Eagles Conclude Nine Hour Meeting With Kelly

There were reports circulating all over the internet at the start of the weekend that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was on his way to Cleveland after meeting with team President Joe Banner on Friday.  Something seems to have changed because Kelly met with the Eagles for nine hours on Saturday night and anticipates talking to the Birds again.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, general manager Howie Roseman and team president Don Smolenski were the Philly group which met with Kelly and his representatives.

Kelly also met with the Buffalo Bills on Friday night, so we will have to wait and see what Kelly decides to do.  Whatever he decides to do, the Eagles discussed something in their meeting that gave him pause.

I don’t want the Birds to hire him.  I think signing him is taking too big of a chance because he’s had no NFL experience.

271 thoughts on “Eagles Conclude Nine Hour Meeting With Kelly

  1. Sometimes you gotta take risk they went safe choice in Reid now lets roll the dice with Kelly I think he will be okay!!!

    1. Safe? He was an unknown. That ain’t safe. They took a major risk, we’re accused of going cheap. ,and of course it turned out great

  2. My sources tell me that Kelly wants Owner Jeff Lurie to change the nickname to the “Philadelphia Quacks” or he is not coming to NovaCare Ctr and the Kelly even had a 6 hour skit (paid by Nike) to promote the new logo and mascot
    GM Roseman was all excited by it and was overheard by the Restaurant Staff
    “Philly Fans will love this” …

    1. Please, we aren’t getting a coach to lead us to the Super Bowl in Chip Kelly.

      He will not be successful in the NFL. Please, save that crap for someone that doesn’t know any better.

  3. He’s just building a bidding war, between all of the teams! Don’t be surprised, if he stays with the Ducks, like O’Brien did. Even with the impending sanctions coming, I can’t see him leaving Oregon, or coming here! This would be a catastrophic mistake, if lying, Limp wrist Lurie, hires this @$$clown!

  4. According to Adam Schefter, as of 5:35am est, Buffalo and Doug Marrone have agreed to a deal early this morning. This takes another candidate off our list. Things are getting interesting folks. #Eagles #Browns

  5. Also I’m being told that the Colts will try hard to keep OC Bruce Arians with a new deal. First Marrone, now maybe Arians, options are dwindling. It’s Chip or nothing it’s looking like.. but I’m beginning to feel its just a personal battle between Banner and Lurie/Roseman. Both sides just wanna win the war and its ridiculous. For their sake I hope Chip is worth all this.

  6. *Eagles News*

    Hearing Chip has contracts from both the Browns and the Eagles. He is currently looking over them both and a decision could be made any time today.

  7. All you need to do is look at chip , listen to him talk for 30 seconds and you can size him up as not a leader of men, it is the gimmicky bs Laurie said he was moving away from, well we Will see if Laurie bsed us again , get ready for more gimmicks, paulman is correct, renamed the team the Philadelphia Quackers, the mascot will be a duck dressed up like Ben Franklin

  8. I’d like a McCoy as my Coordinator not my Head Coach. From the guys left, Bruce Arians is a good one(unless Saban becomes available) The only thing I know about Gus bradley is that hes turned that Seattle defense into one of the most dominant in the league. That’s really all I need to know. But is he HC material?.. That’s the chance your taking by picking a Gus Bradley. You can’t miss on the guy or this franchise is done..

  9. Agree G. This guy is a gimmick coach. Risky for the NFL, given he has zero NFL experience. i HOPE this is not the guy the birds hire. What’s wrong with Shaw? Decent heritage, good results, knows how to coach in a big game?!!!!!!!

  10. People conviently are only talking about Nick Foles in this offense which I understand. You think those little fast RBs at Oregon are good? Wait until you see what a McCoy and Bryce Brown (BIG FAST PLAYERS) running that offense can do. Just imagine a coach not running DJAX and Maclin 50 yards down field every play. Psssst Kelly will get DJax the ball in space to use his speed. Thats what Kelly does. Just gotta figure out QB role.

  11. When I saw Chip Kelly’s team dump the gatorade on him after that game last week It reminded me of the videos of Jimmy Johnson when he coached the Miami Hurricanes.

    I sure hope Chip Kelly is more like Jimmy Johnson then he is like Steve Spurrier because we might have him as a coach.

  12. Eagles to recieve 2 picks in top 5 of 2013 NFL draft. If Chip Kelly comes to Philly Nick Foles may be traded. Since Ive been told Foles is franchise QB, since Ive been told if Foles played 16 games he would of thrown for 5000 yards, since Ive been told his numbers are better than Peyton Mannings as a rookie, since Ive been told he would be best QB coming out this year, since Ive been told Nick Foles has been the best prospect to come into Philly in 50 years then its a no brainer to trade this guy in the top 1-10. Eagle fans have told me this so it should be no problem trading this franchise QB. Im sure the Eagles phone will be ringing as soon as Kelly is announced. We may be able to get a 1 this year and next year. Then just bring in a Alex Smith.

  13. Maybe Chip will like Foles:

    “I’ll tell you what; I’m glad Nick Foles is graduating,” Oregon coach Chip Kelly said after his team’s 56-31 victory Saturday night.

    “I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes. … Nick is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”

  14. @IrishEagle then I may change my mind on Chip Kelly because obviously RGIII and Andrew Luck were still in school and Nick Foles was the 7th QB taken. I guess he was in the minority with his assessment.

  15. I would really love to see Alex Smith here which I know Im probably in the minority. I just think he is still young and overcame alot and has actually played really well the last 2 years. He actually was leading passer in NFL before he got hurt. Hes tough and mobile. Just my oinion. Even with Foles here I would love to have him and Foles compete for job for the right price.

  16. That’s coach speak. Dag I do question why you rely on eagles fans for your info. You have the Internet check Foles stats out. Take your blinders off. No one knows if he is going to be good but he has had a decent start to his career.

  17. I heard one of Kelly’s demands is multiple uniform/helmet concoctions and wants the Eagles feathers on the uniform shoulders……;)

    Seriously though, the uniforms need a change….get rid of the wings on the helmets and add an angry eagle ace (like boise states angry bronco), make the helmets black with a silver and green helmet logo and spruce up the uniforms

  18. I believe Kelly will make his Decision between the Bbrowns/Eagles by late Sunday afternoon and obviously if Eagles group met for 9 Hours with him, there had to be a lot of items/plans of actions/authority/financial package discussed in detail. I do not believe Kelly is returning to Oregon as they have already named an Asst who will take over for Kelly as their next Coach so he had to make it clear to them that he was moving to the NFL

  19. Dag,
    Tom Brady was the 7th QB taken in 2000 also. Not saying Foles is in the same league as Brady, but he has that in common with him. Maybe Kelly is a visionary. lol

    1. If your not saying that then dont bring his name up. Dont you dare bring up Tom Bradys name with Nick Foles. lol Im not saying get rid of Foles just bring in competition thats all.

  20. Paulman-
    Dont agree

    I think Kelly is being smart and wants to see what the nfl has to offer….if he feels neither team is right for him, he will go back to oregon and wait for the right situation in the nfl to present itself

    At oregon he had a freshman qb where they can win another 3 years

    In the nfl he has weeden and foles….not going to work, then look at possible draft qbs….none fit his system

    May just be a discovery phase for kelly he has the perfect gig and doesnt need to make he move its win win for him

  21. ahhhh haveacigar thanks for the insight. Thankfully if stats were what we went by every QB from Houston and Boise State would be top 5 picks. I relied on the professionsals who gave Foles a 3-5 round rating and 7th QB chosen in that draft so I guess thats what the researched netted Foles. But Im past that. I still would like Alex Smith here to compete for a spot. Nothing wrong with competition. It doesnt matter if its Smith or Foles does it as long as we put best player on field. right? Or is there some other reason you dont want Foles to compete?

