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Five Eagles Likely To Miss Battle With Bengals

One of the shortcomings of playing on Thursday is that you don’t have enough time to recover from injuries suffered on Sunday.   The Birds are likely to have five players miss the Thursday night game against Cincinnati.  It’s not that big of a deal because the most important aspect of these games is the participation of the team’s young players.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy were at the Eagles practice yesterday, but it’s unlikely that they will play in tomorrow night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Vick threw the ball some yesterday and McCoy ran around a bit, but they haven’t been cleared to play as of yet and there’s very little chance that they will play.

Joining Vick and McCoy in the group of players who won’t play tomorrow night is tight end Brent Celek.  The Birds number one tight end suffered a concussion on the first play of the game versus Tampa Bay.   He’s already been ruled of the battle against the Bengals.  That will leave the Birds with only one tight end, Clay Harbor.  If he were to go down, it would leave the Eagles without a tight end.

There’s been a bug going around the team and defensive tackle Mike Patterson has it and will miss the Thursday night game as well. been ill and will

Eagles safety Kurt Coleman has a sternum injury, which caused him to miss the Buccaneers game.  He’s getting better, but he’s not quite ready to play, so he’ll miss the Bengals game as well.

Again, that’s five Eagles players who will not play against Cincinnati.  It will mean more playing time for the youngsters, which isn’t a bad thing. on Facebook

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26 Comments for “Five Eagles Likely To Miss Battle With Bengals”

  1. here we go again withPoor ROster Management

    Why carry 5 RB’s (McCoy,Brown,Lewis,Polk and Havilli ) when you are a Pass-FIrst Team and only carry 2Te’s ..
    Why Carry 7 DE’s and be thin at DT (with only 4 Players, one of which is Mike Patterson who has his own injury issues)

    Eagles consistently mis-handle their Roster with their final 5-6 Roster Spots every year and sooner or later, you pay the price for it..

  2. Eagles will see a guy tomorrow who I think should be their next head coach in 2013 Jay Gruden. What he has in Cinny…

    Andy Daltons numbers this year is not too far away from Arron Rodgers 3186 yards and 28 total touchdowns.

    AJ Green is the best WR in 2012 over 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns

    Benjarvis Green-Ellis is having his best season of his career having just under 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns.

  3. I like Jay Gruden as a potential HC very much and have in his corner for a while
    Has the passion and energy level that Jon does but is ready now to next step up for a HC position in the NFL and runs a nice balanced Offensive approach where QB Dalton, WR Green and TE Gresham have blossomed under his Coaching

  4. Jon Gruden has stated many times that Jay has the brightest Offensive mind that he has ever worked with or been around
    He will definitely be in demand (Eagles, Jacksonville,
    Arizona, Chargers & Cheifs will be hard after him
    As well the NY Jets and possibly the Detroit Lions)

  5. Mike McCoy is another OC who will be in very demand from the Broncos

  6. Mike McCoy would be a great choice in my opinion. Ariens from the colts would be my first choice.

  7. Mike McCoy is iffy. What did he really do in Carolina from 2000-2008? he didnt do much with Jake Delhomme. Right now he has Peyton Manning theres not much grooming you can do with Peyton Manning so while im not saying he is a bad option im not really seeing enough success to hire him over Gruden, Cower, Chip Kelly etc.

  8. No offensive guys.

    If everybody can pass and score, then the logical choice is a team that can play defense. That is what turned San Francisco around so fast.

    No more sissy offense or sissy defense.

    While JJ was here the Eagles did a good job of getting cornerbacks, and we had a good pass defense.

    Get a great defensive coordinator and draft a cornerback. Get rid of nombe askawall. Give “no push Patterson” his walking papers.

    Trade boney James (desean) and draft an SEC WR with size. Alabama freshman #9 is awesome. Size speed leaping ability. Get rid of “soft place to land” Maclin. He should fetch a nice draft pick. Avant, Cooper and Celeck are not afraid to take a hit and run with the football. Now is the time to dump the “the mr softy twins” since we will be bringing in a new offensive scheme.

    Remove every piece of equipment from Nova Care that Andy Greed has ever touched.

    Just burn it.

  9. Andy”Piped Piper” Reid took the fans of philadelphia for a ride on the BYU fantasy ship.

  10. Why do we keep getting vick updates? he’s the back up qb and he probably wont be here next year.They keep telling us he wont play, even if he’s healthy he wont play so what does it matter?
    Now kurt coleman on the other hand im happy to hear about. i Like colt anderson throwing his head in there like he’s playing special teams.I know he’s not a starter in the nfl but i truelly think he’s a upgrade over coleman.

