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Eagles Deny Report Of Concussion Problems Between Vick And Team

ESPN’s Ed Werder has reported that someone close to Michael Vick has told him that “Vick thinks he’s being the victim of politics” as he tries to get back on the field after suffering a concussion against the Dallas Cowboys few weeks ago. Vick has already missed two games and on Sunday he’ll miss number three as rookie quarterback Nick Foles starts the third game of his career.

Today, Andy Reid denied that there was any problem with the team and their veteran quarterback.  Reid said he asked Vick how he felt about the concussion tests and the grading of them and according to the coach, his quarterback said he was fine with everything.

Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder pointed out that the test are graded by NFL concussion experts in Pittsburgh.

There’s also been a report  that Vick failed the “Impact” test again today as well as yesterday, so he’s still in Phase 4 of his return.

According to, Eagles offensive line coach Howard Mudd says he’s ready to retire again, but this time it’s going to be for keeps.

`I decided quite a while ago,’’ the 71-year-old Mudd said. “I gotta go be a grandpa. That was the plan two years ago and Andy talked me out of it. But this time, it’s going to be permanent.

That sounds like good news. on Facebook

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44 Comments for “Eagles Deny Report Of Concussion Problems Between Vick And Team”

  1. im pretty sure nobody cares. maybe cover the phatoms?

  2. or Temple hoops? Villanova water polo?

  3. The Mudd thing was always an idiotic move. The guy was never going to be around for long because he is ancient. You had to retrain your linemen to an unorthodox blocking technique not to mention your youngsters and then you would ultimatelyhave to go back to a more traditional approach. First if Andy wanted a better line coach he should have had some balls and just fired Castillo. The same way he should have just fired Seagrest and so on and so forth instead of moving guys around. And he should have gotten a real coordinator after Jim died rather than experimenting. Just another reason why his fat ass needs to go!!

  4. Andy Reid is a no talent loser. Jim Johnson, Dovoan McNabb and Brian Westbrook carried him. There has never been anything clever about his X’s and O’s. In fact they are actually lousy. His game manegement sucks. His time management sucks and his personnel evaluation sucks. Other than that I guess he was a half decent coach.

    • Jbird – Hey, I’m ready for a head coaching change too, but your statements about Reid are so off base I had to respond. This year has been an unmitigated disaster for sure and Andy Reid has his fingerprints all over it. But assigning him 100% of the blame for when things go wrong, and 0% of the credit for becoming the winningest head coach in franchise history, winner of 6 NFC East division titles, 5 NFC Championship Game appearances, 1 NFC Championship and 1 Super Bowl appearance is intellectual dishonesty on a criminal level.

      Andy failed to win the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. There certainly is no denying that. His time has come to an end and I am looking forward to a change. But I will ALWAYS be thankful to him for delivering the greatest era of Eagles football in Franchise history. I am disappointed that he was not able to convert one of those years in the early 2000’s into an NFL Championship, but anyone watching the team during those years know what I’m talking about when I say it was truly a special time. Our football team playing deep into January, winning a Divisional playoff game on the road in Chicago and getting to within one game of the Super Bowl losing to the Rams? UNHEARD OF. Prior to 2001, the Eagles hadn’t won 2 playoff games in a row since the 1980 season. 21 freakin’ years.

      Andy Reid raised our expectations as Eagles fans. And we need to understand that the amount of disappointment we feel is directly proportional to the difference between our expectations and the actual outcome of an event. Andy raised our expectations so high that we came to expect Division titles, playoff wins, Championship Game appearances and an eventual Super Bowl title while becoming immensely disappointed with an 8-8 season in which we dominated our hated division rivals. Think about that for a second. Buddy Ryan, NEVER won a single playoff game, won only one division title, yet because he talked tough, he is inexplicably still beloved in this town. Buddy Ryan is the epitome of all style and no substance. The love for Ryan, while many hate Andy Reid and think he is the worst coach to ever stand on the sidelines despite his record, accomplishments, and making us feel we as Eagles fans are entitled to win a Super Bowl is a complete joke and a black eye on Eagle fans.

