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Vick Is No Longer Number One, Nick Foles Is Now The Eagles Starting QB

It’s all but official, the Michael Vick era here in Philadelphia is over.  Andy Reid made it public that Nick Foles will be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of the season and that includes when Vick recovers from the concussion.

Big Red said he talked to Vick about his decision.

“I didn’t mention that I spoke to Michael but I did speak to him. He was very positive about it”, Reid said. “Completely understood and was on board.”

Everything from here on out is about the future.  This year is over for all intents and purposes.  I give Reid credit he is doing right by Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles organization.

“I think where we’re at right now in the season that gives this kid an opportunity to play and finish it up”, Reid said. “Number one, I just think he’s playing well enough to where I think he can win football games for us, and two, I think where we sit at this position in the season, [and] I think it’s the right thing to do. With Michael we need to make sure he gets healthy. This thing has carried on a while here now and I want to make sure he is good to go.”

In all likelihood, Vick has started his last game as a Philadelphia Eagle.  The Eagles have a three day window to say good-bye to Vick and not have to pay dearly for with their salary cap.  Next year he is slated to make $16 million dollars and you know that’s not going to happen with him backing up or fighting for the starting job.

Another reason which Reid articulated for making this decision was the way Foles has been growing as a quarterback during these games.

“Listen, you guys have seen him”, Reid said today during his news conference. “Just the progression. You see the footwork is better when he’s throwing the football. It’s allowing us to add more into his repertoire of throws and he’s been working very hard on that. The [drop backs], that’s the thing that young quarterbacks have to learn and then coordinate [the drop backs and footwork] with the secondary they’re seeing, and they have to do this within a couple [seconds] and get it right. I’ve seen improvement there.” on Facebook

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75 Comments for “Vick Is No Longer Number One, Nick Foles Is Now The Eagles Starting QB”

  1. I salute Michael Vick for his time here in Philadelphia. He gave us hope in 2010 and provided us with some breath-taking highlights along with the greatest Eagles comeback in recent history. He’s a quarterback that gave it his all and took losses personal. He wanted to win a championship so bad for this city and for Andy, but in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be.

    Vick ended up being the bridge between the last franchise QB (McNabb) and quite possibly the next one (Sunshine). I wish him nothing but the best and respect the beatings he took week in and week out. All heart.

    But its time to see if Sunshine is the real deal. We’ll have the next month to determine that, or at least hope.

  2. And…. at least we got rid of baby arm… that alone is worth the millions.

  3. Reid must think we are stupid. We fans knew this the moment Vick went down and the losses continued to pile up. Again his arrogance shows. We know Andy, you are smarter than the rest of the league. You were going to dangle Vick out there week after week to fool the DC you were going to face. By the way good luck in SD.

  4. 1.Foles can now concentrate better knowing he isn’t going to be pulled and maybe the O line can gel better

    2. Vick needs the rest of the season off to mend his battered body
    If he wants to continue playing in the NFL he has to take time to completely heal not only his brain but his entire body

  5. Well said Birdobeamen. I agree.

  6. Andrew Luck 6 503
    Nick Foles 4 133
    Tony Romo 4 483
    Christian Ponder 4 384
    Matt Hasselbeck 4 221
    Mark Sanchez 4 371
    Brandon Weeden 4 433

  7. interceptions dropped reported by espm

  8. interceptions dropped reported by espn

  9. What Vick should be remembered for during his stay in Philly is that he changed as a person. He accepted his punishment and put himself out there in the public eye and took whatever he had coming to him. He did not make excuses and realized that life and being a good person is more important than football.

  10. True statement Phillyfan , larrwd please don’t get Vinnie started with the stats please.

  11. Foles Sux and the Eagles are the New Lions. Cant wait till he Kolbs and reveals himself to be a garbage 4th rdqb. Vick to Cowboys and he will own your shit squad. Flake Eagles fans you got YOUR QB im rooting for Rg3 to own Philly ass for a decade hahahaa Nick foles CAREER NFL RECORD : (0-3) what a loser

    • please stop. Stupidity not allowed on this page. Vick to Cowboys? But what about the great Tony Romo?

