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Michael Vick Starting Again And Very Confident

I’m sure you know by now that Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles suffered a broken right hand in the Washington game and will miss the final game of the season against the New York Giants. Clearly the injury had a lot to do with his underthrow to a wide open Jeremy Maclin on the final drive.  Eagles head coach Andy Reid let us know yesterday that Michael Vick will get the start in place of Foles.

It will be like a turning the pages back to see Vick as the Birds starting signal caller because it’s almost accepted as fact that Reid and Vick will not return in 2013 as employees of the Philadelphia franchise.

Yesterday Vick spoke to a reporter at the USAToday and seemed to be insulted at the thought that this weekend’s start would be somewhat of an  audition for next year’s team.

“I’m not going out to audition for a job. I’m going out to try and win,” Vick told the USA TODAY Sports reporter on yesterday. “My play and what I’ve done for this league and the accolades that I have speak for themselves. The thing I want to do is improve. Whatever happens next year happens. I’m just going to be a guy who, wherever I’m at, I’m going to make the team better.”

This is confident talk by Vick when you consider how this year’s season has gone.  It’s been very disappointing for number seven and his teammates.  They came into the 2012 campaign as a favorite to make the playoffs and make a run at a Super Bowl. Instead, they’re the only NFC East team which has been eliminated from playoff contention.

Vick was also asked if he thought he was treated fairly this season.

“A lot of things transpired this year,” he says. “Do I think some things could have been handled differently? Yeah, maybe so. But there’s no use crying over things you have no control over. The most important thing for me is to give everything I got when I step onto the field and not hold any grudge.”

Perhaps he feels he should have remained the starter after the concussion. on Facebook

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153 Comments for “Michael Vick Starting Again And Very Confident”

  1. I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I

    I want to go out there and seize the moment.”

    I could go out there and break a record.

    I’m going to make the team better.

    give everything I got when I step onto the field and not hold any grudge.

    HOLD A GRUDGE???? This team resurrected the guy.
    He had NOTHING 3 years ago and no one wanted him. 10s of millions in debt. Now he’s debt free with millions in the back…

    ..and deep down he’s holding a grudge….

    Arrogrant, ungrateful prick.

    good riddance.

    • Yeah I thought he was humble and said all the right things all year and last year too then I heard him say ‘I want to show other teams what I can do’ .. I guess his true attitude is showing now.

    • All that money is making your racist ass mad isn’t it. How is he being ungrateful, when in fact he has said over and over he’s thankful fot the opportunity given to him by the Eagles, mad because he’s not kissing asses. You are by far the arrogrant, racist, ungrateful brokeass prick, not to mention one stupid mofo, you think he was broke three years ago so were you, well the difference is unlike you he ain’t broke today.

      • Broke. I’ll send you some photos of my summer home from my one of my boats…which would you prefer? The bowrider, the pontoon, the sail, or the Lund?

        Why the hell do you think I have so much leisure time to write on here all the time?

        Difference is I am grateful for that which I have, and acknowledge the role of others to put me in the position my family finds itself in financially right now.

        And I certainly don’t “hold a grudge” when something of my own doing has negative consequences.

        • Man dam your summer home, hell I can cut out pictures of homes and say their mine. You have leisure time because your ass is unemployed. And if your finances were all of that you wouldn’t be talking about them, it easy to talk that “i got this or I got that” in cyberspace, like someone really gives a shit. You are what I said you were before, your comment alone confirms that, in addition to the comments you have made in the past.

      • Interesting anger there. I’m retired very comfortably, not rich but at 53. He was broke pal.. He had a 8 million dollar boat he never was on. He declared bankruptcy. I’m arrogant because I’m right. He has jumped ship and is nowoutrorhimself… That’s what rates do.

        • He filed chapter 13 bankruptcy, just like Donald Trump, who also declared bankruptcy do you really believe Trump was ever really broke?? Not to mention Trump has filed more than once. Why the hell are u folks worried about his money. There is no anger on my part, but your boy Vinniethefool has a lot a anger, amongst other things. But like I told him, who cares about what you have, Make no mistake about it, your arrogancy doesn’t make you right.

  2. As if any of this maytters at this point or even when he medically cleared 2 weeks ago, the Season was lost by the 1st weekend of November just like in 2011 when Vick and the Eagles underperformed and beat themselves almost every week with Turnovers, poor decision making, penalties, negative plays poor play and execution by the entire squad and Coaching Staff
    With this being said, I wish for Rejd and Vick to go out on a positive and win the game and knock the defending Champs out of the Playoffs
    Vick has enjoyed success versus the Giants for the most part and the G-Men’s Defense gas really been bad this final stretch of the Season so it should be a wide open affair and exciting game to watch, but when you look back at this Ssason, that Monday Night Loss to the Saints in October was the game they had to have to get any momentum to challenge with the following upcoming NFC East games that followed. It was downhill for Vick and the entire club from there
    In 2011 & 2012 Vick and the Eagles started 3-6
    Both years for a combined 6-12 Records to Start the Seasobs making the Pkayoffs virtually impossible to make so Mvick has no one to blame for his Eagles Career and the forfeiture of a $20 Million Salary that he will never see from anyone else, his play cost him a huge amount of $$$ and his Status of Top QB along with it.. Good Luck to Vick with hisfuture

  3. go to a offense that throws about 22 times a game and he can have success. Please dont win this game though.. i want a top 5 pick..the eagles are too bad a team to win this game , so no worries

  4. I disagree. I think vick has been trying to much to play team ball and I think hes starting to realize hes better than these coaches.. Reid and Marty Mornenwieg are no quarterback gurus..

