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How Will The New Coaching Staff Impact The Quarterback Position?

Current Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is reportedly one of the names on the Eagles short list for the head coaching vacancy left by Reid’s firing on Monday morning. Kelly, with a career record of 45-7 at Oregon, runs an offense that would be an experiment in the NFL where defenses are ten times faster than in college.

One Eagles player may be secretly hoping that Chip Kelly finds another destination or the Eagles find another candidate to fill the job. Nick Foles, who started six of the Eagles last seven games, would not fit well with the speed offense that Kelly used at Oregon. It is widely believed that Michael Vick is done in Philadelphia after starting 9-3 and finishing 9-13 as an Eagles starter, including 0-1 in the only playoff game the Eagles had with him as starter. If the Eagles decide that Chip Kelly is their guy, though, Vick’s time in Philadelphia may continue, presumably on a much cheaper contract than he is currently playing under.

While there is no deadline to find a new head coach, there is a deadline to decide on what to do with Vick. By February 6th, the Eagles must make a decision whether or not Michael Vick will be wearing midnight green in 2013. He is due for a $3 million bonus on that day. Vick is set to make $15.5 million base salary in 2013 and it is unlikely that the Eagles will be able to carry that salary and remain under the cap.

The quarterback situation is one of the deciding factors in the direction the Eagles go in looking for a head coach and is also a deciding factor in the opposite direction. Nick Foles started six games in 2012 and seemed to improve every game. He only produced a single win but with a healthy offensive line and LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, Foles could have a bright future as the Eagles starting quarterback if he continues progress.

Foles shining moment of his rookie season came in week 14 in Tampa Bay. The Eagles only real “thriller” of the 2012 season came behind a 381 yard, 3 touchdown performance by the rookie. With the running game sputtering (2 yards on 13 carries between Bryce Brown and Dion Lewis) Foles had no run support. The Eagles only victory in the last 13 weeks of the season ended with a 2-point win from a touchdown pass from Foles to Jeremy Maclin on the final play of the game – 2nd and 1 on the one yard line with two seconds left in the game, down by five. Foles connected on his two passing touchdowns in the game in the final four minutes of the game, a feat that All-Pro quarterbacks can rarely accomplish. The third round pick’s final season stat line was quite impressive considering what he was playing with: 60.8 completion percentage, 1699 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions – a 79.1 passer rating and 45.3 Total QBR. He also went 1-5 in his six starts.

Michael Vick started the season 3-1 but failed to win again in 2012. Suffering a concussion in Week 10, Vick missed six total games when Foles was named starter despite Vick’s recovery. In just 10 games, Vick turned the ball over 15 times, a troubling rate of 1.5 turnovers per game. In the first four weeks, despite ugly games, the Eagles looked like a tough team that can pull out wins in tight games despite adversity. After those first four weeks, the Eagles 2012 season was a downward spiral with the lone bright spot in Tampa Bay. Vick, a quarterback who said that this Eagles team could be a dynasty before the season finished with a 58.1 completion percentage, 2362 yards, 12 TDs, and 10 INTs – a 78.1 passer rating and 46.0 Total QBR. Vick was 3-7 in his 10 starts with six straight losses.

It is almost a done deal that Vick will not return to the Eagles in 2013 and Foles will be the Eagles starter moving forward. For an offensive minded coach, the Eagles could be an attractive destination with many offensive weapons and a 23-year-old developing QB, not to mention a fourth overall pick in April’s draft. The Eagles still have interviews to plan and go through with and owner Jeffrey Lurie, GM Howie Roseman, and team president Don Smolenski will have the final say in who coaches the Eagles in 2013. There are many options out there from college coaches looking to experiment in the NFL to retired coaches to assistant coaches around the league. Nick Foles is just hoping that one name, Chip Kelly, does not come to the forefront. If Kelly lands in Philly, Michael Vick may be bumped back to starter and Foles will return to starting clipboard holder.

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260 Comments for “How Will The New Coaching Staff Impact The Quarterback Position?”

  1. Hmmmm I sometimes think that these story writers are trolling the commenters. I mean we have been over this story here on the Forums for over a month now. The responses may entertain me at work today so that is a plus. Also maybe Biglion will explain why Vince Young is a better choice for QB than Nick Foles….Good times ahead.

    • Your correct Xevious – let me start the ball rolling.

      Every coach would want to pick the ideal quarterback to run his offense, but they don’t always have the luxury. My feeling is that Kelly would not pick either Vick or Foles if he had a choice. Vick turns the ball over too much and Foles is not a proven quarterback.

      I’m sure the Eagles brass and Kelly have already figured out what they will do at the quarterback position should Kelly take the job.

      All that’s left to do is wait and watch.

    • I think Chip Kelly might think Vince Young would be a better option. My point was I would look at every option available before choosing who my QB would be. Personally I don’t like any of the current options on the roster. I would make an offer for either Mallet in NE or Cousins in DC. And I wouldn’t hire Chip Kelly.

      • i see what you are saying but thats like an ugly back to the future scenario…could you imagine trotting out the read option with VY on our side and on the other side is RG3–twice a year.? that would be UGLY!

  2. there is a real chance that if it is kelly foles could fit. you adapt kellys offense around what you have which is a big qb that is bright and you do just take the option out. its still a quick uptempo offense- think patriots or broncos.

  3. No Chip Kelly and No Mike Vick..
    We thought Turnovers were bad enough from Vick trying to play in the Pocket
    Get VIck running the Spread Offense and taking more and more hits, will be a disaster for the Team and for Vick physically and won’t last 4-5 weeks playing in Kelly’s System.. Vick is one or 2 more head shots of being done as far as Concussion’s go…

  4. I just don’t want any part of Chip Kelly. That kind of bullshit offense is exactly what we’ve been dealing with for quite some time now. We are at a major fork in the road with how this organization will perform for the next 5-10 years and Chip Kelly (Stever Spurrier 2.0) could very well set us back. If we get him, I will feel like we are the new Redskins; spending big on free agent busts and bringing in a college coach with a scheme that doesn’t stand a chance in the NFL. I get that Belechek consults with him which says a lot but I think the type of plays Chip Kelly comes up with are good to have in your back pocket but not as your primary offensive scheme.I’m really starting to like Doug Marrone.

  5. oh that said — i don’t want kelly- just saying if it is him foles may fit ok- however i have stated for a couple of weeks now– mike mccoy. he is the only name on my list.

  6. I am with cigar on this, no Chip Kelly no spread offense, try to interview McCoy or wait until SF loses and get Greg Roman or Seattle’s DC Gus Bradley. BTW if they hired McCoy he would be the best coach for Foles.

    • thats why i want him. i am not a guy on here who thinks foles is the second coming but i think there MIGHT be something there. You never know in this league there are so many first round busts (and coaching busts too). I think Foles is here, he is cheap, has some experience- bring in a guy that can make him as good as he CAN be– if he still isn’t good then give the coach another guy i guess.

  7. Sell me on McCoy. Because right now, Manning runs that offense. Last year that offense stunk until TeBow came in and they are not going to be running that offense here. So are we going with the couple of years of success he had with Orton or when he was working with Delhomme? What about the defense?

  8. Mike McCoy is due to Interview over the Weekend (Saturday) with the Eagles
    I hope the Eagles talk to a couple of the 49ers/Seahwaks/Packers Assistants
    too and stay away from these College Coaches though I do like the background,experience,no-nonsense approach and personality of Coach Marrone from Syracuse..

  9. yes- working with those stiffs and i believe they both went to the pro bowl under his coaching.he also using the people he had (tebow) in mid year did an about face and PUT HIS PLAYERS IN A POSITION TO WIN –think we’ve heard that before. second he has worked under 3 head coaches who have been fired and all three owners wanted to keep him, that says something to me. as for working with manning of course he has huge input– you want that in your QB! you want him to be the on field leader. if you think mccoy has no input then you are mistaken.

    • Still not a bad idea to get a proven OC who has learned some new wrinkles being with Peyton Manning, how can this hurt McCoy, only enhances him I believe..

  10. HAC- I see your point. Even if Foles doesn’t work out, having a guy that is good at developing the most important player on the field is probably a good thing.

