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Vick Releases Statement Says He Appreciates Support From Eagles Organization

The Eagles just released a statement from quarterback Michael Vick.

“I want to thank my fans for the thousands of well wishes. I also appreciate the support of the entire Eagles organization. I feel strong and healthy.  As a professional athlete, I want to play in every game but the NFL has a specific protocol to protect players. My focus is to complete this process successfully, so I can rejoin my team on the field.”

This statement seems to be an effort to clear up a controversy which was started today by an ESPN report by Ed Werder where he says that Vick feels the Eagles are “playing politics” with his concussion tests as a way of keeping him off the field and Nick Foles in the lineup. on Facebook

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160 Comments for “Vick Releases Statement Says He Appreciates Support From Eagles Organization”

  1. What a Circus these final 5 weeks will be, and this is what happens when an
    Inept Organizations keeps bullshitting with it’s players and fans..
    Just come out Lurie or Roseman or Donahoe and tell it like it is…
    This is a Classic Case of a Lack of Leadership from Top to Bottom

  2. Paulman I absolutely agree with you on this. Complete and utter nonsense. This is what this franchise has come to a laughingstock.

  3. You know DAMN well he didnt say He doesnt even talk like that. Thank the entire eagles huh?? Sounds like a damn commercial.

  4. This can’t keep going on. They need to tell him to take the rest of the year off. No need for him to risk his health or even worry about this team right now. I was of the opinion Andyshould be allowed to finish the season…..But I digress. Fire him today. Between him and Vick the media is having a field day. These young guys don’t need this idiotic questions every single day. Jeff needs to get his ass in front of a camera and be he owner. The captain is dead at the Wheel and a storm is a brewing. Get us a captain to us through the storm till you hire the new guy. I state this now..NO CHIP KELLY AND THAT GIMMICK OFFENSE PLEASE!!!

  5. As ive been saying in the previous weeks no qb in NFL history misses 3 weeks because of a concussion. Never believed he was injured passed that first week. He didnt get hit hard enough. This just shows how shitty and low classed this organization is. They benched Vick and Foles is 10x worst. He hadnt scored a TD pass in the last 2weeks and shouldve been picked off like 10 times in the last 2 games. This is no doubt a cover up and if the truth comes out somebody can get in trouble.

  6. I really want foles to be a good QB but for all the support for the guy no one can tell me what he does year is not a superbowl year regardless of who the QB is but if i can get a good head coach with a different philosophy i would restructure vick or ride with foles if he shows me signs of improvement.. C’mon Nick you gotta do better than a 40 qb rating. its the friggen boys!!!!

  7. Vick just need a break hes been hit over an over. Ive never seen a QB take that kind of pounding every week and still keep coming back..

  8. This is ridiculous if he wants to play put him in, use both of them but I damn sure don’t want to hear about this for 5 weeks.

  9. this is a none story. the playoffs are over for this team. We know what the guy is as a qb, we dont know what foles is. lets see what foles is and that will determine if vick comes back or not. who cares if he plays 5 games of meaning less football… these games are for young guys to determine if they re worth like to see sims again, kurt coleman wont be on this team next year( at least he wont be starting) lets see what sims has..

  10. It’s already making national news so it’s not a non story. It’s an embarrassment.

  11. Only in Philly can a 3-8 team be national news.

  12. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that story wasn’t leaked from inside Eagles ownership… Teams will do anything to discredit a player and make them look good. Mike word to the wise… Do not step back behind that High School line if you want to be functional at 50… The cumulative effects of all these hits will kill you. It’s obvious Foles will QB the rest of the year. I know you are thinking if we threatened the run like that when I was healthy maybe it could’ve been different… Mike don’t waste the brain cells you will always have haters. Some people will never let the dog thing go….like they are perfect.

  13. I think the front office wants t tank the season and if Vick is in there the eagles could win .. The longer hes out the better.

  14. Vick has taken a physical pounding over the last 2 years
    His reckless play and inability to run an Offense with talent and speed
    Consistently enough to win games is what he’s Eagkes Legacy will be
    All you have to do is watch the game tape over the last 2 realize that he’s his play gave falken back to basically what his Falcons days were like
    And that’s as a big disappointment and a undaerachiever who failed to reach an an Elite level in QB and Lead his Team to greatness for it never happened
    Remember he was a #1 Overall Pick and by his own words that he stated many times that he wanted to reach greatness, be a HOF,,win Championships, etc, etc.. His Time has past, plain and simple..

  15. I think the Falcons were pretty good when Vick was there even without the supporting cast they did play in the NFC championship game. Matty Ice took over and they can’t win a play off game. Does that make him a failure?

    • They won 2 playoff games in 6 years with Vick. In one of those the Pack handed him 5 turnovers, and the other 3 I believe.