    • I’m sure you do….what a joke. Better than these coaches who turned their billion dollar franchise over to a loser? Who rescued him from the scrap heap? Who got him out of his ‘keeping it real’ debt? Gave home a chance? Now he will move on to buffalo play 2-3 more years at 5 million, retire with 7 mill in the bank… Granted its not 100$ mill… But whose fault is thAt?

  5. I think Reid’s biggest mistake was to trust in Vick to be the #1 QB
    And to build the Offense the last 2 1/2 Seasons around him and what he does best which is to throw the Deep Vall and once Teams started to play deeper with 2 Safety Help, and decided to contain the outside edges instead of coming full bore to sack him, he had trouble reading the coverages and finding his secondary receivers and with his short stature (under 6′) his play in the Red-Zone was disastrous and if anyone really wants to know where Games are Won and Lost in the NFL, it’s the turnovers and Red Zone Efficiebcy and in these 2 Critical facets of the Game, Vick was terrible in both 2011 & 2012
    Case is closed on the MV7 Experience and I am glad and tired of this BS school yard Offense that Vick’s been leading the last 2 + Seasons

  6. Nah.. Reid has been losing more and more focus every year.. The pressure from Lurie and the death of his son in the same year made this season doomed from the start… along with adding a bunch of new players in desperation.. They made way too many changes and signings.. the shoudl have just singed vick and thats it.. Team that bring in a ton of players are never good

  7. Vick’s biggest mistake was “trusting the system” playing “within the system”. This system was doomed as soon as Jason peters was hurt. We also know that McCoy was most successful when teams feared Vick running, but he was a sitting duck. Because he has nothing to lose, I expect to see him scramble more and get outside the system. Also, I am so happy to see Vick again, and the good news is Foles is not seriously injured. I would love to see Vick light the Giants on fire and retain his job. Maybe Foles is the one who still needs to “audition”. #Go VICK #Go SKINS

  8. Those that laugh it off always lie.. shame..

  9. To Lawrd
    Look at the Colts, SL Rams and Seahawks Rosters
    They had major Turnovers over the last season (Colts & Rams)
    And over the last 2 Years (Seahawks)
    New Schemes, New Coaches and great Drafts with Solid Player Personnel Moves led by Football Minds and not Finance Majors (Roseman)
    It can be done but takes a clear Strategy, Identity and a Vision
    Which has been lacking at NovaCare Ctr for at least the last 5 Years or so

  10. Any my biggest fear as a lifetime Eagle Fan is that Lurie and Roseman are both incapable of setting forth a new Philosophy and Vision
    (Maybe Tom Donahoe can bring real Football leadership but I am sold on him either with his most recent track record at Buffalo where he was Pres of Football Ops and made some very questionable
    Draft Selectiobs, Free Agent Acquisitions and Coaching Hires

  11. Forget the “system” Forget the gameplan.

    Just look at what he said. The guy is just completely unlikeable. I keep getting told that I should’s “hate” Vick…well the arrogant dick keeps giving me cause.

    Anyone who read what he said yesterday and wasn’t at least a bit put off by that shit has a strange way of looking at the world….because that’s not “confidence” (as some of you kept calling it over the past 2 years)

    These are the comments of a completely narcissistic player who thinks his shit still doesn’t stink, despite the piles of diarrehea he’s left on the field over the past decade +.

    Here he is…rescued off the scrap heap…his entire reputation as a person and a player, along with his financial acruity returned to him by Reid and the Eagles…and he’s “not going to hold a grudge” for being on the bench the last couple of weeks. Gee that’s really nice – ungrateful dipshit.

    Here he is….on a 4-and-whatever team, much of which due to his shitty play and he’s “I could break a record”.

    Show some humility you dick. But he can’t, because its always about him and how “no d-coordinator in the league can stop me”

    Forget his pissant 50% comp %.
    Forget his leading the league in fumbles every year.
    Forget watching him ‘t scramble around like an idiot getting pasted 15x a game
    Forget that he hasn’t won a playoff game since George W was in office….
    Forget that he still hasn’t seen wither the Vikings or Arizona blitzer yet
    Forget all that….

    And recognize, for once and for all, that the Eagles were never going to win with this arrogant, me first, sideways hat wearing, entire world out to get me, sulk on the bench, malcontent.

    No team will ever win with a “leader” lke that.

    Jets fan is right now praying for an ACL tear I guarantee you that.

    • No bitch you are the one completely unlikable, sit your punkass on this site day end and day out worrying about Vick. You are for certain one transparent mofo.

      • Always back to the old standbys eh peace? Don’t like what is right in front of you? Doesn’t fit your narrative? Scream racism.

        • You can try to hide your racism all you want, has nothing to do with what’s right in front of me, know racism when I see or hear it, that is something you racist will never understand, you can’t hide.

      • ‘bitch, punkass and mofo’… Great debate tactics… Did you learn them at the school of keepin’ it real?

        • No just from dealing with people such as yourself, because that is exactly what most of you who continue to post on this site act like

          • The best. Because of how “we” act?