    1. Dude he is in the league! He is not a prospect. He is a third rounder with 6 games in the NFL. Those same scouts had Brady in round 7… Do you want to keep referring to him as a 7 th rounder? Burfict is I drafted… Do you refer to him as I drafted?

  22. No problem with competitition, in fact, before foles establishes himself as a consisten winner it is probably necessary, but to sign Alex smith you will have to pay him a lot of money, and if you do that then you annoying him the starter

    I would open up the competition with Edwards going forward, maybe draft a qb in 2nd, 3rdvround

  23. Look at QB’s Geno Smith, EJ Manuel who could fit in his system and there
    Will be Mike Vick in Free-Agency or possibly remain with the Eagles if he chose Philly and demanded that only if they keep Vick as part of the package
    It’s possible, the Browns have a young QB on their Roster from Duke named Thaddeus Lewis who played in their final game who is a mobile QB
    And could be a short-Term fix for Browns until he can find a better QB

  24. I think Kelly realizes that he has taken the Oregon Program as far as it will go and him having that “type-A” personality and ego (as many Coaches have) that he yearns for Coaching on the big stage that is the NFL where at Oregon, games are on late, most east of the Missisippi don’t even follow or are not familiar with West Coast Football. Kelly has higher aspirations
    And his time is now while so many Teans are now using the Spread Offense in the NFL where 2-3 Years from now, the fad could be over
    He’s going to some Team in the NFL for 2013 no doubt

  25. im not so sure Chips offense would work in the nfl.. defenders are bigger faster and stronger then that of the college level. you have 300 plus pound lineman running faster then most college backs. So lurie beware of this. My first choice and i though for sure he would at least get an interview is Jon CHucky Gruden. for some reason i think he would bring this city some love.. with his scowling firey pressence would bring fun back to this city of brotherly love.. Im just hoping they are interviewing him behind undercover so he dont piss espn off incase they dont hire him

    Please jeff dont break my heart again

    1. Yeah that works both ways. Oregon has no Shady, Maclin, Bryce Brown or DJax. Oregon has no Jason Peters or Brent Celek. So its kinda unfair to say the defenses are better and not to say ummmm so is the offense Chip will have dont ya think?

  26. JH,

    McCoy will not come here to be an OC. There is no incentive. Really if he is going to be an OC who would you rather have as your QB the great Peyton Manning or unknown Nick Foles. If you listened to his interview last week with the Denver media he was very disappointed he did not get the Miami job. The guy has a brilliant offensive mind. WHen you can take guys like Tebow, Orton and Delhomme and guide them to their best seasons that they will ever have in their careers and revamp offensive schemes to fit them and get your team to the playoffs that says a lot to me. All he would need to do is hire himself a DC and leave the offense to McCoy.

  27. It’s long been assumed that Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to part ways this offseason, but the potential hiring of coach Chip Kelly might alter the quarterback’s fate.

    NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reported Sunday the Eagles are selling Kelly on two major factors: First, a roster already stocked with the type of players Kelly recruited at Oregon, including a handful of short, fast wideouts. Second, a pair of in-house signal-callers that loom as a decent fit to operate Kelly’s up-tempo, spread attack.

    Nick Foles and Vick would, indeed, give Kelly a pair of unique quarterbacks to work with. Foles is raw, but promising. Vick’s best days have passed, but he’s an intriguing fit for Kelly’s option scheme and, on paper, a better proposition than Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy of the Cleveland Browns, the second team competing furiously with the Eagles to hire the innovative coach.

    Without question, something the Eagles said Saturday clicked with Kelly. Their lunchtime meeting dragged on well into the night and hit the brakes on assumptions the Browns and Kelly are a sure thing.

    If Philadelphia winds up with the top prize in this coaching derby, Vick’s presence — on a team that seemed ready to wave goodbye just days ago — might wind up serving as a difference-maker.

  28. Birdo,

    You sound like a guy who really doesn’t read to get informed.If you are looking for an offensive guy to become HC he is better than anyone out there. Arians, Roman, the “legendary Chip Kelly” and the”great” Jon Gruden and his “immortal” brother Jay who All I can say about him is did you watch yesterday’s game. Now if your plan is to hire a defensive guy which I am not opposed to we can start with Fangio or Bradley and end there. Be cause Mike Zimmer took himself out of my list yesterday as well.

  29. I hate the thought of this Dag, but I believe Rappaport’s story is accurate
    Go with Vick for 2 Years, Draft am EJ Manuel in the 2nd Round and maybe Trade Foles to the Chiefs to AR and get a 3rd Round in return..
    At least Foles is familiar with Ar’s System/terminology abd could help the Chiefs
    From Day 1.. Lots of moving parts

  30. My question is we all agree that no matter how you slice it Nick Foles is not the ideal QB for his system. We all agree on this. So then if the Eagles really liked Nick Foles they wouldnt bring in Chip Kelly. They would bring in a convential HC to play to Foles strengths. So then you get furious at the fans who dont think highly of Foles and the damn orgaization doesnt even think that highly of him. lol. They are selling Vick to come back. Im being told every SUNDAY about how Nick Foles is this and he is that and OWNERSHIP is telling me they are bringing in a coach who runs the read option and possibly keeping Vick. That sure doesnt sound like Foles is highly regarded IMO.

    1. I don’t agree. Kelly knows he has to adapt in the nfl. He will try to do to Foles what pats do with Brady and broncos do with manning. Please do not interpret that as me comparing Foles to those guys. I’m saying they would employ that type of system

  31. Mike McCoy will emerge as a leading candidate with the Cardibals/Chargers
    Once he makes the Interviewing circuit
    Other News- Caoliba Panthers decide to bring HC Rivera which is a good move for him, word is that he will have to make some Coaching Staff Decisions meaning the DC Sean McDermott will probably get fired

  32. I don’t believe any real Football Fan believes that Foles is a Franchise Type QB at his stage of development. There is little list on moving away from a 3rd Roubd Prospect if you have the chance of getting the HC that you believe in and that will be HC for a long time with chances for consistent deep Playoof Runs/Championships, Foles is simply collateral damage to a Coaching change, nothing more if they choose to go with Kelly

  33. Forget the QB. If Kelly comes here I wanna see what Lesean McCoy can do in his offense. Oregon hasnt ever had someone like THAT in the backfield.

  34. Dag,

    Interesting insights. I always thought the Eagles will score points anyway no matter who is QB(Vick or Foles) and whether the HC is Kelly, MCoy, Arians etc. The new HC is going to have to build a defense to at least get some stops and turnovers so the offense can score enough to win games because the defense can’t do anything to stop other teams. Let’s hope Howie gets some play makers on Defense, that will be the key towards moving this franchise along.

    1. Our offense was probably equally as bad as the defense this year. Quick three and outs kept our defense of the field constantly gassed. We need to trade Maclin or DJax. Neither are a true number one receiver. Sign Dwayne Bowe and draft Joeckel. I think that friezes the offense immediately. In turn, it helps the defense without even changing the current players because they are not required to be on the field nearly as long.

  35. I believe Kelly and Romeo Crennel know each other a little
    Maybe Kelly if hired, can have Crennel as the Eagles DC to get that side of the Team fixed and improved with a quality and experienced DC..