      Ice is in his 5th season….so we’ll see how he does after 6 years.

      I don’t think many Falcons fans would want to trade Ryan for VIck.

  16. Speaking of Ringling Brothers circus which this org. has become, has anybody looked at Babin’s website? Talk about embarrasing to be a member of the same species.

  17. Vick is a finished product, his career is in the books, he is what his record says he is, and given the hype, the huge talent, draft status, opportunity given after he went to jail, by any objective measure his career is a disappointment

  18. I agree biglion821, Mike Vick is a 2 time pro bowler and runner up to the MVP, and would be a former MVP if one of the greatest to ever put on the laces Tom Brady didn’t show his ass. Matty Ice has not done anything !!!

  19. Your right Gake,
    I wish Vick no ill will and I am happy for him that he’s got life back
    On a good path. I just don’t want him to be the QB of our Eagles and it has nothing to do with his dog days, or that he’s black or anything else other that I just don’t feel he be consistent enough to win in the NFL with his play.

  20. If that’s your case Paulman, VICK is not the QB! The starting QB is FOLES! What’s your assessment on him, beacause right now, he’s looking like Brad Gable or Bobby Hoying if not worse. If Vick is not the answer it damn sure doesn’t look like Foles is either. Lets talk about the STARTING QB! Not Vick!

  21. By your standards Jake, that means just about every Qb that has played the game is a failure and a disappointment. If this is the end other then winning a Super Bowl I think he’s done pretty good. Has he done everything he was capable of? Nope but again not too many athletes do.

  22. Never said failure , just disappointment to many , but give him credit for turning his life around, made millions after going broke, that’s more impressive than his football career, he should retire and raise his family with his brains intact

  23. And you are correct, very few athletes ever live up to the hype

  24. What Biglion says is 100 percent correct, who’s the better QB Jake…Dan Marino or Trent Dilfer? Dan Fouts or Jeff Hostletter ? Fouts and Marino had better careers but who has the rings huh? Ooooh yeah it looks like you can be a average to below average QB and still win the Superbowl… Oh and uh they said “THE ULTIMATE WEAPON” Randall Cunningham was finished too, then he went to a talented team with a great o-line and d-line and WENT 15 and 1. Those 72 Dolphins are still having night sweats about that season

  25. @haveacigar, I agree, but after 2 games are you comfortable with what you see so far? if I’m the Eagles, don’t get me wrong, FOLES is just one man, he’s playing with garbage, with the right team around him lets see. But after 7 quarters he’s not looking good…The Eagles may need to look to FA or the draft for QB

    • I’m saying for the foreseeable future he is all we have. If he stinks we stink AGAIN. They are so dysfunctional right now I just don’t know what I’m seeing from him. I’m hoping he becomes flacco. Then we build a more conventional offense around him. Solid D, run the ball call it game manager with the ability to make a couple plays and take care of the ball. It’s our only hope for a quick turnaround.

    • Why do you say he’s not looking good? Those are just useless blanket statements.

      What exactly did you expect from his first 2 starts? And what exactly is he doing (or not doing) to not meet those expectations?

  26. Where to you think M. Vick will go after he is released at the end of the year.

  27. The Eagles again are trying to do what’s right for Michael Vick. Vick probably could play this week but they want to see if Foles can be an answer next year. Vick will be released at the end of the year and I guess will see if there are allot of teams knocking at his door. The best thing for Michael Vick to do now is to just shut up

  28. Cunningham better quarterback than Vick ironman, but you are correct there are hall of famers that have not won a super bowl, Vick clearly not one of them

  29. Makes you think if buddy had a more structured offense to go with that defense how many super bowles

  30. I agree, Cunningham was a better QB, and actually, I believe Mcnabb was as well…but that doesn’t take away from Vick accomplishments

  31. “Major” Eagles QBs over the past 40 years should be ranked:


  32. By the way I wouldn’t trade Ryan for Vick either if I was Atlanta. But Ryan shrinks come play off time that has to be corrected and I don’t care how many years in the league he has.

  33. I am not comfortable with anything about this current Eagles Offense
    Regardless of who the QB under AR and MM flawed and predictable Offense
    Lets see come summer camp once there’s a new Coaching Staff in place and hopefully a more physical. Balanced approach to their Offense
    I have not been very impressed by anyone on the Eagles Offense this Season
    And believe that Foles can be a productive “game manager” under the right system, but let him finish these last 5 games and show us and more importantly the next Coaching Staff on what he can and cannot do
    He clearly is not they type who is going to drop back 40+ plus times a game and throw the ball, but under a run first, play action, double TE set, he has a shot to be productive. Time will tell and none of us know anything under the these present circumstances of a sinking ship and a OL with 2nd Stringers and worse and a WR corps led by Maclin, Avant and Cooper for the rest of the year and yes, without the Eagles Best player in LeSean McCoy out

  34. Vinnie, Jeff Garcia was better than Vick, Randall Cunningham better than mcnabb , probably better than jaworski, mcnabb was good at protecting the ball , throwing 90 mph fastballs at the ground, killing families of worms at the Linc, and throwing up, choking, so on some levels your Antichrist Vick is better than mcnabb

  35. Jake, Garcia didn’t play here long enough and McNabb was better then Randall and Randall was my all time favorite Eagle.

