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Eagles Fire Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn

The Eagles have fired defensive line coach Jim Washburn and replaced him with former line coach Tom Brasher.  Andy Reid made a critical mistake when he hired Washburn as the defensive line coach before hiring a defensive coordinator.  He gave Washburn too much power and when added to his strong personality created a serious problem for any defensive coordinator who had to work with him.

“Jim is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team over the past two years,” Reid said in a statement released by the team. “However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction in terms of trying to maximize the production of that position group. We look forward to having Tommy Brasher back on board to work with the defensive line.”

Former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo had never been very assertive as an assistant coach for Reid for over a decade, so he had trouble not letting Washburn have his way with the defensive schemes. I’m told that Washburn wasn’t a team player and he put his defensive linemen first, which meant going after sacks at the expense of the rest of the defense.

The wide nine is nothing new.  Playing it on every down is what is new.  I also have said for years that the Eagles should let their middle linebacker get them out of the wide nine alignment when he senses a run play.  It’s a pass rush scheme and nothing more.

Washburn had done the same thing in Tennessee.  I learned that he had it out with Jeff Fisher when here was there and in a way believed that his defensive linemen were answerable to him and no one else.  It was as if they had their own separate team.

New defensive coordinator Todd Bowles suffered the same problems trying to do what he thought was best for the defense while at the same time keeping Washburn happy.

Unfortunately this has been an ongoing problem, which reached a head when the Eagles released Washburn’s favorite defensive lineman, Jason Babin.  Washburn wasn’t happy at all about it and made it be known indirectly to the rest of the defensive linemen.

Reid’s mistake in hiring Washburn before he had hired a defensive coordinator will ultimately play a big role in getting him fired.  I think Reid also offensive line coach Howard Mudd have too much power and it caused the Eagles to give away offensive linemen who could have done a much better job as backups than the group they have here now. on Facebook

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46 Comments for “Eagles Fire Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn”

  1. Why would you fire Washburn now? Is there still a possibility that Reid is still here next year?

    • If that happens, I officially for the first time, will no longer be an Eagles fan!

      • Load up the bus DCar because you won’t be the only turning in his fan card. If this saves Reid’s job Lurie can take this entire organization save the Eagles name and move to LA. The NFL would award this market a franchise quickly. I’d prefer to start from scratch than have another year of Reid. Sorry got off course. Washburn should have never been hired in the first place. But what do we know, Andy Reid is the smartest football coach in the history of the NFL. Always hire your position coaches before your Coordinators.

  2. enough with all this nonsense. fire the HEAD COACH!! not the cordinators, or pr guys,or water boy fire the HEAD FRIGGIN COACH!! God is it really that hard jeffery?? u fired banner and divorced ur wife. ThIs guys hanging on is almost as bad as paternos.Do we need a scandal to get him outta here???

  3. He was fired for insubordination probably running his mouth.

  4. TOTAL @$$CLOWNERY!!!!

  5. Cue the circus theme song!

  6. Per Sources,
    Coach AR will be returning next Season
    Gone are Coaches Washburn, Mudd and Bobby April
    Todd Bowles will remain as DC, and Juan Castillo returns as OL Coach
    The DL Coach,LB Coach & Secondary Coach Positions will be posted on “Craiglist & Facebook” for qualified Applicants

  7. DCar, Paulman – Andy Reid will have the most dignified firing in History. I think Jeffrey made this decison. The team obviously isn’t gonna get better. Let’s face it we’re playing for a draft pick now;…..or if they’re smart draft PICKS..plural.

    Enough with the non sense….Vic Fangio Please fix our defense!

    Trade Trent Cole, Nnamdi, and Brandon Graham on defense.

    Trade Vick, Herramans, Maclin, and Evan Mathis on offense…all for combinations of players, and draft picks….

