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As Usual, Eagles Self-Destruct On Final Series Of Another Loss

The game ended the way we all could have predicted.  The Eagles beat themselves on the final series without help from the Redskins.

On the final play of the game, Nick Foles should have had the clock in his head set at five seconds.  Once he counted out the five seconds and nobody was open, he should have thrown the football away.  Instead he tried to do too much and it cost the Birds their final opportunity to tie the game up.

Foles took the snap dropped into the pocket.  The offensive line was doing an outstanding job on this particular play, but the receivers weren’t getting open.  The quarterback looked to his right, to the middle then to his left, but still there was no where to go with the football.

He felt some pressure to his right, so he started rolling to his left.  The pressure was closing in so at the last split-second he decided to get rid of the football with a second to go on the game clock, but he wasn’t able to follow through on the throw because he was falling backwards.

The fact that he wasn’t able to get his body into the throw prevented the ball from going past the line of scrimmage and that resulted in a intentional grounding penalty, which meant ten seconds had to be run off the clock, so it ended the game, fittingly.

It’s the way the season has gone for the Eagles, self-inflicted wounds have doomed them time and time again.

Foles made that same mistake earlier in the game when he had about ten seconds to find an open receiver.  He rolled to his right and rolled to his right and rolled to his right.  Eventually Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan arrived, stripped him of the football.  It was scooped up by Washington defensive back Richard Crawford, who could have returned it for a touchdown had Eagles rookie offensive tackle Dennis Kelly not been in the area.

The young quarterback also missed a wide open Jeremy Maclin, who had run an out route in the end zone, but Foles’ throw was short.  You’ve got to be able to make this throw if you want to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was making things easy for the Birds by not jamming any of the Birds receivers at the line of scrimmage.  Maclin was in the slot on the out route and was able to release and run a one-on-one route with the safety, which is a dream come true for any receiver.

On another play in the final series the Birds lined recently signed tight end Evan Moore up wide to the right side.  He ran a quick slant and Foles hit him right between the numbers.  It would have been a sure touchdown, but the tight end let the ball go through his hands.  It  hit off of his chest and fell to the ground as the receiver fell to the ground.

It was a good call and good throw, but you wonder why the Birds didn’t give starting tight end Brent Celek a chance to make the catch rather than Moore.

It was fitting that on Facebook

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129 Comments for “As Usual, Eagles Self-Destruct On Final Series Of Another Loss”

  1. The Eagkes are what I said they are, and that they are a very good Team
    And this was before all the injuries started to mount
    They were lucky early on with Wins over the Browbs and Ravens
    In games they really were outplayed and should have lost with a dropped Int by Browns LB and a bogus Offensive Interference call when Asmo was beat once again by an average WR which would have secured a Ravens Victory
    If they did remain healthy with Vick, D-Jax, and OL
    This Eagle Team was not going to compete and win more than 7 games regardless with their Turnovers, penalties and poor Special Teams play
    Their is no quick fix with this Team even after a Coaching and QB Change
    The remainder of the NFC has improved (Seahawks, Vikings, Rams) to go along with the Falcons, Packers,49ers, Saints & Bears) who the Eagles simply don’t match up well against. Looks like a lost Decade moving forward from where I sit.

  2. Rookie or not, u cant miss that throw in the endzone.. And 2, why is a backup tight end getting thrown to PERIOD?!! Its still a circus, get this fat idioit out my city please!!!

  3. When the play happened, I immediately said, “good…got it away…one more play”…..and then ridiculousness. Grounding?? COmplete garbage.

    That grounding call does not get called 999x of 1000. It was complete BS.

    Foles was being pushed as he threw.

    (a) the passer initiates his passing motion toward an eligible receiver and then is significantly affected by physical contact
    from a defensive player that causes the pass to land in an area that is not in the direction and vicinity of an eligible
    receiver; or
    (b) the passer is out of the pocket, and his passing motion is significantly affected by physical contact from a defensive
    player that causes the ball to land short of the line of scrimmage.

    First of all the ball landed pretty freekin’ close to the 5 yrd line anyway….secondly he was being pushed as he threw….so according to the rules that isn;t grounding (remember the end of the Baltimore game? Wasn;t called there and our QB was actually in the pocket)

    Not blaming the loss on the Refs….but the Eagles should have had one more play.

  4. “On the final play of the game, Nick Foles should have had the clock in his head set at five seconds. Once he counted out the five seconds and nobody was open, he should have thrown the football away. Instead he tried to do too much and it cost the Birds their final opportunity to tie the game up.”…G.Cobb

    G cracks me up…He expects Fls to have the whole Mornigweg playbook in his head, as well as some obscure rule about intentional grounding that I have never seen called at the end of a game before,

    G, when you played your defensive playbook was basically ‘watch for the run, watch for the pass’!

