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The Entire Eagles Defense Shows Up

Those of you who were listening to John Lynch during the game, heard him call out Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha for refusing to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played last week against the Cowboys.  He told it like it was and I like the fact that Andy Reid and Todd Bowles called out those two veteran cornerbacks out before the game, but they should have done this much earlier in the season.

If they had been challenged they could have played better this season.  This is one of the reasons Reid and Bowles will be fired at the end of the season.  They tolerated lackluster play without holding these players accountable.

I will give both Nnamdi and DRC credit that they showed up effort wise for the game against the Buccaneers.  This should be automatic every time they put on the uniform.  It’s the way you demonstrate your character.  If I were coaching them last week, I would have embarrassed them the way they embarrassed their coaches, by benching them during that Cowboys game.  In the Bucs game, they gave professional effort the way they should do each and every week.

Still, Nnamdi is doing a terrible job in pass coverage.  He moves up into a press technique then doesn’t use his best weapons (his long arms) to jam the wide receiver.  Once the ball is snapped he backs out and opens the door for the receiver to do whatever he wants to do.  It makes no sense.  If you’re not going to jam the guy, then why go up there on him in the first place.

Most of the time, if he gets a good jam on the receiver, that’s one receiver that the Eagles don’t need to worry about.  The coach needs to find out what in the world he is doing.

I thought this was one of DRC’s better games.  He made three tackles and broke up three passes.  If I were coaching him, I would be demanding an interception out of him, if the opposing quarterback was willing to throw his way.  He’s satisfied with knocking the ball down far too much.  Knockdowns are nothing special, but interceptions help you win Super Bowls.

I think we’ve seen that DRC needs a coach who is going to ride him and stay on him or he will shut it down and coast.  I think he gets bored unless he is challenged.  I would give him a challenge every week and let him watch tapes of All-time Hall of Fame cover corners like Deion Sanders and Michael Haynes.  His goal should be to be an All-Time great.

The reason I mentioned Haynes is because I was at an event up in New York with him for a few days last week and I talked to him about Nnamdi.  He talked about how poor Nnamdi’s fundamentals had declined.  The Hall of Fame cornerback didn’t have much good to say about him.

Former Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Troy Vincent was there also.  He didn’t see the Cowboys game, but he heard me going off on the radio about Nnamdi and DRC not giving effort.  He has publicly talked about the veterans refusing to lead this football team.  Guys like DRC and Nnamdi should be leaders on the team rather than guys who have to be called out for not hustling and giving their best effort.

During the OTA’s I remember DRC saying he liked coach Todd Bowles because “he was laid back like I am”.  His “laid back” approach is the reason a guy of his talent level was traded during the prime of his career.  Bowles or anybody who coaches DRC should have a foot “knee deep up his butt”, in order to force him to use his amazing talent every play of every game.  He’s not the kind of player you can hug and pat on the back all the time.  This young man needs to be pushed.

The Eagles finally realized that rookie Mychal Kendricks is a pure Will linebacker, so they moved him to his position.  He made about four plays against the run, which are what has been needed all year.  When the youngster smells a run his way, he doesn’t wait for it to get there, he attacks it and blows it up.

He didn’t force a fumble yesterday, but they’re on the way.  Kendricks also broke up a couple of pass plays with his quickness and anticipation.  The coaches have to get him thinking turnover on all of these plays.  This young man is capable of forcing turnovers because he arrives before the ball carrier anticipates, so he must be thinking about dislodging the football when he gets there, not just blowing up the ball carrier.

This was probably his best game of the year.  He had five tackles and two assists, plus he broke up three passes.  I would like to see those pass breakups turn into interceptions.  They’ve got to coach him to think that way.

Jamar Chaney did a good job at the Sam position for the most part.  He broke up an intended pass and almost had interception on the play.  The linebacker made two tackles and two assists for the game.

DeMeco Ryans had another solid performance, but I wouldn’t say it was one of his better games because Doug Martin ran for 128 yards and most of them were up the right up the gut of the defense.    He contributed six solo tackles and one assist.

On the touchdown to Vincent Jackson, the red light has to go on for him when he finds himself matched up with Jackson.  It was a tough coverage because he had to protect the outside route because there’s no one outside of him on that coverage.  Once he moved outside, it opened up the inside route.  The only way he was going to stop that route was by jamming Jackson.  The Eagles were clearly outschemed on that play.

Colt Anderson had to embarrass the other safeties because he showed what a safety is supposed to do when teams telegraph a running play.  Anderson was meeting Doug Martin three yards into the backfield was sure about the run play.  This young man is a special teams specialist, but he proved him can step in a do a good job at the safety position when given the chance to prepare.

Anderson contributed five tackles and one assist in the victory.

