Eagles Start Out Slow Vs. Bengals

Before you could even sit down to enjoy the game, Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin put the ball on the ground.  The Bengals had noticed the carelessness with which the Birds handled the football and came into the game thinking about forcing fumbles.  They’ve already got one early.

The offensive line isn’t getting a lot of push or movement on the Bengals defensive front early in the game.

Nick Foles hasn’t done anything special in the first quarter, but he also didn’t throw the football to the Bengals.  A number of times he’s moved in the pocket to buy time.  His stats in the first quarter are 6 out of 11 completions for 60 yards.  No touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Eagles special teams have been anything but special all season long.  Birds rookie wide receiver Martin McNutt let the Cincinnati defender get up under him and push him into the punter, Matt McBriar.  Tight end Clay Harbor didn’t have his head into the game, so he was on the sideline and had to run back into the action for the punt team.

It’s what you call sloppy play on the part of the Eagles.  Starting the game

Very good job by Foles of moving in the pocket.  He slid to his left and got the ball to Jason Avant as he opened up with a late move to the left side.

Riley Cooper just doesn’t have the quickness to get open against good cornerbacks.  He has shown he can got up and take the football away from defenders, but he needs to do a better job of using his body to screen defenders away from the football.

DeMeco Ryans seems to be all over the field tackling the ball carrier.  Nate Allen continues to play soft football.  He tried to tackle Jermaine Dreshin out in the field, but did it in a very soft manner.

Colt Anderson is doing a good job in the secondary.  He broke up a Andy Dalton pass intended for A.J. Green.  Ryans made a nice play to break up a pass over the middle.

72 thoughts on “Eagles Start Out Slow Vs. Bengals

  1. Nate Allen has lost all Confidence and looks so tentative out there that
    I actually Feel a little sorry for him, he’s really regressed as this Season has gone along, it’s like the Eagles have 1 Saefty on the field
    D/L is picking up the pace after a slow start
    Foles making some plays and moves very well in the pocket and with his size is able to see down the field

  2. Bad decisions and throws from the 5 yard like
    Why not have 2 Backs, line up in the I-Formation and pound the 225 lbs Bryce Brown in for a TD instead of a gimmicky pitch
    Direct handoffs with a lead blocker and bring another OL in to line up as a TE
    Since they have no other TE on the Rosert
    I see snail d Lewis, small WR D Johnson in there at 5 Tard line and just scream at the formations and play call

  3. We have seen enough, we finally have a quarterback, long live the eagles and nick foles, this stiff quarterback for the bengals not even close, the eagles are a different team with foles , what promise, finally

  4. Frank, I was just thinking the same. The rookie knows how to make time in the pocket. I think he is playing very well so far. Im actually surprised considered how good the Bengals Dline is (they are 1st in sacks this year i think)…I just though he was bound to struggle on a short week and coming off huge type of game. U know that shit can go to young guys heads…

    Seriously, who’s bright idea was it to hire Washburn? Dline is looking good…

  5. We have our qb jake..it feels damn good! Agreed on the wide 9 shit, that’s what it was too. LBs are much, much more comfortable, appears the DL is to. How about Brandon graham?

    It’s also nice to see an actual red zone offense- minus that last possession.

  6. Graham is playing very well as is Thornton, Jenkins in the middle
    The play calling down in the red-zone is still horrible
    If your going to pass, then spread 4 WR out and do some slants, but when they are bunched up they are running into each other defenders are pressing where is no room to operate, needed a TD before the half right there

  7. He’ll even a spread out formation and a delayed QB Draw and Foles can lunge into the end zone for its 6 Blocker vs 5 Defenders
    Pick a gap and go

  8. Terrible read and reaction by MLB Ryan’s on that 2nd and 20 play
    Play where he waited and waiting until the Guard came out
    Was able to cone out and block him instead of shooting the gap and not allowing daylight for RB Ellis

