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Jeffrey Lurie’s Plane In Chicago This Morning, Talks To Bradley Late

I’ve learned that Jeffrey Lurie’s plane landed in Chicago early this morning, so there’s much speculation that he’s in the Windy City this morning to talk to Notre Dame’s head coach Brian Kelly.  He may be there to ask whether the coach whether he wants the job or not.  Kelly met with the Eagles on Tuesday the day after his Fighting Irish were dominated by the Alabama Crimson Tide.

They were supposed to talk again after Kelly got back from a trip out of the country with his family.

Some time today, the Eagles brass are supposed to sit down with Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, who has a big game tomorrow when the Seahawks take on the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome.  Bradley will need to shine in his interview with the Birds because the Eagles put a lot of importance on the interviews.

Remember that Andy Reid won the Birds head coaching job by having an amazing interview with Lurie and Joe Banner. on Facebook

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160 Comments for “Jeffrey Lurie’s Plane In Chicago This Morning, Talks To Bradley Late”

  1. Brian Kelly is staying at ND!

  2. Beaming News***
    Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly confirms he is remaining at Notre Dame ant going to pursue any HC Job in the NFL
    Jon Hart can give some follow-up as I am on the next big story and called that Kelly would not leave the Fighting Irish to Coach the Eagles as most of a expected…
    Time is JH’s…

    • Actually fraud by the time posted frank beat you to your breaking news. When will you and JH realize we all read the same sites. You have no sources.

  3. No one wants the eagles job, lurie tried to sell it at Reid’s firing, and it isn’t working, you shouldn’t have to sell a head coaching job in a major market, especially Philly, but this is how low eagles are now received, banner got out, Andy probably relieved to have gotten out, and it is all because of whom the owner surrounds himself with at the top, Howie roseman is a huge liability as a front man of the franchise, its that simple

    • What? These college coaches were info gathering sessions. Nothing more…” you tell us about college players, trends and things to come and you leverage us for a raise” after its over “thanks pal, good luck”… All along the guy they want to hire is still playing and they can’t hire him so what should they be doing? Sitting around watching the playoffs drinking champagne? Think boys

  4. Thread coaches are just using the NFL as leverage. Nobody is rejecting the Eagles.

  5. For all anyone know they interviewed mike nolan first and said its a fit, nolan a defensive guy in turn says hey talk to these college coaches about the spread option , players and other trends

  6. Word on 97.5 is that Mike Vick and Nick Foles arent exciting any of these college coaches to leave thier current jobs. This team is viewed as havinbg no QB in a QB driven league. Thats just the take per the college coaches in high profile programs.

    • Who the hell is mike Vick?

      • a millionaire football player who you would probably bitch up to if he walked into the room.

        • listen dude thats what they are reporting. Eagles cant sell any of them high [profiled coaches on Nick Foles or Vick. They would rather stay in college than come to Eagles. Which is surprising I wonder if Lurie used the Foles had better stats than Peyton Manning argument. sigh. I guess it didnt work

        • Not my thing, I’d ignore his punk ass. I don’t seek autographs from good players let alone him. Especially the backup qb in buffalo… Millionaire? You must not read the paper

  7. Why would any of those three leave? Their shit does not stink in their towns… They have three of the golden jobs in the country their own empires. Knight hires 23 year old super models to suck chips dick, 3 at a time. Obrian has happy valley and the disgraced boosters wiping his ass and Kelly has turned the fraud loser domers believing that touchdown Jesus is the real deal

  8. Meanwhile the blue hen is outplaying manning

  9. A good coach can come in and take the talent there and turn it into a winning team. If all of the pieces were in place there would probably be no need for a new coach. Any coach worth a blood nickel would take on a challenge, obviously these college coachesare scared to do so, therefore not worthy of being an NFL calibur coach!!!

  10. Come on hac. It’s delusional to think they wouldn’t have hired either one of those college coaches. No way they are just bored cause their number 1 guy is still in the playoffs and they are just flying all over the place to kill time. Totally disagree with any notion like that. I think those 3 college guys were ther hope guys they wanted. Why would they leave? Cause we’re talking about the nfl that’s why. More money more power more ego if they win there. I’m actually glad tho case I’d rather have Gus Bradley or even Jon gruden over either of them. Just sayin no way those college guys weren’t top choices for them. They would h e hired either one on the spot if they left school. I’m just hoping this shit works out.

