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Future Eagles Teams Will Be Built On Roseman Drafts

Regardless of who the new coach is, we know that Eagles GM Howie Roseman will play a prominent role in the draft choices.  Jeffrey Lurie emphasized today that Roseman had a major hand in the 2012 draft, but the drafts of 2010 and 2011 were primarily the products of Andy Reid and Joe Banner.

I asked Roseman what was the difference between his drafting style compared to that of Reid and Banner.   He said the Eagles are going to focus on getting the best player on the board rather getting a player who fits a need.

It worked in the 2012 draft, but it had better keep working.  Reid and Banner won’t be here to take any of the blame.

Roseman said they over-evaluated the current roster. That’s an understatement.  He also said they overrated the chemistry of the roster.  For some reason a good player like DeMeco Ryans didn’t demand better play out of his veteran teammates on the defense.  I asked him whether he thought some of his teammates needed to be called on the carpet and he said no.

He never said anything to them and that didn’t work.

Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a great talent, but I don’t think I want him around my younger players because he knows how to underachieve.  He likes to coast when he can.  All the veterans on next year’s team should be hard workers.  The young players will emulate what they see the veterans doing.

DRC had a great summer camp, but what good is that, it doesn’t count.  He was pushing himself then, but once they got into the season, he started coasting rather than pushing his game to another level.  DRC’s coach needs to be in his face and chewing him out.

Many times on losing teams the players are more interested in who gets blamed for a bad play or a loss rather than how do we find to prevent them.  Think about it.  Many Nmandi Asomugha who has never played on a winning team, was pointing at the safety who was supposed to be in the deep middle rather than trying to run down the receiver who was scoring a touchdown.

Football doesn’t seem to be the most important item on Asomugha’s schedule every day.  It’s seems that he’s aspiring to be in the U.S. Senate rather in the Super Bowl.

The bad outcomes from the Jason Babin and Asomugha signings prove again that you can’t build a playoff caliber-team through free agency.  You can find a player here or a player there, but you can’t build the foundation of your team through free agency.

In the past the Eagles did sign some free agents.  They met a couple of needs when they signed Troy Vincent and Jon Runyan, but they made sure those players had great character.  Both Vincent and Runyan became leaders on those good Eagles teams.  They both exhibited a work ethic that spread to younger players.

I believe Jeffrey Lurie was right when he said you have get back to the fundamentals of drafting well and developing young players.  I am somewhat concerned about this 2012 draft class because they were exposed to the wrong way to prepare and compete in the NFL.  They should burn the tape of that New York Giants game.

Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy said not all the players bought into the system and what Reid was trying to do.  Maclin specified that some of the free agents didn’t buy into the Eagles system.  McCoy talked about players not giving their best effort.

I think Michael Vick’s comments about his teammates not giving it everything they’ve got were accurate, but they were also much too late.  He should have been in somebody’s face much earlier in the season.

Vick was far too much a nice guy to his teammates.  It’s as if he’s reluctant to be tough on guys because he feels the dogfighting scandal is still hanging over his head.  He should get over that.  Vick should have been chewing out members of his offensive line for most of the season.

Some players respond to kindness, but others respond to insults.  A quarterback should sort his teammates out and know who needs to be chewed out and who needs to be hugged. on Facebook

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  1. The problem is, it is hard for Vick to call people out when he turns the ball over so much and has not played well. People are not going to respect a leader who is not doing his part. Vick no doubt played hard, but I don’t think he is above an average quarterback and on the downside of his career.

  2. The title of the article is kind of moot isn’t it? We all know Howie is building this team don’t we? I mean there is no one else in the organization in a position to do this. Howie is Lurie’s boy. He made that quite clear in today’s press conference. All the fans hope is Howie knows what the hell he is doing from the draft to selecting a head coach. Because if he screws up he is the guy Lurie will ax next.

