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Chip Kelly Should Not Be The Eagles’ Next Head Coach

Chip Kelly has built a college power house. No argument against that. In his four seasons as head coach,  he has accumulated a 45-7 record in the Pac 10/12. His offense is always high powered, always high scoring (his teams have never finished lower than 11 in the polls at the end of the season) and he has coached Oregon to four straight BCS bowls. I understand everything I just wrote may present a positive argument for him, but Chip Kelly should not be the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and here are four reasons why.

Reason 1 – Gimmick Offense

Kelly runs a spread offense that is constant no huddle. He likes smaller, faster skill position players, which the Eagles have but I’m sure we can all agree that’s been part of the problem here. The quarterback is always in the shotgun, even when they run the ball. The offense requires not just a mobile, but a running quarterback. Preach the Packers and Patriots all you want. When they won, they had smash mouth running backs. When they lost, they didn’t. Look at the franchises who have won multiple championships. They had good balance, a quarterback who didn’t make mistakes, and a good defense (see next point). Kelly’s teams don’t have this.

Reason 2 – Oregon’s Defense is Horrible

Could Kelly hire the right defensive coordinator who could cover his lack of knowledge on defense? Sure. But it’s amazing how awful Oregon’s defense has been since he took over, when he actually got his start at Columbia on the defensive side of the ball (he was the DB/SPT coach, then Defensive Coordinator at Johns Hopkins). Since 2009, Oregon has allowed 22.75 points per game, and that includes 2010 when they had two shutouts against 1 AA opponents. That’s not going to cut it in the NFL. I am aware that this is more the responsibility of the defensive coordinator he would hire, but he has shown no interest in improving the defense at Oregon. Remember the last time an Eagles coach totally neglected one side of the ball? I’m sure offensive players who played for Buddy Ryan would tell you this is a bad idea.

Reason 3 – Where are his players in the NFL?

I would accept the argument that his offense isn’t a gimmick or that he could change if need be if his players were anywhere to be found in the NFL. Since the 2010 draft, the first draft after he was hired, Oregon has only had eight players drafted into the NFL, four of those players play offense, and none of those players start. Kelly hand picks the players to fit his system in college. There is no recruiting in pro football. There is a draft and you can’t always get the player you want. If his system was so incredible, you’d think someone, at some point, would translate well into the NFL. The best offensive player in the NFL from Oregon during Chip Kelly’s time as head coach is probably undrafted free agent LeGarrette Blount.

Reason 4 – What if he fails?

If Kelly is hired, he won’t have a lot of time to figure out whether his offense works or not. This is not the city to come and try. When you’re here, you better get results or the fans will turn on you quick. If he fails, that sets the franchise back again and now you’re looking at two more, maybe three, years of bad football in this city. Do you want that? I don’t.

I’m don’t know who the next coach of this team is going to be, and frankly, everything I’ve read recently points to Kelly being it. I don’t want an experiment. I don’t want a retread. Jay Gruden, Josh McDaniels, Darrell Bevell, Bruce Arians have all proven that their systems works in the NFL. Chip Kelly has never spent a second of his career in the NFL. He has never game planned, or been in a room where others are game planning against an NFL team. His players don’t translate into the NFL so there’s no indication that his coaching style will. There are plenty of other, better qualified candidates to take over as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Vote no to Chip Kelly in 2013. on Facebook

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199 Comments for “Chip Kelly Should Not Be The Eagles’ Next Head Coach”

  1. Thank goodness sound reasons for no Chip Kelly. As a matter fact I do not want any college coaches. Also no retread head coaches e.g Gruden, Billick, Capers, Cameron etc. An assistant who has worked in the NFL, has had success as a coordinator. Mike McCoy(OC) from Denver, Mike Zimmer (DC) from the Bengals, Bruce Arians of the Colts, Greg Roman (OC) of the 49ers, Ray Horton (DC) of the Cardinals. Any of these guys would be the start of a good list.


    It’s about time somebody said something logical about this matter. I have stated since I heard this, That Chip Kelly, has NO BUSINESS being considered for this position. I’m all for moving in a different direction,…..but not that direction.

    Howie Roseman, are you seriously going to replace the greatest Coach in Eagles History with this BS Coach? That being said I don’t want Gruden, Bruce Arians, or Bill Cowher……….

    I want, in this order :
    1. Vic Fangio
    2. Darrell Bevell
    3. Greg Roman
    4. Gus Bradley
    5. Dante Scarnechia

  3. For the last time! NO CHIP KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oregon fans do not want Chip to leave. There is no gimmick offense that he teaches, just flat-out discipline. Ask any player who has played under him and they will tell you that’s his M.O.. For Chips sake I hope that he goes somewhere he is appreciated, or stays at Oregon where he is treasured.

  5. Sadly it really doesnt matter what anyone thinks of who writes what article. The Eagles arent asking our opinion and really dont care what we think. They will do what they want. SMH

  6. Disagree with this. From reading his interviews I think he would adapt to personnel. We can’t tell if he’s hired.

    I can understand the skepticism of #2, but I do think that would be reduced with a solid defensive coordinator but I have no conclusive proof of that.

    Regarding #3, he’s beating the NFL players that are being drafted ahead of his guys. He’s not just beating up the lower echelon schools with inferior players. He’s beating the better teams with supposedly inferior players. That’s a bad thing?

    And #4 is a throwaway because you can apply it to any coach hired.

    I’m intrigued by Kelly, much moreso than Dirk Koetter or some of these other assistants. My #1 choice is Jay Gruden but I’d be thrilled with Kelly.

    • Tech your opinion is appreciated. But, he is all wrong for this team. To me he is nothing more than a successful college coach. You feel he can adapt based on what? His NFL Coaching experience?

      I personally don’t see what the love for Jay Gruden is either, what have you seen from him that tells you he is going to be a good Head Coach?

      My feeling is that some want Jon Gruden, and to have the psychological security blanket of having a Gruden coach the team, they affectionately want Jay Gruden.

      His Bengals team has improved but there no juggernaut. I think that comes more from the maturation of the defense, AJ Green, and Andy Dalton personally, not because of Jay Gruden. It would be a mistake to think he could accomplish what his brother did just because he has the Gruden name. He can coach somewhere else, I don’t want him. No wow factor at all.

      • I want Jay Gruden because his offenses have done well in the NFL and he has had title winning success as a head coach. I don’t care if it’s the arena league, having a winning history does mean something. Unless you get a Super Bowl winner (Cowher, Billick, Parcells) you’re going to be asking the same question.

        Regarding Kelly:

        I have no evidence Kelly is going to succeed in the NFL, just like anyone listing Koetter, Nolan, Horton, or any of these guys has the similar evidence they’d succeed in the NFL. Or just like the similar evidence that you have indicating he won’t work in the NFL. Koetter has already failed in college.

        I see his demeanor, I see his moxie on the sidelines and like it. I could be wrong but I’d be willing to take that chance.

        I do understand the skepticism though.

        • Nolan, Horton, and a lot of the desired candidates have coached, or are coaching on NFL Championship teams….They have a leg to stand on. The ones clamoring for Chip Kelly don’t. Thats my point. And all tha you see on the sideline is with Kids, not millionaire men. Not trying to bash you but emphasizing the pessimism.

          Jay Gruden, you also make my point. Winning in Arena Football is an accomplishment of sorts, but, in my opinion, it’s not enough to strengthen the point that he should be the next head coach of the Eagles.

          There are other candidate who have done just as well in the NFL, or better than Jay Gruden, and would make a better Head Coach. Again , I’m not trying to bust your stones, I just don’t want mediocrity

          • One of my spy sources just followed Richie Kottite from the Airport to Jeff Luries Office.. Details at 11.. Good Grief..

  7. I would think that not having a roster littered with NFL talent and winning would be a positive.

    If he had NFL talent on his roster, they could be much more dominant.

  8. Great Article and precisely why the Eagles should not even talk with Kelly let alone consider hiring him
    I see his Offense having a lot of Turnovers in the NFL which is the single biggest reason the Eagles have underperformed the last 2 Seasons which were basically over by the 1st Weekend in November
    Eagles need a strict Disciplinarian who stresses ball control, physical dominance along both lines of scrimmage with a balanced approach and
    BALL SECURITY as the #1 Priority.
    Also this HC has to get the Eagles Secondary completely rebuilt
    One area that was always a strength with the Eagles Defense was having a physical, fundamentally Seconday which we haven’t seen
    In the last 5-6 Seasons
    Stop the Turnovers and fix the Secondary and the Eagkes can compete in the weak NFC East
    Continue with the small but fast pass happy offense and
    And a soft Secondary, then the Eagles will be at the bottom of the NFC
    For the foreseeable future

  9. “I don’t want a retread” then listing Josh McDaniels….