    • I agree that Lurie and Roseman are limp wristers but to under estimate their intelligence is wrong on your part. They were accused early on of interviewing a bunch ofele to gather info… Now it’s being turned that they didn’t get their man… That is one jerk and stupid.

    • Bill O’Brian was the guy……..

  11. Mike adams (hen) breaks up perfect pass from another hen flacco. Great game

  12. No Coach wants to work for for, or believe’s that GM Roseman is a competent GM to give the new Coach a Roster to Win with..Roseman has been labled as
    A “Coach-Killer” around the NFL

  13. ********Breaking news

    broncos ravens in ot

  14. I do beieve I mentioned (several times), when it was first announced, that the stupid Kaepernick experiment was going to end very badly.

  15. And to think we beat the Ravens earlier this year.. unbelievable. They are a very good battle tested playoff team and they’ll most likely play the pats next week.. but what freakin good game omg havent seen one like that in a looong time, a instant classic

  16. ***Breaking News**
    Per Windy City Sources, Jeff Lurhe’s Private Jet was simply out of Fuel, as its been flying non-Stop around the Country in pursuit if a College Coach who will take the Eagles Job
    Jon Hart, as usual will follow up with the Fuelers and Runway Personnel for updates as best as he can.. Wow… Holy Moly…

  17. Eli Manning is better than Payton Manning BOOK IT! I dare anyone to argue with me on this one. P. Manning will never win another Superbowl.

  18. I mean we can go back and forth I truly don’t believe they would interview someone for nine hours if they didn’t want him. I just don’t think philly is a desireable place right now. Tell you what gus bradley will be the truth meter about this team. They don’t get him then we know this franchise just sucks right now and nobody wants to come here. Dam this is unbelievable

  19. This is bad I was listening to a dam music station and they were cracking jokes on the eagles. Saying stuff like you wanna get a raise at your job go interview with the eagles. This was a dam music station, nobody wants to play fantasy football with howie

  20. kapernick throws a 93 mph fast ball damn.. did you hear that

  21. this kapernick experiment sure isnt ending well…

  22. Say what you want if we had kapernick we could probably find a coach!

  23. Im sure Laurie and Roseman gave the coaches the option to try to draft geno smith.. but this qb draft class is so weak we may be stuck with foles..

  24. Kapernick beats the blitz the same way vick used to.. after mudd changed the blocking scheme he messed all of that up

  25. Uh-oh.. here come the racists

  26. So let’s see who hires McCoy since Denver is done, Roseman is a problem Vick and Foles are a problem, the ridiculous roster is an issue I can see why this job is so highly sought after. I hope Bradley is the guy but at this point can we trust Lurie and Roseman to get it right?

  27. If I was an owner and had a chance to ask 5 or 6 of the best offensive minds in the business what they think of my young quarterback, I would definitely buy them dinner.

    If I could sit down with Lovie Smith and talk to him about the shitty play of the Eagles secondary and hear his thoughts, I would by him dinner.

    Do I think that’s good business – Yes!

    • And coaches already do that they are always talking and inviting each other to mini camps, so again why does Lurie and Roseman need to be questioning college coaches about Vick and Foles and formations and philosophy. Let the coaches coach and stay the hell out of the way.

      • They don’t have a coach.

        I’m not a coach, I don’t think you’re a coach either, but I know I would like to be a bug on the wall when when Chip Kelly is talking about his spread offense, and how it might work in the NFL. Wouldn’t you? I would want to know what he thinks of Nick Foles.

        Hell, I’m not going to be a defensive lineman either, but I watched Pete Jenkins instructional tapes. And if I was an owner I would want to know about his coaching style.

  28. Kaepernick might be the best runner ever. God damn

  29. He also throws a 93 mph fastball

  30. Yeah. That Kapernick experiment sucks.

    2 touchdowns throwing
    2 touchsowns passing

    Jim Harbaugh must be constantly just second guessing himself. Ownership must be pissed. SMH.

  31. As far as the Eagles. They need to hire Lovie and make sure he gets a stud OC. Then and only then will there be hope for the Eagles.

  32. At 6’5″ 230 lbs he might hold-up a little while to.

  33. I think hes better than rg3 too

  34. Yo Kap is killing this GB Defense

  35. I went to school with Gore. Dude couldn’t get laid to save his life. lol I’m sure he’s not having that problem now.

  36. Vic Fangio or Gus Bradley.. It looks like its Gus job to lose…

  37. harbaugh is tenacious and his teams feed off that.. I think lovie is too passive even though hes a good coach.. I want someone crazily brilliant

    • I don’t think that guy is out there. (they stayed in college)

      Lovie won 10 games this season…that’ll take to the playoff in the East. We need an identity…and I’m fine with that being a defensive powerhous…Lovie’s D’s are not to be f*cked with.