    In any case Foles did a very good job, and please remember, the plays are being called by MM/AR…You can’t win every game in the last 10 seconds.

    The run pass ration was again ridiculous: For instance, the Foles INT, that series feature: Play 1) Pass by Foles; 2) AR/MM have the back run way wide, the Skins defense has all the time in the world to react, 3) Another Foles pass; gets tipped by DT/DE, and intercepted…Pass, run, pass: This sequence written in stone in Birds playbook, every D in the league knows what to expect…Long third down, the D pins it’s ears back and goes after QB.

    Now, for the ‘cell phone coaches’ on the board who have all this criticism of Foles, lets take a look at what the ‘new hot thing’ at QB, Kaperneck of the 49ers did last night: He didn’t do too much, threw a pick, and the Seahawks reamed the 49ers…Does this mean Kaperneck stinks?: No!…Use common sense.

    Now during the Jim Johnson era, Eagles defense held teams to an average of around 17 points a game: This is a winning formula in the NFL…How many points did the ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ D give up yesterday?..Say what?…27?

    How many points on average all year?…Say what?

    Watching 49ers-Seahawks last night, you saw, on both sides, tough, mobile, physical defenses that laid the wood…Do Eagles have this?…No, they don’t.

    In closing, Foles is already good, will only get better, and he still needs a bit more bulk on his body, some reasonable work on the weights this off season…He already has the brains, arm, composure and work ethic.

    BUT, new coaching staff will be key…No we have to wait and see,

  5. Foles broke his hand…Vicks starting against Gmen.

  6. I see that. Broken hand. That’s a downer.

    Oh well….Vick gets to play a farewell game. Maybe he gets to eliminate the Giants in the scene of his greatest triumph.

    A fitting goodbye.

  7. Vinnie, i will say this, the broken hand probably caused him to miss Maclin at the end not a lack of arm strength. However his being 6’6 225 hasn’t stop him from missing a start already. Fragile maybe?

  8. Foles played the second half with a broken hand. Amazing he was even out there. Explains all the check downs and the Maclin pass.

  9. That explains the awkward release on that last drive, still delivered a bullet to the tight end, itws now on to next year, merry Xmas to all, even you girly men

  10. Meanwhile, every rational Jets fan now praying for a Jason Pierre Paul Christmass wish. That he comes in low and ends all speculation of Vick going to their team.

  11. Biglion821, Fragile? The kid got crushed! He broke his hand before halftime and played the whole game, i’ll take somebody like that on my team anytime! That also explains why he couldnt make that throw to Maclin in the endzone. Gruden, Kelly, Ariens from the Colts, whoever ends up Coaching the Eagles isnt gonna have a problem having Foles as their QB.

  12. I guess now we can compare vick and foles.. everything happens for a reason

  13. “… but the receivers weren’t getting open” WHY? Why weren’t the Eagles receivers getting open? Why, when I watch other teams playing, even the team playing the Eagles, the OTHER team’s receivers are wide open? Why do the Eagles receivers look like a part of a set of Siamese twins with the DBs of other teams glued to them? The short answer: Coaching and offensive schemes with faulty predictable receiver routes incorporated within those schemes executed using receivers with questionable skills to run elusive routes. Marty Morhinweg, in particular, is the culpable idiot secondary to Reid, the main culprit. WE ARE OVERDUE FOR A CHANGE IN THIS REGARD SO THAT THE EAGLES CAN FAIRLY COMPETE WITH THE REST OF THE LEAGUE. Why must we be cursed with Reid ( and his ship of fools) unto eternity?

  14. It will give us a better gauge ..

  15. Why is it that King “Dip shit” Dunlap always has that stupid look on his face when a penalty is called against him…annoying as hell.

  16. The question is that if Chip Kelly is our new HC, will Foles be the starter? He doesn’t fit Kelly’s style of offense..

  17. Bottom Line is Chip Kelly has no business being considered to be the next Head Coach……

    If he is, that to me would be a Howie Roseman call; because it’s a stupid call. We are going to fire arguably the greatest Eagles Head Coach of All- Time, and replace him with a BULLSH%@ Coach like Chip Kelly?

    GMCliffs choice is Vic Fangio*

  18. Falcons DC and former HC of the 49ers Mike Nolan will be the next HC of the Eagles, put it down per Paulman ..

    • no way Paul…..he is so weak. That defense isn’t special, and neither is their Coordinator…..I hope your kidding buddy…..

      Paul, who is Seattle’s Defensive Coordinator?

  19. So then all the reports from Sal Paolantonio that the Eagles are aggressivly targeting Chip Kelly are crap. Please thet that be so!!

