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Questions Would Surround QB Position If Kelly Comes This Way

Everybody’s hearing and talking about Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly being the number choice of the Philadelphia Eagles after they let Andy Reid and his staff go on Monday.  There’s also been stories floating around that Kelly is the number one choice of the Carolina Panthers.

Of course the Panthers have talented young quarterback Cam Newton, who would seem to fit Kelly offense, which features speed at the quarterback position.  Newton would seem to be a better choice than Eagles young quarterback Nick Foles.   I wonder if Kelly would be interested in taking a look at Michael Vick, who has a lot of mileage on his body.

If Kelly continues his system of signaling in the offensive adjustments to the quarterback from the sidelines, when the offense is at the line of scrimmage, it will take some of the pressure of the team’s quarterbacks to make so many decisions at the line of scrimmage.

I’m interested in seeing how Kelly’s system will work against the speed of NFL defenses.  I think Kelly’s system will force NFL defenses to change their personnel on the defensive line.  The speed of his offensive skill position players and the rapidity of the plays will force teams to get smaller on the defensive line.  It could reduce the use of huge nose tackles.  Big players, especially big defensive linemen will tire out and be totally ineffective against that hurry-up offense.

I could see him having a problem with keeping his quarterbacks healthy.  It will be difficult to let the big linebackers and defensive linemen in the league pound on a quarterback without eventually knocking him out of the game. on Facebook

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276 Comments for “Questions Would Surround QB Position If Kelly Comes This Way”

  1. Ooooh Great, the next QB-Killer comes to Philly after just going thru 14 Years of an unbalanced, small but fast-gimmicky Offensive scheme where toss backs, reverses,pass backs in the Red-Zone are signs of Genius which actualyl causes more Turnovers and a less chance to actually Score TD.. Let’s Keep it Simple for the next HC and their Offensive Scheme and rely on Execution,Fundamentals and Toughness.. Enough of this “Genius Coaching”.. ..
    I will no longer be an Eagle Fan if Eagles hire Chip Kelly

  2. I wanted him but now im not so sure. I really want a tough guy. Guy like Jim Harnbaugh. I want this team to smack people in the mouth. If chip is smart he comes in then hires. Rex ryan as a D coordinator if the jets let him go. Rex isnt the best head coach. But the guy is a defensive genius.

  3. exactly Pman. I cant believe we are even talking about that. We need to picket or something. If Lurie is even thinking this we need to stop him.


  4. I would love to see Chip Kelly as long as the right defensive guy comes in to turn this defense around.

    Bring in Horton from Arizona to be the defensive/asst head coach and we’ll be ready to blow the lid off the wide open NFC East.

    Vick can restructure his deal and maximize his talent in a spread option offense.

  5. G Cobb Chip is not worried about the QB position if the Eagles give him the same power they gave Reid Chip Kelley will be our next head coach the Eagles have been talking to him for a while about this position so I think the wheels have already been in motion. Carolina have Cam Newton but not much else on offense Steve Smith is a declining WR and the RBs are past there prime. I think Chip Kelly can adapt to the way Nick Foles play the Eagles offense would look similar to the Patriots running the no huddle offense Nick Foles is a bright kid who studies a lot of film and will be able to learn all the plays to run Chip offense but I don’t know if Vick can do that

  6. From what I here Chip Kelley demands Execution,Fundamentals and Toughness in his players

  7. I don’t see OWner Lurie ever again giving so much Authority/Power/Decision Making to 1 Person as far as Football Matters again.. He’s learned with the
    AR Experience that it’s too much for 1 Person to handle and that PLayer Personnel/Scouting/Drafting should remain separate from Coaching, Let the Coaches Coach and Stress their Schemes,Fundamentals,Game plans and let the GM Handling the Drafting/Scouting/Player Peronnel Areas…

  8. will any head coach come into Philly believing Nick Foles will be better than RG3, Eli Manning or Tony Romo in the division ?
    I say NO – and who ever is hired will want to upgrade the position
    Nick Foles’ arm is not as strong as Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, or Eli Manning —- he might be able to out smart or develop a quick release like Peyton, Brady or Brees but that is a long shot ( these are the QB’s that have won the the ring recently)

  9. LOL LOL, amazing how you folks believe you are in control of this billion dollar organization, simply amazing. I guess the thought of having Kelly who (you folks belieive) would more than likely want Vick over Foles made you change your minds. I get the true feelin you folks won’t get to do the picking….Thank God

  10. Well the wait is almost over…One painful game and then Monday Big Red will be Dead. I think if the Eagles and Kelly have been talking then Kelly would have been onboard with playing Foles the last 5 games. Just a hunch. Well see soon though.

  11. The talk I hear is that Kelly loves foles, would run a variation of his system in Oregon to suite foles’ strengths, execution at the line of scrimmage, accurate on the short to medium throws, Vick is not the candidate to run this offense where you need a coach playing quarterback like Peyton manning, a decision maker at the line of scrimmage, If kelly demands excellence with fundamentals, brings in a punishing defensive minded coordinator, we can warm up to this idea of chip Kelly, and change the uniforms back to hunter or Kelly green

  12. Turk I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but if Kelley has a choice between Cam Newton and Nick Foles – he’s going with Cam Newton. Newton is the reason he doesn’t have a National Championship. Newton is a franchise QB – Nick Foles not so much. Also, Kelley isn’t likely to get the control he wants with Philly with Roseman asserting his power now that Reid is (most likely) out. However Carolina did fire their GM mid-season and has not placed him…maybe ’cause they knew they were gonna court Kelley hard and wanted to ripen the deal with personnel control.

    • Newton…the guy who 6 games ago was basically crying in front of a national audience and who the GM was fired for selecting, and who was this close to be run out of town?

      OK then.


      Ok then.

  13. Newton has been on fire won 4 of last 5 games .. He has the highest qb rating in the NFL over the last 6 games..

  14. He wasn’t a third round pick either, how long did they give Clausen?

  15. You know not all quarterbacks blossom at the same time give foles a chance dammit.

  16. 0kay so he hasn’t been a Wilson, Rg3, or luck. Doesn’t mean he won’t get there soon. Patience people patience.

  17. LMAO

    Vinnie you are SOOOO predictable…

    “who the GM was fired for selecting, and who was this close to be run out of town?”

    Um..the GM was fired for selecting Newton? Who was almost run out of town? You are a laugh riot

    Newton threw for over 400 yards his first two games in the NFL with NO preseason. Newton – the reason why Kelly doesn’t have a national championship. Newton who has more passing yards of any QB in their first two seasons ever.

    That Newton.

    If you think Foles could even begin to compare you are seriously smoking something. And I’d like to know what it is ’cause it’s some POWERFUL ish.

  18. “good thngk the fanbase/ownership game him a year and a half to develop….”

    They didn’t give him a year and half to develop…did you see his stats last year…what has Foles done to even compare? He’s a number one over all pick…who looks like a number one overall pick…Foles looks like the third round pick he is.

    No comparison.

  19. pdiddy?

    Wasn’t wilson on the board when the Eagles picked Foles?

    Didn’t the Eagles bring Wilson to the Novacare in the offseason?

    What genius thought Foles was better?

    • SONGS, Seattle picked Wilson- 3rd round, 75th pick, the Birds took Foles- 3rd round, 88th pick. So you’re wrong. The mistake they made, was not trading up a bit, to get him. They also should have drafted Bobby Wagner & Lavonte David, instead of Kendricks, & Curry. But, all & all, this years draft, seems to be OK. Let’s hope these idiots don’t F^#@ up the upcoming draft. Hope for a loss on Sunday, but they’ll somehow F^#@ that up too!!


  21. Never been a big fan of crap music…sorry rap music.

    But this one is a classic on youtube….

    “fire andy hit rap song”

    Michele Pick…hilarious

  22. Word is that Chip Kelly sant’s full Control of Player Personnel as well As Coaching , etc, etc. this will not happen with the Eagles whose owner Lurie
    Is skeptical about giving 1 person total authority over the Football Ops (like he did with Andy Reid)
    Meanwhile Panthers Owner Bill Richardson is getting older, has health issues,
    And wants to a see a Super Bowl before passing. He fired his longtime GM mid season and even fired his 2 Sons from positions from the Footvall side of things from the Panthers. I believe will land in Carolina and that Richardson will ask if current HC Ron Rivera will head up the Defense as DC and Asst HC which he will probably decline but could be a win-win for all involved side Rivera
    Probably won’t get any real interest for a HC at this time

  23. Paulman, if Reid had control over all operations, how do you explain the press conference after the Detroit game , I believe on a Monday, repeatedly stated, defiantly, mocking the reporters, ” don’t you guys understand English, Kevin kolb is the starting quarterback”, then I believe the very next day, in his typical, quiet, grunts, groans, announces that mike Vick is the starting quarterback

    Reid was always lurie’s stooge

  24. Reid on monday, during the scheduled press conference, “maybe I am using bad English but Kevin kolb is the starting quarterback, then,
    In a hastily non scheduled press conference the next day Reid states “well I a m obviously here to announce that mike Vick is the starting quarterback”

  25. TsJohnson (and Larrwd)

    Yes I saw his stats last year (you obviously didn’t)

    I saw his 6 games under 55%. I saw his no td 4 int game…and his 1 td 4 int game

    You clowns would have crucified Foles for that.

    I also saw him open the year with tds and 8 ints…and a 2 and 8 record…..

    do you think you clowns would have allowed that if it was Foles? Because its what I expect out of a rookie.

