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Eagles Confirm Second Interview Of Gus Bradley On Tuesday

The Eagles have confirmed that they’re interviewing Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, for the second time tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15th.   They interviewed him on Saturday in Atlanta prior to the Seahawks playoff game against the Falcons.

There have been numerous reports about Bradley being the leading candidate to get the Birds head coaching job and this second interview seems to confirm it.

Bradley is regarded as a player’s coach, who is also an outstanding communicator.  He’s gotten rave reviews from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who says he’s the best teacher he’s ever been around.  Carroll says Bradley reaches his players with his gift of gab, plus he’s very positive.

Clearly one of the biggest problems on the Eagles squad a year ago was that they didn’t play with passion, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Philadelphia had been known as a place where defensive players, like Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter and Hugh Douglas lined up and hit you in your mouth.  Before that Reggie White, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, Eric Allen and etc. did the same thing.

This past year was an embarrassment to the Eagles organization and the city of Philadelphia to have players like Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie letting Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin run by them on his way to the end zone and all they did was tag him like they were playing two-hand touch.

That’s not Eagles football and that’s not the way people in Philadelphia like to see their team play.  From what I understand Bradley impressed Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman with his ability to inspire and connect with his players to get them to lay it on the line like Eagles fans are used to seeing.

I like what I’ve heard about the defensive system which he employs.  Bradley plays both the 4-3 and the 3-4 alignments.  Sometimes he will have a defensive end or linebacker get down in a three-point stance or stand-up into a two-point stance to keep the offense guessing.  He likes using defensive ends who can play both defensive end and linebacker, so they can run multiple looks.  I like that idea and I gather the Eagles must have liked it as well.

It seems that all signs are pointing to him being signed in the next couple of days.

It would make sense for the Birds to finish this search before next week’s Senior Bowl, so that the new Eagles head coach can go to Mobile, Alabama and put together his staff.  Available assistant coaches tend to congregate at Senior Bowl in search of a job.

The Senior Bowl is also very important when it comes to assessing the talent in the upcoming NFL Draft.   Nearly all of the top talent will be in Mobile, so coaches and scouts are able to see them in action against other top players.

Of course it’s more important to get the right guy at the head job, but if Bradley’s going to be the guy, it makes sense to get it done now.

By the way, I’ll making the trip to Mobile this year and I will be making reports on what’s happening down there since it’s going to be such a big year for the Birds down there. on Facebook

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127 Comments for “Eagles Confirm Second Interview Of Gus Bradley On Tuesday”

  1. It’s also being reported he has an interview set up this thurs with the Jags, the Eagles better not let this guy leave the building tomorrow.

  2. Agreed andrew, i hope they get a deal done with him on tues. And if he is hired as the new HC, i wonder who he will target as his OC. And what style of offense they will want to run..

  3. who gives a shit we have no quarterback.. and there is noone to draft.. Foles had turnover problems at arizona in critical situations and had 8 fumbles in less than half of a season.. the report is none of the big name coaches want to coach here because of an unjustified faith in Foles from the front office..

    • 8 turnovers in almost half a season is actually pretty spectacular compared to Vick who had 9 turnovers in three games.

    • Yuck yuck.

      first…it was 7 fumbles as one was charged to Foles, but we all saw Bryce Brown turtle and drop the ball.

      second…all 7 were in his first 2 starts.

      How’d he do in that category over his last 4 starts after he had been introduced to the game?

      He experienced. He learned. He stopped fumbling.

    • i have not read any of those reports about foles. could you help us out with the magazines or web sites that you found them?

  4. ***Howard Eskin reporting- Bradley coming today, to sign a contract, not interview.*** Looks like a done deal boys! Could have been a worse decision, I guess. Let’s see who his staff will be! Like his fire, & choice in players. He is just we need to put a foot in this defenses, quitting, mutt @$$e$!

    • Did the report come from the sidelines at Artowhead Stadium? Eskin’s the same guy whose sources told him the NHL was canceling the season. 2 days later, tentative agreement was reached between the 2 sides. I think this is a bit of a reach.