    • I agree Tech, but McDaniels is an example of a coach who has had more success than Jay Gruden, and would make a better head coach. Although I don’t think he is right for the Eagles, I’d take him over Gruden, and Chip Kelly.

    • A Coach who Coached for 2-3 Seasons or Less and not having things work out is not a Re-Tread.. Coaches like McDaniels, Mike Nolan,Mike Singletary, Scott Lineham all failed in their first stints after showing some Promise, they probably now have a better understanding and perspective on how they may do things different..
      Now a Coach with who had many years experience and that has bounced around with different Team are who I would consider a Re-tread like Norv Turner, Andy Reid, Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs,Dennis Green, Dave Wannstadt, etc,etc are what I consider Re-Treads not Coaches who has 1-2 Seasons in a unwinnable situation in some cases..

  10. If you look at the games Oregon has played this year, the only two games where the score was run upon them were when the defense had significant injuries. Kelly pulls most of his starters at halftime after they run up the score 50-0 and then he brings in the 2nd and third string for reps., something he has done every game every year. This changes the overall stats. on offense and defense. I would argue that Oregons defense is in the top ten in the country if the starters were in for 4 quarters. In fact if Marcus Mariotta and Kenjon Barner were left in the games for four quarters you would have seen record numbers that nobody would have touched not even Johnny football. Nobody’s offense has walked on Oregons defense… I think #2 is bad information. If Chip implements a spread in the NFL you will probably see a similar approach to rotation with equal talent across the board meaning scout 1,2,3, all getting equal time. I live in Oregon, watch the games live, and know what Philly fans will be getting out of this guy…you will not be disappointed.

  11. Dear Jeffery Loser,

    I am sure you or one of your flunkies have read this article. Please post it on your walls.

    No more tuty fruity offenses. Fundamentals.

    Andy Read had a habit of losing to Fundamentally sound coaches. Even thought he is not a great coach, Lovie Smith and chicago beat the eagles all the time, because they played fundamental football.

    No more undersized gimmick players.

    The Harbaugh brothers have both been successful right away with fundamental football. Unlike the detroit lions the 49ers are winning again this season because of fundamental balanced football. The Lions and their wide 9 gimmick defense and the one trick pony offense fell flat on their face this year, playing a playoff team schedule.

    We are going to have a top 5 pick in the draft. Hopefully top 3.

    High 2nd round and 3rd round picks mean a chance to add several quality players. WITHOUT TRADING OUT OF THE 1ST ROUND.

    Jeffery you are losing the fans. Many of us have already fallen off a Fiscal Cliff. Bring in a crap coach, that plus the cost of a divorce and you’ll be joining us.

  12. Paul an’s Wish List Of Candidates

    1) Vic Fangio
    2) Brad Seely
    3) Russ Grimm
    4). Tom Clements
    5). Mike Nolan
    6) Mike McCoy
    7) Ray Horton, Jr
    8) Winston Moss
    9) Gus Bradley
    10) Juan Castillo

  13. Oregon will have several players in the NFL in the next three years. Remember Chips only been coaching at Oregon for 4 years, so it takes time for those players to show up as Oregon ullum.

  14. Just say no to Chip Kelly please and thank you.

  15. Wrong Kelly. Brian would be very sucessful, but why would he lave ND for the Eagles? Clearly a step down.

  16. So you argue that Kelly’s players aren’t in the NFL, but Oregon has gone 49-7 in four years. Well if the players aren’t that good, then the coach must be doing something right?

  17. Chip Kelly is just the latest flavor of the month. The NFL is littered with college coaches who tried and failed. I think quite a few individuals would put Nick Saban in the top 5 of college coaches today for what he did at LSU and Alabama. He tried his hand at the NFL and when he realized he wasn’t going to turn the Dolphins around quickly he grabbed “Bama’s offer and went back to college. As far as Kelly’s offense goes, please don’t think DC’s won’t figure that offense out. These guys are not idiots. I think the Houston Oilers many years ago ran something similar with Warren Moon and it didn’t get them a ring either. I am not worried about the Eagles scoring points, they will do that. THey need to stop the other teams from getting 30-35 a game.

  18. Kelly beat Harbough when he was the coach at Stanford in 2010, 2011.

  19. If he were attached to such an unconventional gimmickof an offense, why he would be generating so much buzz around the league in the first place?
    He declined a NFL offer last year and he has been linked to every team with a possible opening
    I just don’t think the spread offense is the sole quality Chip Kelly has to offer.

  20. Those are such trendy things to say about Kelly?

    The article is B.S

    You really fuckin think he’s going to bring that offense to NFL? If you do you’re an idiot.

    Who has a defense in the PAC 12? It has been know. For years that the PAC 12 plays no defense. Kelly stayed ahead of the curve and blasted teams with his offense. You honestly think that’s going to happen in the NFL?

    Why can’t Foles run his offense? Brady runs a spread, no huddle. Not comparing Brady to Foles, just saying if a slow, white guy can do it in Boston, one can do it in philly

  21. I’m not saying I think he should be the next coach of the eagles, but the notion that he can’t is absurd!

    Everyone is clamoring for a disciplinarian, well there he is!

  22. *!

    Not a question mark

  23. Everyone in the Pac 12 knows this both De. and Off. under kelly are very disciplined, they tackle very well in open spaces, understand assignments and lead block better than any team. They flat out play well as a team (which is kelly’s montra). If you watch the players interviews they always talk about the team, never individual accomplishments.

  24. And opponents of Kelly’s continually score 35-40 its a game. I don’t care how “talented and disciplined” his defense is. Teams still score off of that defense. And to use the logic Kelly beat Harbaugh twice is short sighted. If you want to use that logic then the Eagles should take Shaw from Stanford because he beat Kelly this past season.

  25. Philly- it’s almost common knowledge that the PAC -12 plays no D at all. Do you really think he would take that philosophy to the NFL? Honestly I don’t, this is a real smart guy. He knew what it would take to win the the PAC-12- offense! I think he would bring a really balanced, up-tempo offense and a stout D. He should have a lot of the offensive peaces in place. I think he would come here and build the D

    • Frank, you are kind of making my point. The comment was made how “talented and disciplined they are” Really? don’t you think talent and discipline would account for a few stops during a game? When you talk about talent and discipline lets reference the Giants, Steelers defenses. The NFL scores points. They made the rules that way. I don’t give a damn about Kelly’s “alleged genius” on offense. The Eagles score points and when the offensive line returns the starters the running game will bounce back.The only addition the Eagles need on offense is a big wide receiver to complement Jackson/Maclin. The Eagles need defense. They stopped no one this year, could not generate turnovers and could not get to the QB. Review the season and if the Eagles could have done any of those things a few time a game they would have played some meaningful games down the stretch, particularly in a weak NFC East. Defense my friend, defense. And Kelly is not the answer.

  26. Take Shaw, We would love to keep Kelly… Go to the Oregon website and tell me how many teams scored 35-40 points on Oregon and then compare points allowed by lsu, texas a-n-m, Alabama. You probably didn’t read my earlier article concerning the starters getting pulled at halftime.

  27. Shaw signed an extension to stay at Stanford.

    • If I were the Eagles Frank, I would still reach out to him, he would be a better candidate then anyone mentioned here.

        • Shaw is not going anywhere as stated numerous times
          He has a Heismann Trophy Candidate in his own Recruit in QB Hogan for next Season and a real good Chance at a NAtional Championship at his Alma Mater in beautiful Palo Alto,Ca
          He’s beginning his 3rd Season next Year as Coach of Stanford and is finally having his own recruits play big parts of his Programs Success..
          He’s committed to these kids and why would he want to give that up to go to PHilly.. This is a man of character and honor and not about his own ego..He will become a NFL Coach and a damn good one, but it will be on his timtetalbe in about 3 Years or so when he see’s his Goals thru at Stanford

          • Heisman trophy candidate or lucrative NFL coaching job? Tough choice.