    I was just pointing our the hyprocracy of Larrwds position….pumping Newton’s tireswhen it took him a year and a half to turn into a competent QB, while you guys wo’;t give Foles 5 games.

    BTW – the GM of the Panthers was fired after the start this year….the main reason because of the Newton pick because many observers felt (at that point – and especially after the news conference) that it wasn’t a good pick. That and signing 4 rbs)

    BTW – what has Foles done to compare?

    over first 5 games….Higher comp %, less yards, more tds thrown, less ints thrown, exact same offensive pts scored, exact same 1-4 record

    Hmmmmm……but one goes under the bus and the other is a shining example in your world. That’s weird…..seems like you guys are awful quick to throw some players away, but willing to let others get their proper chance to develop…..

    • sorry…over first 6 games: Foles vs Newton…..

      same yrds, higher comp%, 1 less td, 4 less ints, same pts, same 1-5 record

      but according to you, “no comparison” Why? Because the idiots on tv told you one is an “unstoppable weapon” abd the other isn’t? Or something else…..

  26. GM Hurley was fired from the Panthers due to poor Draft picks and the poor long term deals he gave to players (D Wiilians, Stewart,Tolbert,
    C Johnson, J Beason, C Gamble, C Godfrey) over the last couple of Seasons
    And still has not been able to get a 2nd WR behind Smith, a DT,
    CB’s or produce a Winning Club. Owner Richardson probably has 2-3 Years left and wants a Winner now before he goes

    • Hurley was put in a ridiculous position last year. All reports were that he did not want Newton (wanting d instead), but was compelled to take him due to media hype and pressure.

      If he didn;t takeNewton, and he turnedout well for another team, Hurley would have been fired.

      So Hurley did take Newton, and during this year’s early meltdown (remember there was the terrible play, the weird conferences, numerous reports about sullen behaviour, the players talking about him being a jackass at the last pro-bowl, + numerous espn type reports comparing him to Jamarcus…etc) Hurley was fired. The other decisions were part of it, but the Newton pick played the biggest role.

  27. Haveacigar, per reports by sal pal, howie Roseman broke down film on Sunday, Monday morning, there’s his suggestion the front office had a hand in it, Lurie like any CEO has his chain of command, so the directive came from Lurie to Roseman to Reid

    Reid never wanted Vick, it was Lurie and Roseman, well they got him, and it put the franchise back three years, a decision based on money, not long term success

    • There is absolutely no way Lurie is making those calls AR has had autonomous control. If it was Lurie who decided on Vick, which if you think back to the original press conference is very unlikely… But if he did he should extend Reid 5 years, apologize publicly to him because Vick is terrible

  28. I agree HAC 100%
    Coach AR has never revealed much in his Press Conferences (as most Coaches don’t) and their statements, especially after games should be taken with a grain of salt in my opinion
    How so many Fans think that Owner Lurie
    Has been telling AR on who to play, draft
    Over his Career is beyond me
    Lurie is on of the most hands-off Owners in the NFL who does not think he is a
    “Pseudo-GM” like many Owners believe they are
    He is strictly a Business Man who is a big fan of Football,who Hires People and allows them to Operate and either produce results or not.
    Now I do believe this Season after the Saints loss which made their Playoff push very improbable, the he leaned on Tom Donahoe for advice and counsel
    And then collectively with Roseman decided to look at the future and instructed Reid to make changes with Staff and Players,
    But up until mid-season this year, it’s been AR’s show to run
    There is little doubt in my mind about this

  29. I disagree Jake,
    It was Reid/McNabb who wanted to give Vick a Chance
    Banner & Lurie were very much against it from all early reports
    Now once Vick was on Board with the Club, Redi did want Kolb
    As the #1 QB but I do believe that it became pretty apparent to Reid and MM
    That Kolb just played “scared” in the Pocket and simply didn’t trust
    Him moving the Team forward, in fact I will go on record that Kolb was never the same player when he got his head mashed in the turf from Clay Matthews
    In that opening Packer game in 2010 and after a few weeks went by
    Both AR & MM believed Vick gave their Offense a better chance to win, especially being the pass-aholics that they are as Coaches

  30. It’s not what they say, it’s how they say it, damn, wish I had some turds to sell you guys thinking they’re lemons, this is the most dishonest front office in Philly sports, on some levels I bet Reid, like banner can’t wait to get out of dodge

    And it makes you think, maybe Reid isn’t the reason the eagles haven’t won, or at least rececently, it’s a meddlesome front office who wanted Vick

  31. Are you drinking already? That is so ridiculous.

  32. Vinnie, the problems with Panthers Ownership & GM Hurley had nothing to do
    With Newton, it began 2 years earlier when they HC John Fox hang out
    As a lane duck Ciach and Hurley’s Draft Record of Selecting QB Claussen and then trading back up into the late 2nd or 3rd Round to Draft local player Arnanti Edwards who was not even projected as a 6th Rounder against HC Fox’s wishes. Hurley forced Coach Fox with roster moves, did not discuss a new contract with him, and now fast forward 2 years and Owner Richardson
    Sees Fox making the Playoffs 2 years in a row, last year with Tim Tebow
    And again this year with Manning. Owner Ricgardson realizes now that he fired the wrong person at the time and that he should have Fired GM Hurley and kept with HC John Fox…

  33. And one step further, Reid did not want an inaccurate, running qb to run his west coast offense, but Lurie told Reid to draft mcnabb,Merida made the best of mcnabbs abilities, realized he couldn’t run the offense the way he wanted it run, so brought in Owens who almost won a super bowl if mcchoke didn’t , well, do what he was best at, choke

  34. Haveacigar, as a man of leisure I can drink when I want, but nothing will ever top paulman’s Ebonics a couple nights back, classic, dcar thinking he stroked out and mhenski telling him to put the bottle down already, paulman, you are a classic…

    • I admit I was a little inebriated plus using my I-Phone to post which is never a good thing even when I’m sober.. Ha

  35. One thing we can all agree on,
    This will be one crazy Off-Season for the Eagles and a critical one for the
    The decisions they make in the next 4-6 Weeks will determine the Path of this Franchise for the next 5 Years and they must do their homework and due diligence to hire a solid, football Coach and Staff to get this Team back on track
    A miss here will have catastrophic consequences and a return of the early 70’s
    And late 90’s with a bad Team, Prospects and a “Loser Culture”which has seeped back in over the last 2 Seasons. A huge Off-Season indeed..

  36. Some good Bowl Games Today
    WVU vs Syracuse- most eyes will be on QB Geno Smith and their big play WR
    Whose name escapes me, but I also will be watching Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib
    Who is under the radar and could sneak in the 2nd Round as a up and coming QB, keep an eye on him

  37. Just an fyi vinnie…just cause u dont say his name doesnt meanbyou arent talking about him.

    Noone was fired over the cam newt pick, stop..m just stop. Panthers will play much better next year… the running qb is taking the league by storm now…. i dont like it but it is what it is.

    People are not smashing foles… they are smashing vinnie because he is blind to anything other than his own hate and he cant see clearly.

    Foles competes for the starting job next year. Weve seen nothing that should change this. If he wants the job… let him earn it.

    Lurie does not get in the football biz. Hes the owner and he wants to win but makes sure the eagles are a household name. Everyone else needs to be checked.

    Anything else i can clear up for you boys this morning?

  38. I want no parts of Chip Kelly. The offensive personnel isn’t right and honestly I neither see him, nor Howie Roseman knowing how to get it right in a reasonable amount of time if at all. I’d rather stick with Reid for the time being.

  39. Agree and disagree butch….

    I dont want chip but nowat reid stays. Id rather a blind monkey run this team.

  40. I see no way that Coach AR can return for his final year of his Contract
    It’s simply time for him to move on, he knows it, Lurie knows it, and the Fabs know it. He needs to step away for a year and Re-charge and more importantly spend more quality time with his family

  41. Your a man paulman to fess up like that, it sure did provide for some good entertainment, dcar thinking you stroked out, classic

  42. Questions? what Questions do I have as this dreadful season concludes?

    1) Can the Gmen muster enough pride and dignity for a win
    2) can a game between lame duck coaches(OAK-SD) result in an OAK win and the birds secure the #3 pick.
    3) Does AR get fired on Monday or sometime during the week.
    4) How much dead weight gets cut from the roster: Bell, Allen, Coleman, NNmadi or DRC, Vick, Dunlap, Watkins, Reynolds
    5) With the increase Salary Cap space do the Eagles in FA sign a FS,CB,WR,G
    6) with the #3 pick do they select an OT,DT,CB or trade down for additional picks
    7) Who does Lurie/Roseman pick as the next HC.
    8) Does the new HC get a 5 year deal and lets hope he is not here for 14 years still trying for the 1st SB victory.
    9) Will the draft be defensive oriented
    10) Will this be the most exciting offseason in Eagles history

  43. Stevo, just because you say it as so doesn’t make it as so, be grateful for vinnie, and others who bring some different perspectives, even the opposite end of vinnie, those that love Vick they are blinded by a damn good rookie performance, why don’t you call them out for their “hate”‘ a word you will never hear Jakedog say, but are you running for Prez of the mike Vick fan club or something, why don’t you give it a break on vinnie

    • Yes… im running for vicks fan club. I never wanted him here and wont buy his jersey. I just called out songs for the graham thing. Not sure what u want.