  36. I dont think a single team signs Michael Vick if he is cut. Who would want him? he cant run anymore, he’s on the down side of his career. You see so many rookie QB’s succeeding. I think he’s done. I think some teams will bring him in for a look but wont ever suit up in another nfl game again.

    I like Matt Flynn. I liked him at LSU and I thought he looked sharp in those few starts as a Packer and I think he deserves a chance to be a NFL starter. However I dont like him going to a team thats rebuilding. I think with some extra receivers and a more athletic tight end I think he can be very good.

  37. I read through all the dialogue here and what jumps out at me is “Vick’s accomplishments”, “runner up in MVP voting”. “Putting Vick in.” Are we kidding!Accomplishments! One division title. “Runner up” Who cares? You know what that means? He is a mediocre QB. To all the Vick supporters out there. This team is moving forward. He will not be here next year. The new coach will not want him here. Take your Vick jerseys down to the Nova Care Complex get his signature and put the jersey in a frame. The only way he ever gets a SB ring will be as a benchwarmer to the starting QB.Here is another prediction. You want to know hoe much Reid likes Vick? Next year when he coaches someplace else he will not have Vick on his roster. Enough about Vick. The rest of this year should be about whether Foles is the answer or the Birds go shopping for a free agent because there is nothing in the draft.

    • How about Vick’s chances of getting a job is better then Reid’s with the way this team has been mismanaged the last couple of years. In the history of the NFL how many QB’s have won a Super Bowl? All the rest from are mediocre Qb’s get the heck out of here with that BS. Trying to diminish what he’s done because you don’t like him.

    • Last week I asked all of the Vick people to list his accomplishments. One division title is what any one came up with. Never led the league in passing, TD’s thrown,QB rating, Pass completion pct,no championships won no MVP. He is an ESPN created star. So sit down with your Madden game and be Vick all you want. He was mediocre QB in Atlanta and Philly. Get to know the game moron.

  38. Well stated Philly fan, well stated

  39. Eagles should make a trade for Ryan Mallett

  40. Patriots are high on Mallett and have no interest in trading him
    Remember that Brady has 2-3 years at most,
    The only Team I see as possibly interested in Vicmwould be the
    Arizona Cardinals whose Front Office and Coaching Staff are all on the Hot Seatcand are wasting WRcLarry Fitzgerald’s Prime Years by not having a QB be able to get the ball to him consistently

    A couple of you g QB’s who could be available
    Is Matt Flynn (seahawks) Drew Stanton (Colts) Chad Henne (Dolphins)
    And Tim Tebow (Jets)

    Watch how 49ers Kaelernick plays and then you will have Alex Smith on the market as well as Kevin Kolb who will be released by Cardibals

  41. Chad Henne plays for the Jags paulman and I’m pretty sure Gabbert’s the one that will be available.

  42. The rate the eagles are going theyll be able to draft Smith lol .. They have the worst record in the NFL

  43. Does anyone want to see a little of trent edwards or is firmly entrenched as clipboard holder . he shown some decent things in preseason

  44. Patriots are high on Mallett and have no interest in trading him
    Remember that Brady has 2-3 years at most,
    The only Team I see as possibly interested in Vicmwould be the
    Arizona Cardinals whose Front Office and Coaching Staff are all on the Hot Seatcand are wasting WRcLarry Fitzgerald’s Prime Years by not having a QB be able to get the ball to him consistently

    A couple of you g QB’s who could be available
    Is Matt Flynn (seahawks) Drew Stanton (Colts) Chad Henne (Jags) Tim Tebow (Jets) jummy Claussen (Panthers)

    Watch how 49ers Kaepernick plays and then you will have Alex Smith on the market as well as Kevin Kolb who will be released by Cardibals

  45. By their fruits you will know them.

    Vick has proven that he can lead an explosive offense. The problem for any QB in Philadelphia has ALWAYS been ANDY REID and his ridiculous play calling.

    Of course a QB takes a pounding when the defense KNOWS HES GOING TO PASS. Play-action means nothing. The WRs are winded and gassed from running down the field on every play.

    Andy Refused to get a quality tackle or center when both positions went down. He also stubbornly stayed with pitiful WRs for years. And still likes the boney, WRs like pinkston and jackson.

