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Lurie And Reid Release Statements About Garrett Reid’s Possession Of Steroids

Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie were running from the police report that Reid’s son Garrett Reid had a large amount of anabolic steroids in his possession when he died at training camp during the summer.  The younger Reid was helping the Eagles as an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

The fact that he was in possession of anabolic steroids would lead anybody to wonder whether he was distributing the steroids to Eagles players.  If the younger Reid had ever distributed any steroids to Eagles players, it would open up the organization to some major legal problems.

Lawyers for Lurie and Reid moved quickly to eliminate any thoughts of that probability by releasing statements.

Lurie released the following statement:

“The news today on Garrett Reid’s possession of steroids is disappointing. It’s clear the conduct in which he apparently engaged runs counter to the values and principles mandated for everyone associated with our organization. We have spoken with the league office and have pledged our full cooperation with their requests should there be any. While we remained saddened by the tragic end of a young man’s life and know how hard this must be for the entire Reid family, we are extremely confident that Garrett’s actions were unknown to those around him and did not involve our football team.

“The NFL has a rigorous drug testing program for its players. It is a matter of record that none of our players has tested positive for any of the steroids mentioned in the district attorney’s report.”

Reid released the following statement:

“As you all know, my son Garrett battled addiction for many years. While there were some victories along the way, it ultimately was a battle that he lost and that cost him his life. Our family feels the pain of that loss every day.

“Today’s report saddens me greatly, but only confirms the troubles Garrett encountered in the final years of his life. As parents, we were encouraged by his apparent progress but, like many addicts, he was able to conceal the signs of relapse.

“Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles organization and the people of Philadelphia have been remarkably supportive of my family throughout our ordeal. I am confident that my son’s decisions did not affect our football team in any way. I cannot apologize enough for any adverse appearances that my son’s actions may have for an organization and a community that has been nothing but supportive of our family.” on Facebook

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79 Comments for “Lurie And Reid Release Statements About Garrett Reid’s Possession Of Steroids”

  1. Not to be insensitive here
    But does the timing of any circumstances of Garrett’s Tragic ending come at a
    Unusual time (before Coach AR final home game) seem a little odd??

  2. I wonder how much was paid to keep this under wraps during training camp?

    So cops seen this and said nothing huh?

    I told everyone back then that players couldn’t respect Reid because his kids were out in the open drug users and pushers….not just privately but around the team.

    How can a coach tell a player to keep his nose clean when they’re witnessing his family?

    Reid destroyed this team on every level imaginable and should not receive one ounce of sympathy from us…

    And Lurie?

    Now you make a statement?

    Where were you been when this guy was trashing your organization?

    You knew this problem the whole time yet said nothing and allowed this incompetent coach and father to destroy the team and make decisions when he should have been fired.

    Lurie is also complicate and for the losers on here who claim he shouldn’t have been fired because of his kids?



    Banner got the hell outta there and I don’t blame him.

  3. Andy Reid should have resigned, been let go when his sons, were jailed for drugs, weapons, what has this country come to, it’s pathetic, all for what, was it worth it Andy, you have aged 20 years in 14, you have won nothing, go retire and go on a speaking tour telling fathers to first and foremost be a man at home, take care of your family, raise your children, protect them from this screwed up country, if you can, this is just football, pure entertainment for the likes of gcobb posters, it’s not important at all, except for a diversion for us from every day life

  4. Songs, you’re making some colossal assumptions by claiming Reid and Lurie knew about the drug dealing. Do you really think Garrett wasn’t able to do that stuff behind the scenes? C’mon dude, you’re better than that. And to say Reid deserves no sympathy is the most asinine comment you’ve made in quite some time. The dude’s son died way too early, which speaking as a father, is something no parent should ever have to go through. I’m over Andy Reid the coach just as much as the next guy, but one thing I can say about him, is that he’s an extremely good man and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

