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Foles And Eagles Come Back In Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the Eagles dominated the football game.  They started controlling the Cincy offensive line and forced the Bengals to turn the football over twice.

The Birds offense changed things up on the Bengals by faking a bubble screen outisde.  Foles did a nice job of pump faking the  screen, then he got the ball deep to Jeremy Maclin, who had opened up behind the Cincy secondary.

A few plays later, Foles  got the ball to wide receiver Riley Cooper on a well designed play against the Bengals zone defense in the red zone for a touchdown. The Eagles wide receivers were in a bunch formation and it opened things up for Cooper at the goalline.

On the next defensive series, defensive end Brandon Graham did a nice job on a pass rush to force a fumble.  Graham is coming off the corner with some authority and quickness.

The Birds had a nice play for the Bengals with a fake quick screen, then a screen to other side to Bryce Brown.   He got the first down on the play.  They weren’t able to get into the end zone after that turnover, but were able to tie the game up with a field goal.

The Eagles defense was able to get after Cincinnati by forcing a holding penalty and veteran defensive end Trent Cole got a sack on third down to force a punt.  Foles and company weren’t able to do anything with the football, so they punted it back to Cincy.

At the end of the half, Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins came around on a pass rush game and knocked the ball out of the hands of quarterback Andy Dalton.  The fumble was picked up by Eagles defensive end Darryl Tapp.

Foles and the Eagles offense weren’t able to get the football into the end zone, so Alex Henery gave them the lead with a field goal.  The young quarterback was 12-24 in the first half  for 145 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions.

I like the way he took care of the football and didn’t try to force the ball into a bad situation.  When there was something there he let the ball go.  If not he hung onto it. on Facebook

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149 Comments for “Foles And Eagles Come Back In Second Quarter”

  1. Anybody hearing the Keystone Kops tune running through their head?

  2. Jarvis -Green Ellis running for 100yards! Just curious, How do you think Bryce Brown would do against this run defense? WOuld he have more fumbles than yards gained?

  3. I gotta be honest I am not upset about anything but I am LMAO! The drive for a TOP 5 is still alive!


  5. So Foles has one career win vs THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFC SOUTH…..YEAH FUTURE ALRIGHT

    • Moron, you don’t look at the standings, I think the Saints and the Panthers have worse records than Tampa Bay. Take your Mike Vick doll and go to bed. Make sure mommy tucks you in.

  6. When they hire their new coaching staff next year step 1 for the defense:

    How to Tackle 101. Man this team cannot tackle.

  7. LB sucked all night and lost this game on Defense in my opinion
    Both Ryan’s and Kendrick’s have no spring or explosion left on their lower bodies as neither of them have played a 16 gamed schedule in a while
    (Ryan’s since 2009 & Kendrick’s never and it shows)

  8. Did anyone get a number on the amount of empty seats/ I heard the over under is 10,000!

  9. Paulman,

    Nice to hear from you,pal. I was looking for a comedy to watch tonite. I found LMAO in Philadelphia!

  10. Does any one else find the whole NFL Network team a bunch of pompous a-holes with Rich Eisen being the biggest of the bunch?

  11. Lesson number two for Eagles defense:

    Introduction to getting a turnover!

  12. actually im aware of the standings. Panthers have worae records but better team than Bucs. I know youre still butthurt because u thought Foles would win lol FOLES = KOLB


  14. THOUGHT FOLES WAS INT PROOF? he alone lost thos game lol


    • This dude is clearly a racist POS.

      • pheags,

        Your right but don’t let him rattle your cage. Let him wallow in his own ignorance and stupidity. Every time he posts something just shows how sub-human he truly is. He is just a miserable human being.

        • Exactly! He is the reason I’m glad contraception was created! Hey eaglesinoak, I hope you didn’t procreate, I would hate to know, that there are anymore future you’s out there? Do you know what procreate even means? BTW, typing in all caps, doesn’t scare anyone, nor gets your ignorance across, any more, or less. You still are disgrace to our African American Community. Grow up, & take a good, long look, in the mirror. God don’t like ugly, & Karma is a bitch, my man!

    • You got that right, I’m actually surprised they won the game last week. Foles is nothing more than a new version of Kevin Kolb…..

  16. CANT WAIT TO SEE RG3 embarass eavles next week even on a sprained knee. RG3 the black smart qb NOOOO!!!! go Rg3 Go SKINS #PLAYOFFS

  17. And Mikey still won’t play. By the way did you check the Panthers record yet. It’s spelled P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S.

  18. FOLES BREAK A LEG OR GET CONCUSSED SO WE CANSEe vick. please get hurt just enough to be benched

  19. Ok It is obvious you cannot find the Panthers record or you cannot spell I do not know which but their record is 4-9. Maybe Math is your problem so I am going to help you Tampa has 6 wins and Carolina has 4. 6 is more than 4. There will be a test tomorrow so make sure you memorize. Remember 6 is more than 4.

  20. If you don’t like Foles, then you will have a long time to hate him. Because I don’t thing he will be going anywhere.

    Some fans should follow Michael Vick to his new team next year rather than being miserable watching Nick Foles.

  21. Irish,

    Eaglesinoak isn’t even an Eagles fan. He is just a Mike Vick fan. He is miserable because he has been following an interception throwing, fumble making, can’t read defense loser QB for 11 years. Kind of like the 60’s for us when the birds had Norm Snead.

    • @Phillyfan….what are you like 70? An old man not willing to get with the day and age? I’m surprised you know how to work a computer. What would you say if I told you, that Foles won’t be better than Vick. Vick a loser QB? that is foolish! can’t read defenses? only people that say that are you Anti Vick fans.
      Have you seen the O Line? you do know that if the O Line misses an assignment or RB missing an assignment (Shady has missed a few assignments this year) Its appears as though its the QB fault sometimes? especially when there is a free rusher.
      Have you ever thought about the teams Vick has been on…Entered the league on a team in rebuilding mode. Came to a team that was about to go into rebuilding mode, once Kolb was given the reigns, and still Vick has a QB record with more wins than losses. Also please give me a source that states “Mike Vick can’t read defenses”…

  22. On a lighter note, did anyone see that the Phillies invited Michael Martinez to spring training. This night is getting hysterical.