  36. The biggest thin in regards to birding a coach is, hiring one with something to prove. ie- chip Kelly, obrien, Bradley etc.. I just don’t want a retread coach. Do you honestly think Gruden would spend 18 hrs a day at the nova complex? He’s had a coushy job with espn for the last 4 years!

  37. @paulman so if your Mike Vick and Jeff Lurie has Chip Kelly coming here because you said Foles/Vick are your QBs what do you think Vick is saying? Renegotiate? Renegotiate what? Hmmmmm. Maybe I can do a little something lol but it isnt gonna be no discount double check shit. You cant cut him he may leave. So what happens there?

  38. It looks like Cleveland fans are now learning first-hand what a PR mess Joey Nickels Banner really is. Case in point:

    1) Banner proclaims that he is all-in on Chip Kelly, even trying to butter up his agent that Colt McCoy has a future with the franchise
    2) The Eagles decide to back-off upon hearing reports that the Browns are signing Kelly to a deal, only to find out that Kelly still wants to interview
    3) Kelly leaves the Browns interview without a deal
    4) Eagles have a “lunch” meeting that turns into dinner and a 4th meal
    5) Browns leak out that they are trying to “decide” between Kelly and Marrone
    6) VERY shortly later, Marrone accepts a deal in Buffalo, clearly showing that Banner was trying to feign interest in Kelly in case he lost him to the Eagles
    7) Its as clear as day Banners been the problem all these years.

  39. I’d like to see how the discussion with VIck and his agent will go…

    “Hey Mike, here’s the deal. We want you to take a 2/3 pay cut. Then, you are going to be running the read-option offense. This will require you to run the ball – on purpose – 15x a game, So you are going to get hit a lot more than the last two years!! What do you say? Sound exciting??”

    I’m sure, as 33 yrs old and body breaking down, he’ll love the idea of playing for 6 mil a year getting blasted into the turf over and over and over.

    I dunno. To run the Kelly offense in the form it is now, an nfl team is going to need 3 young 2 million a year qbs. And went I mean young I mean under 25, because they’re going to get killed over and over and over. At least one of them is done by week 6.

    You cannot have a $20 million QB in his system, because no owner would be willing to risk that asset in a system that voluntarily puts that asset at increased risk.

    If Kelly comes in here and installs the Oregon system, this will be a revolutionary move (something Lurie might be excited about) that is going to see the Eagles playing with 3 3rd. 4th, and 5th round QBs on the roster getting paid peanuts.

    I think there are 2 options with Kelly:

    1 – this revolutionizes the NFL and changes the way teams structure their rosters and strategy

    2- this will be a complete disaster

    Right now I don;t see any in-between

    But I do see that arrival of Kelly as a pretty hard sell on Mike Vick and his 33 yr old breaking down body. You thought he was getting hit now…….

  40. Paul – Ian Rappaport dind’t report any story. They asked him to speculate and he did. Use your brai….oh yeah, I’ve learned you don’t have one.

    Kelly is a coaching commodity because of his football brain. And anyone with a football brain has learned this about Mike Vick – the guy sucks at one key thing – playing football. Period. End of story.

    Assumptions that Kelly will stick to his college system if he coaches in the NFL are stupid because they’re based on 0 evidence and weak speculation. But assumptions that he’d do that AND use a shitty football player because he ‘fits in to that system’ is DOUBLE STUPID.

  41. @ Vinnie seems like the bloggers are higher on Foles than the actual team is. Why is that.I read better stats than Peyton Manning, Franchise QB, 5000 yards this season.lol Doesnt seem like the Eagles have the same vigor as some fans hmmmmm. But I have some good news just in from 94 WIP. Eagles on thier way to Denver to interview Mike McCoy. So that looks like maybe no on Kelly. Foles is safe for now. lol

  42. Btc.

    You gotta do more than that. This defense stinks Even with your suggested changes, when the defense is on the field they won’t stop any one. That would put the offense in the position to score every time they have the ball.They can’t get to the QB, they can’t get turnovers, the secondary can’t cover anyone. Too may holes for the offense to cover up. Howie better make Defense a priority once a HC gets hired.

    1. Philly, point taken. This defense was the only reason why we won the three games we did. When the offense scores points, it takes so much pressure off the defense. Funny how the defense got burned for the game winning drive against Pitt yet the offense is who played terrible for 50 minutes. Towards the end of the year, I think the defense quit more than anything. Not saying our defense is any good but they looked pretty good through the first four games.

  43. Vinnie, I see the in between – Kelly comes, makes a fart sound when Lurie/Roseman ask him if he want’s to keep vick, installs a high octane offense around 25/34/28, 10/18/81, 87 etc… Foles and/or other QB does pretty good.

    There you go. What’s so impossible about that?

  44. Who knows anything about anything Schiller
    Maybe Kelly likes Foles ability, maybe he prefers Vick for the Short-Term
    Maybe he likes neither for his Offense, all I am saying is that who the QB is today has little bearing on if the Eagles go all-in for hiring Kelly who I’m sure has a plan that may or may not include any player that is on this Eagles Roster
    Lurie and Co are going to make a long-Term Investment for a HC who they hope is successful for the next 5-10 years and not necessarily on who the opening day QB is for 2013..

  45. The Eagles and Browns are leaving the desert, and neither has Chip Kelly on the plane with them.

    Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski are off to Denver to meet with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Their lunch with Kelly spilled will into the night Saturday, but the sides parted without reaching any kind of agreement.

    The Browns also left empty-handed

  46. Nothing.

    What I really like about Kelly:

    I love the high-octane no-huddle offense. I love seeing plays every 13 seconds (though I do think this much easier with 100 potential subs on the sideline rather than 48)
    I love never punting
    I love going for 2 every td
    I love offensive innovation

    I hate the read-option because I don;t think it will work. I think QBs will get killed constantly and I do not think you can win with a parade of running QBs.

    So….if Kelly can come in here and bring those first few innovations while abandoning the read-option….well, that might be interesting.

    Otherwise, I’d prefer McCoy and let the Browns launch the great Kelly experiment in the NFL.

  47. Im hearing issues of roster control/overall power were always major issues to resolve in pursuit of Chip Kelly. We’ll see if/when he leaves..

  48. Looks like Banner got 1 last shot in at Lurie by upping the ante for Chip Kelly
    I see Joe Banner hiring Lovie Smith as the Browns next HC or Ken Wisenhut who are familiar with their new Owner and don’t believe the Briwns were very interested in Kelly to begin with and was a ploy to make the Eagles panic and now provably overpay for Kelly
    On ESPN shortly ago, Jaworski does not believe that Kelly’s System will be successful or sustainable in the NFL

    1. Horse crap fraudman. Now you wanna change your tune bc you were and are dead wrong as usual. You said he was going to the browns and that the eagles were never on his radar and all the rest of the bull crap you said. You look like a fool hahaha just stop talking period and stop the predictions your always wrong lol Leave the reporting to JH

  49. Look…here we now have James Andrews basically saying RGIII shouldn’t have been playing the past few weeks with his knee.

    Shanahan lying about it (that guy all about right now). I give RGIII a 3 year career is Shanahan stays coach.

    Read-option = QBs destroyed.

    Want no part of it.

  50. Vick still makes zero sense if Kelly comes for one reason. He is too injury prone. He will be out of the lineup before week 4 if he has to take that many hits a game. That is, of course, if he attempts to run the same offense. He could go right back to Belicheck and try to emulate that offense.

  51. He also gets hit on those late handoffs and on the options…these aren’t registered anywhere. But even if we just take the “official” carries.