    • Thanks for showing everybody what most of us already knew…You are the most fraudulent fan here. If the choice was either the Eagles winning the SuperBowl or Vick winning MVP award we know what you would pick.

  12. Foles was so clutch when he drove the geam diwn the field and won the…

    • I don’t know how much football you watch but there is this thing called defense and the object of the defense is to stop the other team from scoring so the rookie QB does not have to try and score every time he has the ball. What a moron.

  13. Mike Vick is tough and did a great job of rehabilitating himself. He gave us some great highlights, but in the end, he is an average qb who makes some exciting plays. Time to find a new franchise QB. It is good that we will have some indication by the end of the year if Foles can be that guy. I hope he is, cause the draft looks weak.

  14. Eaglesinoak, go back under your bridge troll!

    I will agree that Vick is a tough dude. Anyone who goes out every week at his size and then comes back for more is a tough dude.

  15. I never though our team would be such a circus. Everyone talks about showing Andy Reid some class but seriously how classy is he? All he does it lie to our faces and refuse to give proper answers in his press conferences that we deserve. Instead of answering the tough questions he just says I need to do a better job.

    Why not just state the obvious the minute we were eliminated from playoff contention that Foles would start? everyone knew it was for the better of the team going forward and that it would happen. But this guy just had to feed us Bullshit for another couple of weeks as if we were stupid.

    I think Vick will play somewhere next year, whether thats starting or as a backup. He has no reason to be upset at this since he did not get the job done. The Eagles also gave him a chance when nobody really wanted anything to do with him. They helped get him and his family back on their feet. So yea the Eagles didn’t owe him anything further.

  16. I wanna see how Foles hold up throwing 75-80 percent of the time. Why call the game different now that Foles is at QB?

    I feel many good QB’s have been scapegoated do to the pathetic playcalling. opposing coaches laugh at Reid and make statements that the “Eagles are usually stopped by Andy Reid himself”. profound.

    Fire his sorry ass.

  17. The odds to win the Super Bowl at the onset of the season were 15 :1 the odds the Eagles fire anyone but Andy Reid are Even money.The emperor wears no clothes and yet I gotta do a better job resonates week after week after week.This is as Machiavellian as it gets of late.The end justifies the means .The end is near ,and the stockpiling of carcasses of P.R. Men ,coordinators and coaches are all part of the ten car pile up.Accident gawkers have a perverted curiosity as they view what once was a gold standard now exposed for the tin man ,lacking as in the wizard of oz a brain,hiring troublesome coaches from other organizations even before hiring co-ordinations ,assuming that subordinates with dominant personalities would give way to offensive line coaches now made into defensive co-ordinations.Letting your best weapons be under utilized week after week as you admittedly screwed up your drafting of a number one pick in a fireman who had no hose.When does the bumbling and stumbling and self admissions of I gotta do a better job ,get held responsible? Andy Reid needs has his fingerprints all over the crime scene and Johnny cochrane has left the building ? When will Andy be shown the same fate?

    • in 4 weeks. who could possible run the team till then? Noone. So…. let him finish this thing and walk away.

      BTW… anyone else getting daily emails from the eagles asking me to buy their crap for christmas? makes me so angry…lol

  18. Agree Stevo let him finish and get this disaster over with. It’s not as if any one currently on the staff will be interim on the thought he would be considered next year. I just delete the emails. Doesn’t make me angry. I look at them like a panhandler asking us for a handout.Please by my shit.

  19. Vick’s Career is in Jeopardy in the NFL
    The 4 Teams needing a QB are going thru their own rebuilding and will likely do it with a young QB instead of a broken down, ubdisciplinmed QB
    ( see Vince Young as an example)
    One Team who I thought Vick could have a good chance with is the Arizona Cardinals, but work in Phoenix that they are so disappointed in Kolb that they are very unlikely to take a chance on a Re-Tread lick Vick
    Look for struggling Team look at a Alex Smith, Matt Flynn. Matt Casell, Matt Moore or Jimmy Clauseen to bridge the gap in their rebuilding efforts
    One remote possibility could be the Buffalo Bis she spent a lot if $$ on their Team last Season and have the inconsistent Ryan Fitzpatrick
    If they have a Coaching Change, there could be Vick’s best chance, if not it may end up North of Buffalo in the Cabadien Football Leauge where Vick would be a draw and still get a decent paycheck
    But look elsewhere around the NFL
    Chiefs, Jags,, Raiders will go thru more rebuilding this off-Season
    As young QB like Quinn, Henne and Pryor will see snaps for them and have many other needs to fill to become Playoff Contendors anytime soon
    Adios MV7, you’ve turned your life around the last few years, recently were married and still have most of your health and regained some of your wealth back with Eagles Deal and endorsements, but I believe your playing days are over as it was for McNabb when he moved on and as it will be for Kevin Kolb gets released by the Cardinals after the Season
    Best of luck and fortune for you and your budding family