      Look, Andy failed to deliver a Super Bowl, but lets not go crazy here and give him the McNabb treatment by somehow twisting history in such a way that he is suddenly looked at as the worst coach that ever was. Sorry, but that’s just ignorant, disrespectful, but even more importantly inaccurate. We are all so disappointed in this Season’s failure, but we just need to remember that the only reason we had such high expectations in the first place is because of the man who will likely be fired in a month. It’s been a heck of a ride for the last 14 years. I would like thank Andy Reid for that, and wish him the best when he leaves. The whole state of affairs is sad indeed, but I, like most everyone else, am ready to turn the page. I just don’t think we should be bashing him on his way out the door because I simply think it is undeserved.

  5. Vick is out, like it or not nick foles is the quarterback at least through next year as there are no better alternatives considering the paucity of talent at quarterback in the draft and otherwise , he’s our best hope for the forseeablefuture so get on board or gtfo

  6. “Vick thinks he’s being the victim”

    Of course he does….

  7. good point jbird. reid is a total idiot and i dont think it will be that easy for him to find a job regardless of what the media says.

    that run on 4th & inches the other night is classic andy. sneak it with a 6’5″ 245 lb qb or handoff to a back up rb. andy has never imposed his will on the other team by being physical ever.

  8. sorry Jake.. im not so sure. What if…….

    Gruden comes in….. what happens then? Heres what i can see happening….

    1. Hello pappa kiffin.
    2. We KNOW Gruden likes an old vet instead of a young rook…. history has shown this. I can see a situation where Vick is gone… Foles is groomed for the future (as he should be) and Gruden trades for a guy like Alex Smith.
    3. Run game baby. With a so-so qb, Gruden would rely on a run game and solid fund. football.

    Im not sure how i would feel about Gruden yet but i have a strong feeling thats who Lurie wants.

    • Assuming Howie Roseman is still the GM next year, does anyone think Howie would feel comfortable with such a high profile Head Coach with Jon Gruden’s credentials?

  9. This report is stupid they have to be cleared by the leagues doctors anyway so what is Werder talking about same with bogus report by Eskin over on PFT.

  10. Knowing Mudd’s Health Issue’s which put him out most of the entire Off-Season
    Coach AR should have elevated Assistan OL Coach Eugene Chung and name him as their OL Coach, who at least has the fire and energy to work with these guys..
    Coach AR’s biggest mistake with the Defense was not naming JC as DC
    but rather hiring a DL Coach who only coaches/employs a Wide 9 Base Defense .. This is why Andy Reid could not hire a repsected/expereienced DC in the first place since most DC do not want to emply the Wide-9 as a Base Scheme for it;s too much High Risk-High Reward type of DL Scheme where it expses the LB and Safetry and Coach AR should have known back in 2010 with young LB’s and Young unproven Safeties that this would be too much to expect
    4 of the 5 Players in those Positions being Rookies or 2 Year PLayers to grasp and handle the Wide 9 as far as playing behind hit..
    What A disaster and a train wreck that was coming and yes, I have to admit, I saw it coming and complained many times and was lable a Hater or a non-fan, but when you look at the Decisions in Personnel, Coaching Staff, Schemes employed on top of some the poor Drafts from 2009 & 2010 and questionalble Free-Agent Pick-ups (Steve Smith, ROnnie Brown, VY, Asmo) is it really no wonder that in 2012, that this Team is where it is … I am not surprised at all and actually glad that shit has finally hit the fan to get rid of this Entire Group (Ar & Staff and their Philosophy) once and for all.. I am bummed that they had to have 2 shitty seasons in 2011 & 2012, but that’s the way it goes
    I want to see this Franchise rebuild properly and from Top on Down and that’s having good Personnel/Scouting Depts, not Cronies hired that have no proven record, good Coaches who actually enhance and develop Players skills (can anyone name a WR or LB or a Secondary Player that has actually improved at their positions while being with the Eagles let’s say in the last few years, I can’t think of 1.. They all have regressed, every year the Safety play gets worse,
    the WR’s seem to lose their focus and play softer, the Secondary gets worse at tackling, the DL disappears, the OL can’t do fundamental blocks …

  11. Paulman the mayrter. So tough to be you pman…. i shed tears every night. As in if this whole blog was coolaid drinkers who swore we would win the SB…. ugh….. no.