  5. Another conspiracy theory…
    You know who some of the Players that were closest to Garrett Reid..
    Try Danny Watkins and Todd Herremans…. (read between the lines fellas)

  6. I am challenging you. A good man like the alpha lion takes care of, protects his den, first, foremost, above all.

  7. some absolutely disgusting comments here today. some of you just have no class, no heart, no compassion. someones child died you scumbags.

    you dont like the team, the coach, the players ok but dont judge someone you know nothing about outside of what they do for your team.

    grow up and get some class

  8. All you need to know, of what kind of a failure of a Father, & a person Reid is, look no further, than the day after his junkie, drug dealing Son, was buried. He didn’t take anytime off, to help console his other children, or his wife. He’s a bigger failure of a Father & Husband, than he is a HC! Went back to work, THE NEXT DAY! TO A PRE-SEASON PRACTICE! Honestly, he ought to be ashamed of himself, & Lurie is a bigger POS, for allowing him back, that soon. Can’t wait ujntil this entire, nauseating, embarrassing, circus, is outta here! 19 viles of steroids, 10+ bags of heroin, needles & syringes, yeah, ALL HIS?!? Are we actually supposed to believe, that he wasn’t dealing?!? GIVE ME A F^#@ING BREAK!!!! GO AWAY!! THE LOT OF YOU!!!!

    • ^^^ you are a disgrace to this country and mankind

      • Am I? How so? You think it’s right that he didn’t give a F^#@ about his wife & other children, & went back to work, for a practice, the next day? What, his Son wasn’t a drug dealing, junkie, waste of oxygen? Everything I stated was a FACT! Apparently you have ZERO idea, how drugs are a plague on our society! They are the root of the majority of crimes in this country, & is destroying Families at a time! My Family, was decimated by it! Why don’t you try finding your Father dead of a Heroin OD, 3 of your childhood friends, being gunned down in drive-by’s, in drug related incidents, then maybe you have the right to call me a disgrace to the Country & Mankind! It’s F^#@ing clueless, enabling, @$$clowns like you, that turn a blind eye, rather the look at the truth & reality of things, that currently plague this country, especially this city. I’ve lived here my entire 44 years on this earth, & this city is turning into a drug dealing, drug infested, plagued, rat hole. So go F^#@ yourself! All junkies & especially dealers, all need to be in the ground. PERIOD! You can’t handle the truth, too bad!!!

        • ^^^ you are a disgrace to this country and mankind

          I wont address any of your comments, or questions because of what you are

          • Do you think I honestly give a f^#@, what you think, or what you say. Just because you disagree, gives you zero credibility with your comments! Keep enabling, you brainless, mindless, ballless, bleeding heart liberal! I could care less what you think! Keep living in your deluded world, where everything is puppies, kittens & rainbows! I know what kind of a person I am. I am a good Grand Father, Father, Husband, Brother, Friend & Human being. I will continue to try to clean up the streets. I will continue to teach right & wrong, & will continue to tell it like it is! SO, continue to enable, look the other way, make excuses, & ill-prepare, I’ll continue to protect, prepare, care for, love, & direct my loved ones in the right direction. People like YOU, are the disgraceful wastes to mankind!

  9. Well, apparently he wasn’t dealing to the players, because at 4-10, I’d want a refund. I don’t see any roid rage out there!! He must have been giving them saline shots instead! WHAT A CRUEL, NAUSEATING, JOKE! I don’t know about you guys, but right now, I have organizational fatigue, & can’t root at all, for anyone on this team! Massive changes are critical, or they will lose A LOT of fans!

