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Eagles To Interview Lovie Smith On Thursday

The Eagles will interview former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith on Thursday.   Smith is a defensive coach at heart, so he’ll to have to overcome Jeffrey Lurie’s desire to hire an offensive minded head coach.

I regard him as a long shot.

Defense wasn’t Smith’s problem in Chicago where he always had more defense than offense.  He was fired after a season where he team had a 10-6 record, but missed the playoffs.   There was a lot of disappointment in the city because the Bears started 7-1, but found a way to miss out on the playoffs.

Eagles could learn from how Smith encourages his defensive players to always attack the football. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “Eagles To Interview Lovie Smith On Thursday”

  1. I think Mike McCoy is at the top of the list right now followed by Gus Bradley. My gut says Mike McCoy is the guy.

  2. Lovie is definitely a candidate to be interviewed. If Lurie wants to be thorough, how can he pass up on a candidate who is proven and can bring a real defense back to Philly? Worst case – they have someone to compare Bradley and Arians to and then hire the best of the bunch.

  3. The only way Lovie works is if he comes handcuffed to Norv Turner who will run the offense other then that pick his brain on how to help build a defense and special teams and send him on his way.

  4. Lovie Smith with Norv Turner?



    I’m losing it.

    It isn’t 1992 anymore. Enough with the retreads.

  5. LOL then hey Lovie don’t need to interview then because he needs to have a serious offensive mind to be taken serious.

  6. Gus Bradley will be our 2013 coach. enough faggot shit around this team and mr softies. time for some fuck you up guys with fuck you up attitudes and a fuck you up no nonsense coach.
    this is what we need. I know it you know it and the 3 amigos know it
    Lurie knows we got a 500 record since Jim Johnson died. Gus is the guy boys.

  7. Hire a “yes” man already and enjoy years as the laughingstock of the NFL

  8. McCoy is not the guy,,,,his interview lasted 2 hours and the eagles were not impressed

  9. Can someone give a Bio/ Background on Don Smolenski
    Thank You

    • what’s his title & job responsibilities ?

    • He was the Chief Financial Officer. He oversaw the building of the Link. But he is an avid runner (so he knows sports). lol

    • Bio/ Background- yes-man, chicken-head, bean counting puppet, with ZERO football acumen, that doesn’t deserve his job!
      Your Welcome

      • That’s what I thought DCar, I just wanted confirmation.. Ha g
        We have the 3 Pied Pipers (Lurie, Roseman & Smolenski)
        And we expect these guys to make the most important Football Decisions for the Franchise in years and this the best we web as Fans
        What A Joke this Franchise has become when you really think about it
        Which is a sad ass statement from this lifelong Fan

  10. I hate to say this, but I think they’ve settled on Gruden or McCoy. They probably want to pick Lovie’s brain and get some sense of his mentality and approach towards teaching defense and they need to interview at least one Black coaching candidate before hiring someone that’s not Black. If that wasn’t the case they would have interviewed Lovie pretty early on once they learned of him being available to coach since there weren’t any league rule restrictions.

    Lovie isn’t the guy that should be the token interview, in my opinion, but I think that’s how it’s going down.

    Having mentioned all of that I definitely want Jon Gruden as I think he’s the only guy, in my opinion, of the candidates that can take this set of personnel (assuming the Eagles have another good draft) and get the team back on track and deep into the play-offs next year.

  11. Keith Armstrong from Atlanta Falcons was interviewed
    So that satisfied the Rooney Rule
    Lovie is a viable coaching candidate
    He’s not a sexy name but I thInk he should get
    Some consideration

    • The Rooney rule was needed and necessary but I hope we can get to the point in football where we are in other sports. That’s to say that it is not news when a minority gets hired or fired and they don’t need a rule to get interviewed. Unfortunately the nfl is woefully behind. Love is a viable candidate. He is not sexy and boring as hell but if given a good asst. HC on the offense….

      • Cigar I actually think the problems start on the collegiate level not enough minorities being hired there. It shouldn’t be news at all who anybody interviews or what color they are the Rooney rule is a ridiculous sham anyway. Who would want to be the token minority interview?

  12. That is correct if memory serves I believe D1 college record for hiring minority coaches is even more atrocious than the nfl.


    • I don’t, he’s the second most famous groundhog, in Pennsylvania! I want Punksatony Phil! PHIL! PHIL! PHIL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  14. I would welcome Lovie….his team was 10-6 this year….we all know that if AR had gone 10-6 this year he would have been back.

    Lurie and Roseman should really consider Lovie and what he could bring to the Birds. They need to question him on who he would look at for his OC, and what he would do with the current roster, but I would welcome Lovie here to Philly.

  15. the Last 2 Seasons the Bears have started fast,like 6-2, and have faded big time in the 2nd Half of the Season.. The Vikings making it in as Wildcard was the Bears Ownership last straw as far as Lovie’s time to remain in Chicago

  16. Lovie kicked Reids but that few times their teams have met. So to me he is an automatic upgrade.

    He is logical.

    He runs the ball.

    He has solid defenses.

    Has gone to the Superbowl.

    Is comming off a 10 win season, not comming apart at the seams like Reid.

    He just needs a Offensive Coordinator. And a QB.

    He made it to the Superbowl with a bum, and Cutler is a wuss.

    His teammates can’t stand him, which means he had no leadership on offense.

    After 14 years of JAKE AND THE FATMAN, and his insane play calling, I would welcome a proven winner who sticks to football basics.

    Lovie never had the all-star team that Norv Turner had in San Diego.

    Belichek stunk on his first go round. And Saban stunk in the NFL before returning to college(Alabama).

    Great NFL coaches Usually have Great QBs.

    Walsh – Montana
    Belichek – Brady
    Noll – Bradshaw
    Landry – Staubach
    Shula – Marino/Griese
    Lombardi – Starr
    Gibbs – Thiesman/Williams
    Madden – The Snake

    Most won mulitple Superbowls with Hall of Fame QBs.

    While Lovie might be a long shot, his defensive teams are solid and so are his running games.

    Washington and Seattle are the future of the NFL. Big Brusing runningback that are unstopable because the whole league is built to stop the passing game. And they both did it with mobile rookie QBs.

    If Shana-dope had not risked his future by playing a kid who could not run, The Redskins would have dominated the NFC East next year, with some defensive help.

    JAKE AND THE FATMAN, always looked nervous in close games. Lovie always seemed calm on the sidelines. There is nothing he has not seen.

    It’s amazing that JAKE AND THE FATMAN got a job after the worst season of his career and a man who is comming off a 10 win season, not only gets fired, but has yet to be hired. Buffalo took a college coach with a career %500 winning percentage.

    So much for the Rooney rule.

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