  11. I can agree with what you are saying about the others, but I think that you are vastly overstating Manning’s “input.”

    • its not just mannings ‘input’ in planning– he is able to do so much at the LOS– its like he is a genius- and i guarantee that is all discussed with mccoy during the week. one thing trot was saying about manning and brady in the hurry up is that their ‘second call’ is the important one because the defense can’t react– he says manning is the best at it– anyway i think mccoy has the ability to pass some of this along to whomever our qb is.

  12. NO Saint’s Pete Carmicheal Jr and Joe Vitt would be worth talking to also

    Former Saints/Rams DC Greg Williams has officially been terminated by the Rams Organization and is free to Coach for any Team and would be an interested choice as DC.. The Man is a little crazy and maybe has some baggage, but he can get after the QB,cause Turnovers and create negative plays… It will be interesting on who takes a gamble (Press wise) with him

    • the nfl is such a win now league i don’t see williams staying out for long. someone will want to have a good experienced DC– now goodell might try to ‘steer him in a direction of a strong organization’ the way he did with vick– although on second thought… after that happened the organization went to hell (although it was on its way to hell before that)

  13. If you Bring in Mike Mccoy I would suggest Lovie Smith or Greg Williams to run the defense. This would take Half the ball out of Mccoys hands and into an experienced defensive mind. I think Lovie is an excellent Defensive mind but think he is Buddy Ryan as a head coach. Greg Williams is Mr bounty but can coach up the defense. If we are going to go Offense for Head coach both of these guys would be my 1a and 1b choice as DC. The defense needs as much if not more help then the Offense IMO. The offense will have to do its best since they foolishly aren’t bringing back Vince Young.

    • i whole heartedly agree with this. I really think Lovie will get a HC spot– but if not — make him DC and asst. HC

    • you seriously think VY is an option? wow i kinda thought you were joking.

      • Its my Sarcastic side kinda ripping Biglion for Saying he would rather have VY than Foles lol. VY is a disaster in any system I would rather have VIck than VY 100 out of 100 times and Im not a Vick fan as many of you know.

      • Nope I don’t think he takes another snap in the NFL because of his goofy ass personality but hell I would do my due diligence on every option out there.

        • good point but the nfl has 32 teams doing due diligence and a 26 year old former #1 pick was UNEMPLOYED– and teams had a bunch of scrubs at qb

          • Yep cigar and guess what if Whisenhunt would have at least tried him out I can almost assure you Arizona wouldn’t have looked like they had Pop Warner QB”s

    • You gotta see my point though Xevious if your not sold of Foles what would checking out every available guy out hurt? The object is to find the best players out there right?

      • Well your obviously not sold, but to pick a stooge with a 10 cent head over a kid with an obviously good football mind is kinda ludacris. I understood the premise but you picked a name with no credibility bro. Kinda kicks your argument in the ass before you can even get it out there.

        • LOL yep but seriously you know there are coaches out there who are still checking on Jamarcus Russell just to see if he weighs under 350. LOL

          • Well thats the issue with the NFL and all sports. Someone always think they are smarter than everyone else. A bum is a bum no amount of hope is gonna change that. Goes for coaching too..Somehow Norv Turner has had 3 bites at the apple. Jackasses.

  14. McCoy and Smith would be a solid 1-2, but I gotta think that if Lovie doesn’t get a job now, he will get one in the next couple of years.

  15. We need defensive backs for next year – Somebody write an article about who will be our safeties and corners next year.

  16. If tinkerbell Lurie thinks forcing this kid down anyones throat, is going to help get a good hire, he’s delusional. This is why we can forget any established coaches, or top coordinators coming here. Between having to work with an inept, wet behind the ears, gopher, GM, with no football acumen, like Rosemilk, having an un-established QB in Foles thrown down their throat, & this roster full of heartless, ball-less, dogs, we ain’t getting anything , but a no name, or a yes-man! Any coach with any brains, would laugh in Tootsie boys face! Expect buffalo Chips Kelly, or Marrone from Syracuse! Happy days!

    • See DCar that is my point exactly you’ll be looking for a yes man instead of a real football coach. Let the coaches truly decide what they put on the field. By the end of the year the only draft pick that the Roseman draft could say was a bonafide NFL player was Fletcher Cox, everyone else including Boykin, Kendricks, Foles and Brown are question marks.

    • I don’t think that any of us are suggesting that they uses Foles that way. Simply stated, if Foles is here next year or another young QB, it would be good to have someone who works well with young QBs. Hell Lurie in his presser stated that the QB situation would be up to the new coach. We all know you hate the current administration, but you are grasping at straws here.

  17. **Breaking News from Kansas City***
    Paulman joins a Local KC Businessman and will Managing 6 “Big Red’s Barbecue & Sports Bar” Restaurants around the Greater Kansas City area..
    All Restaurants will have AR Likeness on a Sign out front and big,busty waitresses working the bar,tables… I am flying out Sat to interview many of Staff and check out Site Locations..
    There is always a way to make a quick buck if your willing to take a risk and take advantage of the “timing” in life

    To Irish,
    I will post up some of the my thoughts about next Years Secondary for it definitely needs a make-over and is probably the biggest weakness as a Position Group on the Team

  18. Not necessarily true at all. The Patriots run a version of the Chip Kelly hurry up with Brady and he is hardly a “speed” QB. Now I am in no way comparing Foles to Brady at this point but they are comparable on a purely “athletic” basis. Watching some of the Oregon games it’s apparent that the QB must be smart and able to think on his feet so to speak. Neither attribute are Vick trademarks. That said I don’t want Kelly at all and would focus on Mike McCoy at this point.

    2013 Draft
    1st round Luke Joeckle OT Texas A&M
    2nd round Jonathan Banks CB Miss State
    3rd round Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma

  19. This Just In Scott Pioli FIRED in KC….Andy is Big man on Campus lol

  20. I had a chance to watch Oregon last night and I came away with the following observations: Although I still have other candidates I prefer the Eagles to hire and am not as against the potential hiring of Kelly as I was originally. My choices are still:

    1) Mike McCoy
    2) Vic Fangio
    3) Greg Roman
    4) Bruce Arians
    5) Mike Zimmer
    6) Kelly

    His uptempo offense could cause some issues with defenses. THere are some things he would need to do first. Get a talented big receiver another pass catching tight end and….. I am not sure if Foles would be the guy to run it. I am not saying he couldn’t I am just not sure. He has the running game pieces here already.

    …. And I was impressed with his defense.

    So to sum up: I wouldn’t think it would be terrible to hire Kelly, even though I was dead set against it originally and I think there are better candidates. I still think the Browns get him first. Why? Because Joe Banner is smarter than Lurie and Howie and he will out maneuver them.

  21. Paulman reported last evening that Coach AR will be annoucing Tom Heckert
    as GM of CHiefs, and Dick Jauron as DC, Pat Shurmur as OC/QB Coach – Asst Head Coach and bring WR Culley, RB Williams, TE Metzler to Kansas City with him as well as hire Juan Castillo to Coach the O/Line or possibly be the LB Coach under Dick Jauron.. I also expect Andy Reid to hire Sean McDermott (once he gets fired from Panthers) to join KC as their Secondary Coach
    My Prediction is this, Andy Reid get the Chiefs to the Playoffs by 2014 Season, The Eagles will struggle to be a .500 Team for the next 2-3 Seasons regardless of who they Hire and who their QB is, they just need NFL Talent up and down their Roster which will take some time … So let it be written, so let it be done…

    • Hey paulman I gotta bust your chops though, I’m still waiting for that Donohoe press conference.

      • So am I Biglion,
        My source told me last evening that the Eagles (Lurie) does not want to offer Donahoe the Position of VP of Football Ops since the Eagles are Pursuing Chip Kelly and want to exhaust that first or any other potential HC who may want more autority if fired (Jon Gruden perhaps)
        My source also informed me that Donahoe is having 2nd thoughts of committing to a Full-Position and working with GM Howie Roseman due to Roseman’s “Fantasy Land” Style of Managing the GM Dept/Player Personnel/Scouting/Draft, etc, etc ..

      • I’m waiting for that as well. Do we know of Donohoe is even a real person?

