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Dirk Koetter Out Of Head Coaching Hunt, Signed Extension

There’s no use in the Eagles going to Atlanta to interview any of their coordinators because Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has decided to take himself out of the prospective head coaching hunt.  He’s going to stay put with the Falcons.  Koetter signed a contract extension with the Falcons this morning.

So he will be working with Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Julio Jones for another year.  I would have put Tony Gonzalez on the list, but he said he’s going to retire after this season.

Koetter had already been interviewed by the Kansas City Chiefs and was scheduled to meet with the Cleveland Browns and the Eagles. on Facebook

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46 Comments for “Dirk Koetter Out Of Head Coaching Hunt, Signed Extension”

  1. Kind of Surprising since he has drawn Interest but word is that he has Teenage Kids and that he wants to stay put in Atlanta until they are out of High-School which you can’t fault him for that.. Besides, who wants to take the CHiefs,Browns,Eagles job when you really think about it..

  2. Just as well…I don’t know that bringing in a “Ken Doll” like coach that hasn’t had significant success, as a player or as a HC yet, is really going to work well with a mix of veterans and young players. You have to really have a very young team (with a bunch of studs mind you) for that to work out of the box.

  3. For my taste I still want Jon Gruden and strangely enough I think the Eagles job is the only one he wants, but they aren’t reaching out to him. I think he likes the personnel he knows there’s a familiarity with the system he would run on offense and could attract a big time DC. My second choice is Brian Dawkins who probably isn’t even on the list for consideration…as a leader of young men he unquestionably would be way out front of most if not all other candidates in that category.

    Dawkins is a much more strategically thinking person than many people give him credit.

    Working with Roseman “could be” problematic, however being a first ballad Hall of Famer that every coach respects as a player and a leader I doubt there are many co-ordinators that would shrug off working on a Brian Dawkins coached team. I even think Spagnoulo would enjoy being a DC under a Dawkins coached team.

    • Dawkins as what? HC? You hitting the bong bruh! He has ZERO coaching experience, & just retired. Come on man! I love BDawk, & he is my 2nd favorite, right behind Reggie, but come on!

  4. The Same Steve Spagnolua whose NO Saints Defense gave up a Record Points in 2012 and the most in the Hostory of the NFL.. That Steve Spagnoulo
    You gus crack me up..

  5. I don’t want Bruce Arians — he had Roethlisbeger and now Luck throwing 15-20 yard pass patterns and Nick Foles doesn’t have that type of arm
    Foles will lead the NFL in interceptions if he ran Arians offense

  6. Arians could work well with Eagles 2nd Round Pick
    QB Mike Glennon from NC State or Syracuses’ Ryan Nassib

  7. Just read that O’Brien is a longshot to come to Philly because Belechick thinks Howie Roseman is a stooge, views him with low regards whatever the hell that means.

    • Like anyone gives a rats @$$, what that miserable SOB thinks! I’d like to see how much of a Genius he’d be, without Brady as a future HOF QB! What has he won since he got slapped on the wrist for cheating? Rosebuds is a stooge, but F^#@ Bellicheat!

  8. Interesting article by Mike Lombardi on about “Black Monday being a waste of time if”. He discusses what it takes to be a successful franchise and uses the Giants and Steelers as examples. I hope someone from the Eagle takes a look.

  9. I actually wouldn’t mind Arians at all. I do think his time and success as the HC (even if only interim) plus his success as an OC says a lot. Foles has a pretty big arm actually and better receivers than Andrew Luck so I don’t see there being a hold up on that end. Foles’ decision making, but more so his lack of playing time with starters left him somewhat out of sink or slightly off target on some routes from what I could see.

  10. Colts have a better receiving Corps than the Eagles..
    Future HOF Reggie Wayne, DOnnie Avery, TY Hilton,TE Fleener & Allen..

    Are you kidding me, Why do so many of you continue to over-value and over-rate
    this Eagles receiving COrps, they are in the bottom 1/3 of the NFL by sheer productivity as fas as TD,s YAC, % of Receptions made verses Passing Attempts and is with a Pass Happy Offense of AR/MM calling 40-50 Passes a Game..