  44. I believe the gauntlet comes down Monday 12/31/2012 as I have mentioned for a while now, I also believe that Lurie will be classy and allow this moment Reid to go out with dignity and his head held high
    I also believe that Lurie will name Tom Donahoe as the new
    VP of Football Ops but most likely at a later date to not take Reid’s going away
    Announcement, good heart feeling and well wishes away from the moment
    I think it’s Reid & Lurie together with no one else to make the announcement
    Of Reid’s Departure. Reid will be emotional and thank the fans for support over the years, the coaches and players who have meant the most to him over the Years and his regret/ sorrow that he was unable to bring a Championship to the City and Fans

    • I hope they don’t leave him twisting in the wind after 14 years show the man the respect he deserves. Time to move on no need for this to linger past Monday.

  45. ESPN reports from Close Sources of the Eagles
    That QB Mike Vick is not open to restructuring his Contract
    Which he is due to earn $15.5 Million for 2013 including a $3 Million Roster Bonus on Feb 6th.
    If Eagles release by Feb 6th, they are off the hook.
    The MV7 Experience is over after tomorrow for all intents and purposes

  46. vick would have to throw for 5 touchdowns this week for us to keep him at that salary

  47. Vick fooled them once he won’t do It again. I beleive he will kick ass this week and the bills or chiefs in their disparate ways will open the check book to him

  48. “Yes I saw his stats last year (you obviously didn’t)

    I saw his 6 games under 55%. I saw his no td 4 int game…and his 1 td 4 int game

    You clowns would have crucified Foles for that.

    I also saw him open the year with tds and 8 ints…and a 2 and 8 record…..”

    Oh…so you didn’t see that he broke Peyton Manning’s rookie passing record right? Or that he has the record for the most rushing yards and throwing yards in one season than any QB ever. Or the most rushing TD by any QB in a season….ever…though I thinking RGIII might break that one this year.

    You didn’t see that. Huh?

    The GM was not fired for the Newton pick…you just keep talking out your ass on that one.

    Also Carolina has lost all but 2 games by a touchdown or less…at least 2 of those losses fall squarely on the defense. Carolina is a team with a few tweaks and a tad more talent will own the NFC South.

    But yeah keep comparing a third round pick who Cosell says is nothing special to a number 1 pick who most anyone with sense says will be a big deal in this league for years to come.

    And this is why no one takes you seriously Vinnie.

  49. @larrwd he could throw for 8 TD’s and wouldn’t get that salary. Nothing short of the Super Bowl and they would have not paid him that money.

  50. “the running qb is taking the league by storm now”

    No the hybrid QB is taking the NFL by storm now. Lucks, RGIII, Wilson’s, Cam’s these are guys who can throw the ball AND run the ball…that’s where the QB position is going…it gives offenses so many more options. All those guys have legitimate arms AND legitimate speed. Dual threats are gonna be the norm.

  51. Vick isn’t going to restructure apparently. He’s gone. He will go where he can start and you have to think form VIck’s point of view that why would he want to stay in Philly with the “Dump Vick Start Nick” chants being there from day one.

    I mean maybe with a coaching change he’d rethink that…but likely not.

  52. “Foles competes for the starting job next year. Weve seen nothing that should change this. If he wants the job… let him earn it. ”

    This right here.

    He earns his spot like WIlson earned his. If he can do that then I am all for it. If it’s just handed to him I will be mightily pissed.

    • He did earn it this year…outplaying the starter in the preseason…and then outplaying him in the reg season.

      Did he not?

      He wasn’t named starter week one for 2 reasons….No owner is going to sit a $20 million dollar man on the bench to start the year…and a certain portion of the fanbase would have gone completely bezerk….I mean they’re going bezerk right now even after he vomited up the first 9 games of the season….

  53. I agree TS Johnson and think the RB will make a comeback within 2 Seasons after most of these “Pass & Run QB’s” start getting hard and often and end up on injury reports. Defenses will catch up to these Optio-Read schemes and these QB’s will begging to pay the price for it
    I still believe you can Win consistently in the NFZl with a strong rushing attack where you can beat down your opponent physically, shorten the games, and give yourself a vetter cgance to Win games in the 4th Quarter
    It’s not the pretty way to Win, but the Steelers, Ravens have used the philosophy pretty well over the years as well as the 49ers even the Bears

  54. @songs, man look I agree with everything you said but look Eli was a late bloomer why not Foles.

  55. you know what’s crazy Eli would have never survived with this fan base you guys want results right now. Russell wilson is better right now, it doesn’t mean with foles working hard in the offseason he can’t get there.

  56. @ts, great points I agree let him show that he deserves to be the starting quarterback here.

  57. Actually I would like if they could grab alex smith or flynn and let them battle foles for the spot.

  58. Okay, changed my opinion after watching geno smith for the first time, promotion over substance, no presence, no brains, no arm, stinks, but listen to these racists gcobb posters, big lion, dag, larwd, foles can’t play in the nfl, meanwhile he has proven he can, but geno smith can’t play against Syracuse, you guys are pussies

    • The worst part of this 4 of 10 disaster (so far) is he might drop out of the #1 spot and down to 4 or 5 where the Eagles are.

      Though with that bogus pass int call on the underthrown ball…maybe the refs will help him back into the game….

      Remember this crappy performance made worse with the light snow…..snowfall like this aids the offence. Light snow does not affect throws or catches like rain does, but the offense can make breaks and dbs struggle to make up ground because of slick turf.

  59. Greg Cosell of NFL Films (whose opinion holds much more weight than mine) seems to agree. He spent some time talking about Foles during this week’s podcast with Adam Caplan.

    “I’ve watched every game of Foles really closely,” Cosell said. “I think there’s been some steady improvement, some incremental improvement, but I must admit, I’m not blown away by anything. I don’t think there’s a lot of pop in his arm, and I think when you watch him throw live… you probably say his arm is pretty strong. But I don’t think he plays that way, and that concerns me.”

    While Cosell is not just talking about the deep ball, it’s worth noting that Foles completed just 6 of 27 pass attempts that traveled more than 20 yards from the line of scrimmage.

    “I don’t think the ball jumps off his hand,” Cosell said. “Every once in awhile, it does, but I think overall, he’s not one of those guys you look at and say wow, that ball really jumps. I just don’t think he throws like that, and that’s a concern for me.

    “I also think he’s not real comfortable in the pocket at this point. I think he has a tendency to move a little too much. I think he has a tendency to play a little randomly. All this is not a surprise to me, given his college career.”

    Meanwhile, Cosell had some interesting things to say about Michael Vick. While it seems unlikely that Vick has a future in Philadelphia, the coach will have the final say. The Eagles owe Vick a $3 million bonus on Feb. 6, so they don’t have a lot of time to spend on the quarterback decision.

    “This may seem crazy to people… but I would not rule out Michael Vick, depending on who the coach is,” Cosell said. “With the proliferation of all this option stuff and pistol and shotgun, Michael Vick is still a pretty talented guy.”

    “I think he’ll be in high demand because I think there will be a coach who will think, ‘I can take Michael Vick, I can run the read option, do all these option principles, and I can make him RGIII or Russell Wilson.’”

    While many snickered when Vick said publicly that he believes he’s a starter in the league, Cosell is not the only one who thinks there will be a market for the veteran quarterback.

    “Sunday’s game against the New York Giants might be Michael Vick’s last with the Philadelphia Eagles, but it won’t be his last as an NFL quarterback,” wrote’s Michael Lombardi recently. “I hear that several teams will actively pursue Vick’s talents once the Eagles have finished making all their changes.”

    Meanwhile, if you want to get a look at some of the top QB prospects available in the draft, be sure to check out the Pinstripe Bowl between West Virginia and Syracuse this afternoon at 3:15. The Mountaineers’ Geno Smith could be the top QB taken in April’s draft. Ryan Nassib, a Malvern Prep product, could be a Day 2 pick and has drawn comparisons to Andy Dalton. ESPN will carry the game.

  60. Alex Smith is very interesting. With 6 more attempt this year he will qualify to be the highest rated passer in the NFL this year coming off a stellar 2011 campaign. I kinda like Alex Smith in the right system. Hes 28 and going to turn 29 next year. I would definetly bring him in for the right price.

  61. All these ideas about “competition” are counter=productive right now. Any thought of Vick, Flynn or Smith coming here will result in a disaster

    They won;t bring in someone to “compete” with Foles for next year…they’ll sink or swim with him and make a decision at the en of the year.

    Otherwise its…week in week out with calls for the other guy.

    Bring in Matt Flynn….Foles goes 1-2 over first 3….WIP callers scream for Flynn….He comes in and wins a game…then drops his next 3….Screams for Foles….Screams for Flynn…or Smith…or whomever…..

    We saw this back in the mid 90s with Cunningham and Peete….I was at a game vs San diego when the called for the other guy kept changing every quarter.

    Its counter-productive…….and its not like Vick or Flynn or Smith have awesome pedigrees.

    There are 2 moves forward for the Birds:

    1 – Foles. All next year…With Edwards as a backup. Decision then made at end of year.

    2 – Cut ties with both Vick and Foles and draft a QB in top 5 and roll with him for 3 years.

    I like option 1.

  62. Hey Dag where s your quotes about foles from a all of famer ray didinger you can quote all you want from these wanna be analysts, but they are just panderers , they suit your damn racist agenda, because it gets them promoted, there is no promotion calling for a white a quarterback, Cosell is a joke compared to his father, just a pandererer to the blacks

  63. You need an elite signal caller to win in the nfl, and foles is far from it….he is a legit backup QB not a starter for an organization that wants to win…..maybe he fits the Bills who will never win but not the eagles…
    Eagles need to address the position this offseason, whether keeping Vick or drafting someone like Geno Smith.

