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Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

Reid’s Last Home Game

The Eagles haven’t shown a lot of heart this year, but they came out and played hard for their head coach in what is very likely to be Andy Reid’s final home game as the head coach of Philadelphia.

The Eagles fought back from a 14-point deficit to make it a seven-point game and had an opportunity to tie the game in the final seconds. But the disappointing team that Michael Vick believed was going to be the start of a dynasty (HA) just didn’t have enough gas in the tank to finish the job.

The familiar problems that have plagued the team all season resurfaced in their typical fashions today.

This team just won’t stop turning the ball over. Nick Foles had an interception off of a tipped ball and also lost a fumble. If the Eagles would learn just to cut down on their mistakes, they might be capable of winning seven or eight games.

The defense had their bright moments, but ultimately couldn’t come together and find answers for Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, and the rest of the Washington offense. Even on a day where RGIII wasn’t at 100%, he was still able to guide his team on five scoring drives against the Eagles.

It looked as though the game could have taken a turn similar to the Cincinnati game in which the Eagles just completely collapsed in the fourth quarter and a close game quickly became a blowout. But this week, Reid’s team fought to the final minutes, and got on the comeback trail similar to the one they went on in Tampa Bay. They even got down to goalline in the final moments, but this time there wouldn’t be a victory on a last-second touchdown.

Quick Thoughts

  • Nice play by Colt Anderson to break up a pass on fourth down during the first quarter. Anderson turned in another nice performance as a starter. He may never be an All-Star caliber player, but he’s a guy you want on your roster. It was great to see Anderson get an interception in the fourth quarter.
  • Evan Moore, signed off of the streets this week, nearly made a nice play for a touchdown in the second quarter. However, the tight end couldn’t keep his feet in bounds, and the Eagles had to settle for a field goal. Moore dropped a potential game-tying touchdown on the goalline later in the game.
  • Nick Foles put up 345 yards with a touchdown and an interception. I thought Foles showed signs of progress in this game. Although he wasn’t perfect, and made a handful of mistakes, the rookie got his second look at the Washington Redskins and performed much better against them in this game than he did a month ago. The fact that he helped guide the team on a nearly-successful comeback effort for the second time in three games is also impressive.
  • Foles seems to have developed a lot of trust in Jeremy Maclin. Maclin caught eight passes for 116 yards and a touchdown. He’s had his best games with Foles under center.
  • Another guy who has benefited from working with Foles is Jason Avant. Avant has reemerged as a reliable weapon in the offense ever since the third round pick took over as the starter, and had eight catches for 70 yards today.
  • Darryl Tapp was inactive for today’s game. About time. I don’t understand why the coaching staff kept him active over young guys like Vinny Curry and Phillip Hunt, especially after the playoffs were well out of reach.
  • Ugly start to the third quarter, the Eagles let the Redskins march right down the field and allowed running back Alfred Morris to go untouched into the endzone.
  • LeSean McCoy looked pretty good today, but he has no business playing in either of these final regular season games. The last thing this team needs is for their franchise running back to suffer any kind of damaging injury that will impact his status for next year.
  • McCoy was active as both a runner and a receiver, collecting 122 total yards.
  • Dion Lewis had a nice touchdown run in the fourth quarter to make it a one score game. Lewis showed the impressive explosive burst that helped him make the team a year ago.
  • The return of McCoy meant Bryce Brown saw his workload decrease significantly.
  • Foles had Jeremy Maclin open for the touchdown on the final drive, but threw a poor pass and couldn’t get him the ball.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles currently sit at 4-11, and are on the verge of securing the third overall pick in next year’s draft. One game remains against what will be a desperate New York Giants team.

In the final week of the season, we’ll get a final look at Nick Foles. Has the rookie done enough to be named the starting quarterback in 2013?

Are there any other young players on the defense that will step up and be noticed? Colt Anderson certainly did that in this game, are any of his teammates capable of putting on a similar show?

We’re almost at the finish line, folks. One more week of the Andy Reid era. on Facebook

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111 Comments for “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins”

  1. We’ve went from looking to challenge for a top seed to make a run, to looking at what 3rd or 4th stringer will make the team.