  8. Coach AR’s Biggest Mistake was Hiring DL Coach Washburn before getting a Quality DC in Castillo… I have always thought that the Move to Hire Castillo as DC was because AR could not find an experienced DC who wanted to come to Philly to work with the maniacal Washburn.. I believe Castillo was originally going to be the “LB postion Coach”, but when AR found that had no real takers to take the DC Role, he went and named Castillo to that post who did not have the personality to keep Washburn in check.. Washburn has always had the reputation of being difficult to work with and his time with the Eagles was no different, His “My-Way or the Highway” approach to his Coaching Style wears thin on fellow Coaches and more importantly, the rest of the PLayers on Defense..
    Again when you look back at 2010 when Washburn was hired, the Eagles had no LB Corp and Young, Unproven Safeties and it’s no wonder that this
    Wide 9 Scheme was a Failuer in Philly for it puts way to much pressure on the back 7 in which the Eagles did not have good enough or experienced players to be able to handle.. Terrible Decision to bring him in which I stated back in Jan of 2010 and now almost 2 Years Later… Certain Schemes require certain type of Players and Running the “Wide 9” as a Base Defense
    requires strong LB and Safety Play which the Eagles did not have in 2011 at all and even though they updgraded the LB Corps this Season, they clearly don’t have the Safety play in 2012 or consistent DE play to make this Scheme work..
    This is the Firing that should have occured during the BYE Week and not Juan Castillo and they could have had a chance to salvage the 2012 Season

  9. hell is freezing over- i actually agree with fraud! castillo was the wrong firing.

  10. I agree GMCliff,
    I do think Brandon Graham played as well as he can last evening,
    His Biggest issue in my opinion is that with his “Short Arms’, He is unable to
    push aside and completely get free from his Blocker.. He’s always about a second too late.. I have always though he was noting more that a 20-25 Snap A game Rostational Players who could give you 8 Sacks or so and play well in spurts but clearly not a dominating type of DE/Pass Rusher by any stretch..

    T Cole,Demeco Ryans,C Jenkins could return some decent Picks (3rd/4th Round Picks or be packaged to move up in the Draft

    Asmo, Vick are untradeable for no Team/GM are going to take on their crazy Contracts at their stage of their Careers..Teams know the Eagles are going to release them, so there will be no keepin these guys around to Draft Weekend, I think they need to cut the chord with some of the overpaid/underperforming players as quick as possible to rid the Organations of the “Losing Culture” that it has
    I would Sign Jake Scott to a 2 Year Deal, and ask Herremans & Watkins to Restructure their Contracts, If they balk then look to Trade or flat out release them..
    Maclin is an interesting Case.. though it appears he plays soft and doesn’t have the fire and passion consistently that you would like to see, He is still the Eagles best Route Runner and probably has the best hands on the Team
    I’ve always got the impression that Maclin doesn’t necessarily like playing in Philly and would prefer to play out int he Midwest which is where he is from ad makes his off-season base at (outside of St Louis,Mo)
    I would not pay him Crazy $$$ to keep him but would look to Deal him perhaps to the Rams,Chiefs,Vikings who could all use him and probably be interested in acquiring him for maybe a 3rd Round Pick in return..

    • The Eagles could eat some of Nnamdi’s contract, and Vicks contract salary would be minimal as he received most of it in his signing bonus.

      3- #1 picks – 2014, 2016, 2018, 2- #3 – 2015, 2017, and Vick=extra #1-2013
      = Star Lotululei, and Manti Te’o
      T.Cole, Herramans, and Maclin could get us 2nd Round Picks
      E.Mathis, B.Graham could get us 3rd Round Picks
      C. Jenkins, and D. Watkins could get us 4th – 5th Round Picks

      Free Agent Targets:
      1. Ryan Clady OT
      2. Will Smith DE
      3. Dane Fletcher MLB
      4. Daryl Smith OLB
      5. Terrance Knighton DT
      6. Jarrett Johnson DE

      Players like Charles Tillman, Malcolm Jenkins, Julius Peppers, and BJ Raji will all be UFA IN 2013-2014 possible trade targets. if teams are strapped against the cap

      • we dont need to fix this problem by bringing in a bunch of FA’s…. thats how we got here in the first place. Its time to get a mind in here who can draft and can get something out of what we already have.

