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Thoughts On The Recent Developments In The Eagles’ Coaching Search

On Chip Kelly 

Over the weekend, the Eagles crossed a couple of names off of their list when Chip Kelly announced that he would return to Oregon and an interview with Denver’s Mike McCoy ended after just three hours.

There were conflicting reports about the Eagles’ interest in Kelly, but I believe the Eagles clearly wanted him after spending nine hours with him over the weekend. I think Kelly did the Eagles a huge favor by returning to Oregon; I think of all the names that have been mentioned as possibilities for the job, he was by far the weakest.

Could Kelly be a successful NFL head coach? Maybe. But Philadelphia was not a good situation for him to step into. Right now the Eagles need a coach with some degree of proven success in the NFL, and a strong presence that can change the losing culture that has developed onto this team over the past two seasons.

Kelly wasn’t going to be that guy. By holding out for “the right situation”, it shows that Kelly isn’t confident that he can successfully make the transition to the NFL. If a head coach doesn’t have undeniable confidence in his own abilities, how can he make the jump into the highest level of professional competition and get the most out of 53 NFL personalities?

I never understood the Eagles’ high degree of interest in Kelly, and frankly I found it to be disturbing. Here you have a coach with a questionable upside that pales in comparison to that of other available names, and seemed like a high risk for a low reward. He wasn’t going to be the guy that turns the team’s dreadful defense around, and he runs an offensive scheme that isn’t built for success at the NFL level.

To me, the whole idea of hiring Kelly reeked of the “think outside of the box and outsmart everyone” mentality that the Eagles’ front office has had over the last decade. Why is this organization hellbent on trying to succeed with unconventional methods in hopes of making their own unique mark on this league?

This is same line of thinking that lead the Eagles to fooling themselves into devaluing wide receivers until 2004, devaluing the linebacker position for 14 years, building a defense around speedy undersized players instead of strong powerful ones, drafting Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas, drafting a 26-year old guard in the first-round of 2011, hiring a defensive line coach before a defensive coordinator, and hiring an unqualified offensive line coach to become a defensive coordinator.

In this case, the Eagles wanted to bring Kelly’s potentially revolutionary fast-paced offense to the NFL to overwhelm defenses, while ignoring the fact that his offense is untested in the NFL and that he would not have been the answer to the team’s defensive woes.

The fact that the Eagles did indeed make Kelly such a priority when it’s clear that he’s not the best man for this job doesn’t exactly give me more confidence than I had before in Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie’s ability to guide this team back to NFL relevancy. Did anyone else notice that of all of the teams with available coaching positions, the only teams interested in Kelly were a couple of bottom-feeders (the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns), and your Philadelphia Eagles.

Is that how far this team has fallen, that they’re on the same competency level as a couple of franchises that are perennially below .500?

On Mike McCoy

The Eagles also spent some time this weekend with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

McCoy interviewed with the Eagles on Sunday, but the meeting lasted just three hours, and the feeling after the meeting ended was that McCoy wasn’t interested in the job.

McCoy was an appealing option because of his proven track record of success with quarterbacks, and his ability to tailor an offense to best suit the talent he’s given to work with. I would have been OK with the idea of hiring McCoy, as I thought he certainly had some redeeming qualities that could benefit the team, but ultimately I think there are better options out there for this team.

On Jon Gruden And Lovie Smith

With the Eagles attempting to expand their coaching search to new horizons after the failures of Plan A (Bill O’Brien), Plan B (Chip Kelly), and Plan C (Mike McCoy), the team is now reaching out to at least one former NFL head coach by setting up an interview with former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith.

I have mixed feelings about the idea of Smith coaching the Eagles. He’s got a track record similar to that of Andy Reid, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. He had a strong run in Chicago, took a team to a Super Bowl (with Rex Grossman as his quarterback no less), but like Reid, his teams couldn’t get over the hump and left something to be desired.

However, unlike Reid, Smith is a strong defensive mind, and he’s certainly a guy capable of revitalizing the Philadelphia defense and turning it into a respectable unit again.

The problem with Smith was his failure to construct a reliable offense to support his great defenses. He ran through a number of offensive coordinators during his tenure in Chicago, and failed to harness the ability of Jay Cutler despite working with the talented quarterback for four seasons. (Though to be fair, Cutler isn’t exactly a joy to work with in terms of personality).

Smith has been a very successful head coach in this league, and he deserves another chance with another organization. The Eagles could do much worse than Smith, and of all of the options available, he’s the “safe” pick. I would be fine if the Eagles made Smith their man, because he would bring a positive change in philosophy to the team.

There have also been reports floating around that Jon Gruden would be interested in coaching the Eagles. While Gruden has the personality that would be easy for the city to embrace, I’m not too high on him. Gruden’s final years in Tampa Bay were reminiscent of Andy Reid’s final years in Philadelphia, and I’m not confident that he would be the guy to come in and develop a young quarterback for the future.

On Gus Bradley

If you watched the defense of the Seattle Seahawks play on Sunday and you aren’t in love with the idea of Gus Bradley coming to Philadelphia, then I question your sanity.

Everything I hear and read about Bradley makes me want the guy as the Eagles’ next head coach more and more. The reports are that he’s a phenomenal leader, and he’s responsible for building the Seattle defense into the top unit in the league. He’s done it with big, physical players (no gimmicky, wide-nine nonsense), and his unit gives up an average of just over 15 points a game, is solid against the run, excellent at creating turnovers, and lead the league in defensive scoring.

Sunday’s game against Washington didn’t start well, as the Seahawks allowed the Redskins to jump out to a quick 14-0 lead. But after that, the young defensive coordinator quickly made the appropriate in-game adjustments (something we rarely saw from the previous administration in 14 years), and shut RG III and the Redskins down for the rest of the day, not allowing a single point.

I think Bradley is easily the most intriguing name that the Eagles will be interviewing, and he’s easily my top choice for the job. Realistically though, I’d be very surprised if the Eagles hired him. It goes against the core belief of the front office that this is an offensive league, but the fact that they’re at least giving him an interview gives me some hope to cling to.

Final Thoughts

Days go by, and the end to the team’s search for a head coach doesn’t appear to be any closer to an end. No clear front-runner has yet to emerge, and the front office has been forced to expand their search as more names continue to pull themselves out of the running for one reason or another.

I like that the process has been long and drawn out so far. I like that the Eagles are being forced to interview guys who weren’t their first choice; guys like Lovie Smith and Gus Bradley that could really bring a strong positive change in philosophy to the organization.

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  1. I love it Denny. And you are right, If there is anyone who doesn’t want Gus Bradley…………I too, question there sanity, and ability to evaluate a leader. The only one I would select before him is Vic Fangio, who surprisingly, hasn’t been mentioned in connection to any Head Coaching positions.

    In the meantime, I will be sending you my thoughts on why Gus Bradley should be the Eagles next Head Coach tomorrow.

    • Iagree totally.I would love to see gus bradley as the next coach.Just love that utube video I also see where he worked as a tampa bay assistant under monte kiffin, and kiffin recommended him to pete carroll as one of the best young coaches he has ever worked with.He looks like a leader who will briing toughness.The players will come a few at a time.You cant transform the eagles d to seattles in 1 year . But they will be physical from the start and improve the personnell over 2-3 years .

    • Are you on drugs, drunk, senile or just stupid?
      Does someone have to give you a “Revenge of the Nerds” wedgie or flick your ears to make you understand …. “THE EAGLES ARE NOT SWITCHING TO A 3-4 DEFENSE”
      So stop with the Vic Fangio, BS.
      The Eagles have not hired one scout or talent evaluator that has had any involvement with the 3-4 D – all their personal men are 4-3 trained and will continue to look at 4-3 personal only.
      The Eagles Head Coaching search has only interviewed/ showed interest in 4-3 D coordinators such as Mike Nolan, Lovie Smith, and/or Gus Bradley.
      I just threw a Gatorade Cooler full of ICE WATER over your head to wake you up from fantasies and snap you out of your denial.

      • E0S – Bradley rums a base 4-3/3-4 hybrid defense. His defense, and Fangio’s are both adaptable to the Eagles personel…Do your research, because I’m perfectly sain when I post on here. Its not about switching anything…Its more about having the right coach……..they need to change their mindset….even if it means switching to a 3-4.