    Acts like the RB is not a position on the team, accept to block for pass protection.

    ANDY REID got 2 of the most mobile QBs in the history of the NFL broken ribs, torn ACL, Sports Hernias and Concussions. His play calling is a complete joke. It always has been. We were just fortunate to play in a weak division with coach duffest in Dallas and a coaching rotation in Washington.

    No QB is perfect. Andy could have disguised Vicks weaknesses with more running plays and more slants, draws and screens. Target the TE more.

    For years we had the biggest line in the NFL and he had them tip toeing around instead of playing Smashmouth football.

    It sure was a pleasure to watch Alabama run thru the Georgia Defense, then set up the bomb. It’s not hard. Just basic play calling. We had the line to do it. The Running Backs (westbrook and mccoy). We just had a coach who never got BYU out of his system.

    He’s a bum. Never could adapt. Belechick went from bombs to Randy Moss to using 2 TEs. He adapted to the talent.

    Andy Reid is the problem. No matter what QB starts.

  46. Hit the nail on the head BSM
    Figuring the Eagles next HC and Offensive System will hopefully be a more traditional,balanced Offense, I still don’t feel Vick is a Good Fit for a Timing Type of Passing Offense for he’s too slow decision wise to read defenses and look off receivers,etc,etc.. So Vick’s playground Style is not a fit for most Offensive Coordinators or HC Philosophies meaning he’s finished in PHiladelphia
    Remember that it was Coach Ar and D McNabb who had to lobby hard and lous to Lurie/Banner to even give Vick a shot with the Eagles so there will be no vested interest in keeping Vick once AR is terminated on 12/31/2012 .
    A new Coachign Staff is very unlikely to be interested in keeping Vick around and there will be no renegoitiating Vick’s Deal or CB Asmo’s Deal either
    They are not done with high-profile players, instead they will simply be released for that’s what happens in the NFL.. . You get a player off injury or a 2nd Tier Player, maybe you renegoititate, but not with High-Profile Players who have underachieved as these 2 have.. WHo would want a disgruntled player to remain on your Roster after taking a big pay cut.. This doesn;t occur for this reason, Eagles will release 3-5 Players right after the Season
    (Vick,Avant,D Bell,C Jenkins,Asmo)

  47. BSM, why you are not a writer on here, is beyond me?!? Almost every one of your posts are excellent, & spot on.

  48. Look I want chip kelly here and let’s start fresh, vick can get the hell out and take andy with him. Off topic major shout out to larrwd who wanted the eagles to take Russell Wilson and Ty Hilton in last years draft. We would be a bit more watchable with those two. Good call young fella.

  49. Haha haveacigar, boy is that flacco a good quarterback, stinks

  50. Wow is PIT a different offensive team without Roethlisberger.

  51. I would actually take Batch over garbage ass Foles. I wonder if the Steelers would trade him?

  52. Most Teams are when they have a Vack-Up Play
    Back up in the NFl get very little Reps once the Season begins due to practicing only 3 Days a week (Tue/Wed/Thur) most Teams don’t practice on Mondays to allow healing time, video time for 1/2 day Tuesday and then some practice in Afternoons leaving Wed/Thursday as full practice days and then Fridays it’s usually Special Teams, Red -Zone and walk thru’s
    The level of play has diminished in the new NFl with more restrictions placed on contact drill and full body pads and contact with the new CBA in place for player safety but is a big reason why the fundamentals of blocking & Tavkling and why the run game is disappearing from the NFL
    It’s a joke anymore to be honest but every team plays by the same rules so the Coaching Staffs who can prioritize specific drills to improve their Teams weaknesses come out on top more often…

  53. Thanks for the props diddy.. batch is 40 years old.. Lets see how foles does tonight . Although Im rooting for the eagles to lose so we can draft the best QB

  54. Songs, batch is older than you, he did flash a good arm though, and sorry, flacco is lucky, he stinks, he stinks

  55. Larwd, how do you think foles will do tonight playing with junior varsity as a rook, evaluate him on other things, does he command the huddle, is he making the reads, does he move in the pocket with eyes down field, does he audible, is he making improvement, did you see the veteran batch struggle, he is a damn good quarterback though, give batch reps and you would see something but limited by his aging kill set, give foles reps and you may see omething very special

  56. How would you know if he commands the huddle? Are you invited to the freaking huddle?

  57. He means does it look like Foles is in command. Knows the playbook. Making good calls at the line. Pointing out the right blitzers. Hitting the right WRs etc.

    The kid clearly knows the playbook. Was a nice slant.

    He does seem to checkdown, but that should be expected with a rook. I much prefer the safe checkdown….especually since I’ve been watching the exact opposite for the past 2.5 yrs.

