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Syracuse’s Doug Marrone Should Be High On Eagles List

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone is one of the most impressive young head coaching candidate, who I think would be a great replacement for Andy Reid.

For three years Marrone was the offensive coordinator for Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints.  Let’s be honest, he wasn’t running the offense for Payton and he wasn’t calling the plays, but this is probably the most impressive credential on his resume.  Payton is as good of an offensive mind as there is in the NFL and the fact that he thought enough of Marrone’s football knowledge to give him the title of offensive coordinator says a lot for the young coach.

This 48-year old coach had the chance to see how you develop a quarterback as Payton molded Hall of Fame level quarterback Drew Brees and built one of the league’s most dynamic offensive systems.  I also like the fact that he has the offensive line in his background because blocking the league’s defensive lines are a prerequisite to moving the football.

I could see him developing the Birds offensive line into a dominating front.  If Jason Peters, Jason Kelce and Todd Herremans return healthy next season, they could develop into one of the best offensive lines in the league under Marrone’s tutelage.

The fact that he’s worked under Payton gives him tremendous credibility when it comes to be able to put together an innovative and exciting offense.  He’s also learned quite a bit about putting a quarterback in position to succeed.   Prior to his time with Payton, he was an offensive line coach with the Jets.  Marrone is obviously very well aware of how important it is to win upfront.

Remember that Marrone has been around the NFL for quite awhile and he knows who the bright young minds are, so he should have an easy time putting together a quality staff.

At Syracuse, he’s done quite a job with what was a floundering football program.  They won a bowl game this year, beating West Virginia and they finished with an 8-5 record.    That’s not an easy thing to do when you’re not getting the blue chippers.

His success at turning around the Syracuse program satisfies this leadership qualifications for me with me.

He was an offensive linemen for Syracuse years ago and got a try out with the Miami Dolphins.  The tryout didn’t workout, so he decided to become a coach and that has worked out for him. on Facebook

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93 Comments for “Syracuse’s Doug Marrone Should Be High On Eagles List”

  1. I like this Doug Marrone the more I have read up on him the last couple of day….Bring him in and see what he’s all about. I would be happy with him as the new HC of the Eagles
    With the Eagles 2nd Round Draft Pick – They Select QB Ryan Nassib from Syracuse who played under Marrone and obviously knows his System..

  2. The Eagles could do better. For one, there is a coach who just won 10 games and got fired, called Lovie Smith. As I recall he beat Andy Reid the last few times they have faced each other.

  3. With Marrone in fold as the Eagles Next HC

    The Eagles 2013 Draft goes a little like this

    1st Rd (#4) LB Manti Teo’ – Notre Dame (6-3 255lbs – Starts at SAM)
    2nd Rd(#36) QB Ryan Nassib – Syracuse (6-2 230lbs – Competes w/FOles)
    3rd Rd (#66) CB Logan Ryan – Rutgers (6-0 190lbs – Competes w/Boynkin)
    4th Rd (#100) TE Travis Kelce – Cincinnati (6-5 260lbs – Back-up to Celek)
    5th Rd (#132) OT Rick Wagner – Wisconsin (6-6 315lbs – RT Depth)
    6th Rd (#164) Safety – Duke Williams – Nevada (6-1 205lbs – Depth)
    7th Rd (#196) WR – Alec Lemon – Syracuse (6-2 205lbs – Knowledge/Experience with Marrone’s System & QB Nassib)

  4. **Breaking News**
    PAulman reports that Andt Reid accepts teh HC Positon with the KC Chiefs and will be annouced Friday morning by the Ownership of the CHiefs (Hunt’s)
    a Couple of Assitants have already tweeted that they are heading to KC
    Congrats to Andy and expect the Chiefs to look to Trade Down from that #1 Spot (maybe the Eagles can trade them Vick or Foles and get something..)

    Hot-shot Candidate Mike McCoy will now end up with the Bears or more likely with the Cardinals as their HC

  5. Boy Andy Reid must have one hell of an agent, to plant those Arizona stories and getting the Chiefs to interview him first and offered the job. Damn now that’s how an agent is supposed to work. I guess this makes Geno Smith a lock for the first pick.

    • It also goes to show that for all of us here who had andy fatigue and wanted him gone the rest of the league was licking its chops with hopes of an eagles like turn around. say what you want about all the hot young candidates but big red has drawn the most serious interest for sure.

      • Cigar I actually thought Lovie would get hired before Andy.