      We need some of that. If we can maul the East teams and beat a few others we are a guarantee in the playoffs year in adn year out.

      Also dude went to a superbowl with Rex Grossman. Lovie can definitely deal with either Foles or Vick or whoever they decide to go with at QB.

  38. Im a huge fan of Fangio, especialy the way he has shaped this defense. He could come right in and rebuild this entire defense the way he wants it to be.. And what a game Roman is calling tonight huh? Man, birds may add him to the list as well…

  39. Lovies big mistake was hiring mike tice as the offensive coordinator .

  40. 4th quarter time to gore them ..

  41. Fangio and his defense have shut the greenbay packers down in the 2nd half.. Fangio is a genius..

  42. How bout us finding a way to get Greg Jennings this off season?

    • Greg Jennings had already informed his Agent that he has no interest in Philly . He wants Miami or San Diego per Sources..
      Now if Eagles were to Hire Tom Clements or Winston Moss,
      from the Packers, They would probably have a shot, but he’s going to where he will be a #1 Target and the big $$$$ snd that won’t happen this Free-Agency period where the Eagles need to cut $$ from this underachieving Roster and when they start releasing ayers (Vick, Jenkins, Asmo)
      What other Veteran Player in demand is going to want to sign with the Sagles as word will be out that they don’t honor their Deals
      Expect a year2 or 3 of no impact free-agents coming to Philly and that’s the way it will be since Rosenan F’d the Salary Cap Structure of this Team from the last 2 off-Seasons with poor signings and over-paying marginal Talent
      Eagles will need to rebuild Roster with the Draft as all the shitty Teams need to do since they are not an Attractive Team to play for right now

    • I agree with that JH…But I would trade Maclin.

      • Maclins value is pretty high right now and he is pretty young. But I wouldn’t trade him. What the birds are lacking is size/speed combination at the wr position. Wouldn’t trading Maclin put us in more of a bind there?

  43. Damn that Kapernick.

    He sucks.


  44. Word from the Bay is that Fangio is not looking for a HC Position or to leave the area, has kids in High School & College and enjoys just being a DC
    Which is why his name has not been out for Interviiews
    2 Assts who are interested in HC Opportuniltues from the 49ers are
    OC Roman (probably to Jaguars) and under the radar Special Teams and Asst HC Brad Seely who I like and is a outstanding Candidate to be a HC in the NFL though he is a little older and doesn’t fit the Lurie Profile but I think the Eagles would be making a mistake not to talk to him
    Brad Seely, write it down..

  45. If the Birds can get an interview with Vic Fangio, they gotta do it. Try and convince the man to come to Philly. Hes a defensive coaching genius. But if they cant get him both Lovie and Gus should be top targets..

  46. Gus Bradley won’t come here just hire lovie or Gruden cause nobody else wants the job. They said on the news that Kelly took less money to stay a Norte dame. Huh yeah lurie this job is so desire able. You need a top flight quarterback to win in this league. Shot out to joe flaccid played like a big boy yesterday good for him. If Baltimore wins another Super Bowl maybe we can go hangout in their parade since their so close lol

  47. Guys please realize that nobody of quality wants to come here. Who would set themselves up for failure like that. All those good coordinators you guys talking about will probably stay put rather than come here

    • You are a know nothing. Right guys want to stay a coordinator to make 850 instead of 3 or 5 million… Oh and taking the eagles job has proven to be a real career killer….hmmm the last coached got canned, was hired in three days with 100% control, fired the GM… Right taking the eagles job is a real killer

  48. @cigar dude then why has everyone rejected them so far. Brian Kelly was on the news this morning and said he turned down the eagles job to stay at Norte dame for less money. Those top coordinators are looking for a good situation to go to. Yes eventually they will hire someone but it will be a last resort type guy.

  49. @cigar let me ask you this if New England had a job opening and those same coaches were available do you think they would not grabbed one of them by now. Philly is just not as appealing as other places.

    • I believe they would have rejected NE as well. These men are in holy land right now. They all gave the eagles what they wanted inside info on college trends and players. The birds got them extensions and raises. You guys are under estimating the business acumen of are thinking like fans and not business men.
      NE is not as attractive as you think, when Brady goes so does NE

  50. It’s not as appealing due to its fat, neurotic, over zealous, half brain dead fan base. All these coaches know Philly is an impossible situation.