The Eagles pass rush was almost nonexistent.  Far too many times, Josh Freeman was back there with all day to throw the football.  I wasn’t surprised because the defensive line was being asked to play a completely different scheme than they had been playing all season.

The defensive line contributed two sacks during the game.  One was by Fletcher Cox and the other was by Cullen Jenkins.  Cox continues to show that he’s their best defensive lineman.  He made three tackles in addition to the sack.  About five or six times a game, Cox just over powers an offensive lineman and makes the play.  This young man must be pushed into greatness.

Cullen Jenkins registered the Eagles other sack in the game.  Jenkins has seen his best days. on Facebook

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86 Comments for “The Entire Eagles Defense Shows Up”

  1. “A lot of people are going to point to the firing of Jim Washburn as the reason for the quick turnaround, but that’s not the case. The defensive line wasn’t particularly strong today, and allowed Doug Martin to run right through them for 128 yards and a touchdown.”….Denny

    Wrong Denny.

    When people get fired, it motivates the remaining people who still have a job.

    I saw a Lion kill a hyena and leave the body as a reminder to the rest of them what will happen if they challenge him again.

    They got rid of that big mouth coach, who bought in a stupid defensive scheme and was acting like the defensive coordinator. That is why Jeffery Loser stepped in and fired him. He needed to see what Bowles could really do. Washburn was the reason no other qualified DC wanted the Eagles job, and we got stuck with Bozo the Clown(Juan).

    Andy Greed got FAT and Happy coaching the Eagles. There was no real sense of URGENCY.

    Trading out of the first round and always building for the future, like he was never leaving. He thought he was at BYU building a college program. Rotating players (at age 30) like their college eligibility was up.

    Now in his finale season people are getting cut, fired, fired and embarrassed.

    He allowed Desean Jackson to take a complete season off, because he was not happy with his contract. Instead of benching or trading him. If Desean could get a way with it, so could the rest of the team. And they did. Players like Queen Dunlap not even trying. Maclin looking for a soft place to fall on every play. Cornerbacks who refuse to tackle.

    It was pathetic, watching those highly paid players, take Sunday off.

    Under Dick Vermeil players gave maximum effort. The philly fans deserve that much.

    I remember Ron Jaworski getting the crap kicked out of him and coming back onto the field. He made up his mind he was not going to lose his starting job to injury. I think Walton was the back up and a better player.

    But that was the personality of the coach and the players.

    These players represent the personality of Andy Reid. Too comfortable.

    Living in a Pasttime Paridise.(stevey wonder – songs in the key of life)

  2. Also Denny it was cutting out cancer

  3. Washburn should have been the one fired during the BYE Week and the Eagles could have had a glimmer of a hope for the 2012 Season
    Firing Castillo was a panic move for the Fans after D blowing late leads to
    Steelers/Lions to appease the Fans and then the wheels fell off shortly thereafter.. I believe “Senior Advisor” Tom Donahoe with the support of Owner Jeff Lurie forced GM Roseman/AR to make the changes with Washburn,Babin,VIck and other who will be not returning in 2013 and to get a good look at the young players.. I am waiting for them to Bench Asmo and place Boykin as an outside CB where he belongs sibnce Asmo will not be returning either in 2013 and then use Hughes or Marsh as the cover Slot CB

  4. nnamdi and nate allen did not show up. A nd to be honest they never show up. it took the secondary 10 weeks to learn cover two and cover 3 ridiculous.I didnt see alot of wide open recievers runnig free down the middle of the field. maybe because colt anderson followed the coaches orders instead of biting on runs and slants like kurt coleman.
    I know we cant get rid of them all , but we can get rid of two, and nnamdi and nate allen are my picks to go

  5. Starting safeties for next year(i hope), if possible, colt anderson , n trade up late in the first round to get the kid from LSU.

    • @peli .. he played a hell of a game but he’s not a starter. over the course of a season he would get exposed.i like the saftey from lsu though

      • I think the Eagles need to get a veteran safety, like Will Allen (PITT) Dashon Goldson (49ers) there are a few others. Get a safety in the later rounds, especially if Allen is part of the future plans. Offensive line should be a priority. But first pick of draft get the best player available. I think we are young enough at the D Line position and have with a nice mix of veterans. (even after some being released) Majority of the issues in my opinion was the scheme in regards to D Line

  6. “REVERSE THE CURSE” Karma is a Mother@#$%er..

    First off BSM is so correct with his comments… Andy Reid and the high price players got to comfy with job security. This i also believed is what happened with our team. Andy stopped caring about JOB security back in 05′. Jeff said he’s my guy and ANDY got lazy. Since they let T.O leave for #5 who may i say was the perfect Wr for our version of the West coast, a BIg strong reciever who gets YAC and not fall 1 yard shot all the time. This team has never been the same.