  23. Ho hum… another day in the life of the eagles…..

    Oline shaky…
    D soft….
    Turnovers galore….
    Coaching bad….

    And the qb is STILL not the problem.

    I guess ill get called a folesapologist now…

    A few more weeks and the dream comes true… good bye andy reid.

  24. Stevo,

    Foles is all we have to hang our hats on right now. Made some mistakes tonight but he is still learning. The drive for a top 5 is alive. Christmas will not come on the 25th for us Eagles fans but on 12/31……hopefully.

  25. Philly… please reread what i wrote. Dont think u got it at all.

  26. Well QB was never the Eagles biggest need. Still not. *shrug* let’s hope the Eagles spend time fixing the team’s real issues in the off season AND get some QB competition in here ’cause while QB wasn’t our biggest problem I’m not sure Foles is def the answer (to the non-probem) so a lil’ competition couldn’t hurt.

  27. QB is not the problem Vick is exponentially better than foles. Its everything else but quarterback..Its youth, inconsistentcy , not following assignments on defense, .. Firing juan was a huge mistake.. gotta draft offensive lineman and sign the best offensive lineman free agent. There is too many needs..

  28. well, told ya ..again.

    They can let Vick go if they want.

    where’s the quick release?……Tall and can see over the line…Smart QB with pocket presence?

    Foles is a damn bum!

    But if he play against the Bucs secondary every week Canton can start on his Statue.

    Foles fever huh?

    Now, didn’t I tell you the Eagles should have picked up Burfict on the cheap?

    You think he was worth a 6th round pick?

    By the way?

    Burfict is better than every linebacker on our team…how you like that for value…Paulman?

    Thought Burfict wasn’t going to play in the NFL?


    • Burfict played a Great Game and is having a great Season
      My hat’s off to him, and especially Coach Marv Lewis and DC Mike Zimmer who got this kid straightened out, spent time with him,had a strict diet program where he lost 15 lbs- placed him with Veteran Players/Mentors which would not have happened in Philly with their COaching Staff. Here’s the Eagles Staff, Here’s our system, now play it.. Good Coaching Staffs tweak their Systems/Schemes based on the Talent Level they have..Coach AR and Staff have never done this… You called it and I tip my hat to you..
      One thing I notice all Season long is that just about every LB Corp the Eagles Face look good when playing the Eagles.. The Panthers, Cowboys, Redskins,Saints,Falcons LB’s all played like All-Pro’s going against this Soft Eagle Offense

  29. @phillyfan seeing how he didnt underthrow that ball by 10 yds and give the game away he looked alot better than Nick Holes

  30. @phillyfan i think looked alright. So whats Foles career record as a starter again? Hows that looking? hows it feel to see the Skins take your spot? lol

  31. i also wanted want burfict.. 101 tackles and a sack.. hes probably going to end up leading the bengles in tackles

  32. @phillyfan no youre right im a fan of good teams. Vick has won three times as many games as Foles lol suck my dick you recovering ginger keystone mick

    • You’re real brave talking behind a computer, keyboard gangster. Also, you said you’re a fan of good teams? Just show what a fraud, bandwagon, front running loser, that you really are. On top of being an ignorant, stupid, racist waste of oxygen.

  33. Let’s get this right…..

    We let our best corner in Asante Samuel go to keep two stiffs from losing teams.

    DRC is damn I said before they traded for him.

    Nnamdi is a safety and no longer have the recovery speed to play corner.

    • Oh but Songs, I recall me and you going at it about the very topic you are speaking of…
      I stated I wanted to keep Asante and felt he was better than Nnamdi. I felt the Eagles should have pursued a LB (preferably Tulloch) instead of going after Nnamdi. You and some others thought I was losing my mind.
      You complain about front office moves, AR coaching, but doesn’t seem you are that much different in regards to personnel moves.

  34. Oh now eaglesinoak is a racist because hes calling it like it is? You guys didnt mind calling Vick dumb, cant read defense, “he likes to play streetball football” among other stereotypical/racist remarks but now that Foles looks like a bum you guys don’t wanna hear it. Make all the excuses you want Foles looks bad and has only won 1 game in his career. For you guys that see color before anything else, you say things like oh look at the poise this kid has, the pocket presence, his long bradylike height and hair, you guys sound ridiculous. The kid is a rookie and you want to anoint him the next Montana over a win over the Bucs who are a .500 team themselves and bc of the way he looks (skin color being the main reason)? Vick played behind the worst oline in the league for all those weeks and got his freakin head took off yet none of you guys made mention of that until the media and national guys said it, now Foles is in there got sacked 6 times last week and made crucial mistakes this week and now you wanna talk about how bad the oline is and how hes just a rookie and its not his fault, cut the crap guys. Don’t call dudes racist when you guys have been saying the same kind of things since the eagles started Vick. The oline sucked sucked sucked all year long and everyone blamed Vick. It was never Vick. Yes he made some bad throws but what QB wouldnt behind that line? Brees leads the league in INTs, why? Because his oline stinks and so does his team. It was the oline and when the oline is bad the entire team implodes, the defense, special teams, bad play calling. Everyone knows that. This is a bad team just let it go… But Vick would be the starter if this team was in playoff contention, I hope you guys know that. Or is Foles bradylike height and hair distracting you from that fact?…

    Just a side note, ever notice how black Qbs are only compared to other black Qbs? RG3 compared to Vick, Vick compared to Donovan, Donovan compared to Warren Moon and so on.. But Andrew Luck who is a white Quarterback, oh hes compared to Peyton, Brady compared to Montana and so on.. Why can’t a black Qb be compared to Brady or Peyton? Its almost like its unthinkable or forbidden to do that. Its pretty sad that people’s minds have been conditioned this way. Its definitely a racist world, and unfortunately it slyly finds its way into team sports.

