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Report: Eagles Interview Brian Billick’s Ruben Frank reported on Sunday that the Philadelphia Eagles have interviewed former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick to fill the team’s head coaching vacancy.

Billick spent nine seasons as the head coach in Baltimore, winning a Super Bowl title in 2000. He hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2007, when he was fired after the Ravens finished the season 5-11.

Of all of the big-name former head coaches, Billick has received the least amount of attention. Teams and fans have been clamoring for guys like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden to return to the NFL, but despite his successful run in Baltimore, Billick has never been a name that has excited people.

I think the Eagles are starting to get a little desperate in their search for a new head coach. Their top choices (Bill O’Brien, Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly) have all turned their noses up at offers from the Eagles, and none of the other candidates that the team has interviewed for the job have emerged as a front-runner. Reaching out to Billick, a guy who has drawn no interest from any NFL team since being fired by Baltimore, says to me that the Eagles are really having trouble selling their team to potential head coaches.

That being said, the Eagles could do a lot worse than Billick. After all, Billick has already accomplished what Andy Reid was never able to in Philadelphia: winning a Super Bowl. Also, as Ruben Frank points out, throughout his career Billick has always done an excellent job of putting together a quality staff around him. Future NFL head coaches Mike Smith, Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Nolan have all served under Billick in Baltimore.

Billick also had some serious flaws during his time in Baltimore. He was never able to successfully develop a quarterback for the Ravens, with several unsuccessful draft picks (Chris Redman, Kyle Boller) and he ended up turning his teams over to veteran retreads like Tony Banks, Trent Dilfer, and Steve McNair. By the end of 2007, his act in Baltimore had grown about as stale as Andy Reid in Philadelphia.

We’ll see in the coming weeks how serious the Eagles’ interest in Billick is.

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82 Comments for “Report: Eagles Interview Brian Billick”

  1. This franchise is totally fucked if this is our guy

  2. I like Billick better than Gruden

  3. SAme here, I think they may have to go to the re-tread ROute for 3-4 Years before they can really rebuild the Franchise and attract an David Shaw, Curtis Strong, BIll O’Brien type.. With Billick, at least there could be a Good sound Coaching Staff to surround this young Roster.. It wouldn’t be an exciting hire for usre, but they could do worse.. I don’t mind if they take a chance and hire a young Coordiantor with limitied experience, but the Eagles Front Office needs to be updfront and tell everyone, this is a complete rebuild and gut half this Roster.. but to keep saying we are a few pieces away, 1 good Off-Season away from a contending Team is not realistic with anyone who follows the game closely.. Defense needs a Rebuild with at least 5-6 New Players.. OL is full of ?? TE and WR Corps need Updgrades and Yes, Still a huge ?? about QB..
    Why would a hot, up and coming Asst COach want to get involved with this and lose all momentum in their Career taking over a rebuild situation where caances are, you will have a losing record the first 3 Seasons and then be fired, deemed a loser and have to re-start your Coaching Reputation again..
    The State of the Franchise here in 2013 is probably better suited for a Lovie Smith, Bill BIllick,Mike Nolan, Mike Mularkey Type to ride the storm out and re-buld the Franchise the right way with a Solid Foundation for the next Hot young Coach in 2016-2017 ….

  4. Fraudman you should start every post with “I’m just a stupid, no nothing numb nuts but I think the eagles (Phil’s,sixers,flyers) should”….

  5. I have no idea why they are even interviewing Billick if they haven’t set up an interview with Gruden. Billick was the “Offensive Genius” that thought Trent Dilfur was the next coming of Joe Montana, he’s just fortunate that he was blessed with a better than average defensive coordinator and a GM that knew and still knows how to evaluate defensive talent.

    • Nobody, is interviewing Gruden…He is not going to coach the Eagles. Why is that so hard for people to believe, and he wouldn’t be a good fit as Coach anyway.

  6. Just so you know Denny, Bill O’Brien and Brian Kelly are both on record as saying that their talks with the Eagles never reached the point of a job offer.

    I know your story sounds better if you play it off like the Eagles were turn down, but that’s just in your head. If you want to be a real reporter when you grow-up, you should try to report facts… not feelings.