  11. O’Brien is a long-shot because he simply is not ready yet to be a NFL Coach

  12. Belicheck probably means that Roseman is a “Coach-Killer” with his Fantasy GM Picks and DEcisions as Coach AR/MM were considered “QB Killers”….

    Eagles will probably end up hiring Dave Wannstadt or Jim Fassell who can’t get a job elsewhere.. The Philadelpiha Eagles has become the The Team for Losers..

  13. I agree… Eagles receiving corps is only average, and only a couple will dare run a route with strong probability they’ll take a big, big hit.. Avant, Cooper, and Celek. If it weren’t for Reggie Wayne with Luck this year, Luck’s stats would be even lower than they are. Colts had extremely good chemistry this year for 2 reasons: playing hard for their seriously ill HC, and trying to help the rookie QB after Manning left.
    Incidentally, Foles would have had a 3 less INT’s had specific Eagles receivers held the balls that hit them right in the hands!!! Eagles need to let some of their midget WR’s go and search for a versatile blocking TE.

  14. ***Breaking News per Paulman

    CLeveland Browns Executive President Joe Banner meeting with Chip Kelly
    Today in Phoeniz.. Sources state they are pretty close to a Deal and that Kelly will be Authority over Player Personnel…

    Maybe the Eagles can trade the 4th Pick to Cleveland so they can get Geno Smith to run Chip Kelly’s System for Draft PIcks & Brandon Weeden in Return to help old Joe out…

  15. ***Breaking News per Paulman

    CLeveland Browns Executive President Joe Banner meeting with Chip Kelly
    Today in Phoenix.. Sources state they are pretty close to a Deal and that Kelly will be Authority over Player Personnel…

    Maybe the Eagles can trade the 4th Pick to Cleveland so they can get Geno Smith to run Chip Kelly’s System for Draft PIcks & Brandon Weeden in Return to help old Joe out…

  16. Old news.. btw they are meeting this friday not today! Report it right fraudman

    • WIP reported, he met with him today, so Paul didn’t make it up! Stop trying to one up Paul, & stop being a baby with your criticisms! Grow the F^#@ up!

  17. And no deal is close at all.. what r u talking about??

  18. List of Hires that were mandated and supported by Commisioner Roger Gooddel for the integritry of the NFL and to get back at certain Franchises

    #1) Cleveland Browns – Hire Chip Kelly
    #2) Buffalo BIlls – Hire Ken Wisenhut
    #3) Kansas City Chiefs – Hire Kirk Frentz (from Univesity of Iowa)
    #4) Chicago Bears – Hire Nick Saban
    #5) Arizona Cardinals – HIre Andy Reid
    #6) San Diego Chargers – Hire Mike McCoy
    #7) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – HIre Dave Wannstadt

  19. Well I see there are various reports that the Eagles will talk to Mike McCoy(my choice) at least. I am not saying they will hire him but it APPEARS they are at least performing due diligence.

  20. Boy, I see Bill O’Brien has become popular over the last couple of days. Don’t quite understand it. It is not that the NE coaching tree has been successful. Belichek has been great but I cannot say the same about Weis,Crennel,Mangini, and McDaniel.

  21. I think the HC of Syracuse (whose name escapes my at the moment)
    will get an Interview also.. McCoy is a shapr gut but I would be very surprised
    if he doesn’t get the Chargers,Cardinals, or Bears Job

    • I think the Bears will grab him. Of the 3 organizations you mentioned they are the team that will take minimal tweaking to be in the hunt again.

      • I agree Phillyfan, if not the Bears, then I like him to stay out West with
        Cardinals/Chargers and even the Chiefs.. I don’t see him coming east bound to the Eagles at all..

  22. These guys that are from out West or the Mountain States Regions are not much for the East Coast and who can blame them..

  23. Chip Kelly will be the next head coach in Philly. You know it and I know it. That is their guy. Reports are he is interviewing with The Browns and Bills he would have to be on drugs if he took either of those jobs over Philly. if Geno Smith is available at #4 then thats probably the Pick. Alex Smith could also run his offense so thats a option there as well.

