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Revisiting My Predictions About The 2012 Eagles

Back on September 3rd, I wrote an article with four predictions about the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles.

Now that the season has come to an end, let’s take a look back at those predictions and see which ones I hit and missed on.

Prediction #1: Michael Vick Will Not Improve In 2012

What I said:

“I’m not a fan of Michael Vick’s game, and I never have been. The Eagles (and Vick himself) spent the off-season telling everyone that Vick understood he needed to play a much smarter brand of football in order to keep himself healthy and cut down on his high turnover rate from 2011.

The idea behind this thought process was that Vick would benefit from finally having a full off-season to work with the coaching staff and correct his various flaws. But the off-season has come and gone, and even though we’ve only seen a limited sample of the quarterback in training camp and the preseason, he’s given more reason for doubt, and provided no evidence that there have been significant changes in his approach to the game.

Vick’s mentality is to be as aggressive as possible, and never give up on a play. That means that instead of throwing the ball away, or protecting himself from unnecessary contact, he’s going to make reckless decisions that will provide opposing defenses with turnover opportunities, and leave himself open to crushing hits.

Vick’s physical talent and potential will always be through the roof, but he’ll always be his own worst enemy because he’ll never be a smart player. I think his play in the preseason spoke volumes about just how little he’s changed and developed since 2011. If the former Falcon wasn’t willing to throw the ball away, slide instead of dive on runs, and take his aggressiveness down a notch in meaningless preseason games, why should anyone believe that he’ll be any different in the regular season?

A player over 30-years old just isn’t going to be coached out of bad habits that have been with him for his whole career.”

What Happened:

In 2011, Michael Vick finished the season with 3,303 yards with 18 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and two lost fumbles in 13 games.

In 2012, Vick finished with 2,362 yards, 12 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and three lost fumbles in 10 games. Improvement? I don’t think so.

Vick was a disaster in 2012. He was horribly inconsistent and erratic, and there was absolutely no evidence that a full off-season with the coaching staff was able to help him improve the flaws in his game. Vick never stopped turning the ball over, and never learned to properly read a defense. He played the same reckless style of football he’s played for the majority of his career; leaning on his raw athletic talent to get the job done while routinely making backbreaking mistakes that hurt his team’s chances to win.

Vick’s poor play cost the team throughout the season. He did everything in his power to give the game away on Opening Day to the Cleveland Browns, and his turnovers and inability to recognize a blitz cost this team dearly in losses to the Cardinals and Steelers.

Before the season, Vick ran around telling everyone that this would be the start of a dynasty and that he had corrected his flaws from the 2011 campaign. As I said in my prediction before the season, a player that is already over 30-years old can’t just drop bad habits that they’ve had throughout their entire career.

Vick is not, never was, and never will be a championship-caliber quarterback. And being placed into an offensive scheme that asks him to put the offense on his back was a recipe for disaster from the start.

Prediction #2: King Dunlap Will Be Just Fine At Left Tackle

What I Said:

“Not many people trust Dunlap at left tackle, but I’m going to give the King a vote of confidence. While the fifth-year tackle hasn’t enjoyed an overwhelming amount of success in his career, I think he’s made great strides since the 2009 preseason when he looked like a turnstile against Colts’ star pass rusher Dwight Freeney.

Dunlap has had a good amount of time to learn and develop with this team. When Howard Mudd arrived as the team’s offensive line coach, he purged the team of all of their previous backups in favor of new players that fit his attack style. Solid players like Jamaal Jackson were sent to the bench. Players who had been serviceable starters like Winston Justice, Max Jean-Gilles, Mike McGlynn, and Nick Cole were all phased out of the offensive line picture by the end of 2011 training camp. But Dunlap survived, and proved that he could play both tackle and guard for Mudd.

The Eagles didn’t plan on Dunlap being their starter. They wanted Demetress Bell to be the guy, but things just haven’t worked out for the former Buffalo Bill. But though he wasn’t Plan A, I think the team is confident in Dunlap, and they believe he’s earned an opportunity to show what he can do after developing and improving for several years. I believe he’ll start the entire season at left tackle, and that he’ll do a good job.”

What Happened:

Well, this prediction wasn’t exactly fulfilled.