  3. I agree G-Man.
    This Team has lacked leadership since Dawkins & McNabb/Westbrook
    Bringing in new players like Jenkins, Ryan’s just doesn’t rub off
    On Other Veteran Players who were already on the Eagles
    Where was Celek, Herreman’s, Trent Cole, Avant during the Season

  4. NFL Network reports that Eagles will be interviewing Falcons
    D/C Mike Nolan on Friday
    Also reported that Andy Reid is interviewing with the Arizona Cardinals

    Asst Marc Ross of the NY Giants is interviewing for open GM
    Position with the Carolina Panthers
    49ers Director of Player Personnel Tom Gamble is set to interview
    For Open GM positions in Cleveland and Jacksonville

  5. Both Marc Ross and Tom Gamble both worked for the Eagles and are local younger guys who have solid backgrounds, have knowledge of talent and both have most recently worked for successful teams and would have bee good Hires to help Roseman out in the Front Office

    • Gamble should be our GM! I have ZERO faith in the inexperienced gopher, that we have as GM! Lurie kicked Reid & Banner in the nads, while out the door, rightfully so, but he failed to mention, that Rosebuds had say in the dream team & the wanna be future dynasty. I don’t forget all of the interviews he gave, patting himself on the back, finalizing all of the free agent signings, & talking about how excited he was answering his cell phone! Let’s hope the 2012, is going to be as solid, as I think it is going to be, because since Howie has gained his power, his record, is leaving LITTLE, to be desired! BTW, Lurie is a BS artist, & is full of diarrhea!

  6. Great Game (Chick-Fil-a Bowl)
    LSU 14 -Clemson 13 at halftime
    Checking on some good NFL Prospects

  7. Not a path Lurie would take to “help” Roseman. Those guys have been doing it for a while.They would want to run the show which is what Howie wants to prove to Lurie he can do.

    Lets hope Howie knows what he is doing.

  8. PAULMAN – Have you heard anything about the Eagles interested in Jay Gruden? He has done a great job with Andy Daulton and the Bengals offense

  9. reports that sources close to Jon Gruden believe he could end up in Philly. I can see that happening

  10. **More News**

    -Confirming report Eagles have requested permission to interview Atlanta OC Dirk Koetter, DC Mike Nolan and STC Keith Armstrong

    -Dirk Koetter was with Andy Reid in 1985 at San Francisco State and was at UTEP in 1987 with Andy and Marty Mornhinweg.

  11. NFL Network reported that Lurie came to the decision once the Eagles reached 4-8 and playoffs were out of Reach as well as a Winning Season and that he’s come up with a short list of Candidates to replace Reid (4-5 Candidates)
    And that he will likely hire one for this short list that he’s been working on for the last month
    I believe it will be between Mike Nolan, Dirk Koetter, Josh, McDaniels, Tom Clement and Jay Gruden and will most likely stay with an Offensive minded Coach
    And yes I do believe that Jay Gruden will be interviewed and has a bright future ahead of him

  12. Josh Mcdaniel told teams he is staying put with the NE Patriots. Smart move. Hes still not ready to be a head coach and he knows that. I respect that.

  13. Dirk Koetter was HC at Univerity of Ariizona a few Seasons with little sucess
    And then was OC at Jacksonville Jaguars with so-so sucess before landing in Atlanta as their OC where he’s blossomed probably because of the good Talent at QB and WR that they gave in Atlanta..

  14. Dirk Koetter will be interviewed this Wednesday by the Eagles.

  15. Names sources say Eagles owner jeff lurie coach list is as follows.. Bill Obrien,dirk koetter,greg Roman,bruce arians,chip kelly.

    My thoughts: Subject to add more names but this is Lurie’s list. And I really like it. Some serious candidates here. I’m pumped for the future of this franchise.

    • All except for Chip Kelly, thats a great list Jon……But like I said Vic Fangio should be apart of this as well.

