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Eagles Are Rebooting Coaching Search, But Will Jon Gruden Be On Their List

I’m sure it would be rather fascinating to hear the conversations taking place around the Nova Care Complex nowadays.  It’s a challenging time for Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, General Manager Howie Roseman, and team President Don Smolenski.  They’re looking for a new head coach for the first time in 15 years and so far things haven’t go very well.

They met with Penn State’s Bill O’Brien, who had already met with the Browns, but the coach decided to stay at State College, as well he should have.  I can understand him being high on the Eagles list, but the timing wasn’t good. Could you imagine how Nittany Lions fans would react to O’Brien for leaving after only a year?

By now you know the story with Oregon’s Chip Kelly.  First he spent a day with Joe Banner and the Browns.  Everyone was sure he was going to sign with Cleveland, but he got caught up in a meeting with the Eagles and never had his second meeting with the Browns.

It looked like he was leaning toward the Birds, but he decided to head back to Oregon.  No one really knows how serious Kelly has been about the two years of extended flirting with the NFL.  He may be the kind of guy, who likes to know he is wanted.  Still it had to disappointing for the Eagles to not get their guy after a nine hour meeting with him.

They met with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Sunday in Denver.   There hasn’t been much word on how the McCoy interview went, but we know as of today, he’s not the Eagles coach.

So that brings us today and the Eagles head coaching search,  they’ve been left holding the bag by their top two candidates.  Of course they will deny it.   They believe that the Eagles head coaching position is one of the top jobs in the league. Perhaps it is, but you wonder how it stacks up against other open spots.

None of this will matter as long as they find a quality head coach, who turns the team around and leads them to a Super Bowl victory.  The process will continue with an interview of Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator Jay Gruden  and Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Arians is older than the other candidates, but he proved this year by leading the Colts to the playoffs as an interim head coach, that he’s up to the job.

Jay Gruden didn’t impress me.  I thought the Bengals offense lacked imagination and I didn’t think quarterback Andy Dalton grew very much from his first year to his second year.

Bradley is very intriguing and likely to be very popular with Eagles fans because of his temperament.  His defense is very physical and they play with fire.  The defensive coordinator could bowl the Eagles over in an interview and overcome the fact that Lurie wants an offensive guy to be his next head coach.

I like the fact that he would bring more toughness to the Eagles, which is something they need desperately.  His personality would probably buy him a little more time.

I heard Ron Jaworski on the radio yesterday talking about how he would sit down with Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher, then ask them if they were interested in coaching the Eagles, if he were in charge of the head coaching search party.  Jaws also said Gruden was interested in returning to coaching, but only with certain teams.  The Eagles happen to be one of the teams he had expressed interest in coaching.

I know Lurie does not want to let somebody else decide who his next coach will be, but Gruden has a resume that is worthy of at least a phone call and a meeting.  There’s no wrong with at least kicking the tires.

Gruden is today’s wild card, who would excite a lot of Eagles fans.  He’s excellent in designing a running game.  Gruden is as much a proponent of the running game as Andy Reid was of the passing game.  Gruden would get a lot out of the Birds returning offensive linemen, Jason Peters, Todd Herremans and Jason Kelce.

You know he has thought about designing runs for LeSean McCoy.  Add young Bryce Brown to the equation and the Birds would be moving the football. on Facebook

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109 Comments for “Eagles Are Rebooting Coaching Search, But Will Jon Gruden Be On Their List”

  1. My take on the Gruden Scenario is this

    #1) I don’t believe Gruden would follow his close friend of 20 years (Andy Reid) as Coach of the Eagles where AR just finished his 14th Year

    #2) I believe Gruden, like many others in NFL Circles do not feel very confident about GM Rosemans Football accumen and Roster Management ability.. (Word is that Andy Reid has filled in Gruden with many shortcomings of Roseman.. Jon Gruden respects both Belecheck amd AR very much and if both these fellas are not speaking very highly of Roseman’s ability,attitude,etc,etc who is Gruden goign to listen to..

    Now for Lurie, he has always prided himself and the Eagles Organization or thinking forward, thinking outside the box and Hiring the Best and brightest
    For him to hire a “retread” like Gruden,signals to me the ineptness and lack of Confidence this Group of 3 Amigo’s (Lurie/Roseman/Smolenski) has in not only attracting the Best and Brightest to Compete for the Eagles HC Poisition but for these 3 Fantasy Football Executive to nail down and get a worthy Candidate to commit..
    I believe that “Gruden” is strictly a fall back Hire with a 3 Year Window at best and of course would be popular with many Fans because of Grudens past experience with the Eagles and that tough-guy,passionate image that he has, but to me, the hiring of Gruden shows me a lack of planning, a lack of confidence and the Reality that the Eagles Franchise is now not a Franchise that Coaches,Players will want to join due to the Dysfunction of the Front Office over the last couple of Seasons and Rosemans’ Reputation of not knowing what he’s doing
    We all know that is the Eagles end up hiring Gruden, that the Eagles PR Machine will be out in full-force stating that “Gruden” was our guy the entire time during this Coach Search Process..These next 2-4 weeks will determing the fate of the Eagles franchise under Owner Lurie, he screws this up, and us Fans won’t have much to cheer about for the next 4-6-8 Years.. Gruden is not the answer in 2013

    • fraud a week ago you said that no big name coach would come here and you included gruden on your list, no you say he would only be a ‘last resort’ for the eagles.
      i am inclined to believe dcar on this one and say he was a target for lurie from day 1.
      as for following AR– coaches know they are hired to be fired. AR is pretty close to Crennell– they know its part of the business.