  9. Our that TD on MLB Ryan’s
    Eagles LB’s look a step slow with heavy kegs out there
    Maybe Ryan’s/Kendrick’s are spent for the Seasons
    Ryan’s hasn’t played a full season since2009
    And Kendrick’s is in his first full Season as a Rookie
    And had the Rookie Wall, bring some fresh legs or rotate them every couple of series perhaps, but watch the LB in this 4th Quarter closely

  10. Yes it sure was… And your right about that td before half also. Drc having a good game also.. That was a great catch by Aj green on that 3 and 9

  11. Center Retnild never got over to block the DT
    And Beiwn never secured the ball from the get go
    Brown will not last in the NFL if he can’t secure the Ball
    He’s averaging 2+ Fumbles a game which will put him oout on the streets
    Regardless of his talent. #1 job as a RB is ball security

  12. Boykin cuts to his left when a wide hole to the right was right there for the taking
    How Boynkin looked so good and natural in College returning kicks
    At Georgia and as an Eagle looks lost as a returnman and is the most disappointing Draft Selection in my opinion from last years Draft Ckass

  13. The lack of discipline and fundamentals of this Eagles CIA hung Staff has snow-balked on Coach Ar these last few years and is so apparent that the Eagkes are from top to bottom, one of the worst prepared, worst focused Teams in the NFL as their 4-10 reflects
    Turnovers, Penallties and poor okay calling and a poor pass by Foles I the 3rd Quarter ruined the best performance of the DL
    Of the Season

  14. Special Yeams across the Board are horrible
    I see Matthews , Chaney with penalties
    Thornton trying to field a kick off

    Bruyce Brown has to stop taking every hand-off out wide

  15. How ST Coach Bobby April has kept his Job for 4 Seasobs and is also the NFL’s highest paid ST Coachnis beyond me
    He’s s wind-vag who can’t coach

  16. Even Late in garbage time the Eagles LB’s are nowhere to been seen
    Ryan’s and Kendrick’s have lost their legs and are lunging instead of driving thru blockers or when tackling Kendricjs looks horrible tonght

  17. Foles will only be effective when the Team has a good running game established. Maybe when McCoy returns next season they will be able to sustain Drives longer without fumbles
    Eagles need 2 WR’s, 1 athletic TE at least this Off-Season
    Foles will not be the type to carry a Team by throwing 30+ times a game

  18. It seems when Vick was playing everything was his fault but now Foles is playing it’s because the running back. Give me a damn break.

    I seen Celek batting balls in the air earlier this year and the interceptions were blamed on Vick.

    This guy’s Foles long ball accuracy is atrocious.

    I seen receivers with steps on the defender getting grossly overthrown or overthrown.

    Where’s his accuracy?

    He’s ass.

        1. sure he is he is saying its a double standard because vick got blasted and foles isn’t…. duh thats saying an 11 year vet is as responsible as a rook.
          my comprehension skills are very well developed

          1. you guys fell for the Vinnie change of argument trick…..

            Lets review….

            Season started and Vick- “kept not only us but also the other team in games”. So the argument was made that we should bring in the kid that looked great during the preseason because he would make this Oline and this team better NOW.

            The word “NOW” is important because back when “NOW” was… um “NOW”…. the birds had a chance to win. The hope was that the D would get better…. the turnovers would stop…. the coaches would coach and the O-LINE would get better.

            The argument that was.. who gives us a better chance to win THIS season… and the answer was and still is Vick.

            But that ship has sailed…. its over.

            The q NOW is… who gives us the best chance moving forward….. for that answer you have to figure in… new coach, money owed, egos.. and such. The answer to this question is Foles.

            So….. go for it… keep talking about the QB’s like they even matter right now…. keep missing the fact that this team and its coaches failed. They tried the air it out down field game style and they forgot to get an OLINE. it wont work.

      1. So Foles is going to be Manning or Luck? Listen QB is not the problem with this team honestly if Vick wasn’t scheduled to make 16 million next year this wouldn’t even be an issue. And I understand the point you were making with Manning and Luck.