While Dunlap started the majority of the year at left tackle, he was far from a stabilizing presence. He was just as bad as any other member of the offensive line, and the only reason he was out there was because the team just didn’t have any better options.

I was obviously much more optimistic about Dunlap than most people were, but unfortunately he proved me wrong.

Prediction #3: Everyone Gets A Shot At The WILL

What I Said:

“Weakside linebacker is going to be a revolving door for most of the season. Steady Akeem Jordan gets the nod to start the season, but his job security is on a week-to-week basis. The veteran has had several opportunities to start during his six years with the Eagles, but he’s never been anything special. He certainly isn’t a liability, but it won’t be long before the team will be tempted to give opportunities to other players on the roster in hopes of getting more out of the position.

Jamar Chaney was supposed to be Brian Rolle’s competition, but injury has prevented the third-year linebacker from making a serious run at the job. He’s shown some flashes in the past, and may thrive more in a position where he can be free to focus more on attacking the ball. He’ll need to get healthy first, and impress the coaches in practice.

Rolle may also get another crack at the job, but he’s going to have to handle his demotion well and keep working hard. He was the lone bright spot of the 2011 linebackers, and has shown that he can make plays on the field, but something went wrong for him during this preseason that caused him to regress.

Casey Matthews may even get some consideration to start again. Juan Castillo has been a big fan of Matthews since he arrived on the team last year, and if the second-year player shows some serious signs of growth, the coaches would love to give him another opportunity to prove himself.”

What Happened:

Akeem Jordan wound up starting most of the games, but Jamar Chaney and Mychal Kendricks also got several starts at the position. Brian Rolle was released several weeks into the season, and Casey Matthews spent the year playing special teams.

The weakside position was really irrelevant in 2012 because the Eagles spent so much time in their nickel packages that whoever the WILL starter was didn’t even see the field for the majority of the snaps.

Prediction #4: The Eagles Will Not Make The Playoffs

What I Said:

“I don’t see this season ending with much of a different result than 2011. While the 2012 team is improved, the team’s key issues from 2011 (unreliable quarterback play and an overwhelmed defensive coordinator) remain and will cost the Eagles once again.

Last year this team didn’t respond well to adversity, and couldn’t stand up to the tougher teams on their schedule. This year they’ve got 10 games against teams that were .500 or better in 2011, and also have a game against one of the teams on the rise in the Carolina Panthers. There aren’t a lot of layups on this schedule, and given this team’s recent track record against quality opponents, I just can’t see them winning 10 or 11 games like so many other analysts seem to think.

I have the Giants winning the division, which means that the Eagles would have to make the playoffs as a Wild Card. The NFC is a deep conference, and Philadelphia would need to finish with a better record than the Bears, Lions, Falcons, Panthers, and Cowboys to earn one of the two Wild Card seeds. I think it’s a very tall order for a team that hasn’t proven it can sustain a high level of play and thrive against quality competition.”

What Happened:

It’s safe to say that I was justified in my belief that the Eagles wouldn’t make the playoffs.

When I looked at this how this team was constructed in the preseason, I just couldn’t believe that so many people believed that 10 or 11 wins was a given, and that a division title was there to be won.

I always saw this team as one of the most overrated and overhyped groups in the NFL. To me, this roster just wasn’t that different from the one that started out the season 4-8 in 2011. While I liked some of the talent that the team had brought in (DeMeco Ryans, Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Mychal Kendricks), I just didn’t see it necessary translating into more wins.

The biggest flaw I saw with this team was that they love to do a whole lot of talking for a group that was coming off of a disappointing season and had never really won anything. As soon as Michael Vick had the audacity to talk about this team being the start of a dynasty, it set off the red flags in my head that let me know that this team was not going to be what everyone thought they would be.

That being said, I certainly didn’t expect things to be this bad. I had the Eagles at 8-8 again. I thought that this would be a team that would tease people with their talent while never sustaining a high level of play for multiple weeks. I thought their schedule was much more difficult than people realized, and considering this team’s past struggles against quality opponents, there was just no way I could objectively expect them win 10 games. I thought this team still had some backbreaking flaws, from a head coach putting his players in a bad position with poor playcalling, to a turnover-prone quarterback, to an unqualified defensive coordinator, I just never believed that this team would survive the regular season in such a competitive NFC.