  10. Whether you want to be sentimental or not for Reid, the bottom line is that this story a huge black eye for the entire football organization…A “staff member” of the strength and conditioning program brings steroids with him to Training Camp? Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t even grasp the stupidity of that…If I was Lurie I would fire Reid on the spot today. This is so embarrassing to the football organization and If your Lurie you need to protect your product, its a business. This story puts his business on blast, and questions any type of integrity that can be associated with it. Unbelievable that Reid is still the football coach as I’m typing this

    • pheags88, Lurie doesn’t give a f^#@, & he couldn’t care less about anybody else! If he did, he would have fired the Hindenburg, at the seasons starting press conference, when he said “fools gold” & “unacceptable.” He’s inept, incapable, of making rational, & proper decisions. He will NEVER CARE & NEVER RELATE, to us, or reality! He will always be a spoiled, silver spoon fed, lil rich boy, with a toy. He needs to remember who helped him build his $$$$ maker! We did with our blue collar, hard working taxes, & all of the f^#@ing hard working $$$$ we dish out to watch this trash truck juice! This might be the most embarrassing, disgraceful, inept, non-friendly, delusional team, I’ve EVER seen!

  11. Dcar I agree with you on that 4-10 part but any logical person could come to the reasonable conclusion that a person that brings steroids to a NFL football camp, who also is a member of the staff thats in charge of making the players stronger, knew what his intentions were. Just because our players passed drug tests doesn’t mean shit…(Lance Armstrong anyone), Doesn’t mean he didn’t sell them, or get connections to others buyers around the league. Its just truly absurd that this even happened. This would have put me over the edge if I was Lurie…his team right now is an out of control, sloppy mess thats needs to be blown up from top to bottom. What a disgrace the Philadelphia Eagles are from the team I thought they were

  12. Uh…I think this article needs to be deleted immediately, many of these responses are just so far beyond baseline offensive.

  13. or comments need to be deactivated.

  14. Other then being Andy Reid’s son I cannot believe people think that strength and conditioning coaches have nothing to do with steroids, look around the league you can really think all these suspensions are for adderall? Somebody research that pos Joe Vitt and tell me how the Saints could be have him be there HC. You can wish Andy gone and with some of the decisions he’s made he only has himself to blame, but why kick this good man when he’s down?

  15. I am going to regret it as soon as i hit ‘post comment’ because I too believe AR is a good man but i harken back to the day his sons were arrested and went before the judge who described the scene at the Reid house as a dysfunctional, open air drug market. At the time I assumed AR was a workaholic and didn’t have a handle on his adult sons because of work and ignorance to drugs. But that comment always bothered me, then this….. I hope i’m wrong but maybe his arrogance got in the way again. I was looking to his end with respect and would have even cheered him if i were to go to the game. now i just want him to go away quietly.

    • HAC, I never said Andy Reid wasn’t a good man. I’m sure he is. My point was just that this story is a black eye for this organization and that if I’m Lurie I end this sloppy mess now. However, Being a good man doesn’t mean authority and accountability doesn’t apply to you. This entire thing should just end today before it gets possibly worst the next 2 weeks for the sake of everybody.

      • didn’t say you said he was bad…. i guess what i’m trying to say there has been a downward spiral in the AR era and it directly coincides with the drug addiction problems. The really bad and wierd decisions all kind of started when the boys went crazy with drugs.
        just how this whole drug thing can bring a good man down. thats all.

  16. Butch, why are the comments offensive, because the truth hurts?!? You know what’s OFFENSIVE, this entire organization, from Jeff- Christina- Banner Rosebuds- Hindenburg- Vick- Babin- Crotchburn- Castillo- Drafting- Heartless players- O Superbowls! That’s offensive, & it ain’t borderline!

  17. It’s heartwarming that so many people are disturbed by people who aren’t giving Reid a pass on this.

    Andy Reid has made and continues to make bad decisions. They apply to football when he puts his son who has well-known dependency problems into a position that directly impacts the team. Couldn’t he have worked to get Garret a job selling burgers at a concession stand so that he wouldn’t be a potential problem for the club? Or is that not dignified enough – only good for ‘little people’? Aren’t there a thousand jobs around the franchise that Reid could have pulled a favor to place his kid? Huh?!?!