  51. not sure everyone has rejected them ! not sure if they offered the job to anybody yet ! this could be a interesting week as green bay coaches become availible . they are ok timewise getting an HC , however the new HC will be short on time getting his staff together as better assisitants are finding jobs

  52. Pdiddy, I really don’t think those guys ever planned on leaving. Anyone find it odd that the Eagles were the only ones to interview all three? Must say something about our ofranization. No other team got an interview with all three.

    I think we can all agree how envious we are of the 49ers organization right now. They were one of the worst franchises of the last decade until Harbaugh came in. One could make the argument that the San Fran job was not desirable with Alex Smith as their QB. Now look at them. Again, just be patient people.

    • They were gathering info dimwit! Yesterday a couple of good candidates became available from Denver and green bay. If they want one of them they will hire them.a couple more may come available today. They have had their mind set on a coordinator from day 1. The college coaches were just info gathering while they waited…otherwise they would have sat around with their thumbs up each others asses

  53. Not because of Howard walowitz-Roseman. It’s because we will chase them out of town at the first sight of trouble. Like it was mentioned before, these guys have primo positions in college football, they are worshiped. Why would they leave the job security for a no-win situation? Hell, it’s probably not all that much more money either! Relatively speaking

  54. Brian kelly said he turned them down do you research he was on the news at some ceremony at notre dame and he said he turned the job down to stay at notre. They were not just picking his brain they offered the job, it came out of the man’s mouth. Oh I guess he’s lying whatever

    • Right no one ever lies in contract negotiations. You are thinking like a man who has never negotiated a multimillion dollar contract… Don’t worry I never have either but I do understand that at that level people look for leverage…why do people think that owners, coaches and players speak the truth to the press. Before today’s games end we can all predict the quotes from the winners and losers…

  55. @Cigar you know what you have your opinion and who am I to tell you how to think. If we don’t get any of these top coordinators from green bay san fran etc. I will revisit with you on this topic.

  56. So it’s your opinion they will get a high school coach from jersey? We all know the names it will be;Ariana, McCoy, Bradley, j. Gruden, lovie etc. these were the names at the beginning… They are still the names.

  57. Exactly pdiddy, the eagles don’t have their first, second, third choice because Philly is not that appealing any longer , and Lurie made it clear to a listening audience at the press conference when he put a thousand dollar saddle on a nag and try to sell it as a thorough bred, nfl people at this level, highly sought after coaching candidates will stay away from howie Roseman, whose probably lurie’s boyfriend

  58. @jakedog, thanks man that’s all I’ve been trying to express we are bottom feeders right now.

  59. @cigar, beginning the names I heard were Kelly and O’brien and we know how that worked out. Then lurie got shot down twice by the other kelly in chicago begging and stuff. PLEASE PLEASE come to philly hahahaha.

  60. That press conference sealed the deal, begging as you say, please come work with little howie , he’s not that bad, you only have to change his diaper once a day

    • Like I said, I guess they will beg a HS coach to come work for them or some of the brilliant GCOBB posters… Oh wait, they wouldn’t lower themselves to work for the eagles…
      I will say it did it work out for the last coach lurie hired? 14 years with the last 4 in decline, several million in contract extensions and when fired he had the pick of jobs, picked his own GM and signe a 5 year multimillion dollar contract… Yes signiing with the birds is soooo stupid

  61. Said it befoere and say it for last time Gus Bradley should be the one we have to get no matter what. You just saw what a great defense can do to a great offense.These guys better realize without defense you aint goin nowhere except the bar to drown yourself after the assbeatin

  62. Newsflash >>> Bill O’Brian says that his discussions with the Eagles did not lead to a job offer.

  63. HAC, I am with you in regards to the eagles coaching search. I think the eagles are doing their due diligence on all levels of coaching, minus the NJ high school circuit. By no means, is this an undesirable position to have. Except for the reasons I explained earlier.

  64. Um…they wanted Chip Kelly bad. They also wanted the other Kelly – hence the scheduling for the second interview. Anyone who thinks they were twiddling their thumbs and looking for “info” is delusional.