  20. I want a real NFL system not a Fad college scheme that burns through QB’s like butter because they get hit all the time. It’s ok when a kid is 20 something and YOU ARE NOT PAYING HIM to risk him like that (his parents may feel differently). I wouldn’t ever invest starting QB money in a guy in Chip Kelly’s offense. You will be on to your 4th QB in no time and wasting millions of cap room. Unless you get all 7th rounders and then you will have revolt.

  21. Well we now know that Foles played the 2nd half with a broken throwing hand
    Probably explains that throw to Maclin

  22. rcp…..what about the inaccurate throws leading up to his 1-5 record.. How many weeks Foles hand been broke again?

  23. I agree foles definitely needs to strengthen his arm but I think that he probably can. I know it a risk but I think its a 50 50 chance that he could strengthen his arm.. However, I cant think of any examples of players who did this.. Most quarterbacks are what they are and Foles actually had surgery before so it might make it even harder to do .. For he size he’s gotta be able to throw harder. Foles seem like he’s very perceptive and we make it a point to fix in the off season.. Id still like geno smith ,he gotta cannon, stays in the pocket and can run when need be.

  24. Geno Smith is the product of the WVU “Spread Offense” and a questionable
    NFL QB in my Opinion but is very Athletic and does gave a strong arm,
    Can he play under Center, Read Defenses and Iprove his Decision making under duress. He struggled versus good Defenses but does have upside if ge gets with the right Coach (Chip Kelly and Team -Arizona Cardinals)

  25. If you knew much Fraud, you’d know that the spead offense is starting to take over the NFL. Teams are beginning to use it more and more. The Redskins are a prime example. You want to say Geno is just an athlete and has a strong arm, yet didnt mention how accurate he is throwing the ball. He has a 71.4 completion percentage, 40tds 6ints 4,004 yards passing. If you wanna say hes just a “running QB” not true, on 63 attempts rushing he only has 155 yards rushing and 2.5 yards on avg. So before you jump to saying hes just an athletic and has a strong arm look at his productivity first..

  26. That, Paulman, is the only think I worry about Smith (who the Eagles aren;t going to draft anyway) His #s dropped every time he played a 1/2 decent teams….he was awesome against the James Madisons of the world……..Remember that Foles at least got to play against Stanford, USC, UCLA etc.

    That being said……

    I could care less who the new QBs/players are….as long as they stop saying selfish, “all about me” BS like I read yesterday:

    “I’m elated to be back out there on the football field,” Vick said. “It’s a situation where I want to go out there and seize the moment.”

    “You never know what could come out of this game. You never know what I could learn. You never know what I could accomplish. I could go out there and break a record. There’s tremendous upside.”

    Well….as long as he could break a record.

  27. if i am lurie i want to clone the seahawks , nasty defense , dominating run game , and a ton of energy . behind our hopefully healthy o-line who gives us the most juice Vick , Foles , Geno smith ?

  28. The Spread Offenses in College gave great success since most College Defenses struggle containing 3-4-5 WR Sets as most College Teams just don’t gave the personnel in the Secondaries to match up well with that many Receivers and use basic coverage schemes
    Now fast forward to the NFL where every Team has fast LB’s abd Secondary personnel and its a different story. The big difference is that Geno Smith will have 3-4 Seconds to get rid of the ball as opposed to the 5-6-7 seconds you get at the College Level. I am not saying he won’t Develop into a good NFL
    NFL QB, but that WVU Spread Offense is simulate to Oregon where College Defenses don’t have the overall personnel to match up well over a ball game
    Geno Smith is probably the best QB prospect in this overall weak QB
    Class with Barkley, Kabdri Jones and the kid from Arkansas all struggling in their Senior Seasons
    I think the best prospect at QB is Tyler Bray from Tennessee who has size
    , the arm strength and the smarts to make a good NFL QB

  29. Just realized with the Pro-Bowl Selections coming up this week
    This will be the first year in recent memory that not
    1 Philadelphia Eagle will make the Pro-Bowl as a Starter.
    Hard to believer when the Eagles have former Pro-Bowlers like Vick, McCoy,
    D-Jax, Cole, Jenkins,Babin,Ryan’s,Asmo and DRC
    If this is not a poor reflection of the Current Coaching Staff
    Then I don’t what else is..
    How else can you explain when 9-10 of your original 22 Starters were at one time Pro-Bowlers and now have all underperform
    Crazy when you think about it..

  30. Interesting quote from Brian Baldinger regarding the play calling against Washington.

    “In Foles’ first game against the Redskins, [the coaches] called 50 passes and they agreed it was too many,” Baldinger said. “Now they play the Redskins again and they call even more passes (56, including sacks and Foles scrambles). It’s like they never learn.”