    Kelly is notcoming to philly to deal with the mess at QB amongst other positions and the Lurie/Roseman combo……Kelly is the perfect coach for Newton in Carolina with their skilled position players …..Williams, Smith and Stewart….

    Eagles will focus on someone like Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

    • Listen to you….the only options for the Eagles are Vick or Geno.

      If Geno had come out last year, he’s have been a 4th or 5th rounder. Are you watching him shit the bed in his bowl game right now? Against the powerful Syracuse…

      Vick is Vick….mediocre at best. The guy (Foles) that you call a backup QB (after 5 games) played better this year…in the NFL than the guy you think is the Eagles’ only choice.

      I wonder why that is?

      Just stupid.

    • No Surprise that WVU “Spread-Option Offense” was a dud in bad weather and against an solid Front 7..(like Syracuse has)
      Keep that Spread Crap in COllege and High School, it does not work in the NFL
      for all 11 Defenders on the field are Athletes,who can run and tackle (except for teh Eagles Defense) .. QB Geno Smith is a 2-3 Project.. Can you say Pat White who was alve a very successful COllege QB under Rich Rodriquez Spread OFfense a fews years back, it just doesn;t translate to the NFL Game consitently in my opinion.. Now Cam Newton is a differenct animal for he actually has an NFL Arm and has the size,strength and agility to extend and make Plays in the NFL.. I see Geno Smith as a 2-3 Year Project (like Pryor out in Oakland is) and not Worthy of a High Draft PIck..
      KC Chiefs will most likely look to obtain a Alex SMith, or Matt Flynn and use the 1st Pick on one of their many other Needs or look to trade Down..

  64. Do not be fooled by dags post about aLex smith, that’s his fake ass way attempt to hide his agenda, when he knows full well, because he’s not stupid, that the eagles never would over pay to bring smith here when they have something far better with foles, do not trust, verify, then move on

  65. Vinnie, you are too analytical with these agenda driven clowns, call them out for what they are

  66. For whatever reason Foles generates a lot of hate on here and I don’t get it.

    Bringing in some mediocre scrub like Flynn, Smith or Vick to “comet” with him will be counter-productive at best.

    And Geno Smith…I’ll tell you I’ll have my fingers crossed on draft day hoping KC takes that guy #1 and eliminates him from the conversation.

    Eagles should be taking a LT or perhaps CB with the first pick.

  67. I see Vinnie is real confident in his guy…outplayed the starter? The strater who won three games to Foles 1 with a worse line…that starter?


    Vinnie is SO confident in his guy that he’s ‘fraid a lil competition would be a DISASTER for lil’ wittle Foles. lol. Okay.

    I’m not of fan of Alex Smith simply b/c I beleive you ride with the veteran you have (VIck) or draft a new guy, But you don’t bring in another veteran, it’s just another stop gap measure.

  68. “For whatever reason Foles generates a lot of hate on here and I don’t get it.”

    Foles doesn’t generate a lot of hate. Folk REACTIONS to Foles generate a lot of hate.

    Foles at best is an Alex Smith/Joe Flacco type. Period. With a stout D and a great running game he’s efficient enough to win you games…but if wither of those things falters…it ain’t happening.

    There is nothing about Foles that says he’s the guy…nothing…he’s okay at best and bringing in competition – drafting a QB high in the draft is NOT a bad idea. It’s actually the best one for this team moving forward.

    i am an idiot.

  69. I will let vinnie be my stat man but these posters on gcobb who say foles can’t play in spite of the fact that he is at the top of many rookie stat categories, he passes the eye test, he is smart, big, strong, can direct the play at the line of scrimmage, but just like the racists who didn’t want jackie Robinson to play despite his ability, you here from the modern day racists, analysts who know the way to promotion is to put down the nick foles of the world when he is attempting to be a starting quarterback and a white man to replace the black starting quarterback since the mid 80s, and what is worse, to here from the previously discriminated blacks to do the same to whites when so many whites and blacks fought hard against racism. You guys are a ducking disgrace

  70. If you ever want a better example of a modern day racist check out daggoldens post above, pure trash, pure racist

  71. Tsjohnson,another racist

  72. I saw these stats on another site – When stacked up against elite quarterbacks in the league, Vick can’t compare in any passing category.

    Completion Percentage

    Drew Brees: 65.6
    Peyton Manning: 65.2
    Aaron Rodgers: 65.7
    Philip Rivers: 63.6
    Tom Brady: 63.8
    Ben Roethlisberger: 63.1
    Michael Vick 56.3

    Yards Per Attempt

    Philip Rivers: 7.8
    Ben Roethlisberger: 7.9
    Aaron Rodgers: 8.1
    Peyton Manning: 7.6
    Tom Brady: 7.5
    Drew Brees: 7.5
    Michael Vick: 7.0

    Quarterback Rating

    Aaron Rodgers: 104.5
    Philip Rivers: 94.3
    Tom Brady: 96.6
    Peyton Manning: 95.5
    Ben Roethlisberger: 92.5
    Drew Brees: 94.1
    Michael Vick: 80.7

    Foles may be an unknown and it might be a risk starting him, but we all know what Vick can do – we saw a belly full of it. I would rather move on and take a risk with Foles. If he don’t work out we can draft a quarterback when some good ones are coming out of school in a couple years.

    • How did those numbers help the other Qb’s ahead of Vick that will be heading home along with Vick Sunday night? Big Ben, Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees.

  73. Vinnie without knowing who is available or who the coach is your going with Foles, the only thing he’s proven is that he can get injured like other QB’s.

  74. Another dumb ass comment from another racist, so called big lion but really a little pussy..

  75. I think Foles has earned the right to be in the conversation for starting QB but shouldn’t be given aanything.

  76. They will all be weeded out like the racists of old, when ultimately a man will be judged on his ability, not what the prevailing culture thinks of his color , and then subjective analysis will dissipate , like he doesn’t have “it “, that is what bothers them most, disgraced people

  77. we gotta get foles outta there we dont need a white quarterback.

  78. Jakedog I didnt write all this articles about Foles the experts did. Dont be mad at me Im just the messenger and guess what all these NFL gurus who actually sit down and watch film on Foles are white. They are criticizing him. If we are criticizing him and the experts are criticizing him you are the MINORITY LMAO!

  79. What the fuck is this “given” shit.

    He played great in preseason.
    He then became the starter and put up excellent numbers.


    He hasn’t been given the qb spot for next year…he earned it with his play.

    No matter what coach comes in here next year, Foles will be the starting QB because his play this year was good enough to earn the spot.

    We will be able to make an much more accurate assessment of the kid by around week 8 next season.

    How many times does this have to be repeated before you think headed numbskulls understand.

    Foles outplayed Vick. Period. Tsjohnson – to claim the oline he operated behind was better is unadulterated bullshit. The players were the backups to the guys Vick had….that being said, they did perform better….but that is because it is easier to play oline behind a guy who knows what he’s doing and doesn’t bail on 25% of the plays that are called.

    This “he is a Smith/Flacco type is also complete bullshit speculation.

    Do you know how Flacco’s first 5 games went (of course you don’t)
    He threw for about 4 of 5 games under 200 yards….1 touchdown and 7 interceptions. He didn’t break 20 completions or 200 yrds till his 5th game.

    He was spectacularily bad….Foles annihilates him.

    How about Smith?
    His first 9 games he threw…wait for it…1 touchdown and 11 interceptions. In all 9 games he never once even approached 200 yards passing. His QB rating was 40!!!!

    Yet you blind idiots announce…Foles is just a game manager type like Flacco and Smith.

    You are so blind, you cannt see what is right in front of you.

    Foles is light years ahead of those 2 at this point in his career…(oh and I won’t even begin to piss you all off more telling you how far ahead Foles is than Vick was after 5 games….Christ, Foles is ahead of Vick right now, let alone when they were rookies.

    You clowns are amazing….whatever it is….there is comething that blinds you from seeing what the Eagles have….

    Instead of recognizing you have a very good QB prospect on teh team RIGHT NOW….

    you instead call for re-treads of a broken down mini-man in Vick or a a completely overrated Geno Smith who has spent the last few years putting up numbers against the Souteastern Western Junior Methodist College Bullldogs of the world.


    • Forget about Vick, after 6 starts he doesn’t deserve to be handed anything Vinnie, I don’t know what so difficult to understand this has nothing to do with Vick.

      • after 6 games he earned.

        Using your misguided logic, there would be no Brady, or Newton, or Aikman, or Manning I or Manning II or Ryan, or Rodgers….and on and on

        All these guys were worse than Foles over their first 6 games…I think all had losing records…..none of those teams then brought in some retread veteran to “compete”.

        Did the Falcons bring in a vet to Compete with Vick after his completely forgettable first season??

        They were allowed to develop through the following season….knowing they would probably lose a lot of games….but wanting to provide a good environment for the young player to improve.

        This isn’t like bringing in a new LB to push another….

        The last thing the Birds need is for the fanbase to be screaming for some backup when the team struggles out of the gate (which is going to happen next year).