        A has been, out of touch coach like Bill Cowher? Jon Gruden?

        Totally overvalued, and over hyped Mike McCoy? Jay Gruden? Chip Kelly?

        Just a name like Lovie Smith?

        Or perhaps a guy who flat out sucks like Mike Nolan?

        Tell us what your game plan would be, and notice the comments from the GCobb Family that follow, and who they feel, needs to wake up.

        • Rum, I knew it you’re a drunk — subliminally in the first sentence told me all I need to know
          Perry Fewell—
          – the Giants had the same Safety problem the Eagles did at the same time and bought in Antrel Rolle & Deon Grant to solve it –the Giants had the same MLB problem the Eagles had at the same time early in the 2011 season and they brought in Chase Blackburn and solved it —

          • That statement is accurate…..Your response tells me all I need to know.

            You think Perry Fewell, is the answer!!!? The same Perry Fewell, that the Eagles would whip every year with Andy Reid as coach?……E0S…LOL!!.Your welcome to your opinion, lets see if he gets a job ,and how his team performs……And just don’t comment to me until you get a clue…….Perry Fewell…Please……Is anybody beating down his door for an interview?……..This is what you get for asking a logical question to a Giants fan.

  2. again I write

    Gus Bradley will be our 2013 coach. enough faggot shit around this team and mr softies. time for some fuck you up guys with fuck you up attitudes and a fuck you up no nonsense coach.
    this is what we need. I know it you know it and the 3 amigos know it
    Lurie knows we got a 500 record since Jim Johnson died. Gus is the guy boys.

    can you publish this?

    it’s a must read

    fuck I may just create a petition tomorrow and get it to Lurie

    get it done Lurie

    we will be bad as fuck in 3-4 years win a Super Bowl in 5 then u can make a lame ass movie about it

  3. I have to agree on this one. Lovie would be the right move here, he just needs to delegate his offense to a good OC and let him roll.

  4. Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher told Newsday on Tuesday he wants to coach again at some point.

    The timing of Cowher’s comments are interesting. With five teams still looking for a coach, Cowher said at a CBS function to promote coverage of the Super Bowl that he probably will return to the NFL.

    “It would be a challenge,” said Cowher, who has been a broadcaster since leaving the Steelers in 2006, “but I think that’s probably why I would get back into it, because of the challenge.”

    Cowher played linebacker for the Cleveland Browns before he was an assistant on Marty Schottenheimer’s staff.

    He dismissed the idea the game has changed too much since he left.

    “I did it for 27 years,” he said. “You don’t just forget things overnight

    • Bill Cowher is planting the seed for the NY Jets/Dallas Cowboys or if the NY Giants HC positon would open up for next off-season..

  5. I like the name of Gus Bradley but Im not blind!. Do you know how many defensive coordinators have come from dominating defenses to become HC and somehow it just aint the same? Why? Because it aint the same players. Bradley has that monster secondary which is the cornerstone of his defense. Guess what them players dont grow on treees. Theres alot of moving parts with these coaches. Did he pick the players? Can he find 6 3 215 DBs that can play anywhere else? You just dont know. The league is littered with OC and DC from great teams that just arent very good because they dont have the same players. Be careful.

  6. Lovie Smith I am not sure about,
    He’s too laid back and question his in game Coaching decision making
    Ability (he’s too much of a Andy Reid type in my opinion)

  7. Denny,
    Why would you assume that McCoy was not interested in the Eagles job? To me the short interview indicates that the Eagles were not interested in him. The natural assumption is that McCoy came to the interview because he wanted the job.

    You can not assume that the Eagles are interviewing all these candidates because they want to hire them… The Eagles and Bears have been accused by other NFL teams, of interviewing candidates just to pick their brain. A tactic used by Al Davis for years.

    • That’s not me making an assumption…everything I’ve heard and read to this point says that McCoy didn’t want the job. Like Chip Kelly, McCoy only wanted to become a head coach if the situation was right…thus, like Chip Kelly, McCoy took the approach that if someone wants to talk to him, of course he’ll meet with them and listen…but ultimately, he’s not ready for a project like the Eagles, and preferred to stay with Denver as their offensive coordinator.

      • Denny,
        I have not heard or read anywhere that McCoy wasn’t interested in the job. Most people are assuming the Eagles where only interested in talking to him – not hiring him. I know that he is not allowed to accept a job right now.

        I have heard that several teams have complained to the league office about the Eagles interviewing people who they have no intention of hiring, just to gather information. Such as the Bengals… which is why they took so long giving the Eagles permission to interview JAY Gruden.

        The Eagles are trying to get a sense of what people think of Nick Foles, so they are interviewing people who have watched him. Such as Chip Kelly, McCoy, and Jay Gruden. It’s a cheap way to get some smart guys to review film as give you their thoughts.

        I think you are underestimating Jeff Lurie.

      • I stated numerous times that McCoy’s preference was to stay out in the West (Arizona & San Diego) .. He’s from Idaho and his Wife and Family are not keen on heading/living in the East Coast like a lot of folks who are from the Mountain Regions/West Coast/South and Mid-west.. East Coast living is not for everyone and most don’t like it all when it comes to quality of life,cost of living, congestion,pollution,etc,etc.. When you have options are you are not from the Region, why would you want to pick-up your family and live/work there..

        • You guys laugh at me everytime I bring up “Quality of Life Issues” as being an imprortant issue, but I am telling you as a Person who has lived in different parts of the Country (Philly,Indianapolis,Charlotte,Altoona, and now Boone,NC) who also makes family decisions along with my Wife,
          that making decisions to live in an area that maybe you don’t really care for, familiar with or just too far from your family’s roots is just not as easily done as it used to be..Most of the Coahes are married, have kids in school, etc,etc and depending on thier current ties to the community are not just packing up to move, no if Coach is unemployed or feels shaky about the organzational chances, then that’s a different story, but these succesful Coordinators on good Teams that we are all throwing names around, have options and the smart ones will pick and choose on who they want to join based on a whole lot of factors and for some of them staying put in the Current Positions while having success is not a bad alternative for them at their current statge of their Career/Life..

        • Your retarded! McCoy was with the Panthers for a long time get a clue….I guess you spoke to his wife…

          • Carolina may be on East Coast time zone, but it’s not like the Northeast
            Mike McCoy from my sources wants the Chargers or Arizona Jobs
            If he doesn’t get, he’ll stay at Denver, coach Peyton Manning next Season and have another chance for a Siper Bowl Run
            Mike McCoy is in a very good position here to choose the job/franchise that he wants, chargers he has Phil Rivers, Arizona is going to Likely Draft Matt Barkley to rebuild the Franchise, he has no interest on the Eagles position but interviewed to get his name in demand and for the interview process experience..

            • Does anybody actually believe the BS that you make-up on this board. You have no clue what Mike McCoy wants.

              Your “Sources”… get the fuck out of here…

    • I agree Irish. The one part of the article I just don’t follow is why we’re assuming McCoy wasn’t interested. Also, if McCoy was their guy, I thought they weren’t allowed to hire him or announce him as HC until Denver is out of the playoffs?

      Either way, when it comes to a coordinator making the transition to head coach, it’s not just about the scheme they run. I think being a head coach and a coordinator are very different. We need a leader and a guy that can inspire his staff and players. At this point, Gus Bradley seems to be that guy.

  8. Bottom line is even before this team picks a coach they need to find a REAL GM ,not the bean counter they currently have in that position !

  9. Denny, Love this article this is just a continuation of the franchise heading towards rock bottom laughingstock material. I keep saying real football coaches will not and won’t deal with Howie Roseman. I hate the fact that this search is just aimlessly going on with no clear cut direction. I would love if they were serious about Gus Bradley or Greg Roman but chances are Roman will coach the Jaguars who just hired his college roommate as the GM. As for Fangio who was mentioned earlier there must be a reason his name hasn’t been mentioned for any of the openings. Bradley or Lovie Smith has to be able to bring really good offensive assistants if not they won’t work.