        • lovie is a great candidate. he left on much better terms than AR however the owners endorsement wasnt’ as high… he basically threw him under for not ever getting an offense that can compete with this scoring league

          • Lovie would not follow Andy Reid footsteps in Philadelphia
            They are close personal friends and out of respect he has for AR, he would not follow him in Philly… Lovie wants the Arizona or Buffalo Job and if he doesn’t get it, may end up Coaching with AR as a DC out in Kansas City..

  6. False report fraudman its all for leverage. You should know this by now. Andy will still visit san diego and arizona..

    • I don’t know JH, ESPN has talked to an assistant who confirmed this one. Said he is heading to KC and not Arizona.

    • You don’t have a F^#@ing clue, of what you are talking about! Do you get off, breaking Pauls balls, & always trying to one up him?!? WTF is wrong with you?!? You are the only fraud on here! STFU!!!!

  7. i too think it looks good in KC for him. but when you are the most sought after coach on the market…

  8. We need to hire Charlie Strong. He’s a helluva coach that we should get. He’s another Mike Tomlin who could come in here and get us a couple of SB.

  9. Charlie Strong just signed a big extension to stay with Louisville but you are right, another up and comming HC Prospect for the NFL like Shaw,O’Brien,MArrone,Kelly and others.. Look for him to stay at Louisville as long as their QB (#5) stays.. then bolt to the NFL..

  10. **Trade Alert Per Paulman***
    Eagles Send QB M Vick (Who Restructures his Contract Deal with Chiefs) for their 2nd Round Draft Pick (#33 Overall) in 2013 and a 4th Round Pick in 2014 which could become a 3rd Rd pick based on Vick’s Performance in 2013

    • people only restructure to help their current team…do a google fraud. no one restructures for a trade.

      • HAC, he’s just having fun! Get the stick out of your @$$, or eat a brain muffin, or something! I don’t know who is a bigger, know nothing @$$hole, you or Jon Fraud (AKA Lil Bron-Bron)?!?

    • haaaaaaaaaa

      • After the Trade is annouced HAC,
        Then he resturctures his Deal with CHiefs, not beforehand since no one does that.. Vick would love to play for AR and not start over in a new system for he realizes that his chances and time are not on his side so he would be more than willing to do after the Deal goes down…

        • why would AR give up anything for him? wait till eagles cut him and sign him.

          • Because the NY Jets and Arizona Cardinals are out there and desperate for a QB and may scoop him up.. At least AR could hit the ground running in KC having a QB that is familiar wiwth his System and he could still Draft Geno Smith if he wanted to groom 2 Seasons behind Vick.. It would at lease give their Fan Base some excitement instead of the Matt Cassell/Brady Quinn/Brody Coyle/Tyler Palko play of Recent Seasons…

            • vick has the power if the eagles cut him. you said he would love to go to kc so as a free agent he would. so jets and cards would have no shot. so AR won’t part with a beloved draft pick for a player he probably is already in cahoots with.
              This fraudman is why your dream of being a GM is quite frankly idiotic!

              • Does AR take the Chance of not getting VIck to play for him
                What other options would he have to hit the ground running..
                WHy wouldn’t VIck want to play for the HC that gave him his 2nd chance instead of going to a Team/Coaching Staff and System that he wouldn’t be familiar with (Jets,Bills,Cardinals,etc,etc)
                IS AR willing to give up a 2nd or a 3rd Rounder to get this this done cleanly so he can focus on other parts of their Offense.. I think so and would be a minimum price to pay in the big picture, don’t you think… ..

          • they wouldnt

            • no– you know how he is with second rounders. he treats them as gold. hell he’s probably been texting vick all day! ‘wait for the birds to cut you then we meet during FA time.” — they will have it worked out in principal, unofficially.

              • Well Geno Smith and his agents are happy and Jamal Charles is pissed right about now. Dwayne Bowe might reconsider leaving. Better question though how in the blue hell does KC have 5 guys in the Pro Bowl.

  11. Eagles new Draft Selections after the above Deal happens

    1st Rd (#4) LB Manti’ Teo ND (6-3 255lbs- becomes Starter at SAM Spot Day 1 and eventually moves to MLB at 2014 after Ryans is released)
    2nd Rd (#33) CB Xavier Rhodes Florida State (6-2 217lbs- Replaces DRC as Starter Day 1)
    2nd Rd (#36) DT Shariff Floyd Florida (6-3 305lbs-Pairs with Cox for a Dyanmo Tandem for the next 6-8 Years)

  12. Fast forward to 2014
    Eagles have one of the best Middle of the Defenses in the NFL anchored
    by DT’s Fletcher Cox, Shariff FLoyd backed by MLB Manti Teo’…
    A pretty good group to build the next Generation Defense if you ask me..