What I didn’t expect was for this team to quit, roll over and die by the end October. on Facebook

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112 Comments for “Revisiting My Predictions About The 2012 Eagles”

  1. Good stuff Denny,
    My analysis before the Season was simply this
    Knowing that LT position was unsettled, and the fact that Vick
    Only too 12 Snaps in the Preseason, that Coach AR
    and MM would really have to change their mindset
    And rely on a heavy dose of RB L McCoy the first month of the Season as they opened up the Schedule versus some pretty good Defensive Team who play physical football but also against Teans that usually don’t put a lot of Points on the Board (outside of Giants). The opening slate of Opponents
    Browns,Ravens,Cardinals, Giants & Steelers would be battles along the line of scrimmage more that shoot-outs
    I especially thought this philosophy could be more efficient since they did finish the 2011 Season with 4 Wins playing with a more balanced approach (run vs pass) so I thought if they continued this style of play to shorten the games, allow the OL to gel and get Vick’s legs and timing back under him, I thought they would have a chance to cone together by mid-season and be
    A 9-10 Win Team and compete for the NFC East Divsion
    Well it became obvious to me when the game plans had Vick dropping back 40+ times a game and that a more conservative approach was not going to occur with AR & MM and even when the Eagles were 3-1 ,
    I did not like what I saw from this 2012 Team
    The Turnovers, negative plays, Penalties and the horrible Special Yeams which have just gotten worse and worse with each passing season under April
    Told me that this 2012 Team was incapable of playing with the better teams in the NFC abd then once the injuries started occurring and the panic move of dismissing of Castillo, I knew a train-wreck had started down the tracks and in the end, the Season and the Andy Reid and his philosophy had come to an end
    It’s never fun or easy to watch your favorite Team become a bad, Dysfunctionable Club, but for many of us who have watch 2-3 poor Drafts Classes, sign questionable free-agents, the lack of leadership and the continued denial and arrogance of many of its players and coaches,
    This 2012 was in fact not a real surprise on how it ended up
    About the only Positive out of this Season is that we did get to see many young players get a chance to play (Foles, Brown, Cox, Kendrick’s, Graham, Boynkin, Anderson, D Johnson, Riley Cooper) that got a lot of snaps and that the next Coaching Staff can build around for the Future

  2. Denny, pretty solid predictions. Well done. Would like to know who your top choice for HC would be.

    I love how not one Vick supporter has been very vocal on this chat board since his awful performance on Sunday.

    • Because we don’t have the time to sit and stalk this site for articles about Mike Vick like you and Paulman do, Paulman the one who said Vick isn’t worh the conversation, but yet can’t stop talking about him. But not to worry I will be messing with you sillyasses all day. I guess you folks forgot Mike wasn’t the only player on the field Sunday, as usual.

    • My top choice for head coach is Greg Roman…over the last two years he’s done a great job building up the San Francisco offense…he’s a run-first guy that would take advantage of LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown, as well as the talent we have returning on the offensive line next year.

      Roman helped turn Alex Smith’s career around, and turned a former first-round bust into a solid starting quarterback who limited his mistakes, and took his team to the NFC Championship game last year. That gives me reason to believe he could help develop Foles.

      Of the possible candidates, he’s the one that appeals to me the most, but I’d also be happy with David Shaw or Bruce Arians. I want no part of Chip Kelly or Bill O’Brien.

  3. I am a Vick supporter, and the guy was terrible this year. But he was not the only disappointment this year. A fresh start with coaching is good for everyone.

  4. Peace, so you say you don’t have time to stalk the site yet you found plenty of time to post all day and all night on Xmas. You’re a hypocrite. I’m still waiting to hear how his poor performance on Sunday was race related.

    • Not a hypocrite at all, I am not here 24/7, I don’t stalk Mike Vick aricles, and I dam sure wasn’t on this site all night on Christmas, but since you believe I was kind of tells me where you were. Now you don’t want to get into that race thing do you, because me I don’t have a problem with it. As far as Vick performance on Sunday, was f’d up like everyone else on the field, but the thing about it you can only pick out one player, why is that when there were 11 players on each side of the ball and none performed like shit

      • I don’t stalk Mike Vick aricles

        Dude, you’ve got a gd computer program that scans Gcobb for the words “Mike”. “Vick” and any combination of “sucks” “stinks” “terrible”

        The alarm goes off and 30 secs later you’re in here screaming racism.