            • Winning a National Championship at his Alma-Mater, Stanford is what is Driving him, not a bigger paycheck or his ego Biggy.. Why trade that in what he has going for him for Philly, are you nuts???

              • Because if he turns this franchise around and wins a Super Bowl he becomes bigger then just Stanford, come on paulman being the best at the NFL level is what it’s about. I bet you Nick Saban would trade all his NC wins for one Super Bowl win.

  28. Philly- I think Kelly would realize that D is what’s needed on this team. I alluded to that in the previous post. My reference point o all this is Brian Kelly, when he came to ND, he was known as a offensive guru. What did he do when he got to ND? Built a nasty defense! These smart guys know what’s needed to win, wether or not they can obtain the talent is another question.

  29. Chip is a smart guy, he will translate and adapt to the situation well…
    whoever gets him will be lucky. Division three is Division three.

  30. I will stand on my comment that many college coaches have tried and failed in the NFL. Just like the NFL is littered with star college players who couldn’t make that jump I believe it is the same with coaches. There is a distinct separation of talent, intellect and the ability to be successful in the NFL. Listen to a lot of ex players who talk about the “speed” of the game. That is not just physical speed but “mental” as well. The ability to adapt to what is front of you. Maybe college coaches also fall into that trap like players do. You do not change the NFL, the NFL changes you. It’s great to think you can come into this league and think you have found the next great revolutionary idea but eventually things get figured out. Winners in this league play defense and have an effective mix on offense. You pass to open things up and when the time comes run the ball effectively to seal the game. Please temper your enthusiasm on Kelly. Look at the history of the NFL. Hey, if the Guy who sits in the Nova Care Center wants Kelly it will be Kelly. All we want as fans is a Super Bowl Championship. If Kelly gets the fans one I will be at the parade. But if he doesn’t, the fans will make sure he hears about just like we did to AR but this time LUrie will also bear the brunt of our anger.

  31. Kelly has the brains to make it work,
    Best wishes to Philly fans!

  32. Kelly much better suite for a warm-weather City or a Dome Team
    I really see him landing at Arizona/San Diego wheere his up-Tempo Style could poop out opponents in the Heat..
    When you think of the CArdinals, they have a decent Defense in place
    they have some WR’s and will have a Top 4/5/6th Pick in the Upcoming Draft
    Say the Chiefs at 1 pass on QB Geno SMith, I can see the Cardinals with Kelly at the helm selecting Geno SMith with that 4th/5th/6th Pick and could hit the ground running as far as implementing his System…

  33. Weather means nothing as I proved to you fraud. Also, it’s so warm and dry in the pacific northwest

  34. Philly- your completely correct in your assessment of the past college coaches. Also, you should stand by your comments that’s why we’re on here, However, there are always exceptions to the rules. I think Kelly is smart enough to realize that it’s going to take a real D to win in the NFL. I’m not suggesting that he’s going to come here and revolutionize football. I think he will run an offense very similar to Seattle.

  35. Playing a Spread Offenses with lots of Pitches, Toss-Backs, Reverses, Screens plays behing the line of Scrimmage is much more riskier in the Northeast come mid-late Fall when the Turf starts to slow up and get muddy, and the winds begin to pick-up.. See Tons of Turnovers with his gimmicky High-School/Backyard style of playing in the Northeast come Mid-November thru December and in Playoff Season..
    Now in a Dome/Warm Weather City, It could be effective

  36. Teams are going to score on an offense that scores alot of points because they get the ball back alot more as well!!

    Chip Kelly is absolutely the man for this job. The skillset our current set of players have fits in perfectly.

    Is he going to bring his college scheme to the NFL? Yes, but he’s obviously going to make a few wrinkles in it so it can be successful in the NFL. I think Kelly is the type of coach that can make any team a better team. Where was Oregon football BEFORE Chip Kelly?

  37. Only idiots like YOU Paulman would think that the exact same offense Kelly runs in college, will be the one he uses in the pros. Moron.

    Chip Kelly is an offensive mastermind and will win a Super Bowl with whatever team he goes to within 5 years.

  38. Birdo, very bold statement. I hope you’re right. While his system does probably fit with the players we have; that’s my concern, because I don’t like the players we have. We need to get bigger and tougher.

  39. I think we do need that desperately on D.

  40. What has this current System of Players actually Won in the last 2 Years
    Their Best Record is 8-8 so what does this Tell You

  41. I like what realtalk posted about Gus Bradley, if he could bring that intensity and defensive mindset here from Seattle the Eagles would be okay.

  42. Bradley has 7 Years Coaching Experience in the NFL
    4 Years with the TB Bucs (Quality Control/LB’s Coach)
    3 Seasons as DC with Seattle Seahawks and has built a great Defensive Unit
    with it’s Starters average a shade under 27 Years Old (2nd Youngest in the NFL)
    Not sure what his Offensive Philosophy is or what Type of System he would run but he’s done a fantastic job on the Defensive Side of the Ball.. Just not sure if he’s quite ready yet for the HC Spot.. But he will definitely be on Teams Radat this Off-Season… He’s from North Dakota which probably means he’s not interested in the rat-race of the East Coast..
    Seem him as a possible hire for the KC Chiefs

  43. The guy has been a consultant to the Patriots for crying out loud. There is zero guarantee that he’d bring this particular offense to the NFL.


    To hell with this gimmick everyone talks about. I have also stated I think Foles woul e a good dot for his offense.

  45. Tighter spread with doubles, quads, option QB and roving tight ends.

  46. I have a hard time thinking his team is goi g to go with a defensive coach.

  47. Great article on I posted the link but its “awaiting moderation”. The title is the Chip Kelly cononedrum. You should check it out wether your for or against the hire.. It’s dispelled every point that was written in this article.

  48. Shaw’s been around Football with some of the Best minds in FOotball
    Played 4 Years as WR under Dennis Green and Bill Walsh
    Cut his Teeth at the NFL Level with the Eagles,Ravens and Raiders as a Quality Control Coach focusing on the Offense
    Joined Jim Harbaugh’s Staff at San DIego State in 2006 as Offensive Passing Coach and then Joined Harbaugh and his Staff (Vic Fangio,Ed Donatell and Brad Seely) in 2007 when they tookover the Stanford Program as he focused on the Passing Game?WR’s Coach, RB’s Coach and eventaually become Stanford’s Offensive Coordinator under Harbaugh and then Took over the Stanford Program once Harbaugh and his fellow Coaches joined the 49ers
    He lives out West will be a great Leader for a Team in the NFL, My gut is that he will remain at Stanford as long as he wants to and probably at least for the next 3 Seasons as he just turned 40 and is in no rush to jump to the NFL at this point of his Career where he’s calling the shots for his Dream Job and his Alma Mater at Stanford..
    His 2 Year Record is 22-4 and has been the Pac-10 (12) Coach of the Year the last 2 Seasons… He has a lot going for him right now…

  49. His Father was a lifetime Asst Coach in the NFL with many Teams as well and has been around the game most of his Life..

  50. Chip Kelly is from New Hampshire and enjoys Sam Adams Beer
    (which is important to Jeff Lurie since he is a Private Investor in S.A.B…)
    Lots of New England Connections and moving parts between Lurie & Kelly

  51. I would love to know if Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman believe in Nick Foles – and if so are they trying to match the Head Coach’s game plan with Nick Foles’ ability.
    I know a Bruce Arian’system would not work as he has Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger throwing 15 yard pass patterns and Foles can’t do that.

  52. Chip Kelly’s short passing system might work for Foles who right now is having success in the shot gun throwing short passes to the right — I am pretty sure Chip Kelly would not put a first time back up to the back up center on the right side for a red zone time out pass play or a TE off the street TE on the right side and leave his only good red zone pass receiver on the left side ( Riley Cooper) for 3 straight games.

  53. @Paulman I read your opinion on a Central Michigan Tackle you saw play in the bowl game yesterday – good stuff – I watched the sixer game instead of NCAA football last night
    Are there any players you are excited to watch in tonight’s games (24)SanJoseSt. vs. Bowling Green, Cincinnati vs. Duke, or Baylor vs. (17) UCLA?