  13. Add a Free agent Safety in Jarius Byrd (29 years old) or Gholston (29 Years old)
    or Moore (28 Years Old) or Delmas (28 Years old) and a Draft Pick from 2013 Draft and the middle of the Defense would be solid for Years which has really been lacking for the last 5-6 Years with the Eagles

  14. CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora confirms that a deal between Andy Ried and the Chiefs is “now imminent” and could be finalized by Thursday night.
    Contrary to a previous report, LaCanfora adds that Reid will not be interviewing with the Cardinals or Chargers before accepting Kansas City’s offer. Issues involving Reid’s staff and the power structure on football decisions were “hashed out” with the Chiefs on Thursday. Reid is expected to bring ex-Browns GM Tom Heckert with him, which would leave Scott Pioli’s future up in the air.

    • Watch what you say MH, Jon Fraud, will reprimand you, & say you don’t know what you are talking about! He’s the only one that can break news!

  15. Kind of what Paulman already Reported about an 1 hour ago ??

    • kinda like that only reported by someone official that actually has sources.

      • or anyone who read or at 9:00 this morning would have deduced.

        • correct haveacigar. paul and jon hart like to read stories and then post them here and act like theyre breaking news. i think its hilarious

          • My sources for this one was one Kansas City’s Whore-Houses that Specializes in great Barbeque Pork down in the Olathe,Ks area of Town… I leave no stone unturned for Football News..

  16. Breaking news.

    my sources say the eagles and kansas city queefs are in a bidding war to sign dennis dixon to be their franchise qb. Kansas city queefs initial offer is 4 years $136 million

  17. Andy reid and his agent are weasels

  18. If Reid goes to KC, look for them to overpay for a FA tackle, then choose Geno Smith as Reid tries to recreate 1999 for the Chiefs.

  19. ****** Trade alert

    Kansas City Queefs trade Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, 2013 1st round pick and their 2014 1st round draft pick to the Eagles for King Dunlap, Danny Watkins, Nnamdi Asomugha, 2014 6th round draft pick and a 2013 7th round draft pick

  20. Looks like the KC thing is a done deal for Andy Reid. Looking like Dick Juron will Be the DC, Shermer from Clev will be the OC. Also Juan will be coaching the o-line and 5 will be the Back-up QB and look for Doug Pederson to be Qb coach. Looks like Geno Smith might be going to KC if this report is true. I can only hope so, gives the birds a better chance at the OT from A&M or the LB from ND.

    • lol 5 will never take a snap in the nfl again

      • I could see Reid bringing in McNabb in the Doug Peterson role. Hold the spot down for meaningless games. 10-12 games till Smith ready to come in for the final few…..

        The fanbase will not be upset about the move at that point because team will be out of it.

        This is exactly the strategy Reid used with McNabb and again with Foles. With the useless vet holding the spot until the season was over.

        (Though in the Vick/Foles case there was still a subset of the fanbase irrationally upset about the transition, despite all the evidence that it was the right move.)

        • I think there is a great chance of that, much better than frauds 7 prediction. 5 for 1 year 5 million teach the rookie. Bring the rook in after ten weeks

          • id lay $1000 to your $100 that will never happen (ie 5 as a coach or qb)

            • Ill bet you 20 doughnuts against a rational debate with Realtalk lol.

            • Do you remember how bad Peterson was? 5 would be at least that good….

              • xevious haaaaaaaaa if i get the doughnuts if i win and you debate realtalk if you win, youre on

                hac – i do. i also know 5 and he would never in a million years sign to do that job. 5 is also not a coach and never will be, its not in his make up to lead and inspire men off the field imo

  21. Being as though it was reported that Reid didn’t want to trade McNuggets I could see him in KC until Geno Smith is ready.

  22. Personally I cant see KC taking Geno Smith #1 overall….His stock has been dropping since October. I think Andy will trade down to like 10 or so and then take Geno. This is a bad draft for QBs….But you never know thats why its fun to speculate.

  23. 3 QB’s Stocks have been are Rising since the College Season ended

    Mike Glennon (NC State 6-5 232lbs)
    Justin Bray (Tennessee 6-2 218lbs
    Ryan Nassib (Syracuse 6-2 228lbs)

    These players were looked at late 2nd ROunders and now are creeping up
    to mid-late 1st Rounders

    The 4 Leading QB’s who were originally thought as sure fire 1st Round Selections (Geno Smith, Matt Barkely, Tyler Wilson & Landry Jones) are falling faster afer closer looks, injuries, questional maturity, etc,etc

  24. Right now there are only 3 college teams that play a NFL offense I think. Notre Dame, Stanford and Alabama. Correct me if there are more so that gives me 3 (not including Bill O Brian) that I think can make the transition to the NFL and thats Sabin, Brian Kelly and my favorite David Shaw. Lovie Smith should be interviewed as well. Not saying to hire him but he is worth a look.