  58. Brown needs to do something about the way hecarries the ball.

  59. This Brown kid just looks powerful. ANd Fast.

    But would it kill any of these Birds to ack humbly? 3-8. This kid bounces around through 4 unis….may have cost the team last week with his fumbles….and he still has to put the ball down as he crosses the line, Desean style??

    I know I’m bing picky, but it irks me….

  60. Eagles fans just maybe getting a timy little bit giddy about this Foles/Brown combo going forward??

  61. I give Foles credit when credit is due. He played very good first half. This was the first time Ive been impressed.

  62. Jake Scott has solidified this oline. Amazing

  63. Brown looks good again. Strong runner. I wish he carried the ball tighter to his body. My enthusiasm is tempered a little because of who he is running against. Carolina and Dallas. For all Rob Ryan’s blustering his defense is nothing special.

  64. Good decision to go deep to an open Maclin, followed by a nice touch pass to Avant to move into FG range…..

    This Foles guy is clearly showing nothing.

    I’m with Larrwd and Daggolden.. He stinks. No future at all.

    • Would have been even better if he made the connection to Maclin
      Real easy when you can get Ware second guessing

      Strangest thing about this season
      Looking at Brown run and knowing what McCoy
      brings….I can’t help but to think Andy fired himself

  65. All you want from a rookie is improvement every game. We’re getting that. Its nice to see.

  66. Brady Quinn played well today to Vinnie.

  67. Brady Quinn has been in the nfl for 5 years.

  68. Too bad this oline is so terrible though.

    Foles has been sacked 5x so far.
    He’s on the turn after every pass.
    No QB can succeed behind this line.

  69. Playcalling and an intelligent quarterback.

  70. nate allen is a bitch……he have to be the worse safety in the league. Mile Austin ran right through the middle like he wasn’t there. Who scouted these bum ass safeties?

  71. Yeah QB really slicing up that D

  72. – Brandon Boykin sucks. He should take a knee every time because he cant make it pass the 20 yard line if his life depended on it.

    – I hope Brent Celek breaks his forearm when he throws another celebration punch.

    – Jake Scott deserves a roster spot next year

    – This team is BETTER without Desean Jackson. Trade him to the 1st offer. 6th round draft pick and its a done deal.

    – That Cowboys cheerleaders got a nice rack.

    That is all for now.

  73. Anyone else catch that very subtle look off on the last pass to Celek?

    Very subtle. Very nice.

    What’s that? 27 points?? Highest total of the year…in fact…other than Jets game last year, highest total in about 16 games?

    With first year QB and RB??

    That’s weird

  74. Wait….what’s that sound??

    Oh…its Vick’s contract being torn up and thrown in the recycling bin.

  75. Wow 27 points in a game. Season high…didn’t think that was possible this year

  76. Looking good.. looking good. Amazing how a run game can help ya out. Foles looking great. Now… about that D….

  77. There he is again….the one and only NAte Allen making a name for himself tonight!

    Now Coleman is down..

    Just put Alex Henery in there…you would barely notice the difference

  78. This defense should not be allowed on the plane ride home. Maybe if they are told to walk home from Dallas they will miss next weeks game at Tampa Bay.

  79. I think I am going to puke.

  80. Todd Bowels should be fired immediately after the game. I don’t care what his circumstances are. Why in the world would you call a defense that leaves DRC 10-15 yards off Dez on a goal line play. When btw he can’t tackle for shit…Seriously they need to fire his worthless ass asap

    • It is unbelievable how bad this unit is. Your right. He should be fired because they cannot play any worse than what they play now. This is disgusting. They should go without a coordinator for the rest of the year. Do you really think it would matter.

  81. Time to take the training wheels off

  82. Isn’t this perfect? Not as upset as you guys about the D. That’s a longterm fix. Going to take 2 years to revamp entie secondary.

    I’ve ssen all i need to see this game. Promise at QB with what looks like a smart, poised QB. Promise at RB with a 6’+ 225 monster (haven;t we wanted one for…oh about 20 years???)

    Everything else is gravy at this point.


    Isn’t this exciting? Now we get to give the kid a chance to see what he can do in in a tight game with 4 to go…. Great experience for him.

    I still don;t know if he is going to be a good QB, but he’s showing promise….lets see how he does here…

    • Do you notice how quiet the Vick people are? All the fans wanted was for Foles to finish the year to see where the team goes in the off season. Nice game from the kid even if he can’t rally them. Heavy emphasis on D in the draft.

      • U still dont get it. A person who wants to see what the kid can do before we name him a hall of famer does not mean this person is a vick fan. A person who think this TEAM sucks regardless of whos back there does not mean the person loves mike vick. How stupid do some of you guys really need to be?

