessee’s Tyle Bray (6-5 215lbs) , bit have strong arms, solid leadership qualities and command of the huddle who did not play for very good Teams thru no fault of their own..

    I still see MIke Glennon from NC State (6-5 232lbs) as the best NFL Prospect from this QB Class and reminds me of a Phil Rivers Type but more advanced coming out of College than Rives was and keeps his emotions in check.. He has a big arm, is smart, great leadership qualities and pretty shifty feet to move around in the Pocket.. He is not to go to run away from anyone,but he slides up, and side to side as well as any College QB and with some Good Coaching and the right Team can be a NFL Starter within 2-3 Years and a very good one in my opinion.. I see Glennon going mid-late 2nd Round to a Team who has time to groom him properly (like the Steelers,
    or Giants) .. Steelers have to address their back-up QB status for Leftwich/Batch are not the answer and Big Ben is getting older and injury prone.. Glennon’s style suits the Steelers Offense perfectly.. ,

  47. Matt Barkley is not the answer, eagles believe they have a better prospect in foles, better tools, more projection , no way they draft Barkley

    Shaw would be a great choice as coach.but he’s not leaving Stanford, his contract will be extended, he was married at the chapel there and waited a year for it, he’s a family guy who will not want the NFL after landing his dream job, not yet

  48. Plus, per jakedog s reputable source, paulman, be would be more inclined to take the san Diego job

  49. Coach AR will take 2013 Off (He will be collecting a $5-$7 Settlement from the EAgles.. HE needs a year off to recharge
    I see Andy Reid as the next HC of BYU back at his alma mater and will coach there for the next 10 Years of so until he retires.. He would proably make a great College Coach and be able to put BYU back on the Map where they have become a 2nd tier Team behind Boise State the last 5-8 Years of So.. He will want to continue his leagacy that his biggest influence (Lavell Edwards) created at BYU…

  50. WHy no talk about Collin Klein? I would take him if he is there with our mid round round picks…I’m just saying I never hear people talk about this kids NFL future…He has the size and athletic ability. This guy also seems to be smart and as mentally tough as they come…I would totally use a pick on him later on in the draft around the 4th round. Just give me Teo and Elam with the first 2 picks

  51. Collin doesn’t pass the 26-27-60 rule.

    He doesn’t have 27 college starts, and barely makes 60% average. Never thrown for more than 15 tds??

    He runs as much as he throws.

    Why do you guys love the running QBs so much?

  52. This stupid Kapernic experiment is going to end very badly for SF.

  53. The last thing I want is another QB who relies on his legs more than his arm and brain going forward. I was just saying I would take a chance on the kid in the 4th or 5th round since you pretty much don’t have anything to lose at that point. I haven’t seen Kansas St play that much. But the few chances I did I thought I saw the kid throw a bunch of TDs.

    I just don’t know what to expect out of any of these QBs coming out this year…When you look back 10 years from now the best one could be a guy picked from the 3rd round.

  54. Cleveland leads SD. Who would have thought that it would be possible the Browns would have a better record than the Eagles at this time of the year. What a year.

  55. I have to agree with you Vinnie, I think the Kaepernic experiment might be overblown. What I find interesting is Saint Louis playing SF tough twice this year. Maybe another two years with Fisher at the helm and STL might turn into something.

  56. I am starting to get impressed with Andrew Luck. That final drive was reminiscent of another QB they had in INDY. Despite his INT’s today he did what a good QB needs to do.Lead his team in the final moments

    • He is great! He is a rookie and the anti Foles people have to watch lick and his 3 interceptions and realize that rooks screw up

      • Agreed. Luck has what? three 3 int games this year.

        4 games with more picks than tds.

        6 games with equal or more ints.

        7 games in the 50% comp or lower.

        Not saying Foles is Luck….obviously not….but rookies must be given a full season to evaluate.

  57. Fans are going to be tough out and contend for the Playoffs next year in what is shaping up to be a very competitive NFC West Division
    All Teams play physical Defense and tackle we and fly to the ball
    The Rams need a WR, RT. TE and a Safety and athey will be in the thick of the race come 2013. They have a great front 7, a future Pro-Bowler in CB Janoris Jenkins and a smart, headsy QB in Bradford

  58. I would be shocked to see this team put up 20 points tonight…With so many pieces missing on offense against a good defense on the road..I highly doubt it will be possible.

    I wonder how this D reacts to Babin’s release. They might be the biggest disappointment of the year due to be pretty healthy

  59. I wonder if the Birds would have picked Janoris Jenkins if he lasted a few spots later when they picked in the second round…

  60. Will this secondary ever be able to cover anyone down the field.

  61. Do you think the D can get a stop or a turnover now?

  62. Well they put up more than 20…if they lose this game it wont be because of Foles and the rest of the offense…D has to step it up and knock somebody out…I could never chose better draft position over a win against the cowboys…

    Phillyfan I doubt it…When is the last time we had a big play out of our safeties…Geez they are fucking horrible. They are suppose to be a major intimidator on the field. They are no where near anything like that

  63. Through 3 quarters Rob Ryan’s defense has ZERO sacks hmmmm……

  64. This defense couldn’t cover anyone if they had 22 guys playing on that side of the ball. Man, they stink.

  65. Terrible angle by Nate Allen on Austin TD. Seriously we have the worst safety tandem in the league

  66. Hold on to your hats folks. The D is about to give this game up. Man, I hate this defense. Collinsworth talking about how you have to move against them on first and second down. I think he is wrong. IT DOESN”T MATTER WHAT DOWN! Man this D is sucks!

  67. Drc mister softy

  68. This eagles defense the worst I can ver remember, let’s hope for the rook to pull it out of his arz

  69. Jake my man, they are ALL soft..Truly a sad group of professionals, oops! Did I say that out loud?

  70. Reid is talking about great effort. Was he in the bathroom when the defense was on the field? Hold on I have to stop laughing.

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