    We all knew we were in trouble when peters went down.

    we all knew we have no safeties

    we all knew the wide 9 was a problem

    we all knew we still suck in the redzone

    we all knew Andy cant change

    we all knew we still didnt have a DC

    what we didnt know was….
    that our Dline would vanish
    that ALL our Oline would get hurt

    other than that…. nothing new here.

    U live in a made up world.

  12. Stevo

    No Go on Jon Gruden,
    He is close personal Friends of Andy Reid and would not take the Eagles job following him.. Also Monte Kiffin is 72 Years and is decling health and is Retiring as DC at USC where he coaches with his son, why would Monte leave his Sons’ SIde to return to the NFL and Coach for Gruden.. Your nuts if you think this is the case ..

    Now his Younger Brother Jay Gruden is a real possibility and would be a very good Hire in my opinion..He’s the OC of the Bengals who run a pretty balanced Offense and has done a great job in developing QB Andrew Dalton into a very serviceable,game manager.. I would not ming seeing him but they still will need a kick-ass DC who would probably have the Title of DC/Asst HC

    Paulman’s Top 5 Picks for next HC

    #1) Vic Fangio (DC 49ers)
    #2) Brad Seely (ST and Asst HC of the 49ers)
    #3) Jay Gruden (OC of the Bengals)
    #4) Tom Clements (Oc/QB Coach of the Packers)
    #5) Mike Nolan (DC of the Falcons)
    #6) Dirk Koetter (OC of the Falcons)
    #7) Ray Horton,Jr (DC of the Cardinals)
    #8) Winston Moss (Asst HC of the Packers)
    #9) Bruce Arians (OC-Acting HC of the Colts but will be difficult to pry him loose not knowing the long term Heal of Chuck Pagano)
    #10) Pat Fitzpatrick (HC of NOrthwestern Unversity)
    #11) Jim Tressel (former HC of Ohio State, Asst with Colts, now AD in Ohio somewhere)

    • Your a FRAUD and a thief,
      This is exactly what I said you would do, take what I say and use it as if you came up with it. I said Vic Fangio’s name months ago on here and keep saying his name as our next head coach. What did you say after I mentioned him? “I doubt it, and why would he leave the team hes with now?” I guess you said this at the time because you never even knew who he was and had to research him further and bc you never thought of him, and now hes your 1st choice? Please admit your a fraud already. I also mentioned Tom Clements name as well. You gotta get a mind of your own and quit pulling the robbery on guys jacking there comments. At least mention the man that came up with it. But this is why I call you the fraudman.

      What I said just Tuesday:

      Jon Hart
      November 27, 2012 – 7:10 pm
      Fraudman is a thief. I mentioned Bill Polian months ago on here and the same fraud tried to shoot it down. I take a few weeks off this site and the fraud tries to pull off the robbery. Get your own thoughts and stop trying to rob others and act as if you came up with it. Clown..

      I also mentioned for the Birds to look into hiring Vic Fangio the 49ERS defensive coordinator as their next head coach as well. That same fraud said noway. Lets see if he mentions Vic next..

  13. Right he is an fantasy island. Claims to be a GM and criticize because real gm’s don’t do what he says. But they live in the real world

  14. Poor Stevo
    I was talking the same shit and weaknesses back in 2010 with a few others
    (Songs,DCAR, etc,etc) and now everyone and their Brother finally comes to the realization (Halfway thru 2012) that this Franchise is in very poor shape from Top to Bottom
    Your are right about nothing new to report for some of us have been saying this for a few years now ..