    • @DCar – LOL you dirty dawg, Symbolic jab duly noted
      the burger KING is now hiding behind this tweet : @howardeskin
      “here is what I was told by west coast NFL source bout Bradley. Great Presence, ok substance.”
      He told his audience yesterday at 5:53pm Fox Channel 29 that Gus Bradley was no longer a serious candidate. Now I am subjugated to the idignity to being called “stupid” by the likes of GMCliff. ( as I tilt my head down and shake contritely for the post )
      GMCliff – let me have it , I earned it

  5. @DCar I hope this info is true cause I think he brings a attitude to this team that has been missing for years. My only concern is the same as yours. What kind of staff will he be able to put together. I hope and pray that this all works out for the best. Go Eagles.

    • No need to worry about Bradley’s staff if in fact he becomes the head coach. No staff on this planet can be any worse than the one we’ve had.

    • e215, Big Daddy Graham, said on his show, “That per Eskins & Blubban Franks twitter accounts, that Bradley is coming in today, to finalize a contract, & not interview.” Take it for what you will. I’ll believe it, when they get the John Hancock! He ain’t my 1st choice, but he’s a good, young, up-&-comer. I’ll be good with it.

  6. If Bradley is the guy then the defensive scheme will change…

    Seattle uses 3 massive DL and a leo back….someone 250lbs to rush the qb

    And they rely on fast linebackers, physical corners and safeties….

    Interesting to see who he brings over from seattle

    • Sounds nice doestn it! lol My type of coach!

      • Sounds good to me, because this dude loves big beasts, everywhere!

      • CB Marcus Trufant is a former Starter for Seahawks and now their #3/Nickel CB behind thier All-Pro Duo of Sherman/Browner.. Trufant would love the chance to be a Starter again and it won’t be anytime soon if he stays with Seattle… Could be a good pick-up and not very big $$$

        • He’ll be here, bank on it!

          • Only thing, he’s a 10 year vet & is 5’11” in spikes. But he’s an upgrade, over ASSomugha, Lindley, Marsh, Hughes, & Hawkins. I’d cut ASSomugha, resign DRC with trepidation, draft a good CB high, have Boykin, Trufant, Marsh, Hughes, & the draft pick, fight it out for 2,3,4,5 spots.

            • He is simply a 2-3 year Player, a short-term answer at CB
              as the Eagles will Draft a bigger CB but can help the younger players during the Transition since he know’s Bradley System well..
              I would not Resign DRC and let him walk and only keep Asmo with a major pay cut and have Bradly meet sit down with him face to face and give him the expecations oof how he will have to play in his scheme and that he demands, If Asmo buys into it and commits, then keep him.. If Asmo balks, or Bradley is not sold on Asmo buy in.. then cut him.. Let Bradley make the call

              • Millner, Banks, Rhodes? ALL 6’1″.

              • I keep ASSomugha, by NO means, in any scenario! He can’t play. He’s horrid & the biggest FA bust EVER! Honestly I wouldn’t bring either CB, nor Safeties back. It will be hard to replace an entire starting secondary, in 1 off-season! Resign DRC, at a premium, Trufant as depth, sign Jairius Byrd, by all means, necessary, draft CB & SS, with 1st 3 picks!

              • Xavier Rhodes 6-2 217lbs, long arms and likes to hit..
                Kid from Rutgers (Ryan Logan) is not bad either at 6-0 200lbs

              • Love Rhodes, wish he’d last to our 2nd pick. I’d try to trade Cole, & Maclin, to get additional 2nd’s & 3rd’s!

              • agree with you on the Trades ..

                Trade Maclin and a 4th Round (100th Overall) pick to the Rams for their 2nd Rounder (48th Overall)
                (Maclin can play in his hometown (Saint Louis) and the Rams need a consistent WR on the outside so it would be a win-win for everyone, chances are Maclin is not going to get a big Deal in Philly and he may walk after 2013 Anyways..move him while you can..

                Trade T Cole to Panthers or Patriots for their 3rd Round Pick

                Trade T Herremans to the Bears,Lions,Steelers,Packers, whoever for a 5th Round Pick

  7. Just read an article about the chiefs in the draft. Ha ha ha

    They’re getting all excited, only to have the FATMAN trade out of the 1st round and start stockpiling for his long unsuccessful stay in KC.

    Those poor saps…

    Jeffrey Loser, go ahead and sign Gus..

    Bring in Norv Retread as offensive coordinator.