        1. lion i never said anything about foles being manning. i was making the point that it is idiotic to say that foles is a bust– just like it was idiotic to say he was a franchise qb last week.
          i think he has potential to be a ‘flacco type’, big, moves the pocket well, i’m not convinced on his arm strength at this point.
          very didfficult to judge him playing with these mutts who are dysfunctional at best. all the turnovers and the game is out of hand, has to throw, defense pins their ears back and the game plan is out the window.

          1. I held judgement on Foles after last week because he played against a very bad secondary that every team torches.

            When you put all the games together since Foles started he’s god awful so far.

            I believe with a good offensive line in front of him he can be average at best but that can be said about Trent Edwards or any other QB.

            The Eagles best bet is to ask Vick to rescind his bonus and take a substantial pay cut and let the next coach who come in do an open competition for the starting Job.

            A healthy competition can yield success and whoever win can start and the loser can be the back up….cut Trent Edwards and replace him with the QB the new coach draft in the 3rd or 4th round.

          2. I’ve been saying all along playing Foles with this cast around him proves nothing unless he’s wildly successful, if he bombs out then what have we learned? I understand he needs playing time in the NFL but what did we learn if anything from last night. If he turns into Flacco we have a very good QB but should we be willing to just throw a season next year to find out?

            1. yes because if he’s a bust then we get a top pick and maybe get lucky. drafting a QB in the top 10 is the only way and even then there are a lot of misses…..maybe more than there are hits! ugh!
              drafting a bad franchise qb dooms a team for years…. think bengals (shuler and smith), oakland (russel)

  19. I was really afraid of this….Reid’s type players are now infused in every facet of the football ball team.

    We were trying to get him out of here before he destroyed the entire team with his dysfunctional coaching style and pathetic personnel moves.

    Brothers I told you all a long time ago………

    This bum ass coach told us a Superbowl team didn’t need a number 1 receiver to win a Superbowl in Mcnabb’s prime!

    Shouldn’t he have been fired then?

    This is the pathetic loser who told us linebackers and safeties are not important in our scheme.

    It’s 14 years before getting 2 linebackers in a panic to save his pathetic ass.

    This is the loser who let Sheldon Brown and the heart of the team “Dawk” with no replacements.

    This is the damn bum who made the offensive line coach (during the time his offensive line was struggling) the defensive coordinator after firing an incompetent defensive Coordinator he hired.

    This is the damn bum who rolled out the red carpet for Washburn after he failed in Tennesee to coach our line with a new scheme before actually getting a defensive coordinator….

    This is the damn bum who let Spags go to the Giants knowing JJ was up in age, only to see him guide our rival Giants to a Superbowl right under our nose.

    This is the damn bum who circumvented Modrak to hire a yes man Heckert destroying the defensive drafting for year’s to come.

    The damn bum also let Marc Ross go to the Giants who told them about Spags and helped the G Men build a team to beat New England in 2 Superbowls.

    This is the damn BUM who tore up one of the most prolific Quarterback/Receiver tandems in NFL history with McNabb/T.O. by not restructuring T.O.’s deal after getting him on the cheap.

    This is the damn bum who told us that Reno Mahe was the best choice at returner because he had good hands.

    We can now argue that Ray Rhode’s was actually a good QB (McNabb) away from winning it all.

    Now, I’m not discounting the Westbrook pick in the 3rd…but for every 1 good decision, Reid made 5 bad decisions.

    We drafted a damn 27 year old fireman who was a former hockey player in the first round for God’s sake.

    Then move him to another position knowing he haven’t played long, coaching him with a guy who was on a couch retired!

    With a quirky scheme not used by any other NFL team.

    Bobby April was brought in from a losing Bills team.

    Failed decision after decision …yet the Owner didn’t see this keystone cop of a team coming?

    His wife told him a long time ago now he lost her.

    Banner jumped shipped to run of all teams the pathetic Browns knowing the Eagles were about to hit bottom.

    Now, Lurie expects us to believe Roseman will pull this team from obscurity?

    This Lurie guy have played on our intelligence for far too long.

    Do he think we’re stupid? I think he do.

