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Eagles Fans Shouldn’t Boo Andy Reid Today

I don’t think Eagles fans should boo Andy Reid today.  Yes, this has been a bad year and the Birds should let him go, but Reid has had a great run with the Eagles.

If the fans go after Andy today, it’s going to add yet another chapter in the stereotyping of Philadelphia sports fans. If the fans do something in poor taste, it will be on ESPN all week long.

Class should be the word of the day.  Let Reid go out with some cheers.  The fans shouldn’t lower themselves to go after Reid with boos.

I would love to know what you think.

As for the game, I don’t expect the Eagles to win the game, but I do expect them to make it close.  I think the Eagels pass defense will do a much better job than they did earlier in the year.  They can’t do any worse. on Facebook

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259 Comments for “Eagles Fans Shouldn’t Boo Andy Reid Today”

  1. Agreed. Reid/Lurie brought this franchise out of a 10 year cycle of doldrums.

    Frankly I should have been more upset by this…back in the early 1990s all it took was a call to the Eagles’ ticket offices for tix to any game…now they sell out in 15 seconds…so for a guy like me it is much more difficult (fine just more expensive) to get to a game……but still….the overall record of the Reid years was positive.

    From the correct QB choice in 1999 (remember there was a lot of talk the Birds were “high” on Akili Smith. To that first playoff win in a decade at the Vet against TB in 2000- now that was a good game to be at!)…to the division clinching win vs the NYG (again at the Vet) when the Giants ran that hook and ladder down to the Eagles 4 or 5 yrd line….to the devastation of the TB NFC champ game…to the joy of the Atl NFC champ game…to the heartbreak of the SB.

    Please remember that in 1998 the Eagles were a complete joke. No seriously. A national Joke.

    The entire narrative was about rats in the basement, courthouses, turf that destroyed players career, free agents avoiding the team like the plague.

    The Vet may have had some “charm”, but I fofr one won’t reallymiss pissing in janitor’c closets or into one of the 5000 urine filled beer cups that littered every corner because it took a 1/2 hour to gt into the bathroom.

    Under the last 14 years of Llurie/Reid the Birds situation has improved exponentially.

    Eagles became relevant. A destination. The narrative changed from being a joke to beind a perrenial contender. Prime time games. Positive exposure. The fanbase now one of the best “travelling” bases in the NFL…..

    That things have gone sour was bound to happen (as it will for Bellicheck soon). Its unfortunate that the goal of winning the SB never happened….but I can still appreciate the stability/respectability that Reid brought to the Eagles.

    And for all Reids foibleds (and there are many – I recognize that) I’d give Reid a tip of the hat today, because I do recognize his strengths still outweighed his weaknesses (at least until about 2009).

    And lets hope the next guy will be able to build upon what was started in 1999.

  2. BTW – who says they don’t like this Foles kid?

    Moves well in pocket (but never frenetic or out of control) 2x for completions.

    Moves McCoy to left, defence adjusts, then sneaks right.

    Draws Wsh offsides with cadence.

    Nice touch on throw to Maclin.

  3. Way to read a defense, way to fumble nice audible. lol

  4. Thats the bad with throwing soft pillows when it gets tipped its like a punt.. thats why vick started throwing harder to limit interception.. Foles has to throw harder

  5. He should have thrown the ball away to save the FG and not get hit from behind. That was a mistake.

    The pick….he had Avant breaking open….so that tip was unfortunate.

    Why are you bringing reading defenses into it? Both turnovers have been on execution, not pre-snap reads. You’ve seen the guy audible into new plays about 5x at least today.

    The fumble is easily correctible with experience (well, for most except one guy). So I am not altogether too concerned about that.

  6. man what’s up with the 6’5 QB getting passes deflected? When this oline looks bad they really look bad.

  7. BTW – the Eagles are going to win this game.

  8. If our defense could tackle they wouldn’t be half bad.

  9. same thing I said ..Thats the whole reason Foles is in there

  10. And if you can’t see this kid slowly evolving into an NFL QB before your eyes, then you should head to an optometrist.

  11. Foles is doing ok. I mean the 29th ranked defense in the NFL the Redskins will give up points. But he should have some success like he did vs the 30th ranked Bucs

  12. Thanks Moore…back to the bench with you.

  13. Nothing over 8 yards and hes ok.

  14. Fuck daggolden…you’re so funny. Now its, “the Redskins suck”

    And I’m the Hater.

    You, for whatever reason, hate the fact that Foles is playing decently.

  15. I don’t know Vinnie, I still don’t like him nothing consistently down the field for all his awareness he really doesn’t make things happen.

  16. Brian Billick said something that I thought noteworthy- foles coming out of college was known not to panic and really was able to orchestrate an offense. Personally I think that a hect of a compliment. He’s a rook being able to do that and he has the arm to be a good pro.

  17. Your right Vinnie he may get FED-EX player of the week. Hes the best player on the field.

  18. In his 5th start he just went 8 of 11 for 70 yards (overcoming 2 offensive penalties) in a 2 minute drill for 3 points.

    So I know….not a lot to like.

  19. @ Vinnie. Redskins dont suck thier FRANCHISE MVP QB has carried thier team. Thier defense sucks. Its ranked 29th. look it

    • So QBs overcome shitty teams? Hmmm…that’s weird….because that’s not what you said when it comes to Vick and the Birds….

      Look you clowns…Foles is playing anice game. a big error on the funlbe…was a 6 pt swing….no arguements there….but otherwise he’s solid.