    Owner Lurie should have Fired AR and Staff at the end of 2009 when it was obvious that he was outcoached and outmanned in back to back blowout losses to the Cowboys led by HC Wade Phillips and MCNabb/Westbrook were are the end of the line .. It’s called Leadeership and Having a clear Vision and not getting too personal with your Staff.. This Damn Franchise has people that get too emotionally tied to personnel,staff,players etc,etc instead of letting the results or lack of results dictate Change… I blame Lurie as much os Andy Reid for allowing him to become stale and predictable but this is what happens when you have non-Footbal people running a Football Franchise.. They don’t see clearly, they down;t understand the game.. All Lurie knows is that his $280-$300 Million Purchase of the Eagles grew to $1.2 Billion in Networth over the last 14 Years , so yeah, he’s happy as a pig in shit which is what this Franchise has become over the last 4 years..

  15. At 3-8 with a coach that everyone assumes will be fired at seasons end, rumors are going to circulate.

    While all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, the latest one should be of interest to Eagles fans who are hoping their team goes after Oregon head coach Chip Kelly.

    Because according to one report, they have already started.

    Pro Football Weekly recently published an article compromised of quotes from NFL coaches, scouts, and front-office personnel. Here is what one of them had to say about the Eagles pursuit of a new head coach.

    “I’ve heard talk about (Eagles GM) Howie Roseman already meeting with (Oregon head coach) Chip Kelly,” said one of Pro Football Weekly’s sources. “Obviously, there are no rules preventing a GM from talking to a college coach during a (school) visit.”

    Again, all rumors should be taken as just that- rumors. It’s hard to believe that Roseman would meet with Kelly considering that Andy Reid is still the head coach. It’s also hard to believe that Kelly would take a meeting with his team 11-1 and preparing for a bowl game.

    Still, Pro Football Weekly has been right before when it comes to the Eagles. They were one of the first to report about the bad blood brewing in the Eagles front office before Joe Banner left. Whether or not they are right about this report remains to be seen, but it certainly is interesting if they are.

    Either way, Eagles fans should get used to these reports. Until Reid is gone and a new coach is in place, the off-season is going to be filled with speculation, rumors, and reports.

    But with the way the team has been playing recently, that might be the better alternative

  16. HAC,
    There are porbably a dozen folks on here at least that would be make better
    GM or a VP of Football than the Roseman/Reid Combination.. I am pretty confident in this..

  17. Paulman Trade Alerts

    Eagles Trade DT Cullen Jenkins & OL Todd Herremans to the Panthers for LB Jon Beason & a 4th Round Pick (Panthers have Luke Kuechley and don’t need Beason or his Contract or his bad knees anymore)
    Eagles Trade WR Jason Avant, RG Danny Watkins and QB Trent Edwards to the Seattle Seahawks for QB Matt Flynn and a 5th Round PIck

  18. More Trade Alerts

    Eagles Trade CB Namdi Asmogoah to the Colts for OT Winston Justice

  19. Pman-

    when was the last time anyone here said we had the kind of WR’s that would get it done in the redzone? When Jmak was grabbed in the draft it was a HUGE question mark.

    Didnt we ALL KNOW that trent cole disappears late in EVERY year? and that he needed someone on the other side? wasnt that why we drafted the way we did and why babbin was grabbed?

    Since Dawk havent we ALL been crying about the safeties? thats how many years ago?

    Oline issues since the andrews sisters?

    Screaming about the coach for eons?

    You are not a trend setter. You are not a GM.

    Get over yourself.

  20. as far as Reid…. id go earlier. I was done with him after the Cards champ game. Clearly he knows nothing about D.

    Your list of coaches is not bad. I have a much shorter list…

    If Lurie brings in a mind on D, i’d go with Vic Fangio or Ray Horton,Jr.

    I dont think he will go that route…not because i claim to be loaded with pretend sources but because he said so himself.

    Thats why im left with guys like Gruden because i want no part of special teams coaches or oline coaches to run my team. I dont want gimmick coaches like Kelly either and Im suspect of Ocords that have the top qb’s in the game because we dont have that.

    I disagree with you about Gruden. He’s not my top choice but i think he jumps back into football this year and Philly would be a great place. He has great respect for Andy but give me a break….. he will take the job he thinks he has the best chance to win at….. philly may or may not be the place… we will see. He may however go with your panthers tho.

