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Report: Roseman Helped Reid Sign Washburn

Jeff McLane of reports that Eagles GM Howie Roseman encouraged Andy Reid to hire defensive line coach Jim Washburn.    Roseman was impressed with the success of Washburn during his time with Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans.

After Fisher was fired by the Titans, Washburn was let go as well and therefor available, so Roseman encouraged Reid to move quickly to sign him to a deal.

In making this move, Reid broke some of the rules which had helped him build a winning tradition with the Eagles in Philadelphia. He had never hired  a defensive line coach before hiring the defensive coordinator.

His first signing as a head coach back in 1999 was the signing of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

He signed Washburn right after the 2010 season and after he had just fired defensive coordinator, Sean McDermott.  So he had Washburn his defensive line coach under contract before he had signed a defensive coordinator, thanks to Roseman.

It was a mistake which I’m sure Reid and Roseman regret, but they won’t say so publicly. on Facebook

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121 Comments for “Report: Roseman Helped Reid Sign Washburn”

  1. when were arguing back and forth about who signed who . u know the regime is over.. its been a circus since castillo was fired. actually since he was hired.

  2. Im loving this…. hopefully they are both let go.

  3. That makes everybody feel better, but this goof just got handed a new deal. Beautiful just freakin beautiful.

    • That’s because the Eagles are unfortunate enough to have a completely clueless and wimpy owner who leaves all of the details to others who have shammed him into believing they know best.

  4. this report means nothing..Coach AR with 15 Years experience is not going to rely on Wet behind the Ears Roseman for much of anything and particualrly on who should be on his COaching Staff..
    COach AR and Jeff Fisher go back a long ways and Coach AR has always liked the “get after the QB at all costs which fits right into Washburn’s Coaching Philosophy and his Wide-9 Scheme..
    Roseman had little to no impact on AR’s decision to hire Washburn..
    The Hiring of Washburn & Mudd was a Packaged Deal in my opinion
    They were both out of work, both long-time combantants from the COlts/Titans Days of playing each other Twice every Year and had a mututal repsect for each.. Wadhburn helped AR get Mudd to come out of Retirement and to join the EAgles as well.. Roseman probably never even heard of Howard Mudd until Andy announced the HIring …
    This Coaching Staff is and was Andy Reids Call all the way, no doubt about it.. I do think Coach AR wanted to have Castillo more of a Position Coach (LB) at gfirst, but since he couldn’t bring in an experienced DC since few very would want to work with Washburn’s high risk-high reward style and Wasburn’s “My way or the Highway approach to Coaching ” which Left AR little choice but to have his long-term pal and servant, Juan Castillo to take the DC Position and do the best he could do…
    This is my take on how things shook out in the Off-Season of 2010 which we now see the results now as a complete disaster and the assemble of the dysfunctionable group of Coaches

  5. Paulman your leaving out the part where Roseman and Wasburn’s agent are good friends so trust me he did a little arm twisting.

  6. You are also leaving out the part where Andy was in love with MUDD and wanted him out of retirement and MUDD said its a package deal he wanted to work with wash

  7. So?

    The buck stops at the Fat Man. Glad Jeffrey Loser told you to start the kid.

    He also told you to get rid of washburn so he can see if Bowles can do a decent job of defensive coordinator. And McCoy might stay on the shelf so somebody can teach Bryce how to carry the football. (somebody call tiki barber).

    Good bye Andy. Somebody in philadelphia, buy a extra copy of the enquirer when Reid is fired. I want to frame it next to my divorce papers as the 2nd happiest day of my life. LOL.

  8. A rumor the philly papers printed is that Andy Reid will go to coach Dallas.

    Please. Pretty Please with sugar on top, let that be true. His predictable play calling and lack of a running game will be the easiest offense to prepare for. Romo will go down before they finish 8 games.

    Please let Andy be the next coach of Dallas.

  9. Also Andy will trade out of the first round and let us have the pick for a future probowler. It will be Christmas all over again if Andy Goes to Dallas.

  10. mike florio nbc sports Reported Andy to Dallas.