        As predictable as a sunrise.

        • Haha. Vinnie, I think you’re right.

          • You’re not the only one who thinks he right, so does he….But then he thinks he’s right about everything….he also thinks he has good material LMFAO

        • Oh so that’s how you’re able to connect to GCobbs articles so quickly, you have a special program…..I knew it had to be something.

          Come now do you think you’re offending me by calling Mike names, hate to disappoint you, you don’t. But then you should have already known that, you have been doing it all the time, which is probably why you have the gd computer program that scans GCobb articles for the word “Mike Vick, that comes with an alarm that goes off every 30 seconds. Hey and thanks for letting me know how you have been able to accomplish the stalking of Mike Vick.

  5. Happy new year’s guys. I will just point out the obvious double standard here. It is ok to roast Foles after he has a good game, but the team loses. But it is not ok to criticize Vick when he plays terrible and the team loses.

  6. Vick blows he sucks as a qb and would suck in the cfl, European league or ncaaf

    he sucks

    if u can’t see it ur blind , dumb or Andy Reid

  7. What I find amazing is the amount of critics this guy has and he was maybe 1 of 10 guys who truly gave a damn about trying to get it right. It would have helped if he would have played better but guess what the lack of depth and heart were bigger problems. This article is just about feeding the trolls.

    • They are trolls, just having fun calling them out for what they are really are, same people different day

    • critics are prisoners their own experiences and prospectives, erroneously believing their limited experiences are the sum of all truth. These poor trash have nothing better to do but sit and post hate on a man that they have no clue about. These ignorant fools are not football players., coaches or scouts. They are not owners or GMs . They come on sites like this to make themselves feel relevant. So why argue with them they can’t wish Vick out of the NFL with their hate no more than they can tell the Eagles what players should or should not be on the team. This is the only relevance they have in life. Pathetic but what I find even more pathetic is GCobb does not have a moderator to stop some of this sick comments about sex. Grow up fools!

      • Have to agree with you on that, however this is the very reason GCobb has this site, to entertain trolls and get a little recognition for himself. Love how he is always telling other players how to win a sb and what they should do, but yet he wasn’t able to accomplish those things himself. But you right this site is what it is.

      • If you don’t like the site, or its posters, don’t read it. or respond, it’s that simple, jack@$$! It’s easy to criticize everyone. What do you bring to the table? It’s a comment blog, for our favorite teams for us to vent. Like I said, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, or respond! The only thing on this site that is sickening, is the racist morons, from all sides, that are on here!

  8. Love the media in this town, remember when Foles took over it was he stays late is there early such a student of the game? After the Giants game then and only then we find out Vick was calling cats out for not staying late and putting in extra work. Funny how that works, insinuate that Vick wasn’t willing to put the time in and pumping up Foles but thankfully all that’s over.

  9. Lion you know I’m not a Vick guy but I do have respect for him. I hope he signs with an nfl team, makes a nice and unexpected run into the playoffs, makes enough money to retire as a gentleman, have a house in the country with three dogs , cats and a pony for his kids. I’m not being a smart ass about the dogs. He paid a steep price, learned from it. I truly wish him well.

  10. Yes cigar his time is done here, I just appreciate he stood up for Andy until the end. Now of course like I said he would have done Andy better by being mistake free but this team had too many holes.

  11. Denny my choice is mike McCoy. My one and only choice… Next you will read frauds top 30 picks, on of which will be correct

    • I don’t think the Eagles will even get a chance to interview him cigar, shame too because he got production out of Tebow then turned right around re-tooled with Peyton very impressive.

      • Eagles have been quiet. They are one of the top most attractive openings out there along with Chicago. If McCoy could choose between bills and here, anyone would take here.
        I like shaw but don’t think he’d leave .
        You also have to remember McCoy did a great job with dellhome.

        • I’d would be fine with McCoy too…I’d certainly take him above Chip Kelly.

          What stands out about him to you that makes you want him above the other candidates?

  12. I see you gave ol’ Vick a blowjob til the end eh Vinnie? You still can’t even keep his name out of your mouth even til the end…

    • Y. I’m the one on his nuts. Says Rocko who been wearing the MV7 orange ball in his mouth for the past 3 seasons.