  10. To further clemenza’s point, what would be first time nfl coach would want to enter this queer type relationship among Roseman, Lurie smolenski, three nerds, you cannot justify howie’s role no matter how hard Lurie tried to sell him, now a gruden type, he comes with cache, he could basically swat the other two as he wishes, but a first time coach entering that interview room, thanks but no thanks, and Lurie has only himself to blame, look who he has surrounded himself with, it’s bad when banner looks better than Roseman, real bad

    • Excellent points Clemenza/BigLion & Jake
      I was harping got 2 months now that Lurie’s first Priority should have been to hire a “Football Guy” first, who in turn would lead the Coaching Search, I thought it would Tom Donahoe but I was wrong (per Sources, Donahoe was hired as a “Consultant” and is simply not interested in returning to the full-time duties that the Position of the VP of Operations Postion would demand at this stage of his career and the 14-18 Hour Days that would be required during this off-season, especailly when trying to rebuild the Franchise and only is interested in remaining as a Consultant)
      Up and coming Coaches are not going to want to join this Football Organzaion with the questions that remain about Roseman’s ability to be a legitimate GM of a Football Team..
      As an analogy, In Politics look at all the VP Candidate names you hear every Election Cycle that are thorwn out there, well the ones who have Presidential Aspirations, don’t want to be a VP for someone else for the fear of being associated with a Losing TIcket, therefore hurting your future chances to run and win as President.. You get labled as a loser…
      Same with up and coming Coordinators, they know that is they take a HC Position just to be a HC but get into a losing situation and struggle for their first 2 Years, that thy probably get fired and then their Reputations to get another HC Job are diminshed as they become labled a loser, or overmatched or just not ready for prime time yet..

      Here’s a name that I heard that has an strong interest in being a HC again
      with a strong Defensive Background and that is Dom Capers of the Green Bay Packers.. Keep an eye on him after the Packers Season is over..

  11. I think people saying coaches would not want to work with Howie Roseman are blowing things out of proportion. I would imagine most coaches view a GM as a guy who gets in their way. Any coordinator wanting to make the jump to head coach is not going to be given full control of any team. And coaching a team like Philadelphia, which is like the fourth largest market team in the NFL, is a pretty big gig. One that I think would be desirable to future head coaches. Also, IMO, I don’t think Chip Kelly or Bill O’Brien chose to go back to college because of Howie Roseman. I think that was probably their plan all along and everyone’s knee jerk reaction is to think nobody wants this job because of Roseman. If Lurie was being honest in his press conference by saying Howie’s name is really only on the 2012 draft, lets give the guy a chance and take them at their word. I don’t think there is a single negative thing anyone can say about this past year’s draft.

    • Do you really believe he was only responsible for the draft? How about the fact we had the two worst starting safeties in the league and had nobody to replace them or the fact that our special teams sucked because the bottom half of the roster guys were all cheap salaried guys who couldn’t play, but we had 27 million dollars in cap space?

      • Fair points Biglion but we’ll never know how much of this was Reid’s doing and how much of it was Howie’s. Personally, I feel like Reid had way too much power during his tenure and his poor decision making, as Denny points out, is what ultimately lead to the demise of this team; not Howie Roseman. Again, the verdict is still out on Howie. Lets see how this next offseason goes before we label Howie a terrible GM.

        • Anyone who believes Andy Reid in his 12th 13th & 14th year as the
          Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was going to have Howie Roseman in his
          1st 2nd & 3rd year being the GM dictate what players to draft and what FA’s to sign is being foolish.
          Andy Reid was responsible for 2010, 2011 & 2012 drafts period
          Any player picked or signed was ALL Andy Reid

          • According to McNabb, Reid lost all that power to Banner so no, he wasn’t totally responsible for the roster and those drafts and again the back half of the roster had nothing to do with Reid that belongs to the bean counters who decide what they will pay for back ups.

            • Reid lost that Power after his Issues with his Kids,leave of absence,
              then regained that power and authority after the Mick Vick Miracle of 2010 where he looked like a genius again to Lurie.. Joe Banner didn’t like it, and decided to move on and that’s what happened in a nutshell.. Roseman was involved and has become more active more and more every off-season in 2011 & 2012,

  12. I agree with most of your post as for Lurie being honest. I know us gcobb guys tend to hang on interviews and get pissed off when they lie to is. When dealing with the press it is best advice to say as little as possible and always mask problems… They all do it.
    Roseman may be a problem for a Gruden but let’s face it FA and coaches are always in a power struggle look at the eagles power struggles of the last few years

  13. They will find a coach eventually, I just hope it’s the right one at this point in time it’s getting a little discouraging though.

    • Only 2 of 7 have been hired. It’s a process and the big coordinator names are still playing. If its McCoy, Bradley etc could notbe hired anyway. I think the nervousness comes from these two college coaches using the eagles for leverage against their colleges. This is just the process.

  14. Re Special Teams..
    During the AR Era, I noticed that Starters were rewarded by not having to play Special Teams, which has cost the Eagles plenty over the recent Seasons and really been one of the worst units in the NFL in recent years..
    I watch Teams like the 49ers who use Starters Navarro Bowman, Dashon Gholton on Coverage Teams.. I see Packers using WR/Returnman Cobb as their Punt Returner, Saints using Lance Moore as Returnman and WR
    Bears use Devin Hester as Returnman and WR..Giants using LB Boley,Phillips on Return Teams, Seahawks using Wagner, KJ Wright,Cam Chancellor on coverage unts
    My larger point here is that you use your best players to help you win games. Do you want to use Starters on Special Teams all the time, probably not, but if the bottom of the Roster is not getting it done and it’s costing you valuable field position, huge momentum swings, big play opportunites lost,
    then you put your best players out there… They is no reason that D-Jax should not been returning Punts for the Eagles, he is one of the Best in the NFL at doing this, What are you saving him for..

    This is an area that must change for the Eagles and probably the easiest to fix with positve immediate results

  15. I think the eagles are a joke….they are letting all the good candidates get signed and are interviewing the wrong people

    I would have hired McCoy and then Mike Pettine as def coordinator, but the bills got him last night

  16. Of course they will find a coach. And I have to echo IrishEagles’ comments from yesterday. I find it very difficult to believe that someone like McCoy “turned down” the Eagles, because of Roseman, Foles or whomever.

    Not many co-ordinators are going to turn down opportunities. No matter who is the GM. Financially, turning down a guaranteed $20million dollars is ludicris in the first place. You’re making less than a million a year and someone suddenly offers you 4 yrd 20 mil….you don’t turn that down.

    Always easier to go back to a co-ordinator job after failing as a coach (see Morningwheg, Marty) than it is to have other head coaching opportunities come your way. (the College guys being exceptions because they are being paid millions).

    My favourite 3 at this point:

    Mike McCoy
    Gus Bradley
    Marc Trestman.

  17. Gus Bradley is the best option now

  18. How about the free agent signings following the lock out, and th 2011 draft, Reid said Watkins was howie’s pick, gave howie kudos following the pick, I am telling you Lurie gave a load of bs at that press conference, howie had his hands in those signings, particularly assomaugh, the fact is the eagles franchise has deteriorated significantly since an unqualified general manager took the reigns, Lurie has something going on with Roseman, he should have been fired along with Reid, and at that press conference Lurie was basically justifying, although lying, about why howie is staying while Reid is gone, and also consider banners rather abrupt departure, there is much more going on then we know, but those on the inside know, and as I believe big lion said, the small fraternity of coaches, would be coaches know, that’s why it’s taking this long, why the two, three top college coaches said thanks, no thanks

  19. You can’t knock Reid or Howie for signing Nnamdi. He was viewed by all as one of the top 2 corners in the league. Nobody could have predicted the abysmal performance we’d get out of him.

  20. Again…there have only been 2 hires.

    Reid, the guy we fired went to KC, and a 25-25 college coach went to the wasteland that is Buffalo (now there’s a team that was desperate and grabbed the first guy who said yes).

    I am not concerned at this point at all.

  21. It is already starting again … too many hands in the cookie jar.
    3 people interviewing a Head Coach
    This will result in a room full of voices selecting players at the draft.
    Why can’t the Eagles just have one man in charge of the Roster and all Hires?
    A real General Manager
    I would welcome Howie Roseman as that GM; but with 3 people flying around the country already it appears the Eagles drafts will look like the USA Supreme Court with 9 different opinions… again.

  22. I have a little more Faith in Lurie.

    He’s made 2 hires as an owner…and Both were relatively successful.