  11. Not so fast Biglion
    Even Washburn’s former Boss (HC Jeff Fisher) had grown tired of his antics and when taking the St Louis Rams Job, offered the DC Position to Greg WIlliams instead which
    left Washburn without many options .. Most DC’s do not agree with the Wide-9 as a Base Scheme…
    Coach AR’s call the whole way.. .Roseman has little influence if any on Reid,
    Reports have stated that they (Reid & Roseman) even hardly talk much…

  12. Lies paulman! Lies! They’re talking in the picture!

  13. It was photo-shopped by the former Director of Communications and one of the Reasons he got canned… ha ha

  14. Unfortunately, this is the type of garbage we Eagles Fans have to talk about for the next month as everyone in the Eagles Front Office and Current Staff play
    the old , “Save your Ass” mode of operation… I will expose all of them from
    Lurie, Roseman, Andy Reid and Staff to even down to the damn Cheerleader Coordinator who tried ruining my Fall of 2012… but I will not allow to make this happen and get the last laugh on this sorry ass organization….

  15. Sad but true paulman sad but true.

  16. Reports are that Owner Lurie has requested from the Mayor the Cancellation of this Years Mummer’s Parade due to the Termination of Andy Reid on MOnday 12/31/2012.. Mayor has gone to the Mummer’s Club who came up with a Compromise plan
    The Mummer’s Association has Agreed to Wear “Andy Reid” Customes as part of their “Funny Brigade” and will actually allow Andry Reid be a Judge for the large String Band Competion..
    More Details as I think of them…

  17. All of the Eagles big mistakes are bubbling to the surface, showing just how
    inept they really are. This regime is enough to make you puke. Reid is done.
    Roseman is a pansy with no eye,ear or nose for talent. Why does this always happen to the Eagles? Because of the cummulative
    effect of several bone head

  18. Lets get into the good stuff. The 2013 draft. The Eagles can go in a ton of directions. So here is how I see it.

    Nnmandi is going to still be here in 2013. You dont just dump a guy who was known to be the 2nd best corner in the league a year and a half ago. Im sure the new coach will try to work out the kinks with Asomugha and give him another shot in a different system that more fits his play style HOWEVER DRC will be the man out. So with that said….

    With the 4th pick in the 2013 nfl draft the Philadelphia Eagles select. Dee Milliner Bama.

  19. @EaglesSuck that is a easy answer. The Eagles draft the best impact player at any position besides RB. Offensive Tackle, Dline, LB, Safety, TE, WR, CB it doesnt matter. Best impact player on the board.

  20. The offensive line needs depth not starters. Your starters are already in tact for 2013. Jason Peters, Todd Heramans, Jake Scott, Denise Kelly, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce. Thats why I dont see them taking a OT in the 1st round. There is no safety in this draft worth a top 5 pick as that leaves, Corner, DT, LB or QB.

  21. Absolutely plug and play Daggolden, everywhere except rb and d line.

  22. Daggolden then that man would be Manti Te’o. Demecco Ryan God bless him he is a beast but he cant cover shit.

  23. My pick as of today assuming a couple of Factirs
    1) Jason Peters returns and passes all tests/physicals
    2) Eagles Re-sign RG Jake Scott
    Now OL has from L to R (Peters, Mathis,Kelce,Scott, Herremans)
    Back-up are Kelly, Watkins, Reynolds then Draft another OT and Guard in the middle Rounds

    With this done, I then Draft LB Mante Teo’ and play him at the Sam Spot
    And Keep Ryabs at MLB for 2013 (on passing downs, I slide Teo’
    In the middle and pull Ryan’s out), by 2014 Teo’ becomes the Starting MLB
    As Ryan’s turns 30.
    Meanwhile I shift Kendrick’s to the WILL Spot giving the Eagles with a LB of
    Ryan’s,Teo’ & Kendrick’s which would form into a very good LB
    Teo’ is 6 2″ 249lbs and can probably get to 255lbs rather easily

    2nd Round & 3Rd Rounds
    I grab the highest rated DT or CB or Safety on the Board

    I look to Trade Asmo,C Jenkins, J Avant and Tapp for some additional
    Picks in the 2nd thru 4th Rounds or package them with a Draft pick to move up into these Rounds

  24. Thus, another reason why, the gopher needs to be $#!T canned!

  25. probably the first of all the head scratchers was drafting kolb in the first place ( swapping picks with dallas ) its just puzzling some of the inept decisions he has made

  26. Shane Victorino signs a 3-Year $39 Million Deal with the Boston Red Sox
    RHP Pitcher Dan Hare. Signs a 1 Year $13 Miillion Deal with the Washington Nationals and will be their 4th Starter

  27. The circus is only going to get worse…..word has it that Roseman loves Chip Kelly and sees him using then speed the eagles have on offense to be successful…another Steve Spurrier…..