      • I don’t think Gruden was anywhere near Luries/Roseman Top Choice
        but I do think that the Eagles will fall back to him as a last Resort and will claim that Chucky Boy has been their Target all along which we all know is Bullshit for if it was, he would have been Hired and Named HC already..
        As I stated a few times already, Gruden is a safe,popular choice because of the name recognition and Gruden’s Popularity of Philly fans, but he is not in the mold that Lurie seeks which is a young, loyal, company man that has a long-term future of Success.. Lurie/Roseman will attempt to save face and appease the Fans if they decide to Hire Gruden in my opinion, nothing more than a PR Move to save face since their Coachg Recruiting Tour is not going well..

    • this make so much sense to me right here. But what scare me the most is Howie… I believe we are going to get stuck with a coach that is only looking for a paycheck and will be a yes man and not a good fit for OUR team. I think NONE of the good coaches at least the ones who think for themselves will want to be bothered with him or made to look like a dummy with his draft picks. This is going to back fire on us i feel it. I really hope we get Gus up in here. Look at the video of him on this website. He makes people accountable for there job… We need that. Not a older coach that hasnt coached in years and still runs the OLD school football when this is clearly a different league. you cant bring Gruden in here to yell at these kids. these aren’t the same type of men that used to play before we got punks up in our locker room that hide form accountability. He just wont do. And numbers don’t lie.Gruden sucked as a Head coach when he was given the reigns. in his last 7 years he only had two winning seasons.

  2. The hiring off gruden would be consistent with the lack of focus, identity, and planning the eagles have displayed over the past three years, looking for quick, easy solutions to long standing problems, I would prefer they hire a coordinator with a longer term vision, based on a defensive minded philosophy, ball control, or at least more balance with pass/run, but recognizing that with this current roster the can win sooner than later if the secondary is addressed

    Gruden is not trustworthy, talk to his past players, and he wants to win right now as he has already won once and won’t be inclined to develop certain philosophies over time, the eagles need to develop a totally different football team, management philosophy, big, strong defense, built through the draft, a smart, more grind it out offense, this will take some time to produce championships, but it’s not with gruden

  3. Although I would rather see the birds hire a defensive coach like Gus Bradley, I still think Gruden would be able to change the culture in the Eagles locker room and bring his experience and knowledge of the game with him. Let’s be honest, the eagles do not have the most talented roster , but what Gruden has been able to do in the past is successfully manage and scout talent and make average players solid contributors (see late 90’s raiders/early 2000’s bucs). Gruden said toward the end of this season that Foles reminds him of QB Brad Johnson, which I think is a fair comparison and I don’t see Foles becoming much more than that. Gruden was able to win a championship with a guy like Brad Johnson as his quarterback because he had talent on defense and at certain skill positions. Last year pre-draft Gruden sat down with many talented college stars and dissected film with them and seemed to be spot on with his analysis. And after watching guys like Andrew Luck and Russel Wilson ball out this season I can say that he knew what he was talking about. Like I said, I would like the Eagles to toughen up and bring Gus in as HC, but I think Gruden could work with this roster and bring in some quality assistants based on his track record. He’s the only experienced HC in the market that isn’t washed up.

  4. Please stop with the Howie Roseman stuff you guys don’t even know him stop listening to the philadelphia media they hate the Eagles because the Eagles don’t tell them shit so they bash them to the public.

  5. Paulman / Jakedog , Good information from both of you guys. You don’t learn very much about the coaching search by listening to sports talk or Daily news live………..Thanks much

  6. An article in ESPN, highlights some of the Issues Face with the Eagles moving Forward in attracting the Best and the Brightest and NFC East beat Writer Graziano pointed out some very valid points
    #1) Unsettled QB situation
    #2) A Defense that needs a complete Rebuild
    #3) Roseman is Lurie’s man and new HC will have to work and deal with him and will not have the Personnel Dedcisions that he may want
    #4) Unrealistic Fan Base and Expectations who will not be satisfied until they Win a Super Bowl (which is not going to happen anytime soon)

    Bottom line to me is that once again, the Eagles Owner and Front Office
    overhype the Current State of the Franchise, It’s Roster and it’s Leadership and besides a Young Up and Coming Coordinator looking for his Opportunity to become an NFL Coach or a Re-Tread Coach who can’t get Hired anywhere else… It looks like the days of real “doom & gloom” are back in Philadelphia.