      And yes, that’s all I give a shit about right now. The fact that the Eagles’ D and special teams are lying down right now is annoying…but a 2 year fix.

      I am happy to see that it looks like we have a QB moving forward through next season.

  20. Yep and his 2 turnovers have them behind. so yes a lot not to like.

  21. Im thinking Geno Smith .. Ive never seen such a big quarterback go down so easy.. If the cheifs can beat the colts were back in the Geno Smith sweepstakes..WHich can happen cause luck STINKS

  22. Im watching the 27 to 13 against a shitty defense

  23. Did you just here billick say that ball was tipped that led to an interception, so much agenda in the nfl, these announcers so damn biased that was a bad pass, reall bad, they dumb down this play book for rg3, he’s not that good, he will not last, too small, not strong enough

  24. Larrwd. Give it up.

    Or at least just admit the real reason you hate Foles. You love you some Vick.

    You HATE that he’s…..wait for it….wait….NOT EVEN DRESSED.

    And what really gets you is that Foles is better than Vick….RIGHT NOW.

    Go back to your bunkbed…give it a little cry…and you should be good in the am.

  25. Are you crazy…. I dont want a game manager.. Thats why..

  26. Did yo just see that play. With 3:20 to go? Waiting…waiting…completely aware of the LOS. Stopping right at it and hitting Maclin.


    And you hate it.

  27. He’s a rookie. Most are game managers for the first year or two.

  28. Strange also how…with Foles….Eagles seem to always now have their timeouts available at the end of every half…..

  29. Nick Foles lacks the arm and intelligence to be a franchise QB

  30. Did you see that garbage ass duck Foles threw with Maclin Wide open?

    The Eagles need to talk to Vick and have him renegotiate to lead this team next year. Foles is a damn loser.

  31. if only they had a qb with a stronger arm…or someone who could have run a qb draw on those final few plays..shame shame FOLES 1-5.

  32. Foles lacked arm strength again on the throw to maclin.. Like what I saw besides the noodle arm

  33. That was a tough throw under pressure and in the wind in the in the end we can see the eagles finally have a quarterback, its apparent, give him a year with the first team, now rid the entire secondary, especially that bum assomaugh , and songs, if the tight end makes an easy catch it’s overtime, lots to like Bout foles except his color

  34. Arm strength terrible, has got to throw that ball out of the endzone at the end to save that play.

    • FUthat was a completely BS grounding call…rule states that a QB hit while throwing…grounding is off the table…..its called that way 999 out of 1000….i don;t get what happened there…..super late flag….for no reason…

      what can i say….guess the league wants their newest player de jour into the playoffs….

  35. Bottom line another loss, don’t want to hear anything about silver linings. You don’t play in the NFL for draft position, your QB of the future has to tie that game up at the end

  36. Arm strength above average, strong, he’s not setting, not able to set his feet on some of the big throws, the qb is set, find a secondary, ship that bum assomaugh and drc to Canada bums

  37. Okay so we blame the TE who has been here three days for not catching a pass but don’t blame the QB Vinnie? That pass shouldn’t have been needed if the throw to Maclin was completed. In the NFL the QB has to make that throw no excuses!!!!

  38. Like McFraud tied it up at the end all those years, nick foles has shown more clutch, presence than any quarterback in eagles modern history, he needs to get better, no doubt, he needs to set his feet and stp into the big throws, maybe can’t because of pressure but he’s a winner, let’s talk about improving other aspects of this team, build around the franchise quarter back nick foles

  39. I cannot believe the damn Redskins are going to win the division.

  40. Jake..if?….IF?

    Here’s a IF for ya.

    If the eagles would have scored more points than the opponenet every game, we’d be undefeated.

  41. You guys are strange.

    Here’s a kid providing more exciting moments than we’ve seen in 2 years. Competent. Clearly intelligent. Making some rookie mistakes of course. COming back from a bad throw and hitting a te right on the numbers for the TD…..

    and you hate it


    Why do you hate a guy who is playing really fucking well as a rookie?


    And don;t give me this completely bullshit “arm strength” arguement.

    You hate Foles.

    He has set the Eagles record for rookie QBs.

    He’s better than the guy he replaced.

    He is clutch at the end of halves.

    He threw the perfect strike that was dropped…. then hosed on a pathetic call.

    You hate

    You think he sucks.


  42. No if songs he should have made that throw, but he made plenty of others, 36 for 48 for 345 yards , impressive

  43. You guys are so petty it is ridiculous. Do you really think that Foles was the sole reason why they didn’t win that game? It wasn’t the run defense in the second half or Santana Moss running by Anderson. I guess McNabb had no arm strength because of how many gopher balls he threw?

    All of the Vick backers are now doing the same thing that you were complaining about that everyone else was doing. You are blaming a loss solely on the QB.

    I agree that you probably can’t go forward with Foles, but he had a good game today no matter what you say.

  44. They don’t like foles because he’s white, it’snot that hard to figure out

  45. Jake? Did Foles hold the ball too long that last pass? I thought only Vick holds the ball too long.

    • he did not. The ball hit the ground with 2 seconds left. Clearly not too long. Then, because the NFL needs to get their new marketing toy intot he playoffs, 15 secs after the play happens, an completely BS flag hits the ground.

      But since you are an admitted RGIII fan and have announced here that you are rooting for the Redskins….you were happy about the result.

      Good for you.