  8. Hopefully we’ll hire Gus today and this merry-go-round coaching search will be over. I hope this is their guy because they have a decision to make with Vick very soon.

  9. There is no decision to make on VIck, that’s already been decided by Vick’s play over the last 25 Games.. He’s a goner..

  10. I’d keep DRC with the hopes that a strong voice can motivate him. His ceiling is through the roof. Asmo flat out sucks and can’t play anymore.

    • Only keep him at a premium. If he wants to break the bank, SEE YA, WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA!!!! It’s a shame, he’s an extremely talented, X pro-bowler, but has a lot of quit, & mutt in him!

      • I don’t like either Asmo or DRC to be honest..
        DRC just can’t keep his focus and is not just very bright…Asmo is just too slow.. Make him a Nickel Back to cover TE’s/Slower Possesion Type of Receivers, since he can still cover up to about 10-15 yards or so and that’s about it . Asmo cannot back-pedal and/or turn around and cover a Receiver down the Field anymore…

        • I don’t think DRC will be back, it will be Bradley’s call on 24. The safeties are all goners, sell Nate Allen to KC for some chin straps. It will be tough to replace an entire secondary but hell it cannot be worse then what we saw this year.

          • Maybe Bradley can get the best of the mutt DRC. Regardless of anything else, ASSomugha, has GOT TO GO! I think mostly everyone agrees on that?!?

  11. That LaCanfora story certainly put a sense of urgency in Lurie’s search

  12. I’d trade Desean over Maclin in a heartbeat.

    • Problem is, D-Jax has little trade value with his big contract and his pissy,me first selfish-attitude.. Maclin has 1 Year left on a very reasonable contract and actually has a lot to play for this season if he wants a big deal after the 2013 Season so plenty of incentive for Maclin this year…
      Another words, Maclin has “higher value” than D-Jax as far as tradeability goes. D-Jax Value was thru the roof in 2010, but has been declining every since as his production, team commitment and overall attitude have been questioned ever since..

      • I get all that. But that’s trumped by the fact Desean is a me-first selfish player that must be purged.

        • Yes indeed Vinnie
          So you just think that other Teams are willing to take him on, and give up high Draft Picks and pay-D-Jax’s Salary.. This is why he has little to no Value Vinnie.. Eagles are stuck with him and should use/abuse him and have him return Punts/Kick-Offs, handle reverses, and if he gets hurt, or pusses out, that’s the price the Eagles Pay for having him and paying him that Top #1 WR $$$ when he’s not an everydown WR..
          Use him up and spit him out… MAclin as a indicated, actually has Trade Value which is who they should Trade along with Trent COle who also has Trade value.. Not much Trade Value with the remainder of the Roster though

          • I would love to know where all this Desean is a me first pissy attitude talk comes from, was he because he bitched and moaned about his subpar contract? Because that would mean damn near every athlete is a pissy me first guy. I know you read if somewhere, right next to the article about the foundation he started to stop bullying in schools yes a real me first thing to do.

            • I would say it comes from his play on the field especially his play before he got his contract…

              And just because you start a foundation doesnt mean you are doing anything to help… I am not familiar with his foundation so I can not say if he is or isnt doing anything but NFL players are required to do a certain amount of community service a year…

              starting a charity foundation is also a good way to get a tax exempt status and get tax breaks…

            • Because D-Jax gave up and quit on his Teammates and Coaches as well as the Eagle Fans the last 2 Seasons.. Do you watch any of the games Biglion821?? He’s a Cancer, always was and always will be..

              • Broken ribs is quitting on your team? Who says he’s a cancer you? I am trying to find these quotes from teammates and coaches can’t find them though.

              • Are you forgetting that he whined and moped all 2011 Season too..
                He gets tackled more by the Turf on the Field than Opponents for he wusse’s out and hits the ground after the catch.. Sulks on the Sidelines, Returns to California in Off-Season for his own workouts.. I admire his Talent, but hate his lack of Teamwork and Piss Attitude.. As a Receiver, he has not improved in 4 Years.. Still runs half-assed routes, drops too many balls and is invisible late in games, and in the red-zone when you need your Start Players to step-up.. He is a great Return-Man and a deep threat and thats about it..