    Next getting rid of B Dawk WTF were you doing you cut out the heart the body(this orginization) will stop moving. I say this because if you dont have THE FANS you dont have a Team and when you hurt your fans it hurts your pockets. Those two acts put a “KARMA” curse on this team for Hurting the most important people in the intire equation “THE FANS”.. You hurt us ANDY and JEFF, KArma is real and she is a BITCH. I felt it in the air when you made those two moves, Dawk was supposed to get a life long contract with a front office job immedity following. He was our BEATTING HEART and you ripped it out and put a price on it. Then tell us he lost a step BUT went right to Denver and made 2 pro bowls. Andy needed to go years ago he stayed to long and that NON coaching (5-27 as a head coach Labled the Worst coaching postion in Detroits History) Marty fed andy’s pass happy ego just to keep a job and sank this ship. #5 warned us.

    Now on to the defense.I have been saying this on here all stinking year… Kendricks has been playing out of position, put him back at weak side and create problems in space and hit people. He was around the ball a lot. May not have made the initial tackle but he was there to help finish. Good job on making that Switch Coach and the D line was able to play the way they did most of there life. CONTROLLED CHAOS!!!! Thats how you play Defense. Get ride of Namdi just cut him and eat the money, THAT MOVE will start to lift the curse, REVERSE THE CURSE, start to make ” THE FANS” happy again and things will start to turn around. REVERSE THE CURESE, START BY FIRING NAMDAI. He doesnt care and you have 2 years of tape that says he doesnt. He been alled out nationaly and still hasnt stepped up his game knowing ALL eyes are on him.

  7. Worst Head Coach in Every NFL Team’s History
    Paul Thelen
    (Contributor) on November 15, 2012

    Record: 5-27 REPOST!!! This is who is calling our plays for years. He should have never been here!!

    The Lions famously went the entire 2008 season without a victory. Yet coach Rod Marinelli is not the worst coach in franchise history, thanks to the incompetence of Mornhinweg.

    Outside of his lowly record, Mornhinweg’s unpleasant tenure in Detroit is marred by the worst coaching decision in the history of the profession.

    In a Week 12 game against the Chicago Bears that went into overtime, Mornhinweg elected to kick the ball after winning the coin toss. Lest we not forget that this act of idiocy was before the overtime rule change; overtimes were still sudden death.

    The Bears took possession, kicked a field goal and won the game.

    To no one’s surprise, Mornhinweg was fired following the season. He is now the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  8. It still baffles me how assomaugh could command that contract, he couldn’t have been that much different in Oakland, the bucs were going after him play after play, he’s not strong, can’t jump, not fast, it’s embarrassing

  9. His skills have eroded quickly Jake, he was a beast at Oakland receivers could barely get off the line of scrimmage. On top of that he has zero confidence right now.

  10. Well then he should give some of that money back, retire, go pursue a phd, solve important societal issues, because he’s not an nfl football player

  11. Maybe the other corners in Oakland were worse than Nnamdi and QB’s threw at them instead of Nnamdi?

  12. Jake it doesn’t work like that in the NFL nobody gives money back because the money isn’t guaranteed so you better believe he’ll never see the rest of the money on his legally binding contract. Funny how that works.

  13. Fellas, we can’t complain about Nnamdi signing…Fans were screaming the Eagles needed to improve their secondary. They went out got the “best” cover corner in the league at the time. I definitely believe his struggles is his confidence, partly to due with no confidence in the safeties (he had Michael Huff FS in Oak, he was an all pro player) as well as some of his own abilities.

  14. Real, we can’t complain about the signing then, but we can complain if he is still on this team next year. Some of the issues are with the safeties, but he also gets routinely beaten 1 on 1. Also in week 12, it was obvious when he wasn’t going full steam. How many times has been taking plays off a little less noticably. I would like to see more Marsh through the rest of the season to see if they have anything there.

    • hahahah – I agree Bugs…I preferred the Eagles had gone after a LB instead of Nnamdi…But it is what it is, we don’t make the decisions. I can’t argue either way, if he’s on the team or not…he or his replacement will need to produce.

      • CB is a huge question mark. Pretty sure they will release Nnamdi. I don’t see them paying DRC what he will want. Go forward with Marsh and Boykin?

        And that is not even addressing the safeties.

  15. @realtalk it just kills me when it’s all about the players but nobody complains about being 28 million over the cap and no competent back ups in certain areas.

  16. Good point, Blion …No depth has been the issue from the very start, offensive line prime example. But on top of it, Eagles have tons of players that are in developmental phase, first/second year players still learning the speed of the NFL game.