  46. If foles were black you would heard billick slurping all over him like they did for eg3w

  47. Foles trouble setting his feet on the longer throws, its not an arm strength issue, he held on to the ball too long that throw, he should have thrown it away, he makes mistakes, veterans do as well, but he’s the best prospectat quarterback in the eagles modern history, if given the chance he will make you forget about that fraud McNabb

  48. @ Vinnie you wanna know why people have dislike for Foles its because you dont let it play out. You say ridiculous things like hes better than other QBs when hes played 6 games and won 1. Hes better than no one but John Skelton right now. Can he become better? Maybe. But the he reads defenses, better he studies harder, he ends halves etc etc etc. Thats what pissess people off.To compare him to McNabb, Vick, or any other veteran QB is just stupid. Can he be better, yes there is always that chance. Thats what upsets some fans.

    • I donl;t let it play out????

      Post after post above about how Foles is a piece of shit and I am the one who isn’t letting it play out?

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve read since 1974.

  49. I don’t like Foles because I don’t think he’s the long term answer. Jake your the only one talking about color here. I hope I’m wrong but planning your future around him would be the wrong move.

  50. Jake….Foles couldn’t hold Vick’s Jock strap so pleas don’t put him in the same sentence or stratosphere as Mcnabb.

    Foles is Ass and have won all of one game since starting….let me count…… “1”

    I don’t want to hear crap about moments in the game…..he’s a damn loser.

  51. And Songs Vick won how many games this year… 3. So by your logic he is a damn loser too.

  52. Neither is gonna be the qb next year so who cares?

    • I think you are correct Bugsy.

      • Right? I don’t think they will keep Vick at that price and I only think a couple of the coaches that they could potentially hire may push for him. I don’t see any new coaches coming in comfortable with how little we have seen of Foles so far. And what can you tell with this O-line?

        The problem is that who is out there? Alex Smith, Matt Flynn? I don’t like any of the QBs in the draft at where you would probably have to take them. I think after Leinart and Sanchez, you can’t trust Barkley. And I haven’t seen enough of Geno to be convinced. I really don’t know what they are gonna do.

        • Foles is the QB next year.

          This was a very good game for a rookie QB.

          If you don’t see the potential here, you are blind.

          • I’m not saying that I don’t see potential there, but if you are a who knows what a new coach will be looking for. Not all of them will be comfortable with a 2nd year QB that they didn’t pick to start their tenure. Usually, if it is not an established guy, then they want their own guy.

            Personally, I would rather they stay with him, so that they can work on rebuilding other things.

    • Whether Vick starts for Philly or not he will start, can’t say the same for Foles.

  53. We just got to do a better job…that’s the answer yall.

    better job

  54. Ike Reese is preaching the truth in regards to Foles on DNL. Saying that he has def earned the qb spot last year. He’s looking at a rookie playing with 2-3rd string guys and a make shift o line. He said he thinks he’s drc better than a game manger..

    Really opened my eyes to some other views on Foles. He also mentioned that RG3 has the best running attack in football. Foles has nothing around him and this team is really playing hard for Foles.. He is smart, composed and the situation is not to big for him… Not saying he’s the franchise for 10 years but eagle fans should be excited a out this

  55. I would see if Mallet is available in NE and then draft either Tyler Bray or Tyler Wilson or maybe EJ Manuel because I don’t like Barkley or Smith. Man the Eagles are in a tough spot I”m like you I have no idea what they are doing.

  56. Can we win a bowl with Foles? Hell naw!

    Bring Vick back and give him a shot with a coach who values the run game…tell you what..

    Banner will have a better offseason with replacing the GM and coach than the Eagles. watch..

    Heard he’s getting Lombardi to head the GM spot…that’s better than garbage ass Rosie.

    And he’ll get a better coach and don’t be surprised if Vick becomes the started in Cleveland.

    • Vick will play 6 games max for whatever team he goes to.

      Give it up,

      • if he’s not with the Eagles what dam difference does it make to you. i would think that you would concentrate on Foles, he’ll need all the fans he can get. Because he needed a break from football (after 2 games) and time to heal, my guess 16 games will kill his ass.

  57. BTW—–if you think that intentional grounding shold have been called….then explain why it wasn;t called at the end of the Balt game, when Vick…in the pocket….getting sacked….through even shorter and it wasn;t called????

    That pass was perhaps a yard short as the QB was hit.

    Totally BS

    But the NFL needs their new poster boy in the playoffs I guess.

  58. I am not saying Foles is the long term answer, but what are the better options in the forseeable future? He at least deserves an offseason like we gave Vick, and we all saw what that accomplished.

  59. You are in a tough spot biglion because you don’t like the quarterback because he’s white just please someone have the balls to finally say it, I would respectyou more than I do for making up shit, like he’s ass or a bum, you guys are weak ass pussies

  60. Biglion

    Now you’re rambling about Malett…

    You know nothing about Malett.

    He is 1 for 4 for 17 yards and an interception in the NFL over the past 2 years.

    So shut the fuck up about him.

    you’re only hyping Mallett because you hate FOles because he’s playing instead of your hero.



  61. Bring back Vick for what 16-17 mil a season? He is too injury prone especially adding the concussions next year.. They would be lucky if he played 12 games next year. Gambling with too much cap space.

  62. vinnie? who’s better? Nick Foles or Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Bills?

    • Foles is younger….and was much better than Fitz at this stage of their career.

