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The Sixers Now Belong To Jrue Holiday And Evan Turner

I was just arriving at work the other day, and I was sipping on 24 oz coffee from Wawa (100% Columbian to be exact). I love me some Columbian.

One of my fellow co-workers came strolling in and said, ” How about them Sixers?!”

I respond with “Yes, I know. They got their asses handed to them. They got flat-out exposed.”

We go on talking about the game and how we both can’t stand Spencer Hawes. The game we where talking about was the Rockets game.

Then my co-worker started telling me how the Sixers post game crew was saying when Turner plays well, it doesn’t translate into a “W”. That the Sixers win when Turner doesn’t play well. I did not watch the post game show. I shut off the game with about 30 seconds left.

Right away I started to defend my “Man-Crush”.  The Sixers don’t necessary play well, when Evan does? That’s “BS”. How dare they come at my homie like that?! I did think my co-worker was screwing with me because he is known to do that. He said he was not lying. So after cursing and yelling about this a little more I decide to check it out myself.

I figured 17 points was a good number to judge by, when Turner scores more than 17 points the Sixers are 7-4. In those 7 wins he has 4 double-double’s and in the 4 loss he has 1 double-double. Two of those losses are without Holiday playing. I dropped the number to 16 points for last season’s totals. We all know about ET’s struggles last year. When Evan scored more than 16 points the Sixers were 6-5.

Listen, I know that everything about this team starts with Holiday. The evidence is clear in the 4 games he missed if you needed any evidence at all. BUT if you took away Turner in those 4 games you would likely see the same result. Holiday is the better player but I truly believe that they are equally as important to this team.

They are the only two that can create offense for themselves and for others. Nick Young can create offense for himself, but passing forget about it. Here are some numbers:

Turner’s numbers

In Wins 37.0 .486 7.8 4.2 0.4 0.4 2.7 17.1
In Losses 35.3 .411 5.9 4.2 0.2 1.1 2.4 13.7

Jrue’s numbers

In Wins 39.2 .460 4.3 9.5 0.6 1.5 2.7 18.4
In Losses 37.2 .434 3.4 7.9 0.1 1.3 2.5 17.6

There is a very good chance that we will never know what the combination of Holiday, Turner and Bynum could have done. I really don’t feel like bringing up Bynum’s name anymore but just for this post.

This team belongs to Jrue and Evan. They are the future and their games complement each other very well. They both can create for others and themselves and both bring toughness to this team. Like I said before, if Turner missed these last four games the Sixers would likely be in the same spot, especially with this front-court, bench and pick-roll defense. on Facebook

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33 Comments for “The Sixers Now Belong To Jrue Holiday And Evan Turner”

  1. There’s no doubt that the 76ers are Jrue’s & ET’s Team
    Problem is that is nearly not enough to be a .500 Team in the NBA
    Until they get a consistent 3rd Scote an inside presence, this Team is not going anywhere even as Jrue & ET continue to improve
    Thadd Young’s Offense is way to inconsistent and the other Perimiter players are up and down every outing. If Hawes/Allen could consistently combine for
    25-28 Pts & 15 Rebounds between them, then they would a shot in some of closer games.

  2. Bynum is key.. Which is obvious. If they can hang around 500, make the playoffs an Bynum returns within a month or so, they could be in business

  3. Is anyone else thinking of Jim Mora and the Coors Light Commercial
    “Playoffs…Playoffs, Bynum…. Are you Kidding Me” !!!!
    Merry Christmas

  4. The Top 8-10 Teams in the NBA played today and tonight and the 76ers are nowhere close to Touching any of these Teams anytime soon
    40-43 Wins and no Playoffs and end up with the 14-16th Draft Pick again in what’s to be a pretty weak NBA Draft Class next June

  5. 76era to go O-Fer on this Road Trip
    They simply are not a good Team
    Where’s the “Show You Love” JH been lately about the current state
    Of this 76er Team for its about to get ugly for them

  6. Evan Turner does not belong in the starting lineup. He is a 6th man at BEST.

    On another note, I’m really starting to like Dorrell Wright. I still have no idea why Turner starts over both Wright and N. Young — the goal is to put the best team on the floor and both Wright and Young bring more to the court than Turner.