    Rhodes was fun for a bit (doesn’t anyone remember 58-37?) though the bombastic style always has a short shelf life.

    Though he did leave a good legacy with several solid holdover defensive players and he himself did an excellent job of hiring assistants including Gruden, McCarthy, Peyton, Harbaugh, Emmit Thomas)

    The Reid selection was very very good. And while the last 5 years were a disaster, they do not negate the very exciting 1999-1006.

    So two pretty good hires.

    What we do know about Lurie is that he will take his time. He will pick who he wants….and who he wants is probably going to be young (in his 40s).

    I’m thinking McCoy and Bradley are probably now at the top of the list….though I still also like Trestman (older, but would be one of those “who?” picks)

  23. I have never seen Utah play – is the DT really that good? Can he become a Vince Wolfork or Haloti Ngata and maybe have Fletcher Cox slide out to be a Red Bryant type DE in a Gus Bradley coached team.

    • Yes, E0S, a Haloti Ngata clone with Jerome Brown speed, and sack ability….Should be the Eagles 1st pick to pair with Fletcher Cox.

    • He’s a Ngata clone, with better pass rushing abilities, that can play 4-3 DT, or 3-4 NT! Love him! Hope he’s still there at #4.

  24. Star Lotulelei from Utah is a Player for sure and will make a nice NFL DT
    He’s 6-3 320lbs , quick and strong .. a tandem with Cox would make a formidable DT Tandem that would be strong agaisnt the run and penetrate often enough to make plays behinf the line of scrimmage and even get after the QB..
    Many Scouts compare him to a H Ngata of the Ravens..
    Star is probably not the Pass Rusher that N Suh is from the Detroit Lions is or as stoudt versus the run as Wolfork is, but a nice combo who will get a little bigger and stronger as he gets into a NFL Program

  25. Depending on the next DC’s Philosophy, I definitely could see Fletch Cox sliding out at DE on occasions..

    • you’ve been begging for this since the start. Leave him at DT.

      • When I say slide Cox outside as a DE, I don’t mean as a full time- 4 Down DE, but I think there are times (against strong running teams) that he can slide out to De to hold the side of the Defense down which Coke/ Babin were unable to do since that were only thinking of getting to the QB
        I also would use him on some pass-rushing situations and let him lose one on one with a OT instead of being double-teamed most of the time in the Interior. The opposing OT’s are used to the Eagles small, but fast speedballs coming at them every snap and I just think it would be effective to have line up a DE and use his size and strength against some of the opposing OT’s once in a while, mix it up a little..

  26. Fun stopping DT is definitely a need. I would be very happy with that if he makes it to 4. If not, then Joeckel.

    Where does you guys think that Texas S Vaccarro goes? Any interest?

    • Yes Bugs …He can go from mid-late 1st to early 2nd…..He is the best safety prospect in the draft….Eagles would have to make a trade to be in a position to draft him.

      • So do you think that worth getting another pick in the end of the 1st round for him?

        • I think Kenny Vacarro is on the Draft Board come early 2nd Round..

          Top 8 Safeties in the 2013 Draft (thru the 3rd Round)

          1) Eric Reid – LSU 6-2 215 Lbs – (Late 1st Rounder/Early 2nd)
          2) Matt Elam – Florida 5-10 202lbs – (Early 2nd Rounder)
          3) Ken Vacarro – Texas 6-1 218lbs – (Early -Mid 2nd Rounder)
          4) Phillip Thomas – Fresno St 6-1 215lbs (Mid-late 2nd Rounder)
          5) Robert Lester – Alabama 6-2 212 lbs (Late 2nd/early 3rd Rounder)
          6) Bacarri Rambo – Georgia 6-0 210lbs (Early 3rd Rounder)
          7) Tony Jefferson – Oklahoma 5-11 212lbs (Mid/Late 3rd Rounder)
          8) TJ McDonald – USC 6-2 205lbs (Mid/Late 3rd Rounder

          • Paul Reid, and Elam can’t touch Vacarro in either run support, or Pass Coverage….Both of them are mocked as mid – late 2nd

            Kenny Vacarro is mocked between 1- early 2nd
            Phillip Thomas is mocked between Rounds 2-4
            Robert Lester is mocked between Rounds 3-4
            Tony Jefferson is mocked between Rounds 1-3
            There also is Duke Williams – Nevada – also mocked between 2-4

        • Hell yes Bugsy he’ll be a starter from day 1. They may have to go back into round 1 to get him though.

      • Agreed! Hopefully to the Birds, in the 2nd. Either he, or Elam, need to be on this roster next year.

  27. Run stopping I mean. haha

  28. Breaking News –

    Buffalo Bills hire Mike Pettine as their Def/Coordinator which is a very good hire
    for them and new Coach Doug Marrone

  29. Roseman was asked what made the Eagles attractive to candidates.

    “They know we have a great owner who’s going to support and give as much resources as possible to make sure we succeed,” Roseman said. “They know that we just supported a coach for 14 years. So we’re built that way. This whole organization is built to support a head coach. They know that not only in words but in actions. All they have to do is call Andy Reid.”

    “We’ve developed a family here. People that have been here have been here a long time. They’ve grown together. … Not saying we’re a perfect franchise by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a great tribute to Jeffrey and what he’s building here.”

    • Meanwhile the Eagles ar 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Games, have a losing Record at home over the last 3 Seasons and a Roster with a lot of holes in it at every position but the RB Corps and maybe the Kicker
      So go ahead and call Andy Reid and Joe Banner and see what the really say about Lurie/Roseman, I bet it’s not as flattering as your describing now that Banner and Reid have move on and have other jobs..

      • Great points paulman. Everyone must be held accountable and everyone except Lurie has a boss we know this, but it would bug the hell out of me if I were a lifelong football coach and two young ass bean counters who probably don’t even know how to put on a helmet were questioning my football knowledge. This is why I hate fantasy football every idiot thinks they can run a franchise.

      • Paul,
        You’re not real bright. If the Eagles didn’t suck so bad they wouldn’t be looking for a coach. And you don’t have to ask Andy Reid if he was treated fairly…the fact that he was here 14 years proves that the owner is supportive of the coach.

        Get off the idea that a potential coach would not come to Philly because of Howie Roseman because you are wrong. Even established coaches like Jon Gruden is chomping at the bit to get the job. How do you explain Gruden soliciting the help of Jaworski and now Dick Vermeil to try to get the Eagles to reach out to him.

        There’s no mystery here – it’s an attractive job.

  30. Roseman was asked -What do you talk about in a meeting that lasts upwards of nine hours?

    “Everything. Every aspect of the organization,” said Roseman. “It’s how they run meetings, it’s how they run training camp, what they’re looking for in players, what they’re looking for in coaches. Getting an overall picture. Being a head coach in the National Football League is a big job, and you’re a CEO, so you have to have a plan and know what you’re doing in every area. You would be surprised at how detailed these people are, when it comes to strength and conditioning or training staff or equipment or video, they have the answers. It’s very interesting to hear.”

    • Interesting Irish, but the question should have been, are you looking to make an input on the roster decisions or will the coach be allowed to make any and all decisions on the draft and personnel. I think we kind of know how those interviews go and right now it’s not the coaches philosophy we should be worried about.

  31. I was excited last week, and even this weekend. I guess we just have to be patient and hope for the best. At least Bradley still excites me, would love to see that style of play.

    • Your right Xevious, we may have to wait until after the Super Bowl. We don’t really know who they are targeting only what’s being released to the press. The only thing I worry about is getting the right guy and I know only 2 jobs have been filled but I don’t care about what the other teams are doing.

  32. I am still excited and fine with them taking their time. I would like them to get a look at the coordinators of teams that are still playing. There is no coach that I love right now so much that I wouldn’t want to wait.

  33. Gruden is in philly now eagles definely signing him

  34. Philly fans – relax and take a chill pill. The only way the coaching situation gets resolved quickly is if the Birds hire Lovie, Jon Gruden or a coach not in the playoffs. Seems the masses like Bradley and McCoy (I want Bradley), but neither of them can receive or accept an offer until their team is eliminated from the playoffs. This could go to February. Hang tight…

  35. In exciting Eagles’ news.

    Looks like Eagles agent Mike Shanahan did his job well. FIrst, not teaching RGIII the pro game, and 2nd exposing him to injury.