    And Paulman- Teo is going to be a bust!

    • spurrier is a good comparison to chip kelly. have you seen spurrier in the nfl? chip kellys gimmick offense will not win on the next level. david shaw or gus bradely please

  28. Jott slap yourself. You are the first man I ever heard say Te’o will be a bust. No freaking way.

    Chip Kelly sucks.

  29. Te’o will be a monster in the NFL like another Junior Seau
    Look how well Luke Kuechkey is playing for the Panthers and is 4th overall in the NFL in Tacles and has taken over MLB from Beason for them
    And Te’o ‘ is more athletic and Stronger than Kuechley
    He is only 1 of 3 Defensive Impact Players in this Draft in my opinion
    DT Star Luluteilu, OLB Jarvis Jones and Te’o

    • jones had a terrible game against bama last week. he seems to much like what we already have. straight rusher never paying attention to the run..i like teo but what about joeckel or matthews? you think dennis kelly or todd herremans are the answer at right tackle?i think we need a cant miss ot and then a safety.I think we have to draft for need this year. OT, FS,SS, CB

  30. I look around the NFL Defenses the last few Years and its Teams with great LB Corps that have risen to the Top
    Packers, Ravens,49ers, Steelers, Bears, Seahwaks all have better LB Corps then let’s say great DL
    Only the Giants have won with subpar LB but in games their DL are handled, they get torched for 30 Pts

    A LB Corp of Ryan’s,Te’o & Kendrick’s would be a good old over
    Play Te’o T SAM, Kendrick’s at WILl and keep Ryan’s at MLB for 2013

  31. Jarvis Jones is the best player in this draft period.

    • Maybe so, but would u take him if youre the eagles? a 3-4 pass rushing linebacker when the obvious need is ot and saftey? i know thats too high for a safety but i would take joeckel or teo over jones

  32. A version of Chip Kelly’s offense is being ran in New England
    this is why I love Bill Belichick he plays chess while others play checkers
    Belichick has learned that if it’s going on in college, then it’s coming to the NFL. That’s the talent pool, and you should accentuate the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of that talent.

  33. New England is not running Chip Kelly’s offense.

    NE has adopted 2 components from the offense…pace of play and how playcalls are sent in from the sideline, both adopted to speed up pace of play and get the offense more snaps and opportunities to run plays.

    A good idea if you have a prolific offense.

  34. New England has Tom Brady then can run any offense they want until they play the Giants.

  35. if I am the Eagles at #3, #4 or #5 and have the Choice of OT Joeckel and LB Teo’. I am going with LB Teo’s who will make an impact right away and can replace Ryans at MLB by 2014 and become the Leader of the Defense for the next 10 Years. There are some other Good OT’s that can be had later in the Draft but a Stud LB who will be the face of the Defense for the next 10 Years only comes once in a while.. Eagles need 3-4 Playmakers and Impact Players on this Defense for right now, they have Zero of the them..

  36. Your right paulman they have no difference makers on defense, they cannot go OT with a top 5 pick.

  37. #1 teo
    #2 vaccaro
    #3 OT sounds good to me
    We’ll see about teo. i heard alot of talk about burfict on this site last draft and he’s not the star alot of people thought he would be.. lavonte david was the better prospect

  38. Burfict was not a heisman finalist and NEVER showed the heart nor physical ability that Teo does.

    Don’t compare the two.

    • i dont read too much into the heisman. but his physicality was definitely up there with teo’s .. i think teo has much better awareness. His int’s are a good example of that. But, he is being slightly overrated because of the team he plays on.go check out some of his game videos, not highlights, but just scouting videos and youll see what i mean

  39. As of Today- the Top 5 Draft Picks for teh 2013 NFL Draft are as Follows

    #1) KC Chiefs (2-10) – Select QB Geno Smith (WVU 6-2 220lbs)
    #2) Jax Jaguars (2-10) – Select DT Star Lotulelei (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    #3) Panthers (3-9) – Select OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 305lbs)
    #4) Raiders (3-9) – Select DE Bjorn Werner (Fla State 6-4 260lbs)
    #5) Eagles (3-9) – Select LB Manti Te’o (Notre Dame 6-2 255lbs)

    • i like it… why do u think the panthers will take joeckel though? their defense is terrible.