    120 rushes + 30 sacks….what does that equal? 100 hits a year….about 60 of them “unnecessary”. Year after year after year.

    Terrible. 3 years of hits every season…and we’re really suprised that this shortens careers? (like Vick)

    Want no part of it…and neither does any owner with a $15 million dollar man at QB

    Now…daggolden has proposed that Kelly is being wooed because they do not like Foles. That they aren’t comitted to him….bringing in a coach that doesn’t want Foles…

    perhaps that’s not the case….perhaps Kelly doesn;t like Foles and reason he hasn;t signed is because Eagles brass insisting that Foles must be the guy……..who knows….all speculation at this point……

    I just hope the interview with McCoy goes well today.

  52. Expect a decision from Chip today bc he doesnt want Saban or Brian Kelly interfering with his negotiations at all! Believe that.. Looks like the Eagles beat out Joe Banner

  53. Kelly may still have the Cardinals to talk to who need some excitement back into their Franchise, there’s no current no GM in place their at the moment
    And would not be surprised to see the Cardinals Ownership reach out for him

  54. I bet Kelly was hoping on the Carolina HC to open up and get a chance to talk to them for the opportunity to have Cam Newton as his QB but Panther Owner is old school and wanted no parts of Chip Kelly and now Kelly looks at the Ragles or Cardinals as his best chance. He may just go back to Oregon and be in position for the Jets/Cowboys HC spots next off-season as they most likely will be making HC Changes after 2013. You look at the Franchuses this Season and most don’t have much of a winning tradition or the Status of tge Cowboys or Coaching in NY City..

    1. Guess I’m not a fan because to me it’s a 35 year old man acting like a complete jackass. He should come clean, be a man and gicpve a detailed account of that fucking murder! He should keep it real

  55. The issue isnt with Mike Vick. The issue is the Eagles arent high on Nick Foles. Who the hell brings in a read/option coach with a drop back passer. lol Fans can spin it anyway they want. As Paulman has stated I guess a coach is more important than a 3rd round project as the Eagles have indicated.

  56. Doesn’t it suck to watch these Playoffs with no Eagles playing
    2Seasons in a row and Eagles legitimate chance for Playoffs were over by the 1st weekend of November.
    You know what my biggest concern is during this Coaching Search
    It’s the Eagles group of Lurie, Riseman and Smolenski driving the interviews..
    What do the 3 of these guys collectively know about Football,
    And I’m serious about this, Are these guys familiar with Player Personnel, Schemes, Winning Football Philosophies and the X’s and O’s about putting a short-Term/Long-Term Plan in place. I have serious reservations about these 3 Marketing/ Financial Amigo’s making sound “Football Decisions”
    About the Future of the Franchise

    1. Let me see Paulman so the fans on this board seem to know who is right or who is wrong but Howie and Jeff dont.lol hmmmm. Thats strange. He talks to NFL people all the time. He scouts he has all the access in the world but DAG, paulman and Vinnie from west bubblefuck think they have all the answers. How does that work. honestly?

  57. Is there any other Franchise in the NFL that would consider
    Howie Rosenan as a legitimate “GM” .. I don’t think so..

  58. There is little to no chance that Chip Kelly would run a read/option offense in the NFL. Where have you seen that work? Kelly would be perfectly happy to use Nick Foles and run a fast pace spread offense similar to New England and Denver.

    The Eagles would not force Foles on any new coach, but the new coach might see that Foles is the best option for next year.

      1. For now. Till the QB is broken in half.

        Its a short term option.

        And it does not work with the NFL’s QB heavy salary structure.

        No owner will risk his $100 million investment in an offense that puts that asset at unnecessary risk.

        The only way the read-option takes hold is if an owner is willing tochange that structure and go into a season with 3 $2million QBs.

        That will require a massive shift in philosophy – and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  59. @Paulman whats your deal? You were told that Howie ran the draft this year and brought in Cox, Kendricks and a QB in Foles who was projected to be better than Peyton Manning by stats on this site. A franchise QB. It was also reported he pushed for Randall Cobb in 2nd round last year and was overruled by Big Red and they took Jarrett. So whats your issue with Roseman?

        1. Dude I know someone in the draft room. A scout who absolutely says that they were himming and hawing and Ar took Foles card off the board and said…” that’s our pick” and walked out of the room.

            1. I do not have the Watkins story. I saw him last summer and Watkins never came up. He is a former blue hen who was my nephews team mate. He was AR personal assistant for 3 years and now a scout

  60. You guys want all these coaches that have had no success on the pro level or the college level.. at least get sm1 that has had some success sheesh.. also if Chip comes whose our d coordinator? Thats the real question.

  61. Isn’t it amazing how well former Eagle OL McGlynn & Justice look when you pound the ball

  62. One thing you never hear about with Reggie Wayne,
    What a great blocker he is on running plays
    Eagles get very little effective blocking from their Receiving Corp
    Outside of maybe Avant or Cooper on occasions, look how these Colts WR’s/TE block

  63. Is there any other Franchise in the NFL that would consider
    Howie Rosenan as a legitimate “GM” .. I don’t think so..

    You know this because? Is it from spending every minute of you life posting here?

    1. It’s called an I-Phone Irish, I can carry on and handle all regular activities like cooking breakfast, doing some laundry, taken down Christmas Tree and now watching 2 Real Football Teans playing a good Playoff Game so far and still pop in or out.. It called Time management, multi-tasking, ha

  64. I don’t think Roseman is qualified to be an NFL GM
    No matter what Lurie and the Eagles PR Machine churns out

  65. **Breaking News
    Sources of mine in the Real Estate world confirm with me that Mr & Mrs Mike Nolan of Atlanta had a showing of Andy Reid’s Home which went up on the Market last week.. JH will follow everyone up with the details later on..

  66. As the Eagles try to close the deal with Oregon coach Chip Kelly, they reportedly are selling potential coach Chip Kelly on the presence of quarterbacks Nick Foles and Mike Vick on the roster.

    That’s fine, but Vick has no intention or desire to reduce the $15.5 million salary he is due to earn in 2013.

    It’s due to be the third year of Vick’s six-year, $100 million deal, which actually was a five-year, $80 million deal. And we’ve consistently heard that, if the Eagles want to keep Vick, they’ll have to honor the terms of the contract. (Others have reported the same thing.)

    There’s a chance it’s bluster, especially if the reduced rate the Eagles will pay Vick is more than he can get on the open market. While it’s technically tampering for other teams to tell the agent of a player who is under contract with a team what the player would be paid if he were free to be signed elsewhere, it happens routinely.

    Also, Kelly is one of the coaches believed to most intrigue Vick. So if Kelly lands in Philly and if no other team will pay Vick more than the Eagles will offer on a reduced deal, Vick’s best move could be to accept less money and stay put.

    1. If you were an owner of a team…would you pay a guy 18.5 million (remember the 3 million bonus in Feb) to run a read option offence that is going to put him in the infirmary by week 6?

      No, you would not. ANd neither will the Eagles.

      The only way (and I do not believe this will happen) for Vick to return is if 3 things happen:

      1 – Kelly becomes the coach (looking less and less likely)
      2 – Vick takes a 2/3 pay cut (he says he will not)
      3 – Vick is willing to run a read option that will have him planted into the turf 15x a game. (after all his whining about being hit the last 2 seasons, I doubt he’ll want to play in an offense that will have him hit even more)

      1. agree, even if chip comes here and wants vick for some stupid reason it will not be at that number. Lurie is not stupid. Billionaires are not stupid with money. Lurie knows nobody will pay a bum like Vick that much money even if he releases him he will save millions if they decided to just sign him again.