    • that is all BS. the nfl is a quick fix league and to go from 3-13 to 13-3 happens every year- maybe not that dramatic- i’m telling you the nfl is not a league of huge talent differences. a lot depends on the QB and some breaks going your way–

  7. This is a JOB we are talking about. Specifically, an NFL Head Coach job we are talking about here. A job that requires you to work 7 days a week basically year round in some capacity and once the season starts the job entails by all accounts 15-20 hours a day/7days a week. The average NFL coach makes $3million/year with the top dog making $7.5. Jon Gruden by all accounts makes between $4-$5 million/year working 1 night a week for 17 weeks.

    Why the hell would he want to make the same money and work harder???????



    Would you work longer and harder for company A and make the same amount of money at company B working 5% as hard and as much as you would for company A?????????




    • Jon Gruden, doesn’t just work 1 day a week! He works with NFL Films, NFL Network, & also runs QB camps, for future prospects, so you are clueless! He isn’t even 50 yet, loves Philly, & is a COACH! Guys like Cowher & Dungy, more than likely, won’t ever coch again. The job, will be his! The process, has just begun.
      BTW, stating something in all caps, 10 times, doesn’t make it fact, it makes it, you screaming out your OPINION, like a spoiled, petulant child, not getting his way.

      • ok thanks for further proving my point. so Jon works makes more than the average NFL coach just from his espn salary but also makes a handsome salary from NFL films, and NFL network. so when you add that up im sure its more than any other coach in the NFL.

        He is a coach? really? i am pretty damn certain he is a tv personality and not a coach.

        Dcar youre a fuckin idiot for truly believing and stating he will be our coach.

        Dude will never coach again, I feel like I should post that 2 million more times so maybe you will get it through your brain. Its the truth.

        • We’ll see, who the F^#@ING idiot is, brown eye! You’re a wannabe, no-it-all, giving opinion, based on zero fact, or information! Hey, you could very well, be spot on, we’ll see, but I’m far from an idiot, POS! Go back to making excuses, & enabling your boy Hindenburg! That’s something you really, are good at!

          • i think it know-it-all, not no-it-all fucking idiot.

            who is hindenburg?

            I give opinion and zero facts?

            so tell me where are your facts to support that he will be the coach of the eagles this year?

            • Hindenburg is your boy Reid, you know the blimp, that crashed & burned! My facts to support, are based off of all the info, relayed to me, by Baldinger, that I reported on here the end of last week. I don’t need to explain to you, go read my quotes, I don’t give a rats @$$, what you do! Something that I thought needed to be relayed, since it was getting no serious play anywhere. Now look, it’s everywhere, HMMMMM! WOW!!!!

              • big miscommunication going on here dcar. you telling me to support hindenburg(reid) is way off. i dont like reid and i think he is a total idiot and am still in shock he got another job let alone a job with that much control.

      • coaches are wired differently than the rest of us….

        • Agreed cigar there is nothing normal in the way they think

          • i wonder why every year there are gruden coaching rumors yet he never interviews.

            i wonder does it have anything to do with publicity for his tv persona and shows? anything with trying to basically brand his name and make himself out to be some nfl god like madden?

            i wonder why all these people say he will coach again, its a matter of when not if yet Jon himself never says a word? I wonder who is releasing this information that the Browns could go after him, he is the Eagles guy, Bears called him, could it be his agent? espn? never hear Jon say these things…

            but yea you guys are right. he will coach again and according to Dcar it will be the Eagles.

            jons a coach not a tv personality he is a coach its in his blood.


            • Not according to me numbnuts! Baldinger, Jaws, King, Lombardi, Family members leaks to the media, WIP, CBS,, etc. So, don’t be salty with me, douche nozzle! Don’t understand, your argumentative, irrational idiocy, on this! Are you just so set, on being right, that you can’t think straight, or are you just an idiot, with a closed mind?!?

              • dude- no need to keep arguing. you had the call with the stated knowledgeable source. ‘its his if he wants it’ and ‘he is interested with a couple of caveats’ (paraphrasing)–
                that was the best call on this site in years– and we will find out even if gruden doesn’t take it that the birds had high interest and he either turned them down or took it.

              • Yeah, you’re right HAC. I’m getting too emotional. I just hate to be made out to be a liar! That’s all. LOL!

              • so all these people have sources saying he wants to coach, yet you have a super bowl winning coach that every year is rumored to coach again yet never even gets an interview. the writing is on the wall, he dont wanna coach.

                if he aint interviewing he aint coaching.

                all this is is hype for jon.

                im not set on anything it is common sense.

                i can add 1+1. no interviews=zero interest in interviewing, no interviews=no head coaching job, no interviews+rumors=NFL version of TMZ.