    • JH, who’s you guys? Vinnie is the only one on here, that goes overboard with the Vick bashing. I’m one of the only ones on here that says it like it is, with brutal honesty, research & facts. I’m no Foles fan, but he has had what, a handful of games to evaluate, Vick has had 10 years of failed football, to have enough to see, that he is not a winner. Make all of the excuses you want. He is what he is! Did you read all of the comments of the dope above? Apparently you didn’t, because you wouldn’t be making your normal, stupid comments. You are one of the biggest frauds, hypocrites & know nothings on here, LIL BRON BRON, so before you go defending a blatant racist above, STFU & look in the mirror. BTW, before you go saying you guys, my dislike for Vick is based on him being a bad QB, who can’t read a DF, is a TO machine, (self admittedly, by a prior interview, that he never had to do it in Atl) not race. I’m Black, Cherokee, Italian, so I could give a rats @$$ if Foles, or Vick are the Red F^#@ING HULK! Vick sucks! Foles is a green QB, unspectacular, unproven & IMHO, isn’t the answer. But what other choice do we have? The Vick experiment is played out, along with this entire staff & FO, Edwards is a career journeyman bum, there are no good QB’s in the draft, that will be an upgrade, right away than Foles, & Flacco, if not Franchised, is the only FA, worthy of signing. So go re-read the racist, JO’s comments above, & if you can still say he ISN’T a racist, you are an enabler, an apologist & a possible racist yourself. Hopefully I’m wrong!

      • DCar just going by wins and losses do you really think Vick is a losing QB and had 10 years of failed football as you put it.?

        • OK – I have to respond to this garbage.

          “Oh now eaglesinoak is a racist because hes calling it like it is?”

          I know youre still butthurt because u thought Foles would win lol FOLES = KOLB
          FOLES BREAK A LEG OR GET CONCUSSED SO WE CANSEe vick. please get hurt
          CANT WAIT TO SEE RG3 embarass eavles
          go Rg3 Go SKINS #PLAYOFFS

          Is that “telling it like it is Jon Hart?? Good to know you hitched your wagon to this clown.

          • Hart:

            “now that Foles looks like a bum”
            He has a higher comp%, less ints, less sacks,….and playing….get this…playing last night with NOT ONE starter from the beginning of the year on offense. Not one.

            “Vick played behind the worst oline in the league for all those weeks”
            Foles is playing behind those guy’s BACKUPS and looks better and doesn’t get hit as much.

            “Yes he made some bad throws but what QB wouldnt behind that line?”
            Well I dunno….but I do now that a 1st year rookie is making LESS bad throws than you beloved former superstar.

            Look I’m really sorry that your favourite player was a healthy scratch last night. Your feelings may be hurt….but like all the pre-game guys were spouting last night “Vick can still play in this league” “If someone just used his talents…” “if someone wants to win now they’ll sign Vick” Yada yada yada….you can know that som team will reluctantly sign the guy and you can have at least 4 or 5 more games to watch your hero fail again next season….albeit on the Raiders.

            As for the rest of us….we’ve come to grips with the fact that Vick is gone, and Foles will probably be the starting QB next year and I look forward to watching him get better every week.

    • You could not have said that better.

    • John Hart you are clearly a racist too. Either that or you might juts be the most retarded person I’ve ever seen post on here. I mean all you have t do is read that retards stupid comments to know what he is. Vinnie already destroyed you entire crap argument that you put together like a 6 year old who knows nothing about football.

      However on the football note, stupid comments like this just make me shake my head at your stupidity…”Vick would be the starter if this team was in playoff contention, I hope you guys know that”…Vick was a major contributor for this team being where it is right now, no where near the playoffs. Please, just follow the guy wherever he goes with the other racist morons on here who could clearly not give a damn about the Eagles. The Eagles don’t need racist low lifes like you guys.

      And You’re right its definitely a racist world out there and one of the biggest reasons that is, is because of people like you and that other moron.

    • @ Jon Hart,

      Nobody compares Vick, McNabb or Moon, to Peyton, Brady or Montana because they are nothing at all alike.

      One big difference is that Peyton, Brady and Montana played in 578 games and won 8 super bowls… Vick, McNabb and Moon played in 504 games and never won a super bowl.

      As far as comparing RG3 to Peyton or Brady or Montana – If you think RG3 plays like any of those guys then you don’t watch much football. RG3’s game is nothing like their game.

      I think you are just looking for a reason say they are discriminated against.

  35. Also, that’s what makes sports fun & interesting. We make comparisons ALL OF the time, to gauge what you perceive the person to be. For example, after the draft I compared Russell Wilson to Troy Smith, according to his carbon copy looks, size, arm & playing style. Boy, was I wrong about him! Dude is a weapon, Smith was a stiff! Does that make me a racist, because a compared a black QB, to another black QB?!? NO, it doesn’t! Just saying genius!

  36. How many people still wanna trade shady since we have bo jackson in our backfield… Idiots.

    defense played well. colt anderson showed me with a competent saftey we would have won a couple of those earlier games..
    Can nick foles throw in bad weather? all his long balls were short last night. thats not a good sign

  37. 1. anyone who said foles was the savriour after last week or says he’s a bum this week is a complete idiot.
    2. Jim Washburm was a HUGE problem
    3. I think Juan may have been ok w/o that a$$ washburn
    4. I didn’t make it to the end last night but am pissed that i’m tired at work after wasting my time watching most of that god aweful game.