      • For Panthers To Protect their Golden Boy, Cam Newton
        They have gone thru 4-5 RT’s over the last 2-3 Seasons and LT Jordan Gross is getting up in age and doesn’t have much time left.. If DT Star Lotuleile were avaialalbe for the Panthers, I could see them grabbing him,but if he’s gone than I think they go OT though OLB/Pass Rush Jarvis Jones from Georgia could be their Pick or even the Top CB Dee Milliner from Alabama but they but they have drafted quite a bit of DL & Secondary Players the last few Draft’s and really need to OT help (as a lot of Teams do)
        Joeckely is a Day 1 Starter at RT and eventually replaces LT Jordan Gross within 2 Years

  40. @1977, I think david lead the league in tackles and he is only a rookie so yeah we missed the boat on that one.

  41. I like Matt Barkley a lot but I guess I am in the minority on that one. He wasn’t healthy this year which caused him a lot of his struggles but if I were the eagles If I could get back into the first round some how and grab him that would be great.

  42. I think Barkely drops a little and the Arizona Cardinals will grab him with their 1st Round PIck somewhere around the 8th – 10th Selection

    I don’t think he has a big enough NFL Arm — he’s lists at 6-2 230lbs but is more like 6-1 and I think a little bottom heavy and not real quick on his feet as far as extending plays.. If Given Time, he’s very accurate on 25 yeards and in.. The Arizona Cardinals OL may be the only one worse than the Eagles this year.. They have ben brutal for a couple of Seasons now, except wehn the play agaisnt the EAgles, then they look like a bunch of All-Pros like the other Teams..

  43. Good points on Barkley Pman, I just think the eagles need more at quarterback than just Foles. More competition just in case Foles don’t work out. But I like your pick of TEO

  44. Edwards is Foles competition. If Foles tanks, Edwards should be able to at least help us keep our heads above water until the organization selects their next “franchise” QB.

  45. Paulman’s 2013 Eagles Draft assuming No Trades (Paulman Mock # 2)

    1st Rd (5th Overall) LB – Manti Te’o – Notre Dame 6-2 255lbs (Starter at Sam Day 1 and eventually moved to MLB in 2014/2015 once Ryans moves on)

    2nd Rd (#37th) OT – Lane Johnson – Oklahoma 6-6 305lbs (Starting RT from Day 1, Herremans competes at Guard Position,eventually takes over at LT for Peters in a couple years)

    3rd Rd (#69th) Safety – Kenny Vacarro – Texas 6-1 218lbs (Starting Strong Safety from Day 1 Replacing Kurt Coleman)

    4th Rd (#101st) CB – Jamar Taylor – Boise State 5-11 200lbs (Nickel Back in 1st Year, Best Cover CB on the Board and very well-Coached)

    5th Rd (#133rd) WR – Chris Harper – Kansas State 6-1 228lbs (4th/5th WR in his 1st Season, but will move up to #3 by 2014 after the Departures of Maclin and Avant) and evnetually be a solid #2 WR in the NFL who is strong,can leap with very good hands and an excellent down the field blocker and tough enough to make catches in traffic and the red-zone and could be one of the steals of this Draft

    6th Rd (#165th) DT Josh Boyd (Miss State – 6-3 300lbs) Former teammate of Fletcher Cox, A good Run Stuffer and will make squad as a 4th DT and help mostly in Run Support/Short Yardage and Red-Zone Defense

    7th Rd (#197th) TE Michael WIlliams (Alabama – 6-5 272lbs) Was used mostly as a Run Blocking/Short Yardage and Red-Zone Threat for ALabama but don’t be fooled by his size, as he caugh 21 Passes for 200 yards and 3 TD in Alabama’s Offense which does not utilize the TE very much and would be a nice addistion to the Eagles as their OFfense becomes a more Ball-Control rushing attack behind RB’s McCoy/Brown and could be very effective in 2 TE Sets in Short-Yardage/Red Zone situations