  31. Merr Christmas to all, give the.Vick talk a break, everyone has a perspective based on the wear of their moccasins, very little hate in the hearts, go drink some bourbon, peace to all

  32. To GMCliff
    Reading up on Gus Bradley – Very impressive
    Seattle Seahawks DC is Gus Bradley who is in his 7th Year as a NFL Coach
    he Coached for 4 Seasons with wIth Tampa Bay (2006-2009) after starting out as Defensive Quality Control in 2006 and then became the Buc’s LB Coach and was then became Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator in 2010 when Pete Carroll came on Board, so this is his 3rd Years as Defensive COordinator and the Seahwaks Defensive Play and Stats have improved every Season
    Seattles Defense averages less the 27 Years Old and is the 2nd Youngest Defense (by Starters Age) in the NFL. Then have great,active,young LB’s (Bobby Wagner,KJ Wright and L Hill) and probably the Best Overall Secondary in the NFL with big physical CB’s (Sherman & Thurmond) and very good Safety Play led by Earl Thomas/Cam Chancellor (both 3rd Year Players who make the best Safety Tandem in the NFL in my opinion) .. They get after the QB with edge passers but have some beef at DT to help stuff the running game.. but their Back 7 (LB”s & Secondary) is probably better than the 49ers as the Tops in the NFL and they are extremely young so obviusly this Gus Bradley knows what he’s doing even though he’s pretty young himself and went to College at North Dakota State and probably has very little interest in coming to the East Coach to Coach but will get a lot of calls to Interview I would imagine this Off-Season..

  33. Anyone else watch the Eagles/Redskins replay on the NFL
    I tell you who lost this game and has no business playing for the Eagles after this final game versus the Giants
    And that’s CB DRC, what a puss this guy is
    Every Run around the Right side gains 6-8-12 Yards
    I saw about 8-10 times a WR block DRC 10 yards down the field and he doesn’t seem interested or know hue to use his arms and length to disengage from the blocks and to be honest, half the blocking attempts by the Redskibs WR’s were Kane attempts at best, but this DRC shows no desire
    Or mcourage to get into the play
    I expect the Guants to run his side all game next week
    And all the short screen/bubble routes in front of him
    I would not even off his bum-ass a contract, let him walk
    (Addition by subtraction if you ask me)
    Keep Asmo (At a reduced Salary) and sign a Free-Agent CB and let Boynkin compete for that outside CB to replace DRC
    He is an embarrasnent to anyone who has played the Position

  34. Geno Smith gets rid of the ball fast.. .

  35. The entire secondary needs to be replaced, asmo is a bum too, nice enough guy, but a thief with that contract, he should go back to school because he plays football like his phd or whatever dad he has

  36. Geno smith has all the tools to be a very good quarterback but we already have one in nick foles, end of conversation.

  37. Geno Smith is a 2nd round project…..he is terrible at reading the blitz and was awful with pressure on him…..Foles is better!

    With Peters and Kelce back next year and the Eagles possibly getting Joeckel in the draft, Herremans moves back inside and the line is now the best on the team as a group.

    Eagles need to surround Foles with a legit stud TE ….Celek isnt the answer….and load up on the defensive side with young talent.

    If they bring in Chip Kelly it will be a circus for the next 3 seasons….dont like the guy

    • Well said Jott…..

      So many kids go into the draft so overrated, that some really believe the hype.
      Geno Smith continues the trends of : Trent Richardson, Steven Gilmore, Blaine Gabbert, Devon Still, Micheal Floyd, Matt Khalil, etc……

      It’s a joke Chip Kelly’s name is even mentioned as a candidate.

  38. If Lurie brings in chip Kelly I will become a fan of whatever team plays the eagles, Lurie has been a horrid owner, he comes in here as an interloper, changes uniforms, changes the culture of the team, stole from the city to build the puss stadium, hired the biggest loser for a coach, told the coach to draft mcnabb, biggest choke artist in the nfl , despite having all the tools to be one of the games greats, then brought in mike Vick, opposite of mcnabb, all the heart, but not smart enough to play the qb position, but his biggest infliction of pain has been andt Reid, Andy Reid and his gimmicks, Lurie has one more chance to make a change, a dramatic change, back to Philadelphia eagles football that mirrors our city, our people, a tough no nonsense, call as you see it , fundamentally sound football man AND person

  39. I just watched a highlight video of him reading blitzes where he absolutely tore defenses that blitzed apart, and his arm is way stronger than Foles.. I think he is better than Foles in every way ..Foles is mediocre and if you want a mediocre quarterback thats fine.. but I dont and wont be blind to the facts.. Foles ceiling is a max of Joe Flacco.. I guess some of you are happy with that.

    • who did you see that against? James Madison? Delaware? Baylor?

      At the very least Foles got years against USC, Stanford, Oregon etc who were all ranked teams. ANd now has 6 games of NFL experience and performed well.

