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Michael Vick Needs To Be Untilized Like Harbaugh Is Using Kaepernick

On Monday, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spoke for the first time since he suffered a concussion injury in the first Cowboys game. This is also the first time he has spoken since, Andy Reid gave the future and reins of the Eagles offense to rookie quarterback Nick Foles.

There are all types of questions that are circling Vick.  How does he feel about being benched for the remainder of the season?  How does he feel about the way the Eagles medical staff has cared for him after the concussion?  Does he think he will return to the Eagles next season?  After taking a tremendous amount of pummeling this season, how much football does he think he has left.

I’ve got to give him credit for attempting to answer all the tough questions, starting with his reaction to being benched for the remainder of the season.

“I’m a competitor and I’ve always felt like and will continue to feel like I’m one of the best and I can play at a high level and I know I can”, the quarterback commented. “Saying that, I feel like I want to be out there, I want to play as a competitor, but it’s just not the ideal situation right now, the way things are. So, I have to accept my role, accept it like a man and continue to find positives out of it.”

He has to know he is finished here in Philadelphia. It’s very obvious now.  Vick’s agent should have been on the phone for weeks now.  Here’s where a good agent with the right relationships is worth it.  You need somebody who knows the lay of the land.

Vick seemed to disagree with the report that he had a problem with the way the Eagles had dealt with his concussion.

“I just rolled with punches”, Vick said. “Whatever the doctor tells me, I go with it. I don’t question that. They’re professionals just like we’re professionals at what we do. I respect their opinions and their judgment and that’s just the way it was. Right now, I’m back. I’m healthy. I feel good, feel confident and [I’m] out there just playing ball, enjoying every day.”

Vick responded to a question about how he feels his being benched will affect his future.

“By not playing, I don’t think it can affect my future”, Vick reasoned. “Like I said, I came back healthy and I’m strong. I’m ready to go. The thing is to just keep improving, keep working, continue to get better as a quarterback and that’s about the only thing I can do. As far as my future here, I don’t know. Elsewhere, I don’t know. I’m just enjoying each and every day right now.”

Lastly he answered a question regarding whether he would accept returning to Philadelphia in a backup role.

“I just feel like I’ve got a lot of football to play”, Vick concluded. “I feel like I’ve got a lot left in my tank. I’m enjoying the game, I feel fresh. I don’t know. I’ll have to talk it over with my agent and just see what happens. As of right now, I’ve got to continue to help this football team win these last two games and the future will take care of itself. Like I said, [I’m] just blessed to still be in the position to play good football and to enjoy the game. Like I said, from where I came from, I would have never thought [this was possible]. It’s a blessing.”

You know Vick had to be seething inside to get this types of questions, but the truth is when you turn the ball over the way he did this year, you have no choice.  I think Vick would flourish best by going to San Francisco and backing up Colin Kaepernick. The way they’re using Kaepernick would be the best way to use Vick.

Jim Harbaugh is putting the defense in a bind with the combination of their running game, the strong arm of Kaepernick and the pressure he puts on a defense with his ability to get outside and take a run to the house.  Vick could do everything Kaepernick is doing just as well in that offense.  Vick needs to be in an offense which has a strong running game and only throws the football 25 to 30 times a game.

You can’t ask Vick to come to the line with three plays and decide which one to run.  You can’t put in 150 plays for each game and expect him to run all of them flawlessly.  But you can put in 75 to 100 plays with the read option available and give him two targets options on each play, then ask to him to put pressure on a defense with his strong arm and amazing speed.

Nick Foles and Peyton Manning can come to the line with three and four plays in their head, then run the offense from the line of scrimmage.  Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg tried to make Vick into somebody he’s not.  You can’t try to make him into Manning this late in his career.

This isn’t about Vick’s future, it’s about the fact that you can’t try to make a player into somebody he’s not.  We have to look at young quarterback Nick Foles in a sober manner.  Does he have what it takes to carry a team to a Super Bowl?  Can he put big numbers up on the scoreboard?

Think about the fact that we celebrated two quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, who couldn’t get the job done.   I could see at training camp last summer that we were headed to trouble.  Vick was having mediocre days at training camp and bad preseason outings.  Reid wasn’t able to focus because of his son’s death.  The Eagles were fortunate to win the four games they’ve won.

Foles has do some major work shortening his delivery and learn how to throw the deep ball for me to take him seriously.

I’m also not sold on bringing Oregon’s Chip Kelly in here.  If he comes in, Foles will have to go.  I’m also not sure his scheme will work in the NFL without superior talent.  Can we count on Howie Roseman to draft quality players? on Facebook

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175 Comments for “Michael Vick Needs To Be Untilized Like Harbaugh Is Using Kaepernick”

  1. Hahaha G-Cobb all the former NFL players on this website will rip this article to shreds because they no more than you being they played in the NFL vs different QBs like you did. This article will get all the hillbilly redneck computer GMs blood boiling this morning. You say Vick can do the same thing Kaepernick can do in SF there will be 50 posts of why he is to dumb, to small, doesnt study enough, is to slow and cant do it before the day is out lmao.

  2. There’s no speculation or angst abot Vick’s Future status G
    We all know he’s a goner, it’s a little too late to have 32-33 Year old QB who has had multiple concussions and has not played a full 16 game
    Season since about 2006 to take even more hits than he already has, the MV7
    experience is over just like the Andy Reid era is over..
    Time to turn the page and move forward instead of the woulda, could av shoulda with this Team

  3. “Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg tried to make Vick into somebody he’s not. You can’t try to make him into Manning this late in his career.”

    It always amazes me that college coaches could see the value in an athletic QB and NFL experts like Ron Jaworski constantly complain about Vick playing in the pocket.

    If the Eagles had committed to the run like the Redskins are doing with RGIII then Vick would have been unstoppable. No QB has everything. But Vick had heart, legs and a strong arm. And an on target deep ball. This is why I hate Andy Reid so much. So Friggin stubborn. He had to do it his way. Belechek has adapted with a 2 TE system when he had 2 good TEs . When he had randy moss he went bombs away to Randy. Andy had Vick the ultimate weapon at QB and he could not even get him to make people pay for blitzing him. Screens, draws, slants. All offset the blitz. It took 2 years for Andy to come up with an answer, because he insisted on making Vick a pocket passer.

    Andy Reid came to town with a very good coaching staff and support system. As Jeffery Loser gave Andy more power, the team detiorated. As Andy slowly got rid of all the pieces around him and surrounded himself with yesmen, he got what celebrities like mike jackson and elvis get when every body is afraid or can’t tell you that you are wrong. Death.

    This team is dead. They have lost to every LAST PLACE TEAM in the NFC.


    Whether or not Vick is done in Philadelphia will depend on how well Foles finishes the season and who the new head coach will be.

    Dispite all the hype. Foles has still only won 1 game.

    Harbaugh and his brother have been doing it right from day 1.

    If David Shaw is anything like him. The choice for the new head coach is simple.

  4. Philly fans dont care about vicks future or what offense he will be more successful in, its over! Lets worry more about what offense foles will be more successful in because i cant watch another year of us losing by30 and never scoring red zone touchdowns

  5. These a reason to emulate the pocket passers, they Win super bowls, and this gimmickry running, atletic quarterbacks do not, bsm videos, you are the first to call out Andy for always being unconventional, yet criticize him in this regard,

    How many excuses, rationalizations will you find for Vick. The reigns were handed over to him; he wasn’t good enough, never has been, never will be

  6. G,

    You are missing the obvious that Kaepernick is 5 inches taller and weighs 15 pounds more than Vick is, not to mention a lot younger. These are just more excuses for Vick.