  22. Just had a quick chat with Brian Baldinger, & he told me John Gruden, is tootsie boys choice, & they have spoken already. He is high on Foles & would bring in his Brother as O Coordinator/Asst HC & both the Kiffins. Could happen next week, if Gruden decides yes. Stay tuned! Now this excites me, quite a bit!

    • Even though I don’t like Gruden this does sound interesting.

      • This is the only reason why, Lurie is going through interviews, because Gruden isn’t 100% sure about working with Rosemilk. But the job is his, & he will decide this week. VERY INTERESTING!

        • He can leave baby Kiffin at USC though, I wonder if he would tell Lurie that he’ll come if Howie had no input on the football side of things.

          • That’s the holdup, but BB said Gruden would have a lot of input, also. He also doesn’t want to make a decision & have any affect, on his Brother’s playoff game.

          • Well if this is true I would really be in favor of it. The offense has pieces in place Including returning Linemen. Gruden would be great for Foles and the receivers. Also the issue Gruden had in Tampa was talent evaluation in the end. So a GM in place would be good for him. I find Dcar to be one of the most rational posters on this forum so ill buy this lol.

  23. The biggest mistake the birds could make this offseason will be letting a college guy run the D. Please…. please…. get a real friggin NFL DC.

  24. DCAR — please tell me you are not making ish up! I’m high on Kelly but would love this in a heartbeat.

    Is this for real? This isn’t P-man BS is it?

    • I don’t lie BoB. Read my posts. It all is in Grudens hands. If he decides no, it’ll be McCoy, or (Gulp!) Kelly! Want no parts of him.

  25. How did you talk to him? Radio call? What is it? Any links? This is huge!

    • Don’t want to get into specifics, but I’ve known him, since 93′. He’s at NFL Films, right now, with Greg Cossell. Good dude. Smart football man. Knows a lot of people, in the know. This has been in the works for weeks.

  26. Seriously NO MAN NAMED CHIP….should be a coach in Philly. California yes Cleveland sure…But we dont do CHIP in Philly. Ugh what a disgrace lol.

  27. Stevo,
    The guys are probably talking about Lane’s father (Monte Kiffin) to run the Defense who is about 74 Years old now and not in the best of health and probably not a god idea.. Do remember that Gruden is friendly with Rod Marinelli who was the TB Bucs D/Line Coach at the time and is presently is the Bears DC..
    I don’t like th eGruden Idea for this Team/Franchise really needs to look long-term with this hire and not be so infatuated with how the present day QB is or the CUrrent Roster.. I believe LUrie is going to hire a Young Coordinator/COolege COach and have a 5 Year PLan-Time Line with him..
    Gruden is good for about 2-3 Years max, goes thru QB’s like we go threw underwear.. If you are close to winning and thinking strictly short-term, then maybe you get Jon Gruden, but since Eagles are not anyone close to any of the Top 6-8 Teams in the NFC, no sense in bringing him on board to be a .6-8 Win Team at best and leave with the Roster/Franchise in worst shape than it currently is

    • I’ll take it Paul. If he wants to go, he can turn it over to his Bro, if/ when he leaves. I’d rather have him, than that list of ????’s that are out there! Can you imagine these dogs trying to quit on him? LOL! He’s perfect for Philly.

  28. Gruden built the Raiders back into a contender. He will do the same with us. Gruden has always been number one on my list.

  29. Paulman,there is no long term anymore in the nfl (unless you are Andy Reid), teams can and do turn it around in a year, if foles develops as he should the eagles are contenders again on offense, build a secondary, contenders for super bowl runs

  30. http://www.

  31. I guess I am too old school Jake and would rather see the Eagles Clean house and start ffresh and build a Solid Foundation and the Team Properly, but you are right, fans,ticket-holders and today’s socierty are not patient enough and demand instant success..


  33. jon gruden- nice name, fiery, get in players faces, scowl on his face. will play well to the fans…. coaching record… .540 winning percentage is .40 lower than the guy we just fired. as far as retreads go he’s the sexiest name. he’s had bad years too– like the way he built oakland
    i guess he would energize the fan base, re-excite us after the reid hangover– like a good bloody mary the morning after. i always enjoy them although they sometimes make for a tough day.

    • HAC, he had Al Davis F^#@ING things up, & making all the decisions there. Just listen to Mike Lombardi, & any other former employees. You can’t hold that against him.

      • He did have Dungy’s DF in TB, but he rebuilt the entire offense there, & won the SB. Nobody states that. They give Dungy the credit.

      • his oakland record was 594 and tampa record 504…. all that said i’m ok with this for the reasons stated. he’s the anti-reid personality wise- will be interesting- i’m just saying he’s a dude like they are all just dudes! he wins, he loses- he makes great calls and f*** some up– its what they all do!

  34. Reid agrees to 5 year deal with chiefs. Dotting “i”s and crossing “t”‘s.

  35. maybe a huge mistake rushing to sign reid ,

    • What does KC have to lose, they haven’t don e much in recent Seasons,
      have a rabid,proud fanbase, and play in a pretty easy Division (AFC West)
      I figure Peyton Manning has 1-2 more Seasons at best, that Division is wide open and the AFC Conference as a whole is not what it used to be with Teams like the Jets,Steelers,Chargers,Raiders,BIlls,Browns all strugglign in recent Seasons.. It’s good hire for KC who have 5 Pro-Bowl Players on their Rosters.. they need a QB,WR, TE, DT and have the pretty good makings for a pretty good Team with some good young talent
      I am not saying that AR will turn him around and win a SUper BOwl, but looking at the other Teams/JObs availalbe, it’s not a bad landing spot
      Cardinals have a Good D, but no QB, horrible OOL, no RB and a lousy home field advantage.. Buffalo/Cleveland are proud Franchises,but play in more difficult Divisions, play in crappier home weather making the pass-aholic Offense for AR a little more difficult to accomplish.. SD Chargers need OL,WR, RB and their Owners (SPanos) is very cheap with their $$$

  36. Castillo is his O-line coach! What an embarrassment!!!! If I were Castillo, I would have told him, to F^#@ off!

  37. I told you andy reid decimated the eagles on purpose.. I knew he was going to sign Juan

  38. Where exactly are you guys seeing anything about Gruden coming to Philly?

  39. tomorrows paper – a photo of andy reid dressed in red with the walrus stache covered in barbeque sauce and a slab of ribs in his hands with the headline times theirs.

    love it

  40. If you recall JH called Jon Gruden a “darkhorse” in the eagles coaching search. I said he really wants to come to philly and philly wants him. Im not surprised at all to hear this and if its a true report then its a good move. He just needs the right coaches around him bc Chucky can get pretty emotional and it clouds his judgment at times..

  41. In case you missed my post yesterday or in case you want Jon Gruden to coach here or in case you think he is gonna coach here please read and repeat the following:

    Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL ever again.

  42. I’m now hearing Jay Gruden is on the radar of the Birds. Possibly as DCar reported a coordinator as his brother is the HC..

  43. I think “insider sources” might have missed on this piece of information. If the Eagles were going to hire Jon Gruden there was nothing stopping them from doing it by now.

    If they gave Jon Gruden an offer it would be in the news. There’s no reason for subterfuge. It would be out in the open just like their meetings with other potential coaches.

    At least that’s what I think…

  44.’s Daniel Jeremiah suggests that Monte Kiffin could land in Kansas City as the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator in 2013.
    Jeremiah isn’t a reporter, but he has extensive NFL experience and plenty of connections around the league from his scouting days. His suggestion is notable. Kiffin, who turns 73 in February, spent the last three seasons coordinating his son Lane’s defense at Southern Cal. He was the Bucs’ defensive coordinator from 1996 through 2008, running a Tampa 2-style scheme.

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. andy is such an idiot

  45. I don’t even like Gruden but this is exciting especially if he brings his brother and a really good DC on board. Will give the organization instant credibility again.

  46. Only scares me about Gruden is for a so called QB guru he never groomed one. Ever.

  47. Again, I have no idea how the Gruden to Philly rumors are getting started. Not saying it couldn’t happen I haven’t read anything to suggest that it will.

    My top list of coaches is Doug Marrone, Mike McCoy and Bruce Arians.