    Early reports have Griffin out till at least the end of August….but I’m reading up on the LCL which – because it can’t really be braced – will take even longer.

    At very least he’s out till mid-season, and we all know if the name isn’t Peterson, its another few months before he’s really good to go after that.

    + miss all the passing camps + missing training camp

    + if Shanahan the coach in DC when he comes back, we might just kiss the kids career goodbye. 2 ACL surgeries on the same knee already?

    • Songs already moving on and buying Russel Wilson Jerseys.

      • Haha. I feel bad for RG3 but even worse for Songs who just forked out almost $100 for an RG3 jersey. I think Songs referred to the Redskins as a winning organization. They’ve won two playoff games in the last 20 years.

    • I cannot agree more with you Vinnie. Shanny is a disgrace…I heard Theisman touting the Redskin line today on the radio. The whole thing is an embarrassment. RG3 not only had his development stunted to win now, he in all probability shortened his career. Shanny should be held accountable for this. I know if this happened in Philly we wouldnt be as quiet or stupid as the Washigton media or fanbase. As an Eagles fan It’s good news, as a football fan it’s an utter disgrace. Washington is a bullshit franchise that has Mickey Mouse as its leader. Have fun songs!!

  36. The Jay Gruden interview was scheduled for today I believe

  37. Jon gruden not jay idc much for jay unless jon comes with him

  38. **NFL News**
    Jaguars hire new GM (From Falcon Organization) and will fire 1st year HC Mike Mularky.. Top Candidates are OC Greg Roman from 49ers and DC Mike Nolan from the Falcons

    Brownns interview Panther OC Rob Chudzinski for their HC Position

  39. Tom Telesco was hired as GM by Chargers!

    This guy reported to Ryan Grigson with the Colts… Ryan Grigson was director of college scouting, and then director of player personnel for the Eagles under Howie Roseman.

    Telesco will immediately join a four-man search committee — including team president Dean Spanos, executive vice president John Spanos, assistant GM and executive vice president of football operations Ed McGuire, and consultant Ron Wolf — in pursuit of a coach to replace the fired Norv Turner.

    Looks like every team brings the bean counters to the interviews. lol

  40. I look for the Chargers to Hire MIke McCoy who is obbviously familiar with the
    AFC West Division Teams and can help them get their biggest start player
    QB Phil RIvers back on track again which is their only chance to become a contendor again.. Mike McCoy fits their Profile perfectly
    Packers O/C Tom Clements could also be a dark-horse candidate and who has a good relationship with Advisor Ron Wolf who used to be the PAckers GM and probably Hired Clements some years back…

    • I think the hiring of Telesco makes it even more likely that the Chargers will hire Bruce Arians.

      I think the Eagles might hire Mike McCoy. There will likely be a second interview with him at some point when the Broncos are out of it. The Eagles didn’t want to take up all his time last week.

  41. Eagles future is bright, I gotta wear shades. Eagles finally got rid of that fraud Songs who year after year brought his bad karma to the team and mushed this franchise every year.

    Songs converts to a Redskins fan then blam they lose and RG3 blows out his knee….

    This could be good for us boys the bad karma and mushing powers of songs is gone!!!!!!!

    • Don’t speak too soon. if we draft Geno Smith, he’ll be right back on the Birds knob! He’s a front running, band-wagon jumping, non-fan, who roots for race, & individuals, over his so-called team, the Birds! He’s a fraud!

  42. I dont understand why the Eagles have not interviewed Panthers O-Coordinator Rob Chudzinski – the guy is a Sean Payton clone….super talented offensive guy who is young and very bright…

    In his first season as Carolina’s offensive coordinator in 2011, Rob Chudzinski directed an offensive turnaround as the Panthers set team records for total yards (6,237) and first downs (345) one year after experiencing franchise lows in both categories. Their 48 touchdowns scored were the second most in team history, also one year after recording a franchise low. The Panthers jumped from last in total yards to seventh in the league – the biggest improvement in offensive ranking since St. Louis improved 26 spots from 27th in 1998 to first in 1999.

    The centerpiece of Chudzinski’s offense was rookie quarterback Cam Newton, who became the first player in NFL history to pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 500 yards in a single season. Another weapon in Chudzinski’s offense was veteran wide receiver Steve Smith, who produced his first 1,000-yard receiving season since 2008 and helped the Panthers lead the league in explosive plays of 20 or more yards with 90. The running game was equally effective as the Panthers became the first team in NFL history to have three players with 700 or more yards in the same season: running back DeAngelo Williams (836), running back Jonathan Stewart (761) and Newton (706), who set an NFL record for quarterbacks with 14 rushing touchdowns.

    Chudzinski followed head coach Ron Rivera from the San Diego Chargers to Carolina to be the Panthers offensive coordinator. In 17 previous seasons as an NFL and college assistant, he had success leading offenses and earned a reputation for developing tight ends.

    As the Chargers’ tight ends and assistant head coach in 2010, Chudzinski helped San Diego rank first in the NFL in total offense with an average of 395.6 yards per game and second in scoring with an average of 27.6 points per game.

    Tight end Antonio Gates excelled during both of Chudzinski’s two-year stints on the Chargers coaching staff from 2005-06 and 2009-10. Gates made his seventh consecutive Pro Bowl in 2010, one year after producing a career-high 1,157 yards. In 2005, Chudzinski’s first season as San Diego’s tight ends coach, Gates registered the only other 1,000-yard receiving season of his career with 1,101 yards on a career-high 89 receptions.

    In between Chudzinski’s stints with the Chargers, he served as the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator for two seasons. In 2007, the Browns won 10 games – their most wins since 1994 – and Chudzinski’s offense played a key role in the team’s success. Cleveland ranked eighth in the league in total offense and scoring, accumulating 5,621 net yards and 402 points.

    Four players went to the Pro Bowl: quarterback Derek Anderson, wide receiver Braylon Edwards, tackle Joe Thomas and tight end Kellen Winslow II. Anderson threw 29 touchdowns, while Edwards and Winslow combined with running back Jamal Lewis to give the Browns two 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard rusher.

    Chudzinski began his pro coaching career as Cleveland’s tight ends coach in 2004 and worked with Winslow, the team’s top draft choice. He was elevated to offensive coordinator for the final five games of the season under interim head coach Terry Robiskie after the resignation of head coach Butch Davis.

    From 1994-2003, Chudzinski spent 10 years as an assistant at his alma mater, the University of Miami (Fla.): three seasons as offensive coordinator, five as tight ends coach and two as a graduate assistant.

    During his three years as offensive coordinator, he guided a unit that went 12-0 and won the national championship in 2001 and set school records for points, total yards and rushing touchdowns the next season. In addition, Chudzinski worked with numerous future NFL players, including them wide receiver Andre Johnson, running backs Frank Gore, Willis McGahee and Clinton Portis, tackle Bryant McKinnie and quarterback Ken Dorsey.

    Promoted from graduate assistant to tight ends coach in 1996, Miami’s tight ends flourished under Chudzinski’s tutelage. He mentored Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey and Winslow, all of whom were All-Americans and became first-round draft picks and Pro Bowl players in the NFL.

    A three-year starter at tight end for Miami (Fla.) from 1986-90, Chudzinski played on national championship teams in 1987 and 1989. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1990 and added a master’s degree in business administration in 1996.

    Tight end Miami (Fla.) 1986-90. College coach: Miami (Fla.) 1994-2003. Pro coach: Cleveland Browns 2004, 2007-08, San Diego Chargers 2005-06, 2009-10, joined Panthers in 2011.

  43. I like Chudzinzki alot and he will make a very good HC and will make a nice fit with Cleveland and their Young QB/Receivers that they have..
    He’s not the most dyanmic personality around be as a former player,commands repsect and is a tough, no-nonsense type of guy.. He has a bright future.. Here’s what you need to know aoubt Chudzinski..Since he lefft the SD Chargers, QB Rivers and TE Gates had seen their Performance and Productivity Drop each year since he’s left…

  44. Brad Childress in KC today interviewing for OC job or to be advisor to HC Andy Reid, espn’s Adam schefter reports

    • what makes me mad is that bringing Chilly back to Philly and hiring a real D.C. would have really helped the birds back a year or 2 ago. My guess is that Andy will learn a lesson or 3 out of all of this.