  7. I think it’s very unlikely that 2 Type of Teams would be interested in VIck at all

    1) Good Teams that are legitimate Playoff Contendors like the 49ers,Falcons,
    Texans,Raves, etc,etc don’t need the distraction that bringing a M Vick in to be a back-up QB..
    2) Bad Teams that are in a rebuilding mode.. Why bring in a 32-33 old QB when you are rebuilding and where you need to develop a future Starter

    Only fit I see is for Teams who think they are just a better QB player away from contending for the Playoffs… I only see Teams like the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinal and the NY Jets who possibly feel that adding QB Vick gives them a legtimate shot in 2013..
    The other bottom Teams in the NFL, if their honest with self-assestments with their Rosters like the Jaguars,Raiders,Titans,Eagles,Browns,Chiefs,Chargers have way too many other areas/position to address and upgrade and are will most-likely be in a re-build mode

  8. You’re exactly right BSM. I agree with your post 100% buddy.

  9. kevin Kolb you’re issing the point….Kaepernick is in a run first offense..that’s the offense Vick had success with when he was in Atlanta….this have nothing to do with his height or weight.

  10. HaHaHa way to go G, stir that pot buddy but the thing we were saying this all along he’s not a pocket passer so why try to make him one. I think this might get up to 200 responses.

  11. I cannot wait for Coach AR, his Staff , QB Mike Vick & CB Asmo to be gone from Philly and not soon enough..

  12. As for Kaepernick…I’ll reserve judgement until after I see how the season turns out.

    • No Vinnie, no judgment until Kaepernick get 10 -13 starts…
      Also G, putting Nick Foles in the same category as Peyton Manning as coming to the line and running the offense, really? G, Foles is not there yet…yes he may have made some decisions that were productive, but I’ve also noted a few that did not turn out so well…but of course, no one see’s any of that.

  13. Doesn’t matter if Vick is gone; we’ll still hear stuff about him. Look at Songs for instance; he can’t go a single day without mentioning Kevin Kolb. Not even sure Kevin Kolb was part of his point other than he just wanted to mention his name.

    Vick showed a lot of development in 2010 but I think a lot of defenses were worried about him running and went with a contain defense. Once teams realized that Vick has no clue what so ever as to how to read a defense or pick up a blitz, that was his demise. On the flip side, Andy Reid didn’t help him much by continuing to pass, pass, pass. Either way, I can’t wait for next year. It will be the beginning of a new era and hopefully new life for this team.

  14. He is not going to be here next year at that cap number, so why do we keep talking about him?

    • Well, Bugsy…I agree to some extent..But as of right now, Vick is still on this team…

      • Yes, but isn’t the point of starting Foles to see if he can play or not. So if you play Vick in meaningless games what is the point? I like the fact that he wants to play which shows that he has heart which separates him from a number of players currently on this team including DRC, ASMO and D-Jax, but I just don’t see the point.

  15. and this was supposed to be the Season where “Vick” elevated himself as an
    Elite Qb where he was finally going into the Off-Season as the #1 Starter of the Eagles where in his 4th Years would really show his matery of the System which he stated was perfect for his skill set and that the Eagles Offense would be unstoppable by the rest of the NFL and many Eagle Fans, with the Chump Media bought into the hype..
    After 10 years in the NFL, Vick is simply a great athl;ete who plays QB, and is a average to below average QB who is inconsistent, cannot read defenses and is way too reckless with ball security and his own physical welfare..
    It is waht it is because Vick is what he is which is a playground QB who is fun to watch and will at times, make unblievable plays only to tuen around and make very poor decisions and plays.. .Enough of the backyard QB Play already.. Time to move on

    • Thing about that PMan…is you need some support….for starters, a healthy O Line, balanced attack, a defense that stops someone…how about special teams that can give you good field position…

      I hear all of this talk about 7 not being able to read defenses..where is the proof, the source? this is just a bunch of ish that is repeated over and over by the anti Vick folk…after hearing something over and over again, you start to believe it…

      Now poor decisions you speak of this season, I can’t argue with. Or how 7 misses a few games each season…

      But that he can’t read a defense talk, is garbage! There is one particular play that sticks out to me…and that is the AZ game where Vick was sacked for a fumble…Everyone has their theories, and a top theory is 7 can’t read a defense…So now post game, AR specifically stated that on that play, the RB was supposed to pick up the blitzer…25 was blocking no one on that play…

      Backyard QB play? Playground QB? The problem is we didnt get enough of that this season…7 trying to please the masses, stay in the pocket, stay clean, wait for receivers yada yada yada…7 should of been taking off much more instead of trusting in that horrid O Line for protection and the plays given to him…

  16. Bottom line you racist got what you wanted a “great white hope” who will get you just as far as your last “great white hope”, Jaws, another one who is real good at complaining about what the Eagles should and shouldn’t do to get that SB win, but yet couldn’t get the job done himself. Foles may (and I do mean may) get you a win here or there, but don’t expect much more than that from him, he’s basically another Kevin Kolb in the making. Had Reid not dismantled this team after the 2010 season more than likely we would have won the SB last season 2011, with Vick at center. But a bunch of racist can’t see that, they can only see what they want.

  17. peace112, how does this have anything to do with race? Debating if a QB is good or bad has nothing to do with race. Everyone is backing up their “opinions” with facts. It’s people like you who keep this world from progressing. My guess is your life sucks and you probably don’t have a very good job either and it’s all because of race. Save it for the birds chump.

  18. Peace, where exactly in Pman’s post is he racist?

    • Where in my comment did I mention the name Pman or where in my comment did I mention any specific post? imade a comment based on all the comments I have been reading not just on this article but all articles written on G.Cobb.

  19. I speak for all Foles supporters (myself included) when I say that we don’t know what we are going to get out of Foles. He may end up taking the Eagles to a Superbowl one day or he may turn out to be absolutely terrible. We just don’t know. I think he’s shown enough promise to go with him next year. For you Foles haters and Vick supporters, let’s compare apples to apples:

    Vick’s Rookie Season:
    8 games played
    98 passing yards per game
    2 passing TDs
    3 INTs
    44.2% completion percentage
    62.7 rating

    Foles’ Rookie Season:
    6 games played
    226 passing yards per game
    5 passing TDs
    4 INTs
    59.4% completion percentage
    62.7 rating

    So for those of you who say Foles sucks and has only won one game, I guess Vick should have been benched his rookie season and never given a chance to succeed. Or maybe you agree that Vick is even worse. It’s really pretty simple if you ask me. I’m sure peace112 will claim that these stats are racist. I anxiously await his response.

    • @BTC – Vick had more rushing yards than Foles had passing…you’re forgetting about what made Vick, Vick…seriously, Vick was a game changer as a rookie….Foles was not and may never be…Argue with that!

  20. you could insert Blaine Gabbert into the 49er QB spot and they would still be steam rolling over opponents on the scoreboard– that OL, Gore, Davis, Crabtree, Moss is an extremely talented team

  21. Sorry, Foles’ rating this year is 77.7.

  22. E0SB, don’t forget about that relentless defense.

  23. Why do we have to have camps for each QB? I am a fan of the team and Foles is the QB of the team, therefore, I want him to succeed. When Vick was QB, I rooted for him to succeed. He is not going to be here next year, so I would like to focus on Foles. None of us (except Paulman) knows what will happen this off-season, but it seems a certainty that Vick will not be here at the cap number that he is at. He is not worth that money at this point in his career. I will leave it to the rest of you to decide if he ever was, because I don’t care. I only want to look at next year. I just don’t want to hear from one more person that is rooting for Foles to fail. There are plenty of Wash, NYG and Cowboy sites for you to join.

  24. @ Peace…Yeah so racist we Supported Randall and 5…Sorry I can’t support a bad QB in my opinion. Im tired of the racial bullshit on this site. Get a life and be an Eagles fan or get the fuck out. Its fine to have an opinion either way, but the blanket racist bullshit pisses me off.

    As for Kepernick he needs a good sampling, we have all seen guys blow it up and then the league adjusts. To be a great Qb you have to be consistantly good. He’s a 2nd year guy and has showed skill but its too early to jump the gun on Him Wilson or any other young guy not Named Luck or Griffin. For the most part the league is so up and down it’s getting a lot harder to pick who will be that guy.

  25. Well said Bugsy. I wanted nothing more than Vick to succeed and be the one to get us that Lombardi trophy, but he didn’t. Vick isn’t the answer at this point so lets all just hope Foles is. If you think Vick is the answer, I’m not so sure you really understand some of the nuances of the game.