      2. I agree with you Vinnie but what part dont you understand? Kelly wants Vick and for him to come here its being reported Vick will be here. lol Peter King just reported its between Oregon and Philly. So yes Chip Kelly has full control and whatever he wants. Thats the only way he comes here. So you can post all you want about no Vick. I actually agree with not bringing Vick back eithier. Not once was it said Chip Kelly is fine with just Peyton Foles. Every insider has said Mike Vick is part of it.

        1. If Kelly comes here and want’s to keep Mike Vick that will make some people happy. Some others will think it’s a mistake. I’m in the group that would think it’s a mistake.

          Vick didn’t look fast enough to escape the pass rush this last season, much less run an option offense. Plus, I don’t think Vick can manage the “read” part of the “read/option” offense very well.

          But if Kelly came and kept Vick I’ll still pay for my tickets.

          1. Where…show me a ink…have you read that Kelly wants Vick. Where is this being reported? Where have you read Chip Kelly say, “I want Mike Vick”

            Pure speculation.

            Kelly is an intelligent man. Why would he do a stupid thing like want to play a broken down 33 yr old shrimp who hasn’t won a playoff game since George Bush was president?

            Vick is done, not just here, but his career is finished.

            He doesn;t even enter into the discussion, whith Kelly or anyone else.

            1. BY the way, doa ll your “every insider”sources include Matt Milner who wrote:

              “Many will point to Michael Vick as a reason for the fit, but I disagree. Vick’s contract is a problem, as is his play. He’s not accurate enough, nor can he be trusted to make quick, accurate reads. Vick wouldn’t be the quarterback in Philadelphia under Chip Kelly—Nick Foles would.

              Kelly saw Foles in the Pac-12, and he raved about the quarterback’s ability last fall. It’s convenient to think Vick’s running ability would translate best to the Chip Kelly offense, but don’t overlook Foles’ presence on the roster as a major pull for Kelly to Philly.”

              Vick is done.

            2. The same crap you put on here with Chip Kelly talking about the great warrior Nick Foles, anyway no way Vick is back here at 15 million absolutely no way.

  67. Milner was paid off by the Nike PR Machine
    Remember that Vick gas an endorsement with Under-Armor..
    You have to read between the lines sometimes Vinnie
    Us Americans have this down to a science

  68. **Interview News**

    Eagles brass is in Denver. Meeting with Mike McCoy scheduled to start at 4 p.m. our time. So its now underway

    1. Yea Peyton Manning, Eli, Aikman, Rodgers, even Drew Brees(nothin special fr years in SD)…yea they were immediate stars…no wait and see there haha…stupid people are funny

      1. Are you comparing Foles to Eli, Aikman, Brees and Rogers. Shame on you. Wow. Yeah he is probably even better than them.lol Hell every QB in the draft given 1 year will be a franchise QB if given a year. lol

        1. LOL no retard. never mentioned Foles once in my response to your stupid statement. Obviously, you can’t read. But you were the one thinking about Foles since you brought him up. I guess he’s on your mind all the time haha since you suggest every comment is about him.

          I made a logical point to your stupidity. Sorry i called you out on being retarded. its ok your just special

    2. Franchise qbs that play the entire 16 game season and have most of their starters yes. It’s different without most your starters and having to sit on the bench for 2 months watching a someone else dig a hole. Good try though

      1. So basically if Nick Foles was given same opportunity as Wilson and RGIII and Luck with healthy line and all of training camp he probably would of been better than them. Hell we would probably have a 1st round bye. Foles probably would be MVP of league with a whole season.

        1. Don’t put words in my mouth. What I’m saying is judge on equal footing. Can’t compare apples and oranges. Never gonna see reason with an aganda.

          1. Xevious, He is clearly “special”…putting words in peoples mouth is all he seems to do because he can’t comprehend a sentence haha…try to be nice to the poor guy

      2. When Wilson led the seahawks to 13, 14 and 16 pts consecutively weeks 3 to 6, or when he went 0tds and 3 ints in week 4…or hit 47% of his passes in week 3…or how about week 7 when he was 39% for a measly 122 and an int in a loss.

        Would you have dumped him Daggolden? Because you are only giving Foles 6 games…and over Wilson’s first 67 games he had thrown under 200 yrds 5x. He had 8 ints over those 7 games.

        So you would have dumped him I guess….because he wasn;t playing very well.

        Because you can’t give a rookie a year of games. He must be judged after 1/2 the season.

        So now we know you would have dropped Wilson after that week 7 disaster.

        Should I move on to Andrew Luck?

        1. STFU with the MVP of the leage BS…but recognize that Foles performed better than Wilson did over their first 6 games.Yes the Seahawks won more games then Foles did, but there were other factors there, no one is disputing that.

          But while you, for reason all your own, want to throw away the QB who performed very very well over his first 6 games (better than Wilson, better than Luck, better than every other drafted QB this year except RGIII) without giving him the exact same chance the other qbs received……and needed.

          Rookie QBs require the one thing you do not seem to have. Patience.

  69. If Russel Willson was on the Eagles, with our play calling and defense, he would not be in the playoffs. He would be lucky to win 4-5 games. MAny of you would prolly think he was trash too.

      1. I could compare Foles with Wilson though if you want to play that game. I think its completely logical to suggest that if Wilson was on the Birds he would not be in the playoffs and have 4-5 win record. And im sure Foles would have more Ws on the seahawks than he does now with this pathetic team. pretty simple logic there. But i have a feeling you will read this and think I said something completely different because you obviously have “special” reading comprehension skills haha

      2. Again never said this. Keeping making shit up since thats all you seem to do. You said franchise QBs turn teams around immediately, no wait and see blah blah blah…I already proved you are stupid by giving you names of some of the best franchise QBs in the league/past that have won some of the recent superbowls and how there was in fact a “wait and see”…it wasn’t immediate at all. Simple enough for you?

  70. ***Eagles Report
    Sources from the Denver Four Seasons Resort
    Report that Howie Rosenan has food poisoning and
    Will not partake in Interview with McCoy
    After eating a Spinach Quiche as an Appetizer while waiting for McCoy to show up..
    As usual, Jon Hart wil have follow-up reports about Rodeman’s condition and status as events unfolds

  71. Try the inverse, if foles had first team offensive line, all the playmakers healthy and the defense the Seahawks defense, I promise you bigots would still be finding reasons to trash the white quarterback, but time will tell you how bigoted you are when nick foles develops into a top tier NFL quarterback

  72. We got a game now after a slow start by the Seahawks
    They appear to have their legs back under them
    Redskins RGIII looks shaky now with his leg obviously bothering him and has gotten am way with some poor passes the last 2 Drives

  73. Big lion the leader of the racist parade, followed by real talk, larrwd, and distant third dag.

  74. Do not discount Russell Wilson, he plays with heart and smarts, with that defense, can’t wait to see them kick the skins out

  75. Wilson first 7 games:
    104 of 175 (59%) for 1086 yrds (155 yrds/game) 8 tds and 7 ints

    Foles first 7 games:
    161 of 265 (61%) for 1699 yrds (242 yrds/game) 6 tds and 5 ints

    So I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND why you think Wison should have been given the rest of the season to improve while Foles should be moved to the bench never to be seen again.

      1. LOL

        If Foles had started his career with 4 str8 130 yrd games, and then topped it with a week 7 0 td 3 int performance your head would have exploded.