            Listen to you….”peace”. You come on here screaming like a Jerry Springer reject yelling mofo, racist, brokeass, punkcass….and I’m the one being childish? Because of one witty comment? about scissors

            Too funny.

            Fr all the times I come in here, at least I keep it to actualy events, actual comments, actual stats.

            Not you though…you’re here evey day defending your boy. Why? I dunno. You seem to feel every negative comment about Vick is a personal attack on you.

            To each his own…. here comes the valiant Peace112…ready to defend his charge….but he has nothing to defend him with.

            Can’t defend Vick on his record – because the records sucks
            Can’t defend him on his QB play – because that’s below mediocre
            Can’t defend him on playoff success – because he doesn;’t have any
            Can’t defend him on his time with the Eagles – because its been 3 injury filled wasted years
            Can’t defend him on his personality…because….he does sit and sulk on the sidelines.
            Can’t defend his narcisism – becauseevery 3rd word out of his mouth is “I”

            So the valliant Peace – still eager to defend his boyhood idol – must try something…so he reaches into his sack of ignorance….and does what every idiot guest on Maury does when confronted with what they don’t like.

            Screams loudly and attempts to bully with volume and labels.

            You that hurt Peace? You need a good cry? Hug it out? Because you’re screaming like a schoolkid.

            Me: Vick is an arrogant prick. I can;t believe what he just said.
            Peace: Stop saying bad things about hero you big meanieracistmofopunkassunemployedbitch!!!!! You’re hurting my feelings!! Mikey is the very bestest and always will be!!!”

            • You write this long drawn out crap like you really think someone truly care about what you can and can’t defend. You got shit twisted again, I am not the one who is on a website daily 24/7 discussing someone whom I don’t care about, hell I don’t even do that for the people I do care about. As I said before you’re very transparent. You can’t believe what he just said….really. He has just as much right to say whatever he wants just like you do. And further more why are you following him if you have all this hate? Oh yeah I am not concerned about your feelings, not even a little bit…….And don’t think for a moment you can hurt my feelings, hell I don’t even know you. Amazing that you would claim to have so much but all you can do is worry about Mike Vick, I am not trying to defend him, just calling you out for being the jealous racist you are. Now come back again with another childish rant.

  12. Whatever coach they bring in will change the philosophy .. But if roseman is still in charge of the draft that philosophy will remain the same.. Thats what alot of people are worried about

  13. Merry Christmas Vinnie, ah we’re still doing the Vick thing? Well just my opinion all NFL players have that I,I,I,I syndrome it just sounds bad when someone comes out and say’s how they feel if you think every QB is a team guy and not a me guy your delusional. Also when Nick Foles couldn’t start at Michigan State and transferred to Arizona was that selfish? If he was about team he would have stayed and waited his chance. Really guys this dude has played without regard for his body for over 10 years and you think he doesn’t care about winning?

    • Lion I always like your comments. You are the most thoughtful and honest pro Vick guy. Yes to be a pro athlete you have to be egotistical and think you are the best. The point is at franchise qb level you don’t say it . You shut up and play the team game.
      Flacco transferred from pitt to my alma mater to get a chance. I don’t fault him or Foles. I don’t fault Vick if he was looking privately behind the scenes for his next team. He should be! But it is the exact opposite of how shady handled it… Shady said of course I am playing, I’m out for team and team mates. Vick said, I need to show off for other teams, NOT is team or these team mates.

      • Hmmmmm, exactly when did he say he was trying out for other teams, heard and read the interview didn’t hear or read that.

        • Peace, you gotta undersand these guys are some prejudice/racist folks who twist this mans words whenever he speaks. Someone wrote a very racially motivated comment about Vick getting his side ways cap wearing self out of philly. Huh? What does that have to do with football? Thats what tells me that there disdain goes deeper than football and that his “appearance” matters to them. His skin color in particular. They expose themselves every time. Fraudman on here said Vick plays “school yard” football and “street ball” football. All these terms are racially motivated ones.. So sad that its almost 2013 and there are still guys that cant shake there racist thoughts and deep rooted feelings. Oh btw the president is black too. Unreal. Wake up!

          • Exactly, I see racism in just about every comment they make, and for some strange reason they think others don’t know what they are truly saying. And have the nerve to get an attitude when they are called out for what they really are. This dude just flat out lied. I guess some things just won’t change.

            • You twits.

              Sideways hat warring represents immaturity. Not race. You know who wears their hats sideways? 13 year olds. Because they think it makes them look cool. When they grow up they realize they just look stupid.

              And if you didn’t have your racism blinders on you would have also read how many times I’ve slagged Stafford for his backwards hat wearing because that’s also a sign of immaturity.

              But you didn’t notice that because it doesn’t fit your screams of racism.

  14. Hac- when did Vick say “I need to show off for other teams.” He didnt. He said teams know what hes capable of and that he didnt need to showcase for any team. You guys really need to stop trying to micro manage and make stuff up. You cant control what/how or a way someone says anything. He said what he felt, and exactly what I wanna here. Not everything is going to be politically correct. I like the confidence he has, especially after the season this team has had.. Reread his words.

    “I’m not going out to audition for a job. I’m going out to try and win,” Vick told the USA TODAY Sports reporter on yesterday. “My play and what I’ve done for this league and the accolades that I have speak for themselves. The thing I want to do is improve. Whatever happens next year happens. I’m just going to be a guy who, wherever I’m at, I’m going to make the team better.”