    I think you have the wrong idea about job interviews – when a guy shows up for the interview… it’s because he wants the job. With the exception of Chip Kelly who just wants to be wanted.

    In the end, the Eagles will hire the guy that they want. You can rest assured.

  7. I will take billick over that fraudgruden

  8. Billick is good defensive coach but Kyle Boller was a poor draft pick and he has never developed a QB

  9. You guys are dead wrong we all knew the 3 colleges coaches weren’t going nowhere

  10. He has a defensive aura and spirit about him … hes aggressive . teams with aggressive coaches typically play better defense .. see harbaugh 49ers

  11. Chicago interviewed 13 people for the job I don’t see people talking about that you guys in the media are so desperate to spread negative news about the Eagles because they don’t tell you guys shit.

    • Yes they are negative dimwitted assholes. We get it. DCAR, fraud GM et al. Just negative shot stirring assholes. All unfulfilled in life and certainly athletics. Fraud and GM are spending their 30s in moms basement….DCAR has made it out had some success but is still unfulfilled cuz his hs friends turned out to be better athletes than hi,

      • Who the F^#@ are you havenoballs? Why you bringing my name into this? You don’t know $#!T about me, you turd! UNFULFILLED IN LIFE? ROTFLMFBO! I’ve lived a very good, accomplished life, with ZERO regret! WTF, are you talking about? You internet gangster, blowhards, who brag about their so-called past accomplishment, make me laugh! You didn’t coach, or referee $#!T, but little league! You accomplished $#!T! You don’t know me, OLD man, stay retired, take your geritol, have your boyfriend Lil Bron-Bron Jon Fraud, change your depends, & keep my name out of your F^#@ING mouth!

        • You @$$munches, that sit behind a keyboard, & condescendingly talk down to people, like they know it all, are worthless bags of puss! Does it make you feel better, to act like you’re better than everyone on here, with your fact-less, idiotic comments? You’re just mad, because you’ve been made an @$$ out of, with your Booben Amaro, idol worship, by me! If your wrong, your wrong! Don’t be mad, deal with it! Remember, we come on here to have fun with, & vent about our teams. You @$$holes, don’t understand that! I got news for you, GMCliff, Paul, & myself have more knowledge, than you, Jon Fraud, the 3 amigos, & Booben Amaro, together! Just because somebody is being paid to do a job, doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing, or even deserve to have a job!

      • Just FYI Cigar, I live in a Single Family Home, and haven’t lived with my parents since I was 15. I was a Single parent for 13 years before i got married.

        My oldest son is Jawan Carter, former St Joe’s recruit/Univ. of Del Graduate.

        I have two 21 year old daughters, one is a model in Miami, and the other is studying to be a Doctor,at Michigan State,

        and I have a 5 r old Autistic Son , who has won a gold medal in the Special Olympic for Basketball.

        I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in Sports Management, and on the basketball team. Brother I am very fulfilled in life. I am disabled now, and love talking Sports.

        You are on here as much as we are! Why, I can only assume you like Sports as well.

        Why are you attacking us as if you know so much more than we do?

        Well, I would honestly love to hear some of your opinions on the Eagles Coaching search…The prospects you would bring in to fix this team….and some logic that doesn’t include immature, undignifying remarks about our opinions, that have proven to be of more worth than yours…….Lets hear some of Cigars brilliant suggestions…….

        • GM- i taught autistic kids for the final 8 years of my career and loved every minute of it. you are blessed and i mean that.

