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NHL Lockout Over

It only took 113 days of posturing, but after a final twenty hour stretch of negotiating between the NHL, NHLPA and federal mediator Scott Beckenbauch, the two sides have reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The NHL will return to action either on January 15th (50-game schedule) or January 19 (48-game schedule).

Similarly, training camps will begin as early as Wednesday.

Some of the movement made by the NHL in the final offer included:

  • $64.3 million salary cap in 2013-14 (up from previous demands of $60 million)
  • Up to two compliance buyouts allowed to help teams reach salary cap before 2013-14 (to be counted against players’ share of hockey related revenue)
  • Contract limits of 7 years for unrestricted free agents and 8 years for restricted free agents
  • 50/50 revenue split with $300 million “make whole” provisions
  • 35% year-to-year variance on contracts with the lowest year not less than 50% of highest.

There will undoubtedly be many who see this news and no longer care. The real damage to the NHL has not been the potential loss of interest from diehard fans, who will likely be back (based on the fact that in all the healthy markets, marginal amounts of season ticket holders have cancelled their orders), but rather the interest of casual fans that are responsible for the growth of the sport.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported a few days ago that there’s a realistic chance the NHL tries to schedule rivalry games to gain back quick interest in the NHL. For the Pittsburgh Penguins, that means a trip to the Wells Fargo Center.

I will have more on training camp as it develops. on Facebook

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7 Comments for “NHL Lockout Over”

  1. Great,

    ~Now I can sell whatever season tickets I have remaining on the schedule. Gotta be honest I do not care.

  2. Scheduling wise, I would think each Conference would simply play each other
    And not make them CrossCountry Trips
    Flyers would play Division Foes 5 Times each and the rest of the Eastern Conference to cut back on Travel, wear and tear, lost practice time,
    And to be able to play 4 Games a week all within the Eastern Conference
    Shorten the 1st & 2nd Round of the Playoffs to end the Season around it’s normal time

  3. Paulman, that is correct- there will be no cross-conference games. In 48-game schedule, each team plays 7 games against division rivals (28 games) and 2 games against remaining conference teams (20 games).

    No word yet on playoff format, though it’s been suggested that it could increase to 20 teams. I suspect the format will not change.

  4. Up to two compliance buyouts allowed to help teams reach salary cap before 2013-14 (to be counted against players’ share of hockey related revenue

    so bryz should get cut right????

  5. Correction on my last comment- 48 game schedule may be 4 games against 2 division rivals (8), 5 games against other 2 division rivals (10), and 3 games against remaining conference teams (30).

    Mhenski, the Flyers will surely evaluate after this season. If he plays lights out hockey and Flyers do well in the playoffs, they’ll keep him. If this season is more or less the same as last year, he will likely be bought out.

  6. Coolest game on Earth
    Go USA under 20, congrats, Trouba is awesome, will look forward to seeing him in the NHL

  7. Bout damn time! Tired of watching the Sixers suck, & arguing over Chip Kelly!

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