    Right now it is anyone’s guess who they choose ’cause I think they have to rethink their plans since their first choices are no more. But don’t think for a second they went after those guys just “gather info.” That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve heard on hear in awhile right up there with “the Kap experiment will fail” and “Foles is the future”

    • Rightbecausetheeagles always tell the press and the fans their intentions. They are so forthcoming with info. The most forthcoming thing Lurie said is we will talk to college coaches, coordinators and ex coaches. He did not mention telling anyone from the press who he was most interested in. You all are thinking like fans. You want to know who will coach the birds… Me too, unfortunately they have a different agenda and pleasing us is not on it

  65. Also i suspect all those other coaching vacancies will be filled before the Eagles. Chicago and SD are desirable landing spots. You couldn’t ahve told me the Browns would have a HC before we would. And while Jags may be the doghouse a new coach could come in and really make that team his own. Philly is not as desirable a spot as many want to believe. Yeah it’s a big market, but Philly fans are the devil and the team is a mess right now and I”m not sure folk want to play nice with Roseman.

    • That is the stupidest thing on here… The fans are the devil? A sold out stadium, fans that care. High profile NFC east, the last coach lasted 14 years and made about 50 million and had the pick of his jobs….terrible job here. Think man!

      • lol Yes the stadium will be sold out but they will be yelling and cursing at you and chanting for you to leave if they don’t like what’s going on field and then you will hear about it for the rest of the week and then some.

        Terrible job here from the prospect of winning and winning now. The next coach will NOT be here for 14 years. That doesn’t happen like that in the league and I doubt it happens like that again in Philly.

        The team is in shambles with no clear QB, questionable special teams and a horrid defense. And there’s questions about how much power Roseman is really gonna have.

        This ain’t the place to be especially with some other, possibly more desirable jobs available.

        • Oh you are under impression that an egomaniacal HC candidate listens to WIP or fans? The link is the only place in the NFL where fans boo. That is pretty funny. If you want a coach that listens to the fans or gets his feelings hurt then you want a terrible coach. These men think entirely different than you or me. This is a great spot to coach. The owner leaves you alone, lots of national exposure. This one and Chicago are the two bestin my opinion…they both have warts at qb but ours is unknown so if he blows it’s not the coaches fault

      • I swear many of them are kids that act like Santa didn’t bring what they asked for for Christmas. It’s comical…

        You can’t have a good conversation about football because some halfwit is regurgitating some BS story written by some unenlightened blogger on another site.

        I laugh my balls off every time paulman says this guy or that guy wants to stay on the West coast – and people actually believe that shit… I guess they were not around when paulman “reported” for a month that Nnamdi Asomugha would not come to the East coast. I only wish he wouldn’t come….

  66. ***BreKing News
    Per O’Hare Airport Sources,
    Roseman followed Gus Bradley to the restrooms and too the urinal spot from Bradley while he was doing his business, and asked Bradley if he would throw the Falcon Game on purpose so Eagles could Hire Him next Week
    Latrine employee, stated that Bradley zipped up andreied back
    “Mr Rosenan, I do believe our interview is over” and left the meeting shortly there after…
    JH will have follow-ups later this afternoon

  67. After learning of this episode, Pete Carroll was livid and wants an NFL
    Investigation of the Eagles Traveling “Trey Fantasy Amigos”

  68. Pman you crazy man, you left out the part where roseman offered to wipe his ass if he took the job. LOL

  69. Dam Arian is 60 years old man he is a bit old to come in here and coach what you guys think.

  70. Okay so Bradley is the guy most of you guys want if he turns down the dam job then okay we officially know we suck agreed.

  71. Mike Nolan of the Falcons is schooling Gus Bradley so far this game
    Bradley is not ready yet

    • One slow start in a cross country road game against the number one seed and all of a sudden Bradley isn’t ready yet?

      • Btc please don’t allow facts and reason get in the way of the 14 year old paulboy … His mommy caught him under the stairs with the KC penny catalog opened to the bra and panty section, he hasn’t been himself

  72. Uh oh do not like

    CSN Philly reports the Eagles interviewed ex-Ravens head coach Brian Billick for their head-coaching vacancy last Monday.

    • Fuck don’t do it

      The timing of the report is interesting, as Billick is currently announcing Sunday’s NFC Divisional round game on FOX. The Super Bowl XXXV winner has drawn just cursory interest around the league since being let go by the Ravens after the 2007 season. Although Billick’s background is on offensive side of the ball, his Baltimore defenses often carried the weight of the offense on its back. CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank is told Billick is “considered among the leading candidates” for the position.