        • Cliff, you don’t have to explain your back story to anyone, especially not that condescending POS! He’ll only find a way to criticise anyway, & thinks in his own mind that he’s a know it all, & know body else knows $#!T! You know who gives you love & respect on here?!? SOME people, think they’re the only ones who has had accomplishments, & lived a better life than everyone else. All props to your family. Sorry about you being disabled & your Youngest’s autism. I myself, have a 3 year old Grandson with autism, also my Nephew has Down Syndrome & Autism, & neither can be loved any more. For whom may be concerned, I’m 44, almost 6′ 4″ 245 muscular lbs, weight/MMA train. I played College baseball & football. I blew out both knees (ACL’s, R-MCL, no cartlidge in R-Knee, torn R-rotator cuff & Labrum) that ended my sports aspirations at 21. So I had to refocus, for my family, & myself! Went to 3 schools, for 7 long years. I Have degrees in criminal justice, real estate & business management. I was a police officer for 10 years. Worked for the Phillies/ Eagles from 87′-03′. Worked as a bouncer & Security since I was putting myself through, all my schooling. Now, I flip homes/ construction side job & Security over nights. Putting 2 boys through FSU. 3rd a freshmen at Wichita State, on baseball scholarship, daughter still in HS. My beautiful Wife of 22 years, who I’ve been with since we were 16, is a Nurse at Childrens Hospital, & used to be a beautician. I’ve built a nice nest-egg, we’ve put our kids through school. All great, respectful, clean, hardworking, kids, who I love & respect. 2 beautiful Grandbabies too. So, for anyone, cluelessly questions us, with no facts, rhyme, nor reason, other than to disagree with us, or make themselves feel better, can go F^#@! I love my sports teams, know my sports, am grounded, realistic, & not delusional! If criticism is warranted, I will do so, it doesn’t matter what the egotist, braggers, apologists & alter bowing nimrods say! BTW, other than criticising us, what ideas, thoughts & suggestions, do they bring to the table?!? I’ll continue to have fun, criticise & rant when I have to. If anyone doesn’t like it, too F^#@ ING BAD!!!!!

        • oh and carter was a very good player for the hens. i gave my season tickets up two seasons ago.

          • We are all here for the same reason, to support,criticize,speculate and talk about our favorite Team (Eagles) .. I normally stay out of the name-calling crap for it;s pretty childish to do so and means nothing in the end.. I do like to bust balls, and yes, I like to get goofy with some posts, atagonize, and even find some humor in the things concerning the Eagles … But I respect everyone having an opinion and their right to express whatever they want as long as it’s clean fun with no personal digs.. I also enjoy reading other posters comments whether they are making good points for or against their thoughts about the subject of the article and whatever tangent the Posters take the thread.. We all want the same thing which is a SUper Bowl Championship.. We are all excited about who the next Coach will be and the Systems,Schemes and Coaching Staff the new HC will bring.. He and they will have a lot a work ahead but have a great opportunity to build a Team from the Ground up, to forge a new Identity and to Coach for some of the Best Fans in the Nation and hopefully put the Eagles in Contention for a Super Bowl Championship… .

            • Paul, it’s a shame, that unfortunately, our posts will fall on dear ears, because they are condescending, know it all, pom-pom waving, irrational trolls, who don’t believe in having an open, free mind, that has ideas, suggestions, resolutions, & like to have fun.

              • by have fun i assume you are talking of your incessant name calling.

              • Only to you & your butt buddy, side kick, Lil Bron-Bron Jon! Whats the matter, don’t like taking your own medicine? It might be childish, but I only do so, when defending myself, & other posters, that you insult & pile on! If you don’t like it, don’t do it! Your incessant, idol worshipping of front offices, trolling & name calling of other posters, is nauseating, & your condescending, stubborn, know it all, comments & attitude, is irrational, clueless & downright stupid! So lets try to keep it to sports! None of us are better than the other, but some of us are actually correct, most of the time, in are assessments! You CAN’T DEAL WITH, being wrong, & have to resort to calling people frauds, non-fans, etc. etc. Sorry, but it’s a fact!

          • He is a Marketing Manager for Nike. I gave him up for adoption when I was 15, but he did let me share some in his accomplishments..He is still the Leading Scorer in Delaware High School Basketball History…Very Proud of him.

  12. That’s funny Cigar, You don’t know jack about me or much about football for that matter..

    • I know you make shit up. I know more football than you dream off. I know have made player decisions for real and not on the Internet, I know ihave made 4th and 1decisions, some have worked some have failed. I know when I did that dickheads in the stands knew more than I did

  13. Some of you guys just need to STFU. This team aint winning anything in the next 3 years. Its a rebuilding process. They could hire a coach the day before preseason for all I care just make sure you got the right guy! enjoy some playoff action and take a deep breath. Outside of Bill O’ Brien 60% of Philly wouldn’t be happy with Chip and Brian Kelly so whats there to complain for? you wanted Andy Reid gone and now he’s gone its like you guys just have to have something to bitch about.