    • thats a damn good draft. i dont know if we’ll be able to get vacarro that far down though. he’S projected to go in the second round, and hes the number one saftey in this draft class

  46. Edwards is signed thru 2013 Season and will be Fole’s back-up for 2013 as next Summer Camp Starts, I am sure they will bring in another young QB or 2 for Summer Camp Reps but it will be Foles/Edwards #1/#2 barring any injuries
    and Remember that with a new Coaching Staff and new System that they implement, they (the New Coaches) are goign to want FOles/Edwards get as many Reps as possible at the Spring/Summer OT’A’s by Camp Time..
    (this will be Fole’s 3rd new System in 3 years (his Senior Season at Arizona , this 2012 Season with Eagles, whatever System/Coaching Staff in that is in Philly in 2013)

  47. Pman…. more and more Im loving that draft.

  48. Does anyone know if the Eagles already have additional Draft picks this year with past trades.. They usually have some additional mid-late Rond picks from previous trades from previous deal last Draft day I couldn’t find anything out on (which is not surprising)

  49. The Eagles have all thier draft picks minus thier 7th, but recieve a unconditional draft pick from Denver for Brodrick Bunkley. Its believed to be 6 or 7th. They also have a 7th round pick from the Colts for Greg Lloyd and Moise Fokou. They have to give a 7th round pick to Cleveland for David Sims. .

  50. Im trying to get Star Lotulelei the DT out of Utah.or Jarvis Jones out of Georgia gets me more excited. I think they are impact players.

  51. What do you guys think about firing Reid, hiring Vic Fangio as HC, change our DF to a 3-4, draft Star Lotulelei to play NT, move Cox, Curry & as the DE’s, Jenkins & Thornton as backups (where they belong), move Brandon Graham, & Hunt out to ROLB (where they should be), sign Anthony Spencer to the other side, sign Terrance Knighton, to rotate with Lotulelei, have Kendricks & Ryans as the 2 MLB’s, sign Safety Jairus Byrd, draft all secondary, LB’s, OL & a good, big WR. Cut all of the fat on this team. Allen, Coleman, DRC, Jordan, Patterson, Landri, Tapp, Chaney, Matthews, Bell, Vick, Duncrap, & Watkins. Tell Cole & Asomugha that they take cuts, or they’re released, or traded. Start over, now!

    • @dcar, that scenario has alot of moving parts but i would be all for that.. imagine a hard hitting saftey like byrd. a young hungry middle linebacker and a veteran that can tackle.And a run heavy offense that takes a few shots a game down the field. The only problem i have with this is DESEAN JACKSON. the guy cant block , go over the middle , take reverses,return punts, all he can do is go deep. he makes to much money for that. i want the big reciever to be our go to guy,
      Maybe bowe from k.c. i know hes had issues but i think a new city would do him some good. an get Djax outta here for anybody who will take him

      • the scenario is as good as any. there will be a ton of moving parts next year. and maybe for ttwo years. i don’t know where contracts stand etc and not sure all those moves will be possible in one year but there will be a true housecleaning. there has to be for 2 reasons 1. talent! and 2. attitude. this team is cancerous!

  52. @1977 Your crticizm of DJax and other fans just isnt true.You dont make it to the NFL and be projected to be a # 1 pick and all you can do is go deep. Thats bullshit. Thats what Marty and Andy and thier predictable offense called for him to do, go deep and clear out space for Shady, Celek and Maclin. Do you really think DJax cant run WR screens? Do you really think DJAX cant run 15 yards down field an come back to ball? Do you really think you cant put him in motion and drag him underneath? Of course you can, they just dont ask him to do that. Now he isnt gonna out muscle anyone but you sure can put him in space. I will never question his heart because at 150 pounds to step on a NFL field I think that says it all. .