  73. I wouldn’t mind Billick
    What a game by Russell Wilson
    This guy is having an unbelievable game

  74. Bradley just got good again

  75. The game is changing to quarterback that can run and we’re stuck with foles.. Its like were going back in time..

    Ruseel Wilson wont make an NFL roster..lmao

  76. That was shanahans fault

  77. Carrol blew that game in the first quarter.. what an idiot

  78. What a great game, all I can say is that the Eagles are years away from competing with the 6 Teams that have played so far this weekend
    Ayers of the game
    Russell Wilson, KJ Wright of the Seahawks and Tony Gonzales and Kicker Matt Bryant of the Falcons

    Now we will watch to see if Texans can play with the Patriots
    Schaub will have to have the fame of his career for Texans to gave a shot
    Maybe Wade Phillips will have some surprises for Tom Brady
    I actually expect a closer game with Pats winning 35-31

  79. Lets slow down with the “game is changing” hyperbole.

    There were 6 teams with “running” qbs for most of the reg season. That’s about 20%

    3 of the 12 playoff teamshave “running” qbs. That’s 25%

    1 of final 4 teams will have a running QB. That’s 25%.

  80. seahawks shoudl have won so 2 of 4 … 50 %

  81. The running QB thing is a fad. Atop saying we’re years away because we don’t have one.

  82. No its not the the running quarterbacks are getting better and better… The defenses are so good now you need a dull threat unless your a great defensive team.. I guess you cant even classify them as running quarterbacks anymore because theyre throwing the ball better than the so called pocket passers

    • They are a fad

      And they’re a fad for one reason you never, ever consider.


      No owner worth his salt is going to hook up his financial $100 million dollar contract wagon to a guy who will….if he continues to run 15x a game… play 2/3s of his games max.

      Running QBs are a missuse of resources.

      Of the 3 this year RGIII, WIlson and Kaepernick…one is out for a year, and I suggest you might see another down early next year (though at least Wilson looks like he;s learning how to play the pro game)

      Running QBs are working right now because they’re knew (in the NFL).

      You will be amazed how they will disappear in a year or 2.

      Again – they don;t make financial sense for owners…2 once Dss get film success will drop…..

    • These guys aren’t “running QBs” They are pocket passers who can run.


      The dual threat keeps defenses honest and requires some creative game planning. Add in a solid run game from ur RB and you have a headache from a defensive standpoint.

      Guys like Cam and Kap are big, strong, fast and have big arms…who doesn’t want that.

  83. Oh Vinnie with his wisdom.

    Big Ben, Luck and Rodgers ALL run quite a bit. No one is calling them running QBs.

    None of these guys are run first QBs – kap/RG3/Wilson

    They can run and do when it suits them. But they have big arms and are pretty accurate. There are also a lot of designed runs for these guys. Kap and Russel in particular slide and run out of bounds when necessary. You can run 15x a game if you do that.

    But Vinnie knows it all as usual.

    *rolls eyes*

  84. The key foremost is the ability to move the pocket like flacco or Ben and hopefully Foles. The true runners will become moving pocket qb’s very quick… RG3 is now a move the pocket qb… His read option days are about done

  85. “Big Ben, Luck and Rodgers ALL run quite a bit. No one is calling them running QBs.
    None of these guys are run first QBs – kap/RG3/Wilson”

    LOL – you know why no one is calling them “running QBs???”. Because they aren’t.

    Ben Roethless – never more than 40 rushein any season..avg 2.5 ‘rushes’/game
    Rogers – never more than 64 rushes….avg 3.5 ‘rushes’/ game

    RGIII – 120 rushes….8.5 ‘rushes’ game
    Kaepernik – 63 rushes (in 7 games)….avg 8 ‘rushes’/game
    Wilson – 94 rushes….6 ‘rushes’/game

    Why do you clowns keep making stupid shit up?

    “running” QBs do one thing and one thing only.

    Get hurt.

    Running QBs are a fad and a fad that will fade very very quickly.

  86. A huge difference of a QB who can extend plays with his legs but stil looks to throw downfield (Rogers, Big Ben, Jay Cutler and even Nick Foles) as opposed to QB’s who actually look to run and have plays set up for them to run (Cam Newton, RGIII, R Wilson,C Kapernick) The Rest of them are mostly Pocket QB’s that relay on good protection, balanced game plan and exectution to be at their best .. (Brady,Ryan,Stafford,Brees,Mannings,Bradford,etc,etc)

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