    • In this NFL there are many examples of teams going from a losing season…changing coaches and having success in the playoffs…..just look at the 49ers two years ago and the Colts last year…..the 49ers even did it with Alex Smith….so take all of that bullshit wishful thinking on the part of a stinking Giants fan and drive it back up the Turnpike….do I need to start with that old shit again ES???

  14. I wouldn’t mind a Billick as HC and then maybe hire DC Bradley
    As DC/Asst HC with the understanding that he would become the next HC when Billick is done his 3-4 Year Deal and have the understanding that Billick would move up to a Front Office Job after his HC deal is done
    This way you groom a young QB and Offense while Bradley rebuilds the Defense in his likeness and take it from there

  15. Some of you need to lay off paulman, he is arrogant, blow hard, but he is right to the core, he makes shit up, says dumb, outrageous things and you fools fall for it , paulman laughing his ass off all this attention, but you guys give him fuel with your attention, these nicknames you give him, paulman just another poster possessing good football acumen, you clowns elevate him to something special

  16. NFL Breaking News

    Cardinals giving 2nd Interview to Mike McCoy
    And are expected to make Offer for HC
    If that doesn’t work out, Cardinals DC Ray Horton Jr
    Will get the Offer per Sources.
    What’s not clear is whether Horton would return as DC if McCoy were to be hired, Horton would make an excellent DC
    If he would want to leave and not be 2nd fiddle

    Raiders to interview Juan Castillo as OL Coach and Mike Martz as OC
    As both Positions are open.

    Panthers to Interview Bengals QB Coach Hue Jackson
    As OC for their open spot

    Lots of Jobs/Pisitions to be filled this week
    Eagles need to get a HC in place by next weekend if they want this new Coach still to have quality Assistants around to Complete a Staff

    Chargers to Interview Gus Bradkey for their open HC Position as well

    Word in Green Bay is that DC Dom Capers may be let go
    Opening another DC position for a good Team
    Asst Ciaches Zmije Tgovac, LB Kevin Greene could be elevated or maybe want to move on???
    OC Tom Clements is looking to branch out and get more consideration as a HC
    Not sure if Eagles are interested in return but a quality Coach and person
    To talk to…

  17. The ridiculousness just keeps on going on for the 3 amigos. It’s like they have ADD and they remember they forgot to interview someone and they say “Oh Shit” let’s go talk to him. Or they are like a little kid going down the cereal aisle in the supermarket going “I want that one and that one and that one.”

    I said this last week and I will say it again. This is going to end up bad.

  18. hahahahahaha phillyfan dude your so right. It seriously seems that way doesn’t it? The good thing is that there are still some intriguing coaches in the mix. I personally would like to see the Eagles go after a young coach. Gus Bradley would be my choice if the Eagles can’t get Jon Gruden. And i also think it’s time to change up the Eagles uniforms. Would like to see them bring back the silver and maybe brighten up that dark green. Just my opinion..

  19. Nice to see Wilson with a suit and tie on during his post game presser. Looled god, Professional…..bodes well for the future.

    1/2 time interview….Kapernick in a tee-shirt and stupid too big baseball cap with str8 brim…..having a QB who looks like a skateboarding punk does not bode well……..

    • What does that mean Vinnie? Foles looks more like Kap in his interviews than Wilson. Hell Vick is always dressed in a suit as his pressers. You do realize Kap was probably in the training room for that interview it wasn’t an official after the game press conference right?

      • First…Vick was rarely in a suit.

        Second….Kap knew he was going to be interviewed. He knew he was going to be on national tv…..but he’s got his “look” and wants to put it out there. Put on a shirt and tie. You’re a professional.

        2ns…I do think Foles needs to start looking the part. I saw him coming off the bus last game in baggy t-shirt and giant headphones and was not impressed at all.

        Can’t win with a QB wearing a baggie t-shirt, sideways hat or giant earphones.


        Oh…and I don’t think you can win with the stupid tattoo sleves either, but we’ll see.