  54. SOme Good players to watch Tonight (mostly Mid-Late Rounders)

    San Jose State –
    TE Ryan Otten – 6-5 245lbs (Projected late 4th/5th Rd Pick)
    OT Dave Quessenberry 6-5 295lbs (Projected as Guard-6th Rounder)
    DE Truman Jones 6-3 245lbs (Projected as OLB in 3-4 – 7th Rounder)

    Bowling Green
    DT Chris Jones 6-1 300lbs (Projected as late 5th/6th Rounder)

    TE Travis Kelce (Brother of Jason) 6-5 260 lbs (Projected 5th Rounder)
    SS Drew Frey 6-3 212lbs (Projected late 6th/7th Rounder)

    WR Conner Vernon 6-1 200lbs (Projected 5th Rounder)
    QB Shawn Renfree 6-4 225lbs (Projected late 6th/7th Rounder)

    WR Terrance WIlliams 6-2 205lbs (Projected late 1st Round/Early 2nd)

    OLB/DE Anthony Barr 6-4 240lbs (Projected early 2nd Rounder-lots of upside with Speed,Power and Athelticism who is just learning how to play)
    DE Datone Jones 6-4 275 (Projected late 2nd Rounder)
    RB Jonathon Franklin 5-10 200lbs (Projected late 3rd Rounder)
    Guard Jeff Baca 6-3 300lbs (Projected 5th Rounder)
    TE Joseph Faurina 6-7 255lbs (Projected 6th Rounder)

    One thing to keep in mind is that UCLA has new HC in Jim MOra,Jr who runs a Pro-Stlye offense and has done a nice job in turning around the UCLA program in his 1st Season there.. They have a lot of Talent but Mora will probably get some his kids to understand the NFL a little better since he is using NFL Schemes/Terminology,Strength & Conditioning Techniques that he learned while Coaching in the NFL..
    I really like OLB Barr who reminds me of a Von Miller, Aldon Smith Type and was a Converted RB to the LB Positon just last year so he’s still learning the Position but is a demon at the line of Scrimmage and getting into the backfield after the QB
    I also like RB Franklin who reminds me a bit like Shady McCoy, and runs bigger,shiftier than meets the eye.. a very strong lower body who can catch the ball also, will make a nice complimentarty back for someone in the NFL
    Also like OG Baca and intrigued by TE J Faurina with that size at 6-7 255lbs and is a decent blocker, good hands and has decent feet for a big guy.. Could be a diamond in the rough

    Enjoy the games

  55. Hey, I don’t know if this is the guy for the job but I’m not going to just discount him based on the points in this article. We’ve seen college coaches fail all the time and some with some success. We’ve seen experienced head coaches that keep getting coaching jobs based on experience but look like they shouldn’t be anything more than an coordinator. We’ve seen position coaches become very good head coaches and we seen coordinators become good an bad head coaches. Taking all of that into account, I can’t write anyone off just because they’ve never coached in the NFL. And yes, his system probably wouldn’t work in the NFL unless your QB last name is Rodgers, Brady or Brees but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t adjust. We saw Pete Carroll be a joke in the NFL, go to college and build a powerhouse in USC (with his style of play) and come back to the NFL and have success now playing nowhere near the kind of ball he played at USC. Same thing with Jim Harbaugh. Some people can adapt and some can’t. Maybe he wouldn’t be like Steve Spurrier and try to use his system in the NFL. Maybe he’ll surround himself with some of the best assistants. I mean Andy’s best years were when his assistants were Harbaugh, Johnson and Childress. In my opinion it’s about personnel. The players and the coaches that will be the biggest factor of success for whoever the next coach is. Just my thoughts.

  56. Which is still a major issue with the Eagles since Fantasy GM Howie Roseman
    will be calling a lot of the shots player personnel wise.. Bad Seasons on the Horizon I Fear

  57. Paulmans’ Mock 2013 Draft (NFL Top 10 Picks – Version #4)

    1) KC Chiefs – QB Geno Smith (WVU 6-3 220lbs)
    2) Jaguars – DE Bjorn Woerner (Fla State 6-4 260lbs)
    3) Raiders – OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia 6-2 242lbs)
    4) EAGLES – OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs)
    5) Lions – LB Manti Teo’ (Notre Dame 6-2 255lbs)
    6) Bills – OT Jake MAtthews (Texas A&M 6-5 305lbs)
    7) Browns – CB Dee Milliner (Alabama 6-1 198lbs)
    8) Titans – DT Star Lotuleile (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    9) Cardinals – QB Matt BArkely (USC 6-2 230lbs)
    10) Chargers – DE Damonte Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 255lbs)

    • Paul, here is an example of what I was talking about as far as OT’s being available in the 2nd, and 3rd Rounds, and not being that big of a drop off from those being Projected in the 1st Round.

      Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, has just as much Talent as Joeckel, and may have a better Pro Career, will be available in the 2nd Round.

      DJ Fluker of Alabama will be available. He to me is more of a RG Prospect, but can play RT. But I would draft him to play the RG, for depth, and to groom for that position permanently for the future.

      Tony Jefferson would be my 2nd Safety in this draft, after, I draft Vacarro . He too will be there in the 2nd Round……All of these guys can be had if the Eagles can get an extra pick or two, in the 2nd, and trade down, for more…..

      I would concentrate on trading down,and drafting Star Lotululei, and if possible trading for another #1 pick preferably Manti Te’o…..The Lions will draft the top CB in this draft, and Te’o will go no lower than the Browns at 7. A trade with the Bills, and Titans would be my target.

  58. dick vermiel has a man crush on andy , absolutely impossible to get him to say one negative word bout andy ,

  59. Paulman’s 2013 Eagles Draft (Version #4)

    1st (4th Overall) OT Luke Joeckel – Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs)
    2nd (#36th Overall) CB Xavier Rhodes – Fla State 6-1 217lbs)
    3rd (#68th Overall) DT Sylverster WIlliams – UNC 6-3 320lbs)
    4th (#100 Overall) Safety TJ McDonald – (USC 6-2 205lbs)
    5th (#132 Overall) WR Chris Harper – (Kansas State 6-2 228lbs)
    6th (#164 Overall) Safety Duke Williams – (Nevada 6-1 205lbs)
    7th (#196 Overall) Guard Jeff Baca – (UCLA 6-3 300lbs)

    • Paul, here is an example of what I was talking about as far as OT’s being available in the 2nd, and 3rd Rounds, and not being that big of a drop off from those being Projected in the 1st Round.

      Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, has just as much Talent as Joeckel, and may have a better Pro Career, will be available in the 2nd Round.

      DJ Fluker of Alabama will be available. He to me is more of a RG Prospect, but can play RT. But I would draft him to play the RG, for depth, and to groom for that position permanently for the future.

      Tony Jefferson would be my 2nd Safety in this draft, after, I draft Vacarro . He too will be there in the 2nd Round……All of these guys can be had if the Eagles can get an extra pick or two, in the 2nd, and trade down, for more…..

      I really like Xavier Rhodes in the 2nd. Who I would find a way, to make sure we draft….

      I would concentrate on trading down, and drafting Star Lotululei, and if possible trading for another #1 pick preferably Manti Te’o…..The Lions will draft the top CB in this draft, and Te’o will go no lower than the Browns at 7. A trade with the Bills, and Titans would be my target….My 3rd, 1st Rounder would be Kenny Vacarro.

      • I like the DT Star Lotuleile Pick also GMCliff..
        I just think the Eagles are thinking that OL and Specifically OT needs to be updgraded the most and Joeckel will be hard to pass up if he still is on the Board at #4
        As far as Trading up to get additional picks, which would be great, but realisitically, it;’s very hard to accomplish since all Teams look at the Draft on how to improve their Teams so you would have to knock them out with players/future picks and I don’t believe the Eagles are in a Position where they have many tradeable Players that will return a High Pick due to Age/Injuries or Inflated Salary and with having so many updgrades needed that I don’t believe it’s a good idea to trade future picks for they need all of them they can get..

  60. I think Dick Vermiel has a Crush On just about everyone..

  61. what a dumb article….poorly written with no facts to base upon….

    OREGON has been a top 30 defensive team since KELLY arrived……in college thats awesome…. 22.5 pts per game allowed is good especially in the Pac 12.

    get your facts correct.

    I DONT BUY all the gimmick bs…. if he can coach and be an innovator and make this team a winner, then go for it…. he is a lot better than most of the nfl assistance coaches or coordinators who will not be innovators and will not change this team

  62. Hell yeah jott… You tell em

  63. What’s in that article is all the trendy BS people just throw out there..

  64. The offense is a gimmick. It’s been tried before with limited success in the NFL (Warren Moon Oilers/ Tom Brady Patriots) The Patriots haven’t won a Superbowl since they got forced to stop cheating.