    • dcar says he has first hand knowledge… if true that would be the scoop of the year on gcobb…. i mean the real scoop not just dudes wishing or hoping

  48. It looks like Bruce Arians to the Bears and M McCoy to the Cardinals or Chargers, Chip Kelly to Cleveland or Buffalo,

    I do like Doug Marrone though it would not be a popular choice
    or one of the Following
    49ers – Brad Seely or Greg Roman
    Packers – Tom CLements or Winston Moss
    Seahawks – Dana Bevall or Gus Bradley
    Falcons – Mike Nolan

  49. I don’t see Jon Gruden coming back to Coach and especially not in Philly at this time in Philly where he would be replacing a close,personal friend in AR
    I also think it would be viewed as a major failure in Lurie’s case and stature not to be able to be forward thinking and Hire a younger visionary/innovative,energetic Coach for the long-term and not resort for strictly a short-term Fix with Gruden,who probably is only half-committed to ever Coach again at this stage of his life..Gruden is not the Answer just like Cowher,Holmgrem,Billick, Dungy or any of these older,burnt out, been-there, done-that re-treads…

    • we need toughness…. we need Philly smash in the face tude. Gruden gives us that, I would take it in a heartbeat over a gimmick all throw style.

  50. Paulman, I don’t think Bruce Arians can even interview right now. Also, I thought you liked Vic Fangio?

  51. Even though I’ve been on board with Gruden becoming the HC, I agree that it doesn’t make sense for the long time future of the franchise. One thing I find interesting is that reports are saying that Andy Reid won’t take Geno Smith with the #1 pick, but would rather spend that on a stud OL or LB. With Jacksonville needing help in all areas and will likely take Lotulelei, and Oakland invested in Carson Palmer, it would make sense for the Eagles to hire Chip Kelly and draft Geno Smith to run his fast paced, athletic offense. Although I did enjoy watching Nick Foles improve and mature, I really don’t think he is the option the Eagles want for the long term, and I think Geno Smith would make a great addition to our already talented offense. To people who think the Eagles are a 1 year fix I think they are just passionate fans that fail to realize the team has been decimated by terrible draft and will probably take at least a year or two to recover. But with an offensive unit that solid it would be interesting to see how well a coach like Kelly would be able to keep his head above water before this team makes a complete turn around. If draft time comes around and we fail to select Smith, we should definitely take a stud OL or trade our pick for later first round picks and build for the future because like I said, I don’t think this team is an easy fix

  52. I do not see why all of the love for Gruden….he won his only SB with Dungy’s team that was stacked on Defense (Brad Johnson as his QB)….he has never really advanced the career of a young QB as was evident with the revolving door that he had in TB before he was fired. He had Rich Gannon in Oakland who was already a veteran when Gruden got there….when he was here working for Ray Rhodes who was his QB? Hoying? Peete? Can’t say that he impressed me there….I think he is better suited for the announcers booth and let his “Chuckie” legend live on in some peoples minds…but not mine.

    • Y I’m not that high on Gruden either. The “rah-rah” message burns out very quickly.

      Gruden loves his old QBs….and he left both the Faders and Bucks in shambles when he left. There was almost open revolt on the Bucs at the end, and players reported a lot of animosity towards the coach at the end.

      Do we really want to sign Smith or someone similar and have a 3 year run before falling apart again….I think that’s what Gruden brings.

      I wouldd much prefer a slow development of young players over the next 2 seasons building to a team that can contend for 4 or 5 afterwards.

  53. AR will relive 1999 and select a QB with the first pick. Don’t know which one but I would say someone with a similar skill set to 5. You know hoe AR loves to do the same things over and over again.

  54. Voluminous Notes? Jeff Lurie is too funny, if Howie fails, I will be using this Lurie quote for years —— “I keep voluminous notes on talent evaluation on not just who we draft, but who is valued in each draft by each person that is in the organization that’s working here. I came to the conclusion that the person that was providing by far the best talent evaluation in the building was Howie Roseman.”

  55. I can 10-12 Regular Posters on GCobb who have better Talent/Draft Evaluation
    them Howie Roseman.. This Franchise is in for a bad 4-5 Year run I believe..

  56. I look at the Eagles’ current roster to see how they might adapt to the prospectus HC candidates current roster, which is probably a mistake since most players will be dismissed in the next 3 years anyway. But …
    Greg Roman – Shady McCoy is too small for his power football style
    Vic Fangio – the Eagles front 7 are are a 4-3 D not a good fit for a Fangio 3-4 personal
    Bruce Arians – Nick Foles does not have the arm to throw 15-20 yard pass patterns
    Chip Kelly—the Eagle defense is small and needs as much rest it can get between series and slowing down Nick Foles is probably the best thing for him.
    Mike McCoy – fits
    Tom Clements – fits
    Ben McAdoo – fits
    Jon Gruden – fits
    Jay Gruden – he runs a power football offense, I don’t think Shady or Kelce are big enough for that

  57. Howie Roseman is not the only guy out scouting college teams and evaluating talent. You also have Director of Pro Personnel – Louis Riddick, Assistant Director of Pro Scouting – Ed Marynowitz, Director of College Scouting – Anthony Patch, Player Personnel Executive – Rick Mueller.

    Some of these are football guys that have been doing this job for awhile. Howie Roseman is more of an administrator who assembles the information that he gets from his team. I’m sure he does a little scouting his self, but he relies on real scouts for most of his information.

  58. Does the following excite any Eagles’ fans? After reading it, does anyone really feel the Birds would be better off with one of these guys who….remember….will be 1 NFL year, 4 preseason games, and 6.5 NFL reg rseasons BHEHIND the kid we have not.

    I see nothing here that makes me think the Eagles will be ahead of the game taking a QB with the #4 pick.

    Geno Smith vs. Tyler Wilson: Breaking Down 2013 NFL Draft’s Top Quarterbacks

    By Dan Hope(Featured Columnist) on December 29, 2012

    The competition to be the 2013 NFL Draft’s top quarterback selected, and possibly also the No. 1 overall pick, is very different than that of last year’s draft. While the 2012 draft featured two superstar prospects who would each be locks to go No. 1 overall in almost any other draft class in Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, this year’s class features no elite quarterback prospect.

    Two of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft class are West Virginia’s Geno Smith and Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson. If the team at the top of the draft board — likely to be the Kansas City Chiefs — decides to draft a quarterback, either one could end up being the No. 1 overall pick.

    While neither Smith nor Wilson should be more than a mid-to-late first-round selection on value, there is no position that draws a higher demand high in the draft than quarterback, which could cause either or both of them to rise to the top of the board if they finish the draft process strong.

    Any team near the top of the draft board considering drafting a quarterback with their first-round pick will certainly compare every aspect of the two quarterbacks’ games over the next four months leading up to the 2013 NFL draft. Here’s how the two signal-callers compare from my evaluation.


    Wilson and Smith both have the ability to place downfield throws on a dime and in perfect position for their receiver to make a play on the football. Neither has done it with the consistency, however, desired from an NFL starting quarterback.

    Inside of 20 yards, Smith is the more consistently accurate quarterback, but Wilson has better deep-ball accuracy. Wilson is better at ball placement than Smith, and is more NFL-ready for hitting receivers’ routes with proper timing and fitting passes between tight coverage.

    Between the two quarterbacks, Wilson has better downfield accuracy.

    Smith’s completion percentage at West Virginia was more than nine points higher than Wilson’s this season, but Smith’s offense was much more predicated upon short passes than Wilson’s. While Wilson certainly had his issues with consistency in downfield passing, one reason for his lower completion rate was making more challenging throws over the course of a game plan.

    Arm Strength

    Neither Smith nor Wilson will dazzle scouts with their arm strength the way RG3 could last year, but while neither has a cannon, both have arms plenty adequate for the NFL.

    Smith throws the ball at a high velocity, but is not great at throwing the ball deep. Wilson’s arm is no cannon, but when he has time to step into his throws, he can throw a very solid deep ball.

    Overall, the difference between the two quarterbacks will not come down to arm strengths, as both have arms strong enough to make every throw on the field. But neither has an arm that will blow the top off of opposing secondaries.


    Although both quarterbacks are experienced starters, decision-making is an area where both have some significant work to do.