  38. Eagles were actually going to take Russell Wilson but seattle snached him up right before us so we took Foles

  39. Why not give polk some carries he had the best ball security in college as washington

  40. Polk can’t make it on the field due to nagging injurires and was another wasted Roster Spot
    2 more Weeks and AR and the complete Staff will be gone as will about 10 players and this gimmicky, high school brand of Football
    2 Trips into the Red Zone and settling for FG’s cost the Eagles this game and I put this more on play calling and personnel packages than Foles
    Having an back up OL go out for a pass in the end zone because the Eagles only have 1 Active TE
    At the 5 yard line and trot out Dion Lewis and D Johnson out there??
    Special Teams a disaster McNutt getting blocked 10 yards back into his own Punter in 3 seconds, DT Thornton trying to catch a pop up kick
    This team is an embarrassment to the City and their fans
    Lurie has finally seen enough . 12/31/2012 can’t come fast enough for this Club
    Gryce Brown will not play if he can’t secure the ball
    Harbor can’t catch in traffic, Maclin & D-Jax are Aussies
    Asmo/ DRC/ Allen are wussies, Colt Anderson is too slow, small to be a Starter in the NFL

    • @paulman . colt anderson is definitely not the answer, but doesnt it just make u feel good when u see a saftey making a play behind the line of scrimmage? or knocking down a deep ball? intstead of biting on play action and pump fakes and then arguing about it on the sidelines???

  41. Some of you need to grow up, be a man, think before you type, go take care of someone other than your insatiable want to bash another human being, start with your family, Vick, foles. Kolb, McNabb, it is not that important, but the vile hate in your posts, damn, take a step back, help somebody today, step up, be a man

  42. If you want to fire an assistant coach how about Bobby April? Special teams are killing this team. Boykin’s on a good kick- off return can’t get it out pass the 20. Every veteran assistant coach Reed has bought in has been a complete failure. I can’t wait for this season to end.

  43. I cant wait til we get a coach that values linebackers and BLOCKING TIGHT ENDS!! im so tired of celek and clay harbor whiffing on blocks its ridiculous..
    Kurt Coleman cant be on this team next year either.
    hes not smart enough or athletic enough. the coaches should have given colt anderson a chance earlier in the season
    All the posters that want defense in the fitsr round, take a look at the right side of that line and tell me joekel shouldnt be there for the next 10 years.

  44. People need to relax with both the Foles and Vick bashing. Vick is not the Eagles QB so let it go. You can’t compare a 10+ year veteran in Vick to a rookie drafted in the 3rd round. Also, it’s very ignorant and short sighted to bring up Foles’ record of 1-4. Foles has NO weapons around him and an offense that kept giving the ball to the Bengals. Yes, Foles had an INT but one INT shouldn’t make a huge difference. No QB is going to succeed with this cast of characters.

    The biggest problem with this team over the past two years has been turnovers. To start the season, Vick was on record pace for turnovers on his own. Our playcalling is probably the worst in the NFL and I think we can all agree that the best thing for this team right now is a new coaching staff.

    And to the poster asking why black QBs aren’t compared to Peyton or Brady, that’s because none of them are like those guys. If you can think of one, please let me know. RG3 looks amazing but his style of play is nothing like Brady or Manning.

    • Funny you should say no QB is going to succeed with this cast of characters, however that is exactly what was expected of Mike Vick . Yeah Vick had the turnovers, but they were mainly due to the amounts of hits he was taking, and he was taking the hits because he had no protection from the oline. Foles has no weapon around him, hell Vick didn’t either, and the few he did have were dropping balls all over the place. You attempt to make a comment that’s neutral, but yet you are saying the same thing as the others, actually you’re saying the exact same thing.

      • Another moron, Vick clearly had much more starters around him than Foles. Stop making up bullshit. He had entire O-line minus Peters, Shady, Djax, Celek…stop acting like he was playing with the same players we have right now. It is what it is. Vick is gone. Foles will be here next year…maybe the starter maybe not…But Vick will be gone. Please go follow him wherever he goes

  45. First of all. I doubt anyone on here was grumbling about Foles when he was 124 yrds a td and no ints and had the team in the lead at half.

    I bet at that point many of you were saying…hmmmm…kid looks pretty good.

    He throws a bad pick midway through the 3rd. I understand that’s a really strange event as rookies never ever make bad decisions.

    Then came what I can only describe as a football abortion. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like what happened next…Brown, Harbour, kick disaster….unbelievable.

    So when Foles finally got ball back game was over. He then struggles down the stretch as Cinci laying back and only playing pass D, and he struggles.

    Ok then.

    He’s a bust I guess.

    • I didn’t he looks like another Kevin Kolb to me.

    • Yea Vinnie the defense had nothing to do with the Eagles having the lead in the 1st half…It was all the rookie’s doing in the first half….The fact the Eagles got the ball in field goal range and had to settle for field goals with great field position…yes, lets give Foles kudos…Get real…

  46. As for comedy….the Bobby April led special teams are my favourite.

    They commit like 87 holding or illegal block penalties….and yet the returners never get past the 22.

    Wasn’t the funniest thing you’ve ever seen is referees calling “holding” penalties on the return when the returner has been tackled at the 15????

    I mean if you’re going to commit holds at least get the returner to the 40 so I can be annoyed the ball is moving backwards……

    pure comedy.

  47. Foles has no weapon around him, hell Vick didn’t either

    If Vick didn’t have weapons…then honestly, what does Foles have?

    Last night he had the Backups to every single player vick had. Now I know QB should elevate all others around them….but even this has limits.

    Foles was playing behind an entire roster that was different than week 1. Every single player. I think that’s unprecedented.

    You know what? I can only imagine Vick behind that squad last night….on top of all the other foibles, I can guarantee you there would have been about 6 sacks on the board against. Deep down you all know this to be true.

  48. I am with you Vinny, and I like what HAC said in this post, or another. You cant make a judgemnt on this guy based on what you have seen so far. You couldnt annoint him the ” the man” last week, nor should you say he is Kevin Kolb this week.

    I personaly think he is the qb of this team, and a very successful on at that.

    That was a big big throw that he made to Clay on that fumble. Yes the one pick was really, really bad.