  80. I like the kid (Foles), liked him when prepping for the Draft last off-season and stated so a few times.. He needs time, Reps with his Receivers, gain Strength in upper body and lower bodty and work on his mechanics (As just about all young QB’s do).. When you look around at this upcomgin Draft, and what will be on the Free-Agnet Market or Trading Block, I do not consider an Alex Smith, Matt Flynn, Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassell, Matt Lineart,Brady Quinn, Jimmy Claussen,Kevin Kolb,Tim Tebow as any type of Franchise QB so stick with Foles, Work on the Roster around him, become a run-first,balanced Offense thats disciplined and stays away from Turnovers and Executes well in the Red-Zone, and I think Foles can be successful in bringing back the Eagles to contend in the NFC East which besides the Redskins who are up and coming with a lot of talent is very up in the air as far as the Giants (OL,Secondary) and Cowboys (DL,RB Injuries,Safety ) and both of them will have some converns,rumors about their Coaching Status if both fail to make the Playoffs.. Couglin’s safe for sure, but Garrett down in Dallas, maybe not..

  81. On a serious note whoever the quarterback is the rating will be better than this year. The offensive line cannot get any worse..

  82. Well at least larwd is honest, I respect him for that

  83. Dag write about the other experts, like hof r didinger who say foles can plAY, and ike Reese, says the same, gain some cred, be balanced

  84. “.Christ, Foles is ahead of Vick right now, let alone when they were rookies.”

    And this is why you will never have any credibility on the board.

    “Tsjohnson – to claim the oline he operated behind was better is unadulterated bullshit. The players were the backups to the guys Vick had….that being said, they did perform better….but that is because it is easier to play oline behind a guy who knows what he’s doing and doesn’t bail on 25% of the plays that are called.”

    Uh…no…Demtress Bell was NOT playing and Scott was brought in to play and Warkins was benched. Try again.

    Oh and the line that was so great for VIck couldn’t run block to save their lives…Shady was being met behind the LOS by defenders left and right.

    But funny the new configuration of the line not only did Brown have 2 400 yard games but Shady has looked pretty decent as well. I know but it was VIck’s fault that the RB couldn’t get from behind the LOS without being met by defenders.

    Keep talking though…and continue to show everyone why they shouldn’t listen.

    • Bell started 4 games this year. 3 with Vick and 1 with Foles. In the games he didn’t play he was replaced with the incomparable King Dunlap

      You watch tomorrow and see how much you like Jake Scott. Jake Scott. Suddenly the line is going to look a lot worse than it did the last few weeks.

      Every single time Vick has disappeared…on both Atl and Philly the oline has played better. But this is clearly Jake Scott’s fault. The arrival of Jake Scott CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!

      Keep coming up with your excuses as to why Foles was better then Vick this year….keep hoping for Vick or Geno smith. Say your prayers….they aren;t going to be answered.

      You are blind if you cannot see with have a very good developmental QB on the roster right now.

  85. I neither hope for VIck or Geno Smith.

    I expect Vick to look like someone who hasn’t played a down of football in 6/8 weeks. If he looks anything other than that I’d be surprised.

    Yes. Foles outplayed VIck…what’s his (Foles) record again?

    “he arrival of Jake Scott CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!”

    First Foles played what…the Dallas game with Bell? That’s it right. Okay. Secondly I said this configuration of the line is BETTER than the one Vick played behind…No Bell…No Watkins. BIG difference.

    That line played MUCH better in Foles first few games ‘cuae the games were much more balanced call wise…then when they went back to pass-pass-pass…the line looked worse…they aren’t good enough to sustain a pass heavy game consistently.

    But the most telling part about your response was that I didn’t really focus on VIck/Foles for the lines obvious improvement…I focused on the run game. The RUN GAME was better under this line…but I know it’s all VIck’s fault…he’s why defenders were all over Shady behind the LOS.

    I know Vinnie. I know.

    • yes the AMAZing run game over the last 6 weeks…..

      like the amazing week when Foles was the leading rusher with 27 yards
      or when Brown led with 34 yards
      Or the two weeks when Shady led with 45 yards.

      The Eagles had 2 weeks out of 6 where they ran the ball well

      Guess what…they ran the ball well in New Orleans – didn’t help Vick and against the Giants

      The whole…”Foles had a better oline” argument is garbage.

      You’ll see this tomorrow when you watch Vick run around like a chicken with his head cut off every 3rd pass play

      But back to the original poit…which was not vick vs Floes.

      It was about how it is a stupid idea to bring someone in to “compete” with Foles. Nothing good comes from that.

      Also, anytime some blockhead drops one of the standard, unresearched, blanket “Foles is just a game manager like Flacco” lines I’m going to slam that softball back at them with evidence.

  86. Vick sucked behind last years offensive line too. Vick is not a good quarterback. Why do people talk like he is a superstar? I guess when he can’t get a job like McNabb then people will understand that his stardom is a thing of the past. Find a new hero – RG3 is a good one.

  87. Foles is 1-5……that’s what we know about Foles right now.

    Every QB in the league have good moments during a’s not about moments if they don’t lead to “W’s”.

    Foles have not showed us that he’s better than Vick, so that alone means we need to go with the best guy until there’s someone better.


  88. Also, anytime some blockhead drops one of the standard, unresearched, blanket “Foles is just a game manager like Flacco” lines I’m going to slam that softball back at them with evidence.

    Um…what evidence? Foles is 6/27 for balls over 20 yards. He’s good at completing short passes – and intermediate passes and by intermediate I mean passes more than 10 yards and less than 20 so I’m being generous.

    “like the amazing week when Foles was the leading rusher with 27 yards
    or when Brown led with 34 yards
    Or the two weeks when Shady led with 45 yards.”

    Shady and Brown weren’t getting stuffed behind the LOS. Tampa don’t eff around with the run…so Brown was just getting stuffed…Shady had some decent runs…he didn’t have the ball a whole lot either.

    But yeah…keep cherry picking ish.

  89. Who cares – Troy Aikman started his career 1-11, — Manning started his career 1-5 — Montana started his career 1-5 — McNabb started his career 1-4.

    Vick won 3 games this year, and 7 games in 2011. At that rate, it cost the Eagles about $3 million per win over the last two years.Vick is the highest paid loser in all sports.

  90. missed a few names..Heath Shuler started 1 -8 …should I name more?

    I can name more QB’s who started bad that amounted to nothing compared to the 3 you just named.

    Would like to see them?

    • You really want to compare Foles to Heath Shuler??

      Shuler’s 5th game he threw 34% for 158 yrds 1 td and 5 ints

      Foles 5th game he threw 63% for 381 2tds and 0 ints

      you still want to compare them?

      Keep reaching for reasons why you think Foles isn;t good.

  91. Again…Flacco first 5 games…4 in the 150 yrd yange, 1 210 yrd game. 1 td 7 ints. To say that Foles, who demolished those numbers his first 5 games is going to be the same player is idiotic.

    “Shady and Brown weren’t getting stuffed behind the LOS.”

    VS Wsh
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy left tackle to PHI 23 for 2 yards (P.Riley, L.Fletcher).
    L.McCoy left guard to PHI 18 for 2 yards (R.Jackson, B.Meriweather).
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy right end to PHI 42 for 1 yard (Mad.Williams).
    B.Brown left end to 50 for -1 yards (K.Golston).
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy left tackle to WAS 45 for 1 yard (B.Meriweather).
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy left tackle to PHI 13 for 1 yard (B.Cofield).
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy left tackle to WAS 26 for -6 yards
    (Shotgun) L.McCoy left end to PHI 14 for -5 yards (D.Hall).

    VS TB
    B.Brown right tackle to PHI 27 for -4 yards (M.Bennett).
    (Shotgun) B.Brown left tackle to PHI 25 for 1 yard (G.McCoy).
    B.Brown left end to PHI 21 for 1 yard (G.Gibson).
    B.Brown left end pushed ob at PHI 41 for no gain (R.Barber).
    B.Brown up the middle to PHI 23 for no gain (A.Gaitor).
    (Shotgun) B.Brown left end to TB 40 for -7 yards (R.Barber).
    B.Brown right tackle to TB 10 for -1 yards (M.Bennett, A.Gaitor).
    (Shotgun) B.Brown right end pushed ob at TB 22 for -1 yards (L.Johnson).
    (Shotgun) B.Brown left guard to PHI 24 for 2 yards (M.Foster).

    VS Cinci
    B.Brown right end to PHI 36 for -1 yards (C.Dunlap).
    B.Brown left end to PHI 26 for 2 yards (M.Lawson).
    B.Brown up the middle to PHI 38 for 2 yards (R.Maualuga).
    B.Brown left end pushed ob at CIN 20 for -2 yards (E.Lamur).
    B.Brown left tackle to CIN 2 for 1 yard (C.Crocker).
    B.Brown right end to PHI 30 for -1 yards (V.Burfict).
    (Shotgun) B.Brown left end to PHI 45 for -2 yards (V.Burfict).
    Shotgun) B.Brown left tackle to PHI 7 for 1 yard (T.Newman).

    Is that enough “weren’t getting stuffed behind the LOS for you” Or do I really have to lok at the final 2 games also?

    When are you going to realize you are talking out your ass? The oline is just as shitty with Foles as with VIck….but they looked better because Foles is the better QB than VIck.

    You will see this tomorrow when I’m sure you’ll be wondering…”what happened to the oline…why are they so terrible? They were playing soooo much better with Foles….

  92. I think Vick will be wearing Jets Green, no doubt about and if the Eagles are smart, they even may be able to work a trade for him and get something in return. Swap out Sanchez and a 4th Rd pick for Vick and I jump on it in a heartbeat for the Draft pick alone, but Jets will want to get rid of Sanchez Contract. Then you work a restructure deal for Sanchez and let him compete with Foles & Edwards, then you end up with another Trade to a Team next Summer during Preseason when a QB gets injured and parlay a Sanchez or Edwards for another mid-round pick for 2014
    That’s how I would work it

  93. Songs, I could name dozens of great QBs that started their careers with losing records. I know you can name many bad QBs that started their careers with losing records as well, like Mike Vick who started 1-4.