    The answer, of course, is yes. But I suspect Reid wanted to keep an eye on his twenty-NINE year old son. I suppose he doesn’t make enough money to hire an investigator to keep tabs on him, so get him a job close by? In any event, he put the Eagles in a position where they could be directly harmed by the actions of someone who, if I’m thinking of the correct drug-dealing Reid son, attempted to smuggle heroin into prison with him. Genius. What could possibly go wrong?

    This was a horrible decision – among many horrible decisions – and relates to Reid’s personal ability to run the team (ANY team, really). It’s tragic that Garret Reid overdosed. I can’t imagine a greater pain as a father. But even when people deserve a second chance, you don’t want to put them in a position where their meltdown casts a shadow over the entire team. Clearly, there were other ways to put the 29 year old “kid” to work somewhere that couldn’t make such a ripple effect if something bad happened. And Reid failed the team on this – regardless of how much anyone may like him as a person.

  18. excellent points timm00 and I agree with you 100%
    Coach AR failed his Family, enough said, his Football matters and the rest of it are inconsiquential at this point .. To Compound this, Owner Jeff Lurie failed in his Role of Owner of the Eagles and not insisting and making Coach AR get the Help, take the time he needed to take care of his Family and to remove him as VP Of President Ops and the HC, who would be clearly able focus on the job at hand (which is to win a Super Bowl) which obviosuly AR was unable to do with his familiy situation..
    After he took a leave of abscense a few years back, Owner Lurie should have never gotten in the position that he did having Ried hold both Titles of
    VP of Footbal OPs as well as HC. Lurie had 3-4 Years to work on a succesion plan and to divy up the duties of the Football Operations and he failed to do so.. Lots of blame here and I believe that Andy Reid has a good heart in trying to do the right things, I just think he’s incapable of making sound descisions as he has proved time and time again.. The VP of Football Ops should have been stripped years ago after the first incident, it’s difficult enough to be a HC or a VP Of Ops or a GM and when you attempt to have a single Person handle these duties,you are not doing justice to your Franchise which is where I blame Lurie who had every opportunity to mandate to Coach Andy Reid how things are now going to be done in the aftermath of his original Leave of Abscense when his Boys first got in trouble..



      • Amen! His son was a grown man whom happened to battle a searous substance issue. I am a big supporter of Andy Reid, the person. It is in utterly terrible taste people on here are putting the death of his son on his shoulders.

        • Nobody is blaming him for the death, I’m disgusted of the lack of compasion he showed his other children & Wife, after he just buried his Son. He’s an arrogant, selfish, POS! I’m a Father of 4, & IT’S my JOB to be there for ALL of my Family! YES, BTW, he did fail his Kids, he cared more about his failed team, than he did his Family!

  19. Unbelievable that people are making this an issue, everything is perfect in our world and none of us has any skeletons in our families. But I guess it’s okay to judge and ridicule coach Reid because he’s a public figure. If that makes you feel better bash on.

    • No, you simply don’t get it. The fans did not make this an issue. The people responsible and in charge did. And like I said before, just because he was a good man outside of football doesn’t mean accountability and authority doesn’t apply to him. What kind of world would that be. Its unbelievable what winning football games can do for you…and that goes for coaches and players. Look at that Dallas Cowboy player that was on the sideline for the game this past sunday. Thats ridiculous.

    • Ah, the pointless voice of righteous indignation!

      Obviously, when the owner of the organization who doesn’t talk to anyone feels the need to make a press release and note that they will cooperate with any investigation that league may want to invoke, the absurdity of your question becomes more clear. Steroids in the hands of people working with players to make them stronger is major public relations mess – at minimum.

      So in fact, the more reasonable question is ‘why aren’t people making a BIGGER issue of this?’

      Now go back to your job laying down in puddles in Andy Reid’s path so he doesn’t get his feet wet.