      You’ve been taking the MV “experience” to a whole new level since 2009. You gonna let Mikey unzip your leather mask there Gimp?

      Last week’s game provided just one last bit of MV comedy from the bobbled snap to the patented late floater. And so predictable you and the other apologists on here with your weak-assed “its not his fault” pleadings.

      Admire your loyalty Rocko. And Biglion, and especially the great defender Peace.

      Now get with the progam. He’s a dead topic with, at best, 6 NFL starts left in him in NY or Buffalo. You won;t read anythng about him from me in the future….unless one of you schoolgirl crush types brings him up again.

      • I hope that’s a promise, especially since you have already contradicted yourself, in your last comment he ended his career mercifully with 12 minutes to go in the in the first qb Sunday, now he has 6 NFL starts..hmmmm. Kind of sounds like wishful thinking and a little hate on your part.

      • I have done very little as it relates to defending Vick, I have however done a lot of calling some you folks out for the racist you are, so please don’t get it twisted. And furthermore no one is holding you hostage and making you respond to any comment written about Vick, you do that on your own, just like you jumped your ass in on this conversation, discussion or whatever you might want to call it, you weren’t invite nor was your name mentioned until you invited yourself, like I am sure you will continue to do whenever you see the name Michael D. Vick.

        • “I have done very little as it relates to defending….”

          Do you have one of those memory issues like the guy in Memento where you forget everything that happened 10 mins ago?

          You write “you weren’t invited to this conversation…no one mentioned your name,….” but if you look up just 2 paragraphs you’ll see Rocko with his pathetic blowjob comment….I’ll knock that shit back at him (and you) every day of the week.

          You are the shining defender of all things Vick. Its your life’s mission. You are not an Eagles’ fan. You are an MV7 fan….and one who can only define legitimate criticism in terms of race. I feel sorry that you feel you must approach every issue from that perspective.

          Its pathetic really….over and over, like a little bebe-lala…anyone with a criticsm about the most important position on the team being manned by an incompetent player means they are racist, or trolls, of jealous of Vick’s success…..or all the other pathetic Maury Povich like railings you try to post on here.

          Go follow your hero to whatever football wasteland he ends up on next year, be it the Jets, or Oakland, or Buffalo, or Saskatchewan…..Their fanbases will be jumping ship and won’t mind you jumping in with your tired, ignorant, whiney little accusations……they might play for a bit…….at least untill week 4 when he’s again leading the league in fumbles, ints, negative plays, and injuries. Something you again won;t be able to see, because you are a blind man.

  13. Damien Clowney is a beast just made a huge play tackle for a loss forced fumble, unreal how good he is. If he doesnt declare for the draft itll be a travesty..

  14. Well that didn’t take long according to sources, Andy Reid will be the next coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Wow I guess all the good he’s done here outweighed the last two years.

  15. Wow being reported Andy Reid close to signing contract with Arizona Cardinals.

  16. Damn that would be quick

  17. Reid should have no man to stand up for him, no man does, he takes the position of respect, dominance, it’s not offered , it’s taken, and therein is the problem with Reid, a spineless, gutless chosen of another spineless gutless faggot, jeffrey Lurie,, and you can argue all day about foles or Vick , but you gutless bastards in your racist insults of the white quarterback’s abilities, you are the bottom of the male hierarchy, lower than Reid, will never see a super bowl here while Lurie is the owner

    In the words of my good friend rev. Songs,

    Paste it

    • Damn jake you are hitting thehi roof the dog awfully hard today ..

    • Dude stop with the Rev Songs $#!T, you sound like his boot licking lackey! Come on man, dude is a fraud, that jumped ship to the Foreskins, after getting his wish for the Hindenburgs firing! GTFO!

  18. Andy Reid knew he would get another Do you really think the fans control where coaches coach or players play? Vick will get another job and make millions, Reid will get another job and make millions. Nobody cares what fans opinion is truthfully. Do you really think athletes and coaches really care what joe from roxboroughs opinion is?

  19. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  20. If Reid goest to the cardinals you can all get out your knee pads because I have posted repeatedly kolb was Reid’s quarterback

  21. So it looks like Chip Kelly is between the eagles and browns.. I know he’ll pick the eagles over browns.. Looks like Chip Kelly is the guy thus far..

