Dick Vermeil: “It’s Tougher To Coach In Philly Than Kansas City”

Coaches throughout the NFL talk about the fan base in Philadelphia and how tough it can be in the city if you don’t have the horses to get the job done.  I don’t think coaches are jumping at the chance to come to Philly with a question mark at quarterback and a defense which needs to be totally rebuilt.

Former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil was on 94WIP this afternoon and he talked about the contrast between coaching in Kansas City and coaching in Philadelphia.

“The expectations are always higher in Philly than they ought to be. I don’t know if any other city starts talking about the playoffs in the preseason. They won so consistently for such a long time, they started to take it for granted.”

“Anybody coming in here, he’ll find the expectations very high early, and it will be easy to disappoint the fans if it doesn’t go that way–that’s just our city.”

“Nobody can really appreciate winning the Super Bowl if they haven’t lost one. It takes the same thing to get there and lose that it does to get there and win. It’s tough.”

“And the city itself is a wonderful place to work. They love their football every bit as much as the Eagle fans. They’re a little less intense, they’re a little more patient. They’re midwesterners in nature. And I’m not saying that’s better or worse.”

23 thoughts on “Dick Vermeil: “It’s Tougher To Coach In Philly Than Kansas City”

  1. Head coaching contracts are guaranteed. Most head coach contracts are three to five years. A NFL head coach can expect to earn about $4M per year. That’s $12 to $20 million guaranteed. If they get fired they get paid…

    Nobody can convince me that a guy would turn down that kind of money because the Eagles have a questionable quarterback – or because the fans are tough – or because Howie Roseman is the GM.

    Keep in mind that the average NFL defensive coordinator salary is approximately $850,000 compared to $800,000 for offensive coordinators. And these guys can be hot commodities today and their star can be out next year.

    Sorry but I don’t buy the BS about guys turning the Eagles down. Except, of course those two collage guys that got big raises to stay put.

    1. Not newbie Head Coaches, they don’t anywhere close to that $4
      Million per Year figure
      Coach AR earned $6-7 years for Having both Titles of HC & VP of Football Ops and has been around for 14 Years
      The Average new HC who has made a move up from Coordinator and is unproven is making about $1.5 Million so a 3-4 year Deal is worth about
      $6-$7 Million Total. The biggest downside for a 1st Time Head Coach is that if you fail, your likely future opportunities become limited and you typically have to start over again to enhance your marketability and reputation
      All over again

      1. In 2008 newbie Steve Spagnuolo 4-year, $11.5 million contract with Rams
        In 2010 newbie Jim Harbaugh agreed to a five-year, $25 million contract

        It has gone up quite a bit and it depends where you go. The Eagles job is not paying under $3.5M, the average pay for the 32 head coaches in the NFL..

        You might see it as a downside for a failed head coach to go back to being a coordinator, but take my word for it, going back to being a coordinator with an extra few million in your pocket is not so bad.

        If these guys show-up for an interview – it means they want the job. Except those two collage guys that used us to get big raises.

  2. Let’s look at this from a different perspective, all we here about is this so called coaching fraternity. Suppose Andy Reid got word out that Howie is a problem and this wouldn’t be a good job to take. You still think guys won’t shy away?

  3. Gus Bradley will be our 2013 coach. enough faggot shit around this team and mr softies. time for some fuck you up guys with fuck you up attitudes and a fuck you up no nonsense coach.

    this is what we need. I know it you know it and the 3 amigos know it

    Lurie knows we got a 500 record since Jim Johnson died. Gus is the guy boys.

    1. Agree mhenski but before they just go ahead and hand him the job, they better be damned sure he can get some good offensive assistants because we have a young QB that needs to be worked with.

      1. very true & fair. just got the feel that this is what goes down Lurie knows his fans, team & city. and truthfully this is what we all need & want

      2. Biggie have you heard the name of Ben McAdoo Packers QB Coach? – Perfect Offensive Coordinator to compliment Gus. The Eagles need to stop playing, and hire him so he can assemble a staff that would compliment his style of football.

          1. That is GMCliffs. or rather that would be my plan of action compared to whatever Howie has in mind. …..Don’t even want to here the name Lovie Smith…dont want him

  4. Im actually surprised they fired him. Their defense was decimated with injury. Ratliff is pretty much done. Ware was like 50 percent after injury come the end of the season. I would consider this guy if Gus Bradley doesn’t fall through. I/m sure that thief Nnamdi will be calling for it

  5. Okay, why is dick vermeil’s sentiments relevant, he hasn’t coached here since ancient history , I believe 1982, now he’s an authority on the topic du jor, he should stay out of it, most, many eagles fans don’t even remember who he is, except for his incessant crying jags, I would rather hear from rich kotite, ray rhodes or Andy Reid on the issue

  6. Rob Ryan never looked right Coaching for the Cowboys
    Just was never a good fit in my opinion, I expect that he will end up working up in NY for his older brother (Rex) for the Jets since they fired Mike Pettine

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