  15. Vick says his resume speaks for itself.

    “I’m not going out to audition for a job. I’m going out to try and win,” Vick told USA TODAY Sports on Monday. “My play and what I’ve done for this league and the accolades that I have speak for themselves. The thing I want to do is improve. Whatever happens next year happens. I’m just going to be a guy who, wherever I’m at, I’m going to make the team better.”

    Now those are Vick’s word, where does he say he needs to show off for other teams. I guess you folks just make up shit along the way.

  16. I care about what Mike Vick has to say about the same I care about what Coach Andy Reid gas to say for they both are finally outta here
    After this final Game. I wish both well with Future Teams but am glad they are gone for I don’t want see another Lost Season with either of them in
    The Green & Silver..

  17. Vick’s resume blows. That’s the thing I don’t understand… why do you guys like him so much? He is far from a great quarterback. I could understand coming to the defense of a player who was being treated unfairly, but Vick has been treated very well by the Eagles organization. Vick underperformed, along with the coaches. That’s why they will be replaced. We need a new coach and a new quarterback.

    • And who made you the GM, head of personell decisions. His resume blows, that’s according to you. No one said he was a great qb, but there again that’s your opinion, no one mentioned anything about the treatment of the Eagles organization. No Vick didn’t under perform, there is not another qb in this league that could or would play behind this oline, and don’t give me the shit about Foles playing behind the same line, when in fact gameplans have been changed to accomodate Foles. The thing I don’t understand …..why do you guys hate him so much, had it not been for Vick this team would be facing their third losing season, Vick has covered for this pitiful oline from day one. But don’t worry you got Foles who will take you just about as far as Kevin Kolb did.

      • “No Vick didn’t under perform, there is not another qb in this league that could or would play behind this oline,”

        There is a curent QB – on this very roster – who just spent the past 4 weeks performing better than your hero.

  18. I hate him because he’s a loser and I like the Eagles win. He didn’t just start losing lately either. He has been losing more then winning since his last two years in Atlanta.

    Vick won 8 games in 2010 – then we played the Vikings and everybody figured out how to keep Vick in the pocket and how to beat him. Since that day his record as a starter is 10-14.

    That’s why I want him gone – now tell me why you want him to be the Eagles starting quarterback.

  19. Spot on IrishEagle on Vick
    The Eagles i have watched haven’t been winning the last 2 Seasons so its time to move on. I give Foles next Season to see what he does as far as him being the Srarting QB, I see flashes, potential and upside as well the miss-throws and late thriws, but i do like his pocket awareness, his moxey of stepping up with his head up and etes still looking diwnfield. he definetky beeds to get stronger in his lower body and upper body and improve his overall arm strength but at his young age, his eagerness to learn, and work ethic, i see no readon that ge can’t develop into a quality NFL Starter with Good Coaching
    Get his foot-work down, his arm and body stronger and I think he can be very successful in thle NFL

  20. Vick is not even worth discussing anymore for hle’s gone just like Coach Ar

    • If he’s not worth discussing why are u jumping in, there isn’t an article written about Vick when you aren’t particpating in the conversation, hell I have seen articles that weren’t about Vick and you have brought up his name. Now that one of you losers have got caught in a flat out lie, he’s not worth the discussing.

      • lie? Listen Springer show, Irish asked you a question. Why are you defending this losing QB? Why do you have such a hard-on for a guy who’s been in the bottom 2/3 of league QBs for the past 2.5 years?

        Why are you calling for him over Foles….who was preforming better than he was?

        If Foles does suck…as you maintain (referencing him to Kolb)…then what does that say about your hero – who was doing worse???

  21. Let me tell you this, I personally don’t want him to be an Eagles, did you read any comment in which I said I wanted him to be the starting qb for the Eagles……I don’t think so; but if so let me know. Now with that being said, I don’t hate him, I see its very easy for you to use the word hate, which tells a lot about what kind of person you are, I don’t use the word hate when it comes to talking about another human, however I have noticed how freely some of you folks sling that word.. Vick isn’t the team he’s one player on the team, so when you say he has lost more, shouldn’t it be the team lost more. Is it Vick’s fault defense can’t do shit, special teams cant do shit, and just forget about the offensive line, and the bad playcalling/coaching. There is enough blame to go around, but you folks want to focus on one player, mainly because of your hate. I hope that answers your question.

    • You use just about every word other than hate..

      You`ve used mutherfucker, racist, prick, bitch, punkass, and about 25 other slurs….

      ….but not `hate` So you`re all good.

      Talk about pot calling the kettle black….oh wait…was that racist….in your world it probably was….

  22. Reid messed Vick up by making him try to be a 5 and 7 step drop back passer. He didn’t use Vick to his strengths, which is a Russel Wilson TD scrambler. All you Vick hater racist bastards like Vinnie can go and “Sick a Duck”!!!!!!!!

  23. Reid screwed Vick up with a bum O-line that included an old fireman.

  24. You’re right there with Vinnie too Paulman with your subtle overt tone and attitude towards Vick. You ain’t hiding from nobody…I see you jerk.

  25. I could give a Dat’s Ass what Vick want’s to do
    He blew his last best chance with the Eagles on how he’s performed for the last 2 Seasons. I am happy for him about his redemption story and the fact that he’s gotten his life turned around, rrecently married with a young family and all, I just don’t want him as the Eagles QB because of his reckless play and the fact that he misses 2-3-4 Games a year and probably a concussion away from his Career being in jeopardy. He had his chances just like Coach AR did and ghey failed, bottom line, time to move on

  26. Let Vick go play for a City,Media and Fan Base that is more Dysfunctionable than Philly and that would be the NY Jets..