              • im not nor did i ever call you a liar either.

                heres how it works espn upper-management floats these stories about Jon to build his tv persona up. espn reports it, then si, foxsports, tsn all report it, then local media reports it, then booooom twitter world, cyber world blowing up with jon gruden rumors….

              • MH, I spoke directly to Baldinger, he isn’t ESPN, pumping up his persona, he’s a coworker & friend of his, that I known since 93′. He wouldn’t make up BS, & I trust his word & knowledge!

              • are you telling me baldinger told you that he talked to jon and jon said jon wants to make it happen or jon said he wants to coach again?

              • For the last time, I originally broke this, the end of last week, before anything came out. I talked to BB, on Thurs, Fri, & this morning at 10:45. He said, the jobs Grudens to take, but he didn’t want to decide yet, due to his Bro being in the playoffs, & the Roseman factor. He wants to have input into roster decisions, & it is unclear of Lurie’s entire plan. He & Lurie did talk about the interest of the job, at the TB SB Anniversary game, when he was un-decided & again, when he was in town, to work at NFL Films, a few weeks ago. Lurie is interviewing coaches, out of due diligence, in case he says no. If he comes, he wants say, he’ll bring Marinelli, or both the Kiffens. More likely, Papa. Go read, I don’t make $#!T up!

              • so great. i never said you made anything up and your source does not say jon is going to take the job nor does he say he wants it.

                my opinion is that he will never coach again based on the fact that he has a cush job, does it well, gets paid well and works less than an NFL coach. also based on the fact that every year their is chatter about him yet he never even interviews…

                so at the end of the day ur probably right eagles want him

                and im right cuz he aint gonna take it

              • Dacr,,,,, relax dud… what you are saying is hard to believe ok? How many times have the JH’s of this site pretended to know something? You are telling us that somehow the Gruden bros will end up in philly…. thats hard to see when Lurie was chasing after Kelly. Any idea when this will go down?

              • Stevo, their is no comparison between me and DCarjacker. He reported that his friend Brian Baldinger told him that Jon Gruden and the Eagles have been in the works for months(Its now being reported that the eagles have not even reached out to the man) and that Jon was waiting for his brother to join him here in philly as the offensive coordinator (Its now being reported that the eagles will be interviewing Jay Gruden for the HC job soon).. Just all the dynamics involved DCar saying Brian Baldinger has been his friend since 1993 which is 20 years hahaha, it sounded like he was drunk or high that day.. if it happens great my hat off to dcarless, it would actually be in line with my prediction that Jon Gruden is the darkhorse pick as the Eagles Head Coach..

              • Lil Bron-Bron, don’t ever compare your idiotic, dumb@$$ to me. You have no clue, ever of what you are talking about, have no sources, & no life! F^#@ off!
                Stevo, I’m not Lil Bron-Bron Jon! He just comes on here, & play pretends that he is D-Gunn, with breaking news, with his pretend sources in his own mind. I ain’t explaining it again, go read my prior posts, from the weekend. If it’s hard to believe. I don’t know what to say. I broke the news on Friday, & Saturday. Now it came out, in the news, not everything I was relaying, but in the news, nonetheless. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. My life will go on happily, regardless. I just relayed a information, that was told to me by Baldy, that I thought was prevalent, to our situation, that was getting zero play by the media, even though Gruden met with Lurie, during the TB SB Anniversary, & again 2 weeks ago at NFL films. Grudens family members & friends, have been Tweeting hints, for weeks, that he wants the job, & that he already has had discussions. People want to believe want they want, I don’t care. Lil Bron-Bron Jon is an @$$clown, & because he didn’t mention it, or plagiarize it from other sites, to act like he’s breaking news, it isn’t real. Sorry to be so harsh, & mean, but go drown yourself in a toilet Jon! Do society a favor!

  8. Does anyone think the Herm Edwards would be a good hire as HC (again for the short-term, like 3-4 Years or so) and then Hire an innovative OC to handle the Offense who could have Asst HC Title and groom for HC spot down the road and and let Herm Edwards Focus on Defense, Get the Locker room right and get back to attracting,obtaining high-character players back and get rid of the selfish types that are on the Roster who have set poor examples to the Younger Players..
    I think the biggest problem that many fans are slow to admit, that this Rebuild is not a 1 to 2 Year Deal.. The Entire Secondary has to be rebuilt
    Still need 3 more quality NFL Caliber LB’s to go along with Ryans/Kendricks)
    the WR and TE’s postiions are in the Bottom Tier of the NFL as far as Production and Big Plays anymore.. If Jason Peters is not 100% Healthy, then the Eagles OL back to being a mess again.. Lots of issues here besides not having a bonafide NFL Starting QB on the Roster (once VIck is gone).. We all hope that Foles becomes that guy..but there is no cetainty that he will be a stop-gap, short-term game manager until the Team around him gets better and this my friends will take some time (2 really Good Off-Seasons in my opinion) FOr anyone to expect this Eagles Team to see the Playoffs in 2013/2014 is just not being reallistic with themselves as far the Eagles chances relative to the rest of their Competition.. We can hope for an easy,quick fix, but the reality is that is very difficult to achieve in the absence of an a “Elite QB” which the Eagles do not have on their Roster

    • Good idea paulman but I think he might be too comfortable at ESPN. You have to at least consider Gruden, but Jake and paulman make excellent points, my only issue with Gruden is he’s a so called QB guru who has never ever groomed one. This coaching search unfortunately seems like business as usual for a floundering franchise who thinks they are one step ahead of everyone else but in actuality is two steps behind.