  17. DRC( at a reasonable number), boykin the # 2 corner,jairus bird FS( free agent)
    kenny vaccaro ss texas..
    the two seafties are immediate up grades to tackling and covering.
    i can live with a over paid drc because at least he can still run.
    nnamdi is so slow its embarrasing at this point.He cant be here next year


  19. Half of Alabama’s Starting 22 would start for the Eagles Today

    For anyone who followed Asmo and the Raiders, he’s last really solid Season
    was back in 2008.. He’s last 2 Seasons in Oakland were not Pro-Bowl material though he was named a Pro-Bopwler by reputation only which always ocurs
    he never had very good deep coverage skills and was awesome from 15 Yards in, His Back-pedaling speed is atrocious and his timing,leaping ability have really deterioated and his hands for In’t’s were always poor even during his Prime
    Paulman wanted CB Carlos Rogers (who made All-Pro last year and probably will again this Season for the 49ers and is the Physical Style of CB the Eagles needed) or even CB Richard Marshall who is another Physical CB
    I stated in 2011 that Asmo was overrated and not physical enough to play in the NFC East and that he would be one of the biggest bust sigings of all- time free-agency wise and I hate to say it, but I was right on this one..
    He’s a nice fella who seems more concerned about his post-NFL Career than his production on the field .. He needs to be flat-out released on 12/31/2012 when AR and Staff get terminated

  20. I realize our defense has been worse since D cord Todd Bowles took over, but I say we keep him one more year as our DC. He was thrown into the middle of a sinking ship. No effort from his players, and ever since his attention was taken off the secondary since he was promoted they have played terrible. The secondary has played awful ever since he left that secondary coach position. Let him rebuild the defense next year and continue to use his own schemes with some NFL caliber safeties and no STUPID ASS WIDE 9. Hire Vic Fangio as our HC and play it out with Foles…
    2013 Eagles 9-7

  21. ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ Defense played more like some dogs who have some fight in them yesterday, more like a defense Philly fans can get behind and understand.

    D line looked more organized, LB Kendricks obviously more comfortable on the weak side, give him more room to move.

    DRC, yeah, cracked a few asses, bodied up, swatted balls, played smart…Like everybody says, this guy COULD be a pro bowler…Even NAMADI gave up his body a little, played like he had some fight in him…And I saw a young guy, Curry (?), make a couple of plays…Colt Andersin played well, too.

    The game is four quarters, 60 minutes long, am I right?…Eagles D played 60 minutes yesterday and helped win the game

    Oh, as an aside, I saw ‘King’ Dunlap get blown aside by former Eagle draftee Teo Neshin, now a Tampa Bay STARTER, and sack Foles.

  22. Is anyone else helping Bowles out with the Secondary besided Mike Zordich) since his Promotion to DC .. again this is just one more reason that you don’t change Coaches in mid-stream.. Who do you hire and bring in mid-season who can realistically help your team out with schemes,personnel packages,etc,etc when they are leanring the DC’ ssytem, the players, the opponents,etc,etc
    These are the Type of Chacnges that need to be done in the Off-Season..

  23. we all trash andy reid, but the guy cares, you would have thought he won a playoff game after that victory, mudd tried to pick andy up, bad move, andy could have fallen on him and killed him

    it was great to see a team play yesterday

  24. Its amazing how that kid from the Bucs Teo who we drafted in the 2nd round and who couldnt get on the field with us looked like an All Pro yesterday, just goes to show how this team drafts players and doesnt use them the proper way, look how it took 13 games for them to finally realize Kendricks belonged at the Will, which by the way was the position they watched him dominate in college. I cant wait till this coaching staff is gone!

  25. Andrew he (teo) looked good because he went up against KING DUN-SLOP.. That guy looks out of controll with his body when he gets beat, he is always reaching to catch a block or falling on his face if he doesnt get his hands on a lineman and last watch his feet they dont move when they pass rudh on his outside. The guy is a waste of money. reemember he wasnt going to be here then they had no one else.. Thats andy and mudds fault..

  26. I believe the safties that nhamdi played with in Oakland were very good. The team sucked but thier secondary was good because of their safety play. They helped mask a lot of nhamdi’s flaws. But now he is exposed

  27. Besides Teo looking good with the bucs, how bout that brian smith we drafted a few years ago. He’s a beast with the niners now, coaching is everything. When andy first got here he hired excellent asst coaches, they helped him out a lot. Now these position coaches suck, and now we suck enough said.