  20. He failed as a Father with his Kids when they were younder & Teenager’s and wasn’t around enough as he was too busy with his “Football Career” that led to his Kids as they got older to get involved in more risky,poor behavior and the subsequent legal/drug issues.. I wonder if AR “coddled” his Kids like he did with his Players which ask’s for little accountability,repsonsibility and ownership from them and continue to take the “hits’ himself which is how he ran his Teams and most likely ran his household.. ..Who knows and it’s a sad story any way you look at it, but Garrett was 28/29 and not a kid anymore and free to make his own decisions/choices in life..






      • Sorry Mr Reid, if you don’t like the truth, leave this Country, if you are ashamed! If the truth hurts, TOO F^#@ING BAD!!! SEE I CAN SPEAK IN ALL CAPS TOO, YOU CLUELESS @$$HOLE!!!! Leave with your idol, at the end of the year, so we can get rid of 2 clueless JO’S!!!!

    • you have no idea if he FAILED. you have no idea wtf you are talking about which is pretty much standard operating procedure for you. funny you start out saying he failed and end saying “who knows’ …. well you dont! thats for sure.

    • Paulman I’m with you on a lot of topics. But, this is just totally out of touch with what’s important.

  21. What business of him failing as a father got to do with us. How has that affected your life? Unreal.

  22. We all have shortcomings,
    My Point is that Owner Lurie knowing that the distractions and issues that Coach AR was going thru with his boys over the last 5-6 Years should have stepped in and remove the over-load that has been placed on AR’s Plate for the better of the AR himself and for the betterment of the Franchise and should have demanded that AR take time off (epscially after the Death of his Son in Late July) AR needs to step away and rejuvenate himself and you can’t do that working 80-100 Hours a Week for an NFL Team..
    Say what you want guys, but just “staying busy in you own work environment” because that’s how I grieve, is plain living in “Denial” which is what we’ve seen from Andy Reid on many issues and fits his personality profile to a “T” ..Get consumed in your work in hope that the real issues go away which sadly, many people think actually works…

  23. My 1st Statement on this entire Story was based on these thoughts..
    The timing of this news (Steroids being annouced now, 5 months after Garrett’s death) is unusual and odd since Coach AR final Home Game as Head Coach is a few days away.. My point is this “News” being used by the Organization to kick Andy Reid when he’s down and show how much control he that AR lost over his tenure as he’s kicking kicked out the door
    or is this story of the incident to remind people about the tragic circumstance to feel more sympathy to the man, the Father of a Drug Addict who is a person just like us and has many human issues to deal with, just like us, to help soften the blow by being relieved of his duties…

  24. Drug Addiction is a terrible thing, and this I do know about..
    You are not going to beat it alone and need a 100% Committment from your “Support System” (Family,Friends,Church,Help Groups) and the Addict him/herself to do whatever is neccessary, whenever it’s neccessary to beat it and to stay on top of it to keep out of harm’s way just to have a fighting chance…

  25. when Andy Reid put a heroin dealer/user and a steroid dealer/user in the weight room of a college campus he invited these amateur critic’s comments
    if the Eagle players weren’t using his stock pile of steroids than maybe a Philadelphia Eagle employee was selling them to Lehigh students ( which speculation is worse )

  26. If you have children who have struggled with addiction it’s not hard to sympathize with Andy Reid…. Reid and his family had thought Garret’s drug problems were behind him

    Bill Belichick’s son Stephen was arrested for drugs at one point in his youth and is now an assistant coach with his father. It’s not unusual for people to change.

    There’s no doubt that Reid’s kid was using drugs but there’s no evidence that he was selling drugs. 19 vales of steroids, 10+ bags of heroin, 47 syringes and 64 needles sounds like an addict’s stash to get through to the end of camp.

    You can’t just jump to conclusions because you don’t like Reid.

  27. Andy Reid failed his famy, that’s apparent, at least his failure did not lead to the massacre of others, take care of your children. Be a father. Raise your sons

    • It is not apparent. You have no idea. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. Unless you were at their kitchen table nightly you have no idea.
      You love your children, provide for them and in the end sometimes it comes down to a little luck

      • HE IS NOT A GOOD PERSON! Talk to any of the employees, past & present at the Novacare complex, & you’ll see what kind of arrogant, condescending, stubborn creep, he really is! I’m not referring to his enabler Lurie, either!