  25. North Carolina State played a Pro-Style Offense under Mike O’Brien (who since has been fired)
    Northwestern, Wisconsin & Iowa run a Pro-Style Offense as well

    I tell you a College Coach worth checking out is Oklahoma State’s
    Mike Gundy who is a fiery, all-in kind of Coach who takes no prisoners
    and is very passionate about his Team,Players and his Coaching

  26. Jeremiah Trotter was on with Mike miss today, and he said that they lost a lot of games cause Andy was out coached. He said that if you take two teams of equal talent and andy is coaching one. If the game was close andy’s team would lose. That’s big coming from a player like trotter, but I do wish andy good luck in K.C. Hey maybe he will bring #5 out of retirement LOL.

    • heard the same thing myself.

    • I heard that today…very damning words from #54. It’s a shame, if Reid had only leveled with conventional wisdom more often, maybe the Eagles have a Super Bowl title.

      • Uhmm Trot talks just to hear himself at times, today was one of those times. Almost like if Andy came out and said if you take two mlb’s with equal talent they would’ve been better then Trotter. And you guys call Vick ungrateful. Some dudes need to not talk.

        • How many game changing plays did ole 54 make in any of those big games?

          • Big Trot was gone 2002 and 2003….2002 Levan Kirkland and Barry Gardner watched Gerivicious run down the field…2003 Mark simenaue was trucked by Deshawn Foster…..Trots right here.

            • Your right he left for the big money in DC , so why wasn’t he complaining about JJ.

              • he kind of did throw jj under a bit. said ‘even as good as jj was he was sometimes slow at getting in plays’–trot is trying to make a name for himself on radio. a player complaining about an ex coach is nothing new– this to me was just radio b.s– they have a lot of hours to kill.

  27. **Bruce Arians to Interview with Bears about HC Position

  28. Trott also said if the offense had the ball with two minutes and needed to score the game was over, that’s a damn powerful indictment of mcnabb, foles has already done more with less weapons, but he doesn’t have “it”, another amorphous , racially contrived term to mask the true sentiment that despite his play, he’s white so he cannot be the quarterback

    • How many big games has Foles played in? Get back to me when he does something relevant. Again let’s go back and see how many leads the defense gave up and lost while Trotter was here, ah but I guess that was on Andy too.

  29. **Hot News**

    This was just confirmed, Joe Banner and the Cleveland Brown did in fact interview Bill Obrien at a “secret location” sometime this week. Also getting word that noone knows where the Eagles are today. Maybe a state college? Yes. Possibly Penn State im hearing

  30. Remember, after wild-card weekend, there will be a whole new batch of candidates Fangio, Arians, Zimmer, Dennison, Bevell, etc.. It could then get really interesting.

    • I could be wrong JH, but this will be for Teams Coaches that are eliminated
      Correct?? Anotherwards, for Teams still in the Playoffs, their Coaches are off-limits until they are eliminated???
      Anyone know the Scoop ??

  31. Candidate for the Eagles HC job is playing a game tonight on espn (Chip Kelly). Kansas state vs Oregon..

  32. If we get C Kelly, all he has to do is let DJax Run Kickoff returns!

  33. …as well as play WR. Chip will do what BB does in New England like he did with Troy Brown and Deion Branch etc.

  34. What’s up with Trot? His comments can do nothing but make him uncomfortable at the next alumni gathering… lol

  35. **Bad News**

    Hearing Bill Obrien is considering staying put at Penn State. They are currently trying to restructure his contract.

    My Thoughts- there are alot of other great coaches that are available . This thing is just getting started fellas

  36. G- disagree this guy has done nothing, hire him and this franchise loses for the next 5 years

  37. jott1972. Until a coach has a shot they have no track record. I certainly do not care for a retread. Honestly who is really out there. I understand your reservation, but, sometimes you gotta sling the dice. No coach is a sure bet to get us that parade!!!

  38. *News Alert* its being reported that Eagles had secret meeting with Bill OBrien already and OBrien has announced he is staying at Penn State.

  39. More from the news desk
    The Nike Corporation has purchased the Fiji Islands and has offered the Island to Chip Kelly to remain at the University or Oregon, more from JH later today..

  40. This Marrone guy cant win in college how is he going to win in the nfl….this would be the worst move ever

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