    You can’t use smallish WRs in a spread offense scheme, as the Patriots have learned…For it too work at all you need receivers that are big enough and strong enough to fight through 5+ yard jams and crafty enough to get into an open space of the field after that and even then it’s not a good enough system (as a whole system…like the “Wide 9”) to win the whole enchilada.

  65. I am for chip I believe the man is bright enough to adapt to the Nfl game. Lets give him a chance.

  66. Im not sure if the spread can work or not,but one thing I know is that Chip Kelly runs the football!! Its a misconception that he like to throw it all over the field like Andy Reid.While im not a fan of running out of the shotgun;it might be because of the running plays the Eagles called out of it,I would give it a chance.It would be exciting and different and just because Kelly would come and run that offense doesnt mean if it didnt work he wouldnt change it up.

  67. #3 is a bad argument. In fact, it would make a better argument *for* Chip Kelly. His players are so bad that a consistently top 10 team can’t put anyone in the NFL, and yet he makes those bad players into a top 10 team every year? Sounds like a winner to me.

  68. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Mr. Lurie,
    All i would like to say to you is PLEASE take your time at evaluating the search for a new HC. And PLEASE do not let Howie “pee wee herman” Roseman dictate your decision on who should be the next HC. I truly have faith in you (not pee wee) to make the right move. Good luck sir!

  70. The guy writing this article is an idiot. Chip Kelly is the master at making defenses miss. Tell me any other coach who can run simple outside/inside zone reads and make the defense look like garbage. Play action, bubble
    screens, double options….his real move is knowing what the defense is doing
    and taking advantage of it. He will adapt and modify for the NFL with great success. several teams are currently utilizing some versions in the NFL today. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  71. You’re correct my friend.. The biggest misconception about his offense is that he needs an athletic qb. False. What he needs is an athletic o-line, quick WRs, and a smart, accurate qb. Is that Foles? I don’t know, I would think so, but I don’t know.

    All chip really does is run a hurry up offense. Tires out the D and tries to trick you into what he’s going to be running. He can comehere and run the west coast offense for all we know? He just has a method to how he’s going to run it.

  72. I do have one question. We all agree that defensive players are bigger and faster in the NFL against Chip Kellys offense in the NFL. So doesnt that mean his offensive players will be bigger and faster? You cant have it one way. You cant say the defensive talent is better but the offensive talent isnt. There isnt one Shady McCoy, DJax or Maclin ot Jason Peters playing in Oregon. Just saying.

  73. Dee Milliner out of Alabama should be 1st pick in draft. A DT, QB, LT or CB are only players worthy of top 5 money unless AP is on the board. I mean we have Cox at DT, hopefully Peters at LT and no QB is a top 5 pick. With DRC leaving and NNamdi just terrible its a no-brainer we take the best CB in the draft who supports the run also. We need a stud CB.

  74. RT needs to be adressed and either move Herremans to compete at Guard or Trade/Release Him.. Herremans is not a Quality NFL Tackle any longer whith all his injuries and just isn’t quick enough any longer to play OT
    Both OT D Bell/ K Dunlap will be released so Eagles are very thin at OT with basically Peters (coming back from double Achilles Tear) and Dennis Kelly who is more of a Back-up Type.. Eagles need to solidify the both OT Position’s in my opinion first if they expect their Offense to do anything in 2013.. We all saw the revolving door at LT to start the Season which was the beginning of the end of this 2012 Season and was never addressed properly
    when Peters went down with Injury..

  75. Chip Kelley Seen Golfing at the Camelback Inn Resort in Tempe,Arizona
    playing the with the Bidwell Brothers (Owners) & GM of the Arizona Cardinals..
    Thanks to my source “Speedy Gonzales”
    Kelly to work his magic,up tempo Style in the Desert Heat to wear opponents down, Kelly/Cardinals to Draft QB Geno Smith with 1st Pick and off they go

    • Dude it’s a retractable roof that is air conditioned

      • Chip Kelley said his first priority will be to take the Roof Down, Break it down into tousanand’s of parts and Sell as Momento’s for Fans and Donate all the Proceeds to the Needy Kids in the Great Phoenix Area and well as Local Indian Tribes…
        Chip Kelly becomes the first HC and Mayor of a Big City at the same time and position’s himself to take over for Senator McCain Senate Seat when McCain retires..

  76. So you take a RT over a CB with a top 5 pick? I strongly disagree with that philosphy. You better get someone who can cover and tackle in here. Herrimans will do just fine for right now. Find a guard in draft. They are found in later rounds all the time. Stud CBs are being found in top 10. You need playmakers on defense. I have Cox, Graham , Ryans, Kendricks and Milliner moving forward. Playmakers on every level now. Find a RT in 2nd or 3rd round. Build the defense.

    • Daggolden, i have grow to love your thinking on these blogs, but I’m really not sure if Dee Millner is really a shut down corner, and is even worthy of a top 5 pick.

      My scouting says Xavier Rhodes, is the best CB, in the draft, and he won’t be chosen until the 2nd Round.

      To me Millner is a beneficiary of playing for Alabama; Trent Richardson, was in the same position last year, and I stated that he was nothing special; a good player, but nothing special. I feel the same way about Dee Millner this year. I would not take him in the top 5.

      • Mark Ingram and Eddie Lacy are tag alongs
        Trent Richardson might not be a top three selection but he does have 11 TDs and will reach a 1000yards and is right now an above average RB in the league

        • I agree GMCliff
          I am not sold on Milliner..
          Alabama plays a lot of basic Soft-Zone by their CB’s..
          Look at the last few who were highly regarded and have struggled at the NFL Level… Kareem Jackson, Javier Arenas,Dre Kirkpatrick to name a few recent ones..
          I would stick with their DL/LB’s for that’s been their real Strength of the Alabama Program as well as their OL and WR during the Saban era…

          • Agreed Paul. But you know most on, take the obvious for granted, and think what all the prospects do in college, will translate automatically in the Pros. We’ll hear it when the draft gets closer.

            I say Buyer Beware of:
            Geno Smith
            Dee Millner
            Luke Joekel
            Bjoern Werner
            Dion Jordan
            Sheldon Richardson
            Sam Montgomery

        • E0S, Richardson has 7 TD’S of 6 yards,or less. He’s been utilized in short yardage situations mostly, and although he has almost 1,000 yards, he is not above average, he’s not below average, but in the middle where he will remain his career…Just a solid, good RB…NOTHING SPECIAL….

  77. Yes I do Dag, How about if Peters re-injures himself.. then what..
    I have the Eagles selecting CB Xavier Rhodes with their 2nd Round Pick
    out of Florida State at 6-1 217lbs who is bigger Milliner
    I play Rhodes on one side and compete with Boynkin at1 CB
    Keep Asmo after a major restructuring contract deal.. and let DRC walk
    Rhodes prefers and excells at “Man-Press” Coverage (which is what Asmo Does) so a quick learning curve for him to come in and Compete with Boynkin for the other CB poisition…

  78. The one thing that needs to be addressed throughout this draft is hard hitting playmakers on the defensive side. Copy Seattle’s Legion of Boom defense. Aggressive ball hawking concussion bringing football players. The soft crap has to go.

  79. Yeah paulman thats the downside to my plan. I really wouldnt be mad with Joeckel or Star Lotuleile.

  80. Well I see no Reason with a new Coaching Staff coming in and with a new Vision and Philosophy and expect to go all in for 2013 Season for it’s going to take 2-3 Years to rebuild this Roster and Team in the likeness and way of this New Coach and Philosophy.. Why Mortage the Future when your a new Coach coming in, build this Franchise Right from the OL & DL on out with tough,smart, hard nosed players.. I do not go out and sign older Free-Agent Players for the Short-Team and over-spend (Long/Urlacher are on their way down after great Careers.. Just like Asmo was when they signed him)

  81. I swear every year I get older the offseason and arm chair quarterbacking is actually better than the games. The speculation, who is available in FA, who will we get in draft, cant wait to discusss the game when its done. Who is saying who about who. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that way? Its almost like it would be a let down to win a superbowl. (well maybe not that extreme). lol

  82. dag — it will not be a let down to win a Super Bowl. Matter of fact, at this point, it will be a relief. I will probably become LESS of a fan once the Eagles win one. Not because I don’t love the team and the city, but because the “voyage” will be over. A “weight will be lifted” off “my” shoulders. I have invested too much time, money and tears into this team to not continue being the die-hard fan that I am. But once we win one, I’ll be ecstatic…then relieved.