              • i never called him a cancer im just telling you where the MEsean perception comes from.

                him dropping the ball at the 1 yard line because he was focusing on being on TV and celebrating…

                after a big catch him flipping the ball to the giants assistant coach and getting called for taunting.

                his alligator arms last year

                his drops last year

                his blatant hesitancy to catch a ball over the middle last year

                him skipping a special teams meeting last year.

                the fact that he doesnt bulk up his body and get tougher like steve smith. he is the same player he was day 1 as he is now…

                this is where it comes from

                however i kind of dont care. i just think desean isnt that good and i think he makes too much money for his limited skill set. i think the eagles shouldve let him walk

            • There isn;t any value in trading Maclin for a 4th either Paul. If you dump Maclin, you’ve got to get another WR, and you’re not going to get one that has the same production with a 4th round pick.

              Biglion…really? Where does the “me first” come from? (And I am not talking aobut off the field…I’m talking about the kind of football player he is. And he’s a me first “look at me” player.

              Diving short of endzone in college “look at me”
              Dropping ball at 1 yard line vs dallas showboating “look at me”
              Holding ball in air and running sideways at NYG game “look at me”
              Diving backwards into endzone “look at me”

              Guy does a lot of “look at me” busine3ss for a guy with 12 TDs over the past 3 seasons.

              Oh…and he admitedly quit on the team in the 2011 season.

              Frontrunning quitter. Bub-bye in the purge.

              • So every player who doesn’t hand the ball to a referred after scoring a TD is a me first player? I guess Brent Celek celebrating first downs is a me first player too right? Guess he has to go or be purged as you put it.

              • Eagles need to get bigger at WR, we all know this, Gus Bradley knows this.. They would have to go out and sign a Free-Agent WR with size, then can Draft a young WR to Develop and groom, which makes Maclin expecdeable, but only if you sign a Free-Agent (Jennings/Bowe,etc,etc)
                They cannot simply have a WR Corp of D-Jax,Maclin,Cooper,D Johnson and Rookies.. that would be a disaster

              • And your right about Celek, Biggy
                It’s chicken-shit about making 1st Down Signs every time you catch the ball, Just Catch them damn ball and act like you played the game before, is this so hard for these guys to do…
                I would cut him too

  13. Reported that Mike MCCoy will be the next HC of the Chargers
    which means the Arizona Cardinals will name DC Ray Horton Jr as their new Head Coach … Book it Danno

  14. Howard Eskin ‏@howardeskin

    Gus Bradley is NOW in Phila and is w #eagles front office of lurie, Roseman and Lurie.

  15. Also reported that Bruce Arians is considering a OC/Asst HC Position with
    the Eagles but is leaning to return and remain with the Colts.. .

  16. **Breaking News from NovaCare Center****
    Sources state that GM Roseman stated a few off-color remark’s about Bradley’s North Dakota Roots and it upset him to the point that Bradley was about to leave leave the Negoitiating Table.. Apparently Lurie was so pissed at Roseman that he asked him to leave the Room and go to Chicky & Pete’s for Lunch and would send a Car down for him later on..
    More Details later, but what’s with this Roseman gu anyway.. He’s like a little kid…

  17. Celel should stop with that nonsense but if Bradley is the man a lot of that amateurish nonsense will be gone, Reid ran a very undisciplined program and we will see many changes if Gus is the man

  18. @paulman you do know officially he didn’t have a single drop this year, he lives in California so what? He let his contract situation get to him in 2011 and look around the league most receivers dive for grass rather then get hit. Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt invented that crap. Route running you have no idea about if its a problem thats for the coaches to correct.

  19. He didn’t drop a pass this Season is Bull-Shit..
    I saw him have drops almost every game… I can see with my own eyes, thank you very much and don’t rely on some NFL or Eagles Statastician .. thats BS..

  20. One great thing I like about Bradley if he gets the Job is that he is not going to have any of these “Diva-Wanna Be’s: on the Team around for much longer..
    He will give them all a chance to prove themselves and give them a kick in the ass when needed, as he should..but he will not coddle to some of these immature,under-achieveing half-assed efforts from many of these Players which is exactly what this Teams needs after the “Country Club” Atmoshpere that AR ran for the last 5-6-7 Seasons..

  21. You guys are funny Sherman and Thomas are two of the biggest trash talking look at me players in the league, who do they play for again?

    • HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between a bad ass mother fucker on defense who smashes people on the regular and plays a position where you are paid to be tough and a bad ass and a 160lb 5’10” midget playing WR who rarely makes physical and tough catches and regularly just lays down as opposed to trying to beat a Sherman or Thomas.

      IMO you want that on defense and dont on offense. offensive players dont want a target on their back…

      this is common sense stuff guy, shouldnt have to be explained to ya

      • Serious question mhenski who has accomplished more in their careers so far Djax or Richard Sherman?

        • 1st – yes, Celek has been infected with the “look at me” attitude that had infected the eagles over the past few years…down from the “look at me” fist hitting the chest leader MV7, to MeSean, to Celek to COle and Babin celebrating everyday tackles like they had won the superbowl.

          Meanwhile…all this freekin’ showboating on a losing team.

          Compare Vick pushing Reid out of the way to do his “bob and weave” for the cameras post NYG comeback victory to Foles nodding his hea, getting picked up by a lineman for a second and walking off the field aftrer TB comeback.

          I know what I want on the team every time.

          BTW – .What exactly has Djax accomplished?

          One decent season 4 years ago.

        • Richard Sherman will probably be in the Pro-Bowl for the next 6-8-10 Seasons, meanwhile, D-Jax could be playing himself right out the NFL in 2-3 Years time if he doesn’t snap out of it this Season…
          Sherman is the better player right now in 2012, and has tremendous upside as one of the Top Cover CB’s in the entire NFL with much more upside, meanwhile D-JAx has average Production #’s out of NFL Receivers.. I believe his Receptions,Yardage and TD’s ranked him around 45th out of approx 150 WR’s in the NFL which is good, but nothing outstanding or worth a $50 Million Concotract.. D-Jax is nowhere near the Top 25 WR’s in Terms of Production and COnsistentcy.. He just isn’t all that good..
          Take 32 Teams and their Top 3 Wr’s which gives you about 100 WR’s and D-Jax in middle of that pack.. He’s never been an everydown #1 WR, which I have stated for 5 Years now.. If he played 40 Snaps a game, his Numbers would be about the same.. get me a bgger, more physical WR for those other 25 snaps a game like in short-yardage,red-zone situations where the games are actually won and lost on a weekly basis .. This is the real weak spot of this Eagle Team and has been for 3-4 Years now and a lot has to do with having a small,fragile WR corps who disappear in the Red-Zone due to their lack of heart, toughness.. D-Jax had 2 great years in 2009 & 2010 but has not done much since then if you ask me.. .
          I will give him a clean slate with the new Coaching Staff, but if 2013 is more of the same from D-Jax that we have seen the last 2 Seasons, then I cut his ass after 2013 and move on…

        • thats tough to answer because 1 player has been in the league for 5 years and 1 has been for 2 years. 1 player plays offense and 1 plays defense.

          if you asked who has accomplished more in the last 2 years i would say sherman he made the playoffs, won more games, had 8 interceptions this year, and was a difference maker every week. he also shut down the best WR in football (calvin johnson had 3 catches, 46 yards and 0 tds against him).

  22. So there are rules to who and who can’t, wow been around sports my whole life this is news to me.

    • lmfao if you dont get it then you dont get it.

      if you dont perceive him the same way 90% of the community does so be it. if you dont get defensive players can act a certain way that is admirable and is that way is not acceptable from offensive players so be it.

      if you dont recognize all his idiotic selfish blunders that have been posted here in the last 2 hours so be it.

      if you dont get that he is all hype and not that good so be it.

      im sure you can get this though – he has 2 100 yard games in his last 22 games. he has 5 tds in his last 22 games. HE HAS 0 MULTI RECEIVING TD GAMES IN HIS CAREER.

      he has regressed every year since 2009

      • Nope but if the argument is we need bigger receivers without killing his character I agree.

        • ok. i personally dont care about his character. just explaining why people think the way they think

          i do care about what he does on the field though and to me its not enough, i wouldve moved on from him last year and brought in v jax

          • Vjax would have been better opposite Djax then Maclin.