    The point is, Foles’ 1-5 record this year is no indication of how his career will go. Just like McNabb’s 1-4 start meant nothing.

  94. Big Yawn…

    I like how you cherry pick the things you want to cherry pick and ignore the things you want to ignore.

    Once again…I didn’t say the line was good. I said it was better than when Vick was behind it…and it is…or I guess Bell and Watkins are sitting for fun?

    I also said the line has looked worse since Andy and crew went back to pass, pass, pass ’cause they aren’t built for that. They work better with a steady run game in play.

    As far as Vick tomorrow…I don’t have any expectation he’s gonna play a good game. He hasn’t played a live game in what 6/8 weeks? Yeah.

    I expect this to be a loss ’cause we have the same line, the same special teams and the same D we’ve had all season.

    But your defense of Foles is funny…considering you were the one saying how Foles gives us hte best chance to win, he’ll make the line look so much better, Vick is the number one problems…Foles will have us winning now…and guess what…Foles was put in and what was his record again?


    Foles is a Flacco in the making. And you can win with that…but he is not and never will be Manning, Brady, or hell Newton.

    But keep on Vinnie. Keep on.

  95. And can people stop comparing Foles to first round picks?

    What folk need to do is look at what other 3rd round picks have done in thier first starts and later in their career.

    Name me 10 of them (like we can with first rounders who then went on and had stellar careers) who had 1-5 starts and then went on to be successful franchise QBs – then maybe we have an argument.

    But comparing a third rounder to a bunch of first rounders is pointless.

    • Your making too much sense tj5 that doesn’t go over too well here. People mentioning Aikman who after that start was surrounded by a great supporting cast. Same with Montana. Anyway I see no need to just hand Foles the starting job going forward when and this is the important part, WE DON’T KNOW WHO THE COACH IS GOING TO BE AND WHO ELSE BECOMES AVAILABLE AT THE QB POSITION.

    • Well, there was also that Joe Montana kid who played a couple of snaps in year one, but didn’t get his first start till mid-second year. Very very strangely he lost his first 3 starts. that season.
      He started 7 games that year…going 2-5.

      And I dunno Matt Schaub was 0-4 with 6tds and 4 ints over the first 4 years of his career. Never had a game over 200 yrds. Seems like a good player.

      This Russell wilson kid lost his first game throwing for 153 with 1 and 1….games 4 and 5 were pretty terrible…380 total yards with 1 td and 5 ints….guess you would have had Seattle bail on him right there eh?

      I don;t think I can get to 10, but there were only 22 3rd round qbs chosen over the past 25 years….so the numbers don’t let you get to 10.

  96. Keep in mind guys, the Eagles lose 3 Starters off the OL,
    In the 2nd Season under Mudd’s scheme with no quality back-Ups familiar with each other or familiar with Mudd (outside of Jake Scott) so it was no surprise to me that this Eagles 2012 Offense was going to Struggle
    The thing that burns my crawl is the fact that Eagles have one the best all-around RB’s in the NFL (McCoy) and failed to lean on him and under-utilize him
    And that’s the story of this 2012 Season in a nutshell regardless of who was/is playing QB

  97. “And that’s the story of this 2012 Season in a nutshell regardless of who was/is playing QB”

    And you get no arguments with me on that. But the oline only seems to be a problem for Foles an no else though he’s had the best configuration for most of the year.

    Truthfully I’m not down on Foles. I don’t beleive he’s played well enough to be the go ahead starter and he needs some competition. I’d prefer that came from the draft ’cause I’m not a fan of getting another veteran when we can just keep the one we have (assuming he’d restructure).

    You can win with Foles, but the rest of the team needs to be good to great see 49ers and Ravens for examples.

    • That doesn;t work.

      The eagles pick a QB with a top 5 pick he automatically becomes the starter due to his contract.

      So how would that work out?

      Draft Geno…he starts….team goes1`-6 (to be expected) and everyone screaming for Foles. Does that sound like a good situation for a rookie qb??

      Draft geno and he sits for 1/2 season. Team goes 1-6 under Foles…fanbase screams for Geno who then goes 1-6…and fanbase back screaming for Foles again

      Draft Geno and Start Foles. He keeps improving and keeps Geno on the bench forever. Owner angry paying for 1st round pick who isn;t on the field.

      So the first round pick on a qb doesn;t work….so another 3rd rounder then? Exactly what would that accomplish?

      The only way you draft a QB is if you are trading/releasing both Vick and Foles.

      The only way you bring in Alex Smith is if you release/trade both Vick and Foles also….for the same reasons as above.

      The Eagles starting QB next year is Nick Foles. Get over it. They will make an evaluation around mid season next year.

      There is no other option.

  98. Oh…so you have mat Schuab…Joe Montana and Russel Wilson – who jury is still out but he looks good and actually wins games.


  99. ‘but there were only 22 3rd round qbs chosen over the past 25 years”

    I wonder why…

  100. What difference does it make what round he was drafted in when comparing losing games at the start of a career.

    I’ll tell you what, compare the career of third round pick, Matt Schaub, to the guy he was suppose to back-up, Mike Vick… Schaub is a better quarterback than Vick in nearly every way.

  101. Foles came out of school in the same year as the top QB prospects of the last decade. If Foles was entering the draft this year he might be a first round pick

  102. Why do people assume Foles is not going to be a star? Because he is 1-4 as a starter? That’s the dumbest logic I’ve ever heard given that Foles doesn’t play defense. This Eagles team is awful this year so a QB’s record, be it Foles or Vick, is irrelevant. Nobody on this site, or in the NFL for that matter, knows how good or bad Foles will be so stop acting like you know one way or another. He has shown “promise” and that’s it. And that’s all I would expect someone in his shoes to show me. Personally, I think he is more than capable of taking a big step forward next year with a new coach, oline, and revived team. Get him a legitimate number one WR (Dwayne Bowe).

    • Um… well because jts hard to be a star and we have burned before. Just cause we want him to be a star does not mean he will be. Hes big and tall… thats great… lets see what he can do now. I do nkt sant this kid to gey handed the starting job likd they did with vinnies poster boy. Let the kid earn it.

  103. Stevo, I agree with your points as well. But some people act as if he’s doomed for failure because he is 1-4 as a starter.

  104. But what does “earn it” mean? Nonw of you have explained what “earn it” means.

    Does itmean that the 63% 1200 yrds 6 tds 2 ints over the past 4 games was not enough?

    So what? 8tds would have been good enough?

    Does it mean he has to beat out Alex Smith at the next training camp? Well, 1 – Luries is not going to pay Smith 30-40 million (what it will take) to comein here and sit ont he bench….and 2 – that has nothing but a year long qb controversy written all over it.

    Does it mean draft Geno??….again…top 5 picks are expected to be starters….so another qb controversy there.

    What does “earn it” mean when we all know Geno is not coming in here, and neither issome vet QB.

    Does it mean keeping Vick around? and another year long qb controversy especially when he misses his patented 4 games?

    And why wasn’t hat he did over the past 4 games enough to “earn it”

    I think this whole “earn it” business is pure farce.

  105. Maybe the 1-5 record and lack of arm strength and the lack of down field plays are giving some fans pause to just bestow the title of QB of the future on him.

  106. If Michale Vick is here next year he will make $16.5 million base salary. That’s more than Tom Brady, and in the area of Brees and Manning.

    There’s not a coach in the world who could come in here and convince Jeff Lurie to pay Michael Vick that kind of money after watching him play the last two years.

  107. We’ve already covered the 1-5 record. (remembering he was one perfectly thrown drop from 2-4) The 1-5 record on a team that for the most part has thrown in the towel is pretty much irrelevant,

    So you’re down to your relatively also irrelevant deep throw business. 6 of 27 (or whatever) on deep throws with players he never practiced with and who were shuffled in and out the last 5 weeks.

    Made your judgement on that one stat.

    Of course Vick was only at 33% of his deep balls this year…but we’ll convieniently ignore that…….

    If you want to ramble on about bs “earn it” comments because of one stat that shold be expected with a new player than so be it….but recognize that you sound like you are grasping at straws hoping dfor something that makes Foles looks bad in your eyes.

    Good to know. Very objective.

    Did he play well – yes
    did he improve every game – yes
    did the offense improve with him under centre – yes (more points and less 3-outs)

    does he need to improve his deep throws…yes….but this is too much to overcome. We need Alex Smith to challenge Foles. Draft Geno SMith right now!!!!!

    Better yet…sign Smith and draft Geno! That shold cover all the bases.

  108. Earn it means we get the best coach and let pick the qb not pick the coach that fits the qb.

    Earn it means we see how each qb on the roster throws ALL the passes needed… not just short ones and check downs.

    Earn it means we see how the qb does after teams actually game plan for him.

    Please remember vinnie and others…. im all in on foles. Im ready the but the jersey but sis.. im not naming him starter till training camp is a few weeks in. And btw… reminder….. im not at all in favor of keeping vick.

  109. Funny. And you don’t think that during any and every interview process they don;t ask the potential coach how he would use thealready on the team? personel

    And I’ll tell you how the team/qb does after th teams actually gameplan:

    1 – Foles better against both Dallas and Washington the second time he played them. He saw the same teams 2x – and they saw him and were prepared for him and he improved in both games. In fact went 55 of 82 for 596 and 2 tds 1 int against teams that had seen and gameplanned for him. Impressive.