  28. Wow my bad scratch that last post wrong smith duh.

  29. I gotta do a better job times your LOL.

  30. **Breaking NFL News**
    Ravens Fire O/C Cam Cameron todoay
    Don’t be surprised to see him INterview for the Eagles OC Position
    Coach Ar may have 1 last Chacne with Owner Lurie

    #1) FIre OC Marty Moohrnewig – Replace with Cameron as OC
    #2) Fire Howard Mudd – Rehire Jaun Castillo as OL Coach
    #3) Commit to QB Nick Foles as Teams Starter and have to Release Vick

    I think Lurie and Tom Donahoe will listen to this Offer from Coach AR

  31. YOUTUBE there is a rap song about andy reid called ” FIRE ANDY HIT RAP SONG” IT IS A MUST VIEW

  32. pman… nope. Andy is gone. In fact, i think he steps down a few days after the last game a says he and the F.O need a change. He’s gone. Let it go.

  33. I agree Stevo, it will all come disn on 12/31/20-2 as I have stated for a few weeks now, a settlement is probably already in place between AR
    And Lurie. 12/31 is the Monday after their Fame in which AR will give his final Press Conference ab
    Nd if course for the Organization, it’s New Years Day Eve and many people and the news cycle will be focusing on the New Years Day events/parties/parade and such..

  34. Dear Santa-

    All I want for Christmass is a New Head Coach, A New Head Coach, A new Head Coach…..

  35. Random thoughts, are the Falcons and the Texans the biggest frauds in the league?

  36. You guys are right on….One thing I can say is that we were all fooled by Nnamdi before he hit free agency and didn’t calculate the attitude of a player that’s use to losing.

    Raiders never won a thing while he was there which tells us Nnamdi didn’t have the leadership qualities to make the players around him better. He was comfortable with being the best player on an horrible team. So we’ve learned you can’t bring players from a losing program when there’s no one in the locker room that can teach them how to win.

    We should have made it public that the Steelers corner that offseason was the top priority and paid him alot more than the Steelers were offering.

  37. I know no one have spoke his name but I would like to see Jim Haslett as the Head Coach for the Eagles with Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator…Jim can bring that Steelers mentality to the defensive side of the ball, while Martz can use Shady similar to the way he used Marshall Faulk during his years with the Rams.

    The next coach need to tell Desean Jackson his key position on the team is returning punts and receiver is the 2nd priority after suggesting he need to take a pay cut.

    I no longer want Avant in the slot….put him on the outside so he can use his strength and ball skills against smaller corners on the outside. Bulk Riley Cooper up and make him the number one tight end, keep Maclin on the outside and play McNutt in the slot.

    Now, you have a physical receiving corp with the exception of one player (Maclin) and willing blockers down field that can help spring Shady and Brown against big defenses.

    We also pick the nastiest, strongest Offensive tackle in the draft, move Dunlap to guard next to the new tackle, and move Herremans back to the left next to Peters.

    Now, you have a big, strong offensive line that can punch opposing defensive linemen in the mouth, and not this soft ballet scheme. There job on running plays are to charge forward knocking the hell out of the opposing team’s best rusher every play.

    You take the heart of the best Linemen and you send a message to the rest of the team.

    We need to get the brand “Dirty” again here in Philly. The Vet Mentality..not the pretty “Linc” Mentality.

    It seems we left our heart in the old “Vet”.

    Have Mike pick the best QB he likes in the 3rd or 4th round to man the rookie 3rd QB role.

    We have enough talent on the team to draft for physical depth.

    We should send 3rd or 4th rounder to the Bengals for, “that’s right” Vontaze Burfict.

    Like I said last offseason that we needed a player with an edge to counter balance the softies on the defensive side of the ball. This will give us a Steelers type of “mean” in our new 3-4 defensive alignment scheme.

    Kendricks next to Coles would be a killer rushing attack from that side, with Burfict on the other side along with a 3-4 linebacker drafted for the transition.

    We should have Cox at nose tackle, with Jenkins and Thorton as the 3 down linemen.

    Now, we’re ready to kick ass.

    We definitely should address the secondary once and for all!!!!!!

    Go to Nnamdi and ask him to take a pay cut to man the Safety position open now that Coleman is outta here.

    If he refuse…Cut him!

    I would put a low level tag on you get something once a team pick him up. I don’t want a player with a reputation for tackling when he feels like tackling. A football player always feel like tackling.

    He’s too laid back and soft.

    Talented but will go down as the player with the most wasted potential.

    Boykin will now man the position ..he’s physical.

    Hughes will now man the other corner position with Marsh as the Nickle.

    We cut Nate Allen and draft the best Safety available in the 3rd round…or get Eric Reid with our first pick to play the same role Polamalu plays for the Steelers, and address the Offensive tackle in the 2nd round.

    Now we have a kick ass defense ready to contend.

    We draft Physical players on both sides of the ball….No finesse players!

    We draft specialists to return punts and kicks.. we need one guy who can do both well…no more experiments.

    Guys if we do this our Eagles will win multiple Superbowls.