      He could also find an offensive minded Offensive Coordinator to help with any lack of offensive knowledge….Again like Joe Lombardi, another innovative mind that the Eagles are going to wiff on

  16. O O O O O. great. We get blownout every game and we have a list of oc’s only. Amazing.

  17. Cant believe the bears fired Lovie Smith the were 10-6.. I think that was a mistake apparently alot of the Bears and Ditka are pissed

  18. Stevo
    Who do you want? OC seems to be the more logical selection. I’m sure whoever becomes our new HC he will bring in a top notch DC. I just want to see an agressive coach

  19. Dirk Koetter recruited Nick Foles coming out of High School and was going to go there but Koetter went to the NFL

  20. Nobody knows who the Eagles are gonna choose your gonna here rumors everyday about who’s gonna be the coach.

  21. I don’t buy one ounce of the Roseman is “Only” responsible for the 2012 draft even though he’s been the GM since 2010. Personally, I think Rick Mueller being the new addition to the organization and running College scouting at a time where the Eagles drafted better isn’t a coincidence.

    Last year at this time Lurie was questioned about Roseman’s qualities and he immediately pointed to the signing of the multiple free agents as being a great thing that Roseman did for the organization. This year when asked about what went wrong he characterized the overloading of free agents as giving the organization “indigestion” yet there was no criticism of Roseman on that…The reality is that it doesn’t matter what kind of job Roseman does for the team Lurie just wants him in the position he’s in.

    The only benefit is that Mueller is still running college scouting at this point, but I can guarantee if the Eagles have another one or two good drafts Mueller will be up for consideration for a GM job…he// with the number of GM vacancies he may not be with the Eagles for much longer at this point, but once that guy’s gone I suspect the Eagle’s drafting fortunes will be down the tubes just like 2010 and 2011. You know I always question when people say other people are the problem, but those other people aren’t around to defend themselves.

  22. The draft is a collective procedure.. I just dont want anymore runts.. I have no problem with small players here and there but it seems they go out of theyre way to draft undersized guys.. Thats why the eagles have no toughness they get bullied and beat up by aggressive teams.. We need a big physical fast receiver.. Every single one of the top 6 recievers are monsters.. Megatron, Andre Johnson, Demetrius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant …

    There is a guy at virginia tech whos 6’4 232lbs and can run Marcus Davis

    • Don’t disagree…current defensive rules favor physical receivers who can make a play on the ball, but easier said than done. Don’t mind Davies late, but I want a WR who wants to block down field. Knock Cooper all you want but his down field blocking is above average and the strength of this football team is the backfield.

  23. I hope Roseman can become a draft guru. We need all the luck in the world now.

  24. Happy New Year!

    What a Amazing Christmas Gifts…

    Andy Reid and his girly offense and defense finally gone.

    FIRED! What a great ring to it.

    And the 4th Pick in the Draft.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Lurie gave Andy enough time to have the janitor at nova care wedge his fat ass out the back door while Jeff pontificated about the future of the birds, it is concerning that he’s apparently putting a lot of trust in Roseman going forward, giving him props for the’12 draft, if you are a top coaching candidate with some testosterone do you think you want to here from Roseman about the potential of a man playing the ultimate mans game, Lurie can say he gets us all he wants but he doesn’t .

  26. Jake, what you’re talking about?

    Didn’t you here the “Golden Standard” spew verbal defalcation yesterday?

    Here’s the new quote that will haunt this pathetic owner for another 5 years……


    he’s delusional…this team is officially the Cleveland Browns.

    Let Vick go to a team that have heart from the owner down…this team deserves what’s coming.

    For years I thought the problem was just Reid….no guys…it’s evident.

    Who allowed or better yet assisted Reid during his incompetent time here?

    Now, he’s selling Howie?

    Get your brown bags ready.