    • Foles has done nothing to show me he deserves to be starting QB of the future…I don’t care what any of you say…I recall Kolb having great games in replace of McNabb and we all know what happened after that…Some of you guys have an agenda and want Foles for a particular reason…To those that keep it real, you know exactly what the particular reason is!

      • So what exactly would you expect to see out of a rookie to convince you? What weapons does Foles have around him too? Lastly, what would be your solution at QB real? And keep it real with your response.

        • @BTC….honestly, this year I didn’t want to see shit from Foles…he should of remained on the sideline and paid his dues. Yes he had a solid preseason, so did Edwards…
          I would of played Edwards when Vick went down…mainly due to him having more experience…The season was not over when Vick first went down…The season was over once we inserted Foles as the starter…
          Now what I need to see from Foles in order for me to want him as the starter for the future….Well, how about throw the deep ball accurately, for starters? how about not needing his hand held, with play calling and dink and dunk? Not throwing the ball directly directly at defenders, for near pick 6’s? (I know you’ll counter and say well Vick did that very often earlier this season, and my response would be yea, and he drove his team down the field and won those games)
          I dont know what the solution is at QB, but as of right now, this early on, I have no confidence that Foles is the solution at QB! In fact, I’m much more confident in Vick or Edwards..

          • The Season was over when the Eagles lost to the NO Saints on that Monday Night game that they had to win which gave them 4 NFC Division Losses versus the Cardinals,Lions,Falcons and Saints making the path to get into the Playoffs only by winning the NFC East Tittle which we all know they were incapable of doing.. No Sense in Playing Edwards.. If Foles is the potential Face of the Franchise then let him get his feet wet and play them.. Now if the Eagles were 7-4 and in Playoff Contention when VIck went down, then I would agree with you about playing Edwards due to the experience factor, but this Season was lost well before Foles starting to play.. regardless of whether being matematically still alive or not..

            • Paulman….you are one of the most silliest simpletons sometimes….look around the NFC East at this moment…The Eagles were not eliminated when they played the NO Saints…The Eagles still had some hopes when they played Dallas, the game Vick went down…That game I would of inserted Edwards, instead of Foles and tried to really get that win. But yes, if Foles is indeed being anointed the future of this team, he needs to play as much as possible…But my main issue, is I don’t agree with it. I think Foles is a high risk to take at this point and time…If he stinks it up next season, after the first 6 games, what then? stay with Foles or get another QB? This could help Foles but it could also hurt him. It didn’t work out too bad for Rodgers to sit on the sideline for a few years. I know many of you have high hopes and believe it’s possible Foles pans out to be a Aikman or a Manning…but reality is, the chances are slim…

  26. Race card from you too Real? I thought you were better than that.

    • @Bugs, no race card…I thought about that post after I posted it…and how it could be interpreted…
      But the particular reason I’m talking about is, the hate for Vick…Many cats on her dislike Vick so much, they wouldn’t care who the QB is…as long as it isn’t Vick…

      • I am one of those guys real not because I hate him as a person because I dont, although I strongly dislike him as a person. But I do hate his game and would take almost any QB in the league over him.

    • he brings up race all the time… what made you think he was better than that? he is the most ignorant person on here.

      • havenobrain – you must be talking about yourself…in regards to ignorance…because I don’t agree with you, i’m ignorant? really? you’re entitled to your opinions, but RealTalk can’t have one? Just so you know, I am married to a 100% Italian woman, and have three kids with her…talk that racist shit somewhere else!

  27. Glad to see that the postings are full of “PEACE” this time of year. I certainly cannot get enough of the his hate-filled rantings.

    I agree with some comments above, putting Foles in the same sentence with Manning is out of place. He is a rookie that has won a single game and still has many many things to prove he can do on a consistant basis. With respect to Kapernick, the way that Harbaugh is running a balanced offense using Gore and the running game is something that Reid never managed to do here. Vick could have been more successful if we had a more balanced attack (which I believe we did in 2010 when Reid appeared to scale back his pass-happy ways and playbook).
    This year has been a disaster ever since Garrett died at camp. The injuries on the O-line and the failure of Bell to fill in for Peters was as much an issue as the play of Vick. It depends on who is named new coach in Arizona, but that is probably where he will play next year. As for the birds, the jury is still out on Foles, and just like Arizona, it will depend on who we get for a head coach as to how we will address the QB position next year.

  28. It’s bullshit Articles like this in the first place that has many long-time posters diappointed in this Web-Site anymore.. eagles have 2 Games left and will help determine who Wins the NFC East based on how they play against 2 bitter rivals like the Redksins & Giants.. So instead of talking about this weeks match-ups like how to stop RB Alferd Morris, is RGIII going to play, how to move the ball against the Redskins front 7,etc,etc, instead we are relegated about posting about a player (Vick) who no longer fits in the Eagles future plans mandated by Lurie/Donahoe/Roseman who will be with the Eagles in 2013 while Coach AR and Staff will not… C”mon G-MAn, you have to do better than this… How about a little discussion about what younger players who are getting a chance to play like D Johnson,Colt Anderson, Cecil Thornton, Emil Igwegnu (in Harbor’s absence) and hopefully more of Curtis Marsh & Danny Watkins and analyze/discuss whether any of the guys do figure in future Plans with the Eagles
    G continues to be harsh about “Racial Comments” (which he should since there is no place for this on here or anywhere for that matter)
    but is usually the one who jump starts the conversation with stupid articles like the one above that only evoke srong feelings either way on a Player who is not even going to be with the Eagles in the future which just provokes comments which eventually become “racially overtoned” by the big supporters or the big detractors of Mike Vick which is a sad statement of our Sociaety, but it is what it is.. If you become critical of QB Vick, or even President Obama, you become labeled a “Racist” and if your a Supporter of Vick or the Pres Obama, your called an “appeaser or an apologists”…
    My only point is, that G-Man has written so few articles this last half-season about this 2012 Team, why not ofus on the upcoming games,opponents and the players on the Eagles that will actually be playing as the Powers to be (Lurie,Donahoe & Roseman) are looking to the Future with these young players playing now..


  29. @Xevious, you can call me what you want, trust me it doesn’t bother me one bit. Now let me get this out of the way, who the fuck are you to tell me or anyone else to get the fuck out, when did you buy this site. I have been reading these comments since the day Vick came to town, you didn’t seem to have a problem with any of then, fact is you agreed. Yep everyone has an opinion and I just voiced mine, you don’t like it to dam bad that’s your problem. There’s nothing blanket about what I said, however what you just said is blanket as hell especially since you have agreed with all the other racist comments that have been written. Bottom line is this the majority of the comments written on this forum are from blanket racist, now if you fit that shoe wear it, the undercover racist bullshit pisses me off, shit works both ways.

    • peace, I’d like to know what specific posts or comments today have been racist or how anything I said makes me a racist? You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but perhaps you could back it up with something because I’m eager to know.

    • if you think this site is so racist why do you come here?

    • @ peace…Yes I agree that Vick is not a good Qb and will continue to do so. You mind set is anyone who doesnt like Vick as the QB has to be a racist and thats a bullshit mindset. Your opinion is based on skin color and hate. Mine is QB skill. Make excuse accuse people of hate, but I haven’t gone over the top in my analysis of Vick. I dont like him as our QB, I don’t care for his skills. The fact that I have to justify my opinion is bullshit in its own right. Keep being a hate monger, just leave me out of it.

      • I am not afraid to admit what my comments are based on you on the other hand are. I am telling you what I see and what I have been reading. But you know something if you don’t think your comments are racially motivated why do you continue to try to justify them. Don’t forget I didn’t invite to to respond to my comment, you invited yourself, in other words leave yourself out of it, if its something you don’t like. Never addressed you personally until you personally addressed me.

        • I see this everyday on this website. One person or another claims racism. It’s Quite annoying. The fact is when you bring race into it you make it more than just football. You my friend said I agree with the racist, I assume you mean I agreed Vick isnt a good QB. I don’t think that is racist. Im not gonna changemy opinion because you can’t accept mine. It’s probably a moot point since Im not gonna change your mind or vice versa.