      But you’re ready to dump all that for a guy most everyone says is an unknown and who racked numbers against what amounts to division II schools.

      Good times

  40. Overall I think Lurie has been a good Owner, he just doesn’t know Football and is strictly a good businessman but too loyal to those who work for him which in the Sports world is detrimental to long term success
    Eagles need to Draft either DT Star Loyuleile, LB Teo’
    Or OT Joeckel in this order based on who is on the board when they select

  41. Paulman- wholeheartedly agree with what you just said.

  42. Foles had one of the top rookie performances of all time and you call him mediocre, you are either dumber than a bag of hammers or just so biased by your agenda you can’t think right

  43. Wrong on all points paulma, Lurie is loyal to the bottom line, not super bowls, he has reigned in a dumbed down fan base of the likes of Schiller where being competitive is enough, that’s why he stuck with Reid, when all knowledgeable football people knew he is not a championship calibre coach

    Lurie also has a hand on all football decisions and he dupes people like you who think they are smart, but your the average bear when it comes to sand between the ears, as the cleric raffiki says to simba, look harder….

  44. I just think hes mediocre.. Hes slow as hell. He ran a 5.14 forty yard dash.. The other giant quarterbacks ran may faster.. Peyton Manning 4.8 Big Ben 4.75 Joe Flacco 4.78 Cam Newton 4.59 .. Flacco isnt a good comparison The odds area against him .. Hes maximum potential is like a Matt Shuab

  45. And all Schaub is doing is leading his Team to the Playoffs for the
    2nd Straight Season, ill take it with a balanced approach that the Texans utilize

  46. Thats his peak potential no telling if he’ll ever even reach that level..We have the backs for it .. In the playoffs you need rodgerses and rothlesburgers mannings… Star quarter backs… shaubs and romos wont get you through the playoffs..

  47. I don;t know what Foles `peak`potential is. But I have seen his baseline. And for a rookie his baseline is pretty good.

    This is one of the reasons why I do not understand the debate over the starter for next year.

    Foles performance this year was higher (esp over the past 4 games) than our own former starter.

    This was Foles“Baseline“, while the other guy was his max output after a decade in the league.

    One can only assume that in 10 more games Foles will be performing better than he is today….

    • Agreed Vinnie…I see Foles the same way Brady was in his rookie year. The difference is that Brady was never in a position to start. Nick Foles is our QB for the future ………period

  48. VIn, Foles has the benefit of a BALANCED attack. Not every game, but for the most part he did. When he didn’t, he struggled. I still see the same problems with the Eagles no matter who the QB is. Which tells me that QB is the least of my concerns.

    • Please Brido…you know that’s not true.

      His first game he threw 72% to 28% runs…and he strugles (suprise??)….so in the second game against the Panthers…and second game only….. they ran about a 50/50 attack. Not a bad iea for a guy in his 2nd start….

      ….and then…..for his last 4 games the eagles were as pass-wacky then they’ve ever been….in fact wackier in 2 of the games……

      Against Dallas 57%/43%
      Against TB 82%/18%….I mean seriously 82% passing is balanced?
      Against Cinci 68%/32%
      Against Wsh 76%/24%

      He did not “struggle” these last 4 games….in fact he played very well.

      The idea that the Eagles ran a “balanced attack” under Foles is a complete myth. In fact, overall, I believe the called pass % is actually slightly higher under Foles.

      I agree that this philosophy should be changed, but I also recognize that Foles was able to be pretty successful under the pass-first(and second and third) philosophy.

      It was over these 4 games….when the Eagles were as pass wacky as usual where Foles went 61% for 1200 yrds, 6tds and 2 ints…and the Birds averaged over 22 a game…well up from the 17 they were averaging earlier in the season.

      I see these last for games as Foles ‘baseline’…if he improves on those #s the Eagles may be in very good shape at the QB position moving forward.

      • this guy just don’t get it…Stats, don’t always tell the true story…

        I guarantee in the first half of those games you mentioned, that it was more of a 50/50 attack…Due to the Eagles being behind in the 2nd half, is why more pass plays were called…The first half stats are more of an indicator of how the game is called, before adjusting at halftime or due to scoreboard.
        Anyone saying that the Eagles haven’t changed their play calling to fit the personnel of the O Line and the rookie QB, does not watch the games…

        So, since Foles has gotten injured as rookie, can we say he is fragile? or that only applies to mobile QB’s?