  45. There was a report going around that Andy and Marty had an argument just before Andy was let go. Don’t know what it was about.

  46. Yes on AR learning some lessons ..
    Word floating out of NovaCare is that Coach Marty M will be the OC and Asst HC to the New HC, Gus Bradley, who will concentrate on the Defensive Side of the Ball.. What’s worse is that Special Teams Coach Bobby April remains also and still will be in charge of Special Teams.. Both MM and Bobby April will be heading to Moblie,Al for Senior.. Interesting fact is that Todd Bowles cancelled his plans to go which tells me he will bold the EAgles and reunite with Mike Nolan down in Jacksonville..
    Lots of moving Parts as usual, but this Gus Bradley kid is doomed before he even gets 1 Season in being forced to keep Marty M and Bobby April…

    • Marty Mornhinweg and Bobby April have a better chance of catching diphtheria than they do being coaches for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013.

    • Very Funny Paul……

      Ben McAdoo, should be the OC/Asst. Head Coach

      Bradley will Probably bring Rocky Seto with him from Seattle to be his D-Coordinator

      And His Best Friends Seattle DL Coach – Todd Wash, and Rob Selah – Defensive Quality Control

      • Would also love for Bradley to create a position for Ken Norton Jr as Assistant Defensive Coordinator/ LB Coach…….and Joe Lombardi from New Orleans as Assistant Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach.

      • Cliff you think Pete Carroll will let all those assistants leave?

        • Those three yes. Maybe not Norton. They are all close friends, and I think they would support Gus. They have a lot of assistants with those positions that would step in if they left.

  47. Matt Nagy may be KC’s new quarterback coach.

  48. I know Matt Nagy. We have the same barber….well, we use to. I caught up with him at one of those Eagles Mens Training Camps a couple years ago. Very knowledgable guy and did some big things in Arena Football.

  49. Nice article denny.

    You hit the nail on the head, with the organizations

    “We are smarter than the entire world” attitude.


    Andy Greed was front and center, and the more people he got rid of the worst things got. So when he was the last man standing we all saw how sorry things. went.

    I know we disliked banner, but he held a tigher grip on the purse strings. This year Christmas came early for alot of veterans and how did they play?

    Desean “boney James” Jackson – bum
    Babin – bum
    Trent cole – bum
    Herramens – did he even play this year?
    Vick – bum

    Took all the motivation out of them. They all mailed it in.

    So piece by piece Reid blamed everybody else by way of firing them.

    Once he was left. We got the Real Reid I have been hollering about for the last 4 years.

    A FAT bum. Loser.

    It will be interesting to see Reid’s new coaching staff.

    Anyway. Miss Alabama is Fine and AJ Mccoring is wuss…see tmz article.

    Thank you Brent Musburger for the excellent play by play.

    I will have my son’s tossing the ball around with pops today.

  50. Guys – Adam Schefter tweeted that the Eagles interviewed ND Brian Kelly after their bowl game loss……they will continue talks when he gets back from his vacation out of the country

    • Norte dame had a great recruiting season. lots of blue chips coming in. don’t know if I can believe he is coming here

      I am 100% convinced Gus is the guy

    • Eagles are wasting time.This screams Howie Roseman; He’s the only one of the three claiming to be a real football man………

      He’s like a lot of guys on, who just come up with candidates, because the name is a popular, and well known. This is ridiculousness. Just get it done and focus on your interview with Gus . I don’t want anyone else at this point.

  51. Y I just read that….interesting.

  52. He has been a winning coach at every level. I guess he is as likely a candidate as Dick Vermeil was coming out of UCLA, but at least he had some NFL experience.

    I guess it could be another fishing trip for the Eagles brain trust.

  53. Why are the three amigos allowing themselves to get pimped like this? No way Brian Kelly leaves ND, he’ll get an extension and more money from ND. And this search gets more ridiculous every day. But at least they are doing due diligence on everyone.

  54. Brian Kelly, fresh off one of the most lop-sided national championship games ever, and you want him to coach the eagles, I think chip Kelly and all his gimmicks would have out coached kelly in that title game, notre dame gets all the publicity but they are not that good, that game looked like a complete mismatch, from coaching, players, especially team speed, a complete blow out, it’s time for notevdamevto again just shut up for awhile

  55. Sure Roseman has some specialized training in the organization, but he is no more, or better a talent evaluator than myself, or Paulman.

    Considering what the Front Office has done the last 14 years as a whole in the draft, and Free Agengy, I don’t think we’d be any worse. Our past mock draft recommendations prove that. If the coaching candidates are concerned, they are concerned about 1 guy…..Howie Roseman.

    • I agree gmcliff at first I thought coaches were concerned about Foles but the more I hear and read they are concerned with the boy wonder. People shouldn’t underscore the talk that goes on around the league. I have a relative who has worked in the front offices of 3 NFL teams and is currently working with the Titans. These people are all intertwined and talk about everything.

    • You certainly aren’t lacking confidence in yourself ——-
      Blissfully and naively clueless
      You wrote & think the 4-12 Eagle D front 4 could adapt to a 5 technique and zero technique 2 gap responsibilities when they aren’t even strong enough to succeed in a one gap 3 technique responsibility. Additionally you ignore or neglect to accept that Houston won the Demeco Ryans trade( Ryans is damaged goods post surgery) who obviously couldn’t play 3-4 linebacker there and he has a better chance than tiny Kendricks. Father time has conquered Cullen Jenkins and he is the only player that could remotely fit a 3-4 D but the Eagles should be looking to replace him not rely on him more.
      I’ll stick with Howie.

      • Why would I value the opinion of a Giants Fan? You darn skippy I don’t lack confidence. Enough confidence to give less than a darn how you or any other critic on this site thinks. I know the players, I’ve had in mind for the Eagles, have made more of an impact than most that Howie has had a hand in. Thats a fact you neglect to consider…..for the last 8 years…….

  56. **Eagles News**

    -Confirmed. Here is the latest field for the eagles.. Lovie Smith, Bruce Arians, Jay Gruden, Brian Kelly, Gus bradley and maybe a surprise.
    -Also hearing they have interest in packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements but its very hush hush..

    My Thoughts- Noone wanted to believe me, I told you all Brian Kelly would be on there radar! None of you can deny it! The surprise could be Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher. I’m leaning towards Jon Gruden from what I’m hearing but I also heard that the Eagles do not have interest in him so it could be a smokescreen. But this list is vast. There are more coaches they like but for where they are now and whose available this is good. Im also hearing they could make a decision in 2-3 weeks so its not right around the corner unless a coach blows them away like a BKelly, Gus Bradley, Vic Fangio among others.. Stay tuned

  57. Also hearing that Mike McCoy is not even on there list. Got word that they were “unimpressed” which is obvious by a short interview only lasting 2-3 hours. I told y’all he was only a offensive coordinator or QB coach thats it not head coaching material, hearing that the interview is very important for the Eagles, you gotta wow them.

  58. This is a very interesting parallel. Andy Reid Made it to a Superbowl and lost.

    Lovie went to a Superbowl and lost.

    Both have many wins and playoff appearances…

    Andy is coming off a 4 win season and gets hired within days.

    Lovie comes off a 10 win season and still looking for employment.

    Lovie out coached Andy Reid in head to head match ups regularly.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  59. Having so called “Innovative Offenses” or the reputation of working with QB’s is what gets you interviews and hired by NFL Teams in Today’s NFL
    It’s a fact, and tge direction of these Owners and GM’s around the Leauge who will worry about their Defenses after the fact..

  60. There is something wrong with that picture, part of it can be explained by the national media’s love fest with Reid, but why is l. Smith not getting more interest, where’s the outrage from some of you who go to ardent leanths to cry injustice about the quarterback, the real injustice appears to be at the scarcityof black head coaches in tbe NFL

    • Jake it has more to do with Lovie’s low key personality then race if he doesn’t get any of these openings then indeed there needs to be some explanations. If I were an owner he would really have to make me understand why his offenses were so bad the entire time he was in Chicago.