          • I wonder why you see that one person or another claiming racism, thanks for letting me know that I am not the only person who sees the racism on this site. I can’t think of a person who cares whether or not you change your mind, due to the fact your thought, opinions, or your mine is not of importance. Btw I thought you wanted to be left out.

  30. @BTC….you’re running around asking so many questions…but you failed to answer or attempt to argue with my statement…since you opened the door with rookie stat comparison…about 7 being a game changer as a rookie, and the possibility of Foles never being one…Thoughts?

    • only time will tell. 5 games into a rookie season? I see your IQ has stayed in that low range! It is too early to tell if foles is a player or not–WAY TOO EARLY-but he happens to be our QB for the foreseeable future so lets hope he is successful.
      you are the one with the racist agenda unreal. I can’t wait till next year when you have to follow vick on thte buffalo channel or canadien football channel. that will be great!

      • @HaveNoBrain…Thats the point, dumbass…Vick was a game change as a rookie, Foles is not and may never be…..maybe you should read the whole conversation between the both of us before you jump in and start talking your bullshit…you have no idea what was said to me for me to respond in the manner in which I did, which shows your intelligence. Intelligent people get the facts and read the full story before running their mouths…

        • Oh yea…despite what you believe…I will be an Eagles fan as I’ve always been…as I was before Vick, I will be after Vick…again, I’ve stated this many times…for someone as intelligent as you, you’d think you’d be able to comprehend…but again talking to the ignorantly selective is a mistake I make over and over again!

        • who cares about vicks first 5 games? he;’s an 11 year vet 32-33 years old? why do you defend vick who has proven to be done, who has proven he can’t do it? i don’t get it compare him to other 11 year vets not a freaking 3rd round rookie.

          • havenobrain – why dont you shut your dumb ass up for once…you should be asking your questions “who cares…..” to BTC as he is the one that opened it up with the rookie comparisons…again, your dumb ass can’t take the time to read up on what is being said…instead you run your mouth again, with no clue as to where this conversation started…

            Only thing Vick has proven is he can’t get it done with a terrible O Line, a pass happy system, a horrid special teams and a defense that can’t stop anyone, terrible red zone play calling….considering all of that, thats why I defend Vick…I defend Vick, because its not all on Vick as you may believe…I defend Vick, because I know the game of football is a team sport!

            • thats the unreal i know and love… i was waiting for the excuses to pour out! i was just waiting! I knew it wouldn’t take long! everyone elses fault…. sounds familiar!

              • you can’t be serious? did you happen to watch any of the games this year? you’re telling me the games the Eagles lost, were all Vick’s fault? are you seriously telling me that? So if a team loses every game, the only person to blame is the QB? is that what you are telling me? Is Vick the only QB in the league that has to take the full blame for his team not succeeding? are you serious? I give you reasons as to why the EAGLES, failed and you call them excuses? They are not excuses, they are the truth about how poor this team executes on both sides of the ball…again, of course since you’re losing this argument with me, the only thing left for you to say, is I’m making excuses…you silly stupid bitch.

    • @Real, I asked you for an explanation to which you gave me and I appreciate that. What did I fail to answer? You didn’t ask a single question in your post above to me. You said you’d like to see him throw the deep ball accurately? I know he had Maclin open on the deep ball against Cincy but who the hell on this team can run a deep route? We have no playmakers on offense right now with Jackson, McCoy and Celek all out. I think your expectations for Foles are way too high for a rookie. Very few rookies have stellar rookie seasons. Go look at Peyton Manning’s rookie year or Troy Aikman’s rookie year. Aaron Rodgers didn’t even start his first few years in the league. Hell, Drew Brees was beat out by Doug Flutie in 2003. All I’m saying is that I find it hard to believe that you are that confident that Foles is not the guy after 6 games into his rookie season with a makeshift cast of misfits.

      • @BTC – my problem is, Foles has done nothing to deserve the praise and the crown you all are so willing to give him…As so many of you say, you’d take a number of QB’s over Vick…I have the same feelings about Foles…so why am I wrong?

        I can look at Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning rookie numbers, even Aaron Rodgers numbers….
        But I can also look at Charlier Frye (3rd round draft pick) Quincy Carter (2nd round pick) John Beck (2nd rounder) Jason Campbell (1st round) Matt Leinert (1st round) , Kyle Boller, Jeff George, Ryan Leaf……should I keep going….what have they done in their careers…

        Successful QB’s like Aikman/Manning is very few compared to the QB’s that don’t pan out…now that is real talk….

      • By the way @BTC – you are a cool cat in my book! You and I can talk about football anytime…even though we may disagree…your respect and intellect is definitely noted! Respect!

        • Likewise Real. Likewise.

          • @Real, by no means am I anointing Foles as the second coming. He hasn’t done anything to blow me away. All I’m saying is he has shown me promise and I’m excited to see what he can do next year with a new coaching staff, healthy o-line, etc. At the end of the day, it’s so hard to predict a rookie QB’s future after one season (6 games at that). With Vick, he is what he is. I just don’t think he’s capable of taking this team to a Superbowl. Foles might not be either but at least there is hope and signs that Foles has a lot of upside. I rooted for Vick like crazy but as an objective fan, I have to sit back and realize that he’s just not that good and has a bad history of being able to stay on the field. He’s exciting to watch and I have the utmost respect for the competitor that he is but it’s time for Vick, Reid and Company to move on; just like it was time for McNabb and Kolb to move on.

            • @BTC No doubt. It is too early to tell about Foles…as I’ve stated I will be an Eagles fan regardless, and will root for him during the game, as I’ve done this year. I don’t want the kid to fail!

              My whole thing is I just don’t think Foles has done anything to be given the reigns…His college career wasn’t spectacular…He didn’t carry that team on his back…and to expect him to carry an NFL team? I don’t know about that. Now I’ve heard Foles had no help in college, bad O Line yada yada yada comments from a number of posters in the past…my question would be whats so different from this current Eagles team (although I do feel if utilized the right way, DJAX and Maclin could be a serious tandem, and we all love McCoy) But at the end of the day, I’ve been in a win now state of mind in regards to this Eagles team. To ask a young player like Foles to deliver on that, is hard.

              In regards to Vick, I believe Vick should not have been asked to change and should of been told to simply play his game. If we all really were being objective, we’d see that Vick’s passing completion percentage is much better than it has ever been on this Eagles team…While probably throwing twice as much as he did in ATL. I think with a right system as G Cobb is stating in the article, Vick could excel. Earlier this year, Vick had a majority of his turnovers over the first 4 games…Eagles record after those games, were 3-1. 3 games in which Vick led the team to game winning drives. Over the next stretch of games, Vick threw less INTs and less fumbles, and the Eagles loss every single one of those games. I think it was 8 TD’s 3 INTs (not great but not bad)….The defense was getting worse, special teams wasn’t improving, O line suffered more injuries and linemen were unproductive…

  31. Well you can tell the Library is open in Philly all the TT have come on to tell you that they got the QB they have always wanted. LOL They said the same thing when the Kolb area lasted less than 17 minutes and got booed off the field. His jersey is now selling for 1.99 and they still can’t get rid of them. These same fans that bashed Vick and Donovan are the same ignorant fools that publicly said they don’t care if the Eagles ever win as long as they have a white QB. Now how ignorant is that? The truth is Reid set Vick and this whole team up to fail by bringing in Washburn and Mudd and Mudd by the way was not there during any training camps to help that line. Mike Vick was almost destroyed because of his foolishness. Andy used Mike to keep Kolb from being destroyed and he never did anything to put Mike in a position to succeed this season with that sorry O-line. He got beat up every game when Andy refused to run the ball and gave Vick 1.5 seconds to throw the ball don’t take my word ask espn they will show you the clock! Reid then decided to run the ball and make life easier for Foles and give him dink and dump passes to throw that has led to 1 win in 5 starts. That1 win was against a team that is in turmoil and they almost lost that so excuse me for not listening to you fools who have never one a SB with any of you white type QBs as a matter of fact the only SB you have ever been in a Black QB took you there. I glad Vick is leaving this loser town . I don’t give a hoot what you think about me for saying it. Get you bags out for next year well that should not be a problem for you most of are use to mask, sheets or something to hide behind! Vick will be just fine of that I am sure.