    I have no spent one dime on this team since the 2009 season refusing to support a losing regime under Reid and now will extend my tightened wallet past Reid’s firing to the Roseman Era.

    Roseman is incompetent and does not have the experience needed to get this team to a Superbowl.

    So I’m not going to wast another dime.

    While the few thousand I once spent each year on tickets and apparel won’t affect Lurie’s coffer, it’s the only way I can show my discontent with an organization that have blatantly disrespected the Eagle’s fan base with these clown ass moves.

    And here’s the cherry on top!

    This cheap ass organization withheld 150,000 measly bucks from the longest tenured player in Patterson because he was sick after catching the flu at the Novacare center.

    This team have no heart from the owner down!

    I’m done!

    1. well since more QB’s turn out to be mediocre than turn out to be brady or manning then mathematically you are not really going too far out on a limb.
      there are plenty of first round busts at the QB position so to say a 3rd rounder is not going to be great …. wow.
      but he is who we have so you (well maybe not you) but eagles fans root for the guy to be a diamond in the rough…. AR’s parting gift to us!

  20. Foles has a great pocket presence….sure he does he actually has a pocket to stand in, Mike didn’t get a pocket he got a defender in his face instead. Foles is nothing more than another Kevin Kolb…..but hey what difference does it make?

  21. ….sure he does he actually has a pocket to stand in….

    soooo funny. Foles is playing behind the backups to the guys Vick played behind. and he “has a pocket” suddenly….because those guys are so good right??

    QBs make olines look good. If you really really think that Foles only got sacked 1x last night, against the best pass-rushing team in the league, because of the amazing abilities of King Dunlap, whoover came in for Mathins, Reynolds, Scott and Kelly, you are sadly mistaken.

    This must irritate the Hell out of you Vickites.

    You cannot fathom how Foles is not getting sacked at the same rate….and so come up with desperate “he has a pocket now” illusionary statements.

    Vick had a poclet…he never stepped up into it because he [preferred his spin-o-rama to the outside move. He also held the ball too long.

    Foles might be making mistakes. And he might be making some bad decisions (again this is weird, because most rookies I watch are perfect)….but there is one thing you cannot say…..and that he’s getting hit/sacked at the same rate as McNabb.

    Somehow….this big molasses moving galoot gets hit at about half the rate as the former starship.

    And that bugs the hell out of some of you.

    1. *your great Oline helped get a wopping 35 rushing yards last night.
      * your Wr’s/Rb’s cant hold on to the ball.
      * your still crying about Vick.

    2. I call this bs, everything you said. Vick has stepped up into the pocket plenty of times…when there was one…Also the fact that Vick is the leading rushing QB in history has something to do with why at times, he drops back trying to make something happen, instead of taking a sack or throwing the ball out of bounds…yes sometimes this results in a negative play, but sometimes its for a big gain either with his feet or arm. You are bias as hell and really need to shut the hell up once and for all. Vick may not be back next year. Your boy Foles is in (no matter who the QB was you would be happy, as long as its not Vick) so worry about him progressing week to week, worry about him getting a better O Line, a more solid defense and a productive special teams. If none of that happens, the Eagles will be in the cellar of the NFL football league for years to come! No matter who the QB is! REAL TALK!

    3. You must wear some thick as glasses or are blind, watching the game with an Anti Vick fan who gives you the play by play? The O Line is not good. But the play calling as far as adjusting to the terrible O Line has been better. Its not about the personnel at all times. Sometimes it is about putting your players in a better position to succeed as Reid says week after week. You don’t know shit about football.

  22. I feel slightly Paulmanesc this morning and I would like to toss out some things I’ve been saying since the start of this mess…….

    Things I think I know……….

    *It’s still not about the QB.
    The simpletons in Philly ALWAYS make it about the QB. We were told by these simpletons that the a pocket passer would fix the Oline and make the D better. Im still waiting to see this. The QB has been near the bottom of the list of problems on this team no matter who they put in.