  22. Where have you seen this?

  23. On like three different news sites.NFLnews CBSports. Rivera didnt get fired yet though.. He may or may not.. That would bring carolina into the equation.

  24. Juan Castille will be Andy Reids first hire as oline coach. It will be intersesting to see if Marty follows Andy as his OC. I wonder if Andy keeps Ray Horton as his DC or brings in a Lovie Smith. Also the Eagles host Arizona next

  25. I think Andy and Marty go their separate ways. Horton stays I believe

  26. Yeah, lots of people reporting that Andy is close with Cardinals. Andy would be a fool to not try to keep Horton. I kinda think Chilly will be back with Andy.

  27. Paulman. If Reid goes to the cardinals you need to drive from your little hole in the mountain in the boonies to Philly with whatever throng of women you can assemble, teeth not necessary, to service Jakedog as I have repeatedly posted kolb was Reid’s quarterback, Vick was foisted on Reid by that damn loser Lurie

  28. **More News**

    -According to sources the Eagles will be interviewing Bill Obrien the coach of the Penn State football team. Sources say Lurie is “intrigued” by Obrien.

    My thoughts- Like I said earlier Obrien is the guy Lurie wants and hes #1 on my list as well. He embodies everything we need. On top of it all he was the offensive coordinator for the pats with future HOF Tom Brady who he got in a shouting match with on the sideline. I ll never forget that. I like a coach like that. Hes tough, innovative, a leader and young is only 43. He’s the guy.

    • According to sources? Is that WIP,, ESPN, NFL Network, CSN, & all of the other sports outlets, that everybody else can see, read, & hear? Just STFU! You have NO sources! Just STFU, you fraudulent @$$ miner!!!!

  29. Hart, I agree, O brien would be a great choice, but, it would be a PR disaster for the Eagles after the job he just did considering what that program went through, he has people talking about football again in a positive way in only his first season, people were saying it would take YEARS for kids to even consider playing there, plus the sanctions, if he left there now it would set them back years, and for that reason i dont see Penn State letting him walk that easy, i say he’ll probably be an NFL HC after next year.

  30. What makes OBrien worthy? Im just wondering what make OBrien better than 20 other canidates? Yes it was a nice story. Yes he had a nice little team in a watered down Big 10. He did improve McGloin with his pass happy offense that couldnt run the ball. Before I get 30 responses that he kept the kids together and did a nice job.yes I agree he did, i mean the players play football what else were they gonna do? I think it speaks more to the tradition and the players character who stayed more than the coach quite honestly. IMO. Im just asking what makes OBrien worthy of being the Philadelphia Eagles head coach? His 1 year in PSU? I think alot of us are PSU fans and that influences our decision. Just saying.

  31. There will never be a worthy candidate to duct tape his balls under his ass to answer to the tandem of Lurie and Roseman it’s over until Lurie is out of here

  32. Jeeezz Jake, that activity could only enter into the mind of someone who has practiced it himself.

  33. Keep in mind he signed before knowing about those sanctions that hit psu so he can easily say he didnt know this was going to happen. He wants out and i would want out too. What coach would want to work under those conditions knowing youll get but so far then thats it. Pete carroll left SC for Seattle too and look what he has done in a few years?!…You think Lurie cares about how that looks? No, he just wants his guy. The money isnt a issue he just wants to get this team back on track. You can compare it to Nick Saban and what he did to the dolphins but that was just foul that team sucked and he was there last hope at the time and he broke their hearts and their were no sanctions on the team he just flat out lied to them and left. Obrien is in a tough spot but has an out by saying he didnt know these sanctions would fall on the university effecting bowl games and things like that. Hes free to go with no ties.

  34. Hart, how bout all the talk he talked when he found out about the sanctions? He said hes in it for the long haul, hes not gonna abandon the team, hes gonna go and convince HC kids its still worth it to play there even though theirs sanctions, after all that ra ra talk you expect him now to say he didnt know about it? Dont think so buddy, it would never sell, if he wants to leave, his best bet is to say his dream was to always coach in the NFL and leave it at that.

    • completely agreed. I dont think I want a guy in here with that kind of comitment/character.