      Why do you continue to compare rooks to veterans…….because you are searching for reasons to rag on the rook….why….cause you hate him….why? Only you can answer that.

  63. Vinnie you have no idea what I know, stop looking at stats dude. I’ll take Cousins over Foles because I don’t like him. Mallett is better then Foles will have a better career then Foles. Nick Foles for all your stats has won 1 game. Stop dude now your sounding like Jake.

    • Teams win games, not QBs

    • I know that you are an idiot with an agenda.

      I know that Mallett will not see the field for another 2 years so to say he will be better than Foles is complete reidiculous specualtion.

      As for Cousins over Foles…I actually wanted Cousins over Foles at the draft….only because I had seen about 10 of Mich State’s games and had never seen Foles…..but now…

      I am willing to CHANGE MY MIND….because Foles is playing like house $$

      you only hate Foles because he took your heros job

      get over it.

      • Vinnie I don’t have heroes son that’s for kids, and the funny thing about all of this is they both Vick and Foles have the same chance of not being here after Andy Reid is fired. How is that for reality. So when your hero is gone are you going to be okay?

  64. It’s funny…..when the team lose with Vick it’s Vicks fault, but when the team lose with Foles…it’s the team fault.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  65. It’s humorous that some of our “experts” on these pages week after week Foles stinks, Foles is A**. He s one guy out of 22. The offensive line stinks, the defense stinks. Last time I checked Foles could only play one position, as did Vick and McNabb and Garcia and Pederson.

  66. First I’d take Cousins over Foles as well.

    Look, like I said on another site, Foles is a combination of Flacco and Alex Smith. If all other aspects of the team are firing on all cylinders he will win you games, just don’t expect him to do it with his arm alone.

    He’s a game manager at best. That’s it. And that’s fine, you can win games like that, but the rest of this team needs to be good to great to make that work.

    • I agree johnson5, I have been saying the same thing as well, but hey it is what it is.

    • He’s a game manager at best

      where does this come from?

      He threw for 345

      whe was 8 of 11 for a scoring drive with 2 mins to go at end of first half

      he was 9 of 11 for 80 yards to get to the 5 yrd line in another 2 min drill.

      I’ll let you digest those “game manager” stats for you for a minute.

      Then he put a perfect ball into Moores handd.

      Then he did exactly what he should have…threw the ball away and it hit the ground with 2 secs to go….so the Birds would have another play….and then the refs made a call they never do and we got hosed

      “Game manager”

      Your labels bely your prejudice

      • Vinnie the point is game managers win games, He’s a stat compiler who doesn’t win. The throw to Moore shouldn’t have been needed the penalty shouldn’t have been called because the throw to Maclin should have been made. But hey you think he’s gonna be a good QB, I don’t lets just disagree I’m tired of this crap,

  67. Johnson5,

    On target with your comments. Teams win games!

  68. 13 of 16 for 111 on last 2 drives in the 4th quarter.

    and put ball right on hands of te for the td….,….but he sucks

    just a game manager

  69. Nick foles wAS a bad pass and a dropped pass from another would be comeback, biglion likes cousins better because he’s not here, you guys are weak pussy men, do you think a real black man like bhopkins, ike Reese talks like you , go sniff the balls of a real man, he ain’t talking your shit,

    • If Moore had caught the ball they’d be holding a parade.

      Kid is ice. Looks solid. Never rattled. Never frenetic. Never out of control. Always ready for the next play.

      I thought this was one of the best QB games in a long time….this kid is showing incredible promise….some guys on here cannot see that.

      Its too bad the game ended with:
      1 – a bad pass to maclin
      2 – a bad drop by Moore
      3 – a pathetic call by the refs

      though even if Moore had caught the ball, guys like Biglion and Lawwrwewed would be talking about the missed throw to Maclin.

  70. Go to a gym, strut around with your Johnson hanging in the locker room, maybe you will talk, think differently, get some balls

  71. Jake? How mny games did Foles win?

  72. And how many games did Vick win this year Songs?

    “It’s funny…..when the team lose with Vick it’s Vicks fault, but when the team lose with Foles…it’s the team fault.

    What’s wrong with this picture?”

    Funny to me how you think Foles is crap when the team loses with him at QB but the team is crap when the team loses at qb.

    What is wrong with that picture?

  73. Foles is less than Ryan Fitzpatrick..both are ass. We need to keep Vick..wel anyway …GO SKINS!

    They’ll win another with a 2nd black QB before we will ever win a SB.

  74. Foles turned the ball over twice and that was the story of the game.. and he cant throw down field or hes scared to pull the trigger..hopefully its the latter.–and noone knows yet..

    • Really because those were both in the 1st half and it was 13-10 at half. That is the story? Cripes. You are grasping at straws now to justify why you don’t like him.

  75. You know I am willing to give Foles another year to show what he can do. He’s a rookie and he was going to make mistakes. This offseason will tell a lot about his work ethic. If he comes back stronger and wiser than this year he will be a player. Let’s load him up with weapons and a steady line and let’s see what we got. If he sucks then will be back in the draft anyway and hopefully next years qb draft will be better than this year. We can always draft someone then.

  76. @Vinnie who is better Foles or Luck? Because you know numbers wise Foles is better, what’s the difference between the two?

  77. What’s amazing to me is how hard you guys are on a rookie, comparing him to vick. Vick is a ten year vet for christ sake, and the kid still reads defenses better than him right now.