    Both quarterbacks try to force too many passes into multiple coverages downfield. Smith does a better job of picking up coverages and not throwing passes with a good chance to be intercepted, but also has a tendency of getting too comfortable with his receivers, and staring down his target rather than going through his progressions. Wilson does a better job than Smith of finding second or third reads on different regions of the field.

    Wilson and Smith both do a good job of knowing when the pocket is collapsing around them, then scrambling out of the pocket to run the ball or throwing the ball away.


    Footwork will be a major area of development for both Wilson and Smith at the next level. Both quarterbacks lined up primarily in the shotgun in their college offense, and are not experienced with dropping back from under center.

    Although not a great deal of it, Wilson has more experience under center than Smith, and has more refined footwork and dropbacks than his counterpart. Wilson’s dropbacks out of the gun are more shuffles than they are steps, but he is efficient in his movements. Smith usually takes no drop or a three-step drop from the gun, and has quicker steps than Wilson, but will need to significantly clean up his footwork at the next level.


    Neither Wilson nor Smith is a dual-threat quarterback, but both are good athletes. Smith has better foot speed than Wilson, and is a better scrambler as a result, but Wilson has better pocket presence.

    Smith does a good job rolling outside of the pocket away from pressure, and being able to do so effectively enough to set his feet and make accurate throws when doing so. Wilson does not have the speed to run away from fast pass-rushers, and often has to force throws or throw the ball away out of bounds when flushed out of the pocket.

    Geno Smith won’t break any rushing records as an NFL QB, but he is a good scrambler.

    Inside the pocket, however, Wilson does a better job dealing with pressure. While he is in trouble when forced out of the pocket, he does a good job of sliding his feet around the pocket and stepping up away from pressure.

    Smith, on the other hand, tends to stay sedentary within the pocket, and allows pressure to come to him. When Smith decides to leave the pocket and scramble, he is a very mobile quarterback, but he has yet to develop a natural pocket presence.


    Smith and Wilson both have very sound throwing motions that should not have to be changed at the next level.

    Outside of Aaron Rodgers, there won’t be many quarterbacks in the NFL with a more precise and quick release than Smith, who fires the ball away in a quick, fluid motion. While that trait stands out on film with Smith more than Wilson, the Arkansas quarterback also has an NFL-ready throwing motion and can get rid of the ball quickly and efficiently.

    Both quarterbacks do a good job of elevating the football, allowing them to throw effectively over pressure and not get the ball swatted down often.


    Statistical Comparison of Quarterbacks’ Senior Season (Not Including Pinstripe Bowl)
    QB Completion Pct. Passing Yards Passing TD INT Passer Rating Team Record in Games Played
    Geno Smith 71.4 4001 40 6 164.64 (7-5)
    Tyler Wilson 62.1 3387 21 13 143.85 (4-7)

    Statistically, Smith had far better numbers than Wilson in their senior seasons. In terms of leading his team to success and making more plays this season, Smith was the better quarterback this year, but the gap between their performance is not nearly as large as the numbers depict.

    Smith’s improved completion percentage and lower interception rate are a result of making more short checkdown throws than Wilson, while many of his passing yards came from yards after the catch attained from wide receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

    That’s not to say Wilson did not get some big yards after the catch of his own from big-play weapon Cobi Hamilton, but making Wilson’s job tougher was the lack of a second consistent receiving option outside of Hamilton.

    Neither quarterback’s team had the success they expected to this season, and some of that falls on the signal-callers for struggling in some of their team’s defeat. A bigger reason for both teams’ struggles, however, was inconsistent offensive line play and defenses that struggled badly.


    The quarterback position in the National Football League is making strides toward less conventional, dual-threat quarterbacks each year—especially this season with the emergence of players like Griffin, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick—but that is neither Smith nor Wilson. Smith is the better running threat and athlete between the two, but both are conventional dropback pocket passers.

    While neither quarterback has a rocket arm or dynamic rushing ability, both have very good raw physical skill sets. Each quarterback is listed at 6’3”, a very good height for an NFL starting quarterback, and should test well at the NFL Scouting Combine and/or their schools’ Pro Days.

    Both quarterbacks need to become more consistent with their accuracy and decision-making, and will need to learn the proper footwork from lining up under center. Between the two, Wilson is the better downfield passer, but Smith’s mobility, throw velocity, release and collegiate productivity fall in his favor.

    While Smith has been the lead dog in the quarterback race all season, a closer evaluation between the two reveals that if Wilson is not the better prospect at this time, he is not far behind. There is still plenty of jockeying for the top quarterback spot to be had, not only between them but also with other top quarterback prospects including USC’s Matt Barkley, Georgia’s Aaron Murray (if he declares as a junior), Tennessee’s Tyler Bray, Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib and North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon.

  59. @ Vinnie no matter how you slice it Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson are rated higher than 3rd round pick Nick Foles. lol. No matter how you slice it. Im not saying take eithier of them but theoretically they are rated higher so it should be a upgrade. We have one of the 5 worst QBs in the NFL at this moment. So yes he can be replaced. Name me 1 team in the NFL that would trade for Nick Foles today if Roseman would call. 1 team. How about this call KC and tell them we will give Foles for #1 pick Smith and see what they say. lol. .

    • Tell you what Dag, you know I don’t like Foles but I like him better then Geno Smith he shriveled up in too many big moments for me, however I would take Tyler Wilson and Tyler Bray over Foles in a second.

  60. Whoever wants to draft Geno Smith in the top 10 this year should call the Eagles and trade for Nick Foles because Eagle fans say Foles is better than any college QB coming out. So basically if Nick Foles was coming out this year he would be a top 10 pick. He is that good.

    • Dag,

      I think Nick Foles could be late 1st or early 2nd round if he came out this year…

      Anyway, Geno might go 1st in this years draft but that doesn’t mean he will be better than Foles. Ask the Raiders if they would trade Jamarcus Russell for Nick Foles.. Or Vince Young, or Tim Tebow, or Jason Campbell, or any number of 1st round bust.

  61. Cripes Dag, you are missing the point again. I don’t think that everyone in here thinks that Foles is better than every QB coming out. I think most people don’t think that this team should take any of the QBs coming out with the #4 pick when they have so many other needs. I would rather have an LT or Teo if they can get him with that pick.

  62. We have an unknown qb at this time. We have a qb that showed some promise in real live nfl games. Threw real touchdowns and real interceptions against nfl teams. When you start reaching on a first round qb and he is a bust(and more are busts that make it) then you set your team back years, think Russell, Akili smith, Tim couch etc. You draft a big tackle or stud lineman that have a better chance of making it.

  63. One more thing McNabb on DNL yesterday said he was hearing the Eagles are having some difficulty with thier HC search because alot of coaches arent thrilled with Foles. Thats what McNabb said. Hopw does he know? Dunno but one thing is for sure he talks to more NFL people than me.

    • Having trouble with coaches? Who have they had trouble with? OBrien turned down several teams…aaaaaaand….thats it.

      They weren’t at all interested in the Atl guys, just did that to follow the ridiculous NFL interviewing rules.

    • They don’t want idiot owners and stooge GM’s forcing players on them. DCar was on here saying the same thing earlier, I would pass on the job as well if you forced a QB on me I didn’t like.

    • I don’t know if it will cause the Eagles difficulty getting a HC, but McNabb is correct that potential head coaches would like the team to have a proven franchise quarterback. The Bears and Chargers would have an advantage over the Eagles… We’ll see…

  64. wow john hart and paulman are slipping with their “breaking news” stories

    The Eagles have received permission to interview Seahawks DC Gus Bradley and Colts OC Bruce Arians for their head-coaching vacancy.
    Philly’s head-coaching search has moved surprisingly slowly in the early going. They have interest in Oregon’s Chip Kelly and will interview Broncos OC Mike McCoy on Sunday, but otherwise they’ve been among the least aggressive coach-needy teams. Arians and Bradley will be available for interviews next week.

  65. Dag, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard about what McNabb said. The Eagles have not had any problems interviewing coaches. They’re only allowed to interview coaches not playing this weekend in the playoffs and apparently have interviews lined up with Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, and Gus Bradley. Most coaches who take over for a team that just got fired are likely not going to have a great QB. Bears being the exception and even Cutler is nothing to get wet about. Chiefs filled the job first with the most experienced coach and they have the worst QB in the NFL. So that alone shoots down your theory. I don’t know why you’re so down on Foles. He’s a rookie and could very well turn out to be a franchise QB. I realize he could also turn out to be a bust but he’s shown enough to have faith in him for next year.