      • I agree about Herm, but I do think that is there was 1 Job out there that he would strongly consider and go all in for– It would be to Coach the Eagles, (even if it was a 3 Year Deal to rebuild the Team and Character and help groom a young, up and comer Coach along the way because Herm Edwards will always been an Eagle first….

    • No. Maybe as a DC. He won’t ever Head Coach again. I agree, we need an entire secondary, & depending on which DF the new coach brings, we need a SAM, & size on the D-line. That’s why, they need to switch to a 3-4, because we won’t need as much of a lineup turnover. In a 3-4, all we would really need, is a couple of NT’s. Cox, Jenkins, Thornton can play DE, Cole, Graham, Hunt can play rush OLB, as Mathis & Freeney now do for the Colts, & Curry can play DE, or rush OLB, because, per him, he is going to put on some muscle, this off-season. Going to be interesting. BTW, BB ain’t backing off his story! Told me again, at 10:45am, the hold up is, how much input, he’ll have with Rosebuds. A decision is going to come, end of the week, early next week, at the latest! I originally wasn’t on board with this, but if he takes the job, brings his Bro as OC/ Asst HC, Marinelli as DC, & Monte Kiffen, as Senior coach, that’s one hell of a staff. He is high on Foles, Shady, Brown, & wants a big, playmaking WR, like us. I’m in.

  9. Paulman, the problem is not at quarterback, but the secondary, replace the entire secondary, give foles a starting offensive line led by peters, and you have a playoff team, this opinion is based on foles’ production playing with second stringers, no online, and no weapons to throw to, vinnie and Reuben franks have laid out the statistics of how good foles was with limited playmakers, I do not need that to know he will be a very good quarterback if he gets the right coaching, philosophy, he is a hard worker, very poised, smart, he needs time and opportunity like all prospects, I think your analysis of the quarterback is way too pessimistic.

    • Jake I get the feeling that Foles scares NFL people because he’s too much of an unknown, I agree with you in that if the Eagles decide he is the QB of the future they better pick the right guy if Gus Bradley is the guy they better pick his brain in who he wants as QB coach and OC. That may be more important then the actual HC.

      • That’s the biggest concern I have with hiring any young Coordinator..
        What kind of Staff can a young Coach with llimited experience get…
        You look at a guy like Bruce Arians, Mikle Nolan, V Fangio,etc,etc that have been around the NFL for 20 + Years, these guys know people, can assemble a quality Staff pretty quickly.. A young unproven or little known Coach will have a much more difficult time putting together a quality staff..

      • I think the presence of Howie Roseman scare them a lot more than Foles.

    • Jake,
      I am not putting any blame on Foles (I actually like the kid and his future prospects and have stated o many times
      I have been one of the few on here who has been critical of this Roster for 3 Years now from the Secondary,WR,TE’s ,LB’s etc,etc I have also stated numerous times that the entire Roster needs upgrading
      I am not being pessimistic, I am a realist and have seen this Team for what it’s been on the last few Seasons, and yes that was average at best which now has actually fallen from there to below average (outside of RB position) across the Board. The Denial of this Fact from the Owner,Front Office, to the previous HC to the Local Media and yes, to many of the Fans has helped perpetuate this over-stating talent for longer than it should have been.. This Team is 12-22 in it’s 34 Games and has a losing Home Record at the LInc over the last 3 Seasons.. This is not a good Football Team by any stretch you look at it..

  10. I believe gruden does want to coach again because he has an insatiable ego like many nfl coaches do, it’s not about the money with these guys, Reid could have collected millions for doing nothing for a year and he’s right back in the spotlight, that’s what gruden wants, and I believe there’s a good chance he will end up in Philly, I believe he believes he can manipulate Roseman based on his track record, his cache, particularly a rabid fan base that likes the gruden, I do not believe, however, that gruden is the prudent approach toward winning long term,MIT would be a stop gap solution to mollify an angry, hungry fan base, but more patience is required in my opinion

  11. foles is not the issue with any of them. none of the openings has a great qb– coaches who have great qb’s don’t get fired. foles is probably seen as a good option because he is unproven and they all have the ego to think they can make him great. as i’ve stated i like mccoy for this reason– gruden has worked mainly with older game manager types if i’m not mistaken. that said i’m sure gruden is more than capable of coaching up a young qb.