  53. @daggolden i dont think he doesnt have heart, i just think after he got the concussion he never runs across the middle anymore, i havent seen him run a drag since that falcons game. I think he should be more of a percy harvin type. not carries, but definitely sepcial teams.A prime example of what he is as a player is the arizona game.Caught the ball at the 5, thought the saftey was closer than he actually was, braced for the hit instead of putting his head down and running forward and we dont score. I mean c’mon he had 2 touchdowns this year, santana moss is a part time player and he has six. HE DOESNT DO ENOUGH. i dont care about his yards, 50 mil should equal 10 plus tds a game

  54. @ 1977. Well at 150 pounds he aint putting his head down lol. That is what it is. I understand he is getting paid alot of money but Im thinking MM and his predictable offense is the cause of that. I dont like thier offense. At 150 pounds he isnt running over anyone. Why draft him in the first place. You knew what you were getting.

  55. I still would have him Return Punts which was another stupid Decision by AR and his Staff.. D-Jax probably has 2-3 Top Years left, so why not give him as many Opportunitieds to touch the ball as you can in a game..
    I’ve stated since he was drafted, that he should not be on the field once in the Red-Zone since he’s too small and gets lost in the traffic and is just not physical enough to take the pounding.. I have always thought that if D-Jax played 40 Snapps a game he would put up similar Stats as playing 65 Snaps a game where he’s useless 1/3 of the time ..
    Smaller WR’s like a Welker,Steve Smith and even Percy Harvin are much more stronger and solid than D-Jax who is just natually a thin, small, fella and is what he is… A Great Deep Threat and Punt Returner but that’s about it, he is not a complete WR by any stretch even though he’s being paid as one..

  56. Desean needs to get EVERY game film of Marvin Harrison’s 13 yr career
    and study that…Watch how that dude did everything..Marv wasn’t that much bigger than Desean and rarely took big hits…

  57. yes….why oh why did Harrison have a better career than Desean?

    Must have been the design of the offense. Ya, that must have been it!

  58. Marvin Harrison had a deep desire and a strong competitive nature to be the best at his Craft and worked his ass off working on his route running,catching the ball, learning CB’s Tendancies, Learning D/C Cover Schemes.. etc,etc more than D-Jax or most of what today’s Receivers do..
    I Remember him and McNabb hooking up many times at the Carrier Dome for Syracuse..

    When you look at some of the Top PLayers no matter what the Position
    It usualyl comes to a strong work ethic and a burning desire to achieve greatness.. All these Professional Athletes have the outstanding physical tools to be successful, but the great ones have that something extra, that chip on their shoulder, being told they can’t, and just a burning desire to be the best that they can be which we see a little less and less of in Today’s SPortsa and Society in general as Players are making so much $$ today, that their desire and motivation may not be as great as players from 10, 20, 30 Years ago

  59. @ Paulman. I have one simple question. If the coach tells you to run deep 70% of the offensive plays to clear out for other players what is the player suppose to do? I mean nobody is dumb we all watch the same game and the game I see is Jackson running deep a hell of alot of the times. I dont see WR screens. I dont see 5 yard hitches. I dont see dragging him across middle. I see the Eagles sending him deep ALL the TIME. Whoes fault is that? Your gonna blame Djax on the play calls now? Its simple dont send him deep all the

  60. He also needed someone throwing him the ball.

    Larry FItz, from what I understand, is incredibly talented, motivated, and dedicated. But he’s not going to sniff the HOF because he hasn’t had a QB for 1/2 his career.

    Switch Harrison and Fitzgerald and Harrison disappears quietly into history….

    Desean could study all the marvin Harrison film he possibly could over the past 3 years, it wasn’t going to matter.

    Did Demaryius Thomas just sudenly start putting in tons more hard work and dedication this year? No. He has a QB throwing him the ball.

  61. Harrison and Desean are two completely different football players. Harrison grew up dealing with contact, all city Qb at Roman Catholic, Desean was always an outside guy even in high school and still you can’t question his heart. You don’t become a pro bowl punt returner if your scared.

  62. Am I correct that Jackson was on pace for 70 catches and 1200 yards? But only 4 tds? Behind a pathetic oline a QB who stinks in Vick and another QB who throws for 170 yards a game? Hmmmm just imagine.

  63. Eagle fans make no sense. Eagle fans say the oline stinks thats why Shady cant run. But Vick should get rid of ball faster, but Foles is at aY disadvantage, but Vick sucks, but that shouldnt impact DJax he should still have many yards and TDs, but the QB sucked. You cant have it both ways. Eithier Vick sucks and thats why DJax doesnt have more tds or DJax sucks thats why Vick didnt succeed. So with a better QB Jackson should probably get 80 catches for 1400 yards and 10 tds a year right?