  27. I hate Vick as the Eagles quarterback, as for Vick as a person… he seems like a nice guy. I don’t even know him. And you don’t know me…

    It seems pretty odd that you would be on this thread defending Vick, but you don’t (personally) want him to be the Eagles starting quarterback. What are you a civil rights guy or something? Well save you breath, Jesse, cause I hate white players that stink too..

    • To a person like yourself I am sure a lot of things seem odd to you, especially when you have to get outside of hate. JimBob you sure you hate white players that stink to, but you’re just more outspoken if the player is black….right??

  28. Damn..Mike gonna mess up the top 5 draft pick position for us…..

  29. Peace, after reading all your ridiculous xmas day rants about race, I’m ashamed. If you think we’re all racist because we don’t want Vick in Philly anymore, I say you’re also a racist for being so anti Kolb and Foles. Nothing worse in this world than people who cry racism every time they don’t get their way or people don’t agree with their points of view.

    • Hmmm you said you read all my rants…in which I said you were all racist, don’t recall saying that you were all racist, I did however say some of you were and those indivuals know who they are. Not to mention I never said anything about being anti Foles or Kolb…Maybe you might want to read my comments again. Oh yes one more thing, are you also ashamed when Paulman or Vinniethefool make racist comments or do they somehow just slip by you, either way it makes me no difference, I personally don’t care about your feelings.

  30. There is a slight racial stigma but its not the main reason.. The main reason is we want Andy and everybody gone and Vick is linked to that..

  31. If we hire Chip Kelly, Vick stays. Almost certain. I still honestly believe that with a stout o-line, Vick can get back to his 2010 form.

    • Kelly’s system that the QB – who heads to the line with 3 options on every play – make a pre-snap read and run the play that would have the best success o defeating the O in front of him/

      Is pre-snap reading of the D Mike Vick’s strength?


      Besides, no college coach is going to want to come in here with a 33 y old QB.

  32. Mike Vick is a below average quarterback. this is obvious and anyone who disagrees is an idiot

  33. Chip Kelly comes in and the Eagles SIgn QB’s Adam DeMichelle or Andy Hall
    to run his College Offense,m Good Times ahed for the Eagles..

  34. I really do hop that VIck has a Career Day up in NY versus the Giants
    then maybe the Jets will be Stupid enough to actually give the Eagles something in return in a Trade and then they can work out a new Contract Deal
    with him… You heard it here first…

  35. Chip Kelly is an absolute offensive genius, there is a reason nike university (university of oregon) hired him.

  36. And we are here still debating about Michael Vick, who won’t be here next year,Andy will be gone in all probability the new coach will have his own QB in mind and it won’t be Nick Foles, but we are still arguing about Vick, and Chip Kelly isn’t even the best coach in the pac 10,12,20 or whatever the hell it’s called now.

  37. For all those talking about Foles stats you know what coaches value over everything? Winning unless your name is Tebow. Numbers are nice and will get you in the HOF but most coaches don’t give one shit about stats, the want to win.

  38. Which is why Mike Vick is moving on — 10-15 in his last 25 Starts ain’t getting it done.. At age 32-33, if he can;t read Defenses by now, very unlikely that he ever will which is pretty bad being in the NFL for 10 Years.. There’s Rookies mid-round Draft Picks in teh NFL this Year that can read coverages better than he (Russell Wilson,Foles,Cousins and a kid named Tannehill who has only played QB for 3 Years now…)
    You guys can talk/chat “race” all you want, Vick is just not a very good QB bottom line which is all I care about and all I want for my Team the Eagles to have.. Is Foles the Answer, maybe not, but I am willing to give him a shot for I already know what Vick brings to the Table and it STINKS..

    • Paulman how do you know he can’t read a defense? You guys always talk that nonsense and have no clue what your talking about, I guess Drew Brees can’t read a defense either with about 10 of his picks thrown into triple coverage this year stop listening to that media propaganda and think for yourself for once.

      • You see who that works Biglion?

        First – you rip Foles saying no coach will want him because he doesn’t win.

        Second – Paul points out Vick’s losing record.

        Thirs – You immediatly ignore it and defend fick claiming he actually can read….etcetc

        So which is it? If it is only about winning %, then both Vick and Foles are toast.

        If its about potential upside based upon his last few games, then its Foles.

        We have seen Vick’s ceiling and it is not very high. We know exactly what he brings to the table. Right now we’ve seen Foles base. And his base is right now at a higher level than Vick’s ceiling. +10 years younger + taller + bigger….

        No rational person…coach…analyst….can, with any sincerity, say that Vick would be chosen over Foles for this team moving forward.

        The case…perhaps….could be made to move to a new rookie QB with the top 5 pick…but at this point those choices look pretty thin….

        • I guess Jaworski is wrong for saying you can win with Vick? And Vin paulman is choosing his last 25 starts. For his career he is a winning QB record wise you know that.

          • I Could care less what Vick did for the Falcons or even the Eagles in 2010.. but it 2011 & 2012 he’s 10-15 in his last 25 Starts which for a 10 Year Veet with the Weapons and 4 Year Experience in the Eagles QB Happy System SUCKS..