  49. i cant wait until this reid pass happy era is up

    • Not sure why? you won’t find a better coach than Reid…just looking forward to being a bottom feeder for the next 3-4 seasons I guess…

      • probably because we are a bottom feeder now and I cant stomach reids game plans and play calling and havent in a long time…

        i think you are way wrong about not being able to find a better coach then reid. i think reid is an absolute moron and was successful because of the D coord and players he inherited and #5 of course.

        with our defense as it stands and not having a qb we will be bottom feeders regardless

        • @Mhenski – Our record this season, definitely looks like a bottom feeder one. But could be much like this one the next few seasons. You may find a coach that calls the game the way you want it to be called, but the result may be the same or worse. It all depends on who that coach is…I believe you can find a coach that will improve some aspect of the team, (defense, special teams) however I’m confident that Reid could improve upon this miserable season, as any other coach could.

          I believe Navy had to point this out many times in the past, In regards to the players Reid inherited…So in his absence I’ll speak on it…

          There were only 7 players on the Eagles roster in 2003, that were from the 1998 season (Rhodes last season)…The credit goes to Reid for adding JJ as the defensive coordinator. The drafting of #5 was also AR’s doing.

          Players on the Eagles in 98 and 03 seasons
          Chad Lewis (offense)
          Jermane Mayberry (offense)
          Duce Staley (offense)

          Tra Thomas (offense) – pro bowl in 01,02,04- not a credit to Rhodes, more of a credit to JJ for player development

          Troy Vincent (defense) – JJ hired as DC in 99 and Vincent had his first pro bowl in 99…more of a credit to JJ again, I think for player development.

          Brian Dawkins (defense) JJ hired as DC in 99…Dawkins makes his first pro bowl in 99

          Ike Reese (defense) pro bowl in 04

          Bottom line there weren’t many players left over from the 98 season in 03…Still 10 years later AR is still the head coach, with playoff appearances, and a SB appearance since the 03 season. Players inherited? I think not.

  50. How many games did he lead them to Vin? ONE. One measly win against the one of the worst defenses in the league. Yes, as fans, we could really care less about winning but as players, those guys were out there trying to win and Foles only got it done ONCE.

    The Eagles have not looked like a legitimate football team all year. It doesn’t matter who the QB is, if you can’t protect them, it doesn’t matter.

    I’m going to use your argument against you. You always talk about how many INT’s Vick “almost” throws. Foles is just as bad if not WORSE. I swear he should have around 6 interceptions a game, but by the grace of God he doesn’t.

    • That was completely true in his first 3 games, but not his last 3.

      As for the wins..they will come. I am looking at who is playing better at the position…and that is Foles.

      The goal of the team is to put the better player into the position…the Eagles did that. The Eagles were playing their best QB. I also think he will get better. I was impressed with what he did the last 4 games….others on here obviously weren’t (not sure what they were expecting…3-1 and 400 yrds a game? Kid threw for 350+ 2x and raised the points scored by 5…..)

      I think the Eagles will continue with FOles – so its kinda a moot point….. I do not believe any of the first rounders to come out this year are better than Foles…certainly not at this point. The list of free agents is uninspirinrg.

  51. Vinnie I happen to agree with you about the QB’s coming out this year, the guys I like aren’t ready to step in and start, now the problem is neither Chip Kelly or Darrell Bevall the OC in Seattle will go with Foles as the QB if they are hired the NFL whether we like it or not is moving on with mobile QB’s and this read option crap. Unless you have a Peyton or a Brady and remember even Rodgers and a guy like Luke are basically mobile QB’s who excel in the pocket.

  52. I dont think hes that fragile.. But why not just draft geno smith and let Foles be our back up .. we need a star

  53. He’s only played 5 games and he’s already out for the year. Tsk tsk.

  54. Some damn stupid comments, out for the year ?, there I
    Is one game left in “the year” and no human has stronger hand bones than another , they fracture at the same rate, the amount of bs, bias is at an all time high here, nick foles is the best eagles qb prospect in A long, long time

  55. Sucks when your own stupid logic is used against you doesn’t it?

  56. Everybody always want to compare sombody to brady.. the truth of the matter is that just doesnt happen… brady has one of the best coaches ever.. if it wasnt for his coach he would be just a good average quarterback… they run a weird west coast offense with 2 star tight ends and a star slot reciever brandon lloyd on the outside and a tough running game at times.. you would have to emulate everything belichek does. and still then its a shot in the dark..

  57. I didnt say he sucked I said he a good quarterback with one of the best coaches ever running an unorthodox offense which is hard to game plan for there are quarterbacks with better mechanics better speed and better decision making…. they are constantly on brady about decision making.. watch the games.. they except nothing but perfection under belichek.. in contrast to peyton manning ..manning has the power he is like a coach on the field .. he like a conductor he know where everyone one is offense and defense ..does a million things presnap half of the time as just a decoy..