  21. Watkins stated on DNL he really isnt comfortable playing on the right side. He was use to playing on the left side. I will give Watkins next year to see what he can do. Hopefully he goes back to the left side and we will get rid of this unorthodox bloxing scheme he had to learn from Mudd.

    • this is funny because i am also not comfortable with him playing on the right side. Im not crazy about him on the left side either. Or in the middle. Perhaps a bench would be more comfortable for all of us. Or maybe a sofa with a cold one will do him well. In all honesty…. he becomes part of the backup group for my Oline. He can battle it out with guys like Scott next year for playing time at all.

  22. I remember Stevo, even this Past Summer when I stated that the Eagles WR Corps was a Bottom 1/3 of NFL, that most Posters disagreed with me and stated that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that D-Jax was going to kick aass with his new Deal and that Maclin/Avant were top end #2 and #3 WR’s when I said they would hardly see the field with half the NFL Teams and then when we get to Rliey Cooper/Danarius Johnson, these guys don’t even make NFL Roster’s.. Clay Harbor doesn’t make many NFL Rosters
    Kurt Coleman, Matthews,Chaney, D Bell, K Dunlap, B Hughes, D Kelley,
    Trent Edwards,Dion Lewis, Curtis Marsh.. this Roster is full of them and as I have stated too many times, is not that Taleneted as many of you keep proclaiming they are.. Le Sean McCoy, Peters when healthy and thats about it..
    One thing I was wrong about big time, LB Demeco Ryans has had a solid year and this Defense would really be a mess without him though he’s not been the Leader that was talked about as G-Man has noted in a few posts..
    Thought he would grab the bull by the horns more often ..

  23. I tink Jake Scott is a player they need to re-sign for I believe he’s only signed thru the remainder of 2012.. He can play RG/LG and could be a nice Back-up and even compete with Herremans & Mathis if they Draft and OT early..

  24. Pman- bogus. who? who were these people? of the 20 guys that talk here… maybe 1 idiot said this. You are dreaming if you think you were fighting the norm. Again.. get over yourself. Its funny how u guys listen to the Eagles media hype and think it comes from any of us fans. same goes for your second list…. who are you talking about when you say “many of you”? Ive never heard anyone talk about Coleman in a great light…. Matthews? who are these flipping people that love mathews?? what are you talking about? Bogus Bogus Bogus!!!

    people…. stop! Stop pretending that you are having conversations with people who claim all is well in philly. I havent seen many homers in philly in like 5 years or more.

  25. I recall 80% of the Posters on here claiming
    Eagkes were Super Bowl Contendors in 2011 and 2012
    While I stated they were about a 8-9 Win Team At Best due to many over-valuing the Talent of this Team
    I did not like the signing of CB Asmo from Day 1
    I did not believe this WR Corp was any good in crunch time and lacked the size and toughness to be effective in the Red Zobe
    I wanted 2-3 Safeties instead of Asmo who were out there at the time
    (Swan Landry, Eric Weddle, even Chris Harris)
    I wanted CB carlis Rogers or Richard Marshall over Asmo for about
    1/4th the Salary who are more Physical and could nab up with the big WR’s of the NFC
    I also am not a Vick fan though he does give the Eagkes their best chance to win games and be a .500 Team but is nothing more
    Last and not least, I have never liked or thought Coach AR philosophy was good enough to win Playoff Football and now the Eagles can’t even make the Playoffs with his stale and predictable Sraff and schemes
    I’ve been right on almost everything about this club the last few years and yes, I wish I was proven wrong by this Team and they were winning 11-12 Games a year and competing for a Championship but I don’t buy into the hype and wishful thinking like many of you do for I actually follow the League, their competitors as well and have not felt good about this Teams chances in a while
    And that’s the reality of the situation

  26. Fraudman–Your trying to call out other hopeful true fans for rooting for their team, when I just exposed you on here for jacking my comments and use them later on as if you came up with them. How bout up you address that b4 trying to call others out (your the real Fraudfan). You had no clue who Vic Fangio was when i said his name in fact you shot it down as nonsense but now hes your 1st choice? How bout you address that Fraudman