  27. This will be an Exciting Off-Seaon for sure
    After getting a new Coaching Staff in place, then a decision about how this current Roster fits this new Coaching Staff’s philosophy…
    Anyway I look at it, the Eagles need to make some movers to
    Obtain at least 2 more Draft picks within the first 2 Rounds
    Either by trading down from the #4 spot or by trading or packaging some players with other picks to get at least 2 more Selections from the the Top #100 Selections.. Could packaging a Trent Cole or Jeremy Maclin or others accomplish this
    Look at the Teams Desperate for a new QB
    Of the Future who are selecting after the Eagles (Cardinals, Bills, Jets for example) Could one of these Teams give multiple picks to Eagles to move mup to #4 to get that QB or how about the Top LT (Joeckel)
    Could a Team like the Rams, Bears, Lions, even the Giants) who are desperate for OT offer the Eagles multiple picks for that #4 Selection
    I see 3-4 Defensive Playmakers in this Draft
    DT Star Lotukeile, OLB Jarvis Jones & LB Manti Teo
    And a good 4-5 quality OT’s who could Start at RT from Day 1
    For the Eagles (assuming that Peters returns healthy)
    If Eagles can grab one of the 3 Def Playmakers, while still
    Getting another Draft pick or 2 in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds at add more Depth on their Roster, then this would be a great Start for the new Era which is about the begin

    • I said the other day, if they don’t draft Lotuleilei, or Te’o, I’d trade the #4 pick to the Rams, for their 2 #1’s & a 3rd, or 4th. It’s possible, because they are desperate for a stud OT!

  28. An article on profootball talk suggests a power struggle between Reid and roseman for the past 2 years in drafting method. According to the article Roseman was the man pulling the trigger in 2012.

    Also I like the 5 cantidates that Howard Eskin reported .. Obrien, roman, kuetter, Kelly and arians

  29. Lure said something at the press conference that doomed this franchise from ever winning a super bowl while he’s the owner, he said he looks forward to welcoming Reid back to the eagles wall or hall of fame, are you kidding me, that’s the gold standard, it’s not about winning the super bowl, being almost champion once, in eagles land under Lurie you are a hall of famer, eagles are losers

  30. Go phillies, there’s your championship franchise, eagles=losers

  31. Jake…exactly…

    Eagles Wall of Fame are players and coaches who never won a Super Bowl.

  32. I guess Mike Tomlin lacks testosterone with Kevin Colbert picking his players for him? Colbert never played any ball. Same with Sean Payton who is told what players to coach by Mickey Loomis – a basketball player. These guys have backgrounds similar to Roseman.

    Most of you guys don’t watch 10 college football games in a year, but come draft time you will talk like experts. So it obviously don’t take great football minds.

  33. I disagree Irish
    Some of us follow the College Seasons, the Bowl Games and Senoir week and all-star games for potential prospects leading up to the Combines to the Draft
    At least I do as well as many other regular posters on here
    (GMCliff, Songs,DCar, Stevo,Birdo, JH and many others)
    Some organizations like the Steelers, Ravens, Giants, Bears, Pats typically follow a pretty consistent pattern to their Drafts
    Is Roseman up to meet these GM’s Consistency in Srafting players that best fit their schemes, I sure hope so, but Rosenan will have to prove it to us for sure
    I believe it all starts with having a Franchise Identity and now the Eagles will have display this thru their transition to a new Coach and hopefully a new philosophy than we’ve seen the last few years

  34. That’s great Paul. In that case, this board will be a good place to come and read everyone’s thoughts on the draft.

    The thing that surprises me is that people don’t seem to think Roseman knows anything. And, they don’t seem to hear what Lurie says. Even the sportscasters in this town have trouble hearing.

    Lurie said that he charted everyone’s player ratings over several years and found that Roseman’s research and ratings were always far better than the others. Yet people continue to say that Lurie is basing his decision on one draft…

    I’m willing to give the guy a chance.