    • The main issue is Lurie’s love-fest with Howie, & what kind of say the incoming coach will have. If I were a good coach, or a Veteran coach, I wouldn’t want to work with a non-experienced, glorified, bean-counting, gopher, especially if I had to answer to him! Thus, the holdup! Limp wrist, better be more flexible & open minded, or he’s going to lose Gruden, & more of the better coordinators!

      • That has been my point since Reid was fired, you cannot have non football guys dictating to life long football men that was my point about Foles. No experienced coach is going to deal with that. Your right cigar its not about Foles. Its about the freedom of putting your plan in place without nitpicking non football front office types breathing down your neck.

      • As usual DCar is on the money!!!…It’s not Foles; there is potential there….Its Howie Roseman; don’t see a very good futurew/ him as GM.

    • But he’s never done it cigar that’s my issue with him.

  12. i am not a super duper gruden guy– i’ve stated i think he is just a guy that has a personality that our fan base likes, similar to cowher who i also think is just a guy- they have similar winning percentages to our departed coach- gruden made some awful personell moves in tampa- all that said i’m ok with him as a guy- will be interesting to watch if nothing else.

    • Me neither HAC, but I guarantee you, you won’t have anybody quitting on him. He is exactly what we need here! A good, young, offensive mind, who likes Foles, & will run the ball. He’ll bring a good Defensive staff with him, ala Marinelli, Kiffens.

  13. If Lurie and company pull their collective out of their a_s Gruden will be the head coach by the end of the week and honestly based on the team’s history of producing head coaches along with Gruden’s reputation, the fact that the offense will be running the same offense and considering the defensive personnel that’s already here he’ll have an exceptional D-coordinator in here within days of being hired.

  14. The other issue is that people keep trying to label Gruden a “Running Back Coach” where he’s actually nothing like Bill Cohwer in that regard. Gruden has run the ball a lot when he had good running backs, but even that was generally a 50/50 mix

    I kind of view this as another Dick Vermeil situation…Dick got a Superbowl in St. Louis after Lurie turned him down and the Eagles never did. If the Eagles don’t hire Gruden someone else will in the next two years and it’s possible he’ll get another ring while the Eagles are still trying to get it together.

  15. What do you guys do for a living that you can do so much analysis on the Eagles? I have an excuse I’m retired and coach HS football as a hobby. I’m not complaining I enjoy that back and forth on the site

    • i am a retired teacher and coach– however i do have a job but its low key retirement job!

    • For most of us here the Eagles are a life long endeavor dtime. I am a semi retired living in Florida coaching my kids up(second marriage lol) trying to get them good enough to play in the SEC.

      • dtime, I’m 44, I have 2 jobs, also flip houses, & only get time to talk about sports, on here, in the early morning, on my easy jobs clock. Building my nest-egg, for early retirement, but got 2 kids in college, 2 more on the way, & 2 G-Kids (4 & 2), throwing a wrench into that! LOL!!!!

  16. MANTI TEO IS NOT A TOP 5 PICK!!!!!!!!!! carry on gentleman

  17. haveacigar,
    nothing wrong with that……………..Thanks

  18. They should hire MCCoy and talk to Lovie Smith as their D Cord.

    Tell Lovie he is the Assistant coach as well and that he is next in line.
    Manti Teo is a top 10 pick. Not last night though.

  19. Paulman Eagles 2013 Mock Draft (Version #5)

    1st Rd (4th Overall) DE Damontre Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 255lbs)
    2nd Rd (#36 Overall) Safety Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 215lbs)
    3rd Rd (#68 Overall) CB Logan Ryan (Rutgers 6-0 190lbs)
    4th Rd (#100 Overall) OT Brian Williams (UNC 6-6 315lbs)
    5th Rd (#132 Overall) OG Hugh Thornton (Illinois 6-4 310lbs)
    6th Rd (#164 Overall WR Aaron Mellette (Elon 6-3 220lbs)
    7th Rd (#196 Overall) TE Vance McDonald (Rice 6-4 260lbs)
    7th Rd (#215 from Falcons) Safety Rashard Hall (Clemson 6-1 215lbs)

  20. I will say the same thing about Manti Teo that I said about Jarvis Jones. What did he do against big boy NFL level talent against the Tide in the biggest game of his life? Both answers are the same. NOTHING!!! Next!

  21. Paul….I like that mock up but I lean towards Lotulelei. Front to back and up the middle. He is front and center with Cox and goes along with our continued desire to have a bigger more physical D. What are your thoughts on him?