    • paulman, Henne will be starting for the Jags, Gabbert is as good as gone. Wouldn’t mind taking a run at Alex Smith or Matt Flynn but he couldn’t even beat out Russell Wilson.

  20. Id keep Vick as a backup Im not so sure about Foles.. Vick will restructure and stay here .. Im fine with the quarterback position its not even aq question in my mind. Its the entirety of the rest of the team.. Defense Oline . zero big body receivers.. Eagles show a lack of will against team because they are runts..

  21. First of all who says Foles is the answer, Reid said he’s the starter the rest of the way what if he falls flat on his face? Vick may wind up back here with a reduced salary, we won’t know anything until this plays out, I know all you Vick haters won’t like that but we just don’t know how this plays out.

  22. Birdo, you have posted some far out posts, but you gave the most objective, passionate post about Vick and his role here

    Larwd, you said foles is a bust, now after a good game you all of a sudden change your tune, you are emblematic of the many who post here, but not representative of the true eagles fan, who just can’t look past the color of the quarterback

  23. Ditto to you big lion

    • Jake, I also said i hope I’m wrong or did you miss that? Foles played terrific last night am I sold on him no, are you sold on him after one good but losing start? I have also stated I don’t care what the QB looked like just as long as this team wins. Does that refresh your memory at all?

  24. Does foles now have “it” and will your analysis change depending on hi next outing

    • When he starts pushing the ball down field more consistently yes my analysis will change, how about this if he wins a few starts regardless of how the defense plays I’ll change my analysis, being that people on this board think QB’s can overcome everything that happens like you know rb’s fumbling defense sucking o-line not allowing time to get the ball down field you know what I mean Jake?

  25. Let’s clear the air once and for all……

    Andy didn’t decide foles was the starter, Lurie did


    Reid didn’t decide Vick was the starter over kolb, Lurie did

    Wake up, figure it out….

  26. Please guys, it’s not Lurie making these calls for Lurie doesn’t gave a clue Football wise
    It’s Tom Donahoe show now, as i have stated for a couple week’s as he will be the next VP of Football Ops Officially on 12/31/2012.

  27. Vick will not be back, in the NFL, when decision is made by an organization that you are no longer a Starter of figure in Fture Plans, you are done, plain and simple. You have to remember that Lurie, then Pres Banber wanted no part of Vick and it was AR & McNabb who really had to lobby for him to get a chance in Philly. Lurie, Rosenan and more importantly Tom Donahoe have no vested interest in Vick as well as Asmo, c Jenkins , D Bell and a few others on this Roster. The high-Sakary, underperforming players that were Starter making good $$$ will be goners..

  28. Paul you are dead wrong, look beyond your own arrogance, somewhat justified since yor are a good football man…

    Two years ago Reid was asked repeatedly who is quarterback will be after kolb concussed and Vick lit it up against the lions I believe, he steadfastly said his quarterback was kolb, then almost out of nowhere, a hastily arranged press conference was held an in a very soften, almost apologetic voice he announced Vick was the starter, we all scratched our heads…

    Fast forward. Reid has consistently said Vick is the quarterback, now all of a sudden a change, the truth is in his limited tenure here Vick gives Reid the best chance the winning the remaining games, pads his resume more, but like before there is someone else calling the shots from afar , his name is Lurie

  29. Lurie wanted Vick, the emperor roger wanted Vick in Philly, with the help of his ardent advisor, tony dungy, another bull shit artist, Vick landed in Philly…..