  66. Now bck to the QB bit.

    1 – Foles would definetly have been in the top QB discussion this year had he been a year younger.

    2 – This is about allocation of resources. You don;t understand that. YOU think Geno Smith is a “solution” but he isn’t. There are no solutions…there are only tradeoffs. Draft Smith and you can’t draft anyone else at that spot….you have to skip over what I’ve read is a very solid OT prospect and the best LB prospect to come out in a long time.

    You’re willing to do that for a Geno Smith that has question marks all over him (and funny the article I posted was about Smith and Williams – but he doesn;t factor into your arguements does he Daggolden – even though he may be drafted higher – of course he doesn;t

    If Smith is drafted at 4…we have Foles (who has played against NFL teams and done well) and a guy who did well against Central Western Methodist uni. Does he have potential….maybe….who knows. I’d put the odds of him performing better than Foles did this past NFL season at about 30%

    So…draft Smith and you have 2 QBs who at best are about the same. And if Smith is a bust, then you have an disaster.

    Avoid Smith and Birds get Lukel (or whatever his name is) at a very important position of need (OT). Or Teo. Or even a DB.

    Daggolden’s plan:
    gets out of the first round with a #2 QB behind Foles (Because that’s where Smith would be to start the season)

    Intelligent fan’s plan: Get out of the 1st round with a QB who has already performed well in the NFL and a 10 year LT.

    • Vinnie I never said draft Geno Smith. He is a better prospect than Foles I will tell you that. But he isnt a Franchise QB IMO eithier. We are just screwed at QB.

      • Foles is no longer a prospect per se. He is an nfl player with a small body of work to look at. For those saying coaches are bulking cuz of Foles… Right teams with a stud qb tend to not fire their coaches

  67. Bugsy…one of the needs is QB…No QB no chance!

    That’s the position the beagles must get right.

    Right now Foles is not it and there’s a greater chance he fails if you play the percentages.

    This team is toast…Vick is getting the hell outta there too.

    • Songs…. are you lost? This is an eagle site. About Vick….. i gave him credit when most would not…. i KNOW he’s not the main reason this team sucks. But…… he’s not “getting out of there”. He has a contract. He is an Eagle until they dont want him to be. He decides nothing. That said….. they will can his ars in a few days. Unless a stud QB is cut or unless they trade for A. Smith…. Foles is the QB. And although i dont think he did a “super, bang up, neato job”. and im not holding his jock or waving Pom Poms…. this kid could be good. Jury is still out… we know NOTHING right now.

  68. Sorry, they’ve received permission to interview Gus Bradley and Bruce Arians.

  69. **This just in**

    Confirmed, the Eagles have been granted the permission to interview both Bruce Arians and Gus

  70. McNabb actually likes Foles and speaks highly of him. I didnt have a chance to speak to McNabb so I dont know where he got his info from. But he said he is hearing that SOME potential HC are not thrilled with Foles and WONT come to the Eagles. Whats so hard to understand? lol. Maybe thats why Obrien didnt come here, maybe thats why Koetter didnt come here. I dont know? Why would McNabb just come on TV and lie?

  71. You clowns act like Gruden is old! Gruden could want to come back to coaching and STAY a coach for the next 15 years! WTF are you talking about he’s not good for the “long-term” success of the team?! Give Gruden 14 years and we should have AT LEAST two rings.

    NFL Coaches on average last about 3-4 years, so please, stop with the “long term success” of the team.

  72. Songs, wrong site dude. Carry your ass to the RG3/Redskins site.

  73. Dag — O’Brien took spongebob mcgloin and turn him into a legit passer, if he can do that, he can even take YOU and turn YOU into a legit passer. Foles is a young QB with a very strong arm and good head on his shoulders. He will be the reason a coach comes to the Eagles, not a deterrent.

  74. McNabbs a liar then. You bloggers know more than him.

  75. I love Vick — I think thats been well documented on here. But I have no problem moving on with Foles. I want to see what the kid has and want to know if he is going to be our QB for the next decade.

    I don’t understand how ANYONE can be “down” on him. He had a great 5-6 game stretch for a rookie and actually put up MUCH better numbers than McNabb did in his rookie season. And Foles did it with LESS games. I see something special in Foles, but it’s up to him to put his talents on display and make the fanbase believers.

    If you average out his numbers and add them up to a full 16 game season, Foles would have had 5,097 yards, 18 touchdowns, 15 interceptions.

    Not bad for a rook.

  76. No, McNabb is just an idiot trying to make it as a broadcaster.

  77. Reports are the Bruce Arians has come down with the Flu and has cancelled his interview and Gus Bradley has his Father-IN-Laws Retirement Party to attend and also has postponed his Interview
    Chip Kelly wants the Buffalo Job per sources for he really wants to become a Canadien and there is a good Chance that Buffalo’s Owner tom Wilson sells the BIlls to the Molson Brewery Conglomerate…
    Lots of moving parts as usual, I will be back at my reporting desk in an hour

  78. Scratch what I said earlier, if you multipled Foles average passing yards by 16 games, he would have come up 41 yards short of the single season passing yds record held by Drew Brees.

    Not bad for a rook.

    • Jeremy Lin would of had better numbers than Magic by your methods. lol

    • Bird you are 100% correct Foles did very well for a Rook playing with a lot of back-ups. Put this in perspective, If Geno Smith came out with last years class of qbs he’s looking at 3rd or 4th round. Also keep in mind Geno’s “tribute season” to Tony Romo…Start fast choke down the stretch. The numbers, the poise and the Football smarts all say stick with the Rook for a year. Use the #4 on a position of need.

      • I you take Foles last 4 games (allowing him a 2 game welcome to the NFL induction)

        If you take his last 4 games and project them over a season you get

        63% 4800 yrds 24 tds and 8 ints.

        I’ll be damned if we see any rookie QB come in here and put up anything close to that.

  79. hahaha… this might be the dumbest convo you clowns have ever had…… but… as always….. it reveals bias.

    Take a step back….. try not to get caught up in the names…..

    CLEARLY a coach would rather get to pick the players and not have to work with a GM.

    CLEARLY a coach would rather draft or sign a QB they think would be the best fit for their team.

    The eagle do not offer either of those things. Its not rocket science guys.

    • will new chicao coach get to bring in a qb?

      did new carolina coach get to bring in a new qb last year?

      did new stl coach getto bring in a new qb last year?
      did new tb coach get to bring in a new qb last year?

      did new tenny coach get to bring in a new qb?

      Clearly a coach will go to the situation he likes best and where they offer him the biggest contract

    • What teams offer that? Maybe KC, and that job is taken. The Cardinals maybe?

      The Browns just drafted a QB
      The Bills have a GM
      The Chargers have a QB and wont hire a coach until the have a GM
      The Bears have a QB and GM

  80. Gus Bradley is what Im talking about! Bring me a defensive coach!

  81. yes dag…. id be happy with that as well.

  82. I can just imagine these interviews guys come in happy and the first thing they hear is well how do you feel about Nick Foles because he is going to be your QB. Thanks but no thanks guys.

    • That is not the way it works.

      • It is in Big’s world HAC…He hates Foles for some reason. He seem reasonable on most other things but his Foles hate runs deep lol.

        • Its just something about Foles I don’t like, now if he turns out to be a stud of course we never had these conversations. LOL but I honestly do think it might be a problem with prospective coaches to be told your going to start an unproven QB and I’m sorry 6 games is to small a sample.

    • What opening has a stud qb? None and don’t give those POS cutler and rivers

    • Except they’re still coming in to interview aren’t they.

      The KNOW who the QB is and they’re still coming for interviews.

      You’re painting this ridiculous picture that these interviewees are suddenly discovering Nick FOles is on the roster. They know who we have and they’re still applying for the job.

  83. Rivers is one of the worst QBs in the league. I don’t understand why people think that guy is good.

    • Because he was good, but between him getting a big head, Norv Turner and one of the worst attitudes you ever have seen….he has gone south. He really is wasting his talent on bullshit.