    • be careful making that imbecilic SB argument! there is another side to it that is ugly and stupid but you brought it up.
      yes vick will be just fine in buffalo or arizona or saskatchawan!

    • Lol this post has to be a joke. We have been to 2 superbowls my friend. One with 5 and one with Jaws. You lack of logic and beating the drum for hate is disturbing to say the least. Another Vick fan that isnt an Eagles fan…Its a trend.

      • The fact if the matter is Jaws didn’t win, Donovan didn’t. Jaws was an Eagle for 9yrs, Donovan 10 yrs neither got it done. Vick joined the Eagles in 2009 3 yrs. only been the starter for 2 of those yrs. Kind of sounds like you lack of logic and beating the drum for hate is disturbinbg to say least. Another Vick hater that isn’t an Eagles fan, see that shit work both ways as well.

    • @jmt, you have some major issues dude. Are you really bringing masks and white sheets into this? Just because people are not fans of Vick doesn’t make them racist. Your comments however are just that. I feel sorry for you and the awful parents who raised you.

  32. Realtalk, I do have an agenda and I do want Foles. He’s 5 inches taller than Vick and 20 lbs heavier. We have already seen examples where he can see over the defense and make throws that Vick cannot. He doesn’t get sacked or hurt nearly as much as Vick. Regarding him not winning, he’s playing with nearly an entire 2nd string offense! And not to mention a cruddy defense that lost the game at Dallas. At the end of last game, the only starter on offense out there at all was Maclin…everyone else was hurt. Vick is also 33 and getting older and on the downside, where Foles should get better.

    Any QB would do well with a running game, not just Vick.

    • @KevinKolb4SB. Leave the damn drugs alone and then maybe can comprehend what you read moron but then again anybody who puts Kevin Kolb and SB as their user name cannot comprehend what they are saying or reading!

    • Too bad you couldn’t see that when Vick was being asked to throw the ball 40-50x per game, now that Foles is playing its all about running the ball. Oh yeah he gets sacked got sacked 6x in last game, now he may not be getting the hits (most of which are late hits) but he gets sacked. Vick has been playing with the second string offense most of the season, Maclin wasn’t the only starter out there, Avant is a starter, as is Cooper. Find all the excuses for Kevin Kolb…..oh I mean Foles you want. But as I said earlier you folks see what you want to see and fuck the rest.

  33. jmt,

    You are one of the fans who said “be careful what you wish for” and how could we trade Mcnabb to the Redskins…or before that, that Mcnabb would win a Super Bowl with Minnesota if they got him….the fact is, Mcnabb did ZERO after he left here, and Vick is at the same stage of his career, clearly on the downside. His elusiveness means nothing anymore because it isn’t what it was.

    Kolb could not take a hit. Foles can.

    • Foles himself said he needed to get a rest from football and hits after 5 games he needed a break! Oh okay and you think he will play 16 games? 1-5 teams don’t have much tape on him yet. But they will. Good luck Foles lovers. You said the same thing about Kolb over McNabb until the Packers took him out !

    • KevinKolb4SB – is Vinniemysister….I know it!

  34. @KevinKolb…you’re name says it all, buddy…with a screen name like that, your really expect anyone to value your opinion? let me guess, you were happy when we traded McNabb and appointed Kolb the future of the Eagles, correct? now its the same thing with different cast of characters….

  35. Foles has not proved he can take a hit…Getting hit hard one or two times, proves nothing….GTFO with that shit…are you seriously saying that Vick can’t take a hit? we’ve seen him get hit repeatedly all season long and get back up time after time..The accumulative hits Vick took, was why he went down this season….Now when Foles is hit as much as Vick has been, then talk to me…

    • that is not a complaint you can say about vick– he can take a hit WITHOUT A DOUBT– the problem is the other thing you said unreal– ‘getting hit hard one or two times proves nothing about foles’– you are correct it doesn’t prove he can take a hit but it does prove that he doesn’t get hit as much as your beloved 7

      • hahaha- yea with an offense more catered to him, to keep him clean….he would get hit less…much more dink and dunk passing game, much more running the ball on key situations, mixing it up more…not many deep passes down the field…the adjustments made by the coaching staff is all credit to Foles (your beloved 9), thats what you are telling me HaveNoBrain? dumbass, I swear….

        you don’t know shit about football….

        • you forget that they starteed that wide reciever screen game during vicks last few games. they added a conventional screen when they got a QB that could see over the LOS–that is an adjustment and an appropriate one given the player in question. i know a whole lot more than you think…only difference is i keep it real… you see things with a tainted view!

          • No I don’t forget…but I also don’t forget that the Eagles were still taking some vertical shots down the field…WR screen game was put into effect to help the O Line out…

            I see things on both sides of view…you are the one dimensional thinker…you have a lot of nerve to say how I see things…bottom line is you see things on one side…Stating Vick is the cause of the problems, is clearly a good example of that…

            • said he is the most important player on a team with a shtload of problems… he couldn’t overcome–
              and nfl execs will agree when he ends up in buffalo, arizona, oakland or canada.

          • you keep it a real, as playboy bunny’s implants!

    • Foles will never get hit as much as Vick RT777, simply because he can read defenses and gets rid of the ball to avoide needless hits and has shown more Pocket Awareness as a Rookie than VIck has shown 10 Years in the NFL and I am afraid that these are the sad facts about your QB Mike Vick

      • This is the problem, Paulman! Foles never had the abilities Vick has…So when you have a scrambling QB, that tries to make plays…he gets hit! When you have a offensive game plan that is going vertically on every other play, that QB will get hit…Foles will never get hit as much, because he is slow as shit, and will throw the ball away, instead of trying to make a play, like Vick…
        Again, Paulman, where is this source about Vick not being able to read defenses…again this is something that is said so much by the anti Vick public, that now its being stated as if its fact…you cats crack me up!

        Bottom line, I hope Vick goes to a team that plays him to his strengths..with an appreciative fan base.

  36. Daggolden – hijacked the article and now foolishness has taken over
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Spin out of this negative intolerance today
    If you want to talk race, talk which Minority coaching candidates deserve an interview by Jeff since NFL law dictates he must interview at least one.
    Perry Fewell deserves an interview
    Darren Perry deserves an interview

  37. DC Todd Bowles was passed over for the Temple Job and I assume he will at least Interview with the Eagles

  38. unreal of course its not all vicks fault! i never ever said that. of course its a team game — only thing is that a QB is the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION IN ALL OF SPORTS! The single most important and a good QB can and does make up for a lot of holes in a team. vick just happens to be a not very good qb. its not all his fault but he is the most important, highest paid player and the buck stops with him (from the players) and of course with AR from the organization.– the buck on the field stops with him. admit it and stop excusing his inadequacies!

    • double talking dumb ass…yes its all Vick’s fault…when I pointed out the rest of the teams issues, you said it was all excuses for Vick…now you’re saying its not all Vick’s fault…do you read what you actually write? I don’t think so…maybe typing and reading, is something you need to develop at

      • it is called responsibility…thats the life of an nfl qb– the RESPONSIBILITY FALLS ON THEIR shoulders. saying he’s good and blaming all the other parts is …lack of responsibility.

      • This is not all mikes fault! He does have a lot to do with the problems of this team, but there is equal blame to go around. He will shoulder the blame due to him being the qb. It is not secret that Andy did not do mike any favors by dropping him back 50 times a game. I don’t think foles will take as many hits as mike, as its been stated he can get the ball out of his hands quicker and does have a pretty good feel for the pocket. Mike is a casualty of Andy Reid and he is most likely done as a starter to a quality franchise. I thi k a lot of people on here, like myself were hoping like was the answer. It is fairly obvious to see that he is not the answer. Could he have been? In a different circumstance similar to the 49ers, I’m sure he could have been. He was asked, like #5 was repeatedly, to cover Andy’s shortcomings and he was unable to do so. Lets move on and pull for Foles.
        Real- I too have a full blooded Italian wife, god bless you also.