    I blame Lurie for this wasted season. He should have fire andy’s ass after that pathetic last season

  2. hmmmm, thought foles was goin to save the day…..

  3. The fat man dressed so jolly as this was the last time he’d walk the sideline,merrily we all sing carols and drink egg nog ,and fans will blog.Who should replace AR? Will the fat man dressed in all his splendor pushes his tackling sleigh clear out of sight.Go Marty and your inane offensive mind where you run so few !as passes continually flew.Wheres Washburn and his wide nine ,what a colossal waste of our time.take mudd and the offensive crud,a fireman who can’t play ,we gotta do a better job? Just not here the fans all cheer.take your speedball rushers and corners taht can’t play ,and safeties that tackle so weak ,take your stash which grows like Andys weed ,It a disciplined coach taht is all we now need.take your undisciplined time management and your drafts out the door.No more end game summation ,(clear your throat) IGotta do a better job,no longer will be heard from this Eagles nation.As you leave in the dark of the night lock the door behind you and turn out the light.Just do us all a favor and Jeff will do,what’s right. joy to the birds ,let’s begin anew….happy holidays and enjoy for the AR era has come to a befitting end…peace .

  4. Denny,
    I agree about McCoy. He should not be playing at all
    Despite Foles passing for 345 yds. I thought his progression kind of stagnated today. THat final drive I thought wasted too much time to the point where they could have at least 2 more plays. Two and three yard dumpoffs? No side line patterns? I thought he could have run out of bounds on a couple of plays to stop the clock.

    This defense cannot make stops when they need to. Colt Anderson is a nice piece but a faster safety would not have been beaten on the corner route by Holmes.

    Ball security needs to be a priority at next OTA’s and camp. What was the turnover differential heading into this game minus 22? That spells losing team every time.

    Time to start looking at draft options. Do the Eagles keep the 3rd or 4th pick or trade for multiple picks. Any teams have multiple 1st rounders or a few 2nd rounders? It is going to be interesting.

  5. That final drive I thought wasted too much time to the point where they could have at least 2 more plays.

    they got to the 5 and ran 3 plays…the 3rd ending with 2 seconds to go….should have been able to run 4 if not for the absurd grounding penalty

    what you should be looking at is that – for the first time in forever – the Eagles went into that last drive with 3 timeouts and so were able to use thos dumpoffs to make it down the field and get to the point where they hav 4 shots at the endzone….lest we forget that there was a perfect throw for a TD on the second last play of the game

    • Vin, I know you love Foles but calm down. I am supporting the kid too but you are a little ridiculous with your blind defense of him constantly. The drive wasted too much time. Throwing the ball in the middle of the field for 2 and 3 yards. They are ROOKIE MISTAKES! They wasted all three time outs when they were at the 30 yard line Weak ass throw to Maclin.
      He still has a lot to learn. He will need to attend the turnover sessions at camp too.

      • I do not “love” foles…as I stated, I wanted the Eagles to draft Cousins….however….I am not blind to recognize that htis kid is exceedeing my expectaitions…by a long shot. He is putting up/ and playing well beyond his 5 game experience. The future looks really bright for the kid, but there are those on here who still pine for something else…..for reasons known only to them

        • You want to know what I am pining for? A friggin defense! Foles will be the QB next year. Will he be the ultimate answer? I don’t know Next year will be the telling year. But remember they will have a last place schedule and people will throw that up too. Rely on the running game, build a defense and see what Foles can do with options. That should be the game plan next year.

  6. Is VIck as bad as he has looked this year?….maybe. Is Foles a better Qb than VIck?….maybe. Is the real problem the system?….probably. Are we gonna have a new system next year?….definitely. Until then everyone chill and stop arguing over things us fans have no control over. These questions will be answered next season.


  8. I wanted Foles over cousins .. I wanted wilson over Foles …

  9. good for you. He wasn’t available.

    Wilson is exceeding expectations. Foles is exceeding expectations.

    Bully on both of them.

    Yet you hate it.

