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With Andy Reid Fired, Jeffrey Lurie Ramps Up Search For A Coach

It’s official.  Jeffrey Lurie has fired Andy Reid and he’s have a news conference at 12 noon today.  Lurie is expected be there, but it’s not clear whether Reid will be there.

Lurie probably informed Reid that he would be fired today, but agreed not to release that information to the media prior to this morning.   That way Reid was able to deny it yesterday, but his agent was able to officially get on the phone on Friday and start looking for another job.

I learned from a source close to former Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl winning head coach Bill Cowher, that he has talked to Lurie in the last week.  I don’t know if Lurie was inquiring about his interest in the head coaching job or consulting with him about who he should hire.

You know Chip Kelly is the number one target.  There have been reports about him wanting to have complete control over personnel, which I don’t see happening here in Philadelphia.

I don’t like the idea of bringing in a guy with no NFL experience.  His offense will be contended in many additional ways in the NFL as compared to college.  In college ball defenses back away from explosive offenses, but in the NFL defenses attack them and challenge them.

Giving the job to somebody, who has no NFL experience, is too much of a chance, in my opinion.  I surely wouldn’t give him control of the personnel.

Bill O’Brien of Penn State is on the Eagles short list.  He’s an impressive young coach, who showed us a year ago that he has outstanding leadership skills and a great offensive mind.  Should he be considering leaving the school only a year after talking all of those players into making a commitment to stay there?  The Birds will have to put up $9 million dollar to get him out of his contract.  I think he’s need to stay put in order to maintain his reputation as a man of his word.

Bruce Arians of the Indianapolis Colts has to be on the list.  As an interim head coach, Arians led the Colts to an 11-win season and the playoffs.

I would like to see the Eagles hire a successful NFL assistant coach.  One of the most important tasks for a new coach is putting a staff.  A quality NFL assistant coach knows who the other good quality NFL assistant coaches are.

Here are some of the other names who could be on the Eagles list:

Stanford head coach, David Shaw – Coaches a physical style of football and has NFL experience.

Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell – coaches a physical version of the west coast offense

San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator,  Greg Roman – coaches a physical style of ball and has been able to adapt his offense to different quarterbacks

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio – coaches a physical style of defensive football

Houston Texans offensive coordinator, Rick Dennison – proponent of the zone blocking scheme on Facebook

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44 Comments for “With Andy Reid Fired, Jeffrey Lurie Ramps Up Search For A Coach”

  1. No on Chip Kelly, no on any college coach. I think Shaw stays at Stanford he is on the verge of adding to his resume. Can’t see Howie handing over power to Kelly,O’Brien, Shaw or any one from the college ranks.

    No retreads like Cowher, Gruden, Billick, Dungy and the rest .

    Mike Mcoy, Vic Fangio. Let’s gauge their interst and work down the list

  2. Now you know why I was stating 12/31/2012 for the last 2 months..

    Chip Kelly will not be coming to Philly.. He want’s Player Personnel Authority as well as Coaching and will not get that from Lurie who knows from experience with Andy Reid over the recent years that handling too many duites is not conduscive to Winning Football.. Chip Kelly’s name is on every Teams Fan Pages from San Diego,Arizona,Kansas City, Charlotte,Tennesee, Buffalo to Philadelphia..

  3. Forget Chip Kelly and all the other big name Coaches, the Eagles arent gonna give any of them the control they want, to me this should be simple, Bruce Arians! We all see now he was the reason why Big Ben turned out as good as he did, look at him this year without him, looked like an average QB, Look at the Colts, 11 wins with a rookie QB and about four other rookies starting, this guy would do wonders for Foles plus we wouldnt have to worry about someone like Kelly coming in and using a QB that doesnt fit his system, we seen how that played out with Reid n Vick, Bruce Arians!!!!!!!

  4. Just heard McCoy is flying into Chicago to interview. Hope we are next

    • I hear it’s a done deal with Mike McCoy and Bears which will be announced
      later this Week..
      Also heard that a Deal between Chump Kelly and Arizona Cardinals will be
      announced after the Duck’s Bowl Game later this Week…

      Any Reid and Lovie Smith will join Forces for the San Diego Chargers
      Andy Reid will be GM, HC and charge of the Offense for 3 Seasons
      Lovie SMith will be DC & Asst HC of the CHargers and move to HC once Andy Reid moves to the Front Office permantely..
      Lots of moving parts as usual..