    2 – Again he was better then his predecessor.

    Vick led 98 drives this year.
    36 were 3 and out. That’s 36%
    28 were scoring drives. That’s 29%

    Foles led 74 drives this year
    19 were 3 and out. That’s 23%
    27 were scoring drives. That’s 35%

    Forget about turnovers (also in Foles favour)…when Foles was running the O the team sustained more drives and scored more.

    So….again I toss it back to you….what is the option for the Eagles’ going forward??

    Keeping Vick (who is inferior) is stupid.

    Bringing in Smith or some other vet for a QB controversy is stupid.

    Drafting a QB top 5 for a controversy is stupid.

    The only options are:

    1 – Keep Foles as starter next year and evaluate after he’s actually played a season.

    2 – Drop both Vick and Foles this year and draft a QB or try to sign Smith.

    I want option 1.

    Which is it you want to do?

  110. There is “Zero Chance” that Vick returns regardless of who the Eagles bring in as Coach. Vick’s Camp who came out that he will not Re-work his Contract was the final straw as far as Lurie/Donahoe/Roseman are concerned and do remember that none of these guys were Vick supporters to begin with
    You go into Camp with Foles & Edwards (who is signed thru 2013 ) and bring in another Camp QB and let them compete, It will be and should be Foles job to lose and give him a full season (2013) to see if he is the real deal
    Which is why I think they Hure an Offensive Coach like Mike McCoy/ Jay Gruden/Dirk Koetter/ Daba Beavall who all have good track records in working with and developing QB’s

  111. “Did he play well – yes
    did he improve every game – yes
    did the offense improve with him under centre – yes (more points and less 3-outs)”

    Oh i see you continue with your fantasy thinking. He did not improve every game. He regressed actually – but folk see what they want to see.

    Vick isn’t coming back. We very well may be stuck with Foles. But I’d love it if they drafted a QB and worked it out from there. Being stuck with just Foles and Edwards on the team doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy.

    And here’s the funny part – Kolb actually looked good when he was put in for McNabb. Way better than Foles ever looked and we know how that turned out. Anywho Vinnie logic is great – Vick was only 33% of his deep balls so Foles 6/27 shouldn’t be a concern. Sound just like a whiny kid.

    I would argue the problem with your logic…but it doesn’t matter…you see what you want to see. Let’s just hope the next HC if he decides to run with Foles fixes the defense, the special teams and beleives in a stout running game. Anything less and it’s going to be a long season yet again.

  112. Good start for the Gmen.

  113. I see what I want to see?

    you just wrote: “He did not improve every game. He regressed actually ”

    Game 1: 22 of 32 for 219 1 and 1
    Game 2: 21 of 46 for 201 0 and 2
    Game 3: 16 of 21 for 119 0 and 0
    Game 4: 22 of 34 for 251 1 and 0
    Game 5: 32 of 51 for 381 2 and 0
    Game 6: 16 of 33 for 181 1 and 1 (is this the regression you talk about?
    Game 7: 32 of 48 for 345 1 and 1

    slow steady improvement game after game…comp%, yrds, yrds/att, td/int ratio…

    but this is “regression” to you.

    What a joke you are. How do you keep a straight face saying things that are completely untrue? What do the kids say? “Epic Fai”l….that’s your new name.

  114. I think we should keep this Vick guy around though. He’s awesome.

  115. Nnamdi making a case for keeping DRC.

  116. Another drive ending interception by Vick. Dam this guy sucks. Say good-bye Mike just say good-bye!

  117. Looks like Vick hasn’t missed a beat.

  118. Penalties and Turnovers. Have not learned a damn thing from the beginning of the season

  119. Vick maybe the worst qb starting in the nfl today. I’d take Ryan lindley over him

    nhamdi is the worst cb in the nfl

  120. Forget the interception.

    2 “3 and outs”. Go read my earlier post. This is to be expected.

    Anyone who can’t see the offence runs more smoothly under Foles is blind.

  121. Eli getting back on track. All it took was playing the birds Go figure

  122. Team fighting hard in AR’s last game? No heart. What a bunch of dogs. This defense SUCKS, SUCKS SUCKS.

    Any more questions on where they need to go in the draft and FA?

    Oh, did I tell you this defense SUCKS.

  123. Did Vick just throw the ball into his lineman’s back?

  124. At the end of the 1st quarter: #4 pick looks secure.

  125. Vick looks like a pop Warner player… Wow

  126. “What a joke you are. How do you keep a straight face saying things that are completely untrue? What do the kids say? “Epic Fai”l….that’s your new name.”

    There you go cherry picking again. I would actually point you to some real analysis of Foles 6 games and his regression, but hey you’d probably with that as well. Enough with u.

    As far as Vick…he looks like someone who hasn’t played a down of football in 6/8 weeks. Exactly what I said he’d look like. You can’t sit out a game like football for that long and come back in and not look hella rusty.

    With that said. What’s the D’s excuse?

  127. I can’t wait to hear from the Vick apologist’s
    Ooh, that Vick was rusty and hasn’t played in 6-8 weeks..
    As if Foles was getting many practice reps since August until the time he can in to replace Vick when he got hurt.. Vick a 10 Year Vet in Eagles for 4 Years
    While Foles a 3rd Round Pick and a Rookie
    It’s not very difficult decision is it, when your rational and unbiased
    Time to move forward from Coach AR and Staff and yes that includes
    Mike Vick too..

  128. Vinnie,

    Don’t fall into the trap. Stay out of the Vick/Foles discussion. It is all ready settled. Besides your confusing the Vick camp with facts.What’s wrong with you?

  129. Here comes the comeback, for the division lead! OHHH WAIT………..
    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! What a bunch of trash truck juice smelling, group of hot messes! This is hilarious!!!! Well, looks like the #4 pick is a lock!

    • DCar,

      We should we start the discussion about who to take. Based on what I see it should be a defensive player. What do you think?

      • philly, IMHO, Lotuleilei, or Te’o, or trade back for several picks. This team has to be given an enema, & cleaned up by the Hazmat team! We need an entire secondary, a SAM, size on the D-line, 2 O-linemen, a big, true #1 WR, & a QB, other than that, we are set! Good grief, as PAUL would say!!!!

  130. tsjohnson, any other player that had 6-7 weeks off, I would agree with you. But Vick looks JUST like he did all season before getting hurt. Please don’t make excuses at this point because it just makes you look silly.

    • What excuses did I make? Try again hon. I said the same thing now ’bout this game that I’ve said since they said VIck would start.

      1. He shouldn’t ’cause it’s Edwards job
      2. He would look rusty cause he hasn’t played.

      Last I checked we still have a crap line, defense and special teams. But I know..any other QB…okay.

      • ‘he’s rusty’ is a flat out excuse. You are a pro play the game. The o line looked better the past 6 weeks… Excuse maker

        • Right.

          I made excuses for a game that hadn’t played yet for what anyone could see was going to be the case. No game time in 8 weeks, but yeah I expected him to come out lighting it up.

          However, with the exception of his interception – what’s the D excuse cause it seems the Giants are scoring on every down.

  131. This secondary can’t cover anyone. Amazing how bad Eli has been the last few weeks and how good he is today. I thought for a minute Peyton had been traded to the blue.


  133. Doesn’t it appear that almost every week, whatever WR goes against
    CB Asmo, ends up looking like an All-Pro.
    I believe Todd Bowles heart was for the Temple Job that he did not get
    And is simply going thru the motions as a DC for the Eagles
    His Coaching Stock around the NFL has taken a major hit and probably won’t be interviewed by anyone around the NFL

  134. Is Todd Bowles just that cluelesss? This defense has been an absolute train wreck ever since Castillo got fired.

    • Look at him on the sidelines, he has the same clueless, dumb-founded look, Castillo & McDermott had!!!! You can’t cover-up ineptness, idiocy, & inexperience.

  135. What Eli does well is instantly recognize the 1 on 1 coverage and hits it.

    We all know the Eagles D (secondary) will take 2 years to rebuild….I’m leaning now to CB with the first pick of the draft.

    Hopefully we’ll see improvement there next year as Foles continues to improve and we’ll look at a chance to compete in 2014.

  136. I also believe that Gasoline Prices will continue to come down
    And stabilize about $3.20 a gallon

  137. This defense is already on vacation. They are actually in danger of some of these guys not even getting a job next season based on what I see.

  138. I am never ashamed to be a birds fan. The organization needs to be ashamed for putting some of these defensive guys in an Eagles uniform. They are soft, have no heart and no pride. They are a disgrace to the memories of Reggie, Jerome, Seth. Wes, Andre, Trot, Troy and BDawk.

  139. D has been on vacation since Castillo was fired (which seems weird)

    Cooper (good blocking) and McCoy are playing hard.

    As far as the O…what is telling is how much the giants are blitzing. Remember good Qbs invite the blitz. Teams blitz when they are not afraid of blitzing.

  140. Vinnie,
    No CB is worthy of a Top #3/#4 Pick
    The Strength of this upcoming Draft is OL/DT/LB,Safety & TE
    And is so-so at CB/DE/WR/RB and weak at QB
    Select Players from the Strength of the Talent Pool and don’t reach for an obvious need (Safety Jarrett, Guard Watkins, DE Teo’ & Graham
    And WR Maclin, DT Laws) as we have seen this Eagles Organization do time and time again, Top Choices (1 st 3-4 Picks should always be from the Strength of the Draft Class for then it’s a crap shoot after the Top 100-120 Players or so

  141. LOL LOL LOL

    now Billik is starting with the Vick takes _________ amount of hits no QB can surviveick takes” – Narrative that we hear about midway through every 2d Q

    too funny….too predictable….