        But with a straight face you bring up Wilson – who did just that – as a guy who “immediately turned a franchise around”

  76. I think the Tedskins should be fined for having their field purposely choppy and muddied up to negate Seahawks overall Geam speed. Seahawks have rebounded and now have their legs back under them. I expect them to shutout the skins the rest of the way. And would not be surprised to see Clusins come out in 2nd half at QB with RGIII playing on 1 leg..

  77. Carson Palmer 4000 yds passing 22 tds, 14 ints. He stinks
    Josh Freeman 4000 yds 24 tds 17 ints

    I dont care about numbers all QBs get numbers.

  78. Beautiful vinnie. Keep up the stats, expose these people for who they Are, you provide the stats , I will provide the truth about their agenda, then they will fade away

  79. I’m not sure about anyone’s agenda but will say Foles can be a player. He can be under center in big games and he can win at the pro level.

  80. Daggolden makes the ridiculous comment that Franchise QBs immediately turn teams around….when in fact they all struggle through their first 1/2 seasons (at least)

    He’ll give Wilson a 1/2 season of struggles before he becomes competent….but he won’t give the Eagles’ QB the same leway.

  81. Russell Wilson is the real deal, who knows how good foles would be with that lineup, regardless, whomever said Wilson can’t play at this level, they are fools

  82. The Browns reportedly walked away from Chip Kelly because they didn’t believe his heart was “100 percent into leaving Oregon.”
    “They need 100 percent,” says the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot. Everything CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora hears leads him to believe that Kelly will indeed stay at Oregon, but the situation is still “fluid.” Nike’s Phil Knight is apparently the one making Kelly an offer he can’t refuse.

    1. I think Kelly was feeling the waters and will wait to next year to get the Jefs
      Or Cowboys HC Jovs that will be open. He doesn’t want to Cowch for minor-Leauge NF Franchises with a history and culture of losing, which you really can’t blame the guy.. Cleveland, Buffalo, Philly or the Cardinals
      I mean, these are not very good franchises

      1. Right Paul and the jets and cowboys are winning organizations. Lmfao you implying the jets are a good franchise. Haaaa that’s as good as real talk wanting Dennis Dixon

  83. So funny watching RGIII on 1 leg running designed bootlegs…….Shanahan is such an ass…..

    Perhaps if they had spent the first half of the year developing RGIIIs passing abilities instead of going with the “we’ll just run a college offense because he’s used to it and we’ll have immediate success” plan, Griffin would be having a little more success throwing the ball right now.

    I said from the start that what Shanahan was doing with RGIII would hamper his development in the long term……

    Read-option offenses cannot sustain success in the NFL….

  84. Shanahan blew this game and should have had Cousins come out in the 2nd half to play, poor decision by him my hat he will have all off-season to replay
    Over and over

    1. To stick that kid out there with a bad knee is simply unbelievable. Leslie Frasier took no chances asn sat Ponder. Wasnt like Redskins were gonna win superbowl. My goodness.

  85. Selfish Shanahan may have ruined RGIIIs career in just one season.

    Most famous surgeon says: “he shouldn’t be playing”

    Shanahan: “Get out there and run around”

    This is what read-option offenses do to Qbs in the NFL.

  86. The guy makes aliving with his legs, he is undersized and not strong enough for the pro game, plus he plays for the redskins , screw him

    1. 🙂

      What happens to running QBs when they can;t run? 10 of 19 for 84 yrds happens.

      Skins should have spent the first half of the year teaching RGIII the pro game.

      Instead, they are back to square one….well, perhaps even further behind if RGIII needs knee surgery.

      And now Seattle throwing on 4th down? I do not understand these coaches anymore.

      1. u have been waiting all year to write this. RG3 will be fine long term. He is good all around and they built this team around his strengths. As ive said over and over…. i dont like that style but….. RG3 is the best thing going for them. Plus…… the reason they lost is because they abandoned the run…… hmmmmm sound familiar?

  87. LOL Then Shanahan takes 2 timeouts on 3rd and 2 and 4th and 1/2….and then suprised that Seattle didn’t kick fg and instead went for it…..thus ending the game.

    1. Good Call Jott,
      Boyd from Clemson has a very bright future ahead of him,
      I think he will come out early with such a mediocre QB class, he can be a 1st Rounder and he reminds me a lot of a younger McNabb.. He is a passer first, throw a great deep ball and can still and run when necessary, has great leadership qualities also…

            1. Close enough.

              Seattle is a very nice team, but I think the double trip east will be difficult to overcome…even with Atlanta’s propensity to choke working for them.

              1. If I am Pete Carroll, fly down the Georgia Monday and work out at typical University for the Week
                Harbaugh has done this twice the last 2 years when the 49ers had back to back east coast trips alveikt in the regular season

  88. Sorry for all you mathas that want to annoint a quarterback on draft status, but Russell Wilson most impressive qb of the weekend, just wait to see what old whitey foles will do.

  89. Seattle has had 2-3 nice Drafts in a Row and now has a true #1 QB and leader that they haven’t bad since Hasselback days when he was in his prime
    Scary thing is that their Team Average age is 26 Years old and has a lot of young talent on their roster of players that don’t only like to play football
    But are hard nosed and play for each other unlike our Eagles squad

  90. The should be tearing Shanahanapart at the press conference.

    My first question would be, “How do you feel after trying to destroy Griffin’s career all year?”

  91. Vinnie, what the hell are you talking about, shanahan coach of tbe year, its what running, athletic quarterbacks do, they run , they get hurt. Especially tbe frail ones

    1. Story came out this morning Jake. Shanny was going against the Dr’s wishes for the most part. Shanny is an ass to risk his future like that bottom line. If I were Snyder I’d fire his ass….but since Im an Eagles fan first…Well Done Shanny Well Done.

        1. I believe I said back in Sept/October that this would happen with the stupid offense Shanahan ran this year.

          I said Shanahan was being selfish running an O that results in wins now, but will hurt RGIII’s long term development as an NFL QB as well as exposing him to unnecessary injuries.

          Of course when I said that I was met with the litany of, “You’re an idiot – this is the future!” “You just can;t see the age of the pocket QB is over” “You’re just a racist…..yada yada yada”

          The future is easy to predict when you’ve seen it over and over again.

          1. Well this is one thing we have consistently agreed on. This is worst then Urban Meyer never trying to help Tebow become a real QB while at Florida another pompous all about me asshat.

  92. I’ve like them all off-Season and had them as my surprise Team in the NFC
    And the Bengals as the Surprise Team in the AFC
    One thing I hope everyone notices and learns, it’s taken Pete Carroll 3 Seasons and 3 Draft Classes and Off-Seasons to get this Team to where he’s wanted it and there were some really ugly games and times during his first 2 Seasons, last year their OL was decimated by injuries, had poor WR and QB production, so it can be done, but it takes a couple of years, smart off-Season acquisitions and good, solid Drafts, the Eagles need to follow this Seahwak Blueprint on how to build a winner
    I believe Jeff Fisher is doing a similar thing for the Rams who were light years better in his first season and another young Team that’s on the rise

    1. You lost me with Fisher, I call him Mr. Mediocre. He is a bs artist who purposely went out of his way to destroy his own QB because he wanted to draft Leinart who turns out is a gigantic bum. All those anyomous sources stories coming out of Tennessee was him.

        1. VY is out of the because he isn’t mentally tough enough, but Fisher did nothing but undermine his franchise QB from day 1 because he wanted to draft Leinart.