      Especially coming to a team we’re being told is full of “only care about myself” character issues

  35. You can’t kill the guy for wanting to leave. You mean to tell me you wouldnt leave under those circumstances? Cmon everybody would. A fool would stay and deal with such sanctions that you had nothing to do with. When he said that it was at the beginning of the season, he needed the team to rally around something. I feel he did his job, kept his word now its time to move on. He would stay if there werent any sanctions.. leaving doesnt make him a liar or less of a man. Hes going to a much better situation.

    • So he lied to the kids/fans/boosters….all the time thinking “I’m outta here the first opportunity”

      Unfortunate you think “everybody would” leave. I would not.

  36. Will jake ever be happy with an owner, coach or GM?

  37. Obrien knew what was coming down at Penn State when he took the job

    He said he was comitted to the long term at Penn State.

    He said he would “help guide the University forward to become a national leader in ethics, compliance and operational excellence”

    If he bails after one season, I want no part of him.

  38. Today we receive a very harsh penalty from the NCAA and as Head Coach of the Nittany Lions football program, I will do everything in my power to not only comply, but help guide the University forward to become a national leader in ethics, compliance and operational excellence. I knew when I accepted the position that there would be tough times ahead. But I am committed for the long term to Penn State and our student athletes.

    I was then and I remain convinced that our student athletes are the best in the country. I could not be more proud to lead this team and these courageous and humble young men into the upcoming 2012 season. Together we are committed to building a better athletic program and university.

  39. O’Brien is in a tough spot, those Penn State kids have been through enough and on top of that he had to sell those kids to stay then go onto living rooms of recruits and sell them on Penn State. On second thought he’s not in a tough spot he needs to stay at Penn State anything less and he fails the character test.

  40. **More Eagles News**

    -Sources say the Eagles will interview Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy this weekend.

    My Thoughts- He shouldnt even be considered. Is not Head Coaching material at all. Stay away from the guy. What was he before Peyton arrived there? Peyton runs that entire team not John Fox or anyone else. Like I said before the Eagles will do their due diligence and won’t overlook anyone so meeting with McCoy was expected but not the direction I see Lurie going in.

  41. Im now hearing that they have “heavy interest” in McCoy. Seriously? I just don’t see it but none of us saw Andy being the guy either. I still say they go in a different direction. They stay on the offensive side of the ball but it won’t be McCoy I feel.

    • Is that from your imaginary sources, or the magic 8 ball you use? STFU, you are a clueless, fraud! Do you even know who McCoy is? Did you see, what production, he got out of stiffs like Delhomme, Orton & Teblow? He has the brains, leadership in game adjustments & flexibility, to change his offense every year, & be successful! It isn’t just Manning, giving him success.

  42. i’ve liked mccoy for a couple of weeks now. i really hope he is the one. making tebow and delhomme productive he has to know something.

  43. Oh please dcar you just know Mike McCoy so well? You never mentioned the mans name not once now you know hes a leader and etc etc? C’mon man. We’ll see what happens.

      • I started looking at all of the young coaches last year, when I wanted the Hindenburg gone. I know damn well, who Mike McCoy is/ was. I do give you credit though, for your Fangio prediction, last year. Paul, did steal that from you. BTW, Fangio, McCoy, Billick, Arians & Roman, are my preferences! Hell’s, to the NO, for Chip Kelly, & O’Brien will cost us, $9M, just to pay PSU off, not including what his contract will be! I was never sold on any of the Atlanta coaches. Let’s hope these idiots hire a good younger coach.

  44. I see MCcoy staying out West (Cardinals, Chargers,Chiefs or Bears)
    With Chiefs/Cardivals he could select his QB that he can build his Team around
    It’s not a done deal that Reid gets the Cardibals job
    Though Reid can offer bringing in a experienced staff with him and also Tom Heckert & Shurmur from the Browns which MCCoy doesn’t have that kind of pull

  45. As far as O’Bfien goes, anyone who took the Penn State job and did not believe that there would sanctions handed down after the criminal case was over is lying or just being a fool. O’Brien is not going anywhere at this time I believe

  46. OBrien said all those things about being committed to Peen State because at the time, he was. If a better paying job with greater opportunity comes along, you take it. Just like you and I, we are committed to our current jobs. But if a better opportunity comes along, we take it.

    And Im both a penn state/eagles fan. When it comes to what job to take, You do whats best for you and the future of your family, not for the organiZation you work for

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