  142. Vicks throw to a wide open d Johnson summarizes his skills as a qb

  143. Run or Pass it does not matter. Is there any body on defense interested in playing today.

    All the reasons a change will be made after today on display at MetLife stadium .

  144. mike vick would probably be one of the worst qbs in the cfl

  145. I now believe Namdi is the biggest FA busts in Philadelphia history. I’m trying to think of others… Lance Parrish comes to mind… But I know I’m missing a bunch

    • He definitively holds that title, & it ain’t even close! Due to the $$$, expectations & his history alone, gives him the landslide, unanimous decision!

    • considering he was paid like the best cb in football and is the worst non rookie cb in football. yea biggest fa bust. mike vick a close 2nd

      • the whole “we’re close to a SB so we’ll bring in FAs was a mistake. I was against the NNamdi signing because I thought he was overrate…and of course I absolutely hated the Vick signing and re-signing. I also hated the Desean signing because he’s just a decoy).

        The whole culture needs to be changed….I hope there are a couple pieces in place (FOles, McCoy, Brown, Cooper, Cox, Kendricks) that the Eagles can build around over the next 2-3 years.

        But its going to take a while.

        Build from middle out.

        I think we have RB and QB and DT so there is promise….build that line and safties next….

  146. 2nd half.

    Just kneel down all 4 plays each posession. Run the clock out. Will be a better result.

  147. Back to back plays one By manning one by Vick shows what a good qb does to a blitz and what a piece of shot like Vick does against it. Wow

  148. Damn, I might get the over by halftime!

  149. AR really likes the 4th and going for it today. Is he intentionally running up the score? Trying to make himself look bad? I understand going for it but what is the purpose today? Trying to knock the Giants out of the playoffs? PLEASE!

  150. I wonder what Reid says to his players at halftime? bye or I gotta do a better job?

  151. Halftime: #4 pick, sealed and delivered. Let’s get a CB,FS or a DT.

  152. They’ve already cut over to the Lions/Bears game where I live.

  153. Riley Cooper is our best DB. He knocked that Int away…..

    I think the options are CB, OL, safety, DL, LB

  154. PItchers and Catchers in 45 days.

  155. Philip Hunt in his first action in 6 weeks and he gets a sack. Where has he been again?

  156. Vin,
    I think the priority for defensive player is skyrocketing up the charts.

  157. Shady plays hard ALL OF THE TIME. I LOVE THAT GUY>

  158. Now that the Giants have secured the Eagles of the #4 pick lets go Bears knock the Giants out.

  159. Can Lurie PLEASE pull the trigger on #24. MAN HE SUCKS! I don’t care what scheme they use next season he flat out STINKS.

  160. It’s obvious that the Eagles offensive players are racist given how hard they play for Foles as opposed to Vick. Hahahahaha. Songs and Peace have probably already called the NAACP and Jesse Jackson to come in and investigate.



    Still believe in supporting that loser?

    I’m sure you will be back to kiss the rear of the new coach.

    A fitting end.

    Bring on the high Draft Pick.

    Quit with the Chip Kelley Crap.


  162. What’s that song that Don Meredith use to sing, “Turn out the lights”…….

  163. There is no way that any Vick or Reid supporters can advocate a return of either man after today. A fitting end to this regime, signed and sealed. An eagles win where they played inspired football and Vick played well would have just filled up these pages with desperate hangers on.

  164. Replaced by a guy who hasn’t thrown a pass in two years. Vinnie 7 is heading north

  165. Nobody ever wanted Vick to stay. Yes Vick stinks, The issue is that Foles stinks and the whole team stinks.

  166. I’ve been stating fir over 2 Months now, that this Team is in a complete rebuild mode, no well known HC is coming into this train wreck, Dysfunctionable Franchise. The next HC is going to be a move up for that person
    (Coming from a coordinator level or a HC who failed before in their previous job/team and wants to be a HC again – Mike Nolan, Mike Singketsry, Josh McDaniels) but for those who think its going to be a Championship proven Caliber Coach (Cowher,Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy) stop the non-sense already..
    It’s going to be an under the radar hiring for a 3-5 Year plan to rebuild this Franchise for this will be no easy fix in a more competitive and stronger
    NFC Conference. Rebuild the Team to be able to compete within in their own Divsion first then worry about the other Good Teams in the NFC, because the way it looks to me, only the NFC East Divsion Winner will make the Plaoffs over the next couple of Seasons as the other Divisions are simply better and much more likely to get wild-card spots before the NFC East does

  167. Dagold

    I don’t think anyone denies that. Need to clean it out. What did Parcells say ” Your record is what it says you are. 4-12 means they stink. But a new path starts on Monday.

  168. Finally its over, no more debating we can sit back and watch them raze everything.

  169. Paulman, any coach taking a new job as HC is likely going to a crappy team since good teams don’t fire their coaches. So I disagree that a lot of coaches would not want to come here. I think of all the expected vacancies over the next few days, the Eagles HC position will be one of the most appealing. This team underachieved more so than being bad.

  170. I give it all I got… Sometimes I wish I could play other positions… 7… All aboutme, my team matesblow

    • They do, after this game is that even a question? I don’t care how much you sugarcoat things they blow chunks. Cigar he’ll start somewhere next year how many other guys on the Eagles can say that?

  171. Look for the Eagles to be bottom feeders for the next 10 years. At least when Andy came there was a core leadership group and a very good scouting unit with Modrak as GM.


    Every facet of this organization is flawed with Reid’s tentacles throughout the whole machine.

    There’s no leadership core and the front office down is a hot mess.

    This team is in way worse shape before he came.

    HE BROKE IT!!!

  172. ‘ if I could do it myself I would, buti can’t, go back and look at the film’ holy shit!

  173. The ‘leader’ of the team has character… He ain’t no 5 wow…what a loser. He is a me first guy. Complain about 5 all you want but he talked we… 7 talks i

  174. Some guys that don’t put out. He is going out like the punk he is. Listen to him talk to d. Gunn. God damn I have never heard a Qb punk out like this

  175. Have, you are wrong, mike Vick has way more character than McNabb, Vick did everything the organization asked him, he left it all on the field, unlike McNabb, Vick is not a good NFL quarterback , but to attack him personally, no he’s a good man, sincere, he was playing with some bums, mostlley on defense, I respect mike Vick a lot, he tried to make the most of a second chance, but he’s a bad quarterback

    • He’s not a bad QB. He’s good in the right system. Strong run game, decent oline. He’ll be fine.

      But I can’t hate on dude. Not a negative peep all year. If he wants to get it out now so be it.

      i am an idiot.

  176. @haveacigar Im watching DNL and Vick is being commended by the staff. He reportedly has tried to get this team together with resisitance from non-Ried players who didnt care. Its being reported Vick would stay late all the time with Reid to work on his game. Its being reported to this day Vick goes and does dog fighting things at schools weekly. Was he good enough on the field NO. But hedid play ahrd and for Andy Reid. So your barkingup the wrong tree with effort from Vick.

  177. He spoke the truth to gun, this team is pathetic, someone finally said it, but no more Vick as a qb, it put this franchise back three years

      • Disagree. Vick ddin’t put this franchise back 3 years. Andy Reids decisions last year put this team back. From Washburn, to Mudd to Juan. All those decisions led to the insanity that has been these last two years. QB was the least of their problems (VIck/Foles).

        • Yup. Vick (as ive stated a million times) is like the 55th problem with this team. Hes small potatos compared to the real problems. Good news tho… the main problems are out the door… 1. Reid. 2. Marty. 3. Any so called d.c. hired in years. 4. Wide 9. 5. Nnamdi?

  178. I rescind a lot of what I said. I do like Vick and I like his redemption story. I just think that the lack of character on this team is disgusting. I took it out on Vick. I do like to hear him talk and do believe he has gone from total asshole to a decent person.
    I NEVER questioned his effort or his toughness

  179. Ray D said it all. This team has no character, no integrity, no heart, no core character players. That translates in to a losing squad. It will be about 3 years until the winning starts again. The new coach has to weed through the garbage and instill an attitude change

  180. You may be right that he’s in the v wrong system, but his time is past, I will cheer mike Vick and still boo McNabb

  181. I am about 20 minutes behind on CSN.. Who are these players that are disinterested? I want names! Who are the cancers? I was WRONG. Vick wasn’t the leadership problem… Who is it? Ficking DRC and Namdi? Definitely babin

  182. But it’s time for the future , they need to get this head coach decision right

  183. Andy Reid has 1 year left on his contract.

  184. A lot of vitriol for Andy tonight. I would sum up the 14 years this way:

    Unfulfilled, frustrating, exasperating,confusing but……

    he did help resurrect this franchise from Rhodes,Kotite and he always gave props to the fans and help build Eagle Nation. Good luck to him. It was just time for him to move on.

    Lurie needs to make sure the next coach doesn’t get 14 chances.

  185. Ruben Frank has already reported that Andy is out. His meeting with Lurie has already taken place before the game.

  186. No hating on Andy, 5 NFC championship games hate to see it end this way. Hiring Washburn was the worst thing he did, that dude undermined every good thing he did single handedly destroyed his locker room.

  187. Andy is to finish his contract .. LMAO I KNEW IT

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