  11. Cincinnatti loses tonight its a real possibility they go 7-9. Im hearing all this Jay Gruden stuff from a team that probably will be 8-8. Is thier defense bad? Is Cinccy a top 10 offense because if they are I guess thier defense stinks? How much in demand does a coordintor on a 8-8 or 7-9 non-playoff team command?

  12. Gruden has done a Nice Job in developing QB A Dalton, WR AJ Green, TE J Gresham and still maintain a balanced Rushing Attack..
    Yes they are 7-6 and may not make the Playoffs..
    Look around the NLF, how many Teams beat out the Ravens/Steelers in what is a pretty tough Division to end up with 10 Wins…
    I am not so sold that Marv Lewis on being a Great Game Coach if you wnat to know the Teams shortcomings.. They have a very young and active front 7
    on Defense, their issues are in the Seconday with suspect Safety Play and CB play… sound familiar doesn’t it, almost every Team has Secondary issues but at least the Bengals DB’s will hit you and tackle you unlike the Eagles sorry ass group.. ..

  13. Players from the 2012 Roster who will not be Eagles in 2013

    QB- M Vick
    OT – D Bell, K Dunlap
    DT – M Patterson
    LB – A Jordan
    CB – N Asmo
    S – Kurt Coleman & D Sims

    Eagles will miost likely make an Offer to DRC since they are short at having expereienced CB’s but will not over-pay and my opinion is the DRC will move on and accept better offers from Teams like the Titans,Panthers,Bucs where hime returning back to the South (where he’s from) will be much better suited for him for I cannot see DRC be the #1 CB in Philly and being able to handle the media scrutiny that comes along with it..He’s way too sensitive to be honest, not mentally tough enough in my opinion..
    Eagles will need to add least 1 Proven CB thru Free-Agancy and there are some good ones out there (Marcus Trufant, Quentin Jammer, Mike Jenkins,Anthony Cason,Agib Talib,Cedric Griffin,Chris Houston,Drayton FLorence,Rashead Mathis,Tracey Porter) and then Draft a relatively highly rated CB Prospect (which this 2013 Draft is not real deep in)

    • In the Philadelphia Inquirer today Phil Sheridan had an opinion piece today how the Eagles gained no friend in the coming year’s free agent market by releasing Jason Babin and renegotiating Cullen Jenkins contract before the season, forcing Darryl Tapp to sign a new bargain basement deal days before the season began, and sticking it to Mike Patterson because he had brain surgery and pneumonia twice this year. The Eagles are bottom feeders in Free Agent Market now —

  14. Vic Fangio seems to be an interest to some comment posters so I looked up San Fran’s D stats and just realized he coaches a 3-4 ——- the Eagles can’t play a 3-4 next year? Why would anyone want to bring in a 3-4 HC? The Redskins still haven’t recovered from the Jim Haslet 4-3 to 3-4 defensive switch and its 3 years now.

  15. Easgles could be a 3-4 Rather easily I believe

    DT – Cullen Jenkins,Cedric Thornton (Have Draft a Big DT)
    DE’s – Fletcher Cox, T Cole, V Curry (Sign a big DE)
    Stand up Pass-rushers as OLB in passing Siutations (B Graham, P Hunt)
    have Ryans and Draft Choice Te’o as ILB along with Kendricks as your 3 Down LB and roate Graham,Hunt, Chaney,as the 4th OLB based on passing downs and or Running Downs 3

    In year 2 another Big DT and Big OLB and it could be done

    I think Fangio has worked in 4-3 and 3-4 schemes over his Career

  16. I cant see the Eagles winning this game tonight. The bengals are a top rated defense in the league and you have a shit load of unexperienced players on our offense that have to prepare on short rest for that defensive front. I expect our Oline to look like crap again, worst then they did last week. I have a feeling AJ Green will put on a show tonight. this is a MUST win for the bengals as well so if the Eagles can keep it close with them going in the 4th quarter ill be satisfied.

    Can Foles play better than he did last week? Im guessing that an easy no unless your expecting him to pass for 400 yards. As long as he looks solid (like 22/35 250 yards 2 TDS/1 Int) tonight I’ll be happy. Bryce Brown? maybe MArty will actually call a different run play tonight other than that wide left/right HB draw…WOuld be nice to see him get back to 100 yards and NOT FUMBLE

  17. Way to help out your rookie QB Maclin

  18. I think WR is the 2nd most important thing the Eagles need because this group is awful. Bowe or Jennings is a must add.

  19. I would like to apologize to Jason Avant. He seems to be having some real success with a headsy qb. He and foles seem to have a real good rapport.

  20. Colt Anderson! Kurt Coleman would have been at mid-field picking up Evan Mathis jock strap when he played for conci

  21. BG catchin some wreck out there

  22. Screens… curls… runs…. flats… outs…. im in heaven. Whos calling the plays right now?

  23. Turnovers left and right. I feel like ive seen this game over and over for 2 years.

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