  49. Play of the Game
    Late 3rd Quarter and still ahead 13-10 after the Bengals made the Interception

    Bengals have the ball, and receive a 10 YArd Holding Penalty making it
    2ns and 20 Yards to go from about mid-field and they run a delay-draw play in which D Ryans failed to protect his gap )(middle of the field) and RB Green rumbles for an 18 yard gain right up the gut, then 3rd & 2, Green runs up the gut again for a 1st Down… Up to the Point the Eagles DL was playing their Best Game of the Season by far, but you sense the air popped out afterwards
    QB Dalton runs a 12 Yard QB keep where again the middle of tehe field (Ryans/Kendricks) were no wehere to be found and Kendricks gave a real half-assed effort for an tackle attempt at the 2 yard line which then Put Bengals up 17-13 and then the subsequent Turnovers by Bryce Brown (Who won’t make an NFL Team until he proves ball security) and then the Kick-off Fumble by Thornton and then game is over within 2 minutes over..
    I’ve stated, that both Ryans/Kendricks show up well on the Stat sheet with many tackles, but where are the tackles being made — 6-8-10 yards down the field.. both players are leg heavy and look spent to me.. Why not rotate in MAtthews,Jordan and Rau to give these guys a rest here in there
    Ryans playing his 1st full 16 Game Season since 2009 (due to injuries in 2010 and missing lots of 2011) and KEndricks in his Rookie Season where in COllege, you season is over in mid-late November and has hit the Rookie Wall.. Again, poor gam eplanning and worse is the being flexible during th game to see whats working scheme wise, what players are pooped and spent and how to react in a game-time scenario.. This has always been Coach AR’s biggest weakness and failure as a Coach, He and his Staff have a game plan and they are unable to deviate and make real-time adjustments which is a reason his Record is 68-59-2 since 2005 who is simply Average

  50. * going to be successful

  51. I don’t think Foles even played that bad as some of you think. I mean did you expect him to throw for 400 yards this time…
    The bengals defense is no joke…I would actually like to see Foles play with Shady in the backfield. Or maybe even his actual WRs and TEs and starters across the LOS like Vick did but obviously we will have to wait to next year for that..
    2 dropped Tds in the redzone
    2 fumbles by his WRs on drives
    Fumbles on Kickoffs
    I mean seriously get a fucking clue, how is any QB suppose to get into any rhythm with that…Foles looked like a solid rookie to me last night which is exactly what he is this year.

    • Foles was bad — stop suppressing reality, his fumble and interception were 100% unacceptable –
      you can still want Foles to continue to receive playing time to learn but don’t substitute Foles bad play with… wasn’t his fault drivel

      • Eagles0…Nope, if anything my post was based on nothing but reality. I never said the dude looked All-Pro or great or anything like that. i said he looked like a solid rookie…which he did! Whats not reality is some of the expectations some of you have when it comes to him. You see I expect to see rookie games out of him..others want him to look like a top 10 QB every game when thats not reality for any rookie. ON top of it, this entire season will be hard to even judge him on accurately since basically every starter is out right now. It will be nice to see him actually play with the actual team instead of one consisting of just backups everywhere.

  52. pheags, I completely agree with you. Eagles number one RB, WR, and TE are all out. He’s playing a makeshift offensive line and he is a rookie. Nobody is going to be successful under those circumstances. Everyone needs to get a little perspective. I realize everyone’s fired up right now and looking for someone to point the finger at but I don’t think Foles is the problem right now.

  53. The QB is not the problem, we talk about this everyday on every post, the problem is the second Foles does anything good here come the negative Vick comments but of course nobody will admit it. Then when Foles makes a mistake here come all the negative Foles comments or the preemptive well he’s only a rookie or your comparing him to a ten year vet. Guess what if they keep thinking down at the Novacare center that the QB will fix it all, this team is going to be bad for a long time

  54. LMAO clay harbor is not much at all of a drop off from celek.. and desean jackson has 3 catches a game.. Its the offensive line… Vick is good and Foles could be one day This team has far more worse problems than quarterback. its too young , they dont play together and the play calling sucks. Not to mention they fired the the best coach on the team.

  55. By the way everybody calling JH out and that other guy, you have no idea how some of the things look that you post on here, we can go back over everyone’s posts and call people out for being racist.

    • No you can’t! You won’t find any racist, ignorance, spewing from me & many others on here. I defend against, what is right, or wrong, not color, religion, nor creed. Some people can’t look beyond their own race, & can’t deal with reality & facts, & when they don’t get their way, or someone differs from their outlook, the race card is immediately used. Go defefend, & excuse those 2 ignorant, racist, retarded trolls, all you want, but their comments, ignorance, shallow minds, & stupidity are well documented! If you can’t see they’d rather root for their false idol Vick, than root for the TEAM to succeed, you have ZERO reading comprehension. The 1 JO openly hoped for Foles to break his leg, get concussed, & made every racist, white vs. black comments, he could, & the other retarded, dickbelt, fraudulent fan, condoned & agreed with him. So WTF are you talking about?!? I’m an Eagles fan, & want them to win, regardless of the QB. The Vick experiment has past its expiration, & its time to move on. Whether it’s Foles, Flacco, a trade, another draft pick, we have to find out. Would we know how great Brady, Young & Warner were, if their teams stuck with Bledsoe, Montana & Green? When it’s time, it’s time! Has nothing to do with race, nor color!

      • @DCAR – and you are just a minute percent of those that may not be racist…don’t go getting all defended if the comments made by JH and EaglesinOak don’t apply to you…Fact of the matter there are some cats on this post that should take notice of those comments…because there are ton’s of stereotypical race related shit stated on this thread by many….including myself. (in regards to IrishEagle being a drunk, Vinnie being a cross dresser, because he speaks to grown men (strangers) on the phone… racist, I don’t know if I would take it that far, and speaking for myself, I know I’m not racist)

        but as I’ve always said, I don’t think its racism between the Eagles fans, its simply prejudices….prejudices they have about a certain type of QB, certain type of system….certain type of WR…yada yada yada

        But I commend JH for speaking on the matter.

      • @Dcar I really must commend you. Time and Time again you cut through the Bullshit on this website and state the truth. The goal of any real Eagles fan should be to get that Ring. QB is the most Important position in ALL of sports. I am sick of all the racist bullshit though about it. Fact Is If Vick was anything Like Brady or Peyton we wouldn’t be having these arguments or discussions. We would all be saying lead us to the promised land Mike. We aren’t though so let’s be adults and Eagles fans and find us a QB that will lead us there. There will always be troll idiots I guess. Makes it very frustrating to post here.