    • Irish, a lot of us watch a lot of College football, every week. At least I know Paul, GMCliff & myself do. This is when we thrive Irish, with water cooler & hot stove talk. Not perfect, but a lot better than their front offices decisions. I know teams could give a rats @$$ about our opinions, & problem solving, but if their front office, would have listened to Paul’s GMCliff’s & my opinions, the last 3 off-seasons, they wouldn’t have their current issues!

  35. What are everyone’s thoughts about the future of D Jackson and D Watkins with the Eagles? I know both were hurt but there seemed to be more going on with both.

  36. Jackson is the fastest WR in the NFL which will be one of the reasons potential coaches will find the job attractive in the first place, so he’s not going anywhere. Watkins may hit his stride using conventional blocking techniques, but there’s no coach that will give a second thought to cutting him if he’s not a cut above the rest in training camp.

    • DJAX is one of the cancers on this team. As a player he is a one trick pony

      • Agreed! Overpaid, over-hyped, brittle, one trick pony, who does Houdini, with the best of them. A Rosebud move, by the way Lurie, along with the mistake of resigning Cole. As I said this time last year, they needed to sign Vincent Jackson. I know someone can say it’s hindsight, but I said it nonetheless. Look at the contract/ intangibles comparisons.
        VJax- 6’5″, 230 lbs, 29 years old, 344 rec, 6138 yards, 17.8 avg, 45 td’s, contract signed 5 years, $55.5M;
        DJax- 5’9″, 170 lbs, 26 years old, 274 rec, 4785 yards, 17.5 avg, 23 tds, contract signed 5 years, $51M. Who would you rather have?!? One of either DJax, or Maclin, have to go, & be replaced by a big, physical, fast & talented WR. I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting one, high in the draft.
        Justin Hunter- Tennessee- 6’4″
        Keenan Allen- California- 6’2″
        Terrance Williams- Baylor- 6’3″
        DeAndre Hopkins- Clemson- 6’1″
        Da’Rick Rogers- Tennessee Tech- 6’3″
        Cordarrelle Patterson- Tennessee- 6’3″
        Cobi Hamilton- Arkansas- 6’3″
        Robert Woods- USC- 6’1″
        Jared Abbrederis- Wisconsin- 6’2″
        Jordan Matthews- WR, Vanderbilt- 6’3″
        Ryan Swope- Texas A&M- 6’1″
        Aaron Dobson- Marshall- 6’3″
        Marcus Davis- Virginia Tech- 6’4″
        As you can see, very, very deep with big talented WR’s that can be had in the first 3 rounds. They must come out of this draft, with a starting WR! I say trade back, with the Rams, get their 2 1st & 3rd. Get a WR, Safety, Cornerback, D-linemen, in the first 3 rounds.
        #16- NT Jonathan Hankins.
        #22- WR Justin Hunter/ Keenan Allen
        #35- CB Jonathan Banks.
        #69- FS Kenny Vaccaro/ OLB Chase Thomas
        #80- OT Kyle Long/ SS Robert Lester
        #100- TE Travis Kelce
        My early wishes.

        • What’s up DCar!!! I had to chime in. Thanks for the love Brother. You know me, I have to respond to something I feel strong about. I don’t think DJack, in the best WR in the league. However I do think he is one of the most dangerous weapons the Eagles have, and there is no one in this draft that is close to his talent…..not even close.

          I would trade Maclin, and attempt to sign Greg Jennings, AND Dwayne Bowe, to strengthen the WR Core. Then all the pressure is taken off DeSean to perform like the #1 receiver, and takes a defenses focus off just him, so that he can play like we we’re used to his first 2 years as a pro.

          Most would think with their heart, because there frustrated with DJck, but he was still our leading receiver the last 2 years, and this year. I blame his lack of stats on 1) the combination Offensive Line/QB play. If they cant protect the QB, and he can’t get the ball to him, 2) all the while he is double teamed by the CB/S, he’s not realistically going to light it up. Remember, he IS LIGHTYEARS BETTER than any WR in the draft this year, and last year.