            1. cigar, I have a very close family member that still works in the Titans front office, VY would have been fine if Fisher wasn’t a grown ass back stabbing chick. If he was on board with grooming VY instead of ruining him the outcome probably would have been different.

              1. Fisher didn’t want him, & was forced to draft him, by ownership! Well documented & old news! VY, is, was, & always be, a mentally fragile, spoiled, know-it,all, petulant child, who didn’t want to listen to anyone! For anyone to defend anything about him, is clueless!

  93. I am going to throw a name out there as a dark horse candidate
    Joe Vitt from the New Orleans Saints who filled in for Sean Payton after his own suspension and actually did a decent Jon considering the circumstances tgat occurred in NO all last Off-Season
    He’s tough, but fair, knows many other Asst Coaches and could be a quality hire for the short term (3-4 years) as they rebuild the Team
    City’s had a taste of being HC in Msean Peyton’s abscense and word is that he would love to have an opportunity for a full-time gig
    Somewhere.. Just a thought if the Eagles feel there is a lack of long-Term Coacges out there that they really like who nay still be 3-4 years away from the NFL (O’Brien, Shaw or Charlie Strong)

  94. Paul,

    You know the difference between the 2-14 Colts and the 11-5 Colts? Andrew Luck

    You know the difference between the 5-11 Skins and the 10-6 Skins? RG3

    You know the difference between the 8-8 Broncos and the 13-3 Broncos? Peyton Manning

    You know the difference between the 7-9 Seahawks and the 11-5 Seahawks? Russell Wilson

    So give us a break with the Eagles needing 3 years to rebuild… The Eagles need a quarterback. If Nick Foles is good, the Eagles will be good… If Nick Foles sucks the Eagles will such.

    Bruce Arians, Chuck Pagano, or Happy the Clown could have coached the Colts this year and they would have been improved with Andrew Luck playing QB

    It’s that simple – the quarterback wins games.

    1. I agree that a very good QB is needed to help turn around a team
      But the Eagles don’t have one, there is not a “franchise QB” in Free-Agency or in this upcoming Draft, hence the 2-3 Years that will be needed for the Eagles to be legitimate Playoff team (for a deep run is not on the horizon)
      Foles could develop into a good QB, but he is not in the same league as this years top Rookie class, he just isn’t and we all seen Vick play and be 10-16
      Over his last 26 Fames so he isn’t either and that’s the reality of the situation
      For this Eagle Franchise

  95. Defense wins games too.

    Kelly staying at Oregon and eagles still suck.

    Interview jay gruden and ask love smith if he wants a dc job.

    Fix the defense and get a run first coach.

  96. This week is a very important week for the Eagles organization and for the future of our Eagles. This week is filled with interviews, possibly one of these guys Bradley,Arians,Gruden,McCoy (maybe Saban BKelly) etc etc may be the next Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach. This is a monumental time in Eagles history.

  97. I think it will be a fact-finding week for the Eagles for the Candidates that the Eagles realyl are targeting will not be available to interview now until their Teams are eliminated from the Playoffs
    I believe the Eagles are targeting the following Assistants from the Top Teams left

    49ers – OC Roman, DC Fangio or Special Teams/Asst HC Brad Seeley
    Packers – OC/QB Tom Clements, Asst HC Winston Moss..
    Seahawks – DC Gus Bradley, OC Dana Bevall
    Patriots – OC Josh McDaniels

    I do think the Eagles will want to talk to Off/Coordinator’s Bruce Arians, Pete Carmichael Jr of the Saints, and maybe a Ken Wisenhut to fill up some time

    Jay Gruden going to Visit the Cardinals for Interview who are very high on him per sources…

  98. IrishEagle…I agree for the most part…..however……

    The grooming of a QB requires what many on here do not seem to have. Patience.

    The ability to allow for a young QB to make mistakes and to expect them to struggle and move through those struggles…..many here want Foles to be some immediate superstar.

    That doesn’t happen.

    Lets give 2 of the 3 QBs you mentioned a look and compare them to Foles.
    Lets give tehm each a few games to get acclamated to the NFL and look at what they did Games 4-7. That gives them each 3 games – in Foles case 2.5 games – to get ready. I’ll stop after week 7 because that’s when Foles stopped – comparing apples to apples.

    61 of 100 (61%) for 796 (199/game) 4 tds and 6 ints
    Points scored: 13, 16, 24, 6……14.75/game.
    Suffice it to say if he had done the same on the Eagles he’d have been 0-4.

    Despite this pretty mediocre performance the coaching staff and fanbase stuck with the kid and were rewarded.

    95 of 166 (57%) for 1125 yrds (281.5/game) 3 tds and 4 ints (rushed for 3 tds)
    Points scored: 30, 9, 17, 19…..18.75/game
    Suffice it to say if he had done the same on the Eagles they would have been 0-4.

    Despite this pretty mediocre performance the coaching staff and fanbase stuck with the kid and were rewarded.

    102 of 166 (61%) for 1156 yrds (289/game) 5tds and 2 ints (rushed for 1 td)
    points scored: 22, 32, 16, 32…..25.5/game
    Eagles went 1-3

    Interesting, isn’t it? In all things “quarterback” From % to yrds, to td% to int% to points scored….Foles was well ahead.

    But Phillyfan has no patience. We must bring in “competition”

    No one says who said mystery “competition” must be….besides rumblings for Alex Smith….like he is some sort of “answer”

    I am not saying that Foles is better than Luck or Wilson….I am saying he was ahead of them in all things quarterback from weeks 4-7.

    Would he have continued to develop? I think yes.

    I also think the future is bright for the kid.

    Note: RGIII is the exception to “right away success” having been $$ right from the start…however I will stick with my original premise – that be running the college O, RGIII delayed his pro-development and will suffer in the long run because of it.

    You will notice the low attempts that Wilson had his 1st 6 weeks as coaching staff brought him along very very slowly….he didn’t get above 30 atts till late in the season. This is very different from Foles and Luck who were firing right from the start)

    1. Vinnie I don’t like Foles, but what I want don’t matter. Foles will get his opportunity regardless who they bring in. I think everyone on this site knows that.

    2. Vinnie, I agree, Foles has done well so far. If he continues to develop the Eagles will be in decent shape in the NFC East.

      That’s the point I’m trying to make to Paul…The Eagles roster stacks-up with the other teams in the division just fine, with the exception of the secondary. The secondary needs a couple pieces and some new direction (coaching).

      As for the read/option in general, I don’t think that’s sustainable in the NFL. RG3 is about the best athlete in the league and he can’t hold-up under that pounding.

  99. @Dcar your right VY is old news except like you I have some insights to some things that weren’t reported and not defending VY or using your words being clueless. Jeff Fisher is an asshole. Funny thing is whatever happened to the QB he wanted?

    1. Jeff Fisher is an @$$hole, & Leinart blows, I was just busting your beanbag, in your defense of brain damaged VY. It’s also a fact that he didn’t want VY, right? Just saying! Who Fisher wanted is a moot point!

      1. Yes DCar he didn’t but and this moot why sabotage your team to make a point? VY is mentally weak but if you see that why not get him help, that franchise still hasn’t recovered but Mr. Mediocre walks right into another job.

  100. All I know or care about concerning Jeff Fisher these days is that he’s building a pretty good Team with the Rams that is better, more talented and more physical than the Eagles.. The Eagles are the “Softest Team in the NFL”

        1. Both suck and out of the playoffs no different. Hell 10-6 and no playoffs got Lovie fired. If you compare divisions right now the Eagles are better shape then the Rams.