  10. They shouldnt have fired juan.. Andy probably fired him so he can hire him next year..

  11. Eagles need to stock pile on the defensive side this offseason and for the offensive side get Foles an athletic TE who can stretch the field and be a red zone threat….the offensive line will be fine with Peters and Kelce back…..Kelly is a backup, dont want to hear he is a possible starter, dude cant pass block worth a damn

  12. If someone like Zach Ertz falls to the early 2nd round, grab him!

  13. I think this team will score points next year even with a new offensive scheme. I think a big wide receiver will help but other than that emphasize the defense in the draft and sign a cornerback and a safety in FA. Get a good DC and let’s play Eagle defense!

  14. Sal Pal reported the Eagles have agreed with Reid that they wont delay to release him after the season, that it will be done quick,He also said the Eagles WONT take an up and coming Cord, that it will be someone with HC experience, either from the Pros or College, He said their main target is Chip Kelly. As for me? I say no way! Not as my top choice, first on my list would be Bruce Areians from the Colts! This guy is the real deal! Big Ben is lost without him, Luck is the first overall pic to ever take his team to the playoffs, conscience? I dont think so! He would do wonders for Foles, he should be their top choice!

  15. No college coaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HC experience huh? Gruden?, Billick? Cowher?, Cameron?, Del Rio? Dungy? Do I need to go on? I hope they look at some coordinators, assistants because what they need is someone from the NFL who is hungry and wants to make a name for themselves. The rest of these guys are contented fat cats or never was. I smell the air of stupidity wafting from Lurie’s bunker? Anyone else think Lurie/Roseman brain trust is going to screw this up. Man I hope Sal Pal is wrong.

  16. 2 two-minute drills today.

    17 of 23.

    Damn….that QB totally sucks.

    Better bring Vick back.

  17. Vinny, you, I and a lot of other have their point of view on where the eagles are going. I too think Foles gives the franchise a better opportunity to win. But you have to relax bro.. You’re letting everyone get you going. Frankly it’s funny to see your blatant hate for Vick. He’s not going to be here, eagles are going with Foles. I too think he’s showed enough to earn a shot next year.. It’s going to take some time to rebuild the defense and the o-line. Eagles aren’t that far out if that can be fixed-IMO

    • Way to go Frank. I tried to tell him that in an earlier post but he is all hopped up on Foles. Calm down Vin. You are working to hard to prove a point. Foles will be here next year but this team needs to build a defense because if they don’t the kid is going to have to throw for 500 yards and 5 TD’s every game.

  18. Vinnie, you have done a great job attempting to enlighten these women but they are stuck in worship of something that does not exist, and they Are some zeros

  19. Vinnie is a man, unlike these other bitches who whine, complain pull the rag out

  20. Jakedog is vinnies other screen name

  21. Jake,

    We are supporting Vinnie here. What some of us are trying to tell him no matter how hard he tries to promote Foles and role out stats there is a group out there that simply doesn’t give a shit, they want to promote their side. Vinnie will never convince them other wise. He has basically won the argument against the “women” but they don’t care. They just want to wind him up. Next year in the opener Foles will be under center. Case closed. Ignore the others.

  22. Philly fan – agreed

    Big lion- disagree

  23. While we’re not on the subject.. I want Chip Kelly here next year!

  24. Big,

    Don’t think so. They won’t draft a QB because they have too many issues on Defense to address. THey won’t look to trade for some back up that signed a ridiculous contract like a Matt Flynn. Foles will be here for another year so the new coach can make his own evaluation. Next year will be a non contending year anyway so a lot of evaluation will be going on by the new staff Oh and Reid won’t be here.

    • I can see that but you know how these coaches are phillyfan they all think they can reinvent the wheel so they want their guys, unless Roseman or Lurie says Foles comes with the job. Then they’ll just put Foles in a position to fail until they get their own guy in there.

  25. Mike Nolan (D/C of the Falcons) will be the next Coach
    Todd Bowles will remain as DC since they worked together for the Miami Dolphins to get the Defensive side of the Ball straight
    The OC could be Cam Csneron who was Filres a month ago from
    The Colts which he has worked with Flacco pretty well the last few years
    Remember you heard it from Paulman first

  26. Paulman.

    I hope you are wrong on Cameron.

  27. He is undoubtedly wrong.. There is a better chance of the eagles making the playoffs than that happening.. I would however like to see Bowles remain.