    Andy had his quarterback, mcnabb, and Andy’s hand pick successor, someone Andy thought could finally run his envisioned offense ( I am not sure mcnabb was Andy’s choice to be quarterback but again directed by Lurie to pick Donovan )’ that would Kevin Kolb,

    Enter the salvation project, Lurie saves vick, kolb hurt, a fan base clamoring for Vick, the money man Lurie tells Andy to start Vick over kolb, against andy’s better judgement

    Fast forward ….

    Andy forced to with Vick, drafts a project in the third round, Lurie now sees the clamor against Vick, vick hurt like kolb, but now Andy on his way out and needs wins, wants vik, but the emperor has decided now its foles like he decided before its Vick

    Look deep, look deeper

    • wrong. you have to remember that any head coach when addressing the media is very vanilla when a qb controversy is brewing. Reid says the company line then makes the decision to switch qb’s based on whats right for the team. he knows that the birds have to evaluate foles and is giving him the shot. this is not an ownership decision- its the head coach and vice president of FOOTBALL operations – AR!

  30. Jake you give too much Credit to Lurie whiz a great Business man
    But knows little about the game of Football
    Coach AR and his Staff are done and so is QB M Vick and so will be CB Asmo
    I stand by my call from 2011 that 2012 would be the end of this Fantasy Football Team as we once knew it, call it arrogance if you want,
    I just call it paying attention of what’s veen going on at the NovaCare Center
    For the last couple of Seasons. It’s time to turn the page on all of them

  31. He still may be and most like is . Thats why I want to Vick

  32. I hope there’s an article coming that delves deeper into the issue of the O-Line looking more like it’s using the standard “Drop Back” technique in pass protection vs. the Mudd “Launch Forward” technique. It’s almost like they’re mixing it up on offensive pass protection scheme…which is a welcomed addition and responsible for the improved QB protection. It’s not all that different from the shift last season out of the Wide 9 at times to a tighter line formation.

  33. BirdoBeamen… well said I agree.

  34. I heard paulman say it jokingly but how pissed would you all be if Andy reid is cleaning house because hes going to be here next year.. –and now Foles is the starter giving andy another extension.. I for one would be pissed because Andy Ried has deficiencies. –but you have to remember Andy Ried helped Jerffery laurie make 800 million dollars..

  35. No way larrrwd, if Andy had his way he would be playing Vick, Lurie or lurie’s advisor told Andy to play foles or gtfo, I am certain Andy is done, he’s being a good soldier as well as he should

  36. and lurie needs an influx of fan enthusiasm and life. AR has to go as a BUSINESS decision! Bet you eagles jersey sales are down, half empty stadium sells half as many beers etc. — its good business for him to fire him because his customers need to be woken up from the AR hangover!

  37. I’m not sure whose decision it is Jakedog.

    From what I’ve heard, MM pushed hard for Foles at the draft. And apparantly MM is also not a Vick fan. and has been frustrated for some time about his inability to execute the playbook properly. This is one of Reid’s closest friends…the two have worked together for a long time and I’m sure he has some influence on this.

  38. Sis….The Eagles played ass this year…Vick got a concussion at a point where the season was most likely over…what are you, Matlock? Sometimes it doesn’t have to be anymore complicated, stop over thinking things…I’m pretty confident that MM, did not feel as though Foles was a better QB than Vick, yes he may have liked his potential and size…Also considering the possibility that MM may also be on his way out, how would drafting Foles benefit him? MM was banking on a solid season from this Eagles team, in order to be able to mold Foles, the player he said he pushed so hard for….what’s crazy is, you live in Canada, I live in Jersey, about 40 minutes away from the Linc…I haven’t heard any of these reports you are mentioning…stop making shit up just to try and satisfy your agenda…the Eagles showed no signs of improving, considering the O Line injuries..

    • LMAO…I too live in Philly and hear none of those reports he mentions…
      and as any philly area resident knows…Anything Negative concerning the Eagles will be on WIP radio all day er’day…(sorry Those reports are on his personal blog

  39. Im not MM fan at all. Hes been calling the same exact players for 3 years. –you know um — I know um — The whole league knows um.. Before the ball is snapped. Get Marty Moreneweig and his old plays THE F$#K OUTTA HERE.