  20. Word here is San Diego is that the Chargers are going to offer the job to Bruce Arians.

  21. Denny, the Ravens were 5-11, in 2007, not 3-13. In 2007 he had a roster full of injuries, a year after being 13-3. He is my choice, & a very good coach. I just didn’t think he would come out of the booth.

  22. So what’s the harm in talking to a well known and respected ex-head coach for 8 hours? Like him or not, he’s tapped into the league and had a track record of hiring among the best staffs ever assembled. Not saying he should be hired, but 8 hours in a room with Billick gathered insight that would take months to assemble.

  23. Can’t imagine what these boards would look like if they didn’t meet with anyone the last two weeks. And, it’s not as if they’re offering the job to everyone who walks through the doors.

  24. So when is the press conference to introduce Gus Bradley as the new HC? Are the three amigos finished with their due diligence, or picking the brains of every football coach in North America.

  25. DMan,

    Bradley is my choice too. I was a McCoy supporter but things did not go well or he didn’t want to come East. Whatever, I have swung my support to Bradley. I hope Howie gives him input on the draft to get the types of players he wants to rebuild this defense. I am puzzled about one thing. No interviews or reports of being turned down from Roman or Fangio. ??????????????????

  26. Nobody should care how any athlete looks, dresses after the game It’s about what he does on the field, is he a leader, is he focused, is he disciplined, these attributes are not necessarily reflected by post game attire, that’s a personal thing and no man should give a shit what another man wears

  27. Dcar, you are out of shape, bet your cardio out put sucks

    • I’m not out of shape, but I was 275 marshmellow 2 years ago, & it was killing my bad wheels. I’ve built too much muscle now, but I had too, to make my lower body & core more stable & powerful, but that’s what added cardio is for. I’ll get down, to about 225- 230, but I don’t have much time recently, with work, family, holidays & only 1-1.5 hrs to work out & exercise! It’s all good!

  28. Factoring Internet hyperbole, dcar is 1-2 inches shorter, 10-20lbs heavier, so he’s 6′ 2″, 260, correction, dcar is way out of out shape, dcar, get your fat ass on the treadmill, report to me when you are a lean 6’2″ 200

    • ROFLMFBO! NO JAKE, I really am almost 6’4″ & 245! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! FUNNY $#!T, Jake! Just made my wife laugh & poke my belly.

  29. Haveacigar, you need to change that head name, or at least stop being confrontational, because it invite responses like havenoballs, getnoass, etc.

  30. Great back stories Dcar and Cliff I work with underprivileged kids down in Jacksonville so I love it when conversing with men with Integrity and real family values.

    • Thanks Big! I don’t like spewing my personal bidness, but I thought the time was appropriate! If more people would care about, & help these kids, there wouldn’t be so many animals, on the streets! It’s a nightmare out there right now, & the more I can at least give some hope to, the merrier! Don’t do nearly as much as I should anymore, due to work, & kids school events, & family stuff, but I still help out my Uncle, once a month! Every little bit helps, I think!

  31. And Jake I’m the one who got fat after my playing days and my wife always is after my fat ass to get on the treadmill. LOL

  32. You better big lion, let’s here your exaggerated stats like dcar, but seriously, obesity is a huge problem in this country, men should be fit, no excuse if you are healthy and you are fat

  33. How about a combo of Billick as HC and work with the Offense and also Hire Lovie Smith to run the Defense and Special Teams
    Both Billick and Smith are mature, have mutual respect for each other and the game of Football and don’t have the “Ego’s” that many Coaches have
    That could be a great Combo for a common goal of bringing Philly a Championship don’t you think…

  34. Not a bad combo at all if it can happen. Don’t like Billick’s record with QBs though…..really just one good year with Cunningham and all he had to do was toss bombs to Moss.

  35. Just read that Eagles’ scouts are conducting interviews at the East/West shrine game and just met with…..

    Kirby Fabien…… an offensive lineman with the Calgary Dinos of the CIS….. (Cdn university football).

    Gotta love those Canadian Olinemen!!

  36. Wonder if the Eagkes have any more Scouts left in America
    They should hire some in the South where the best players are from

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