        • @DCar wishing injury on someone makes them an idiot not a racist and if you call them out call everyone out now comprehend that.

        • Like Brady how? play adjustments? I may give you that. But you also have to remember, coaches normally give a QB a pass and a run audible. You guys see Foles change 1 or 2 plays and say he can read a defense. Vick has done the same and its missed only when he made a mistake were the majority of you guys watching…. put a stat on here yesterday, that showed majority of Brady’s completions come under 10 yards…accounting for over 2000 yards. There is nothing special about it…Patriots run a controlled safe offense. With the RB and slot WR being focal points. Do we also fail to mention the strength of the rest of the team? Denver’s defense is much better than our’s this season. Special teams too. O line too. There are way to many of you that don’t consider all factors when it comes to 7…but consider all factors when its comes to 9. The game last night, was just like the majority of the games the Eagles lost last season, where other players besides the QB was turning the ball over. But it was all 7’s fault. Same happened yesterday, it was everyone’s fault but Foles….Even this article trying to give some praise from one mediocre quarter from the QB. I mean really, a quarter where the defense got 2 TO’s and put the Eagles directly in field goal range and only came away with 2 points.

          Not saying 7 would of got the ball in the end zone…but I know had he played and not put the ball in the end zone we’d be talking about the Eagles should of had 21 points in the 1st half, which would of gave them a nice lead and forced Cincy to change their game plan a tad…yada yada yada…yes 7 is a veteran QB, and yes 9 is a rookie…But they both have the same job to do…and both are evaluated on their performance…One quarter is nothing for me to get excited about…its really as simple as that…

          • *meant came away with 6 points (2 FG’s)

          • @RealTalk

            So play calling is what prevents Vick from being as good as Brady?

            Are you saying that Vick would have three rings if he played for NE in place of Brady? Would Vick have thrown 50 TD’s in one season like Brady if the Falcons and Eagles had run a controlled safe offense? You do know that Vick has not thrown 50 TD’s in any two seasons combined, right?

            Would Vick have passed for 5235 yards in one season if he got to throw more short passes to his RB like Brady? You know that Vick never threw for 3400 yards in any season, right?

            Or maybe if Vick played in Denver where there’s a good defense he could get 30 TD’s in a season for the first time in his career. Or maybe he could get 20 TDs/season two years in a row for the first time in his career.

            Some fans should come to grips with the fact that Vick was never a good QB. It’s not just a recent thing, he always sucked.

            • Another dumb ass who lacks comprehension skills…When did I ever say the play calling alone helps Brady…There is more to football than just play calling…I’m saying there are more variables as to why Brady is successful and it is not him alone…do you understand that? His win/loss record has nothing to do with his defense having a bend but not break approach. Or solid special teams play. Or a better O Line. The fact that more than half his passes are 10 yards are shorter doesn’t help a QB out either…Having a good slot WR doesn’t help a QB out, right?
              Again, put down the jack and re read my comment again.

              • Gentlemen as Bill Parcells once said you are what you are…He was speaking about teams and records, but the same apply’s to players. There are few and far between special QBs in the league. No matter what the circumstance Mike has never been able to bring his game to the top level for more than a few games. That’s a fact. What also is a fact is as Eagles fans we need to face facts we might be bad till either Foles gets better and gets help or we get another QB and get them help. Unfortunately this isnt gonna be a quick fix. My only fear is I dont wanna become the Redskins or Cowboys and have decades between playoff wins.

  56. larrwd, good points as well. Although I think he’s a good bit of a drop off from Celek; neither of which are top tier TEs.

  57. The QB is not the problem, we talk about this everyday on every post, the problem is the second Foles does anything good here come the negative Vick comments but of course nobody will admit it. Then when Foles makes a mistake here come all the negative Foles comments or the preemptive well he’s only a rookie or your comparing him to a ten year vet. Guess what if they keep thinking down at the Novacare center that the QB will fix it all, this team is going to be bad for a long time

  58. for anyone who wants to believe and write the QB isn’t the problem drivel
    stop it
    Foles was bad last night, real bad
    16 for 33 for 182 yards 1TD and 1 int is not good

  59. The main problem is consistency and its far worse then game to game.. The players are too young and cant even be consistent from one play to the next. Vick is not the problem. No quarterback could ever get in rhythm under these circumstances. The best thing this team can possible do is build a massive offensive line with a free agent and a top draft pick.. Then sign vick for less money and let everybody battle it out. Short and simple.. Maybe a big fast strong receiver than can go over the middle.. Thats the best they can do. Anything else would be a waste

  60. There is no doubt that Vick is gone along wirth Coach AR..
    Vick has not shown any consistentcy in his 10 Year NFL Career, so why have him around for a rebuild stage of the Franchise..
    Eagles should look very close to what the Indianapolis Colts did last Off-Season
    which was purge about 20 Players from the Rosters, create a newer,more physical style of play, and get new players who fit this philosophy and schemes of the new COaching Staff.. Of course, Foles is not in the same league as Luck, but the COlts have some good young WR’s,TE’s<RB and their Defense is much improved over the previous small but fast schemes employed by their previous Coaches.. It can be done.. Look at Seattle who has 35 of it 50 man Roster only with Carrol's regime for 2 years or less… Time to purge the AR System which includes all of his Coaches/Asst's/Etc and many of its Players and start anew..
    look around the NFC (Giants/Redskins will be the class of the NFC East)
    Packers/Bears still the class of the North, Falcons,Saints, PAnthers and Bucs are ahead of the Eagles in terms of Talent and then the best Division from Top to BOttom is the NFC West with the 49ers,Seahawks very young Teams who will contend for the forseeable future along with the improving Rams..