  84. Joe must be giving Chip alota cash and possibly a front office role. We will see soon. Deal imminent between Browns and Chip Kelly

  85. NFL network reporting that the Browns are very close to signing Chip Kelly. Please god let it be true.

    • Boy that would be great news Jeff Mosher claims Kelly wasn’t one or two on their list. And he wasn’t on mine either

      • He wasnt on my list…Cant stand him. College gimmick bullshit. Good when you have 85 fast guys bad when you have 46 and the other side has 46 just as fast…NFL is for men.

  86. Seriously…the idea that interviewees are just discovering who our QB is at the interview is ridiculous.

    They know who he is and are coming in anyway. They are applying for the job. There is no shortage of guys coming in.

    The picture you paint Biglion is ridiculous.

    Guy gets on a plane. Arrives at Novocare. First question is, “Explain to us how you will use Nick OFles”

    “What? You have Nick Foles? Shit if I had known that I never would have come out here…..Sorry guys, not the job for me!”

    So stupid.

    BTW – Was happy to hear Kelly was visiting Browns first – knew they wouldn;t let hm go.

    What I am worried about is that McCoy has 2 ints lined up before the Birds….I think Eagles’ should “swoop” in there first.

    • No Vinnie maybe they just would like to put their team together without an owner or GM handcuffing them to a QB they don’t like. Guarantee you most coaches look at owners and GM’s as freakin idiots even though they pay the bills.

      • What you say makes no sense.

        According to you, coaches don’t want to coach here because the GM is in place and the eagles have Foles.

        Then why have about 5 guys agreed to an interview in the first place?

        • You think some of these guys are using these interviews for leverage? Not just here all over the league guys are going to pick and choose and if you have an offer to put your plan in place without nit picking from a GM who has no football qualifications you won’t take this job.

          • Why do you hate the Eagles so much?

            According to you:

            Promising young QB sucks
            No coach in the league wants to come here

            You do realize, of the 7 NFL teams without a coach, only 1 has signed one…and he’s Andy Reid.

            Chicago has a shitty QB – so I guess no coach will sign there either
            Buffalo has a shitty QB – so I guess no coach will sign there

            Browns have a shitty 28 yr old second year QB – no one will….what? Chip Kelly is going there?

            That doesn’t fit Biglion’s stupid theories at all!!

            • Vinnie I love the Eagles we disagree about Foles, I don’t Roseman should have gotten a pass for the ridiculous 4-12 roster. You know Lovie got fired because they think the QB is pretty good. Chip Kelly will probably be given a free reign in Cleveland good riddance by the way. If you read my posts even though I don’t like Foles if they can get McCoy that would be great for Foles and you.

              • I got news for you Biggie. Mike McCoy is not the answer either. The only thing I’ve heard about him is that he helped groom Jake Delhomme, and works under Peyton Manning. Sounds like he is a better QB Coach,….,,,,,not a Head Coach…….

                I don’t like McCoy a little bit…..

  87. McNabb can’t be trusted, passive aggressive wuss that he is

  88. Marrone, Arians, McCoy; in that order for me.

  89. Stevo…I hear guys saying Foles could be good.

    Can’t that be said about every QB in the league including backups?

    What the hell does that mean?

    He could be good?

    My point is he could be a damn loser.

    Are we saying RG3 could be good?

    Are we saying Wilson in Seattle could be good?

    Are we saying Andrew Luck could be good?


    Players are what they are and Foles is what he is.

    He looked decent against the worst secondary in the history of Football (Tampa Bay)

    That’s the good.

    He’s average or below average at that best….

    you don’t win in this league with a below average QB.

    If he had the skills of Wilson in Seattle who came from the 3rd round, then it would be different.

    look to live in the basement for the next 5-7 years….

    Vick need to do whatever he can to get the hell outta here.

    • Actually…there were all kids of “is he good” questions for Wilson over his first 6 games. Some for Luck too, but certainly not as much.

      This is to be expected.

      Those questions were being asked when through games 3, 5 and 7 wilson was dropping 50% with 1 td and 6 interceptions.

      Would you have accepted an Eagles rookie QB with 4 str8 games under 160 yrds passing to begin his career?? Because that’s what Wilson did.

      Would you have abandoned him at that point?? Because he was pretty damedn terrible for those 3 games.

      Or the 4 games this year when Luck through more ints than tds.

      I guess you would have questioned and dropped him week 5 when he went 50% with no tds and 2 ints…or the following week 6 when he only tosses 186 yrds and o tds.

      How about weeks 12-15 when he was UNDER 50% each game.

      If you held Luck and Wilson to the same standard you seem to now hold Foles…..I guess you would have dropped their asses too eh?

      That’s because you are shortsighted.

      Over the first 6 games of their careers, Foles played better than both Wilson and Luck.

      But you don;t see that. You just…for whatever reason….hate Foles. You cannot see that he was improving. YOu can;t see that all those other guys (save RGIII – I’ll grant taht) also sucked for their first 55-6 games.

      That it takes a year (bare min) to develop into an NFL QB.

    • SB Champions Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Rypien, Hostetler, McMahon, Plunkett, Griese, & runners up, Grossman, Hasselback, Delhomme, Gannon, Collins, McNair, O’Donnell, Williams, & plenty ofothers, disagree with your idiocy!

  90. Songs, you seriously have the football acumen of a boner. I hope you’re kidding with some of your posts because I find it hard to believe someone can be that stupid.

  91. Vick has already played his way out of Philly Songs in 2011 with a garbage
    Season when the Eagkes were a healthy squad and again in 2012 where he played like shit again leading the Eagles to a 3-6 Start and the Season over by the 1st Weekend of November

  92. These guys are for the most part well intentioned people, except real talk and big lion, but they can never objectively analyze the play of a white quarterback because he is a white boy, foles needs a serious tan and watch the praise heaped upon him black and white, lol

  93. And songs has some of the best football acumen ever by any poster on gcobb, probably the best, but suffers from the same affliction described above, however well intentioned, songs you are nonetheless aces in my book brother

    • How does Songs have any football acumen? All he does it bitch and moan about anything and everything.

    • Dude, Songs is one of the racists you speak of! Be a real man, & stop being his boot licking lacky, & @$$ kisser. It’s disgusting, & nauseating! He has zero football acumen, & is a front running, bandwagon jumping, racist, fraud!!!!!!

  94. Howie Roseman has the agent Bob LaMont, if you look at the majority of coaches the birds are showing interest in, they too have the agent Bob LaMont. Look for the Eagles to pick a coach that has the agent Bob LaMont. The birds are being patient bc they cant speak to coaches playing wild card weekend, they have to wait until after they play a game. Bruce Arians, Gus Bradley and so on. So just be patient guys.

    BTW I believe Birdo just called into wip.. hilarious lol he loves Jay gruden and Gus bradley lol he also mentioned the Dcar report about Jon Gruden hahaha im over here dying laughing LOL

  95. We should do something like Seattle did draft Geno Smith let them all battle it out and may the best man win..

  96. Confirmed. Andy Reid is officially the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    • Paulman confirmed this Thursday at 1130am Eastern Time
      Old news JH, You need to get better sources to hang with Me..
      You stated emphatically that AR was simply talking to the Chiefs for leverage to go talk to the Chargers/Cardinals…. wrong again my man..

  97. **Breaking News**

    The Eagles have been informed by Chip Kelly and his camp that they are not out of the running for his services. This Chip Kelly/Browns deal appears to be imminent but not so fast im hearing…

    • More old news JH, I told you and everyone else that Chip Kelley
      Did not see the Eagles as a good fit
      Opening Day Starter for the Browns is former Duke QB Thaddeus Lewis,
      And not Weeden, you will continue to hear it first from Me, the Source of the NFL News.. Stick with the NBA JH..

    • Good riddance, thank you Joe Banner.

  98. Hey Songs,

    Haven’t you said that you love RGIII and Foles is ass. He is especially ass because all he does is run a “dink and dunk” offense??

    I think Biglion echoes your statements…..except…

    Did you know that Griffin’s average completion (where the wr actually catches the ball) comes at 5.8 yrds. Well below the league average of 6.5

    Did you know that 23% of Grissins passes were to players behind the LOS. Highest in the league?