            • Absolutely, BIG! I said it, all last off-season! Similar $$$. VJax is bigger, better, consistent, heart, balls, doesn’t quit, is a #1 WR, & isn’t a 1 trick pony. Even when he was franchised 2 years in a row,by SD, he played very good. He’s only a few years older, than DJax.

  23. Getting an emotional leader for HC is great. Now the focus should be on who he picks as his coordinator. The best move that Reid made was picking JJ as his DC……and Bradley’s choice will likely set his course also.

  24. Eagles signed OL Allen Barbre.
    A fourth-round pick back in 2007, Barbre was released by Seattle in October before appearing in a single 2012 game. He’s started seven of 32 games over six seasons.

    interesting considering Gus is hear now … More news at 5?

  25. I think every signing the Eagles have made after the Season was a player who basically didn’t play for anyone in 2012

    DE Everett Brown (at 6-1 255lbs – could be that stand up Pass-Rusher that
    Bradley could emply.. think of a Chris Clemons Type or a Ricky Sapp)

    CB Trevor Lindley (6-1 183lbs, 3rd go round with the Eagles)
    CB Chris Hawkins (6-1 184lbs – 2nd year player from LSU)

    WR DeMarco Sampson (6-2 204lbs from San DIego State)
    WR Nick Miller (5-9 180lbs, another small but fast WR from Southern Utah)

    OT Allen Barbre (6-4 305lbs – 6th Year from OL Factory Missouri Southern State)

    • nothing to see here. this happens with every team every year. camp bodies. no risk and potential rewards.

  26. Do you think that is some what odd paulman? All these guys were on the streets the entire year

  27. Not odd, about par for the course with the Eagles..
    I am kind of curious on why Lindly.. (Roseman has always benn high on him) and maybe he thinks we a fresh start that he could end up doing something

    Checking the Eagles Roster at OT, they are very think even for OTA’s come SPring Time..
    Remember that Peters,Herremans are coming off INjuries and probably won’t do much until SUmmer Camp..
    I believe Eagles Release OT D Bell and do not offer Cotract to OT K Dunlap leaving only Dennis Kelley,and in-season pick-ups Nate Menkin, Matt Reynolds and now Allen Barbre as 4 Healthy OT on the Roster…

  28. Bigliion….as to JJ watt:
    (also from Easterbrook)

    The hey-everybody-look-at-me immaturity displayed by J.J. Watt was indicative of Houston underachieving. Before the game, Watt danced and stomped on the Patriots’ logo. Boast after you win, not before you lose! New England leading 10-3, Watt stopped Ridley for a yard loss, then jumped up and performed an elaborate finger-pointing routine. Hey everybody, look at me! Dancing on the field about a routine tackle while your team is behind: ugh. Watt had a terrible game — one tackle, half a sack, invisible for extended periods, often pancaked by Logan Mankins — but limitless energy for self-promotion. The Patriots are a group of grownups, the Texans are a group of babies, and it showed.

    Mesean, Cole, Babin, DRC and their leader Vick seem to be cut from the same mold.

    • Well said Vinnie.

      Plus with J.J. he is all juiced up so he got their extra energy he doesnt know what to do with.

    • And again every other guy in the NFL from Aaron discount double check Rodgers to Richard look at me Sherman, that’s what these grown ass athletes playing a kids game do. Vinnie Easterbrook is the king of the assholes.

  29. I am with Lion on this one. Everyone in the league does it now. Players who don’t celebrate are in the minority now. I hate it, but you can’t try to single out only a couple of players. In my opinion, the DBs are the worst because a lot of times they will try to take credit for a dropped ball. I thoroughly enjoyed Sherman getting beat by White for a long TD, because that guy never shuts up.

    Even Brady has been celebrating more this year.

  30. There is a difference between celebrating. Doing a fist pump. High-5ing a teammate….and walking 10 yrds away from a pile of players, facing the cameras and pounding a fist into your chest “me me me”

    Eagles had too many of the latter….especially for a team that hasn’t accomplished anything (and I think is one of the reasons why they haven’t accomplished anything)

    • Who cares. Why do you care what the players do after they catch the ball? In the big picture does it really matter? Some players do it some dont. Thats what makes us all different. If I was f*&king 5 10 150 pounds I would celebrate after every catch to.