  27. I have known about Vic Fangio for a while JH and am familiar with
    Harbaugh’s Staff from when he coached at San Diego St and then Stanford
    Just like Brad Seely and Ed Donatello who would also make good Head Coaches. I follow both College and Pro Football pretty closely
    JH and probably have forgotten more than you will ever know about the Sport, it’s Teams, Players and Coaches so stick with your Bron-Bron
    Garbage that is the NBA

  28. I will give you credit for calling the Eagles Drafting LB
    Casey Matthews who couldn’t beat out a 7th Round Draft pick in Jamarcus Chaney and undrafted free-agent Akeem Jordan so how’s that working out for you, and the Eagles
    Your an insult to any real knowledgeable Football fan
    Stick with your NBA which your not much better at either

  29. Paul…..does it occur to anyone that 1) Gruden lives in FL and coached in Oak and Tampa? Not a big fan of cold weather. 2) Gruden took over teams that were basically already built? All he had to do in Oak and Tampa is make some tweaks. He is NOT a builder. The problem this whole organization, city and fanbase has is this idea that we have been close and that we are still close. Gruden will come in and we will win SB in two years. Ths team is trash! They have like 5-6 good players! A TOTAL rebuild is required. 3) we have no QB. Gruden thinks Vick is garbage and he does not see Foles as a future star. 4) everyone thinks that SD is going to hire Reid. SD would much rather have Gruden. They have warm weather, a good QB and a developing young defense. So where would Gruden go?? Duh!! SD would hire Gruden way before Reid and he would take that job WAY before Philly.

  30. Jay Gruden has a better chance of becoming the next HC over his older brother
    Jon. I don’t believe Jon Gruden is all that interested in the Philly Job and quite frankly would feel very uncomfortable taking over a Team that was built by his very close friend Andy Reid, don’t see it happening at a and has a pretty good gig with ESPN and his QB Camps and Draft Preparation
    He is not a HC who is pair isn’t with Young QB’s so all in all
    I just don’t see him as a good fit for what this Eagles Franchise needs
    His Younger brother Jay I believe would be a better fit for the Eagles
    At this stage of their careers

  31. Fraud– your dancing around the topic like you always do. Explain why you tried to shoot down Vic Fangio when I mentioned his name as our next HC candidate months ago, but now hes your #1 choice? Explain it. You know why you did it? Bc you didnt think of it originally so right away you attempted to shoot it down… then months later you mention him as your #1 choice? Your such a fraud its not even funny anymore its actually sad, its sad bc you want recognition on this site so bad and want to be right about any and everything. So much so that you jack others comments. Thats a fraud for ya

  32. I need no recognition from you or anyone else on this site JH
    I will continue as I always have and call them as I see them in my assessment of the Eagles and you can agree or disagree which is fine and the purpose of to begin with and yes I will fool around and come up with half assed comments and trade alerts to have a little fun, but more times than not
    I am pretty on about this Eagles Franchise on how they operate and the assessment of their roster and their talent level and overall chances they have
    To compete for an NFL Championship which has not been very legitimate since 2009/2010 in my opinion
    And back to Fangio, when did I ever state that he would not be a
    Good selection as HC for the Eagles or any other Team???
    I don’t recall ever stating that he was not qualified or gave the makings of an NFL Coach so your wrong again chump

  33. Get outta here man, you wouldnt post on this site as much as you do esp making all the proclamations you do if you didnt want recognition so thats a bunch of crap. You said he was 50 years old, and said why would he leave the team hes on now to come to the eagles. You can play games all you want, its just funny how you tried to shoot down Vic Fangio when I mentioned him months ago but now months later hes your first choice. You said nothing about the man until now. I also mentioned Tom Clements. Sucha Fraudman Fraudfan

  34. Watch for Dave Wannstadt to be named next HC . Good Grief

  35. Havacigar– your absolutely right. Hes a fraud

  36. Paulman is completely legit on his assessment on the eagles, baseball not so much, John hart I am sure Paul has more things in his life to be concerned about compared to what a twit like you thinks about him, grow a pair, will you, forget about Paul, same, with you haveacigar, grow up

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