  58. If you want to see stupid, read what lard ass had to say about probably the greatest competitor in all of sports, maybe the best qb of all time, but it’s because of his coach, meanwhile the great mv7 has all the excuses why he’s not even a jock sniff away from a good qb, figure it out, racism exists people, it’s black against white, del with it

    • I swear some of you guys really don’t have a clue…Brady is far from the best QB of all time first off, Jake!
      In fact Belicheck has a lot to do with the success of the Patriots…Patriots end up with a 1000 yard rusher, pretty much no matter who he is…The play calling, their damage is done behind the line of scrimmage and 10 yards and under. They have a ball dominating offense. They aren’t looking for the big play. They will mix up run and pass, passes to the flat. 15 play drives. That is indeed a credit to the coach not just the QB.

  59. Gcobb the greatest collection of dumb ass racists blacks ever assembled, and gcobb himself promotes this bull shit with some of his articles, you guys are disgraceful, how can some of the people stand by and passively take the bull shit pedaled here, stand up, call it out, speak the truth

  60. lmao . Im not racist I just break it down instead of looking through a magical lense..

  61. Don’t bother larrwd, drinking and posting on the internet doesn’t go well as you can see. LOL

  62. Watching the ESPN Little Cesar’s Bowl between Central Michigan and Western Jentucky and scouting LT for Cmenteal Michifan’s Eric Fisher
    Who is the 5th Rated OT in the 2013 NFL Draft and projects as a high 2Nd Round Pick
    If Eagkes select DT Star Lotukeije or LB Teo’ in the 1/st Round
    This Kid Fisher could be their 2Nd Round Pick and would probably be the Starting RT from Day 1 and then move to LT once Peter’s days are done
    Check him out ( #79) he’s big, smrong, nasty and moves real well
    I like what I see from this kid for the NFL level moving forward

    • Can’t watch those games paulman it’s just overkill, I’ll do all my scouting during the Notre Dame vs Alabama game enough prospects in that game to keep me satisfied.

  63. All you need to know…….

    “I didn’t do my job,” Foles said Wednesday. “The starting quarterback, you have to put more points on the board at whatever cost to win the game. If you look at it like that, which I do, I didn’t do my job and that’s something that I’ve got to keep working on.”

    Translation – it was my fault

    “I can’t tell you,” Vick said Wednesday, after taking back the reins from Nick Foles for one last week as the Birds’ starting quarterback. “It’s just so many moving parts, guys in and out, we’ve had coaching changes and things of that nature. I really can’t say what happened, what went wrong. I’d have to go back and look at all the film. We all have to evaluate and assess our situation, as far as what happened at the conclusion of the season, but it is what it is. [This is] not the first organization this has happened to, and it certainly won’t be the last.”

    Translation: it was not my fault

    “The thing I’m truly confident about is my ability to play the game of football, what I know, what I’ve learned, the success I’ve had over the past years, what I can accomplish.” said Vick. “You never know what could come out of this game. You never know what I could learn. You never know what I could accomplish. I could go out there and break a record. There’s tremendous upside.”

    He (Foles) was not specific about what he needs to work on during the offseason because, he said: “There are so many different things.”

    “I think just continue to work on the fundamentals, continue to understand the defenses in this league, blitzes, protections,” Foles said. “But when you study it, you break it down. You don’t go at it all at once. It might be one week I’m just going to focus on my feet and keeping everything underneath and me and driving it. And the next week might be moves if I get pressure, getting out of the pocket.”

    All you need to know right there.

    • And the Saga continues…..WHO THE FUCK CARES !!!!!!!!!!!

    • All this tells me is Foles is a better speaker, not doing the Vick, Foles thing today I will say it again all QB’s are me first guys. Find me one that isn’t. I haven’t’ met or played with one that isn’t a me first glory boy.

      • couple things lion. all qbs are not me guys whatsoever, not even close to true.

        in my opinion foles is not a better speaker than vick. vick is one hell of a speaker and could talk for days. its what each of these guys say that is the issue….

        • what I meant is Foles is better versed in team speak. Vick talks and says exactly how he feels and sometimes people take that the wrong way. Now we are going to disagree about QB’s all of them are more about I then we. There is nothing wrong with that.

      • They may be but when they speak to the press they are team guys. Vick was that guy until adversity hit… Then he was a me guy. It is his character or lack thereof… I thought he turned the corner but a leopard shows his spots… Damn

        • Exactly cigar, one QB I have always admired was Brady, I mean this dude lost his job to Drew freakin Henson cost him to be drafted in the 6th round and he never has publicly uttered a bad word about Michigan. Just put his head down and worked.

          • Vick unfortunately has tried to keep it real… It’s cost him freedom, fame and fortune and the chance to win a SB but it’s won him loyalty and admiration from a group of people .
            With his talent and toughness if he had kept his head down, disappointed a few of his keeping it real freinds he may have broken the mold. May have been an elite qb.