    *Back to basics
    Holding the ball right, wrapping up a guy and bringing him down, WR’s bringing it in instead of tipping the ball in the air to be stolen, penalties at the worst times,…. basic football skills left this team nearly 6 years ago and NO-ONE is teaching it.

    * Graham is not a bust-YET.
    I defended this pic because I see potential in him. The last few weeks he’s been a beast…well…. good anyway. If we cut him before the season like many begged… i believe he would go to a system and play well. We have not had a good Dline coach in years and I think he may grow into something good.

    * I was wrong about wide 9…
    I love seeing our D get to the QB and I thought this was going to keep happening. I was wrong.

    *Going forward its ALL about the system/coaches.
    The QB…. the DE’s…… the CB’s……. the WR’s…… its all about the system…. If they try a balanced attack… Foles will be fine… if they Bring in CHip Kelly…. need to keep Vick…. if they want to do curls, screens, outs and run… Cooper, BCelk and the boys are good to go. If they want to throw it 80 yards on every play like the first few weeks…. those guys wont do.
    On D…… same type of stuff.

    In the end…. no matter who is under C, this team lacks the coaching to get it done.

  23. That’s a pretty good Paulmanesc, Stevo… ha
    Good points and I agree with your assesment and the Fundamentals & Discipline that has been lacking for the last few years of AR’s Tenure has finally caught up to him and this Franchise and now is full-blown out there for everyone to see..
    I give the OL Credit (thru 3 Quarters anyways), they pass-proteced pretty well up to that point versus the Top Sack Defense in the NFL..
    The lack of Rushing yards I put more on RB BRyce Brown who continually tries to take everything outside before running thru the designed hole
    I saw him grab a few handoffs and immeadiately step to the outside when there where holes and seems intent on trying to make every run a 40 yard scram to the outside instead of running the ball up there between the tackles and getting those 4-5 yards consistently, He’s not an everydown RB and if he doesn’t straighten out his ball security issues, he doesn’t even play for me.. He carries ball in wrong arm, carries it too low and away from his body.. He’s a big stong guy but is not utilizing his natural strength to help protect the ball better and will be out the NFL if he doesn’t get this corrected and soon

  24. Last week the Eagles public relations department was spewing how great Foles was choosing which play to run on a last seconds TD winning play off a timeout— well I guess Nick wasn’t consulted when Dingbat Marty or Dingbat Andy drew up that Back-up to the Back-up Center timeout pass play dropped by Matt Tennant
    Riley Cooper does only one thing good, red zone offense ——— he has caught 2 TD on this year on the right side., Nick Foles is obviously a much better passer throwing to his right than his left —– why on the disastrous 2nd quarter failed red zone plays was Riley Cooper on the left side and not the right for both series which resulted in FGs?

  25. Anyone wnat to bet that if Brandon Graham was no the GIants, he would be an All-Pro and if JPP was Drafted by the Eagles, he would be another Victor Abiamri.. It’s more about the Coaching or lack there of than the Athlete in my opinion.. All these Guys are studs at this level, it’s what you do to motivate,coach up, do scheme wise to take advantage on what your players best skills are and to minimize what their weaknesses are as you game plan and adjust playing your games based on opponent’s strength and weaknesses, weather conditions, flow of the game, officiating,etc,etc..
    Examples would be Belechek.. who really puts Players in Position to make plays..the Staff for the 49ers,Packers,Steelers, etc,etc..
    The Eagles are amatuer’s when it comes to utillizing their talents to their best with their players..

  26. eagles 0 you are correct… i knew i was wrong as i was typing it but just couldn’t keep klngler and shuler straight. there are a hundred more examples. it really ties up a team to build around a bust!

  27. Eagles…the Eagles could had kendricks and Burfict….look at my old posts….I was screaming for them to get a good linebacker in the 2nd round and use a late pick on Burfict…..Then the lineup would have been Burfict, Ryans, and Kendricks. a vast upgrade.

    We needed a dirty attitude with bad intentions on defense and you had losers like Paulman, Schill and Navy claiming he was a cancer…

    It’s a shame when the fans know more than those making decisions.

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