      • I thought you couldn’t do business with a guy who’s team is still playing. No?

        • The NFL now allows “Coordinator’s” & “Position Coaches” to Interview up thru the next 2 Weeks or so.. They started this a couple years back when the Coaches Association were complaining that worthy Candidates from the Best Teams year after year were unable to get Promotions or HC Interviews if they had to wait until after their Seasons were over since many Teams would fill positions by then…

      • Good, because Peyton Manning is the Offensive Coordinator, in Denver, and this guy is reaping the benefits…..Fraud

  5. Chicago Bears Fire HC Lovie Smith
    Buffalo BIlls Fire HC Chan Gailey
    KC Chiefs Fire HC Romeo Crennel but keep GM Pioli
    Browns Fire HC Shurmur and GM Heckert
    Chargers Fire Turner and GM Smith
    Jaguars Fire GM Smith
    Titans meeting with Coach Munchak
    Cardinals Owners meeting with Coach and GM

  6. Black Monday indeed heads rolling everywhere, makes it that much tougher getting the right guy.

  7. McCoy is from Mountain States and will have little interest in coming to the East Coast.. Remember once past Illinois to the West and Virginia to the South,most remaining folks do not care for the hustle,bustle,congestion costs of the Northeast way of life ..

  8. The Postions and Strong Candidates will fill up quickly..
    If the Eagles cannot hire an up and coming Coordiator within the next 10 Days or so, then probably a re-tread that’s left over in the 2nd/3rd Tier Group..
    (Dave Wannstadt, Brian Billick, Dick Jarun… as I yawn..)

  9. Yeah Mike McCoy is now my first choice too. I just hope he know some good defensive coaches to bring with him…

  10. Here is an ironic twist: If Andy coaches next year he could possibly be coaching an Eagles opponent in 2013:

    KC, OAK, SD, ARIZ, CHI,DET. How about that possibility?

  11. Bing in Juan as head coach!!!!


    This team is a damn joke!

  12. Songs, just read a great article on and they had your Redskins listed at the third worst franchise since 2000. Hahahaha. Remember when Songs said they were a winning organization and has an owner who will go out and spend any amount of money on free agents? As if that is a good thing. RIP Songs; you will not be missed.

  13. all i know is as soon as this presser is over Lurie should schedule a meeting with Former Cardinal Coach Whisenhunt. Guy knows how to build a championship Defense and his lack of recent success in Arizona has been due to his GM not getting him a QB. this guy can build a sick defense. if we could get him as head coach or better yet d coord we would be taking a step in the right direction no doubt

  14. Combo of Wisenhut and Russ Grimm would be just what the Eagles need
    as far as becoming a more physical, run first and overall a more fundamentally sound Team..

  15. Well, I am officially a little nervous. Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski will be the three man team evaluating the candidates. Let’s see 2 non football guys and a wannabe football guy. Hmmm……..

    • im pretty sure all 3 guys are football guys. if what lurie just said is true roseman is a good talent evaluator. lurie said basically reid and or banner made personnel decisions in each year prior to 2012 and that roseman was responsible for 2012…

  16. Paulman, nothing was mentioned in the presser about Tom Donohue. You have been mentioning his name for months.

  17. Paulman.

    Interested in your perspective. look over the defense. You have been selected as the DC. Who do you actually keep?

    • Hey Phillyfan

      As a DC, I would keep the Following Players

      DE – Keep Cole,Graham,Hunt,Curry (I would entertain Trade offers for Trent Cole and release Darryl Tapp)
      DT – Fletcher Cox, C Thornton ( I release M Patterson, D Landri and attempt to Trade Cullen Jenkins)

      LB Corp – I keep Ryans,Kendricks for sure and open Competition for the remainging 3-4 LB’s .. I would Draft a LB & bring in a Free-Agent to replace Matthews, Jordan for sure..