  28. I mean Cameron who was fired by the Ravens (not Colts)

  29. Screw what everybody on here talking about. Seattle are some bad Mofo’s and we need some serious kick ass coaching around here. I was hesitant about Chip Kelly at first, but after watching pete Carroll and what he’s doing with them Seahawks., we need Chip Kelly and his high powered offense and defense IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. biglion- your right in respect to coaches wanting to reinvent the wheel. You may also be right about Chip not wanting Foles here.. But he might and is familiar with him in his time in the PAC 10 or 12 or whatever it is.

    Phillyfan- hear me out my man.. I’m not s big proponent of college coaches either but this guy seems like he’s ahead of the curve

    I think Kelly would come here and run a run based spread attack similar to Seattle. He is an innovative guy who seems to be really smart and hard working… He is no dummie either. Only a dummie would try to run that offense he ran in Oregon in the pros. He’s going to come here feature McCoy and Brown. He will love the receivers and put together a big, fast physical defense. He couldn’t put that kind of d together at Oregon, well, due to being at Oregon. Nobody plays defense in that conf.

    Now, it’s just a feeling that I have…

    • That is one of my fears with him. No one plays defense in that conference and he thinks he can get by with an offense in the NFL.

      Well we will all see what transpires over the next several weeks. I have a bad feeling that Lurie is going to screw this up unless Donohue plays a bigger role than we all think.

  31. # 1 draft pick better be a starting right tackle.. to hell with herremans , i want a stud for the next 10 years.. Foles got killed today, he holds the ball too long too.. (remind u of anybody)?

  32. Am I correct? Who knows but that’s my opinion.

    Tom Danahue, If hired, will in turn hire Paul as director of pro personnel for his dedication to him on gcobb

  33. Bingo Rocko!!! Seeing the light!!!!!!!!!

  34. @Rocko Seattle is indeed a scary ass football team.

  35. I really think he just adapted the circumstances he was playing with… I think he will come here, like what he sees on the offensive side and stack he D!

  36. They sure are.. Niners even seem intimidated tnite!

  37. But I thought Kaepernick was a superstar? I will stand by my statement that switching to Kaepernick…playing his first 1/2 season for a playoff team was a big mistake.

    Should have made the move either last or next offseason…not midseason.

    This will not end well for SF.

  38. Frisco was looking to the future with this move, as well as the present. I think they needed to make the move to Kapernick. Everyone seems to struggle in Seattle. Not just the rook

  39. I am alwaysa fan of looking to the future….but not when you are a SB contender who was in the NFC champ game with the other guy and to an untested QB mid-season.

    This should have been an offseason move….not midseason.

    This has got “seeds of doubt” divided lockerroom all over it.

  40. Yes Frank, the light is shining bright as hell !!!!!!!! And at Biglion, they are Alabama (on the NFL team level) scary!!!!!

  41. We need “HIGH POWERED” everything around here. As far as I’m concerned, get rid of trent cole, Asmo, DRC and a few others that are just sitting on a paycheck. We need some young hungry cats here who just want to win and will buy into a new coaching philosophy with a new vision. Howie better get out the way of the new coach (hopefully Kelly) and let him bring in whoever the hell he wants!!!!!!!!

  42. And so here we are Biglion

    SF will be fine with Kaepernick…but you are not a fan of Foles

    which is which:

    102 for 166 (61%) for 1159 yrds. 6 tds. 2ints (in last 4 games)
    101 for 154 (65%) for 1289 yrds 7 tds 2 ints (in last 5 games)

    Honestly. How can one be a guy who “doesn’t have it” and the other a guy who can lead a SB team??

  43. Vinnie? when did this team under Reid begin to crumble?

    • like every other coach…when the QB faded….eso nd of McNabb era…when he started fading…2008/2009…..

      hasn’t been able to find a replacemett since…tried 2 guys…now onto the 3rd….hopefully Foles will be that guy…

      Same thing will happen to Bellicheck when Brady disappears…

      same thing for every team without a qb….you ramble about replacing dawk, or trotter or whomever….but the reality is those are all peripheral positions….we haven;t had a competent qb since 2008…..and until we do all the rest is claptrap….hopefully we now have one….

  44. Vinnie who is better? Wilson with the seahawks or Foles?

    • I don’t know yet.