  40. If Foles plays well the next few games and Bryce Brown continues to climb without fumbling…Reid will be here next year. AR won’t have any problems dumping Vick if Foles continues on his trajectory in the same way he had no problems yanking Kolb after it was evident Vick was on the cusp of an insane season if allowed to play. Reid’s decision was validated by the play of Vick that year, so there’s no turning back.

  41. Lurie cannot afford to have Reid here next year for his own financial interest. We have already seen in the last 2 home games fans leaving in droves. Eagles merchandise is not moving. Lurie cannot afford to have fan interest in his investment continue to trend downward. Next year when Forbes magazine comes out Lurie will get indigestion if he sees his franchise no longer in the top 5. That’s why Reid will not be here.

  42. you guys are crazy to think Reid will be here next year, reid is out, he’s not making any impact, projection decisions, Lurie is or his advisors are in control

    And vinnie, MM was the one who compared Vick to Steve Young, I think MM wanted Vick more than Andy

    Do not underestimate Lurie’s hand in all of this, he seems afar but has his hand in a lot, through his inner circle, used to be Banner, now Roseman and others, in some ways Reid willbe relieved to go somewhere where he has complerte control and is not told by ownership who is his starting quarterback

  43. Jake has anything made sense in the last two years? Jeffrey Lurie doesn’t give one damn what we blog about here, no matter how empty the Linc is guess what? The tickets are bought and paid for.

  44. I think I have stated for over 2 Weeks now that
    Eagles “Senior Advisor” Tom Donahoe is and has been calling the shots behind the Scenes as far as cleaning up the Administration side and now will be focusing on the Football side of the Franchise.
    Donahoe has the Title of “Senior Advisor” and was hired in MArch under the Radar and without much press or attention.. Donahoe was an Excutive and /PresidentVP of Football Ops with th Buffalo Bills and the PIttsburgh Steelers before that .. Donahoe lost a power struggle with Bill Cowher and left the Steelers Orgainzation and joined the Bills Franchise without a whole lot of success in Buffalo, but he does have a keen eye on Talent and prefers a Physical Style of Football..

  45. I expect Tom Donahoe to be named the Eagles VP of Football Operations and lead the Search for the next HC as well as groom Roseman and take an active role in the the Player Personnel & Overall Roster Management of things for the Eagles Franchise for the next 2-3 Seasons
    Check on the new HIres that the Eagles have made after firing Andey Reids Folks at the Communications and Marketings Departments..

  46. fraud, i want your opinion on who the eagles are looking at for their next VP? you haven’t mentioned it yet.

  47. He’s already working for them.. Tom Donahoe..
    I prefer other younger, more agressive Football Minds but Donahoe is now running the show..

    • you don’t constantly mention how ‘ar’s offense was not built correctly for late season games’– oh cuz you were proven wrong! he has been very successful in late season games!

  48. you’ve mentioned it at least 15 times…. stfu!

  49. HAHAHHAHAHA – yea P Man, we got it, and got it, and got it, and got it, and got it…

  50. Anyone know who’s running the team right now? If only we had a stat girl here to tell us.

  51. @Stevo lol according to stat man’s resources some asshat from the CFL should be running things.

  52. You guys crack me up, Why are Posters asking how or why Coach AR is making these Changes now, as if he’s still calling the shots…. It’s because Coach AR is playing the Good Soldier and will get his nice settlement payout on 12/31/2012 when he’s relieved of Duty..
    Donahoe is cleaning the slate and will gut out a lot of dead wood between now and January of 2013

  53. I am willing to believe that when we hear that from the all mystical all mighty Donahoe.

  54. Unfortunately until 12/31/2012, Donahoe will remain in the background and will not say a word publicly (until AR is officially terminated) ..So you will have to hear it from instead until then…

  55. All this dislike for Vick and love for Foles you folks had better hope that Foles isn’t another Kevin Kolb, because that is exactly what he looks like. I remember Kolb having great games too, but you see what he’s doing now, I also remember some of you saying the same thing about Kolb that you are now saying about Foles…..And you wonder why you can’t win a dam thing.

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