    Now, some may ask what makes guys like us experts?

    After watching our Eagles lose without winning one Superbowl, we’ve actually become experts on what you can do to not win a Superbowl.

    I believe we can win if these suggestions are applied…That way pressure is taken of Foles who have prove if the game is tight, he have what it takes to go for the jugular.

    Thank you Andy for the service but now it’s time to bring KICKASS FOOTBALL back to Philly!

    GO EAGLES 2013!!!!


  38. Interesting Combo Songs, but personally don’t care for Martz that much
    I would prefer a combo of Haslett or maybe a Greg Williams to be the HC and run the Defense and then hire Cam Cameron as the O/C who runs a more Balanced Scheme than the pass-happy Martz..
    Greg Williams would be a risk of course with his “Bounty Gate” but the man
    get’s his Defense’s pumped and raise havoc and always creates Turnovers which is what all the WInning Teams have these Days.. Overall Defensive Stats are not as meaningful, but creating Negative Plays and creating Turnovers are..

  39. Josh Freeman looked horrible — he should have been picked off 3 times by Kendricks
    Kendricks was in the right spot, which is a positive but he dropped 3 interceptions

  40. Monday’s Philadelphia Inquirer had two journalists insinuating that Chip Kelly was Roseman’s first choice for HC and the job is his if he wants it.

  41. I remember when the sixers were the worst team in the NBA for almost 3/4 of the season and Greg Oden was the lotto prize with Kevin Durant as the consolation pick. Every team who realized they had no chance of the playoffs started sitting starters and purposely losing games in the final fourth except Maurice Cheeks who went on a winning streak resulting in Thad Young instead of a franchise player————- Andy is now winning meaningless road games mucking up a top five draft pick?

  42. Keep Chip Kelley and his “Spread” Gimmicky Offense away from PHilly
    His schemes will not work in the Northeast, Physical NFC East and would be much of the same crappy philosophy that we have had in Philly during the
    Coach AR era..(Small but Fast) No Chip Kelly.. Let him Coach in Arizona, San Diego or a Dome Team where his Small but fast and spread them wide has a better chance of suceeding than in the Northeast & Outdoors with the Elements..

    • Of course Brady spreads the all all around in new england… Threw 35 times and had a 21 point halftime lead. The elements are not the factor thatyou think. You have to spread the ball around and be able to throw even in cold and snow

  43. As pointed out before AR scheme worked just fine in the northeast. That said I want nothing to do with chip kelly

  44. G?? was wondering why the Brad Childress name hasnt been discussed at all.He is familiar with our sysytem,thus a transitin with Foles and its nomenclature would be minimal at best.He often utilized A.P and ran the ball in Minny.Hes a graet offensive minded guy who seemingly would make a lot of sense .If Bowles passes the test on defense wed have our defensive side of the ball adressed ,Andy could be bumped upstairs and Jeff can utilize his investment ,allowing AR to step away with dignity and appoint Brad as heir apparent..

  45. Childress?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Good god.

  46. NBA draft is the polar opposite of the NFL draft.

    If they want to move up and get a guy. They will and can.

    Losing games for draft picks DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE NFL.Players on this years roster dont care about next years pick.And the coaches dont want anymore l’s on there record then they have now.

  47. And the proof is in the effort they gave Sunday.

    Dropping games to get a better pick is loser talk.

  48. Nick Saban is my choice. I know he didnt succeed 5 years ago in Miami but thats ok. He builds his teams on the oline and dline. He gets big, physical and fast players. You cant tell me his style wouldnt play well in the NE and NFC east. But I have heard 2 weeks ago Chip Kelly was thier choice.

  49. You want a coach whos legacy is bigger then our own team?

    No dice.

    Chip Kelly wont happen either….too soft and not gonna cut it at this level.

    Nick Saban and his hair and bs would annoy everyone. All we would hear about is his titles in Alabama…who cares.

  50. No to Nick Saban he’ll flee at the first sign of trouble, my Choice is David Shaw from Stanford if they go the college route and wouldn’t mind them taking a run at Jay Gruden if they go pro assistant route.

  51. Yep Erock Ill take Gruden, Jimmy Johnson, Parcells, Cowher them kind of coaches whoes legacy is bigger than our team. Sign me up for some of that. Just my opinion I love watching Alabama play.

  52. With Andy Reid’s seat getting hotter after each week’s loss, the Philadelphia Eagles will surely be in the market for a new head coach in 2013.

    Who starts at quarterback is still a matter the Eagles brass needs to determine, but one thing we do know is it has an idea of who it wants at the helm next season.

    According to Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network (h/t Kareem Copeland of, the Eagles have expressed interest in Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly. As Lombardi put it, “He’s the prettiest girl in the school. Everyone is going after Chip Kelly because of what he brings uniquely offensively.”