  31. Vinnie we all watch the same games, they all do the same things winning teams losing teams established vets and rookies from Tony Gonzalez to Gronk everyone wants the spotlight on them not all but the majority from stupid sack dances to first down signals that has absolutely nothing to do with winning and losing football teams.

  32. Bobby April is the top candidate for Panthers special teams job.

    He would be coaching the Carolina Boys Club 75 lb team if it was based on his performance with the Eagles.

    • I live in NC and just started a Petition for the Panthers not to hire him or his Son.. He make’s Rory Segrest look like a HOF Coach.. Unbelievable

  33. Biglion — I don’t normally agree with Vinnie but on this subject I do. The whole “me me me” display has to go. Hopefully Gus (if he happens to be our next coach) doesn’t put up with this crap and gets rid of the players that do it. I didn’t mind Celek doing his what has now become “traditional” first down pose, but he shouldn’t do it EVERYTIME he catches a first down. After a big hit or at a key moment in the game to get the crowd even more in a frenzy is ok. Halfway through the first quarter of your second possession, not so much.

    There’s reasons I like Maclin over Desean, and that is one of them.

    • So your okay with Gus and his trash talking secondary but not okay with Djax and Celek okay makes no sense but okay.

      • Even though I said nothing about being ok with the Seahawks secondary talking trash, you must have dreamed that or read that in another thread by another poster….but they were out on that field ACCOMPLISHING something. They were in the playoffs. They had the number one defense in the league! If you’re going to talk to talk, be prepared to walk the walk. The Seahawks did just that.

        DJax hasn’t done a damn thing but cry himself into a new contract. Celek hasn’t done a damn thing…ever.

        • Birdo Im not hear to argue with you but listen to yourself honestly. Who the hell are we to tell these players they havent accomplished anything? Who made you or anyone else the one to decide when or how someone can celebrate? We say they havent accomplished anything? I bet you go ask thier family, kids, mom &dad if they have accomplished anything and you would get a different answer.

          • Don’t try to pick and choose my words to validate your argument. Of course they accomplished something, they are in the NFL. However, by NFL standards, they have accomplished NOTHING. Their team sucks and they are apart of that team. Why celebrate? Why subject yourself to scrutiny for no reason?

            I’ll tell you why. Because you care more about how YOU look and how YOU perform than you do about the team. For example, take a look at Maclin. You hardly EVER see him celebrate or do something that makes him “standout”. Why? Because he’s a humble guy that wants to do whatever he can to help the TEAM win. If his production is coming in garbage time with the Eagles down by 40, you won’t see anything out of him. However, when he caught that game-winner against TB, he and the rest of the team went crazy — THAT’s when it is deserved. THAT is when you should gloat. When your production is parallel with the success of the team.

            • Thats what makes us all different its a wonderful thing. Thats all Im saying. Hell Ive watched Steve Smith spin 1000 balls after a catch on a 5 win team. Thats his thing. Doesnt bother me in the least. We all are different.

              • There is a problem with it. A big problem.

                “Me me me” guys never win. Ever.

                And they don’t win because they’re frontrunners by their nature. Fair weather players.

                Always pointing to themselves when the going is good.

                Always pointing at others when things go badly.

        • It applies Birdo, how in the hell are you going to praise Bradley as a no nonsense guy when he has a defense full of steroid taking trash talkers? But again I guess if you win you can talk but if you lose you shut up. Guess what it doesn’t work that way. By the way making the pro bowl at two positions in one year is quite the accomplishment

  34. Biglion….You don’t actually believe what you last wrote.

    You want to believe it….but deep down you know its not true.

    Spiking the ball after a td is not the same as running to the centre of a field and putting the ball on the star.

    Jumping into the stands after a TD is not the same as diving backwards into the endzone.

    Dunking the uprights right after a TD is not the same as running sideways along the goalline before a td.

    You know this.

    One is celebrating. One is showboating.

    You know the difference….but you try to convince yourself that they’re the same because if you admit there’s a difference, then you have to admit that your love for showboaters (Vick, Mesean, obviously wat too) might be a mistake too.