            • and deteriorating. What happens to RBs when they get to 30? The same thing that happens to running QBs

              Right now Foles is on the upside.

              Right now Vick is on the downside.

              Right now Foles is playing better.

              End of arguement.

            • Does Phillip Rivers suck does he get judged on his last two years? What is Nick Foles win lost record oh yeah to small a sample size. You guys are funny pick and choose what stats you wanna use.

              • And who decides he is deteriorating you Vinnie? Only mobile QB’s deteriorate, where is that stat at?

              • I’m sure in San diego he does. We don’t give a shit about them. When I was talking about Vick suddenly going me, me, me… I would say the thing about Palmer who said ‘ I have 60$ million in the bank, I’m not playing for bengals. Then agreed to a trade to the football Siberia. That for another contract. Same thing bout FAVRE. But those guys aren’t part of Philly sport discussion! I’m sure Vick and Foles aren’t on San Diego blogs either.

              • Phil rivers sucks is awful and his days are numbered in the nfl. he lost it

    • My my my, and all this coming from the person who said Vick wasn’t worth the conversation.

    • damm I guess Vick is worth the conversation after all huh, seems to be all you can talk about

  39. You can say what you want about Vick, but NO QB can come in here and win behind that horrible offensive line and terrible defense. NONE.

    Except maybe Peyton

  40. Guys like Ray Diddy and Baldinger with that in looking at the tape is all BS. You can always armchair QB and sound like a damn genius after the fact.

  41. tis the season to be jolly…. mike gets another start, I don’t have to watch Foles again until next season… Hooray… Finish the season on a high note…

  42. Hey…when Vick goes out and stinks it up Sunday…(I don’t mean lose the game…I fully expect the Eagles to lose) Just his typical 55% 220 yrds 2 ints and a fumble or two….

    …what am I going to hear on here….lets see……the top 10 reasons why Vick will stink Sunday…..

    1 – Playcalling
    2 – King Dunlap
    3 – Run/pass ratio
    4 – He was rusty for being off 6 weeks
    5 – Riley Cooper isn’t a real NFL WR
    6 – Jake Scott
    7 – Playcalling
    8 – Dallas Reynolds
    9 – Playcalling
    10 – Danny Watkins

    • Vinnie, Riley Cooper is in my opinion okay. Scott is an upgrade over Watkins. Dunlap and Reynolds just plain suck. Why is this important? If Vick throws for 400 yards and 5 td’s the Eagles still suck the coach is still getting fired and we still finish in last place. But I agree it’s gonna be a banner day for GCobb on Sunday night and Monday.

      • Just a sec…I’m going to go back and find some bit of evidence that tells me I should expect a 400 yrd 5 td performance from Vick….

        ….just hold on a bit……

        ……let me check a couple years back….for some reason I can’t find anything similar…..

        ….jeez still nothing…this is really weird……

        …..there’s gotta be a 400 yrd game out there somewhere shouldn’t there…I mean Foles just threw for 380……

        Nope can;t do it. No 400 yrd games. Ever. No 5 td games either.

        But….as the man said himself…”I could set a record this week” so who knows….this could be the game!!!!

        • Like I said which you obviously didn’t read even if he does what difference does it make? How many QB’s have done that, and you know I was just throwing numbers out there.

  43. @cigar I agree could care less about Rivers but the selective stats kill me man you can do that with anybody make them look good or bad with stats the Eagles suck right now whether Vick or Foles is the QB but everybody makes it about the QB. I don’t get it!!!

    • Rivers is on the downside also, but who cares. My season is over as soon as the birds are eliminated. It stinks but its true. For all you geniuses hoping Vick wins Sunday, if we do it will mess up our chances of really getting the bog OT from A&M. You know the horrible offensive line we have that no qb can survive behind. Good to see that Vick looking good is more important then the Eagles getting a cornerstone for years to come. Just plain stupid.

    • Dude that is the nfl… It is ALL the QB regardless of the city. It is the single most scrutinized position in all of sports. And yes stats can be twisted. People have been too high and low on Foles. I read on here when he miss maclin that is proof that he sucks. Great qb’s have bad games and years, miss throws It’s sports. Let Vick go prove us wrong and you right. Let Foles play and see where he takes us

      • I don’t want to be right, Vick is gone. Foles is a rookie who was injured 6 games into this thing his record on a crappy defensive team is 1-5 is it his fault hell no, but I get tired of the nonsense. You can’t compare a ten year vet to a rookie, this is true. How many games have other Rookie QB’s won this year? That don’t matter. Guess what Vick was battered all year behind this crappy oline, Foles for all his great pre snap reads and pocket awareness has been battered and injured as well. Nonsense

  44. Biglion…”And who decides he is deteriorating you Vinnie?”


    lets look at…..2010 – 2012

    Yrds/game 254 to 240
    TD% from 5.6 to 3.5
    Int % from 1.8 to 2.8
    Comp % from 62 to 58
    yrds/att from 8.1 to 6.9

    and while the passing stats have been dropping for the past 3 seasons….it is Vick’s bread and butter…his scrambling that has deteriorated even faster (exactly what should be expected for a running back…I mean running QB over 30)

    rushing yrds 2010 676 yrds…2011 589 yrds….2010 307 yrds….
    rush yrds/game 2010 – 56….2011 45….2010 34
    rush yrds/att 2010 6.8….2011 7.8…2012 5.4

    SO how can you not see the deterioration….everywhere?