  61. Jon Gruden went to a superbowl and won

    Jon has many playoff appearances

    Jon had many 10 and 11 win seasons

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Mike Holmgren went to two superbowls and won one

    Holmgren has many playoff appearances

    Holmgren had many 10 and 11 win seasons

    What is wrong with this picture?


  62. My point is both of those guys were successful and apparantly both want to return to coaching (holmgren making many overtures publicly) and they aren’t getting any action either.

    Its not always about race, like you and Songs especially like to continually insinuate.

    Couldn’t you entertain the possibility that Lovie is not a good HC? That in 9 years his offense was always at the bottom of the league. That he ripped through, what, 12 QBs in his 9 years, that he stands like a statue and stares blankly as the game swirls around him? That he makes the same ridiculous challenges and calls time outs like he came from the Andy Reid school of burning timeouts? That Chicago fan paid for the limo to take him out of town?

    Lovie Smith and Andy Reid are two sides of the same coin….

    and the reason teams aren’t beating down his door is not necessarily because of your loaded “what’s wrong with this picture” question…..

    • Vinnie you have me confused with someone else, when I talk about race I don’t insinuate I point it out. Please read my reply to Jake in regards to Lovie and race. Using Holgren and Gruden was a terrible analogy which is why I asked what was your point.

  63. Camden Catholic High School Football Coach Owen O’Malley has tweeted that he is Interviewing with GM Roseman at a local Cherry Hill Syangouge after a Bar Mitzvah Service Saturday afternoon for the HC Position for the Eagles… Details to be followed up by JH..

  64. The difference between Lovie and Reid is that Reid ran the Eagles organization from top to bottom. It was his system and blueprint. In Chicago it’s the Halas system – Phil Emery runs it for George McCaskey. Lovie was just a hired hand like Ditka was and Pardee was, and all Bears coaches.

    These owners, like Clark Grisswald…err… Hunt.. want a guy like Reid to install his system.

    Lovie will likely get a new head coaching job where there is a strong GM. Lovie is a coach, not part administrator like Reid. The Eagles will rely on their new coach to be part GM, according to Lurie.

  65. You can add the Fired Jag’s Coach Mike Mularkey to the Eagles Interview List
    Per Sources close to Mularkey’s Agent, They stated the Eagles will want to talk to him in Early/Mid-Febuary and is #57 on the list… (kind of like a Deli Line Ticket Stub)

    • in my opinion its as if the Eagles are running on too many different “backup plans” Want this coach, can’t get him, want that coach, can’t get him…But honestly I haven’t wanted any of the coaches they have interviewed…nor am I that big on any Gruden! …You cats know, that after Jon Gruden won the SB in 2002, his coaching record is 45-51 record from 03-08…I’m surprised no one makes the argument about Gruden winning a SB due to the previous coach Dungy player personnel…anyway, moving on…
      What really worries me, is they (Eagles) don’t seem to know what kind of coach they want…they’ve interviewed a special teams coach, and offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator…

      Forget about this “pass happy league” talk and pick a strong minded defensive coach (Bradley) and make sure a strong OC is in place.

    • As per Lil Bron-Bron Jon’s sources, Mullarky, COULD be a surprise coaching candidate, but it’s hush-hush, & on the down, down low!

  66. Does anyone else see this Coaching Search shaping up as a good “Sienfield Episode” … Jerry as Jeff Lurie, Constanza as Howie Roseman and Cramer as
    Don Somlenski.. and mayve Elaine as Lurie’s Ex-Wife..
    I bet us Posters-Amatuer Writers on GCobb can come up with dozens and dozens of Scenes to Write about …. Funny shit just thinking about it …

  67. This is our first head coach search in 15 years. It seems like ages ago when Lurie, Banner, and Tom Modrak were interviewing Haslet, Capers, and Reid.

    It feels funny to not know for sure who the coach will be, and who the starting quarterback will be next year. I hope the get somebody soon.

    On this day (January 10) in 1999 the Eagles hired Andy Reid.

    • And who turned out to be the best candidate from that crew? Have a little confidence

      • The lack of confidence is directed towards Howie, I read your other post about armchair GM’s and laughed out loud for ten minutes. The funniest thing about that is Howie was one of those armchair guys and now he’s the GM he has no pedigree.

        • You don’t know what he has been doing with the eagles for the last ten years. You can learn that stuff

          • He’s been doing the same thing we’ve been doing watching football. What we haven’t been doing which he has been is learning the business side of football salary cap etc,etc. His ability to pick football players is no better than yours and mine.

  68. A gold mine that won a lot of games and kept us playing in January with a chance to get into feb

  69. If we actually watched as much football as Roseman watches, and had access to collage coaches types, and had a team of scouts to confer with, and had all day every day to do it, then we might have the same ability to pick players as Roseman.

    The truth is that none of us have watched an Alcorn State game this year, but Roseman has. And he talked to the Alcorn State head coach, and him and some college scouts watched a two hour practice tape of some CB that the Eagles might draft in round 6, if he still there when they pick. On his way home on the plane he read the kid’s medical report.

    That’s how Roseman spends half the days of his life. How could you think that you know what he knows about players?

    • Look at his 3 drafts! There’s your answer!

      • AND, don’t believe the Lurie BS, that 2010 & 2011, were not on him!

        • And exactly why do you think Lurie would lie about Roseman’s responsibility for the 2010 and 2011 draft? How does Lurie benefit from telling us all that lie?

          Oh wait… I think I know… is it because he wants to continue drafting shitty players so the team can keep losing and people stop coming to games?

          I see, Lurie could hire anybody he wants but he keep Howie because he likes drafting shitty players. And you and gmcliff, and paulman, and biglion know more than Roseman…. Okay I’ll believe that…

          • No it’s because he trying to pump up his gopher, & make him look good to coaching candidates! That’s why he’s f^#@ing lying. Come on Irish, you’re smarter than that. Get your head out of your arse! Do you honestly believe, Roseman had no say, & NOTHING to do with 2010 & 2011 drafts?!? What about all the FA , dream team, & dynasty signings? I remember every interview with tha dip$#!t gushing over Watkins, Jarrett, Mattews, Allen & all the other stiffs HE helped draft! What about the time he was saying about all the excitement he was having, answering his celly, with all the FA, dream team BS? Guess that wasn’t him either?!? He’s an inexperienced, ill-equipped, gopher, yes-man, with ZERO Football acumen, playing fantasy football. He should NOT, be a GM, & he’s the reason why the coaching candidates are dwindling. Unless Lurie is going to give the next coach some say, they ain’t getting a good coach. Thus the reason Gruden ain’t here yet, & everyone so far, are using us to boost up deals elsewhere! If you don’t get that, I don’t know what to tell you!

            • Here’s DCar and paulman’s comments the day Danny Watkins signed

              August 2, 2011 – 2:46 pm

              A Canadien, who played Hockey and was/is a Firefighter, I think Watkins can more than hold his own… I am looking forward to watchin him play and progress in camp under Coach Mudd’s tutledge and the other veterans on the OL… I see a very high cieling and he should be able to fit right in and produce and contribute right away end up being better and than T Herremans has been during his career, which has been pretty good.. WAtkins moves and has quicker feet than many would expect..Remmeber the Baylor Offense he played in COllege was a very high tempo, spread offense with lots of screens,bubble routes, so he is used to moving downfield and picking up extra blocks all game long ….

              August 2, 2011 – 9:13 am

              It’s all up from here! Can’t wait for games.
              GO EAGLES

              That don’t sound like you guys were too upset. But now you guys are smarter right?

              • Perfect… Absolutely perfect!

              • hahaha…everyone is a expert after the fact

              • SARCASM, numbnuts! You conveniently find a comment & make it look one way. Go back & read ALL my comments back then, & always, I’ve done NOTHING, but rip it! GTFO!!!!

              • Fraudman and that other “guy” are so sad. They forget that once you post it you can’t delete it. They rarely if ever think before they type. The other “guy” just follows whatever way fraudman feels which is the saddest thing of all. But like you said Irish, they wanna come off like theyre smarter than everyone else. I applaud you for exposing them..