  7. What’s happened to Jon Hart, why does he no longer comment on this 76er Team.. ET Starts for he’s a former High 1st Round Draft Pick..
    Both Turner,Thadd Young would be nice Role Players on good Team’s Roster’s and not counted on as being their Top Producers/Players..
    This 76er Team is just not build to Win with it’s present Roster
    Should have kep Vucevic who is playing well in Orlando and developing to a pretty good Post Player..

  8. Jon Hart will be back when the 6ers make the playoffs. Right now he’s whacking off to Lebron highlights on youtube.

  9. Ha ha,
    76ers won’t be making Playoff’s this Year.. I expect a nose-dive and a 36-40 Win Season at Best, they are getting worse and worse as the Season gets longer..

  10. Post Memphis game:Dorrell Wright put up 28 points last night and Spencer put up 20—
    the team is way better with both of them playing more minutes
    Dorrell also took 8 free throw attempts ( he is the only Sixer who will initiate contact)
    Memphis did not have All Star Rudy Gay in the line up last night so I will temper my enthusiasm a bit
    Tony Allen shut out Evan Turner down last night – and at least Evan didn’t try to force the issue just to get points in the stat column – he deferred to Dorrell, Spence and Jrue quickly passing the ball to these hot players while only taking 4 shots himself

  11. Evan is NOT a consistent scorer. He plays good fundamental basketball for the most part. Good roleplayer.

  12. Ohhh now the birdbrain wants to show himself after Evan doesnt score many points (But played the point superbly dishing out 9as last night), but before this, next to Jrue, Evan has been one of the most consistent players on this team 15pts 7reb 4as a game. You can try to discredit him and say hes a “bust” all you want but his play and his stats don’t lie. Wrong time to talk about Evan Turner and his game coming off a great win against the Grizzlies..

    Fraudman Fraudfan was writing on here and didnt even realize that the Sixers were playing a game and that they beat the Grizzlies haha pathetic. This is what the fraud said..


    December 26, 2012 – 8:40 pm

    76era to go O-Fer on this Road Trip
    They simply are not a good Team
    Where’s the “Show You Love” JH been lately about the current state
    Of this 76er Team for its about to get ugly for them

    Haha this fraudfan had no clue they were even on tv playing a game. Remember he lives in the Boones North Carolina he doesnt get Sixers games so who in there right mind would listen to his thoughts on the team??? He goes to to look at the stats and game highlights. A Fraudman Fraudfan should never attempt to call out JH.. You lose every time.. #Showyaluv!!!

  13. The Sixers currently have a question mark next to there name because they have yet to play a game with Andrew Bynum. Currently constructed, the Sixers are barely a playoff team. If the playoffs started tonight the Sixers would not be in the playoffs for they are the 9th seed. Not good. This team is incomplete. They are waiting on Bynum to get healthy. Doug is running out of Big men so they desperately need Bynum back and healthy. I see February around All-star weekend as the target date for Bynum to make his debut. Its not far off at all. It stinks that its taking this long but when we make our 2nd half playoff push we will have Bynum to go to war with..

  14. Mayday Mayday Save Our Ship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala, Nugget trade can be summed up as a lose, lose, lose, lose situation as all 4 teams are worse now

  15. 76er’s have dropped their 5th in a Row and are now 15-22..
    I believe COllins has lost this Team, Jason Richardson wants out,
    Arnett Moultri upset he’s not getting the playing time.. Rumors about Thadd, Hawes being traded/moved for a legitimate Post Prescence who can actuaully Rebound and Score.. Bumass Bynum will not play a Game for the 76ers all Season as I called back in November.. Franchise has taken 2 Steps back this Season with little to no Prospects of making the Playoffs this or next Season.. Let the Interviews begin

  16. **Sixers News**

    Andrew Bynum was at shootaround today, took shots, was on the treadmill and the big news is that he plans to make his Sixers debut around Allstar Weekend.
    Said he has no pain in his knees which is a very good sign. Said hes gettng ready to play

    My Thoughts- Is this not exactly what I said would happen. Roll the tape, I said hed make his debut around Allstr break. Hes finally almost back to full strength. Now if they can string together a few wins then theyll be right in place for a playoff run with momentum. Bynum! Bynum! Bynum! #Showyaluv!!!