    Only the Eagles,Cardinals, possibly the Lions & Panthers as long range rebuilding Teams in the NFC, most of the others are on their way up and or have remained competitive due to Solid Drafts & Front OFfice and Scouting, Solid Development of their young players and of course a Solid Coaching Staff who actually has an Identitiy for their Teams.. The Eagles have none of this and are not going to be able to achieve all this in a single off-season..So it will take 2-3 Off-Seasons with the Proper Staff in Place.. so why bother having Vick around to win what, 1 or 2 more games a Season.. This Team/Franchise is not contending for any legitimate deep, playoff Run anytime soon and that's the reality.. and yeas some of you will say, you can't know what' going to happen in 2014 or 2015, and my repsonse is that , sure, but I bet there are 6-8-10 Teams that are better than the EAgles in the NFC come 2014/2015 just by what I see around the NFC Confernece compared to the work that the Eagles have to do just to compete with todays upper echelon Teams

  61. Vick most likely will be released
    the QB position will have a large amount of cash available to upgrade
    the new head coach will want to spend that cash on an option – even if foolishly spent on a unnecessary Matt Flynn, as an example
    Trent Edwards will probable not be back either —–
    Foles can keep any upgrade off the field by succeeding, and right now Foles is not succeeding

    • thats incredibley stupid. laying out a ton of money on a mediocre qb who got beat out by a rookie… stupid- give foles a year. if he blows you have a top 5 pick next year. if he’s good problem solved.
      you don’t foolishly spend a lot of money on a ‘franchise qb’ who blows… thats one of the reasons we are in this mess in the first place!
      look at the bad teams and spending money on terrible qb’s.: eagles, cafdinals, oakland, KC, jets– DON’T DO IT!

    • Trent Edwards is under Contract for the 2013 Season so He and Foles will be at Camp with probably a young QB to learn and groom..
      Again, a lot will depend on who is running the Show
      Remember my buddy Tom Donahoe who will become the VP of Football Ops was working for the Buffalo Bills and Drafted Edwards in the first place..
      My Fear is that Donahoe for familiarity and comfort will offer the HC Posiotn to his close friend, Dave Wannstadt… . Good Grief..

  62. the birds need two more doughnuts to land a top 4 pick
    and QB is back on the draft table after that Foles stinker last night

  63. Foles will be a great quarterback, he has all the tools, be patient, great things on the horizon

  64. Foles needs to take some Steroids/Arm-Strength Creme/ to improve his Arm-strength.. He underthrew 3 of the Deep passes that I saw pretty poorly..
    Had Maclin twice and did not get the ball out in front of him far enough…
    Then Again,m Macling probably would have dropped the pass, stumbled to the ground or fumbled it.. but you guys get the point.. Needs to work on his Deep Passes, He has the arm to get there, but his timing is off and he needs to toss it sooner to meet the WR who are running full strde..

    • i think he is ok on the deep ball– not so much last night but i think he can get the ball out there. my concern is velocity– throwing from the hash to the opposite number– that is the true test and where the real QB’s separate themselves.

  65. Heres what I would do as of now….

    1) Hire DC from San Fran.
    2) Let Vick walk.
    3) Try and add Bowe
    4) Get a deal done with DRC
    5) Draft day trade for a starting SS- Size over speed please
    6) Sign a vet CB and let Nnamdi walk
    7) Draft best overall player aval.

  66. Im not going to argue with points we dont know for certainty.. – Foles this point doesnt have great arm strength and perhaps never will .. another reason for him to be a game manager.. Honestly, foles right elbox sticks out when he throws and unless he fixes that he will never have great arm strength or even very good arm strength .. He has average arm strength right now.

  67. Paulman, do you realize foles has been scouted by professionals, picked at prodded over, the arm grades out as a plus, it’s a timing issue, or, if you have played football, sometimes balls are under thrown, over thrown, besides, even if the arm was not a plus, you do not need a big arm to succeed, see joe Montana, and foles will get stronger as he is young, has a big frame to add mass, foles is the real deal, build around him

    • and sometimes the underthrow is the one that only the reciever can see and get to.
      like i said i’m optimistic about him– he’s struggled a bit on sideline throws and i don’t know if it was arm strength or timing. i think he has a huge upside. I’ve said from the beginning i’m hoping flocco

  68. Larwd, all hard throwers stick their elbow out while in the load phase of throwing, its the result of loading the scapula, a sure sign h has plenty of arm strength, some of you guys make up shit just to discredit his promise, if he threw three pics you would be talking about that but, he’s the best quarterback prospect since mcnabb, and If i am correct he will be the best in eagles history

  69. Birds first aNd foremost must hire the right coaches to lead a foles led team

  70. Im not speaking about the load phase.. He does it as he releases which is odd.

  71. picture on this thread that doesn’t show that?

  72. cant really tell on that picture..

  73. As far as the the racism philly is one of the most racist cities.. So much different than New York

  74. only speaking for sports .. dont know about anythign else .. but there was an article somewhere how the phillies where the least diverse baseball club .. but now its changed a bit

  75. Larwd you have to go back to the fifties or sixties with that racism concerning the Phillies the picture above shows foles at full extension on release, another indicAtor he’s mechanically sound, his arm pronates

    after release like all hard throwers arms do, that results in the elbow sticking out, find something to legit crit him like he sometimes stares down receivers or not that athletic

  76. Im telling you jakedog he is not a hard thrower.. ive seen him throw semi soft on sideline throws and miss deep throws.. and thats just one picture watch the motion in the game… I wish it wasnt true but it is.. I still think he can throw 60 yards.. But there are guys out there throwing 80

    • MAybe some time in an actual NFL conditioning program will help the kid get stronger…You know he will have some of the best conditioning/strength people around to build him just like all the other rookies will. I mean its just common sense that guys get bigger and stronger in the NFL as time actually goes by.