      I release Asmo, do not Re-sign DRC and release Safety Coleman & Sims
      I draft a Safety and a CB
      I sign a Free-Agent Safety (Jarius Byrd, Moore, D Gholston, L Delmas)
      I sign a Free-Agent Safety (A Talib, M Jenkins,M Trufant, A Cason, T Porter, C Griffin)
      (I would plan on CB Boykin and Marsh to compete at 1 Outside CB along with the Draft Pick and a veteran Free Agent at the other CB spot)

  18. Apparently, ‘Tom Donahoe’ isn’t involved in the selection process for the new coach: This according to Lurie: ‘Myself, Howie and Don Smolenski’ will be involved in the hiring process, and I will make the final decision’.

    Rumours have been floating about the mysterious Mr. Donahoe on some web sites.

    In any case, Reid made a ton of money for Lurie, but now he is gone…It will be interesting to follow the hiring process for the new coach.

    Listening to ‘sports talk/bullshitters radio’ most of the ‘commentators’ are relatively clueless.

    • Howie and Smolenski are accountants. One of the very few lessons I learned in college – and subsequently learned in the real world – is that you never put accountants in a position to make qualitative decisions about your business… unless you want to go out of business.

      Can only hope these guys break the mold. We all know Banner was a bean counter….

  19. phillyfan
    December 31, 2012 – 1:53 pm

    Look over the defense. You have been selected as the DC. Who do you actually keep?

    Sorry for butting in: I would simply bring in Marcus Vick to take care of the ‘no fight’ dogs in the ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ defense. [—-)

    Happy New Year!

  20. I thnk we will hear the Eagles name Tom Donahoe Officially from Advisor to VP of Football Ops here in about another week or so..

    Cardinals also fired GM Ron Graves leaving the Door Wide open for them to
    HIre CHip Kelly as HC and Oversee Player Personnel, keep Ray HOrton to oversee the Defense, Draft Geno Smith with their 1st Round PIck and play that helter skelt,up-tempo out in the Desert giving the Cardindal’s a nice home field advantage in the warm months..

  21. if a solid coach with credentials is not hired with power that exceeds Howie’s?

    Eagles 2013 – 3-13 Record

    Skins 2013 – 12-4

  22. Tom Donahoe is just an advisor, nothing more!

  23. I would Trade Trent Cole for a 3rd Rd Pick (Panthers)
    I would Trade D-Jax for a 2nd & 5th Rd Pick (Raiders,Cardinals if Chip Kelly goes there)

  24. Eagles reportedly discussing HC Position with current HC of Roosevelt High School, Roseman States, “This Cat knows Football, and understands the Philly Fans and can relate to the young Players”
    All Players over 24 Years of Age will be Released by the Club Feb 5th per Sources , more Details at 11pm..

  25. Of the names that have been mentioned thus far I think only Jon Gruden and maybe Roman could actually get a beast of a DC, like Lovie Smith in the front door. Outside of Reid I don’t think any of the fired HCs will get an interview for a HC job.

    • Good call Butch, but I think Lovie will get another HC gig. IMHO, he got a bad rap in Chicago. It ain’t his fault, that the Pack are in their division, & that their GM has failed, every year to give him a NFL calibre starting O-line. WR’s & secondary. My picks in order- Billick, McCoy, Fangio, Arians, Shaw. I don’t want any retreads, Gimmicky college coaches, & inexperienced dumb@$$e$. One thing that disturbs me after the PC, is Lurie said that the rest of the coaching staff, is under contract, & will be given every opportunity to stay! IS HE ON LSD?!? In no way, shape, or form, should Morningwood, toilet Bowels, April, Zordich, Tommy Brasher, Mike Caldwell, David Culley, Tom Melvin, Doug Pederson, be allowed even in the Nova Care again. The only ones I’d even consider giving a reprieve, are Duce Staley, Ted Williams,
      & Barry Rubin- Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. Everything, including the roster needs to be nuked!

      • BTW, hells to the NO, to Chip Kelly!I WANT ZERO PARTS of him!!!! I wish everyone would give it up. He wants full control of whatever situation, he comes into. WTF, gives im the delusional, right to think, he is even qualified to ask for such asinine power?!? He has never coached, nor played, at all in the NFL! Exactly what players has he gotten to the next level, as a solid- good NFL player? I can’t find any! Is this cat serious?!? GTFO!!! ROFLMFBO!

  26. ****HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all the GCOBB BRUH’S!!!****

  27. Reports/ Sources state that Bobby April will also interview for the HC Position of the Eagles

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