      How do you think Wilson would be doing on the Eagles…or Foles on the Hawks……

      • but what I do know is that guys like you would have run him to the bench after his first 4 games

        especially after his 4th game which went
        17 of 25 for 160 0tds and 3 ints….

        you probably would have been screaming about how he’s a bum

        would you have given him a chance?

        and if the answer is yes…then why not the same chance for Foles?

  45. The niners are going to win the NFC west and Kaepernick’s abilities fit better with what the niners do and yes i think he has it.

  46. Kam chancellor is a beast

  47. Man do I like russel Wilson and this Seahawks team. If I could have one team that the eagles would look too for structure is this team. They are physical, smart, poised and hustlers. Kam chancelor has knocked Vernon Davis and Mario manning ham out of the game single handedly.

  48. How do teams return the ball to the 30 yard line? W haven’t seen that in 6 years, easily!

  49. When Vick goes to a different team I wonder if his fans will follow him?

    You cannot be a true Eagles fan and want Michael Vick to be the starting quarterback. Vick is the worse starting quarterback the Eagles have had since Doug Pederson. I can’t wait till he is out of town along with Reid. If Nick Foles don’t start winning I will hate him too. I’m an loyal Eagles fan and I want the team to win – I don’t care if the quarterback is red white yellow or black as long as he wins games.

  50. Umm Irish where were you earlier this season when so called Eagle fans were hoping the Eagles lost when Vick was starting?

  51. Irish..Vick will be laughing at this clown ass organization next year,,…..”paste it”

    • From where, retirement? Buffalo? Oakland?

      Michael Vick has 3 toes out of the league already.
      He’s just about done.

      • E-Money if Foles and Vick were released the same day who would get more offers Foles or Vick? Buffalo and the Jets and Arizona would be foolish not to give Vick a shot especially Arizona.

  52. look at all the successful rookie QB’s compared to ours right now.

    If we’re claiming the team is flawed and that’s the reason Foles only won one game then Vick should get one last shot under the new guy that will commit to the run game.

  53. Wow so frustrated with this season I have stopped commenting… I see Vinnie still Hates Vick… Some Jake guy defends Vinnie…really??? and Foles is still well Foles. Someone even compared him and Wilson…please, Foles is not as athletic and his arm is not as strong. He has height and some smarts period. We better get an athletic QB in here…and trust me my son likes Foles and doesnt like Vick anymore. I would have rode Vick out, and wouldn’t resist him coming back. Especially if Chip Kelly comes north. I do not want a coaching retread… Well until they announce Andy’s firing next Sunday night or Monday morning, I’m out… Like that lollipop arm of Foles.

  54. This is the same convo for like 8 years. I was a mcnabb”apologist”…. id still take him over everything weve had.

  55. If he went north he’d be coaching hockey. Now that’s a sport Canadians do know . Eh vin?

  56. that play with Maclin wide open with it all on the line showed me everything about Foles…I can care less about the pass the bum ass TE who was picked up after being waived dropped…He was waived because he drop balls. …therefore Foles should not have went to him on a do or die drive.

    that Maclin missed Play and the stupid holding the ball at the end of the game is Nick Foles in a nutshell.

    He holds the ball too long and have serious accuracy issues, with an average arm at best. He’s not even better than Kevin noodle arm Kolb. We better get Vick back here and sure up the line ..get a real tight end and a big receiver. Cut these whack ass safeties and replace them with NFL grade players for the position and get us a serious SAM linebacker.

    Do this and we’re in the playoffs next year…I don’t want to waste a season just to see what Foles has…

    We know what he have and it’s nothing special.

    • “He holds the ball too long and have serious accuracy issues”

      If I accept this remise (I don;t, but lets just humour ou for a second)…lets say it is true….

      so your solution….wait for it……”We better get Vick back”

      An innacurate QB guy who holds the ball longer that anyone.

      Solve the accuracy and timing issues with a guy who is less accurate and holds the ball longer.

      Sounds perfect.

  57. Russell Wilson threw 4 touchdowns against the vicious 49ers with no receivers..

  58. We need to pattern this team off of the toughness of the Seahawks. they’re tough on O and D. If Vick and Mccoy had an offensive line that provides protection for them like the Hawks, we’d be unstoppable. Foles is not athletic enough for a high powered offense and he is basically a decent reliever that can keep things moving when we need him to or good trade bait for a team dumb enough to believe he’s the next Big Ben.