            • keeping it real, has nothing to do with any of that nonsense you speak…that was one of the silliest comments I’ve heard on here all day!
              keeping it real has nothing to do with breaking the law. in fact if he were keeping it real, he would of listened to those voices that told him to stop doing what he was doing a long time ago…he lost his freedom due to being immature, stupid(what he was doing was stupid, especially being a million $ QB) and care free.

              Yes still its not over for 7…he may not of won with the Eagles, but he’ll have one last chance to shine and even though I am an Eagles fan, I hope he does succeed and shuts the haters up like yourself, once and for all.

              • Instead of embracing his role as the face of a franchise, multi million dollar executive he decided to keep it real with his peeps. Stay in the thug lifestyle. That’s precisely what happened the two most famous Philly athletes to keep it real has backfired. Him and 3. Meanwhile 5 was not embraced… He did not keep it real in somew eyes. It is a very destructive attitude and obviously unreal it is a sensitive subject with me as I have worked with some great kids who mistakenly kept it real and it cost them

  64. We all have to evaluate and assess our situation, as far as what happened at the conclusion of the season, but it is what it is.

    This means to you, it was not my fault? you are one ignorantly selective individual…but you know what, at least you are consistent!

  65. NFL Released it’s Pro-Bowl Players for the 2012

    Eagles have ZERO Pro-Bowl Players in 2012 so stop this garbage about Asmo,Cole,Jenkins,Ryans,DRC, D-Jax,Vick, (Babin) for they are not Pro-Bowl Players anymore..

    7 Other Teams besides the Eagles did not have any Pro-Bowl Players either
    (Panthers,St Louis Rams,Titans,Bills,Jaguars,Chargers and Raiders)

    Eagles have now Offically become a bottom-feeder Team in the NFL
    and are in the basement in the NFC since they lost Head to Head Match-ups with Arizona Cardinals, Detroit LIons and Carolina Panthers)

    This Team needs a whole lot more than a QB… that’s for sure…

  66. only Player on Eagles 53 Man ROster who is worthy of Pro-BOwl Status and Character is RB l McCoy who unfortunately missed a few weeks removing any chance for him to make the Squad but he will bounce back, these other Chumps lites above are on the downside of the Careers, every one of them including D-Jax who was stupid to sign a long-term Deal from and will become a 30 Snap a Game Player under the next HC regime and hopefully will have him Return Punts so he can earn some of his Contract $$$$, but he is not an everydown WR as I have been saying since he was Drafted..
    He could play 30 Snaps a game and still end up with 40-50 Catches and make big plays, he’s too useless and disappears on 30%-40% of the Snaps, whether it’s in SHort-Yardage, Red-Zone Situations..

  67. Not one Eagle belonged, but all that is a joke anyway. Jeff Saturday got benched and was picked, and what has JPP done this year to be called a pro bowl player?

  68. This Eagle 2012 Team can be summed up very easily..
    They were never as good as they thought they were from the Top to the Bottom
    Very Average WR Corp, no big plays from the TE position, an Average OL which was decimated by Injury (LT was never addressed when Peters was injured last Spring, we all know Bell/Dunlap was not the Answer)
    Very Deep RB Corp and yet the Coaches refused to change philosophy to lean on the running game with a struggling QB (Vick) and a beat up OL
    (does this make sense to anyone??)

    Now on Defense, 1/2 Season Disappearing acts by T Cole, C Jenkins and J Babin while he here.. They Carry DE D Tapp, but don’t play him much and de-activate a promising young Player in Vin Curry.. make sense ??
    Drafar a promising LB in Kendricks, have him play out of position for 3/4 of the Season at SAM Spot when he’s a natural WILL Player.. (Make sense)

    The they fail to properly address the biggest weakness of the Eagles Team and has been for about 3-4 Seasons now and that’s this Pathetic Secondary who play soft,timid, unsound fundamentally and are collectively the worst tackling Secondary in the NFL bar none, very few Int’s by the group as well

    Even the Eagles had bad Seasons, you could always count on and rely on them have a physical and tough Secondary, those days have been gone since about 2007 when the arrival of Assante Samuel arrived and this Secondary has gotten softer and softer each Season since …
    This Current Unit is an embarrasment to anyone who has playe CB/Safety and a real joke to watch.. See how both DRC and Asmo refuse to battle and fight to get off blocks.. Allen/Coleman continually coming in on bad angles and compound the erroe by tackling with their heads down so they have no idea what the runner is doing or where the ball is to try to strip or cause a turnover.. It’s brutal if you ask me and the real achilles heel to this Defense is the Secondary

    • yea reid and his staff are absolute morons in my opinion. all these guys talking about i dont want chip kelly i want this guy. here is my take

      i would sign charlie gordon to be the coach over reid. this shit is old and stale and frankly he is a “goof”. time for change and some common sense.

  69. new coach brings new players — alot of these Eagle players won’t even make it to training camp —-

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