        Draft a OT
        Keep Herm
        Draft a CB
        Draft a OLB

        Bring in 2 FA safties to back up our young CB’s but i do not want a FA bidding war for players again.

        • Stevo, if the team is gutted as it will be, ….you are going to need someone on the roster. You don’t need to completely rebuild but you can add pieces, and stay relatively competitive.

          Bringing in the wrong FA’s is what got us in trouble. Ones that fit AR STUPID SYSTEM.

          • we need to rebuild. This will take time and at least 2 good drafts.

            • I agree Rev… Free Agents “quick fixes”. That is something the Redskins tried for years and they had years and years of failures. Do it right….new GM….new Head Coach and staff….draft right and build a strong organization.
              GO BIRDS… screw up now Jeffy!

          • Agreed. No FAs

            Again, I am not as down on this as you guys are. There is a GREAT opportunity here. Because with the young QB we have there is no rush…..

            1 – I’m still crossing my fingers on Foles. IF he works out, that’s going to be at least a year before he starts getting really comfortable. So its mid next season before we can compete anyway. What’s the rush??

            2 – Knowing that it will be the 2014 seaason before we see the team move forward they’ve got 2 drafts to beef up the olines, secondary, WR/TE. On O we’ve still got young talent in Shady, Brown, even Maclin who can grow with Foles (hopefully). They should still all be here then…

            3 – This draft – OT, DB, Safety with 1st 3. Hopefully change the culture on the team (perhaps most important)

            4 – Relax, and hope Foles is the guy….if he isn’t….this whole mess gets delayed another 1.5 yrs.

        • There are no decent FA Safeties available.

          Our young CB’s might very well be backups next year

          I agree, I draft a OT, but not in the 1st Round, as he can learn behind veterans like Peters, and Clady. Starting rookies when they we’re overvalued, or weren’t ready is what got us in trouble as well see Danny Watkins, Casey Matthews etc..

          and I still trade Heramanns….I need draft picks. I can find someone better hopefully a future Pro Bowler in the draft,..but again not in the 1st Round….Every projected 1st Round OT IS A REACH this year.

      • You can scratch hald those Free-agents off your List GMCliff
        half are 30 Years Older and some with Injuries.. Stay away
        Aslo, I am not sure I understand your Drat Picks..
        Do you think you are going to get multiple 1st Round PIcks in Return for
        Vick and Asmo.. I don’t in Fact, I think they have zero trade value based on their Contracts// The NFL is not like th NBA?MLB where teams will agree to pay a % of a players Deal, they simply release them and the Players are free to sign any new deal they want..

        • No Paul… 4 Future #1 draft picks + Vick, Herramans, and or Nnamdi brother.

          You always need veteran leadership. none of those guys are quick fixes, or starters, but back ups that wont cost a lot. All except Clady.
          The only ones coming off an injury is Daryll Smith, and Dane Fletcher.

          You know me guys, I respect your opinions, but mine is to reduce the rebuilding process to 2 years, before we are contending again….lead by smart, aggressive, drafting.

  11. 1977 – I agree. They have let everybody go except the bum who is responsible.

    They gave Reid unlimited power and he exceeded it.

    This season is over. The rest of the coaches and players are auditioning for other teams.

    Reid is not returning. But if he can gain control of the team before the season ends, it will make it easier to get another job.

    I thought they were going to beat the cowboys last night for that reason. A national audition for the rest of the league.

    Andy Greed and Jeffie Loser will be parting ways. Watching Roseman and Lurie sit together last night…Roseman is staying.

    Look forward to the new coaching search and the draft.

    As for Washburn getting fired…It was going to happen at the end of the season anyway.