          1. You are correct about that – NFC West Shaping up to be the Class of the NFC with the 49ers,Seahawks and even the Rams are on the Rise. All 4 West Teams (even the Cardinals,play Physical ball and sold Defense like the NFC East Teams used to do)

  101. We saw some good stuff from all three of the ‘flavor of the month’ rookies QBs this weekend: Griffin, Wilson & Luck…Wilson’s was the only team that won; Griffin was injured, and both Wilson & Luck had very pedestrian games stat wise.

    What do their performances ‘prove’?…They prove that rarely in the NFL (especially the playoffs) does one man carry a team…It takes a whole team, and the old saw about running the football and defense being the key factors is correct…Winning the battle at the line of scrimmage is also a basic…And, the QB must ‘manage the game’, directing the flow, and limiting turnovers.

    Which brings us to the Eagles and all the exaggerated debate about Nick Foles by the cell phone GMs and fantasy personnel managers…Foles certainly has the potential to do everything the three rookies did yesterday, including winning playoff game…But, he needs stability from an intelligent and flexible coaching staff & offensive line to flourish, just like the other three rooks, plus a solid running attack.

    Certainly, the defense must improve drastically, as the current kennel lacks the intensity and physicality to challenge for the top drawer in the NFL.

    With all the crazy rumours that have been circulating about new HCs, my eye would fall on the assistant from Denver, Mike McCoy, who has worked with a variety of QBs, from the middling types to the current master, and also worked with a gimmicky style QB: He also has an awareness of absolute necessity of a strong defense.

    I am not impressed, however, by the jet setting triumvirate of Lurie, Rosenbloom and Smolensky…They seem to be grasping at straws, which bodes badly for future draft selections.

    Which brings us to the eagles

    1. it dowes take a team to win but it is amazing to see that coaches are a lot better and win a lot more games with a stud QB…. check belicheks record with brady and w/o brady. for example!

  102. Lurie, Rosenbloom and Smolensky remind me of three excited nerds trying to pick up pussy in a bar, only to have all their efforts fall short, with the girls all breathing a sigh of relief when they walk away.

    1. That’s a funny one and true Frankie..
      These guys are already being dubbed as teh “Tres Fantasy Amigo’s” around NFL Circles.. Wait to the Senior Bowl/COmbine Week, etc,etc..
      I have a feeling that Bobby April and Marty Morhnewig are still going to be around to Scout some of the Seniors here the next coupld of weeks.. Talk about a dysfunctionalbe group we now have running the Franchise
      Senior Bowl starts in 2 1/2 Weeks, who are the Eagles Reps to check these players out … Keep an eye on this ..

      1. If Bobby April and Marty Morhnewig ar at the Senior Bowl it will be to try to find a new job, like all the rest of the out of work, or soon to be out of work coaches.

        The Eagles have a staff of scouts who work for the GM.

      1. Can picture Limp wrist Lurie’s pickup line, “Hey sweetheart, don’t you know, I am the Gold standard?” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    1. I agree with you.. I belive that MM & Todd Bowles, Bobby April are technically under Contract to the Eagles..
      I am not so sure who they will send down besides Roseman.. But I hope some Football People are checking out these College Prospects

  103. “Talk about a dysfunctionalbe group we now have running the Franchise
    Senior Bowl starts in 2 1/2 Weeks, who are the Eagles Reps to check these players out … Keep an eye on this ..”

    Yes, for sure scouting and player development are the unsung key to building a successful franchise: I don’t even know who the Eagles have in scouting; you would be more informed on this.

    It takes patience and a long term view to put a franchise on a firm foundation…However, in today’s ‘win at all costs and win now’ NFL, no one has patience.

    I am a fan of what the rest of the world calls ‘football’, but we call soccer…I especially follow the English Premiership (rough equivalent to the NFL) and the other major leagues in Europe…’My team’, Liverpool FC Reds, who have one of the winningest traditions in English football, are going through a retooling phase right now, and following their news and fan reactions, like on this forum, you read the same ‘the sky is falling’ and ‘get rid of the goddamned bums’ type of responses from their fans constantly…However, this forum sometimes looks like a collection of geniuses compared to what the British punters spew out. [—–)

      1. I believe their Names are the Following

        1) John Butterfingers
        2) William Fumbles
        3) Steven “I Hate” Tackling
        4) Bobby “Nothing very Special” Teams
        5) Juan “Red-Zone” Deficiency

        This is the group that’s Rebuilding this Franchise.

  104. Im gonna say it again, the Ravens will find a way to draft LB Manti Teo in this upcoming draft.. remember I said this if n when it happens. They will be looking to replace future HOF Ray Lewis right away..

        1. Try getting out of the basement, & stop acting like a wannabe D mini-Gunn, CSN reporter. Jaws (who is only BB’s good friend/ coworker) was on Mike & Mike, John Clark reported it. Lombardi said something on WIP. Eskin said something on Saturday, may I go on girl-less, lifeless, numb-nuts! Just STFU!!!! You have no friends, or acquaintances, so just STFU!!!! Keep making yourself feel good, by play pretending to be a professional blog writer! Good luck with that idiocy!

          1. OH, it’s also all over your “SOURCES”, PFT. Lurie & Chucky already talkied during the TB SB anniversary game, during the Birds & TB!

            1. I guess your talking about a football website when you say pft. I don’t visit sites like that and don’t have to.. but if i heard Jaws correctly he said the Eagles HAVE NOT reached out to Jon Gruden and that Jon would be interested. That is it! Nothing else. So all this other stuff your talking nonsense… 45 years old you are huh? Start acting like it.

              1. Riiiiiiiight, you don’t know what PFT is!!!! Every one of your so called updates/ just in’s from your imaginary sources, are word, for word, from their site! GTFO, you fool. You’re embarrassing yourself. Now that I have been proven right, you have another story! STFU! They already talked, at the TB SB Anniversary game. You’re telling me to act my age? Are you f^#@ing delusional, nuts, & retarded! You’re the biggest, immature, imbecile on here, Give it a rest & F^#@ OFF, @$$miner! You’re pathetic, & I pity you!

      1. HAC, I don’t need an apology from that Lil Lebron @$$miner! We’ll see what happens. If it does, it does, if it don’t, it don’t! My life will go on, & I will be happy! Same can’t be said, for that Circus @$$clown!

  105. Disagree 200%

    Alec Ogeltree and Kevin Minter are better linebackers than Teo!

    Teo will be a solid, but unspectacular NFL player….a la AJ Hawk

  106. So many missed tackles..Teo is in position hes just missing the ball carrier.. all that weight he loss is no good against this big physical Bama squad because they r trucking this whole defense

    1. teo looks like he is playing safe not wanting to get hurt. at the same time he is playing himself out of the top 5

    2. JH,
      Are you still calling for the Ravens to move up in the 2013 Draft and Select LB Teo as a replacement for Ray Lewis..

        1. Your probably right about Teo’ still being on the Board late in the 1st Round.. Lots of Junioir’s have declared in recent days adding more Talent to the Draft Pool.. Teo’ could actually drop to the 2nd ROund now which
          was unfathomable to think 24 Hours ago.. He looked lost out there and was overmatched in almost every 1 on 1 Tackle attempt, and every time he attempted to shed an Alabama blocker whether is the Center Barrett, the Guard Warmack, hheir OT Flucker, their TE..
          A major dissapointment by him and his Notre Dame Defensive Teammates..

  107. If I look quick AJ Mac is looking like Matty Ice.. hes having one heck of a game.. and on top of it all his girl is a dime. #respect

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