        • Did not name the kid a hall of famer dumbbell. You don’t get it. We are tired of hearing about what a Great QB Vick is. He has never done anything in his entire career. What we said to the naysayers of Foles( while he was playing his first game) saying he stinks and pointing out his mistakes was to give him a break. Vick still makes the same mistakes year after year this far into his career. Jackass.

          • Who the hell is saying hes good? Noone. The guy hasnt played in a month and its all u 2 losers talk about. Get a hobby… or better yet… a job.

            • Stevo, shit just flows out of your mouth.Get to your doctor so he can suture your lips closed.

              • @Phillyfan….first many of us have more important things to be doing on a Sunday night than being on the comment section of GCobb…Didn’t know that Eagles fans have to report into GCobb on the hour…
                All I am going to say is Kelvin Kolb looked good in MORE than one game when he was the backup for McNabb. The good wishes are good, but don’t go overboard and crown Foles the future of Eagles just yet.. Foles needs to show more than just one regular season game…Last night Foles looked good, very good to be a rook. The coaches had a nice game plan and didn’t put any added pressure on the rook nor on the offensive line. 1 deep shot, to Maclin, a lot of short intermediate routes.. Nice play calling mixing up run and pass…Take nothing away from the kids performance it was good too see, but again 1 game is only 1 game…

      • We were watching the game rooting for the kid to pull off a win. Say’s more about you then Vick apologist don’t you think?

  83. Timeout there is unfortunate

  84. Brown should have his arms taped to his body all this week. He cannot continue to fumble the ball. Get Tiki Barber into the Nova Care Complex and teach him how to hold onto the ball.

  85. BY the way…that was a very dicry overturn on the 4th and 1 challenge….seeing that the spot of the ball is overturned only about 3.4565% of the time.

  86. The kid had a great game… but i want to point out that at the end he…. stared down a wr again… held on to the ball too long… got hit and coughed it up…. checked down on 4th and long… couldnt read the d well enough ti see a wide open wr on the 2 point conv…plus… he hasnt won a game yet. What a loser… right vin?

    My point in all of this is that you guys see what u want…… always have. Double standard.

    Foles had a good night. They NEED to play him for the rest of the year so we know what we have. I hope and pray the new coach runs the ball like we have the last 2 weeks. We have 2 rbs.

  87. He should’ve gave’em that subtle look away
    On that 2pt conv….lmao

  88. Lol…I saw a lil bit from the rookie QB

  89. I will personally mail u 2 losers $5 bucks each if u dont say vicks name for the rest of the season. Ready..go.

  90. Dont forget to kiss the kolb poster girls.

  91. Foles played great made a couple of bad throws but nothing costly, Brown is good but if he doesn’t work on his ball security he’ll never play. The Eagles safeties by far are the worse starters in the modern day NFL they are brutal. DRC and Nnadmi have zero confidence right now, you cannot play scared but they both look terrified out there.

  92. @Vinnie I don’t need any stats to know Foles played great tonight, I just saw it. LOL

  93. Foles at least showed something tonight Brown is a monster but has to stop fumbling. Thats the most important thing.

  94. Tell you what when Kelce,Peters and Herremans come back I think #9 can be okay. You know what fellas the one thing I keep forgetting is that no team would be successful with that many lineman missing. I mean I truly believe it hampered vick’s performance also but I don’t care, I want to turn the page on that chapter. Instead of picking a QB in a draft that is not strong, let’s keep Foles and get a good fa and let them battle it out in camp. We need so much on this team that unless you have a luck/rg3 type QB. We need to go O-line I believe this draft.

  95. Was a very entertaining game with some real positives
    I thought Foles had a very good game, yes he missed a wide open Bryce Brown for the 2pt Conversion and chose to three it instead to Maclin and was errant on the throw, but his pocket awareness a game was very good and pretty impressive. When he steps into his throes, he has a nice zip avd is accurate
    He gets in trouble when he’s standing straight up avd just relying on his arm and ends up being late or high with his throws
    But all in all I give him a solid “B” for tonight’s Game and a nice improvement over his fist 2 Starts. Keep playing him and let’s see what he can do
    Jake Scott at Guard and Dennis Kelly at RT are playing well together
    Eagles need to lock up Jake Scott
    Danarius Johnson had anoth strong game with some nice catch and rubs and am awesome Punt Return in which he made 4-5 Cowboys miss
    Kicker Henrey had some strong Kick-offs but definitely needs eork on the on-side kicks to give his teammates a chance for the ball
    The Eagles Secondary is by far, the worse in the Entire NFL
    I’ve never seen a pair of Safeties take such poor angles on receivers and RB’sin my liife and both Asmo and DRC simply use their arms to tackle and never get their shoulders and bodies in position to make a Tackle
    Romo was average at best tonight and the Cowboys were there for the taking, but 4-5 times, short 6-8 yard routes became 20-30 yard gains by the Cowboy Receivers due to the Eagkes puss-gags they have in their Secondary
    It’s an embarrassment to watch and all ; Starters should be released, traded and not resigned for 2013 ..
    Graham and Hunt were active, Cole not so much
    Ryan’s Kendrick’s made some Plays back the back end is simply brutal
    And killing this Defense
    A gam to build on but Bryce Brown has got to do a better job of protecting the ball or he won’t see the field..