    • Yes a QB is the most important position…but the problem is the QB only plays QB, does not play defense, special teams, or block…hell the QB doesn’t even run WR routes….You sound so stupid…”a good QB can and does make up for a lot of holes in a team”……does those holes include a defense that can’t stop, anyone? or an offensive line, that can’t protect long enough to allow the QB to do what the team does best, go deep? or how about special teams productivity? Would you say Ponder is more important than AP?

      • some inadaquacies he can make up for. certainly not turning the ball over and giving the team a short field. the fact of the matter is a team has a W/L record but so does a QB… it is always talked about. not just on here but by real analyst who know the game. fair or not a qb gets a w/l record a running back doesn’t. of course AP is more valuable to Vikes than ponder. but in 10 years when their careers are over ponder will have a W/L record and it won’t have an asterik that says in 2012 he was blah blah but AP was a stud. when AP retires it will say he is a single season leading RB, MVP but his W/L record will not be mentioned. its the responsibility of the position.

  39. On SportsCenter
    12/19/12, 2:05 PM
    RG3 said he hated being out for one week he hated it. Nick Foles said he was glad to get away from Football SMH.

    Download the official Twitter app here

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    • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get away from the game during a break when your team is 4-10 as opposed to RG3 whose team is in the midst of a playoff run.

    • I wouldnt read much into that. Every NFL player at some point wants to get away from the game to ease their mind. They are human. They’re not programmed to think about football and only football.

      • LOL hell he didn’t play but two games and he’s tired and needs to get away from football. I guess an entire season will kill him for real.

  40. I hear all your points and I think all of them are valid but lets breakdown all the teams this year that are contending for a superbowl this year

    The Atlanta Falcons. What are they known for? 2 outstanding Wide Receivers and a really good quarterback

    The Texans. Outstanding running game

    The Patriots. Tom Brady’s offense

    The 49ers. Tough Physical Defense

    Now lets factor the Eagles into this occasion. What are the Eagles known for? the answer is simple. NOTHING. They have no identity. We dont know what this team can be good at because the coaching has been horrific all year long. You guys blame Vick, The Defense, Special Teams but the truth is you dont need to be efficient in every category in order to be a contender for a Super Bowl. The problem with this coaching staff has been a “im going to out smart you” type of mentality and it just does not work. The Harbaugh’s think “okay heres my guys and theres your guys lets see whos is better” and it works.

    Michael Vick was given way too much by this staff and it back fired. This team should have been the Lesean McCoy show and the Vick/Celek series because that is what worked for Vick.

  41. Nobody has still answered G’s most important point, the Eagles used Michael Vick the wrong way and he can still be effective in the right system. Whether that be here in Philly or somewhere else. As for all the other race baiting comments here is my take when people openly question someones intelligence like oh he can’t read defenses or he’s too stupid to throw the ball away that to any rational black person will sound racist right or wrong because you never hear that about white QB’s their just gunslingers or they trust their rifle arms so much. Big Ben takes many hits but he’s just trying to make a play. Eli leads the world in stupid throws but hey you can’t talk about them they won Super Bowls. If your not black you have no idea what comments like that do to you and please stop acting like these comments don’t exist

    • Well to be perfectly honest Big your one of the more rational Vick supporters out there. I think the reason why its pointed out that VIck can’t read blitzes or defenses is because he really can’t do it well. I think (and this is just my opinion) that a lot of White QBs stink at it too, but they don’t have the loyal following Mike does. It seems for whatever deficiencies he has at QB there is an apologist or an excuse. I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t on the birds. In no was should that observation of Vick be any condamnation on any other QB white or Black.

      To answer your other point. I think G is wrong. I believe Mike has a hero complex that drives him to take a big hit or throw a foolish pass ect. I think a goot example of this in the “gunslinger” metality you spoke of is Brett Farve. If you compare the bone headed plays that cost their teams they are very similar. The main differences being the wins durability and of course the ring. Mike is too old to take the pounding at his size. Kapernick is huge compared to Mike. Rg3 is younger and bigger than than Mike but not as big as Kapernick. Rg3 has been knocked outta 2 games in his rookie season. The style of Play kapernicks duties demand would have Vick out by week 2-3. Especially since the severity and really lack of a good strong hit on his last Concussion.

    • Lion again your point is well taken but when can we get past it? Meaning this …years ago African Americans weren’t ‘allowed to play qb’ then they did with the questions you pointed out. Some succeeded some failed just like white QBs . And that’s a good thing…. They can fail or succeed equally.
      I read one time from I beleive Bernie bickerstaff said the nba is way above other leagues because it’s NOT news when an AA coach gets hired or fired! Aren’t we at a point where an aging, deteriorating QB just stinks?and we don’t need to defend him? Vick is getting fired in sports if you stink you get fired. Alex smith was winning with a 70% completion rating and he got fired! Was it because of his color?

  42. regarding the article i think Mike Vick should be utilized exactly like the eagles are utilizing him now. as a 3rd string QB

  43. By the tone of these posts you would think its back in remember the titans days, I got on this site after it was apparent eagles were moving away from mcnabb, going with kolb, i didn’t know much about kolb other than reading very positive scouting reports, never like mcnabb because like bhopkins I believed and still do that he’s ball less, pr man, so I was excited about what kolb could bring to the table, figured I’d check out this site to see what the gcobb posters had to say, ….

    Same shi as we read here today with foles as we read about kolb, same accusations of racism when you opine that Vick isn’t a good quarterback, that you want to see what foles can do, but you don’t need to cause the same posters are calling him a bum, can’t play, it ain’t hard to figure this out

    I have been following Philly sports for a long time, not once, never in discussions with blacks, whites, yellows, “Jakedog you racist you, you must be a redneck racist if you don’t like mcnabb” , never happened, and you clowns can call out all the names you want, but your actions, what you do every day to your fellow man speaks of what you are, not what you anonymously post here,

  44. Sadly Jake some people still think that way and somethings will never change.

    • you can change it if you point it out every time and call them on the carpet for it.

      • @xevious your right and that would probably clean this site up.

      • You’re absolutely right, which is exactly the reason why I called some of you out. See how shit can always go both ways, you don’t seem to understand that.

        • No, What I understand is you can’t read into things and accuse people without merit. When someone States their opinion on a QB’s Skill and you call it racist because you dont agree it’s BS. Not only does it cause issues but it lessens the impact when real racism happens. Im here for Eagles football and I will state my opinion. I welcome good debate it’s fun, but when you critique Mike people take it as a personal offense.

          • Again if your comments aren’t racially motivated then why do you continue to justify them, not to mention I never commented on who in specific made these types of comments, nor did I say my comment as it relates to race was limited to this article alone. In addition you said not to involve you, just wondering why you continue to involve yourself. Those racist know who they are, they have been around for a long time.

            • Because they are blanket statements made against anyone that isnt a Vick supporter. I honestly see no middle ground here. There should be but there isnt. This isnt a social commentary site, its a football site. I have only recently just started posting again. I dont over value my opinion since Im not paid by the NFL.

  45. Why is it always about race with some people? How can a person use the expression “Great white hope” and call others racist? I thought McNabb was treated unfair and I can’t stand the way that Vick plays the position. I guess that because Vick is being replaced by a white quarterback that racists. Seems like a one way argument when it comes to race with some people. You can be black and still be racist.
    As for me I want a young quarterback that doesn’t throw interceptions, doesn’t fumbles, that can finish the season without getting hurt and can win football games. If you can find one of those for the Eagles it would be a very Merry Christmas.

  46. Nothing racist about it dtime, it’s all in how you see it. I think every Eagle fan wants Foles to succeed, the problem is their were Eagle fans who wanted Vick to fail and use ridiculous arguments to justify it.

    • No Big “Great White Hope” is nothing but racst pure and simple.

    • The only ‘legitmate’ reason an eagles fan would have to root against him was if they felt his crimes were too vile to forgive. I started with a slight lean that way but tbh I really started to enjoy his personality and his humility. Thought he was/is a tough dude. Also thought we had a chance to ride him to th SB … Damn I was wrong, his warts ( maybe age) were exposed.

  47. While I agree with you somweha on Vick Biglion, there were many people that didn’t like Vick because of the dogfighting as well. I am not defending that, but I can’t say that it is wrong. And it is clearly not racist. There was more to people rooting against him than just race.