    Funny how all the complaints US UNLOYAL EAGLE FANS made over the summer are panning out.

    The Fat Fraught has been totally exposed this season.

    Some us saw it a few years ago….

  12. To All Eagles fans –
    The plan is in motion….Reid is making all the moves for the 2013 season…. he is either staying on as coach or moving upstairs as GM/President.

  13. To Jott, I beg to differ,
    Coach AR is not the one making these Changes in order, Remember that he has almost a $7 Million Settlement/Buy out of his Contract after the Season is over if he is Fired, so he will do everything the Organization will ask of him plust this is the way he goes about his business..
    The Man Calling the Shots, and has been for a few weeks now, is “Senior Advisor” Tom Donahoe, who most likely will be named VP of Football Ops on 12/31/2012 when Coach AR is dismissed..
    Donahoe has no alleagiance to any of these Current Coaches on this Staff as well as any of the Current Overpaid & Underperforming highly Paid Players on this Roster (Vick,Asmo,Bell,Babin,Jenkins,DRC,etc,etc) so expect more changes..
    Coach AR is following Donahoe’s orders to go out as a Loyal Employee and to collect his Full Pay in 2013 as opposed to jeopardizing it as this is the way Reid conducts himself.. Coach AR is not going to rant and rave, make excuses and blame others for the Teams Shortfall’s and will try to leave this Organization in the best light that he can for the Team and for himself
    for that’s who is is.. I don’t like his Coaching Philosophy, but the man does have Integrity and I respect him for that.
    Reid will make more $$$ next year sitting out and collecting from the Eagles than he would as a Coach for a new Team.. He realizes this and probably really needs to take the time off to get his head clear, his health checked and most improtantly, spen quality time with his Family which I am sure has been a whirlwind since Summer Camp
    The Man is a Coach and Teacher thru and thrum he will use the time to reflect,self analyze and prepare a new system for his return in 2014 and my guess is that it will be for Brigham Young Univesity, his Alma Mater and will want to continue the legacy of his former mentor and Coach Lavell Edwards who Coach AR looks up to as his greating influence on him as a Person and as a Coach.. BYU has fallen in recent years as Boise State has become the football power out in the Mountain Region and Coach AR will be highly motivated to bring prominence back to BYU Football..

    • i also believe that many of the things that have happened are out of Reids hands.


      Reid is acting as he would IF he were staying. He is not, clearly. But he is full of class and i would imagine he is trying to serve this team…. this owner….. as it would serve them/us best. This is what he would do IF he were staying….. would it surprise you that he would do the right thing?

      I do think that the “circle of trust” for Lurie is much much smaller. Only a few will be here… the rest are gone. Lurie, Howie and perhaps Tom.

  14. nope. Jott… he’s gone. Sorry. They will gut this thing entirely. Why would they keep him? What would he do? This team is loaded with Nate Allens…. loaded with coaches he picked. He will fall on the knife at the end of the month and we will move forward without anyone on the coaching staff left.

    • I don’t know what to think Stevo, he is making moves like he’s staying but this team is sickening his time is up.

      • after the PFT report about “juanita” and Wash… there is NOWAY. He has lost respect of his coaches, his players an his owner. He cant draft… he cant lean on a run game, cant hire a DC, cant keep front office guys from being fired. He prolly cant dance or sing either…. its over. OVER. He’s gone. No way.. no how…. he is here for ANYTHING.

  15. Just read that report Stevo that is ridiculous what in the hell is going on down there?

  16. I don’t know where the cancer originated. when he brought in Mudd, washburn and the free agents. it has been a complete disaster since then. I coached for years and coaches always bust each others balls but this doesn’t sound like that. I had heard washburn was an a$$ but this is ridiculous.

