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We’re Begging The Eagles To Bench Somebody In The Secondary

I thought Andy Reid and his staff did a good job of coaching the Eagles last night.  It seemed that every unit of the football team came ready to battle except the secondary.

It obvious that defensive coordinator Todd Bowles words are not reaching the secondary and I’ve been saying somebody should be benched for weeks.   How could you not have somebody with the potential to play better than this group which is the worst secondary in NFL history?

The Eagles should bench both Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for the lack of effort they showed in a number of plays in the Dallas game.  Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin caught a trail route, then ran by both cornerbacks and went into the end zone standing up for a touchdown.

Asomugha and DRC were in position to possibly tackle him on the five-yard line.  Inexplicably, both of them passed up their opportunities to try and tackle him or dislodge the ball.

DRC was punked by Bryant on his second touchdown when he simply pushed him into the end zone in a one-on-one matchup.  He was very passive when Bryant caught the football.  DRC waited for him as compared to attack him.  These plays show that other teams see DRC as a soft player.

There were numerous other times when I would question the effort of the cornerbacks and safety Nate Allen.  It seemed that Allen turned down some opportunities to lay some licks on Dallas receivers.  On the first Dez Bryant touchdown where he cut back and ran was nearly untouched although there were five unblocked Eagles players close to him.

Allen took a horrible angle to tackle Bryant and wound up blocking some of the other players in pursuit when Bryant cut back to his side.  If he had simply protected his side with other tacklers coming from the other side, they would have made the tackle.  He doesn’t look like he wants to hit anybody.

There should be some benchings in the secondary.  How could anybody do worse than this group?  Tony Romo had a 150.5 quarterback rating last night.  That’s almost perfect.

The offensive line showed up ready to fight.  That’s hasn’t been the case for most of the season, but they came to fight last night.  The group did a good job of battling DeMarcus Ware the rest of the Dallas defensive front.

King Dunlap is a perfect example of the attitude of the offensive line last night.  He battled Ware all night long and was beaten a few times, but each time he stayed with the block and pursued the Pro Bowl pass rusher.

I would much rather see the Eagles play nothing but backups at every position if those players come ready to fight.

Defensive end Brandon Graham brought some passion and effort to the defensive line.  He had 1.5 sacks. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “We’re Begging The Eagles To Bench Somebody In The Secondary”

  1. almost over. Soon they will hire a DC. Its only been 4 years.

  2. Eagles D: ‘Bad Newz Kennels’…Fire Bowles, get Marcus Vick as defensive coordinator: He knows how to handle dogs who won’t fight.

  3. Secondary is worse now since Bowles took over as DC, Now he has to Gamplan and and spend time with each Unit of the Defense since taking over the DC Role, just another poor Decision by Coach AR.. who had Bowles replace Castillo as DC but failed to have anyone replace Bowles as the Secondary Coach (and no Zordich is not full blown Seconday Coach at this stage of his Coaching Career)
    I would Release CB ASMO today..

  4. Eagles Timeline of Secondary Coaches

    2005 – 2008 – Sean McDermontt
    2009 – Coaches Name escapes me
    2010 – Dick Jauron
    2011 – Johnny Lynne
    2012 – Todd Bowles

  5. There’s no guarantee Reid will get fired…he’s not acting like a lame duck coach and Lurie has said he wanted to make sure Reid had the “fire” to still coach…rampaging with pink slips kind of covers that and there’s a kernel of a new nucleus growing on offense.

    • I agree. I question where Lurie’s loyalty really lies. With the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles or with Reid? Reid appears too confident to me, not like a ‘Dead Coach Walking’.

  6. Butch- stop. Its over. 1 month left. He is gone.

  7. Where is all the Dingbats who fought me this summer prognosticating that removing Assante and his selfish style would solve the secondary problems of 2011? I would like to hear from you today. I know Schiller moved to Cleveland to head bob Joe Banner’s lap, & Navy has been killed by songs’ superior football skills, but there was more than 2 dingbats fighting me on how great the Bird’s secondary was going to be in 2012.

  8. Whoever you bench means you fill that position with someone with even less talent. The entire secondary needs to be replaced. No talent and even worse no game awareness coupled with no coaches able to teach them technique or positioning. Hang on only 4 games to go and I can’t see them beating any of the remaining teams.

  9. If they haven’t benched them by now, then the answer is not on the bench… Address it in the off season with all the other mess…Wonder how people feel now about McNabb’s occasional ground balls, and Assante’s lack of tackling… say what you want about McNabb, he was a winner and Assante was a play maker… O-line actually played ok on Sunday, but having a Running game helps everyone to include, the ding ding ding QB…

  10. To EaglesSuperBowl
    I haven’t liked this Eagles Secondary since about 2009 and expressed concerns with a soft Tandem of Asmo/DRC and a weak Safety Corps//
    I am not sure that the 4 Safeties on the Eagles Roster would make any other NFL Roster let alone be Starters like Allen/Coleman are
    Eagles missed the boat in 2009 Draft had a very strong Safety Class
    and instead reached in 2010 with a 2nd Selection in J Jarrett who most Scouts had as a 5th Round Prospect at Best in a very weak Safety Class

  11. G:

    You are correct. And here I am looking to divert blame from Bowles. I maintain you can’t lay this problem at his doorstep, but the way the secondary has played, I have to be in the position of disagreeing with you, while agreeing with you. What a nightmare! I’ve coached children who would put their bodies on the line – and here we have WOMEN in the secondary. We should have known by the names. Dominique and Nnamda. “Where’s my lipstick?”
    No insult is too low for these guys. They should be getting certificates for hairdo’s and pedicures for Christmas. Shall we split the bill, G? I will do so.