  64. @daggolden, certain players become whipping boys for no reason Desean is one them. He gets labeled a thug or soft or he has no character. I don’t know.

  65. D-Jax has improved very little as a Receiver in his 4-5 Years in the NFL
    He has not done or leanr the little things that make a good WR become a great WR.. His Deep SPeed is off the Charts and everyone knows this, but he has failed to develop the solid ROute moves or study his Opponents well enough to
    be a all-around WR.. He simply is to small so Teams and Defenders know he’s not going between the Numbers and with the helpd of the Sidelines, opposing Teams CB’s know that 90% of his routes are from the numbers to the sidelines and therefore have less repsonsibility of covering him to the inside since he won’t be running routes that way which makes the CB’s only have to cover a smaller area..

  66. And he still put up good numbers while sulking and after getting confused but hate away.

  67. @paulman solid points, but he runs the plays that are called so what the hell is he supposed to do?

  68. Top Players make plays, D-Jax is not a Top Player…
    D-Jax should tell and show his Coaches, Hey I can do other things, get me the ball damnit.. Let me return Punts and help this Offense out with better field position, etc… I am not sayign these conversations haven’t happened,but D-Jax seems awful happy and content about not having to return Punts and collecting his Top Dollar Paycheck each week for basically running the same 3 Routes all Game and Season long
    He may be the a top-play maker as far as the Eagles WR Corps is concerned,but I am not so sure that is saying a whole lot…
    It’s like saying AR is the best Coach in Eagles History, compared to whom…
    McNabb the best QB in Eagles History, again compared to whom..

  69. Yea okay that would work, in other words be an ass like TO.

  70. Hey biglion…instead of dropping back to your usual strategy of calling people who disagree with you “haters”….try drawing line graphs. They show change over time.

    Graph this one
    2 -9-6-4-2

    Or this one

    Or this one

    Or this one
    14.7 – 18.5 – 22.5 – 16.6 – 15.5

    Or this one
    57 – 78 – 75 – 64 – 63

    To help you out, they’ll look like this

    — —

    That’s Desean.
    Now I think, personally this is because of 2 things. 1 He hasn’t been the same player since 2010 concussion wipeout. (this leads into Paulman’s point) 2 He hasn’t had a competent QB since mid 2010 either.

  71. well that didn’t work….sufice it to say the graphs are falling down to the right…..not what you want to see as far as production is concerned.

  72. I just think some guys get bad raps Vinnie, Desean being one of them for a small frail guy scared of contact I think your numbers show a pretty productive football player. What do you think?

  73. When looking Stats up on the Top Recivers in the NFL

    D-Jax is rated #54 In Overall Receptions though he was Rated as #36 In Targeted Pass Attemps … (45 Receptions in 85 Target Attempts which is not good).
    Yardage Wise is he Rated #32 with a 15.6 Yard Average which is good
    Scoring TD’s which is what the NFL is really about and there are 85 Players (yea, that’s about 2 Receiver per NFL Team that have more TD’s than him..)

    So if you call this Production and living up the hype and your Contract then fine,
    I call this a wasted resource and poor Player Utlization by the Coaches and simply “going thru the motions” type of production by the Player..

  74. How in the hell would you know if he’s going through the motions that is idiotic paulman. How many times was he targeted in the red zone? Like I said before maybe he should get in the huddle and call his own plays.

  75. The reason for DJAX low production is the same reason why 7 didn’t have time to throw, same reason why 25 didn’t break many runs. The O Line and play calling!
    DJAX does not, I repeat does not have to be utilized in the manner in which the Eagles use him. Of course you can’t throw him in the slot on every down in fear of injury due…but you can do it sometimes…with his speed, DJAX could kill from the slot…(Maclin too) DJAX can’t be guarded on the quick out. That is there for him every single time…Utilize that and setup the double move.
    The fact that the O line can’t sustain blocks long enough for the WR to run the deep route, has nothing to do with it?

  76. Missing in Action from the TV cameras, has anyone seen Howie Roseman?

  77. Nah realtalk its easier just to talk about things they obviously have no clue about.

  78. @paulman you do realize that Corey Dillon the biggest me first lunatic ever played and thrived for BB.