  22. I like wha tI have seen, I am not so sure that Star lasts to #4 though
    Word is Raiders are real high on him at #3 and Raiders have the aging Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly to Replace in their Interior of the DL..
    The more I think about it with today being a Passing League and really needing a penetrating Pass-rusher from the DT Position, I am not so sure that Star is great in this aspect of his game and selecting at #4 may be a little of the Reach for him for this reason.. but would not have a problem if he falls to #4 and the Eagles grab him..
    The more I watch this DE Damontre Moore, the more I like him.. at 6-4 255lbs, he has the arm length, wingspan and frame to put on 10-15 lbs within 2 years and reminds me a little of JPP and Aldon Smith where is is a combination of Speed and strength as a Pass Rusher.. I like this kid a lot..
    Remember that Trent Cole has 1, maybe 2 more seasons left in his body at most.. Graham seems secure on the other end and Hunt/Curry still are rotatitional players at this point

  23. The Eagles will interview ex-Bears coach Lovie Smith for their head coaching vacancy on Thursday.
    The Iggles now have three candidates with an offensive background (Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Jay Gruden), three with a defensive background (Smith, Gus Bradley, Mike Nolan), and one special teams coach (Keith Armstrong). Smith and Arians have also been connected to the Chargers job, which should begin heating up within the next few days. The Eagles have denied reports that Gruden’s interview will take place on Wednesday, though they have received permission to meet with him

  24. Paul….I definitely like the idea of going with a lineman either way. We have to rebuild and that starts in the trenches. I agreed with your statement yesterday that the only strength on this team is running backs. The biggest impediment from this turning around any time soon is the complete demolition we have to do in the secondary. It is not good to need at least four new players in your secondary in a passing league. Thats why I feel like their top priority in FA is to bring in a solid veteran DB. He doesn’t have to be a star, just decent. I can’t see Buffalo having the finances right now to hold on to Byrd. What do you think of him as my top FA target?

    • I love the pick-up of Safety Darius Byrd from the Bills or
      Even Edward Moore from the Falcons (especially if Mike Nolan is hired)
      And could be that lead Safety to help other Teammates learn Nokan’s System if he were to be hired..

  25. I just got off the phone with my dog and he has informed me that Lovie Smith will interview for the Eagles on Thursday. At least half of this story is true.

  26. mhenski….if the Chargers get Lovie, they know one thing for sure. They will own the Chiefs. Lovie kills Andy and always has.

  27. I read the report about Jay Gruden NOT interviewing with the birds. This is interesting to me. Does it have to do with Jon? I dont know…. odd right?

    • Word is out Stevo that GM Rosenan ism a Fantasy GM and a Coach-Career in the making. I believe Jon put word to his brother Jay to stay away from the Eagles until they hire a real GM in 2015 and look for other opportunities elsewhere and nomt because Jon wants the Job at this time, it’s because Ajon knows that Eagles are a mess with Rosenan at the helm is Football decisions.. No Hay Gruden, no Josh NcDaniels, no McAdoo from Pacjers,
      No Moss from Packers, no Dirk Koetter from the Falcons
      The word is out in NFL Circles that any young and up and coming Coordibator Tyoe is not going to take this Eagles Job because of the Roseman Factor and not because of Foles or other pkayer’s on Arians, etc

  28. I don’t think Lovie is a coach that you can win a title with. But he is a great defensive mind. I have to give him that.

  29. Jay sucks! He needs WAY more experience. That offense blows!

    • Not ready to be a HC yet, but he doesn’t suck, he had a bad game-plan this weekend! How the F^#@ do you not target, AJ Green, the entire 1st half?!? WOW!!!

  30. Romeo Crennel is a pretty Good DC also
    He is not a Gead Coach by any means, but as a DC, he’s like Wade Phiilios and is good at building agressive, attacking Defenses
    I would not mind a young OC Type as HC with a Crennel or Mike Petine run the Defense..

  31. Lovie Smith………

    Here is what Bears Fan thinks of Lovie Smith (in an email to HotClicks last month)

    “Submitted by Gregg

    Hometown Chicago
    I would like to offer any person $250 to prove that Lovie Smith’s headset is plugged in. And, if proven that it is plugged in, that it does not play fuzz. We might as well have the King mascot from Burger King be our coach, he would actually show one drop of emotion and lead this team.

    If they ca peove it, will happily post a photo of the check with the UPS shipping# to guarantee I pay up.”

    Pretty funny.

    Funny and true.

    • Who cares what Bears fans think of Lovie. Look at the comments on this site about Andy Reid, for that matter we are on here ripping on guys for just getting interviewed.

  32. You guys have great agruments on both sides as far as Gruden goes. Some of you guys say he is a last resort type hire. We should look long term for a guy to grow and blossom and become the next big thing. I can see both sides and can agree to a certain extent with both reasonings. Me personally I lean towards the guy who has done it, and knows what it takes to get it done. We just went thru 14 years of letting someone try to come into their own as a coach. We got nothing to show for it. Lets try a guy who knows how to win it all, lets go with chucky.

  33. You guys can say what you want bottom line he’s got the bling to back up his résumé. Everyone else is just potential

  34. I believe JH called Jon Gruden a darkhorse pick in this coaching search.. roll back the tape! I announced this waaay before anyone said the name Jon Gruden..