              • The other guy, follows nobody! I have my own brain, & thought process. I lost more knowledge, than you can ever hope to attain, Lil BRON-BRON! Just because I support Paul, & choose to understand his sarcasm, sense of humor, & foolishness, doesn’t make me a follower! If you had any sort of common sense, or brain cells, you would see that, that comment I made, was sarcasm! Go back to those weeks, & research all the articles, I did nothing but rip the pick, & the entire line! When I end a short quote, with all caps like “GO WHOEVER”, “SB BABY”, “WS BABY”, “GET READY FOR THE PARADE”, it’s called sarcasm, you F^#@ING, STUPID BASTARD!!!! And you wonder why I rip into your dumb@$$, at every opportunity! GTFO low-life!

  70. And with all that Irish he still did a terrible job, so If I had the access to this info that you speak of I think I could do a better job.

  71. So,lets be clear.

    Howie didn’t know that picking a 27 year old fireman with an ankle injury was a no go?

    You have crazy ass Mudd telling everyone what he needs hell or high water who trumping those who are in position to bring sanity and pick the right “healthy” player with the potential to show a return a such a high salary.

    If Rosebud was anywhere near the draft and allowed this to happen, he’s incompetent.

    • Funny thing about your post homie is that you praised this dude Roseman the Summer of 2011 said you were jumping up n…said “he was a breath of fresh air” said he was “agressive” and “the new blood that the franchise needed”
      Now he’s incompetent ???

  72. On another note…..Cowboys have some interest in Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator.

    The NFC East will soon be a powerhouse with the Eagles at the bottom getting bullied by real football teams.

    Looking at what Banner is doing in Cleveland coupled with the ass clowns in charge here no wonder the Eagles failed at key points when the Eagles were as talented as any team in the NFC.

    Now, that I look at it….Lurie would have been better off keeping Ray Rhodes and hiring Andy Reid as coordinator…then picking Mcnabb.

    The defense would have stayed in tact with Modrak as GM and Marc Ross scouting.

    Checks and balances.

    Now I see the importance a strong GM and Scouting team….you throw in good defensive coordinator and a top QB and you’r contending.

    This Eagles organization tore it down by allowing Andy to undercut the team in place taking all authority now the Front Office is assed out.

  73. The Eagles andd the Jets have become the NFL’s most Dysfunctionable
    Franchise’s, it Starts with the Ownership at the Top
    These Teams lack an identity from the Top thru the Front Office, to their Coacing Staffs down to the players they have. I expect both Franchise to wallow in the basement until the Ownership Changes or at least until they
    Get Quality “Football Minds” running the Football side of things

    • paul just a few days ago u linked kelly to them next year because they are a winning organization and because they are attractive. now its the complete opposite from you.

      you are dysfunctional (whatever that means)

  74. Why does anyone on this website care what an admitted Redskins fan has to say about the Birds? It is like the sound of your neighbors annoying dog barking…background sound that is only noise, nothing relavent.

    Go find a website for the ‘skins and leave us FOREVER like you promised.

  75. I agree 100% with that picture of the Eagles always trying to outsmart everybody and doing exactly the opposite,they could improve their chances of success by putting Howie back in the “bean counter” roll….im more of a GM than he is.This team will never win a Super Bowl with Howie as the GM

    • Yes clem…..they seemed to often to try and do something that nobody saw coming….like when they hired Reid in the first place….trading up in the 1st round and then taking Graham over JPP or Earl Thomas…..taking Danny Watkins with 1st round pick, a 28 yr old ex fireman….making your OL coach your DC……they always want to look like they are smarter than the rest of the crowd….that they know something that the rest of the NFL doesn’t. It gets pretty frustrating as a fan watching their decision making year after year.

  76. Im hearing that Marc Trestman may be getting the Bears job. Hes a good coach

  77. Hearing that on ESPN like the rest of us?

  78. I was hoping the Eagles would give Trestman a look. He’s intruiging.

    Lots of success as an OC in the NFL, and he’s been lights out with Montreal the last decade….(though he did have a CFL HOF QB over that time, and that always helps)

  79. I remember way back when Joe Banner was the laughing stock of the city and media. All everyone thought he was was a pencil pushing calculator clicking geek. Noone understood why Jeff Lurie hired him. Is anyone questioning the hire now? In regards to the front office he is now one of the most respected and mostly regarded as a genius esp when it comes to salary cap. Well Howard Roseman studied at the feet of Banner and its interesting everyone is wondering why Jeff hired him now too, calling him names similar to what they called Joe. Wlell you will find out soon enough. We are now witnessing the new era of the Philadelphia Eagles with Howard Roseman leading the charge. Judge the entire body of work not a few moves here and there for the sake of complaining. The birds are in good hands..

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A F^#@ING @$$CLOWN! Banner was the MAJOR problem with organization, even more than the Hindenburg! FANS, don’t give a F^#@, about beng the NFL Cap Champions every year! Maybe if we would have spent $$$ in 2005, to add to the reigning NFC Champions, instead of only adding Mike McMahon, & d!CK over your MVP, who played a monster SB, on 1 leg, maybe we could have gotten back to the dance! “GENIUS?!?” “The birds are in good hands?!?” YOU ARE A F^#@ING @$$CLOWN, with no clue!!!!

    • You are nauseating!

  80. Hire a “Football Guy” to oversee the Football side of things (Drafting/Evaluating Talent,Free-Agencty and Overall Roster Management that works closely with the Coaching Staff in these areas.. and let Roseman handle the Contracts/Salary Cap issues with the Team..

    • I thought Tom Donahue was that guy ?

      • I did too,
        Tom Donahoe only wants to remain as an “Advisor” and does not want to committ to Full-Time Duties or a Fullt Time Position at this stage of his Career and Life per sources.. Probably after the new HC & Staff are hired and some other Administration Positions filled, Donahoe “Advising Role” will probably be complete.. He signed a 1 Year Deal which expires March 1st I believe..

  81. That makes too much sense paulman , they believe thinking outside the box means that they are smarter then everyone else. Gold Standard indeed.

  82. Funny how everyone fails yo give Howie any credit for this years Cant have it both ways. Hell fans on the blog feel they can pick talent why the hell wouldnt Howie be able to?

  83. This past years draft was a good one, one of the best in a long time, period. Especially on the defensive side of the ball…There are a few players with tons of potential and under the right situation (coaching) can blossom. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. Big reason I want a defensive minded head coach, who will come in and get the most out of these youngens I know its hard to see due to the production of the players. But much of that has to be put on the coaches. We had vets not producing, the expectations of the rookies shouldn’t be that high considering the circumstances. The DC position was soso and became ass with Bowles. Not all his fault. But the wrong play can make any player look bad. Players lack of discipline is the coaches responsibility. I expect Cox, Curry, Kendricks, and Boykins to have solid sophomore seasons under a defensive minded coach.

    • I agree. Jury still out on Boykins and Curry but the other 2 are solid I think.

      • I think Curry will be a solid Player, Boykin I am not so sure about and see him as a 4th/5th Nickel Back/Returnman at best.. I do think putting in the Slot was a mistake and is not his Natural Position.. I would like to see him for a full Season play the outside CB before making full judgement on him (His Return game was extremely disappointing all Season)

  84. NEWS I read on Twitter:

    Marty Mornhinwig is interviewing for Jet OC job. Maybe today.

    Damm… does that mean he won’t be scouting for the Eagles at the senior bowl? shucks 🙁

  85. Andy Reid will have Jets linebackers coach Bob Sutton run his D, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. Sutton, 61, spent 13 seasons with the Jets, including three (2006-2008) as defensive coordinator.

  86. Excellent HIre.. Sutton is a solid Defensive Coach and doesn’t pussy foot around, commands and gives players Respect.. A Good hire for AR and the Chiefs in General.. Castillo probably goes to KC as OL Coach or maybe a Special Teams Coach for AR

  87. Things are picking up speed and will be at a whirlwind next week as far as Coaches and Staffs getting in place ..
    4 Teams will lose this Weekend and there are lots of Assts from the Packers,49ers,Falcons,Ravens,Patriots,Broncos,Texans Staff’s that Teams will want to talk to.. Especially the loser’s of Saturdays games between the 49ers/Packers & Ravens/Bronco’s will be burning up the Phone Lines

    • yo i got the phone number to the new cleveland “shit stain” browns new head coach.

      1-800-976-Doo Doo

      hit him up

  88. 2013 Records
    Browns 7-9
    Eagles 6-10

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