        • Interesting approach. I’d love to talk to someone from the complex to find out. Reid’s arrogance is undeniable. And I struggle right now to think of one person I know who is publicly arrogant (like the way Reid treats local media) and who happens to treat “little people” with respect.

          This doesn’t mean he can’t be a good person, though. But in the absence of direct experience, it makes me more inclined to believe he’s not.

          I don’t know enough to judge if he’s good or not (DCar, you have more data than I do, so I won’t challenge your position), but I have to say I find it interesting that people, in the absence of data, will assume the man is “good.” It’s a neat sociology experiment, but it misses the point that the man should have never put his team in the position it’s in when he hired his kid. It was a terrible idea no matter what kind of man Reid is.

          • timm, some people just close their eyes, look the other way, enable, & see what they want to see, that’s why drugs, especially with our youths, is plaguing our society, & rotting us from within! All I can do is keep advising our youth, keep trying to keep the streets clean, & do the right thing. Some of the bozo enablers, would rather name call, rather than open their eyes, & see reality. It’s a shame, because, they are the ones, I see EVERY DAY, losing their kids to drug related offenses, crime, & deaths. Keep enabling, making excuses, missing the cries for help, & blaming others, what you bozo’s out there should be doing, is look in the mirror & say what I can do to help, not look the other way, & blame others for self failure! That’s exactly what Reid is, A FAILURE, IN EVERY WAY!!!! Sorry to be so brutally honest!

  28. I wouldn’t necessarily say “you have no idea” about what went on. The courts have documented the details. Its no secret, thats what happen when you go to prison, your personal business becomes public. It just is what it is. Bottom line is he failed the Philadelphia Eagles by allowing this to happen.

  29. You weren’t ther. You read an account from a judge in a high profile case. If you weren’t there you have no idea what kind of a dad he was.
    I do worry that the turmoil that found him with the drugs affected his team… And as someone said earlier maybe Lurie should have set him down with a leave of absence. Don’t know of you can legally required that…

  30. Could Rex Ryan be part of the Eagles organization next year? it could happen. As a D-Cord he would be perfect. Jets defense is ranked 8th this year. He would bring a cocky. nasty attitude to this D that right now is softer than a Mr. Softy’s soft serve. Back in 2008 I was begging for the Eagles to hire Wade Phillips and looks what he has done in Texans? Rex Ryan is a defensive mastermind however as a head coach not so much.

  31. No Rex Ryan, he will take a year off like Andy Reid will and will
    Re-charge and collect their buyout settlements
    These men have too large of Egos to return to a coordinator level
    I do think Norv Turner has the mental make-up to return as an O/C with the right Club

  32. To ES,
    The Eagles could look at Mike Pettine who is the NY Jets DC adn from the
    Langhorne/Northeast Philly Area I believe.. Ryan is out of the question

  33. Why cant Lurie put together a Dream Team coaching staff? I dont think anyone would hire Rex Ryan as a head coach again unless he goes to college perhaps Bama would be interested if Sable joins the NFL again. I still think Bill Cower is the guy and im sticking with it.

  34. Because Lurie doesn’t know Football ES and has very little knowledge about
    what type of Philosophy/Schemes and how or what type of Player Personnel are better suited to be productive in whateve kind of Philosophy/Schemes they will employ next. Tom Donahoe, I assume, will handle the nuts and bolts of the next Coaching Search but will get imput from Lurie & Roseman for they need to make sure that the are comfortable with and are on-board with this new Hire’s approach, timeline,plan of action and what Style of Football he envisions with the Eagles moving forward..