    • he read defenses better because he has the time to read them, but then he still f’s up

      • He has the same amount of time as every qb in the history of the NFL to read a defense.. It’s pre snap reads, I believe he’s talking about

        • Bullshit, the line gave him more time in one play than they gave Mike the entire season (when he was playing)

          • Furethermore if he’s reading presnaps then why is he 1/5

            • I agree that the line has played better with the addition of jake Scott and Reynolds has improved. But he’s talking about diagnosing the play before the snap of the ball.. It’s simple why he’s 1-5, same reason the eagles are in the position yet have been in all year… Turnovers

              • As (I) stated 6 weeks ago…you were going to see oline imporvement the moment the former superstar was no longer the QB (as he brings 1/2 of it on himself).

                This has happened. It was not a suprise.

  78. LET’S GO RG3!!!!!!


  79. PDiddy…that’s a great idea..let’s waste another season.

    Hell, we’re never going to win anything anyway

  80. i too an rooting for skins since dc knows how to appreciate an “athletic qb”

  81. FOLES 1-5. VICK GOT 3 WINS WITH THE SAME BAD STAFF- BUt foles can only beat the lowly bucs?

  82. No anger big lion , it’s called testosterone, go see dr. Glat like baldy did and get some, damn pussy men

  83. Foles is a dam rookie Vick is a ten year vet he is suppose to be better right now don’t you think. @songs exactly you know we are not going to win next year no matter what so why not see what we got.

  84. Who’s better? Foles or RG3? both are rookies


    Care to answer that one?

  85. Vick is long past his time. There will be no team to take a chance on him as a starter. The remainder of his time will be as a backup somewhere. I think Foles will be the starter next year. Not sure if he is the long term answer either but there is no one in the draft that is a franchise QB. The reports I have read pretty much sum up another group of game managers. Eagles have other spots to fill right now. O-Line and pick any other position on this defense. They stink.

  86. Who do you guys see out there that’s so much better who please let me know. Either draft or fa there is nobody really all that great to bring in anyway.

  87. @phillyfan exactly that’s all I am saying we have other holes to fill might as well let him play and stack talent around him for now.

  88. they’re going to be 6-10 with Foles next year….perhaps more…kid shows promise

    6-10 with Vick if they keep him….he’ll miss 5 games hurt anyway

    3-13 with Geno Smith if they draft him.

    you choose

  89. Were not going to be able to get Geno Smith because KC lost. Hes going number 1..

  90. what the hell is a game manager?

  91. Please Geno Smith. You guys are overrating this cat.

  92. Hahahaha Nick Foles was rated 7th best QB in 2012 draft and was projected to go 3-5th round. But Geno Smith is rated 1st round pick(Not RGIII or Luck talent) but 1st round talent yet he isnt as good as Foles? Hows that work?

    • Wasn’t comparing him to Foles. If you read my post I didn’t even mention Foles. I am a WVU fan. A graduate of WVU. You think I have enough fred now?

  93. How can you over rate Geno Smith? What the hell was Foles rated?

  94. @peace112, and vick didn’t f up that corner from Minnesota is still blitzing off the corner and he still can’t see him.

  95. I think Foles can get better, he’s obviously not there yet but you guys are rough dam.

  96. one last time.

    vick is done

    Geno smith will not be drafted by the eagles

    foles is the eagles qb next year

    foles looked pretty damn good today.

  97. There not rough, they are stupid botched posing as men


  99. Heres some facts. Sanctions are coming down in Oregon this year. Its being reported that Chip Kelly will be coaching in the NFL next year. He is on alot of teams radar. Its being reported he is at top of Eagles wish list.

  100. Man, I hope NO Chip Kelly in Philadelphia. But if Kelly can use big words and brings a big book Lurie will hire him. The jackass that he is. I will lay odds right now that on the day they have the media get together to announce the hiring Lurie will mention championshipS!

  101. Larrwd,

    You are holding on to something that is not going to happen. Where ever he goes that is the team you will have to root for.

    • Phillyfan leave the drugs alone I guess you are a GM? LOL you ignorant morons keep worrying about Vick for what? Worry about finding a QB for your sorry ass Eagles because Chip Kelly will not be coming there to coach your back-up QB Foles! Vick has at least 8 places he can go so take your delusions and waste them on getting a bag or sheet for your head for the next few years. I sure you will be comfortable with either.. Vick is not your damn business anymore so go worry about Nick “Napolean Dynamite” Foles SUCK! If he reads pre -snaps so well he would have know he could have run the damn ball in himself, instead of throwing a ball that did not get to the line of scrimmage . LOL LOL LOL

      • You don’t read well do you. Remedial dropout are you? I do not want Chip Kelly here> Mike Vick does have 8 places to go. Never said he didn’t. It will just be as a backup. I do not worry about Vick> I was talking to all the other bloggers who make it a Vick/Foles issue every week. This team has other issues that need to be fixed long before they worry about QB. Also I said in previous posts I am not sure if Foles is the answer. I also said this team had the same problems whether Vick or Foles was the QB. And if you read further I also mentioned that both Foles and Vick have supporters who basically support their man based on his skin color which is really sad. I noticed you mentioned the word sheet in your commentary so I kind of know what kind of individual you are. You are one of the racists I am describing. You are just a sad, disgusting human being.