          • Who was the Best Rookie WR last year? If you remember last summer, most wanted Kendall Wright, and Michael Floyd…….busts!!

            Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it….I say don’t go there.

            • SUP Cliff! I agrre with almost everything you say. I like DJax, but he is NOT an elite #1 WR, is a one trick pony, another 1 of the Houdini quitters, & it was a major mistake not signing VJax, at similar $$$! I agree, Maclin is an alligator armed, invisible man, made of tissue paper, & NEEDS to go! I’m sick of watching him running to the ground, after every catch, & I’m sick of watching him get hurt on every freaking hit! You & I where dead set against Wright & Floyd, last year. LOL! I disagree about this years WR crop. This year is loaded with big, physical, talented WR’s. I think Hunter, Allen, Williams, Rogers & Patterson, are all going to be true #1’s & #2 WR’s & there are at least 6-8 more with huge upside. We need big talented players on this team, no more heartless, sackless smurfs, made of tissue paper. What do you think of trading back? Would you just take Lotuleilei, Te’o, or Joeckel.

              • Me, if they don’t trade back, I’d draft Lotuleilei, to play NT in 3-4, or Te’o to play SAM, in a 4-3. That’s why I think the coach selection is huge. I think with our current roster, we are better suited for 3-4 base DF, we just need a NT & another 3-4 OLB. Jenkins, Cox, Curry, & Thornton, are perfect for 3-4 DE’s. Kendricks & Ryans can be the MLB’s, Graham, Hunt, are better suited for 3-4 rushing, OLB.

              • I dont think Luke Joeckel is all that……He is too light in the pants for the pros.

                I want the Eagles to draft Lotululei hands down. Play him next to Cox and you’ve already solidified the middle of your D-Line for the next 8 years…….

                I’ve also been on record, that I want the Eagles to trade for another #1, and draft Te’o as well. It would be smart to shore up our LB’s…

              • DCar, I can guarantee you the Rams will NEVER MAKE THAT DEAL…They need too much, and there is no one in the draft that is that dominating at any position to think about doing that.

              • Yeah DCar, they are taller, and bigger…BUT…They are not better right now than DeSean; …and most of them never will.

  37. IrishEagle…even if I bought what Lurie was saying about believing Roseman’s notes were better than the others’ notes (which I don’t. It’s not the best litmus) Roseman being a lawyer and having an intense desire to please Lurie in any way he could and knowing Lurie would be observant makes it very unsurprising that he was/is a fastidious note taker.

    All that nonsense aside there’s the glaring inconsistency of praising Roseman for signing a bunch of free agents in the season’s end press conference last year while also, selectively omitting Roseman’s involvement in those transactions while say they adversely effected the team this year. He knows at some level that those two things don’t square, but he’s unwilling to confront the issue at this point for his self and he’s certainly not going to air it out in public.

  38. The owner said – “I (meaning he, Lurie) keep voluminous notes on talent evaluation, on not just who we draft, but who is valued in each draft by each person that is in the organization that’s working here,” Lurie said. “I came to the conclusion that the person that was providing by far the best talent evaluation in the building was Howie Roseman”. – I don’t believe the owner has to lie about that.

    I don’t see an inconsistency with the owner praising Roseman for his negotiating abilities in signing free agents to contracts, and then saying those players adversely effected the team. I don’t believe Roseman chose the free agents.

  39. I wanna know who was responsible for the bottom half of this roster? Again who cares that your 27 million under the cap when you have cheap back ups who can’t play. I guess Howie had nothing to do with that.

  40. I get you want to draft the best player, but if by chance, each time your number is called on the draft board, the best player is, say for example, a Center, do you draft 7 or 8 Centers when you have needs on the defensive side?

    I think you have to, at some point, draft for need. You always have a need somewhere and you either fill that need from free agency or the draft – it’s one or the other. You simply cannot ignore positions completely when drafting.