  17. he shouldnt have went to germany to get that surgery.. Its about time ive been patiently waiting ..

  18. Larrwd, nah it wasnt the procedure he got in Germany, hes had issues with his knees way before that. Hes never allowed his knees to fully heal like he has now. Hes about to make his debut and im pumped about it, and I feel like the team is too.. Id rather him sit out, heal up and get in bball shape than to come back to early (like Dwight Howard) and look bad.. Hes going to come back rejuvenated, very exciting times…

    As for Jrue, fraudman said he didnt think Jrue could hang with the PGs in the NBA, also said Jrue didnt look like he could put on muscle.. hahaha how wrong he was again again and again.. Jrue is one of the top 5 PGs in the NBA. Hes playing at a Allstar level and will only improve once Bynum joins the team..

  19. Wrong, wrong JH,
    I said Jrue was the only NBA Starter on this 76er Roster..
    I like JRue last year and have been giving him praises all year this year..
    but the rest of the 76ers Suck and are going nowhere.. I hope they Trade Thadd/J-Rich for a Forward (maybe Al Jefferson)

  20. Your lying. You said exactly what I said you said. Dont try and twist things up now I can easily research what you said last year about Jrue and expose you.. You said it on this site!

  21. Getting Al Jefferson in a trade is realistic, being that hes a FA after this season the Jazz could dangle him for impact role players like Thad and Jrichardson. Very possible trade…

  22. I know I said that Jon. I’m starting to think I’m wrong

  23. that jrue was overrated, a bottom tier type pg and so on. I was dead wrong dude is legit and continuously getting better. it’s a shame he has no other real nba starters to play with.

    I haven’t watched sixers in like a month but decided to put half a paycheck on the hornets tonight +3 so I’d be forced to watch.


    • Man you were way off.. The kid is only 22.. tonight he had 29 points11 as.. last game he had 30pts 12 as.. hes unreal, one of the most complete pgs/players in the NBA. Will only improve.. Mad Doug sat him out for so long in the 4th when the momentum swung there way.. Doug gotta start playing Dwright more, possibly even starting him over JRich.. Doug gotta shake stuff up

  24. Why look last JH, I have praised Jrue this Season and even stated that he was plating at a All-Star Level after the first month of the Season
    What I said this year is that he is the only player on this Roster
    That is a true NBA Caliber starting Player, the rest of this roster would not a start for the Top 15 Teams in the NBa is what I Said about this 2013,Version of the 76ers and I stand by it .. I don’t count on Bynum for he is not an active player on this Team as of yet.. Sixer will be lucky to Win 42-44 Games

    • Earlier before the season started you dont remember saying Jrue couldnt hang with the pgs in the NBA and that you dont think he can add muscle because of how his body is built? I know you know what Im talking about, because you said it.. But as for the Sixers this year they are incomplete,they lack the post presence on both ends of the floor, they are undersized and need to make a trade. I see one coming soon. Id be surprised if they actually trade Thad, id prefer them to see what they can get for Evan, but his low salary may be the problem there..

      The Sixers have to protect there homecourt and stop allowing teams to think they can walk all over them.. The defense was a positive last year now this year its a weakness.. We really need Bynum.. But until then, they gotta pick up some wins. This loss tonight was ridiculous, noway they should lose to the hornets esp in the fashion they did..

  25. This Team can’t walkover on anyone JH,
    Who are you kidding.. Get some reality with this Team will you..

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