  96. Brice Brown was the man. He is a legitimate threat to score when ever he touches the ball. Did he immediately eliminate the Eagles red zone problems? Also the Cowboys couldn’t rush the QB as much as they wanted for fear of the running game. Play action was effective because the running game was working. A great running back really a QBs best friend. Yes Foles looked better but because of Brice Brown. Before you Foles fans start slapping fives remember this is the fourth consecutive loss he has engineered. All winnable games against teams with losing records. A decent back up QB could have won those games. When the season started the Eagles were beating playoff teams. Now they celebrate looking good in a loss to the 4-5 stinking’ cowboys!

    • All winnable games? A decent back-up QB could have won those games? REALLY?!? If we had a F^#@ING DF, MAYBE! Foles had no chance of changing the outcome of these games. So before you call me a Foles fan, my belief is, Foles hasn’t proven ANYTHING yet! I’m an EAGLES fan! Maybe you should do the same Vick lover! BTW, it’s BRYCE BROWN, & I agree he is looking very good, only if he can learn how to secure the freaking ball! Also, who’s the THEY, that are celebrating a loss, you delusional, goofball?!?

      • BTW, if a great running back is a QB’s best friend, how come Shady, arguably the leagues best RB, couldn’t help Vick win any games, & how does 2 good games make you a great RB?!? Just wondering, genius?!?

        • hahaha….I was asking myself that same question this morning…Shady wasn’t breaking runs like Bryce Brown has been these past two weeks…wondering why? Eagles play calling, catching opponents off guard? running a little more early in the game? offensive line, playing better?
          Stop with the QB comparisons, if you’re not willing to make RB comparisons. The running game has been the most effective it has been this season these past two games, and I know McCoy is still the best RB on the roster….just stop it!

          • I think Brown is better suited for the Line the Eagles have now. Once he stopped those early “take it outside” runs and hit the one cutback he was gold.

            A big 6’+ powerful back is something we’ve been waiting for here for over 20 years.

            If he solves his fumbling issues, it would not suprise me to see Brown with the majority of carries next year.

            • hahaha, you can’t be serious, sis…Brown gets more carries than Shady next year?…and he is better suited for the line the Eagles have now? The best part of Shady’s game is cutbacks, no one in the NFL does it better, bottom line.

        • DCar,
          Calling people silly names just because they have a different opinion does not promote constructive communication. I wasn’t going to respond to your post but decided it might be a opportunity for learning. The simple and direct answer to your question is play calling. When the ratio of run & pass plays are near 50% the Eagles win. When the Eagles fail to run they lose.
          More specifically in regards to your Mike Vick question there a number factors involved. One of the most important was the fact that an already challenged O-line blew-up combined with a HC who handicapped his own team by not running the ball was a recipe for disaster. (Two often the opposition saw an empty back field with Vick in the shot gun they brought the house. They knew they could tee off on Vick with out fear of the run.)
          Trying to make Vick ( a premier read option QB) into a pure pocket passer only benifited the opposition. The book on Vick was keep contain. The Eagles did that for them.
          Another thing, Bryce Brown and McCoy are two different types of
          runners. McCoy is – a cut back runner he’ll make the first man miss
          with finesse. Brown can break that first tackle and then give you 4.2 –
          4.3 speed. Tackle breaking power and lightning speed – a little coaching could make this player great.
          Yes I believe that Trent Edwards should have been the back-up QB. The back- QBs job is to come in take charge, take over and win the game. He looked just as good or better than Foles in training camp. His NFL experience would have given the Eagles a better chance to win the last four very winnable games against losing teams. Instead we gave those teams new life. The Eagles could have been 7 and 4, or 6 and 5 and still in the playoff hunt instead of baby sitting a rookie and a losing record of 3 and 8.
          Foles should have been a 3rd string rookie project.

      • You need to bust one off or something
        Why you so mad ? Lol

  97. Can someone explain to me why Foles doesn’t get sacked half as much as vick? lol

  98. Can someone explain to me why Foles doesn’t get sacked half as much as vick? lol
    and why don’t teams zero blitz him as much! too funny!

    • I don’t know but can you explain to me, why the running game is tearing up the defense without McCoy? Probably the answer is a little bigger than just an individual player, dont you think? dumb ass….