      Except for Djax that is…He obviously stays away form the weight room. probably because he wants to keep his ridiculous speed…would like to see him build up like a Carolina Steve Smith tho

  77. For his size his arm is average.. maybe he can improve maybe he cant .. if its the latter we could get bobby hoying’d

  78. Jake ,
    I read up on him too and brought up that Nick Foles as a Possible Draft Choice last December/January by the Eagles when most of you never heard of him
    I stated about the Pocket Posie, the Leadership Quality, does not get rattled easily,and can take a hit and a has good NFL Arm, who can make the Throws.. in fact, I had him Rated at the Top of the Tier II QB’s in the 2012 Draft (behind Luck/RGIII but and stated that Foles had more upsdie potential upside at the NFL Level than a Weeden,Tannehill and Russell Wilson
    I stand by my evaluation of the guy from las tyear, he jsut needs more reps, work out his mechancics a bit and step into his throws more and the sky’s the limit as long as he has weapons/good game plans and a strong running game to work with
    I believe I stated that Foles reminded me of a young Big Ben when he came out of College and that Foles is actually more advanced then Big Ben was when he entered the Pro’s..

  79. He’s a little late getting some of those balls out. That’s a bigger issue I think. That often) comes with experience.

    That underthrow Reid says Foles waited too long with his lookoff and Maclin too far down field. Then Foles said ball slipped a bit.

    It doesn;t concern me that much because every single scouting report I’ve read says his arm is $$. He’s going to put on 10 lbs of muscle this offesaon as all rooks do. He’s going to be coached to better mechanics over the next 10 years.

    We do all realize that going in to this game he was the nfls active leader in passes without an interception (at 169) don’t we?

    Or that he was only sacked 1x against the league’s best pass rushing team in the league?

    These positives are much more important than any arm issues that can be worked out.

  80. I see that my post struck some nerves. The truth hurts doesnt it. You guys can twist MY words all you want you know exactly what I was saying in that post thats why I received the reaction I did. And all those that gave a rebuttal to my post are the main ones on this site that say the most prejudice/ racially motivated comments on here and hate to be called out about it. Call it the way it is instead of pushing your emotions into every argument. You guys said I agreed with eaglesinoak hoping Foles gets hurt and crap like that, me agreeing with him was not in regards to that (And you clowns know that). What I agreed with was already mentioned in my post. Im not here to go back and forth with you guys about it. What I said is the truth not just my truth. Open your eyes and stop with the Great White Hope mess. Its not about that. This team has had issues dating back to the end of the McNabb error into last year and now this year. The QB was not the issue last yr or this year. The oline/defense and special teams all were all the main issues. And you guys are so sure that Vick is gone, wouldnt it be funny if they were to keep Vick and have Foles and Edwards behind him. Im sure it would upset you Vick haters.. But this is about the success of the team, not anything else. I hope Foles does turn out to be a player for us but hasnt looked good at all except for his game against the Bucs who are a .500 team and even that game he made bad decisions throwing the ball at the other team and fortunately managed not to get picked off though it was in the hands of the defenders.. But we will see. He has alot of growing to do..

    • JH,
      You don’t seem to acknowledge that the same fans that want Vick gone today will hate Nick Foles and want him gone by mid-season next year if the Eagles don’t win. When Ron Jaworski was the QB people screamed for Randall.

      When it comes to sports fans there’s very little racial bias, they just want wins. Do you really think Eagles fans would rather lose with a white QB than win with a black QB? If those fan exist I don’t know any.

  81. Jh how old are you, what is your background, because you come off with a lot of arrogance yet little wisdom…

    Do you realize that the critics of foles never mention that unlike Vick, foles is a rookie …

    Consider this also, unlike Vick last year and a part of this year, foles has played with 4 out if 5 offensive lineman out , no shady, no djax, Vick had Tyne benefit of all of that, but ah, he didn’t get it done because of play calling.

    Throw foles behind a rookie o line, no shady, no djax, no running game and the man has the best performance of a quarterback in the modern eagles era.

    But you want to float prejudice, the race card, well it ain’t happening , because nick foles is the best quarterback prospect since mcnabb, and once he does the work for which he is envisioned, your sophomoric posts will join the garbage heap of the idiotic, the prejudiced, the racists, the non eagles fan, so gtfo while the getting is good you low trough mother fucker

  82. “but hasnt looked good at all except for his game against the Bucs ”

    What does “looked good” mean?

    Does he “look good” compared to a 10 year veteran superstar like Manning or Brady – no he doesn;t

    Does he “look good”compapred to his 5 game rookie peers over the past 3 years? – yes, he does actually. He compares very well.

    Does he compare to other Eagles rookie Qbs? – yes he does, acctually.

    So you decide who you are comparing Foles with Johnhart before you go screaming about how everyone who thinks the kid has potential is a racist…..

  83. according to profootball talk possibly Tom Heckert may be released by cleveland .Do tou thimk Lurie would replace Roseman with Hecker

  84. eagle come on guy..Heckert is a damn bum who should not have been hired here in the first place. He was a damn lacky picked by Reid after he brown nosed Lurie and got the real talent pickers Modrak and Marc Ross outta here.

    Banner is the one firing Heckert and that speaks volumes because Banner have worked with him for years in Philly.

    Marc Ross would be nice or the Joel Patten from the 49ers.

    Joel Patten have put together a powerhouse roster in San Francisco.

    I also want Rex Ryan as head coach with Norv Turner running the offense.

    Draft a want Geno Smith at QB competing for a starting job…he’ll win right out.

    2nd round Tony Jefferson or Eric Reid* if he’s still on the board

    3rd round The best offensive lineman available

    4th the best SAM linebacker available

    5th the best offensive lineman available

    6th the best special teams returner as a specialist on the board

    7th the best tackling special teams player on the board.

  85. We have already seen Lurie aned Donahoe terminate 2 of Andy Reid’s People in at the Director of Dept Levels aof Cimmunications and Marketing over the last month.. Anyone to do with Andy Reid will no longer be wroking for the Eagles
    so the possibility of Tom Heckert Returning is not going to happen or even be considered by Lurie & Donahoe during this transition..
    You will see people that Donahoe knows and has probably worked with before would be a my guess..

  86. Heckert was a Andy Reid guy which is why Joe Banner will relieve him of his Duties.. Joe Banner and Andy Reid did not see eye to eye on many things and did not have a close working relationship and especially since about 2008/2009 or so which is why Banner put his guy in place (Roseman) to protect Lurie from another Andy Reid fella in the GM/Contracts Role..

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