    • And now a very pissed off DCAR…..
      Wait for it, here it comes….

      • LOL yes sir, JH did you post that to anger that man???

        • He can’t help himself, boys! Pay him no mind, he’s an attention whore, with no life, lives in a cage in his parents basement, who still masturbates to Anime porn, & play pretends that he is a reporter for CSN. He’s no longer, “Lil Bron-Bron,” he’s now, “D mini-Gunn!” I feel for him, & pity his useless existence! It’s a shame, that Byberry Mental Hospital closed down, because that’s the reason why whack-jobs like him are still on the streets, that I spent 10+ years, trying to get him off of them! Good grief, as Paulman & Charlie Brown, would say!!!!

  35. David Shaw: “I spent 9 years in the NFL, which is why I’m not in a rush to go back.”

  36. Jeff Lurie interviewed David Shaw’s daddy (Willie) back when he hired Ray Rhodes. Great defensive coach back then.

  37. I think when he’s ready David Shaw will make a great HC, love the way his Stanford teams plays straight up smash mouth football and wins in the gimmicky Pac 12.

  38. Ron Jaworski was asked about John Gruden and said he talked to Gruden and Gruden is just waiting for call. Adam Caplan also pointed out Gruden did a great job when he had Rich Gannon but was AWFUL when he was with young QBs in Tampa. We have short memories but does anyone remember when Gruden stockpiled young QBs and essentially ruined all of them. He had Brad Johnson, Brian Griese, Chris Sims, Tim Rattay, Luke McNown. all almost at same time.

  39. David Shaw, Charlie Strong, Bill O’Brien , the young guy down at Texas A&M will all make very good NFL HC’s but they will make the move when they are ready.. I see Shaw Coaching Stanford for another 3-4 Years and going to the Oakland Raiders and help rebuild that Franchise
    Chip Kelly to the NY Jets next Off-Season
    Bill O’Brien to the NE PAts after Belecheck Retires
    Charlie Strong to the Cincinnati Bengals when Marv Lewis gets fired or retires in a couple of years..

  40. Do anybody when Gruden came in here and whip our ass in the nfc championship, I dam sure remember that.

  41. This is my last statement on Gruden and I will be silent. I was shocked to find out he had any interest in this sorry ass team. I am an Eagle fan so I am going to talk about them dammit. This team is sorry as hell, so much so the top two college guys they wanted turned their asses down. This organization have never won a dam thing here as far as titles go. But some have the nerve to snub their noses at a champion. Who are we to do so I was shocked a guy of his caliber would want to coach these sorry mother ass squad. My point being in a division where the most superbowls have been won. The fact the eagles have none to me says we suck as an organization. So why and how as fans can we be stuck up and say oh Gruden’s not good enough for the Eagles. Really wow no trophies in the mantle case boys and that’s the bottom line. We should be lucky to get him, with our no title having asses.

  42. Gruden’s “rah rah” act tires very quickly. He left the Bucs in open revolt with players openly warring with each other and him.

    He works well with older QBs, but his track record with rooks is not very good. Buyer beware.

  43. Don’t like Gruden, but I think hiring him will give this franchise an identity that don’t have right now. He needs to do a much better job grooming young QB’s because I’m not ready for the Trent Edwards era.

  44. Word domwn in Tamoa area that Jon Gruden has been working out Rodney Peete , Jeff Farcia, Ty & Koy Detmer and done of the McNown Brothers to bring to the Eagkes Camp come Spring time .. Godd f’n Grief..

  45. Gus Bradley will be our 2013 coach. enough faggot shit around this team and mr softies. time for some fuck you up guys with fuck you up attitudes and a fuck you up no nonsense coach.
    this is what we need. I know it you know it and the 3 amigos know it
    Lurie knows we got a 500 record since Jim Johnson died. Gus is the guy boys.

    • You must have been hammered when you wrote this haha I hear you though man right there with you… I mentioned earlier how Andys defenses since JJ passed looked abysmal. They looked disgraceful.. Andy knows zero about defense. So moving on to present day this defense is still suffering the consequences of Andys poor drafts, poor decisions on forming the correct coaching staff etc etc.. its a mess but hopefully our next coach will address it.

  46. Pdiddy, awesome passionate post, I agree with most about what you say, just don’t think gruden is the answer, peace

  47. For all of you saying that a retread won’t work for Howie. Understand that is par for the course around the league. AR came off two straight abortions yet still had the juice to get Paolli moved. Look at the number of GM changes this year. Seems there are two ways to do it! GM hires a coordinator or the coach hires the GM.

    • I think as this search continues it will give Lurie a lot of things to think about going forward with Howie Roseman, I just believe anybody is buying that line that I’m only holding him accountable for the 2012 draft. I can almost guarantee the Andy Reid ripped him apart during that 9 hour interview with KC. Things like this have a way of gettting around the league, I believe DCar when he says Gruden is interested but doesn’t want to deal with Howie.

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