    Kelly would be a great fit for the Eagles. They could use a revamped offense and that is precisely what he excels in.
    Kelly’s former player and current Eagles linebacker Casey Matthews also believes Kelly would be a good fit for Philadelphia, according to’s Jeff McLane: “I think the fans here would love him. They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality.”

    Based on what we’ve seen from the offensive genius at Oregon, it’s hard to disagree with Matthews’ thoughts about his former coach joining the Eagles.

    Kelly currently heads an Oregon squad that ranks third in the nation in rushing yards and second in points per game, averaging roughly 50 points per game.

    Oregon senior RB Kenjon Barner is one of many who have benefited from Kelly’s genius offensive schemes, as Barner ranks in the Top 10 in the nation with his 248 carries for 1,624 yards and 21 TDs.

    Kelly’s spread offense in the Eagles’ system could definitely work. Whether it’s Michael Vick or Nick Foles under center, having speedy receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to go with a versatile running back like LeSean McCoy is exactly what Philadelphia’s offense needs to thrive under Kelly.
    With Bryce Brown emerging as a viable option at running back, the Eagles could use the upcoming draft to bolster their offensive line to comply with Kelly’s offense so that McCoy and Brown could flourish in the Eagles’ new-look, spread offense.

    Again, it’s all speculation for now, but the idea of Kelly taking over the Eagles has to excite the fans in Philadelphia.

    After all, besides a spread offense, you can bet Kelly will bring some creative uniform ideas to the birds.

  53. Who actually couldnt play in this offense? Brown, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin? Why cant they? McCoy could play in ANY offense he would probably run for 2000 yards in that offense. I dont know if it will work but what if it did? Why not take that approach What If It DID. Wouldnt that be something?

  54. Put a stake in the heart of eagle fans if this gimmick chip Kelly is hired

  55. IMO Foles would not fit in Kelly’s offense, he’s too slow. But Kelly talked like he loved Foles last year.

  56. Arians,Mccdaniels(has re-learned from Bellichick), Moss,and other list of coordinators. Guys who are hungry and wanna win and be a part of this great sports towns.Noone on your list does it for me.But i assume you already know half of em arent coaching anymore? Maybe Gruden cause i believe in his attitude and he knows the town.

    Cowher…beat it….too old.

    Jake uses a key word.Gimmicky….wtf does that work in the pro game? It doesnt. And this aint a campus that doesnt expect anything but a big bowl and more donations from Nike.

  57. Chip Kelly…what a joke.

    Shows your football knowledge and grasp on the town when anyone mentions him. Beat it.

  58. Erock the Eagles could care less who you think the next coach is. You cann throw 100 names out there it really doesnt matter.Im just posting whats being reported. By multiple sources Chip Kelly has been contacted. So you can live in your little make believe I know who the next coach is gonna be world. I didnt contact him Howie did. Beat it? Its not 1985 no more.

  59. Dag, the word chip Kelly is anathema to us , the Philly fan, we mirror ourselves in our city, tough, blue color, like bdawk, Jerome trotter, before them dirty waters , Jerome brown , Reggie white, chip Kelly, the thought of his pussy ass name with his pussy gimmick offense will tune legions of fans away again like Andy did, we need a unifying force, Vic fangio, David shaw, but no fuccking way this pussy

  60. Love the way Nick Foles is improving on a weekly basis “cautiously optimistic”
    NFL Draft – I’m hoping the Eagleswill take Manti Te’o, however, here’s a name for all my draft geek brethren. Anthony Bar OLB from UCLA.
    I really would like for the Birds to take a LB with their first pick. Possible first round draft targets for Eagles.

    Manti Te’o MLB/OLB Norte Dame
    Stat Lotuili DT Uah State
    Johnathan Banks Miss. State
    Sharief Floyd DT Florida

    My personal favorites – Manti Te’o, Anthony Bar and Alec Ogletree
    .Dafting a linebacker with the first pick would be a nice change and breath of fresh air much like Nick Foles leading the Eagles back from 11 point deficit late in the fourth quarter AHHH!!!

  61. @jakedog dont need a lesson in Philly history. Born and raised in North Philly. I understand what we like. But Im also not 6 years old anymore and understand that just because I dont talk about it doesnt mean it wont happen. The harsh reality is Chip Kelly is a real possibility(its not my doing) no matter what we like. Honestly jakedog people can change. Look at me over the last 25 years, Ive been use to the athletic, dynamic franchise QB, but I am warming up to the slow dopic unathletic one. So people can change thier opinion with success. 🙂

  62. I have a question. Would Brady and the Patriots offense play well in this town?

  63. Dag,i was 10 in 85′. Whats your point bozo? I dont think i know who the next coach is or should be really. I just know Chip would be a mistake. Others do as well. Not a good fit. And stop ending your comments with a smiley face.