  59. Rocko… good point. What do we do with the djax of this team…. short throws wont work for him.

  60. seahawks r a team to be very scared of .
    that stadium rocks and maybe lurie shoulda researched that more
    is ken norton coach material yet ?
    seahawks – broncos super bowl is a strong possibility

  61. The Falcons signed Vick to a 10-year, $130 million deal in 2005, with $37 million guaranteed. For their money, they got a 15-15 record, a guy who completed 54 percent of his passes. The Eagles sign Vick to a six-year $100 million contract and get a 10-12 record since. And you guys think teams will be knocking down Vick’s door to get him?

    Maybe you guys are on your knees for Vick but I don’t think any NFL owners will be fooled again.

  62. andy reid pressed the last 2 years and it ruined the team.. that coupled with his sons death really magnified that this year

  63. This Team the last couple of Seasons is simply not tough enough from
    It’s Line of Scrimmage, to the Secondary to it’s Receivers so it’s not surprising to me to see among the bottom of the Standinfs at all
    About a dozen-15 players need to get replaced as well as the entire Coaching Staff. This will not be a quick fix at all and will take 3 years minimum before the Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl Contendors again
    I think they can probably compete in the BFC East since it’s so weak from top to bottom in comparison to the rest of the NFC Conference

  64. To all my fellow GCobbers, have a Blessed, Safe, & Happy Holidays, to you & your loved ones. The heck with these failed organizations, for awhile. Let’s give ourselves a break, from the angst & fatigue, & love, cherish, help & look out for our Family, Friends, Loved ones, & neighbors. Peace! God Bless! Buona Natale, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays!

  65. Who are the 15? Starters? If so who? I see:

    2 safety’s
    1 corner – atleast
    1 Sam lb
    2 dt – added to Thornton and cox
    2 de- added to bg, curry, cole

    1 tight end
    1 wr
    1 guard
    1 tackle

    Well you are pretty much correct with the amount of players.. A lot of it I think is goi g to be depth

  66. @Stevo…I’ve been thinking the same thing about DJax. we need to use him to return punts, run out routes and stretch the field. We don’t need to send him across the middle although I do believe he needs to bulk up to at least 200 lbs because the next HC may demand it. He does need to show something next season or I’m ready to dump him (I hate to say that) but it’s time for a new regime change. I’m ready for a high powered kick ass team and I do believe DJax’s speed will be better suited in that kind of offense. The WC Offense that Reid runs sucks.

    On another note, I believe Russel Wilson should get rookie of the year and is just as good if not better than both Luck and Griffin.

  67. Desean putting on 30lbs of muscle?Huh? Maybe 5-7 but 30aint happening. He was actually one player on O who didnt put the ball on the turf this year. Played a bit tougher even though he got crushed by a dtackle to end his season.

  68. Erock – He’s about 175 and as long as he’s been out and if he really works out hard enough by “Hitting that iron” and getting swole, he could at least bulk up at least 15lbs of muscle. It can be done because I’ve done it and don’t get paid to do it whereas his job pays him to bulk and beast.

  69. If the spread offense comes to phila I think desean would fit in perfectly.. Bubble screens, outs, curls and ofcourse stretching the field. Chip Kelly?

    I would like the eagles to adapt what Norte dame has done as far as their philosophy… When Brian Kelly came to ND he realized one thing. Get bigger and stronger on D. He was on offensive minded coach who realized what was needed to compete. Look at them no, albeit a little luck, but everyone needs some luck through the course of a season. I also despise the university

  70. Exxxxaaaactly Frank i agree buddy.

  71. Nick Foles already has a broken hand and Vick starts Sunday.

  72. You mean the bigger stronger Foles who gets the ball out quicker and makes better pre snap reads and makes the oline better is already missing games? LOL just joking tough break for the kid, this should explain why he missed Maclin at the end.

  73. Only Vick gets injured..that can’t be.

    This is going to be laughable…..The team is going to look better than it have ever looked all year with Vick and I can’t wait to see the losers on here hate afterwards.

    I think it’s the best situation for the team to give the new coach a look at the team with Vick now the coaches have finally decided to feature the run.