    There were Eagles fans that didn’t root for Kolb after McNabb. Were they all racist? Follow that up with some fans now not rooting for Foles. You say that all fans are, but there are some posters on this site that aren’t.

  48. I now remember why I stopped coming on this site…besides the constant virus issues and problems posting and viewing comments… is the knuckleheads who are hell bent on bringing race into every discussion of this football team and it’s players.

    • Greenfan for next HC of the Eagles..

    • Well dont stop coming because of morons my friend. Indifference is the Ally of ignorance. If you truly believe is something worth saying say it. If you enjoy a site dont let the bottom feeders drive you away.

  49. It sure was gratifying to see Kapernick not “end well” in NE..

  50. game was giftwrapped.

    BTW – I don;t see anyone questioning Kaepernick’s arm strength after that flutterball down the right sideline that the WR had to stop and wait for despite being wide open.

  51. Try a 30 MPH Wind and in the Rain may help you understand why Vinnie
    but your point is well-taken.. Foles has a NFL arm, what he needs is reps,reps,reps.. He’s only been throwing to Maclin/Avant for a couple of weeks when as a back-up, he was getting limited reps and tossing to Cooper,Mcnutt,Practice Squa dplayers.. It takes both QB/WR many reps to get down their timimg down and especially with deep routes..
    Foles does need to improve his step-in and his overall strength to help generate more leverage in his throws which I see no probablem with him being able to achieve.. It just takes some time..

  52. Thanks for changing the subject. Please let’s just Eagles football.

  53. I hope Foles doesnt “end well” this week.. Like Kapernick didnt against Brady and Ne

  54. For the record, I never said Kolb would win a Super Bowl, I only wanted to move on from Mcnabb so I chose the name for shock value…at a time when most wrongly still wanted Mcnabb. Foles has shown he can take a hit. He was sacked 6 times, knocked down probably 10 in the Tampa game and yet still had the nerve to put together two drives at the end of the game. Also in preseason, he was hit illegally and hard by a NE player, and the next play he came back and drilled a 20 yard pass as if nothing happened. He’s starting to trust the pocket more. Largely the Dallas game and Cincy game were lost on turnovers or bad defense…that were almost entirely not his fault.

  55. Not sure who mentioned it above, but this team really does not have an identity any more. There were years when we were known and feared for our defense….other years where you knew that our offense was going to light you up and you were going to have to score alot of points to stay in the game…, we are nothing. Nothing for an opposing offense or defense to be concerned about…..other teams sit on their sidelines and laugh at the birds. That hurts to say as a fan of this team for decades and decades.

    I want our new head coach to come in here and develop a team that has pride in what they are working towards and will not expect others who are around him with any less pride. I want our team to be feared again. I want other teams to be dreading a trip to Philly. I don’t know who this coach is or if he even exists, but I know that we need for this nightmare of a season to end and start a new chapter in Eagles history.

    • I’ve stated the Eagles lacked an Identity many times Greenfan (as has others have)
      What is desperatley needed is a no-nonsense type of HC and Philosophy that will stress FUndamentals,Hustle and Physical Toughness and play with an urgency on every snap of the game for a full 60 Minutes
      A Vic Fangio, Brad Seely, Russ Grimm, hell even Mike SIngletary type who will not tolerate the lack of fundamentals,discipline or focus that the Eagles have had a few years during these last ‘Lazy AR Years”
      A complete overhaul to do away with the “small but fast” philosophy that has got to go and has not won the Franchise anything significant in years and so will the players that fit that scheme will have go also
      Give me 6-2″+ 220 LBs WR’s who will make the Tough Catches across the middle and in the Red-Zone/End-Zone and enough of these 5-8′ to 6-0’ 180lbs-200lbs WR’s and less that the Eagles have had for years now.

      • I’d love to have Mike Singletary as HC. That’s where Reid has failed the team. They have no discipline, no accountability, no sense of urgency, and remain unmotivated. Talk about no nonsense. That’s right up Singletary’s alley. That’s what I envision in a Head Coach. Not softness. I’ve NEVER been completely sold on Reid even when the Eagles were winning because many of the wins were tainted in the regard of the Eagles being a slightly stronger team beating up on the league’s weaker teams but seemingly folding when they got to play the big boys like the Pats, Packers,Steelers, or Saints. Now, the big boys are not only the aforementioned but include the Seahawks, Redskins, Colts, Falcons, Texans, etc. Singletary would bring the slobber-knocker toughness back to the Eagles a la Buddy Ryan. But, unfortunately, the Eagles are too stupid to see the need or the value.

      • “Give me 6-2″+ 220 LBs WR’s who will make the Tough Catches across the middle and in the Red-Zone/End-Zone and enough of these 5-8′ to 6-0′ 180lbs-200lbs WR’s and less that the Eagles have had for years now.”

        Absolutely. And that’s another of the (many) issues I have with Reid. His preference for smurfs at those key skill passing positions. Where’s our “Megatron”? Where’s our Gronkowski? Practically every team has a monster that will go up and fight for the ball and drag a defender for five more YACs. I watched Maclin fall down into the fetal position almost as soon as he catches the ball provided he doesn’t “alligator arm” it. Foles doesn’t have the confidence to throw a jump ball to receivers covered one-on-one. Reid has to go. I pray Lurie sees the light. We are not going to live forever and we will NEVER see a Super Bowl as long as Reid is in charge.

  56. As for this ridiculous Mike Vick thread. I’ll put it to rest right now. FOrget their rookie records (Foles is better) Or comparing them to anyone else.

    This year. This team. These players. These coaches.

    Comp % 59 to 58 – Foles better
    TD %3.5 to 2.3 – Vick better
    Int % -1.8 to 2.8 Foles better
    Sack rate – 6.5% to 8% Foles better
    QB rating – 79.2 to 77.7 Vick very marginally better
    QBR – 48.15 to 47.49 Foles marginally better
    Yrds/game – 240 to 226 Vick slightly better
    Team points/game 16.25 under Vick, 19.4 under Foles – Foles better (Did not count Dallas game that they both played)
    Team win % – 20% for Foles, 30% for Vick

    So….there you go. 5 to 4 for Foles.

    The only real advantage for Vick is under td %. Slightly higher (though to be expected for a vet.)

    Looking at the ‘negative’ plays…and here Foles has a huge advantage. Lower sack rate and int rats means Birds go backwards less under Foles (Foles also has a lower 3 and out rate)

    The Eagles are currently playing the BETTER QUARTERBACK.

    I am terribly sorry this makes the Vick fans upset. It must be unsettling seeing that their hero is being beaten by a 3rd round pick raw rookie…and this obviously manifests itself in misguided cries of Racist!

    After looking at those numbers, and recognizing Foles is also taller, bigger, younger, and clearly humbler….well…..

    Its pretty clear that anyone still screaming that Vick gives the Birds “the only chance” has an agenda.

    Oh…and the Eagles “changed the offense” claim is complete BS. The Eagles had 1 game where they ran the ball….otherwise the pass/run ratio is actually slightly higher under Foles.

    • Now see, this is why the comparison exists, why folks are comparing a vet to a rookie…because you have dumbasses like my Sis, who say statements like Foles is better than Vick now….give me a break…

      Vinnie, after the first 4 games of the season, where Vick committed the majority of his turnovers….The Eagles record was 3-1….Now how about telling what Vicks stats were after those 4 games…I guarantee you that they were better than Foles by a pretty large margin…The first 4 games hurts Vick’s stats tremendously…but the 3-1 record…and 3 game winning drives, says something…

  57. Cousins came in for the Redskins last week and didn’t miss a beat and won the game had no reps prior with the first dream team. Wilson for the Seattle Seahawks played with no reps with first team and is the number one quarterback in the NFL ahead of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and he’s a rookie. Kaepernick came in the game had no rest for the first team and hasn’t missed a beat. But Foles the reps reps reps reps you got to be kidding me. You right it’s not about race it is about stupid people who can’t see past race to see deposes not starting quarterback. But just keep dreaming you have been for 40 or more years still no SB !