  64. Yes. Cause they run the ball when they have a good tailback. Use tight ends like you should. Have a sound defensive scheme.

  65. Chip Kelly, if he makes the move to the the NFL, is not going to run the same offense as he did at Oregon. That’s foolish to think that he would. It’s a known fact that he likes to run the ball, something Philly fans are dying fort. By all accounts he is a very no nonsense, fiery coach. Also something fans bitch and moan about. There is a reason bellichick loves this guy!

    That being said… I’d rather Shaw from Stanford

  66. OLB Anthony Barr is an interesting story from UCLA ..(6-4 240lbs)
    After being recruited and buried on the RB Depth Charts at UCLA,
    New HC Jim Mora switched him to OLB where he’s been a pure demon for Teams to block.. He led the Pac-12 with 13.5 Sacks and a whopping 20.5 Tackles for Loss of Yardage during the 2012 Season

    He is very raw and still learning how to use his hands for leverage and use his athleticism to get away from Blockers.. Many Scouts have compared him to a Caly MAtthews Type without the upper body strength which Barr has the frame to easily put in 10-15 in 2 years time in a NFL Program…

    I think of him more like the Pass-Rusher Demon Aldon Smith (49ers) or Von Miller (Broncos) where he can be moved all around the DL and come get the QB..I believe it will take him a year or 2 to become an eveydown player as an OLB in the NFL, but used in a 3-4 as strictly as a Pass-Rusher, or even a 4-3 Scheme but as a Pass-Rusher, he will make impact plays and create havoc in the backfield…

    NFLScouts.Com has him curently Rated around the #65 Overall Prospect and a late 2nd Rounder, I believe by “Indy Combines” and Draft Time that he will jump up to a late 1st Round Selection..
    I see a lot of Teams like the Steelers,Ravens,Patriots,Giants,Packers who would use their Late 1st Round Pick on a Talented Player with kind of Upside

  67. Word is that Chip Kelly to the Arizona Cardinals or San Diego Chargers who will both be cleaning house..
    Imagin how effective Kelly’s Spread and Run and Shoot and hectic pace
    (where Offensive Play Snaps are run every 8-10 Seconds) and would wear down a Defense down in a hurry in the Arizona Hot sun..
    Kelly is from New Hampshire and word is that he enjoys the West Coast

    A couple of things that are a must have for his Kelly’s Offense to be Effective

    #1) A quick mobile QB and can run (maybe a M Vick in a Cardinal Uniform)
    that can get read of the ball on time and quickly
    #2) An athletic, quick OL (which the Cardinals do not have) but the Eagles do
    #3) Speedy Receivers with the ability to make plays after the Catch
    (Arizona really doesn’t have this where Fitz is more of down the field Receiver)
    Eagles potentially have these type of WR with D-Jax/Maclin/D Johnson

    Chip Kepp has suspeneded productive,poular players like RB L Blount
    QB T Masoli for off the field issues so he runs a pretty tight ship and for those who think Kelly has anything to do with the multi-uniforms for Oregon
    you are mistaken.. The President of “Nike” is Phil Knight who ran Track at U of Oregon and has donated Millions & Millions of Dollars to the Universisty and specifically to their Athletics Programs where all their Teams where multiple uniforms through-out the Season to help promote the “Nike” name and now there are many other Schools doing this as well, but again, this has
    little to do with Chip Kelly and more about their large donor and Alumni and President of “Nike”

  68. Notre Dame should be sending Barr a Christmas card, because he is the one that ended Matt Barkley’s season which meant the Irish faced a FR QB when they went to the SoCal.

    He is very raw, but also very disruptive. He would be great in a 3-4.

  69. Shaw from Stanford is going nowhere..
    He’s finally getting his own Recruits into his Program (after taking over for Harbaugh 2 Years ago) and has a potential Heismann QB Candidate for 2013/2014 in True Freshman Kevin Hogan who appears to be the next great QB out of Stanford.. He’s making his own mark and has a legitimate shot at a National Championship over the next couple of Seasons..
    Think about it.. Who would want to leave beautiful Palo Alto,California for Philadelphia ..

  70. All Stanford football head coaches leave because Stanford doesn’t pay like other AP top 25 schools because they have a sane Board of Trustees. When Stanford knocks or your door with a Scholarship, no one turns them down because they are the best academic school offering full rides in Football ( or any sport) with a proven track record of graduating athletics and a network of alumni who hires them. Stanford is a top ten university in the country.

  71. I agree that he mite not make a move to nfl yet. However, money does talk!

  72. ooohh Foles beat the Bucs! Lookout MVP LOL

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