    That Griffin has only thrown 14% of his passes 15 yrds past the LOS?

    That RGIII runs the dinkiest, dunkiest offense in the entire league?

    Of course you didn’t know that.

    • Don’t drag me into this one Vinnie. I don’t like Foles, but if Shanahan continues that read option crap RGIII won’t last 5 years without missing significant time.

  99. Isn’t it ironic that 2 cellar dwellers Browns/Eagles which is run by the 2 losers who won absolutely nothing while here is not battling it out for the next losing coach.

    Bottom feeders

    • They’re feeding off of the likes of you, front running, bandwagon jumping, fraud!!!!! You ain’t a real fan. Can’t wait for Wilson to blow out RGIII, so you can hitch your wagon to him. Keep showing your true colors, bruh!

  100. correction,,,…the losers are now battling for the same waste….they both will make a horrible choice and stay in the cellar.

  101. Anointing Foles as your QB is no different than anointing Washburn as your line coach without getting a DC first. Same bassackward crap that this front office is used to. CRAAAAP%^e^$@&#^!!!!!

    • Sorry you are wrong about that. All 7 openings have players in place, under contract that the coach will inherit, he then makes his own evaluations of those players.

  102. Heath Shuler, Gus Frerotte, Trent Green, Brad Johnson, Tony Banks, Patrick Ramsey, Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman.

    That’s the list of quarterbacks the Skins went through over the last two decades before they found a decent starter. Along the way they have been the laughing stock of the NFL for spending more to get less.

    It would be far fetched to think that the Eagles will take that long to find a good starting quarterback, because Jeff Lurie will never be as big a fool as Daniel Synder.

    • Agreed.

      Last year the SKins a laughingstock and the Shanahans universally derided. Especially Kyle who was thought to only have job because of his dad.

      Last night on NFL Playbook (and I rarely watch NFL network because I hate the talking heads elling at me – why do they always yell? Oh right, same as Songs and Realtalk – because they can’t articulate points intelligently)

      Anyway…one of them on playbook (I think Sharpe) yelling that he can’t believe Kyle Shanahan isn’t getting any offers to be a HC for all the amazing things he has done for RGIII.

      I couldn;t believe it.

  103. Kyle Shanahan ain’t did nothing for RGIII no more than what Reid claims to have done for McNabb…Their own talents elevated them to become the superstars that they are/were already period. Kyle Shanahan ain’t did ish amazing for nobody.

  104. And now the Eagles are the laughingstock in the NFL and have to remake themselves after 2 poor Seasons, what Roster would you rather have now??

    • Since you seem to pay attention ( I think) dont you see that a Chang ein attitude, a spark from a young qb and new coach turns teams around instntly.

    • With the exception of the QB position and the secondary I don’t think there is too big a difference between the two teams.

      I would take the Eagles backfield and defensive line, and with Peters, a first round OT, and Kelce back I might take the Eagles offensive line too.

      I guess maybe I don’t see the same gloom and doom as you. I think we can be back in the playoffs in a year if Foles works out. If Foles don’t work out we will have to draft a QB next year. I sure don’t see us taking 18 years to find a good QB like the Skins did.

  105. **NHL Lockout News**

    Confirmed, lockout coming to an end.

  106. What don’t I report?? 🙂

  107. After watching this Texans Bengals game you guys still high on Jay Gruden? Hahaha this is pathetic.. if you know nothing about the guy don’t rave about him and say he ll be the next coach, period.

  108. I still believe that QB Dalton’s poor reads, kate throws and overalls indecisiveness hurt the Bengals Offense more than Gruden’s Play Calling in tonight’s game..

  109. **Eagles interview update**

    -Confirmed by my sources, Chip Kelly and the Eagles are still currently meeting as I type right now.

  110. And theBrowns are not meeting with Chip Kelly yet because he’s still with the Eagles… Stay tuned!! I have the exclusive news!!

  111. Im hearing conflicting reports but Chip may be signing with Eagles. Hang on im working the phones now..

  112. CLEVELAND — The Browns are not meeting with Oregon’s Chip Kelly yet, because he was still with the Eagles as of 9:15 p.m. eastern, a league source told the Plain Dealer.

    The Eagles’ had a lunch meeting with Kelly in Arizona that’s stretched into the dinner hour. The Browns were set to meet with Kelly over dinner, and hoped to hammer out a deal, but he’s been tied up with Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, president Don Smolenski and general manager Howie Roseman.

    The Browns are set to bring their lawyers to the session with Kelly and sign him to a long-term contract to become their 14th fulltime head coach.

    The competition for Kelly’s services pits Browns CEO Joe Banner against his former employer Lurie, his boyhood friend. Kelly also interviewed Friday night with the Bills after a seven-hour session with the Browns, including new owner Jimmy Haslam.

    All three clubs have also interviewed Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone, Kelly is the Browns’ top choice, and they were reportedly the frontrunner heading into today’s events, according to Ian Rappaport of

  113. The browns met with Doug Marrone for a 2nd time and are really high on him. Hes looking like there guy right now. So that means Chip may be signing with… lol

  114. I don’t like how this makes the Birds look. Im hearing their trying to convince Kelly to come to Philly.. Jeff lay off man.. sheesh.. Begging? Really?

  115. Where r u dcar? Out robbing someone? Your little report about them just having “brunch” with Chip, well buddy that “brunch” has turned into a late late late dinner.. stay tuned!

    • He is at dinner with his hot wife… Tell your mom to make you some microwave popcorn

    • I actually have a life, & real family to worry about, Lil Bron-Bron! If you actually knew what a real woman looked like, you’d know what that was like. I don’t have time, wasting my entire day, play pretending, that I work for CSN. I spent my night at the Borgata, with my lovely Wife, Friends & 2 Sons, watching football at the Bar, eating, sports betting the games, winning at the slots, you know having fun, a life! Maybe try it sometime, & get out of your Parents basement, you little, lifeless, nothing! Honestly I couldn’t care any less about Lurie having a touchy-feely, love-fest, with that waste of time Kelly. He will not be here, you’ll see. If Gruden doesn’t take the job, it still ain’t going to be Kelly. We’ll see! BTW, get a life, it’ll do you wonders, & it’ll help you with your wet dream problem!

  116. As of 9:40PM ET Saturday night, Oregon coach Chip Kelly was still meeting with Eagles brass regarding Philly’s head-coaching vacancy.
    It is perhaps — and we stress perhaps — worth noting that one WIP Philadelphia report stated Friday evening that Kelly and the Eagles are “close” to a five-year agreement. “If I’m right I’m golden,” WIP’s Brian Startare tweeted. “If wrong my source is fired.” So that’s not exactly trustworthy. The fact that the Eagles are still talking to Kelly would seem to indicate strong mutual interest, however. Kelly previously was scheduled to meet with Browns brass for dinner on Saturday night. Obviously, that’s not happening.

  117. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Browns now consider Syracuse’s Doug Marrone and Oregon’s Chip Kelly to be “neck and neck” in the race to become Cleveland’s next head coach.
    They are still the Browns, of course, but it’s a “race” because new owner Jimmy Haslam is going to open up his wallet for the new coach. Cleveland’s grip on top target Kelly has clearly loosened as of late Saturday, and there are rumors he’s already agreed to a deal with the Eagles. While Kelly was meeting with Philly on Saturday, the Browns interviewed Marrone for a second time.

  118. Sounds like Kelky will be coming to the Eagles who Roseman has been ga-ga over Since November.. Time will tell, but, I do believe that he’s the #1
    Choice of the Eagles even though I’m crazy about the idea, but am only a fan and will have to support whomever they hire..

  119. I cannot believe these teams are in a bidding war for this guy, who at the end of the day may decide to go back to Oregon. What has his chuck and duck offense done to merit all this?

  120. It’s not a done deal yet but I would like to see Chip Kelly in Philly and Romeo Crennel as Def Cord.

  121. Like I’ve been saying to you all, Chip has been 1st on their list and Obrien was 2nd. If Chip falls thru then they go the Arians,Saban, Bradley,McCoy route. But all this rides on what Chip decides to do. Chip has been there 1st choice all along

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