  102. I thought the article was about Reid and we are talking about the same old crap (The Foles / Vick comparison) can’t we just move on ?. Foles is a rookie with only 5 games of experience. Vick is 33, gets hurt every season, and fumbles and throws allot of interceptions. Foles might be the quarterback next season and Michael Vick will be with another bad team at best. Please let’s move on

  103. Dtime,

    Too many haters on both sides of the fence. Ugly word but racism exists on these pages. Reid never won a super bowl which is his downfall. But he should be remembered for resurrecting this franchise from the hopelessness of the Kotite/Rhodes eras. For making the Eagles a “name” franchise, for crediting the Eagles fans and helping build EagleNation. It will take time but when he retires and returns to Philly he will be remembered fondly.

  104. The Cowboys lose, Giants getting there butts handed to them again. Not too bad of a day. Go skins next week. Beat the Cowboys.

  105. Just stupid woman on here crying, nothing new

  106. Jake, don’t be so hard on yourself.

  107. First off, Mike Vick is 32 and wont be 33 until June of next year. And why does his age matter so much to everyone when there are older QBs in the NFL that are starters and still productive. The fact of the matter is that the lack of team success was not Vick’s fault and now you all know it. This team has serious offensive line/team problems. And when the line is faulty the entire team implodes. Foles has made a few good throws, but his mistakes have been glaring and game changing. He’s had a clean pocket and admitted himself that he needs to drive the ball more so those are bad throws on his part. Vick on the other hand was playing with the worst line esp being that it was early and they werent coached up enough in the Mudd system. He got hit every single play during or after the play. Teams tried to take his head off. You guys wanna keep waving the Foles flag go right ahead im not knocking it, I hope he succeeds here but to actually say hes better than Vick and runs the offense better and look at the poise of the kid and his Brady-like hair and height is ridiculous. Cut the crap..

    **Eagles News**

    Its been confirmed through multiple sources that Andy Reid may in fact return to the team next year, not as the Head Coach but primarily in a Front Office role.

    My Thoughts– Maybe a smart move having Reid focus on one particular area over trying to oversee multiple ones. When he was the head coach and that alone the team was much better, it was when he started taking on all these other roles as the VP and this area and that area that he let alot of crucial spots slip when in years past he wouldnt have. Let him either just coach or have a role in the front office and thats it. So I dont think this is terrible news.

  108. “And why does his age matter so much to everyone when there are older QBs in the NFL that are starters and still productive. ”

    relly? You can’t figure that out?

    And I still absolutely love the “Vick got killed behind the terrible oline, but Foles has a good oline now”(he has a clean pocket) narrative that you guys are trying to create.

    The oline is the same. They are the same people.

    The QB play makes them appear better.

    Remember the olines in Atl got better insatantly when the former superstar missed a season. They deteriorated when he returned. They got better instantly when he went away again. Now the Eagles line is suddenly better …..

    stop looking at the variables and start looking at the constants.

    The fact that the oline is “better” now and is giving up less sacks is not a suprise.

  109. The only thing more terrible about that bs new s is a queer like jh reporting it

  110. The front office job cannot be in the role of selecting talent, Jon. He cannot do that. No coaching either,it is just time to move on It’s funny but another Eagles News report according Sal Pal says the number one choice is Chip Kelly. Man I hope not. No college coaches. It is just time for Andy to move on. Him staying in any capacity just won’t be good at all, but with with Lurie and Roseman at the helm anything is possible.

  111. Really the Oline is better, how many times did Foles get sacked today 5 or 6 times? This Oline sucks for Foles like it did for Vick, but hey at least Foles is playing better then Eli. I guess that means we’ll win a couple of Super Bowls.

  112. Vinnietheloser–Were you a McNabb hater too? What black QB do you give credit to? Havent heard you say anything good about RG3 on here. Maybe you have but havent seen it. I guess if hes white than hes alright huh? You need to wake up. This oline has improved somewhat from when Vick was in there because the players are more comfortable with the Mudd scheme. You know that. But you fail to acknowledge that because your too far gone. The team still sucks and is still losing yet you wanna praise Foles because of what? Hes white? Thats sad..

    • Jeeeezus….the same freekin story from you guys every day.

      Blinders on.

      look harder. I have spoken on McNabb and RGIII dozens of times. Vick coulnd’t hold McNabb’s jock. Of course you have never seen me say any of these things because you don;t want to see it.

      As for “the oline is better because they are cofortable now with the Mudd scheme…..”

      Really? You’re going there?

      “Hello straw…my name is Jon Hart and I’m grasping”

    • I thouht I was the only one who noticed the comments of vinniethevictor, I guess he thinks we can’t read in between the lines as to what he is saying

  113. @Jon Hart, I’m just giving these dudes a hard time because they are selective fans who think they are Eagle fans but say things like Foles is the QB of the future so 6-10 will be fine next year.

  114. And I will no longer address Jake seeing as how he done lost his mind.

  115. @Biglion– You are absolutely right they are selective fans. That color thing is something that annoys me to no end. They play the color game whenever its a black or white QB. They are free to root for either guy but be a consistent fan of the team. If Vick is in there root for the guy dont root for him to get hurt so they can put foles in there. What sense does that make? Alot of the comments on here are racially motivated and can feel it thru the way they word themselves. And some guys I wont address either due to how far gone they really are..

    • So true, I tried to explain to them the difference between the so called Vick fans and non Vick fans is so simple. The Vick fans watch the Eagles play and hope like hell they win regardless who the QB is the non Vick fans could care less if they win or lose as long as the QB isn’t Michael Vick. Now watch all the ridiculous comments.

      • it flows the oterh way. You Biglion, and larrwd, and Realtalk and songs…none of you want Foles to succeed either.