    • DIfferent scenario. That team has hope. They’re rolling. Energy. Excitement. (Eagles lost this in the Cleveland game I think)

      Compare Cousins to his other game back before the run – Cousins was terrible. Terrible.

      • I think Cousins have beat Foles out before, Cousins was terrible, he beat the hell out of Foles….but who knows Foles my just get that ring for ya LOL, just don’t hold your breath

  58. So the Birds should have treated Vick the same as a guy that has barely a handful of NFL starts? Wow, people must have some low expectations for Vick skills. Same goes with the people that say he should have had the same game plan with Foles, 3rd round rookie…If Im Vick and hear that Im really embarrassed and insulted.

    Read option like Kapernerck? come on man, Vick would be on IR by week 3. Hes fragile and doesn’t have the size to get it done anymore. WHy do people fail to mention that simple fact…Forget whatever stats and skills you want to throw out..the guy can’t stay healthy. IF your not available for 16 games who gives a damn what you can or cannot do. Thats why I don’t want him as the starter here anymore. Plain and simple.

    • Nope you’re getting confused again, gameplan should have been for either qb to win, should have been to accomodate that jacked up oline for either qb to win. Foles is being paid as a backup who should be able to step in and produce just like all the other backup qb’s even the rookie backups. If Foles was all you folks are saying he is why would it be necessary to change everything for him, he should be able to play behind the same line, with same gameplan and Mike. What should have been an insult for Vick is the fact that Reid decided run the ball to accomodate Foles and the line decided they would block/protect Foles, but didn’t give him the same consideration. As far as health is concerned, if Foles feels he needed the time off to rest from football and heal, after just playing two games, it just makes me wonder how he feel when he takes the hits Mike did….my guess not too good.

  59. Greenfan! we missed you bro. How is everything?

    • Going well ES. Been a tough season, but I have to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just hoping it isn’t a train. Your Gmen have fallen back to the pack the last few weeks, but with the state of this division they are a good bet to make it back to the playoffs.

  60. Hey Vinnie you forgot to add the stats the Foles has the most dropped interception in the league.. With half as many pass attempts

  61. Nate Allen benched for Kurt Coleman. Just imagine how bad you have to be to be benched for Kurt Coleman. Also Stanford coach David Shaw signs long term contract extension.

  62. jmt, the thing you are missing is those teams have running games, better defenses, better special teams, and better coaching than the Eagles. The playcalling inside the 5 yard line vs. the Bengals was atrocious. I don’t blame that on Foles at all. Comcast showed what was wrong with every play and it came down to mostly coaching calls and players making mistakes, not Foles.

  63. Remember folks this is the same Gary Cobb who said we should not have traded Mcnabb. Go back and look at what he wrote in 2010 on his own site. He’s a defensive player, so why trust him on QB’s?

  64. Does 2nd rd pick Jarrett and 1st rd pick Danny Watkins say enough? No, i do not have faith in Roseman. If Reid goes so does Howie. Clean sweep!

    • Thats a very good point DMAN. Andy Reid is probably the worse coach ever when it comes to evaluating talent in the secondary. From Ellis Hobbs to Macho Harris these guys are scrubs. Then they let go of 3 guys who could have been starters on this team Danny Admendola, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and Chris Clemons. As much as we bash Andy Jeff Lurie deserves a chunk of the blame also because I think he is bad at judging the right staff for this organization.

    • It depends on who is making these picks though. On WIP the other day, I heard that this last draft was more Roseman than Reid which is a change from the last couple of drafts.

      I don’t know if that is true and I am not defending Howie, because I think that he should go too, but AR has had his stamp on pretty much the majority of the last couple of drafts.

  65. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if the Eagles hired a bum coach like Jack Del Rio.

  66. I mean seriously a 2nd rd pick cut from the team after 2 yrs, and then a 1st rd offensive lineman who probably will be a back up next yr. Oh, and let’s not forget about 1st rd pick Brandon Graham. Now granted he is making strides and looks more comfortable in a 4-3, but these kind of picks are unexceptable. Someone needs to be accountable. It’s one thing if these were 4th, 5th and 6th rounds but not your 1st and 2nd picks. And geez i hope your wrong about Del Rio. I think Lurie will take his time and hopefully will make a good selection

  67. I admit I dont know much about star lotulelei but word on the street now is that The Eagles would draft him.

  68. I think Vick could be good in a system that only throws the ball 25-30 times a game, but I don’t think he can run an option offense like RG3 or Cam Newton.

    I don’t think Vick can carry the ball 10 times a game like a 25 year-old. Guys like LaDainian Tomlinson and Deuce McAllister who were drafted in Vick’s class are done from getting pounded on like Vick has over the years.

  69. Some things are very worrisome about Foles.
    1.He only won four games as a senior.
    2. His back up is having the same statistical year he had with more wins, 8.

  70. Larrwdthevictor, we have been over this many times. Foles was on a terrible team and statistically he had a good season. You say that no one can judge Vick from this year, because he was on a bad team, but you can criticize Foles when he was on a bad team last year.

    What is your point on his back-up? if he is playing the same as Foles, then the team has gotten better. Your argument makes no sense. Haven’t you also stated that a team is more than a QB? That point doesn’t apply here?

    The jury is out on him, I agree, but you seem to be actively rooting against him even though you say that you aren’t.

    Vick ain’t gonna be here next year. whether you think he should or shouldn’t. Get over it.

  71. Anyone else wonder what the next G-Man’s Article will be Titled, probably,
    “Vick should be utilized like Belicheck Utilizes’s Tom Brady”

  72. So clearly Peace, Daggolden, Larrwd and Realtalk are excited.

    Looks like Mark Sanchez is going to be released by the Jets. Maybe he’ll come here to provide competition for Foles.

    He’s obviously a very successful QB. Has a winning record in the pros. 4-2 in the playoffs. Been to the AFC championship game 2x in 4 years. If only the Jets had provided him with some weapons, and tailored their offence to him he would have been great.

    So you guys would obviously think he’s be a great addition to the Eagles.

    There are clearly no “Football” reason to not want him on the team…..clearly anyone who wouldn’t want him around is a racist who hates hispanics. That would be the aonly possible reason someone would be against Sanchez joining the Eagles.

    So you guys all in on Sanchez?

    • Sanchez sucks, was put into a position he wasn’t ready for, not enough starts at USC to many OC with the Jets, no ability at all to read a defense. He sucks.

  73. Does anyone remember how poorly Vick played the first 8-9 Games in 2011
    where he literally blew games and had huge mistakes and tons of turnovers versus the BIlls,NY Giants,Bears and Arizona as they Started 3-6 and were virtually out of th Playoff Race by the 1st Weekend of November just like this year.. The Recent Track Record of a losing Record (10-15 in his last 25 Starts) and being among the Leauge Leaders in Turnovers (Int’s & Fumbles)
    has Sealed his fate as a QB on the Decline

  74. I would pass on Sanchez.. but do see the Arizona Cardinals interested
    and possibly the Raiders checking on him..

  75. I dont want sanchez.and im simply stating things that worry me about Foles.. Also we dont know whats going to happen with Vick. Foles is an Andy Reid type quarterback but Andy Reid isnt going to be here. Positively, we will get a couch with a little more defensive toughness and a coach that will run the ball more. The whole philosophy of the team is going to change. Its important Foles looks amazing these last 2 games, if not, anything can happen..

  76. *Trade Alert***

    Eagles Send QB M Vick, OL Todd Herremans, CB N Asmogoah, WR J Maclin,
    to the NY Jets for QB Tim Tebow and their 2nd, 4th & 5th Round Draft Selections in 2013 and a 2nd & 4th Rd Draft Selections in 2014

  77. this crap people keep saying about putting Vick into a read option offense similar to RG3 is killing me! RG3 is getting killed and won’t be the same an in 4 years ( same thing happened to Vick ). Rg3 is already hurt!

    Sisterhood is as big as tim Tebow! You want to run an option in the NFL go get Tebow! Cause at least he is built to take a beating.

    sisterhood is running west coast mixed with college stuff and so fsr , lets be realistic. That offense doesn’t look great.

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