    Even though this team have a track record of replacing talent with lesser players.

    Eagles 35
    Giants 13

    Vick puts on a show before getting a new contract with a team that will win.

    We’ll be sorry as hell once Foles take the reigns full time next season.


  74. its a hairline fracture…if the Eagles were in an important game h’ play…

    Songs you are funny making shit up for your own narratives…

    “now the coaches have finally decided to feature the run”

    Pure fiction.

    Yesterday 57 passes 18 runs. That’s 70% pass….
    The week before 36 pass 17 runs…..about 66% pass
    down a bit from the amazing 60 pass 13 runs (82%) pass of 3 weeks ago.

    The idea that the Eagles are now running the ball is pure myth.

    Songs made up narrative: Eagles now running more with Foles
    Truth: Eagles running less with Foles.

    the only thing laughable on here is how a couple days back you said you were off to cheer for the Redskins and yet here you are still pining for your true hero….

  75. vinnie…yes your percentages are correct..a loss.

    dink and dunk…

    They call the same game with Vick it’s an Eagles win by blowout.

  76. I’m not a fan of them starting Vick. It’s Edward’s job – it’s time for him to earn his paycheck. Vick isn’t going to be here next year so why bother?

    While I would like nothing better than from Vick to knock the Giants out of the playoffs he hasn’t played a down in what…6 weeks…likely he’s gonna be rusty…really rusty. I will say though..with Vick back under center I’m all of a sudden a lot more interested in this final game of the season.

  77. As as the run to pass ratio…they’ve gone back to pass pass pass – from the more balanced game they called when Foles first started playing – it’s also why the line has gone back to looking a total hot mess instead of ok since they just aren’t talented enough to protect against the pass consistently.

  78. Though granted many of the passes are RB screens

  79. OK. Honestly this will be the last I will ever write about Vick. But I have to respond to Songs. Because he’s just wrong.

    There is no evidence at all that Vick will suddenly “put on a show”

    Vick last 4 games before hurt.
    0 and 4.
    One 300 yrd game
    237 yrds/game avg
    team averaged 16.75pts/game

    totals: 91 for 152 (59.8%) 949 yrds 6tds 3 ints

    Foles last 4 games before hurt.
    1 and 3.
    2 300 yrd games
    289yrds/game avg.
    team averaged 22.25 pts/game
    totals102 for 166 (61%) for 1159 yrds. 6 tds. 2ints

    Foles was doing better his last 4 than Vick was his last 4….

    I mean why you continue to deny what is right in front of you is amazing Songs.

    A 6 game rookie is punking your hero.

    More points, nore yards, lett ints, less sacks.

    That’s freekin sad.

    Oh,,,,,and he is 10 years younger., 5 inches taler and 40 lbs bigger.

    Right now Nick Foles is the best QB on this team. Right now.

    Hopefully he will build on what is already better than Vick and become the best qb in the division. RIght now the sky is the limit for the kid.

    You want to abandon that promise. You want to pine for Vick, and if that doesn’t work out for you go rushing into the arms of RGIII….I won’t stop you.

  80. Mike Vick could led the Eagles to a 50-0 beating of the Giants next week he still will not get a big contract with a new team next year.

    NFL owners and GM’s are not so stupid as to make the same mistake the Falcons and Eagles made – 10-year, $130 million deal, with $37 million guaranteed, and Vick delivered a 15-15 record before going to jail. Then the Eagles sign Vick to a six-year $100 million contract and Vick delivers a 10-12 record since.

    Vick will get a one year contract with his next team.

  81. Vinnie… dont lie… you will NEVER stop talking about vick .

  82. probably true….but i don’t want to…….just have to respond to ridiculous made up garbage…

    Anyway…done playin Santa…time to get to bed….I’m sure kids will have me up in 5 hours…..

  83. ok one more. when asked about the game coming up:

    “I’m elated to be back out there on the football field,” Vick said. “It’s a situation where I want to go out there and seize the moment.”

    “You never know what could come out of this game. You never know what I could learn. You never know what I could accomplish. I could go out there and break a record. There’s tremendous upside.”

    I, I, I, I, I, I, I

    He is such a difficult guy to root for.

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