  99. @Have I would suggest that the line is more comfortable knowing Foles will be where he is supposed to be. As Vinnie pointed out last week Dennis Kelly another Rookie said as much. Funniest thing is that when the blitzes do get called the kid doesnt get rocked as much. I think maybe 3 hard hits on the blitz last night…that used to be a series.

  100. i was being sarcastic — i absolutely know why he isn’t getting hit as much! i was baiting the vick apologist.

    • Why wasn’t he getting hit? Would it have anything to do with the Cowboys getting gashed on damn near every running play nah its because we have a Harvard mind playing QB. And for the record the Qb took a few nasty hits.

  101. For all the Foles fans he looked great, but one game doesn’t make a career right? What is Bobby Hoying doing these days. Just joking guys @Vinnie Vick was never getting paid that money no matter how Foles plays.

  102. So here is how i see this team….

    The D sucks, a few bright spots at LB and a good Dline but perhaps could use 1 more DT.

    Nothing in the secondary at all… anywhere.

    Oline may be the worst we’ve ever seen… but… should be better next year when heathy and we add 1 RT.

    RB’s have been a strength all year and very very underused.

    Wr’s have speed… but.. as we’ve been saying for years, can do nothing in the redzone (but pman just a few decades earlier in the good book of Pman)

    TE’s- we know very little about them right now because they are usually used to block in an attempt to get things open downfield but…. Celeck drops too much or shreds the D… depends on the night.

    Qb- Doesnt matter who’s back there… the D and Line arent good enough to win games.

    Coaching- they mis planned for the year, they cannot use the strengths of the team (run game) unless they feel like it, playing for only a few more weeks.

    Sound right?

  103. Can you knob gobblers stop with the Vick VS. Foles garbage already! DAY AFTER FREAKING DAY, the same crap! The Vick apologists VS. the realists. This isn’t a debate. This is an EAGLES issue! Vick is a bum & an afterthought, & Foles hasn’t proven $#!T yet! He has looked OK, so let’s not anoint him anything yet! This team has WAAAAY too many things, more important to worry about, before you anoint the next coming. Just cut it the F^#@ out already! It’s nauseating! This entire organization needs to be NUKED, QB & all! If Peters doesn’t visit the Lourdes healing spring, we will need at least 3 good O-linemen. We need an entire starting secondary. We need a starting SAM LB, so we can move Kendricks to his naturally fit WILL position. Depending on the next DF we will run, we need a monster in at DT, & another stud DE. Not to mention a big WR & TE! This team is 2 years away, from being 2 years away! Deal with it, it’s a total rebuild at years end, & we have to deal with it, like it, or not! This team is an embarrassment, a circus, & a disgrace to this entire city!

  104. When you read between the lines of the castillo/washburn thing…. it seems like somehow washburn acted alone on his line calls, was insubordinate to castillo and it showed in this disjointed defense. seems like at 3-1 if they had canned washburn they may have gotten this together… just a thought. he was a cancer for sure!

  105. I stated when they hired the strong headed Washburn and had him reporting to a newbie (Castllo) that it was going to be a problem, and sure enough, it played out how I thought it would. Every year a couple of highly pre-Season rated NFL Team just implodes, this years it was the Eagles,Jets and Chargers, who collectively have given up and may not win another game for the remainder of the Season. A big Reason is a lack of Leadership with all these Teams and Coaching Staffs of all 3 Teams.. I kind of feel bad for AR, but he made his own bed and too many poor decisions over the last couple of years have caught up to him

  106. he got away from his principles: 1. have a tight inner circle, promote coaches from within 2. stay away from older FA’s 3. count on player leaders to police themselves.
    when you look at the group of coaches he surrounded himself with and then look at this group…. they were all ‘his’ guys. As someone who has led a school and teams- you have to be surrounded by ‘your’ guys!

  107. Eagles Off-Season Needs

    OL- A RT, Re-Sign RG Jake Scott, have Herremans compete at LG with Mathis
    Release D Bell (should have been in August)
    Projected 2013 OL from Left to Right Peters, either Herrenans or Mathis, Kelce,
    Scott and Top Pick Joeckel at RT
    Back-ups Reynolds, Watkins and Kelly and then Draft an interior C/Guard in the middle Rounds

    QB- come to camp with Foles/Edwards and add another QB for Camp Reps
    RB -fine, bring in real FB to compete w/Havilli or make Polk learn the Position

    TE – add a receiving, athletic TE to replace Harbor

    WR – add 2 WR’s and at least one big Target

  108. i’m hoping at some point the defense gets a new player or two. i think they have to go high pick on stud defender. someone who will lay the wood because right now we have no one that arrives at the ball with any pop. NO ONE!

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