  12. It don’t matter who you bench, the secondary is terrible especially at the safety position…our safeties aren’t instinctive, bite on play action, not getting to the ball quick enough in zone coverage, too hesitant…Basically the secondary is asked to do things that they don’t do well, to often. There is just too much going on right now with why the secondary can be struggling, the scheme, the lack of communication, confusion is the place to start…

  13. Let’s see what happens now with Washburn gone, the only thing in my opinion these two safeties can play is the Tampa 2, that way they can just play deep and accidentally make a play here and there, you cannot play corner in the NFL if you don’t trust your safeties. However there is no excuse for the lack of physical play.

  14. funny you say tampa 2…. guess what kinda D Gruden usually runs with. lol….

  15. LOL please not that guy

  16. Some Top Free-Agenst at the Safety Position by Paulmans

    #1) Dashon Goldston – 49ers (28 Years Old – 6-2″ – 210lbs)
    #2) Jarius Byrd – Buffalo BIlls (26 Years Old – 5-11: – 205 lbs)
    #3) William Moore – Atlanta Falcons (27 Years Old – 6-0″ – 220lbs)
    #4) Loius Delmas – Detroit Lions (25 Years Old – 5-11 205lbs)
    #5) James Ihedigbo – Baltiire Ravens (29 Years Old – 6-1 215lbs)

  17. sign byrd, cut allen, cut nnamdi start boykin on the outside and draft kenny vaccaro from texas. goldstons not going anywhere

  18. 49ers have give lots of contracts out to a lot of players these last 2 years,,
    Not every player can have multil-year big $$ $Deals..
    I understand that TE V Davis, LB P WIllis, CB Carlos Rogers all re-structured their Contracts for them to be able to give LB N BOwman his big extension last week… Just Sayin…
    If Eagles were to hire Vic Fangio from the 49ers as their next Coach, then signing Goldston could be a possibility..
    If Eagles hire Dave Wannstadt (close friends with Tom Donahoe) then a Jarius Byrd signing could happen)

    Lots of moving parts as usual and it’s not even the Off-Season Yet

  19. Paulman,

    I would rather have Reid back then hiring Wannstadt. If Wannstadt is the best we can find then the Eagles are doomed to fail for the next decade.

  20. I do think the next coach (if there is one) should be one with the defensive mindset first.
    But, I’d take a Gus Bradley (Seattles DC) over Wannstadt…
    But all of this talk is premature, Reid is still the head coach, and don’t be surprised if Reid has enough excuses to be given one more year.

  21. Thanks for playing you win realtalk. Andy will be right back here next year.

  22. With Donahue’s approval right paulman?

  23. Can we bench an entire organization?!?

  24. Breaking News from NovaCare Center
    Eagles release Asmo, DRC and Nate Allen
    Eagles also snnounce 4-week Contracts to
    GMCliff, DCar and Paulman to start this Sunday versus the TB Bucs
    Cliff & DCar will play CB while Paulman plays Free Safety

    After a shaky start by Cliff giving up a TD to Vincent Jackson on opening drive
    He settles in and plays a Solid Game
    DCar leads the Team in Tackles with 22 of them while Paulman Intercepts 2 Passes taking 1 back 99 yards for a TD and passes out in the lap and boobs of a Buccaner Cheerleader named Only by Lulu,
    Paulman and Lulu live happily after ever..

    • Paul, I’m 43, 6’3″ 247, with 2 bad wheels, I think I’d be better at MLB, where I played in High school, & the rec leagues. LMFBO!!!! I can’t be much worse than our LB’s (Ryans excluded). I keep myself in good shape, with my MMA & weight training. It’s the only thing keeping me out of a hospital bed. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • with the bad wheels at least you’d stay in the middle of the field at 247 maybe you’d bring a load to the point of contact. haven’t seen anyone in the middle of the field or pop a receiver in the middle of field!

  25. You can probably tackle better then Nate Allen paulman.

  26. I’m 5 9 and a solid 190lbds, and still have som good wheels, but like most middle aged white guys,I can’t jump or leap very well, maybe I should hook with our 76ers and help them out with Rebounding instead .. Ha

  27. haha i was an underisized safety in wht they used to call IAA. i still have headaches from trying to imitate jack tatum! so i might be as afraid to hit therefore i’d fit right in with the current group of safeties!

  28. Both paulman and dcar are out of shape, too much weight for their height, try some cardio, get rid of your beer joes and bitch tits

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