  83. No to Chip. No No No.

  84. I’ll say this right now….Nick Foles is not a winning QB. He’s an ok filler but not a bonafide NFL QB who can put a team on his back and will them to win. I don’t want just a “game manager” (whatever the hell that is) for a starter. Hell, that was Rodney Peete. We need a coach to come in here and sit down with Vick and get him back to early 2010 form.

    He was MVP worthy and no one can tell me a player who in the top 3 QB’s 2 years ago forgot how to play the position,

    The Focus of the next coach is to sit and renegotiate a modest deal 8-10 million with incentives if the team go into the post season. A contract that gets us out next season if he don’t improve. We don’t have nothing to lose with Foles only in his 2nd year of a rookie contract and could come in if Vick Struggle.

    the 2nd priority now that franchise QB is in the bag is to address the offensive line once and for all.

    Kelce is too small and I do remember jail breaks right up the middle even when he was healthy.

    There’s a great chance he’ll never get to post injury status…We need to bring in a big center to compete either through free agency or 3rd round. We need a beast in the middle of the line.

    Cut Watkins and move Herremans back to the left guard where he excelled.

    Peters will get his spot back to sure up the left side again.

    Evan Mathis can plug the right guard spot and we can use a 4th rounder on the best RT on the board.

    The position coach must challenge these guys to attack and play to the whistle.

    Next….address the safety position once and for all.

    Go to Nnamdi and ask him to take a pay cut to switch to the free Safety position, since he’s always looking at the safety after a big play….(he obviously knows where the safety should be) so plug him there to get some girth at that position upgrading from Nate Allen who should be cut first day.

    Keep Colt Anderson who want to stick his head in there, while we bring the rookie Safety drafted in the 3rd round along who will eventually start next to NNamdi.

    Put a low tag on DRC so we’ll receive compensation if another team signs him.

    Move Boykin in his place to get a tackler at the position and put Brandon Hughes in the other corner position.

    Draft a Corner in the 2nd round that will eventually start if one of the corners have problems…put marsh in the slot.

    Cut Matthews and Gaither replace him with a stud game changing linebacker in the first round.

    Get the best kick returner on the board in the 5th round and have Desean Jackson know that he’ll return punts going forward and if he have a problem with it ……trade him for a nice pick before the draft.

    We also need to pick up a big receiver with speed……….

    • Defenses figured him out after those 8 games… They got his number. He is not a winning Qb

      • agreed

        “We need a coach to come in here and sit down with Vick and get him back to early 2010 form. He was MVP worthy and no one can tell me a player who in the top 3 QB’s 2 years ago forgot how to play the position”

        that’s a joke.MVP…guy ripped it up after being away for 3 years and “suprising” a league with 2/3 new players and no file. As I stated back then…that run was going to come to a screaching halt. It did. The QB position has been stuck in neutral for the past 2.5 seasons.

        Foles may be garbage, as you asert…but he’s much better garbage than Vick.

  85. Songs….. im mostly with you. Interesting you didnt comment on Graham. Im guessing your song has changed on him.

  86. @ songs.. Vick said the main factor thats been difficult to over come is the offense line scheme that howard mudd runs.. They changed a great scheme after 14 years for no reason..

  87. Stevo…Graham have shown enough effort for us fans to at least give him a shot to prove he’s 1st round worthy. He’s not JPP by a long shot though.

  88. Nnamdi is no Safety, he’s afraid of Contact as it is, what’s he going to do
    patrolling the middle of the field versus TE’s, OL coming out to Block on the 2nd Level.. Leave him where is at a big Salary Reduction or let him walk..
    Do not even offer BUM ASS DRC anything.. He’s not worth it..
    Draft a CB in 2nd RD (Xavier Rhodes 6-2 217lbs) Sign a middle of the Road CB in Free Agency and give BOynking a chance to Compete at outside CB not in the SLot where is he simply overmatched.. There are many CB’s out there in Free Agency (Aqib Talib, Tracey Porter,Marcus Trufant,Mike Jenkins,Aron Casson,Cedric Griffin,and many others who can hold down the fort for a season or 2 at a reasonable Salary)
    Have to sign a Safety … D Gholston, Jarius Byrd, Louis Delmas, Edward Moore to go along with a Draft Pick

  89. Wow. I am hearing Chip Kelly more and more.Well Eagles fans it may be time to switch gears and talk about what Chip needs to do to succeed.

  90. If im the Eagles I use a draft pick on Honey Badger and play him at free safety and i sign Jarius Byrd as my ss that would help solidify the secondary.I also would sign Brendan Albert to be my right tackle.I would trade down for the rams 2 first rd picks plus their second rounder.I would take dt Jenkins from Georgia and Jonathan Banks from miss st.Would try to trade back into the end of the first round if i had to and take lb CJ Mosely from Alabama which would make the Eagles complete at LB position.

    • It would be a wasted Pick on HoneyBadger… many better players coming out..I pass on the drug addict. He is a good college player who would be pedestrian in the NFL.

    • Like those Picks PhillyLifers..
      DOn’t think the Rams are going to give up 3 Draft PIcks (out of the Top 50 Players) to move up 10 Spots do you??
      They really need a OT but there will be 3 Good ones still on the Board for them to Take without them having to give away 3 Picks to Obtain..
      Fisher is Smarter than this..

  91. He’s 5 8″ and 165-170lbs. He’s a Return Man and a 4th/5th DB in Nickel Packages at Best …

  92. To me if you can get him in the forth rd you take the chance,I believe he can be as good as Bob Sanders but with better ball hawking skills.The Rams have the 17th pick so they would be moving up 13 or 14 spots i believe thats fair compensation and you never know how much a team likes a player until the combine comes around.If they believe Joeckel is a franchise tackle i think they would move up.Alot of people passed on Janoris Jenkins last year,I think its worked out pretty well for the Rams.

  93. If Kelly wants complete control as states then I will not want Chip Kelly either.


  94. Whats he have three pick sixes this year already.Ill take my chances with players like that every time as long as its not a top pick.I guess Micael Irvin wouldnt have been a hall of famer if he played today because he wouldve been kicked off the team.

    • Your analogy with Michael Irvin, is baseless. You and a lot of people are totally overvaluing Honey Badger; Who by the way, hasn’t played this year so he has no pick 6’s. And Damarius Johnson is a better returner than he is.

      He is just not an NFL player…..period

  95. Whatever demands are being said by Chip Kelly is only a revalation to the general public. I guarentee Lurie and Roseman have known his wishes for months. I would geuess thier secret meeting that was reported a few weeks ago would of revealed this. Hence the reports of Kelly still coming here Lurie must be ok with it. Im just speculating like everyone else.

  96. Noway Chip Kelly selects Foles over Newton .. Unless he has his eye on vick and a better overall team as far as players are concerned..

  97. You never know what Lurie is going to do…He’ll probably sign a coordinator..

  98. gm just because you say hes not that good makes it a fact,thats your opinion.I have mine and I do think hes that good.

    • Cool Brother, and we will wait, and see…..and I want to hear from you when he proves I’m right, because with all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  99. Honey Badger loves to hit to,look up his scouting report or if you just saw him play you wouldve noticed that.He can put on 20 pounds and get close to that weight paulman

    • No he doesn’t. He would get killed trying to play like he’s Dawkins, 20lbs, or 50lbs heavier, it wont matter. HE IS A RUNT, GOOD FOR RETURNING KICKS ONLY …..MAYBE.

  100. Songs loved Vontaze Burfict last year and everyone called hime stupid but he was right.I liked Burfict until he showed up fat at the combine so I soured on him.We are just will find out wont we.

    • I didn’t call him stupid . I defended Songs, and said also that Vontaze should be moved to the OLB Position, where he happens to start, and wanted the Eagles to draft him, instead of Brandon Washington.

      But, Vontaze was a different animal than HoneyBadger. Burfict, showed he had talent. ALL I’ve seen from HoneyBadger is that, he has benefited from playing on LSU’s football team. You can’t see he’s nothing.