    Because guys who showboat do not win. Because when the chips are down they stop pointing at themselves and start pointing at others. (you also know this)

    • Yeah we just hated Terrell Owens here. lol We couldnt stand all the TDs and the look at me celebrations. If he wouldnt of showboated he would of won a superbowl. lol

      • I dont recall one fan bitching about TO celebrations when he was here. “Well we dont approve of all that excessive celbration!” Us Eagle fans write the rules of whats proper and whats not. lol. Those players could care less what you think. lmao

        • Again, MORON, and I’m calling you a moron because you obviously can’t read and are an idiot as well.

          TO was/is one of the BEST wide receivers to EVER play the game. To EVER play the game. To EVER play the game. In your head yet? As he was coming up, Owens was so quiet you could hear a mouse pissing on a cotton ball. It wasn’t until he ESTABLISHED himself as a SUPERSTAR that he started celebrating and being a “me me me” type guy. NO ONE on the current Eagles has earned that right. And on top of that, the year he was with us was one of the best years in Eagles history and the team was successful in part because of his production — so when you are actually successful, sure, celebrate all you want, be annoying.

          But to support Vinnie’s statement, T.O. never won anything either.

          • NO ONE on the current Eagles has earned that right? Who the F*&k are you to determine who has the right to do anything? I will repeat it so it can get in you brain MORON. Who the F*&K are you to determine when someone is allowed to celebrate? I will repeat this question again MORON ask thier family if they are successful. By the way what number are you so when Im at the Linc I can spot your Jersey? Because that showboat DJax I see a hell of alot of #10s at the Linc. What number are you again genius?

          • 1 GreatvSeason by TO does not make him a CareercGreat
            No way, no how, I don’t even think of TO as an Eagle

        • I was.

          Owens…perhaps if he hadn;t been the ultimate in “me me me” the Birds could have won something.

          Owens….a few months of fun and a career of disappointment. Always the same story with frontrunning showboats.

          I know they don’t care about what I say. Owens in paricular doesn’t care about anyone but himself. That’s why he’s a mess. And that’s why he burned himself off every team he was ever on….without ever winning anything.

    • How many Super Bowls rings does Deion Sanders have? Guess you can’t win with him, or Clay Matthews. Jared Allen is a loser too right can’t win games with him. Do you really believe some of the things you wrote you can’t win with guys who showboat, guys jumping in the stands don’t do it for attention. Really?

  35. Bravo Vinnie. A subject we can agree on. Spot on too.

  36. You are way off base to put Owens in the same category of the current eagles receivers, Owens was a warrior, no man except him could have come back from that injury to play in a super bowl , almost won it , the MVP of the eagles, he didn’t have a quarterback with the same drive, determination, if he did the eagles would have beaten the patriots

  37. Nice birdo, exactly, no man wears another mans jersey, A man wears his own jersey for better or worse, that’s the problem with these idol worshippers, they have forgotten its about the eagles not the player

  38. Gus Bradley Eagles meeting just ended, no more news at this point.. Everything is hush hush

  39. Stay away from Wisenhut
    Look at the Cardinals Team, they got worse each year under him
    They have not developed a QB since Warner, have one of the NFL’s
    Sort st OL year after year and had 2 big bust 1st Round RB’s
    ( Beanie Wells and the other kid from Virginia Tech who’se name escapes me
    The Cardinals D is very good under the direction of DC Ray Horton who the Eagles should have talked to.. The Xardinals are a worse team now under Wisenhut then when he took over, big mistake if Eagles hire him

  40. On Bradley front, if they met with him for 6 Hours + and have no deal in principle bailed diwn then it doesn’t look good if he is going to continue on and Interview with Jaguars and talk to other Teams..
    Something must be holding him back.. Maybe questions/concerns about a Staff
    Or maybe Eagles are trying to push a certain OC on him ?? Who knows, I’ll guess we’ll find out in the coming days
    Jags new Owner has deep pockets and want excitement back for that Franchise and maybe Bradley wants to check out his options first before committing to the Eagles..

  41. If these limp penises, let this out of town, & don’t sign him, if all of these interviews, phone calls, & contact, with all the different candidates, I’m going to flip my WIG!!!! Enough, is a F^#@ING ENOUGH!!!! Hire a good young coach already, you dumb bastards!!!! The Senior Bowl, & The East-West Shrine game is coming fast! WTF!!!!

  42. Watch for Tom Clements to come to Philly to interview in the next couple of Days. He fits the Profile that Lurie likes, young, smart, well spoken
    And Offensive minded..

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