    • Fraud can we assume that Lurie was a fan of football before he purchased the birds? Can we further assume that he has access to the elite of nfl coaches, GMs and owners? He has had the team for 16 years. He is very bright. And you think thatyou know more football than him? You think he doesn’t know philosophy, scheme? Doesn’t watch game film? Talk to serious football people? That is another completely assanine statement in a long line of them

  35. He’s a Businessman HAC who happens to love the Sport and Owns an NFL Franchise, this makes him no more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the Game or how to jusdge Talent,Players,Coaches,Schemes,
    Just because a person Follows a Sport does not mean they are very knowledgeable about it, some are jsut fans and get excited about the big plays,full stadiums, full concessions and the Cash Register goign cha-ching,cha-ching,cha-ching..
    Yes, I do think I know more about Football than Lurie for I have watched and followed the entire NFL and have for 35 Years.. but putting that on the back-burner, let me ask you this, If Lurie is so smart about Football, then how could he consciously,as the Owner and the Smart Football Man allow this Franchise sinke to become the worst Team in the NFC Conference and now in the Bottom 5 Teams/Franchises in the entire NFL..
    I’ve said this many time, The Eagles Franchise and Coach AR and his Staff never recovered from the ass-kickings they got in back to back Weeks to end the 2009 Season to the hated Cowboys led by the genius Coach of Wade Phillips.. I am not sure if you notived but it will be 2013 in 2 Weeks..
    How can such a ‘smart Football Man” allow his Team, his Business Enterperise and yes, his Reputation as a Leader allow this to happen..
    He became too comformable with the record $$ pouring into the LInc, Coach AR became too comfortable with having basically all control of the Football Ops/Coaching Duties and his Staff (MM in particular) became too comfortable with called the same plays/formations for 5-6-7 Years in a row not thinking that NFL Defenses have learend how to Defend their System..
    Owner Lurie should sell the Team

    • He has as more than you because of his exposure. And you claim to know of schemes and philosophies. Point is he has an idea of what he wants.

    • Jeff Lurie has proved himself to be only a little bit better at making ownership decisions than the Ford clan fronting the Lions. Maybe he can hire Matt Millen to help out Howie the accounting-boy-genius-cum-football-player-talent-genius.

  36. Coach AR should have been fired after the 2009 Season

  37. I was out watching that game ans embarrassed to have my Eagles Sewatshirt on the way Dallas dominated every factet of that game physically, emotionally and especially Coaching .. I am like, This is WAde Phillips who is cleaning our clock.. I think this was the Low-Point for me with Coach AR even over hte lost SUper Bowl (which I didn’t expect them to win) and some of the blown NFC Championship games (TB Bucs,Panthers & Cardinals) to really less inferior Teams but hey, Owner Lurie kept giving AR more autority and more control and more chances..

  38. p-man at the end of that game no one wanted reid gone , the air-guitarist had to go .

  39. Like many other Eagles fans, I too couldn’t be more “over” Reid as a coach however, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a man & a parent.

    Despite the fact that I hate Reid’s offense as well as many other aspects of his coaching, he took the Eagles to heights of extended success and brought them to more popularity than the team ever saw before. For those reasons, I hope the fans show the class they’re capable of and during what is likely his last home Eagles game, give him the long standing ovation he’s more the greatly earned.

  40. yeah right….standing ovation to a coach that would throw on 3rd and 1

  41. pick a first rounder that would be out of his prime in 4 years

  42. trade out of the first round , more than once

  43. Where’s the guys who feared the team would be in the basement of the NFC East if we ever fired Reid and replaced him with an unknown?

    Would that have turned out any worse than what we’re witnessing now?

  44. @Berks – yup, bone-head moves but don’t forget all the good he’s also done. I’ve been ready for a change from Reid for several years BUT, I still think he deserves the respect and gratitude of the Eagles fans for what he has accomplished which is far more than most NFL coaches. Maybe you weren’t around or can’t remember the 20 years worth of coaches between Reid & Vermeil that couldn’t win a playoff game two years in a row and most couldn’t even get to the playoffs.

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