    Vick was never a good passer….but at least at one point he could compensate with his rushing…..

    But that’s done. The days of the “Mike Vick ecxperience” of him deking his way through a field of defenders died sometime between 2010 and 2011….and they’re not coming back.

    So ithout that ability….again entirely predictable seeing his age/injuries….all you are left with is a short innacurate QB.

    He’ll be 33 next year and has spent his career getting pounded. What do you think would happen to his rushing ability?????

    However…not all his stats have deteriorated…

    Fumbles 11….10….10…..

    rush tds 2010 9tds…..2011 1td….2012 1td

  45. “Nick Foles will not run a Chip Kelly offense if he decided to come here, rest assured of that,” Jaws told Jon Marks and Sean Brace on 97.5 The Fanatic. “If a coach like Chip Kelly…that runs this up-tempo, spread, speed-style option, these guys come here, there might be a future for Michael Vick. I know he’s [32], I know he’s been beat up, but I’ll tell you, some of the things I’m seeing, Michael Vick can do the same things these guys are doing in the spread option.”. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • I have been saying that for weeks, For all you Foles is the future guys it won’t be here if Kelly is here what part of that doesn’t anyone get. By the way I don’t like Chip Kelly and that gimmick offense it won’t work in the NFL

      • I’m rooting for mike McCoy from the broncos or ariens from the colts. Hey Fraudman chime in, you printed pagano wouldn’t be back and that ariens was going to be colts coach. Ariens is old, McCoy is 40 and has brought out some good qb play…I’m not talking Peyton!

        • I like McCoy, I still have a bad taste from Temple with Arians, I acutally wouldn’t mind Spags getting a second chance here.

          • “I’ll tell you what; I’m glad Nick Foles is graduating,”

            “I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes. … Nick is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”

            Chip Kelly

        • MCCoy is a west guy and will have little interest in coming to Philly
          I see McCoy high on the Arizona and San Diego Radar, but not Philly
          As far as Pacano coming back which is great story, but let’s see what the off-Season brings to him and his health prognosis, this was a Dpecial Year for the Colts no doubt where Arians has stepped in and rallied the Team around Pacano, but you cannomt go into a Ssason nomt knowing if your hC can health wise be there every day, so lets see how this plays out for heck. Pavano nay have a set-Vack or his Famiky want him home and not to Coach at this time.. It’s not a done deal at all about Pagano’s Future

  46. No difference with that quote and reading what Jawarski was saying to please the \vickloving masses. Listen…several weeks ago, before the thursday game I listened to the entire NFL crew…Young, Dilfer…everyone….all rambling on about Vick and how “he just needs the right system……blah blah blah….” The same garbage I see repeated on here by the automatons.

    I don;t buy into anything I see on tv…because they’re just saying what needs to be said for the audience….talk to those guys alone and you’ll get quite the different story.

    Jaws may have said, on TV, that Vick would be awesome for Chip Kelly’s system…..doesn;t mean he believes it…or that its true.

    Because it isn;t true.

    Anyway…I’d much rather watch the continuing demise of Vick while he;s on the Jets than the Birds….and would much prefer watching the development of Foles (the Eagles starting QB next year) on the Birds.

    • I wish for one day all the talking heads could say how they really feel instead of the nonsense we get subjected to non stop. Anyway as you put it, I’ll see if someone out there Arizona, Buffalo the Jets will give Vick his third chance meanwhile we’ll see if whomever comes here will see fit to give Foles the opportunity to either sink or swim as a starting QB.

  47. The one thing I will continue to say is the future of the NFL is heading towards is Newton, Luck, Griffin, Rodgers , Tannehill, Wilson. Mobile QB’s, because you cannot find the Brady’s and Manning’s playing college ball today. Everything is spreads and read option.

  48. Read that pussy douche bag big lions last post, if he was that good why was he drafted in the third round, his poster boy Vick was the first pick of the entire draft , how did thatc pan out how did Ryan leAf pan out, I believe 2nd overall, how did Tom Brady work out, I believe drafted in the sixth round, and tony romo, un drafted, Kurt Warner , hof, un drafted, besides a puss could this guy big lion be a bigger dumb ass raciist masquerading as a nice fem of a man, like most of you dumb ass Vick sack drooling fools

  49. If you need any further proof read his last pst, big puss did you ever wear a sweaty jock, I am sure you smelled a lot of them in your fantasies

  50. I dint give. Crap if you ever address my comments , I do not post them for you or anyone else, they are my opinions, which are correct, that you are garbage with the way you post, passive aggressive racism, like that damn fool lard ass, vinnie is the most astute poster here, that’s sad since he’s not even from Philly, but screw you little man, you will soon be among the scrap heap, Schiller, navy dizzy real talk, all frauds ,white and black

  51. @paulman, I would love to get the real list of coaches Lurie plans to interview, I have a feeling Chip Kelly isn’t even on there.

  52. Rumor has it that the Panthers are checking for Chip Kelly heavy as well.

    Let’s see:

    Does Kelly want to coach the QB who prevented him from winning a national Championship


    Does he want to coach the QB whose ass he beat. What was that score again?

    If the Panthers really throw their hat in the ring for Kelly I think what QB would Kelly keep when he came to Philly might very likely be pointless.

