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Dirk Koetter Is Eagles Target In Atlanta, Others Are Courtesy Interviews

I learned on Monday prior to the Jeffrey Lurie news conference that the Eagles have their eyes on Falcons offensive coordinator  Dirk Koettter.  They’re going to interview Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and special teams coordinator  Keith Armstrong, but those are just courtesy interviews.  There’s no way they could validate hiring Nolan, who has lost everywhere he’s been a head coach.  Armstrong is a long shot.

Koetter is really their target.  He already has a relationship with Birds young signal caller Nick Foles.  After hearing Lurie and GM Howie Roseman on Monday, the next coach will have developing Foles as his first task.

Mike McCoy, who is the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, will be interviewed by the Eagles this week as well.  He shouldn’t be given a lot of credit for what Peyton Manning did this year.  Afterall, Manning was a complete product.

The Eagles are searching for a head coach, who has a vision for the future of the NFL.  They want a leader who has a feel for where the league is going.  In 1999, Andy Reid had a vision of what was needed for a football team to win.

It looks like Reid could be the new Arizona Cardinals coach before the weekend.  Reid and former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith are the two leading candidates for all these vacant head coaching jobs.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman had to learn the hard way along with the Eagles organization, that you can’t build a team through free agency.  I know team owner Jeffrey Lurie gave him a pass on 2010 and 2011, but I remember how excited Roseman was when the Eagles signed Nmandi Asomugha.

We were out at Lehigh University and Roseman was running around like he had just found oil in his back yard.

“I think that in the last couple years we’ve done things that have not been as consistent,” said Roseman. “They’ve been more scattered in terms of decision making. You notice it with any organization that has had a lot of success that you will start to reach, thinking, ‘That’s the thing that’s going to [get us over the top], that’s the player, that’s the method, that’s the mechanism, that’s the coach, that’s the thing that is going to put us over the top.’

“So I think we lost some of the exact nature of the method that we’ve all shared that created the success, which was discipline, strategic thinking, and don’t do necessarily what is popular but do what’s right. It’s kind of a human thing and I take some responsibility for that because I was right out in the forefront [of], ‘Let’s do anything we can to try to win a Super Bowl for the city and our fans.’

“At times you probably had to be a little more self disciplined and say, ‘Doing that and injecting that into the locker room, affecting the chemistry of the team maybe in some way, that’s not the best thing to do.’” on Facebook

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17 Comments for “Dirk Koetter Is Eagles Target In Atlanta, Others Are Courtesy Interviews”

  1. In fairness, though, did anyone anywhere think Nmandi was a bad move? Not even Belichek probably. I don’t think anyone saw this awful decline coming and that the guy simply didn’t want to play.

  2. Koetter would be a disastrous hire. He’s the only name being mentioned with the Eagles I am completely against.

    He’s succeeding in Atlanta with significant talent, he was not very good at ASU. I don’t see what the appeal is at all.

  3. well it sure looks like either this article is not true or the eagles failed’

    Falcons signed OC Dirk Koetter to a two-year contract extension.

  4. when i hear people say this guys name dirk koetter to me it sounds like turd cutter.

  5. Stay away,
    Did a medicore job at Arizona State where he had some talent to work with
    in a pretty mediocre Pac-10 at the Time (40-34 Career Record in 6 Seasons)
    he Developed Career Passign QB leader Andrew Walter and Career WR Derek Hagan, but did not produce many All-Americans or top NFL Pro’s)

    Then became the Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordiantor from 2007-2011 and outside of RB Maurice Jones-Drew, did not place 1 Player on any All-Pro List and in fact had some pretty average Offenses when it comes to Points Scored, Red-Zone Efficiency and 3rd Down Conversion Rate..

    I am not in Favor of Dirk Koetter, as a HC of the Eagles..

  6. Falcons OC Dirk Koetter has signed an extension with the #Falcons, team source says. “He’s staying.”

  7. David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot News says that the Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick does not think fondly of Howie Roseman, which could hurt the Eagles’ chances of landing Bill O’Brien.

    I’ve been told that the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals plan to interview him and that the Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie is in particular very intrigued.

    A potential sticking point for O’Brien regarding the Eagles job could be their new general manager Howie Roseman. The club’s 37-year-old salary cap guru is known to be held in low regard by O’Brien’s mentor, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and by another strong O’Brien contact, former Broncos head coach and Patriots assistant Josh McDaniels

  8. For one, I don’t even know how Belichick OR McDaniels even KNOW Howie Roseman. When have they even dealt with him?

  9. They don’t need to know him if they are judging off of the drafts and FA signings that he was involved with. Plus Belichick is an Andy Reid guy who was fired while Roseman didn’t.

  10. Remember that Jeff Lurie is very good friends with Patirots Owner Robert Kraft
    and teh Front Office’s have always had a pretty good respect/working relationshiip with each other with minor trades, picking up each other’s released players..etc,etc.

  11. I think Owner Lurie will find that becoming the Next HC of the Eagles is not as a “desirable job” as they think due to the recent dysfunction & lack of experienced and Succesful group in the GM/Scouting/Player Personnel Depts
    No Heavyweight Coach is going to want to work with who they feel is overmatched or learning on the Job at the GM position as is the perception
    of Howie “Fantasy GM” Roseman as Assante Samuel called him a couple of years back that seems to fit Roseman very well.. That ‘s he playing with teh Owners $$$ I believe as Samuel said..

  12. my question exactly? who wouldn’t want the birds? of the 30 or so names you mentioned i would think that 25-27 of them would want the birds. you just make crap up all the time.

  13. By a “Heavyweight” Coach, I mean a HC with a Proven Winning Track Record Already and not a “Newbie” who would be getting their First Opportunity and is just looking for the Opportunity to become a HC

    A Candidate like a Cowher,Gruden,Holmgrem (who is interested in returning to the Sidelines) type would be very unlikely to want to work with GM Roseman unless they were given some or all Authority of Player Personnel Issues and not putting their Reputations along the lines of “Fantasy-GM Roseman”..

    Now Lovie Smith could be a Good Candidate, though he’s kind of boring, not strong of the Offensive ends of things.. He’s a Coach will little ego and just enjoys the Coaching and competing aspect of Football and is not really interested in the Player Personnel Part of things, but he’s an exception than most who have experieced,, Remember many times, Coaches that have not won or been succesful as Coaches in the Past many times feel that their “GM”s did not provide them with the best players available or Drafted Properly or Went after such Free-Agents, or let good players walk in Free-agency so many times the HC has a acrimonoius relationship with GM’s unless of course, they are Winning, then everyone is happy and typically, Winning Coaches are not getting fired..

  14. Oh you mean recycles… fine with me then- i don’t really want any of them.

  15. I was on board with a Dirk Koettter hire, just the bird’s luck he decided not to interview any more.

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