        Nor can any of you see what happened tonight, which was a fantastic outing for a rookie QB.

        but you don;t see aht happened today because you do not want ot.

        At the very least I saw years and years of the former superstar’s ineptitude before I knew I wanted no part of that failure.

        You want Foles out of here after 6 games, despite the fact that he gets better every week.

        • Again Vinnie I don’t like him your right. You know the difference between Foles and Luck? I’ll tell you Luck would have found away to win that game today!!! BTW if I’m wrong about Foles I’ll be the happiest Eagle fan in Florida.

          • Foles did too….but Moore dropped it.

            Then there was a BS grounding call that made no sense….when he threw the ball I said, “good play – one more chance” and then suddenly the game was over…so who knows what would happen…

            • Okay but Luck would have Maclin right between the 1 and the 8 for a touchdown and those plays wouldnt have mattered.

              • he hit Moore right on the numbers…no one says maclin catches that ball. It was a mistake…a bad throw (not so bad it was to the other team)…and he rectified it with a good throw to Moore 2 plays later….

                The kid played great today. QB was a problem on this team. Its not anymore. Now on to other positions.

    • There are many many racially motivated comments written on this site, not just this article but all of them, and those who write those comments know exactly who they are, and will deny it everytime, which is the reason I call them out on it, without beating around the bush

  116. Andy Reid has been the VP of Football Ops (a high level Front Office Position)
    Don’t you think JH
    In fact The be t VP of Footvall Ops (Tom Donahoe that Paulnan reported over a month ago) has been clearing house of Andy Reid Hires
    C’mon nan smell the Coffee, I’ve been dating since 2010 that
    This Season (2012) was it for Reid
    You guys should start listening and believing in my analysis
    Tom Donahoe is the next VP of Footvall Ops replacing Reid and the next
    HC will be Mike Noka. (Former HC if 49ers, and recently DC of the Dolphins and currently the NFC Best Team, the Atlanta Falcons)

    • Fraud– What are you even talking about? Did you write this just for the sake of writing something? This makes no sense at all. He wasnt the VP of Football operations when he got hired! They waited until the team succeeded on the field. Get a clue man. What was this post for? To praise yourself or to receive praise? You have reported nothing that is praiseworthy. Just a bunch of jumbled mess that you make up and take a shot at and hope to hit on.. Btw, get spell check.. sheesh

  117. Nolan will retain Bowles as DC (who worked under him at Miami)
    And bring in Cam Cameron as OC/QB Coach to work with
    Foles & Edwards next Season

  118. Also could see Nolan getting Falcon hard hitting, Pro Bowl Safety Moore to sign a free agency deal with the Eagles

  119. Nolan will not be head coach here paulman try some other retread. Cam Cameron will be lucky to have a job anywhere next year, who the hell gets fired as the OC of a team going to the playoffs.

  120. And then grant this……

    Could a rookie starter at least get 2 games before being rated like a vet?

    2 games?

    Ifyou do allow that…then look at the last 4 games:

    102 for 166 (61%) for 1159 yrds. 6 tds. 2ints

    Not good enough.

    Not meeting expectations.

    • Vinnie very good numbers but here is something else 1-3.Like i said before he is putting up numbers but he’s not winning games its not all on him but he needs to be a difference maker.

    • Those numbers Vinnie are mediocre.You gotta wake up man. And stats mean nothing if out of all these starts he only recorded 1 win, 1 stinking win. Go wave the Foles flag but the facts are the facts. We still dont know who he is. But those numbers are as mediocre as it gets.. period.

      • For a rookie they are excellent.

        and….they’re better than the former starter over his last 4 games….and Foles is just sbeginning his career. This is his base…….for the other guy…….that is his ceiling.

  121. Vinnie ? why didn’t they bench Watkins when Vick was playing?

  122. always with the questions

    why didn’t they run with Vick like they do Foles?
    (they run the exact same amount)

    Why didn’t they call as many short passes with Vick like they do Foles?
    (there are always the same amount of receivers on all 3 levels for both QBs)

    Why didn’t they bench watkins?
    (Ummm…because Scott is not that good either)

    Always why why why wy when it comes to you know who.

    Never a look at the player himself.

    Enough with Vick already. Done. Gone. He’s a Jet now. He’ll be a free agent again in 2104.

  123. Foles throws an INT and gets a sack fumble and they lose the game and you call his game good today? When things like this happened with Vick all we heard on here was get him outta here hes trash yada yada yada. Just be consistent guys.

  124. That’s the point I believe vin has been trying to get across all along. One I tend to agree with.

    • Nope. Vinnies point has been well documented but changed. Ill review…

      1. Vick keeps both teams in gamez.. this d is great and would have no problems winning games if vick wasnt in there.

      2. The oline is fine… a pocket passer would make them better… look at justice as proof.

      3. Foles would make this team win… they should bench vick because hes short and holds the ball too long and cant read a blitz.

      4. Foles is a rook and in his first game looks as good as any hall of famers first game…. go look.

      5. What do expect when 1 is a rook and the other a 10 year vet?

      • Well all along, as in the convo today. I don’t agree with the blatentt hatred he has for Vick. I think mike could be successful in a certain situation. Now this is not to be confused with What Vinnie believes. I don’t think that you can compare the two qbs based on what we have seen so far this year.