  53. I don’t think Lurie will be all that involved to be honest with you
    It will be Roseman/DOnahoe, then if Prospect looks real good, then to Lurie
    I would imagine 8-12 Candidates to Interview which will get narrowed down to 3-4 Real candidates and then Lurie will sit inand they go thru their 2nd Rounds of Interviews
    Remember the harsh comments had Lurie had last Off-Season about Coach AR not identifying with the local fans,media well enough and that he needed to improve in this area.. I beleive Lurie is defintiely looking for someone who can handle the Pressure of the media/fan attention that comes with Coaching the Eagles and that is either from or has prior experience with the Northeastt Market that really wasn’t there when Reid was hired since there were little expectations due to limited success as a Franchise
    With this being said, I believe the Candidates will be as Follows and not in any particular Order

    1) NY Jets DC – Mike Pettine
    2) Patriots OC – Josh McDaniels
    3) Cardinals OC/Asst HC – Russ Grimm
    4) Lions OC- Scott LIneham
    5) Eagles Current DC – Todd Bowles
    6) Vic Fangio – DC of 49ers
    7) Mike Nolan – DC of the Falcons
    8) Brad Seely – Special Teams and Asst HC of 49ers
    9) Tom Clements – QB Coach of the Packers
    10) Tom Carmichael Jr – OC of the Saints
    11) Jay Gruden – OC of the Bengals
    12) Gus Bradley – DC of the Seahawks
    12) Mike Zimmer – DC of the Bengals

  54. Chip Kelly to the ArizonaCardinals with QB geno Smith is my Call
    Play that gadget,hectic pace in the Arizona Desert could be effective..
    Kelly knows this and will go to a warm weather City or a Dome Team

  55. Eagles then Trade WR D-Jax, OT Todd Herremans, and their 3rd Round PIck in 2013 and 2014 to the Cardinals for WR Larry Fitzgerald..

  56. There we saying if Chip Kelly has about 4 teams that want him .. Of course hes gonna go coach Cam Newton.. Who would you pick to be your quarterback Newton or Foles..

  57. I think gruden would be the perfect coach… even though hes alredy won a super bowl.. I just like how tenacious gruden is .. about the run and the pass ..I think he would work well with foles and/or vick… If we were to draft geno smith I would go in another direction probably with tom clements or chip kelly

  58. The Eagles don’t need a change of coaching, they need a change of philosophy. First, they must revamp their offense line using big road graters instead of the Mudd types. Jason Peters and Herremanns covered a number of short comings when they anchored the left side. Secondly, they need to rely heavily on the running game i.e (McCoy and an emerging Brown). Finally, the offense needs two big receivers who aren’t afraid to make things happens in the middle of the field. By the way, most of Indy’s starting offense line are former Eagles! GO FIGURE

  59. You can’t chage PHilosophy with the Same old Coach Keith
    Coach AR and MM are what they are, happy go lucky Pass-Aholics
    that’s not going to Change, Time to clean house and move on and bring in
    a new HC with a new Philsophy and new Energy..

  60. More likely Vick probably think the O-Line should have switched to a drop-back blocking technique in pass protection before he got a concussion instead of after.

  61. Paulman-Reid is guilty of allowing too much power to muddy and washburn. These individuals were good in different types of football programs however the Eagles were a more explosive offense before mudd’s scheme. Their defense wasn’t getting gashed as much before the wide-nine.

  62. Reid’s draft evaluation could be better; Rehiring Juan Castillo is not a bad move. He is one of the best offensive line coaches in football.

    • Says who? Thats the problem with thos coaching staff over the years….

      Bobby april…. best special teams coach
      Mart m… best o mind in football.
      Andy reid….. qb guru.
      Juan….. best oline coach
      Mudd… the other best oline coach
      Mcd….. bright young dc

      Philly press people tell us this. Get oeiven winners. This losing cast has like NO superbowl wins.

  63. I I think (as most do) that AR’s run has come to an end
    He needs a break, the Franchise needs a new vision and us fans need chabges to get excited about again. I wish AR well
    But it’s time for a new set of Leadership for this Club

  64. Paulman, again, as much as you lead insight into players, you are one dumb son of a bitch to say Lurie is not that involved, Lurie has input on every major move on personnel the eagles make, Reid can’t wait to leave and get out from lurie’s thumb, Reid never wanted , traded his sorry ass, just to be riddled with Vick, another bust, but that was lurie’s choice, Reid wanted kolb, now Reid finally has his quarterback in foles but it’s too late

  65. Reid never wanted McFraud , that pick was foisted on him

  66. Change change change…. everything must go. Andy had a good run…. last decade. Time to get back to basics. Back to eagles ball. Hard hitting blue color D. I dont want to hear that we will miss andy… or qe dont know what weve got… or… give him less control or more control. Hes gone.

    Vick gone unless we get kelly.

    Foles… we will see. For akk you cats that hold his jock..m the man hasnt won in college or in pros. Hes ok. Nothing more. He does NOT get handed the starting job like kolb did. If he wants it…. he earns it… good thing is… he would want it that way.

    Nnamdi and drc… were holding tryouts (as i drop the pool stick).

    Next year is about leadership. I dont expect playoffs but i expect leaders. A team. I expect hits. And heart. No more of this air it out crap. Use your oline… use your rb’s.

  67. I see, some of you had TOO MUCH of the Egg Nog, HUH?!? JEESH!!!! Season END!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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