  17. how many defensive personal and coaches has to be fired before someone from the offensive side of the ball is?———— how many snaps did OT Bell play before someone finally noticed Kelly is 100% better than him, and who decided Kelly should play LG before OT for Bell ( maybe they should be fired also)

  18. Cox stunk last night, Boykin and Curry where worse and Kendricks was the worst
    Another crappy draft on the field in Dallas.
    the only talent on the field was Ryans for the Defense
    Graham had 1.5 sacks but Romo keep escaping out of the pocket over and over to the right for positive play after positive play nullifying those 2 sacks

  19. hahaha, this is just a funny reaction to me….the d line was the last of our problems last night, got to the QB, applied pressure, did not give up a big run…fire the coach on possibly the d lines best game in sometime.. you’d think this should of happened week 4-10 when the Eagles couldn’t get a hand on the QB…

    • It wasn’t for performance. It is because he is a divisive cancer, he undercut Juan and was under cutting Andy. Another poor decision by him, washburn should have taken the first bullet not Juan.

  20. how do you know he was under cutting anyone? maybe poor decision by Reid, but it really wasn’t a poor decision last year…although the run caused many problems against the wide 9, last season.
    The poor decision was the DC and the scheme behind the wide 9. Castillo may have been starting to figure it out. The wide 9 is what it is…without the proper support on the back end, well you seen what happens. Then the inability not to make adjustments when teams are going max protect in obvious passing downs and the Birds only rush 4….

  21. Some interesting discussions tonight. Quite a few people getting excited. Bad drafts,bad coaching hires all lead to Reid being gone. It has been quite a ride the last several years. Reid will be gone in four games because Lurie cannot AFFORD to keep the status quo.

  22. But Real, you are assuming that Castillo had total control and that Washburn listened to him. This team never had the LBs and certainly not the safeties to run the wide 9. Who knows who was really calling the shots, but it didn’t work and I am glad that it is over. Not sure why you guys are defending anyone. This is one giant poop show, so I am ready for all new coaches.

  23. You know what is the saddest part about this whole thing?

    The fans was adamantly against these moves of Andy Reid and was told he knew better than us.


    Hiring a new “D” line coach who employs a wide-9 alignment before hiring a Coordinator, in lockout season and little time for new moving parts to adjust.

    Who thought this was a recipe for success when it happened?

    The fans before this happened everyday was asking for Spags, so what did the overweight Quaker oats commercial look alike guy do?

    Hire garbage ass Washburn and disrespect Spags by offering him a consultant job to mentor Juan Castillo who was promoted from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.

    Does this look like a recipe for success?

    We finally seen in these decisions who destroyed the promising years from within.

    Reid have always been the problem and I blame Lurie for ever giving him power over personnel.

    We should have kept Modrak and Marc Ross who scouted Lito and Sheldon.

    Now it’ll take us 5 years after quaker oats is gone to recover.


  24. We all know this to be true. The reason AR was in all the NFC Championship Games: Jim Johnson. When JJ passed there was nothing to prop Reid up. All the Bad drafts, bad coaching hires,in game decisions all caught up with him. With JJ,BDawk, Hugh, Trot and the rest gone he was overwhelmed.

  25. Jimmy Johnson was overrated, his Defenses came up small in the big games I always thought. Remember that the NFC was pretty weak with more rushing Teams like the Bears,TB Bucs, Panthers and Falcons in those Days, the passing attack era of the St Louis Rans and /Vikings were about over
    And the Rest of the NFC East were all rebuilding and not very good Teams

    • Paulman, other teams being weak is bogus argument. You play who you play. The Eagles have no control on the teams they are scheduled to play just like they have no control over who coaches other teams or who those teams draft. Aren’t we saying the same things now about Reid and Roseman. You think the rest of the NFC east is saying”yeah we are beating the Eagles but they are drafting bad players. Sports run in cycles my friend. The Eagles are on a downward trend. As far as JJ I seems to remember in those NFC championship games the offense not scoring, throwing pick sixes and fumbling the ball.

  26. But I won’t disagree with your premise that the HC Reid was and still is Clueless about the Defensive Side of the Ball and Special Teams for that matter

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