    I would say you draft the best player in rounds 1-2 or 3 where to top talent across the board is supposed to be and then draft for need and depth after that picking the best remaining player at certain positions.

  41. Paulman…thought you would like this.

    You and the losers here who claimed Burfict wouldn’t be in the league.

    Bengals rookie linebacker Vontaze Burfict had a whopping 18 tackles on Sunday against the Ravens, his highest total in a season in which he was the Bengals’ tackling leader. Burfict says Ravens running back Ray Rice deserves the credit.

    Early in that game, Burfict and Rice were pushing and shoving after a play, Rice got a personal foul penalty, and Burfict said Rice made him angry — and Rice should know not to make Burfict angry, because you wouldn’t like Burfict when he’s angry.

    “After he did that little cheap shot, I felt like, ‘OK, let’s go,’” Burfict said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It kind of had me on fire for the rest of the game. Just channeling my emotions in the right way.”

    Burfict said he’s going to channel that same energy in Saturday’s postseason game against the Texans.

    “It’s the playoffs. I should already be there,” Burfict said. “I should be ready to go, fired up. I’m excited. I’ve got another chance to try to get to the Super Bowl in my rookie year. I know some guys with 10 years in the league who haven’t made it to the playoffs. I’m blessed with a great team, great teammates, and great coaches. Go into the playoffs and hopefully get this win this week.”

    If Burfict flies around the field against the Texans the way he did against the Ravens, he’ll give his team a good chance.

    Would you rather of had him or the weak ass bitches playing linebacker for this pathetic Eagles team?

    Like I said last offseason…

    The Eagles needed to inject someone kickass into this soft losers wanted keuchly….

    the Bengals got first round talent with an undrafted pick..he’s better than Kendricks who we drafted with high.

    told y’all losers.

    • No, you wanted us to take him with our first couple of picks. Cut it out with your selective memory.

      • And nobody pined for Keuchly, most of us wanted D-line. Again, selective memory! BTW, Keuchly lead the league in tackles. Yeah he is bad!

    • Burfict has a Great Rookie Season no doubt, and got on the perfect Team with the Bengals who run an attacking Scheme with their front 7..
      They (Marv Lewis, DC M Zimmer and a couple of Vetera Players (Ray Malaguala/Pacman Jone) went out of their way to set Burfict up to succeed, got him nutitionist which helped him lose 20 lbs while maintaining his Strength)
      This most likely would not have happened with the Eagles with their lack of Leadership that we all have discussed all Season long and Burfit would have been a Bust here…

      • Paul, I think he would have been successful on any just about any team. The guy was hungry; and the Eagles should have brought him in, or drafted him instead of Brandon Washington…..Our loss

        • The Eagles have not done a good job of Developing young players into consistent Starters in the NFL.. Trent Cole & Brett Celek are about the last 2 Players I can recall that were Drafted and actually groomed and mentored and who actually improved from their first couple of Seasons to what the became about 2 Seasons ago and not are on way back down..
          But I look at 2-3-4 Year Players now like D-Jax,Maclin, Nate Allen, Chaney, Mathews, Marsh, Watkins,Harbor ..Have any of these Players actually improved sinice being Drafted… This Franchise has become a “Prospect Killer” and no one wnats to come to PHilly anymore and especially with the bust Free-Agent SIgnings of Recent Years..

    • kuechly will be Defensive rookie of the year, if he isn’t than he will be 2nd in voting behind Bobby Wagner ( ouch! this years version on the pierre paul bad selection )

    • So what dude!

      I was the only one calling for LeSean McCoy back in 09 while you were campaigning for Knowshon Moreno. You dumb ass.

  42. Songs,
    Great call on Burfict. You were the only person that thought he would be a player other than his mother including the pro’s that should have known better!

  43. Confirmed Dirk Koetter signs extension with falcons

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