  24. **Hot Eagles News**

    Confirmed thru sources Chip Kelly not only has a interview lined up with the browns he also has an interview lined up with the Philadelphia Eagles in the coming days.

    My Thoughts- Let the Lurie vs Banner games begin.

  25. Paulman, it doesn’t really matter much where a coach is from in terms of where they will coach. Andy Reid is from Cali yet coached in Philly. Also, stop with the Wannstadt stuff. Nobody is hiring him; especially the Eagles. Stick with your coaching pick of Mike Noland.

  26. This is the race for Chip Kelly or Bill Obrien. That’s what its turning out to be. The Eagles are beginning to show there cards.. Bill Belichick is good friends with both Kelly and Obrien but Belichick hates Howie Roseman so Belichick could influence both to stay away from the Eagles..

  27. Chip kelly came to NE to teach Bill Obrien and Bill Belichick his philosophies
    on his offensive scheme, schemes that both Bills still use. Why do you think the Pats look so much faster than everyone else on offense? They molded there offense around many of Chip Kellys scheme and philosophies (smaller receivers and running backs yet quicker and faster than everyone else)..But guys like Chip, Obrien and Belichick are always evolving as coaches and are innovative. They change every single year that’s why they have staying power. This is why the Birds are going hard after both Chip Kelly and Bill Obrien. They view both as a win win. But if they had there way it would go

    1.Chip Kelly
    2.Bill Obrien

  28. lmfao I love how some bozo in Lancaster reported this Philly sports news that belicheck hates roseman and everyone believes it.

    I wonder why a Philly reporter missed reporting this


  29. Its amazing how the Chip Kelly train to Philly has begun to roll. 1 week ago nobody wanted him. lmao. Now everyone is hoping he comes! This shit is more exciting than the actual season. My question to everyone is what made you change your views on Chip Kelly? What was it? Last week it was a gimmick offense that wont work in the NFL and now its he wont go to Cleveland before us?

  30. I don’t want Chip Kelly

    • I never said I wanted or didn’t want him. but based on everything I’ve read about him, he is a genius and an innovator and the offense he is running at Oregon is not all he knows. he was groomed using a 2 back power system and he has said in an interview his mentor would punch him in the mouth if he saw the offense he was running…

      anyways I think he has a lot of styles but unless he brings in a stud DC with him we could be in trouble….

      the fact that he is employed by Nike (university of Oregon) says a lot…

  31. I strongly believe he will interview with t he panthers and probably take that job even though its not open yet.

  32. Philadelphia Eagles trade #1, #2, #3 pick and next years # 1 pick and Nick Foles to the Carolina Panthers for QB Cam Newton. to run Chip Kellys offense. Cam Newton releases statement that its a myth no QB can run that offense in the NFL he states at 6 5 255 pounds he is well equipped to withstand some punishment.

  33. Sources closely likened to JH report that Joe Banner hires some strong handlers from the Medien Cartel of Columbia to kidnap Chip Kelley after Oregon’s Bowl game and take him to South America where he coverts to a Soccer Coach and is never to return back the US
    More details to report at 11

  34. on another note….RG3 loos like he will soon get the skins over the hump.

    This is amazing for a rookie..

    Him and Luck both in the playoffs..I can’t wait to see the Seahawkas Skins matchup. good football for a change

    • Yeah, & as soon as Wilson beats the Foreskins, you’ll miraculously be a Sea-hawks fan. Go away, nobody gives a f^#@ about Luck & RGIII! They’re not here, so no one gives a $#!t.

  35. Do you ever notice how Songs starts off every conversation mentioning RGIII before he ever mentions “his” redskins Clearly the only thing he is interested in is promoting RGIII. If he played for any other team “that ” team would be Songs team. Where ever RG III goes that is where Songs allegiance will be. FRAUD!

    • Watch what happens when the Foreskins lose, he will miraculously be a Sea-hawks fan! Bank on it! We see right through you bruh!

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