      You are right it’s my opinion, and I’ve seen players like him year after year who make a splash in College, and flop in the pros, because his overhype was unnecessary, because his actual talent was exaggerated.

    • No more SMURFS on this team! WTF is wrong with you philly?!? Honey Badger is also, a train wreck waiting to happen. We need size, speed, tacklers, & playmakers on this DF, NO MORE SMURFS, SQUARE PEGS, IN ROUND HOLES, & PLAYERS THAT WILL GET ABUSED! NO THANKS!!!

  101. Songs, you were correct about Kolb, but not foles, he is the real deal, look further my friend, peace to you reverend songdt

  102. His tackling ability,his ball stripping ability has nothing to do with playing with LSU.We will see whos right,thats the beauty of it.

    • I’m not worried Philly…….

      • tackling, and ball stripping ability………Thats funny. He’s 5-7 160lbs what tackling ability, and ball stripping ability?
        Yeah, I can just hear his hall of fame speech with those skills………….
        ………Do you see what I’m talking about, a total exaggeration.

  103. Positives: Plays bigger than his size. Doesn’t back from the physical challenge of lining up opposite taller wideouts and is actually more effective the closer he is to the line of scrimmage, demonstrating stellar instincts and awareness to avoid blocks and make plays in close quarters. Possesses excellent lateral agility and acceleration which gives him the ability to close quickly on the ball. Is a tenacious defender with strong, active hands to rip the ball away. Excellent ball skills. Minimizes his natural height disadvantage by timing his leap well in jump-ball situations and competing throughout the catch process, ripping away at the ball as he and the intended receiver are descending. Naturally plucks the ball out of the air and secures it quickly. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Quick feet, fluid hips and a legitimate second gear make him very effective in coverage, especially on shorter routes. Dynamic returner with a flair for the dramatic. Has demonstrated the ability to play well on the big stage against elite competition.

    Negatives: Lacks ideal height for the position and is quicker than he is fast, making him susceptible on longer throws. Highly aggressive and will bite on underneath routes. Possesses the suddenness to make up for a miss-step but does not have the elite straight-line speed to recover against a well-executed double-move and accurate pass. Trusts his instincts too much and can put his teammates in difficult positions by drifting to where he anticipates the quarterback will be going with the football. As such, cerebral NFL quarterbacks will be able to manipulate him with their eyes and potentially beat him over the top with accurate deep passes. Has a well-documented history of poor decisions off the field that could result in even more struggles given the money and notoriety he’ll receive as an NFL player.

    Compares To: Antoine Winfield, CB, Minnesota Vikings — Like the 5-09, 180 pound Winfield, Mathieu has Pro Bowl potential due to his tenacity, instincts and physicality.

    –Rob Rang
    Seems to me from watching LSU and scouting reports what I said is accurate,maybe you havent watched him play.

  104. A Heisman Trophy finalist last season,Mathieu was projected as a top-32 pick this summer based on his play over his first two seasons in Baton Rouge.Although he doesnt have ideal size or speed,he showed a knack for the big play with 20 passes defended,11 forced fumbles and four interceptions over his career,covering the entire field and always seeming to be around the ball.Mathieu doesnt have the ideal traits of a NFL cornerback,but hes best suited to play a hybrid nickel role where he can line up all over the field,covering both run and pass.He might not fit the traditional mold,but he has a versatile skillset that makes him a unique blend of several positions,including linebacker,safety and cornerback.Howerver the character and off-field concerns will push Mathieu’s draft value out og th first round and possibly out of the top-100 picks altogether.-Dane Brugler, I dont know about linebacker but again seeing the same things I see.i guess the scouts must be watching something else to.

    • He’s popular in college football circles…..they all pump up those guys. But then they ask what happened?!!…….why didn’t he make it? then have to re-evaluate their scouting process………

      Do you realize how often Mel Kiper is wrong?

  105. Tyrann Mathieu is a sophomore cornerback on LSU. He wears #7 in honor of his mentor Patrick Peterson who left after his junior season after which he was selected with the fifth overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 NFL Draft. Mathieu is a play-maker in the same vein as Peterson was at LSU, and may even have a greater impact. Mathieu is truly a ball-hawk, a play-maker at cornerback and as a return man, and his versatility within LSU’s defensive scheme makes him incredibly valuable. He may not be the biggest defender on the field, but there is little doubt that he has the biggest impact.

    Size: Mathieu doesn’t have very good size for a cornerback as he is listed at just 5’9”, 175 pounds. I have maintained that if he was two or three inches taller he would be discussed as a potential top five pick, but his size is one of the only knocks on him as a prospect. He more than makes up for his lack of ideal size, but when you see him line up opposite a receiver you notice that he has a natural disadvantage due to his height.

    Athleticism: Mathieu is a fantastic athlete. He has great straight line speed, impressive quickness and burst, he changes directions very easily, he closes very effectively and he absolutely flies around the field whenever he steps onto it. His athleticism helps mask his lack of size.

    Man Coverage: Mathieu doesn’t play a vast amount of man coverage at LSU (or at least I haven’t seen him do so) because they moved him around a lot last year as a nickel corner, and this year he often plays inside on the slot guy. However, he has fluid hips, he changes directions well, he closes incredibly fast on plays in front of him, he recovers very quickly on plays behind him, and he mirrors receivers well thanks to his quick reaction time. I think he could be a great man coverage corner, I just haven’t seen a ton of evidence of it yet due to how LSU uses him.

    Zone Coverage: Mathieu is lethal in zone coverage for many of the same reasons he is lethal in man coverage. He is very instinctual (indicates he likely watches a LOT of film) and he reads quarterbacks very well. Then, once he knows where the ball is going, he is off like a rocket closing on the ball and more times than not if it is thrown near him he makes a play on it to either break up the pass or to make an interception. He is incredibly comfortable in space and his closing speed makes him a special zone corner.

    Run Support: This is one aspect of Mathieu’s game that really surprised me the first time or two that I saw him last year as a freshman. He closes on the running game the same way he closes on passes in the air and that is surprisingly rare for cornerbacks. He is very willing in run support, he loves laying down a big hit, and he’s not afraid to tackle running backs that are much larger than him. He may be one of the best run support corners in the entire country.

    Mathieu is one of the best tackling cornerbacks in the country, and has an uncanny knack for producing turnovers.

    Tackling: Mathieu is a very reliable tackler. He does miss tackles in open space at times, but most players do miss those on occasion. However, I would say he is a very good tackler especially for a cornerback. He is a fundamentally sound tackler and he doesn’t drop his head when he attempts tackles. This often results in missed tackles and a surprising number of players do this. On top of all that, he also packs a serious punch as a hitter. He is one of the best corners in the country when it comes to hit power and his proficiency for forcing fumbles.

    Blitzing: Mathieu is an effective blitzing corner and he is very dangerous coming off the edge as a blitzing corner. He seems to be pretty good at knowing when to come late, when to show he is coming, and when to show that he’s coming and then drop back into coverage. It isn’t as much of a surprise to see him blitzing as a sophomore because he was so incredibly successful doing so as a freshman, but he hasn’t had quite as much success blitzing off the edge thus far this year. However, I would argue that his lack of success has something to do with coaching staffs scheming to make sure he isn’t the one to create pressure and get a hit on their quarterback because of his proficiency for forcing turnovers.

    Ball Skills: Mathieu’s ball skills are out of this world. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a player who is more of a ball-hawk than Mathieu is. He flies to the ball constantly, he has great hands to make tough catches in traffic or on diving attempts, locates the ball very well in the air, he adjusts to the ball effectively in the air, and he will do anything to make a pass deflection or an interception. This part of his game is the part that truly sets him apart and makes him a rare, special corner.

    Intangibles: I believe that Mathieu has very impressive intangibles. He’s an aggressive player and he plays with great energy all the time, and I think he has fantastic instincts and I would imagine that has something to do with good study habits. However, he does have a tendency to get in people’s faces due to his intensity, and I see him “barking” at players after the play is over which will eventually get noticed and draw penalties in college and in the NFL. I think he has had a late hit or two when I have watched him as well, and that is something that he needs to make sure he doesn’t do. You love the intensity and his willingness to fight until the whistle, but late hits are cheap yards for the offense and he can’t make simple mistakes like that.