      • so i hit 4 of 5…that’s pretty good

  125. Hello…. just a little truth for you all.

    1. Reid is gone. No front office. No oline coach. No parking cars. Hes gone.
    2. Foles is not better than vick. We have seen nothing to prove otherwise.
    3. Vick is gone unless chip kelly is named head coach before the vick bonus deadline.
    4. Im white. So… so much for race b.s.
    5. I pray to god that foles is everything vinnie thought kolb would be.
    6. Foles held onto the ball too long today.
    7. I like that foles is tall.
    8. It pisses me off to think about what could have been.
    9. I want a d.c. as our head coach and i want Foles to be the guy. Time for a fresh start.
    10. As always… i will back whoever is starter because i love this team.

    P.s. i hate this fast but weak team. Its had to love and hate them at the same time but im good at it.

    1 more week until we make a change. Boom.

  126. Also…. ive been a way for a while. Good to see vinnie is right where i left him…. holding backup qb’s jocks.

  127. “Foles is not better than vick. We have seen nothing to prove otherwise.”

    because you haven;t been looking
    better comp%
    lower int %
    lower sack rate
    higher points per game

    11 years younger
    6 inches taller
    40 lbs heavier

    otherwise the same

  128. LOL in Vinnie’s defense Stevo we were very hard on Foles tonight probably too hard.

  129. Im all for foles.. just not going to call him a hof’er yet.

  130. Every single Eagles website the same discussion is going on. The fan base is divided. Some say Foles is future HOF, better than Peyton Manning aand some say he is John Skelton its amazing. There is anger and hope everywhere not just here. But when I go to Indy, Seattle and Washingtons websites they are untied. There is no controversy.

  131. I guess we can’t move on. The question is do you really want to start over with a 32 year quarterback that relies on his legs or a rookie that has some talent. It’s that simple.

  132. I havenr read to many fans wanting Vick back. Most fans who arent sold on Foles just state in a QB driven league and how brights our future when your QB is 4th best in your own division and the other QBs. arent going anywhere anytime soon

  133. You’re right. Pretty sad.

  134. Blaine Gabbert > Foles (career 1-5) lol

  135. Dag-Vick is the 4th best QB in this division too. He played awful this year with the same team that Foles is playing so bad in (according to you). If he comes back now it will be about 16-17 mil against the cap. That is way too much money for an injury prone QB on the downside of his career. If you re-work his deal, then you will probably have to guarantee him more money. I don’t want to do that, do you?

    And again no one has answered me on how it is ok to criticize Foles playing with a bad team but not Vick playing with a bad team.

    Eaglesinoak- the holiday troll checks in.

  136. 1-5 that’s Foles and don’t come with Aikman’s first season record….Aikman was a number 1 pick with the pedigree to win game. He had all thw variables which means if a player is running wide open Alikman hits it….and when he was upright during the losing season he hit people running wide open.

    Foles misses players running wide open…he’s a backup at best and if we’re looking to contend ..we need a coach who will use Vick’s strong arm and athletic ability properly. Give him an ultimatum. Slide or be released…..have him comeback at a reduced salary so these losers on here can stop already with the salary he’s slated for.

    I heard the same things from the same guys concerning Asante’s salary. How did that work out?

    You win with the better player!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vick is a better player than Foles just as Asante was a better player than DRC.

    You don’t downgrade the talent and expect a better production.

    This team with Foles will be a 5 win team at best…If the defense gets the right players maybe 8 games…Foles is a good backup for a starting QB nothing more.

  137. Daggolden….

    “we have the 4th best qb in the division”

    Of course we do. Right now.

    RGIII was a #2 pick overall. He should be better than Foles. Right now.

    But the other 2? Of course they are better…..right now. But it took 3-4 years before Eli was competent. Really. 4 years. He was (and still is sometimes) a walking turnover for season after season. He didn’t reach Foles completion % untill his FIFTH YEAR. Romo didn’t even see the field for 2.5 years…..when he did his interception rate was almost 3x what Foles is. and is just now…..slowly….after about 8 seasons beginning to lose his choker label. His not flattering nickname is “December Romo”

    These guys were given a few chances to improve dontcha think?

    And yet you are willing to throw Foles out because he missed a couple of wrs in his first coule of games???????

    Yes he missed Maclin. Yes it was bad.

    How did he respond to that?

    Converted a 4th down……followed by putting a ball right on the numbers for a td.

    That’s how you shold measure the kid

    Last 4 games:

    101 of 154 for 1200 yrds 6tds and 2 ints.

    Romo and Eli would have dreamed of those numbers their first seasons

  138. Is there any reason to believe that Vick is getting any better then what we saw this year? Is he any faster, is he reading defenses better, is he going to grow 4inches, has he been able to stay on the field and not get hurt? So maybe the offensive line and the weapons were not great this year. But when will they be good again after they hire a new coach? If the Eagles were close to being a contender for the playoffs then maybe Vick makes sense but they’re not. They are rebuilding with a new coach. The reason we need a younger quarterback is obvious, in 2 or 3 years Vick will be 35 or 36 and probably will be out of football.

  139. Just logged in to wish every one Happy Holidays. Gotta admit the Foles/Vick debate is getting old. This team needs defense or it doesn’t matter who is QB But enjoy the holidays everyone.

    P.S. Dagold, you gotta steer me to that website where people are calling Foles a HOF and mentioning his name with Peyton’s.
    Because ANYONE doing that needs to have their tongues torn from their mouthes and dropped off at the nearest mental health facility. Laughing my ass off on that one.

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