  79. Yes, but he kept his head on straight and played some ball his 1st 2 Years for the Pats until he started acting up and then they canned him.. Just like
    Assante Samuel ..

  80. No way Biglion. If Eagles and Pats traded olines at start of season you’d be hearing the announcers at Eagles games saying, “what’s wrong with the Oline…what’s happened to them? Last year they were sooo dominant.”

    While over on the Pats broadcasts it’d be, “This Dunlop is a monster. I know he’s had his struggles, but he’s really developing. And what a good young core they have down the right side with _______, ____________,and ___________”

    You know what’s the best example of all this? This new guy at right guard. Scott. We go thru 2 terrible guards. Neither can do the job, and suddenlysome last minute signee who was sitting at home and then by moving some 7th rounder who you all thought sucked over one spot….. heyyyy…look at that……only 2 sacks in last 2 games. These guys are $$$$$$….

    Without considering the QB played a major roll in that?

    If those guys had been there 3 weeks earlier, you clowns would be tearing them to peices guaranteed…..who signed these guys? Whose idea was it to bring in Scott off the couch…this team is a joke….

    • If you really believe that you have problems

      • Why shouldn;t I believe that?

        Vick’s line sucked on 2 different teams,a nd under 3 different head coaches. Perhaps 25 Oline players, 3 head coaches and a myriad of offensive line and offensive co-ordinators. All sucked.

        The one constant. Couldn’t be him…in fact only BECAUSE of him did the team have any success.

        Oh, and ignore the stats that point out Oline improved dramatically whenever Vick left the teams, or was hurt. Shhhhhh, they ruin the tall tale Biglion wants to tell about the “fighting against all the suckiness around him” Vick.

  81. What does, let’s say a Danny Amendola have athletically over D-Jax..
    That’s right nothing.. But Amendola has outperformed D-Jax big time over the last 2 Years as far as the amount of Catches,Yardaged,Keeping Drives alive and is there any other reason (besides Heart and just doing what it takes to jhelp your Team) that D-Jax couldn’e make the plays,run the routes, take the hits that Amendola makes.. (or a Welker or Edelmen do)
    It’s called Heart and Self Pride and being a good Teamate and I’m sorry,
    I have not seen these atrributes for D-Jax.. and I am not holding my breath to see an “Cathartic Moment” from him for it ain’t happening..
    Didn’t Amendola break a rib or do and was back out on the field in 2-3 Weeks helping his Team win ball games..amazing what a little “Heart” and Passion” and a “Wortk Ethic” will do to people who aspire to succeed..
    Eagles simply don’t have enough of these type of players and I am not plaing all the blame on D-Jax/Vick/T Cole for it comes from the Top and without a Leader, some of these things just don’t happen on their own so Coach AR and his Staff share pleny of blame but as a Professional, you need to rise above the distraction and give your maximum effort or your wasting your talent and energy and stealing from the Fans..

  82. And how exactly has that helped the Rams? When did that transform them into a winning team I missed that

  83. The Rams are much further along as a Team with a bright future than the Eagles are and if you can;t see that, then obvisouly you don’t follow Football

  84. Really the Eagles have the same opportunity next year that the Rams will, further along my ass.

  85. Defensively the Rams Front 7 is light years ahead of teh Eagles,
    Their CB Play is superior with the physical Finnegan and Def Rookie of the year Candidate Janoris Jenkins.. Safety play has the steady ith Q Mikell

    Their OL needs some work and also need a big WR though they have some young ones on the Roster who are improving B Gibson, B Quick,scrappy D Amendola..
    I expect the Rams to win 8-9 Games next Season and at least be in a Wild-Card Hunt while Eagles bring up the basement in the NFC and probably will be fortunate to win 6 Games in 2013

  86. Bottom line everybody starts next year 0-0 so please with the further along crap.

  87. Paulman’s 2013 NFC East Predictions
    #1) Giants – 11-5
    #2) Redskins – 10-6
    #3) Cowboys – 8-8
    #4) Eagles – 6-10

    Paulmans 2014 NFC East
    #1) Redskins – 12-4
    #2) Giants – 10-6
    #3) Cowboys – 7-9 (In Coach AR First Season)
    #4) Eagles – 7-9

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