    Overall: As I’m sure you can tell by reading my breakdown of Mathieu’s game, I am a huge fan of his. If I were forced to pick one favorite player in all of college football I think it would be him. He plays with a reckless abandon, he’s the definition of a playmaker and a ball-hawk, and he plays the game the right way. He is everything you could want in a corner, even if he’s two inches shorter than he ideally would be. He has top five-ten ability and if teams can look past his height they will get an absolute stud once he is draft eligible. Because that’s the amazing thing: Mathieu is still only a sophomore. He still has another year after this season to develop. I just hope that he stays healthy for the remainder of his LSU career and for his very promising NFL career. He has a ton of upside and potential, and if you haven’t seen him play I encourage you to find a way to watch a LSU game this year or next. You won’t see a talent like this very often, even in the SEC. He’s truly a special player.

    Projection: Top 15 in 2013 draft. As good as Mathieu is and will be by the time he is draft eligible his size will still be a knock on him. For some players it makes sense to knock them because their lack of size will inhibit them as playmakers in the NFL. I think Mathieu is an exception to that rule. Regardless, I find it hard to imagine that he will get picked in the top five or ten overall selections even as his skills continue to develop. But if he fell out of the top 15 it would be an absolute travesty for someone with his level of talent.
    About Tom Melton

    NFL Draft Monsters Senior NFL Draft Analyst and VP of Collegiate Scouting; Tom Melton has interned with an NFL team and also worked as a film room technician for three years at the collegiate level. He brings an insider’s knowledge of the film room, five years of scouting experience, and a great passion for the game. Follow Tom on Twitter @TMeltonScouting Let me see who I trust more,myself and the scouts that see the same thing I see or GM and Paulman hmmm……..

    • And none of that will mean a thing, when he doesn’t live up to all that exaggeration .

      You can trust the so-called experts, but I will tell you, I’ve been a lot more right than I am wrong,

      I can’t say I have never been wrong but, I have been more right than wrong, and I have been more right than both Mel Kiper, and Mike Mayock , for the last 5 years, who I trust as well….in otherwords Myself, and Paulman are the experts.

      You have to look beyond the obvious……Even after wasting your time writing all that, you haven’t proven anything to me. Because it won’t matter He will still be a flop in the pros…..if he is drafted…….

    • and also FYI….THIS SCOUTING REPORT WAS 2 YEARS AGO…….Things have changed……………..Again this means nothing, because he still has to perform, and live up to all this exaggeration of his real potential, which is relegated to KR/PR exclusively……….maybe

  106. LOL!!!!………..WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!

  107. The bottom line to me here is that Eagles already have a player who fits this need and mold. His name is Brandon Boynkin. You can’t have a Secondary full of “small, but tough DB’s” who player “bigger than they are”
    So the Eagles, bottom line just don’t have the need for Matthieu
    Plain and simple which is why he’s not even in my evaluation of Prospects that the Eagles need to seriously look at and I mean no disrespect in my opinion about Matthieu, he simply is not a fir for what the Eagles need to do with their Secondary at this time

  108. To GMCliff
    On a side note, how did OLB Nigel Bradham play this year in Buffalo
    I know you were very high on him last Draft and have not seen much or read him up in Buffalo this year, what’s your thoughts about him

  109. 1a. Fletcher Cox DE/DT
    1b. Whitney Mercilus DE

    2a. Zach Brown OLB
    2b. Vinny Curry DE
    2c. Brandon Thompson DT
    2d. Kelechi Osemele OG

    3a. Bobbie Massie OT
    3b. Nigel Bradham OLB
    3c. Sean Spence SS
    3d. Josh Norman CB

    4a. Brandon Brooks OG
    4b Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT

    5a. Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    5b. Kelcie McCray FS

    6a. Vontaze Burfict MLB/OLB
    6b. Terrance Ganaway FB

    7. Jordan Jefferson QB
    Wow hall of famers,maybe ESPN should hire you to replace Kiper.Jordan Jefferson???? hahahahhaa wow I wouldnt draft him if there was 20 rnds

    • 12 of the 16 are starters on that list. The only bust is Jordan Jefferson….Your right. They should hire me

      • I have to admit, I’m also flattered that you would go back to this past summer to cut, and paste this for our review…this just proves I know what I’m talking about……………thank you

  110. At least you dont sound arrogant like notGMcliff

  111. Again I believe the guy can play fs in todays nfl,we will see.Only thing of course if that he smokes weed but well see if he can get it together.

    • What are you going to say when he doesn’t pan out Philly? All jokes aside. What are you going to say?…Will we still be friends brother?

  112. I think the Eagles do have a need for him because they dont have players on the team that cause turnovers make the big play,I dont care about the size i just care about them making plays.Tyrann stripping the ball from players is a skill that not everyone can do and whens the last time the eagles had someone who can do that.

  113. And you said done belive what I read,I believe what I see with my 2 eyes then I read and magically it aligned with what I was seeing

  114. Paulman put him in your evaluation,give him a really good second look and post it.Thanks I look foward to it.And dont count his weed smoking,strictly as a player.

  115. Do you think if the Eagles hired Chip Kelly Tavon austin would be a fit?

  116. My assesment of Matthieu is that he has big Playmaking ability as a Return-man for SPecial Teams but Defensive, I see him as 4th/5th Nickel-Back in Dime Packages who can help an NFL Team.. His Film 2 Years was off the charts with some big INt’s and in th Return Game as he played with a very good and talented Defensive Team in 2011 with LSU..
    One thing that I notice about the SEC Conference, It’s not a great Passing League with typically Average to slightly above QB’s and Passing Offenses
    (outside of Florida/Arkansas/South Carolina) so many of the CB’s from the SEC don’t seem to adjust to the NFL as let’s say a Pac-12/Mountain West/Big 12 and some of the more Pass-Happy Conferneces.. The SEC has great Lineman (Offense/Defense), LB’s, RB’s for it’s a more Physical, Run the Ball mentatlity that the SEC Conference has had over the years and generally speaking, without top QB’s and Lots of Passing to test these CB’s out week in and week out, I believe the CB’s from the SEC are a little behind their counterparts in the other more wide open Offensive Systems that is played in other Confereneces

    Who is Tavon Austin by the way, I do not recognize the name..
    What Position.who does he play for and I’ll check him out ..

    • Big time playmaker from West Virginia a little on the small side but a home run threat every time he touches the ball.

    • Thanks for posting Paul. I know what he has done in college. But, I also think that anyone who views him as a starter, OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A RETURN GUY OF SOME SORT in the NFL, has really overrated him.

    • A Pac 10 prospect to watch, who is more talented than Honey Badger is Jordan Poyer from Oregon State 6-1 205 4.48 speed. Check him out.

  117. I checked him out and obviously a very talented kid..but at 5-9 175lbs.. Where do the Eagles need him at…They are already lacking in size,strength at the
    WR and Returnman Postions in my opinion..
    D-Jax,Maclin,Danrious Johnson, Boynkin, Dion Lewis.. All these players are already on the small side and you can’t have a a Receiver Corp of 6’0 and less than 200 Lbs as we have already seen and expect for these players to last an entire season and more inpoprtantly, be productive in the Red-Zone and make the Tough Catches for we already know this is a Weakness with this Eagle Club.. ..

  118. by 4:15 tomorrow we are done with high motors , and midgets !

  119. I hope so, get me big Physical Receivers and DB’s
    You guys check the sizes of the Seahawks Secondary
    Outside of Safety the Eagles should have taken over Graham
    The other 3guyd are big, strong
    Remember when Eagles had T Vincent, B Taylor, W Hopkins
    And even T Hoage, they were a physical group who would make Receivers pay when they caught the ball, that’s what I want to see the Eagles get back..
    Protecting their turf, anyone realize the Eagles sorry ass record at the Linc the last 3 Seasons, one of the worst in the NFL playing at home..

  120. philliy, give it up! You’re wrong! Why would you want a smurf, with major issues, & hasn’t played in over a year?!? Are you nucking futs?!? Glad you ain’t our GM, because we would even worse than now!

  121. well see,if it doesnt work out ill admit im wrong I dont have a problem with that.But if im right…..

  122. You cant call someones opinion wrong,it an opinion!You have yours,I have mine.No one knows for a fact how anyone is gonna turn out if we did we would be gms in the NFL right now not on

  123. Your right Philly and half of us would be getting Fired tonight .. Ha ha
    Keep Posting your thoughts/opinions, the more, the better IMHO

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