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Bradley’s On His Way, Will Be Here Soon

Okay the stage is set for the Eagles and Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.  The coach is on his way to Philadelphia from Seattle and he’s aboard Jeffrey Lurie’s private plane.  He’s expected to arrive at the airport at about 2pm or 2:30pm.

It will be a very important second interview for him with the Birds brass.  Hopefully for Bradley, he has all his p’s and q’s in place because all the signs point to him being able to seal the deal today and turn it over to the lawyers.

He could make it or break it today because this isn’t an interview to merely dot the i’s and cross the t’s because the Birds first interview with Bradley was a short one in terms of head coaching interviews, so there’s important territory they still need to cross.

Bradley has had time to prepare himself for this interview because he had a taste of where the Eagles were coming from on Saturday and he should be ready with all the answers he’ll need later today.

The Seattle coach hasn’t an interview with Jacksonville scheduled for tomorrow, so there’s pressure on him and pressure on the Eagles to do something today, if they think they have their guy.

Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens. on Facebook

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34 Comments for “Bradley’s On His Way, Will Be Here Soon”

  1. G-Man, Is it True that Owner Lurie had the 3 “Black Hawk Helicopters” removed from Philly Air Space that some sources stated that Joe Banner had set up to sabotage this 2nd meeting with Bradly.. It was out in Tweet land, that Lurie had to call the Commander and Chief himself to make sure that Air-Space over Philly was clear for his Jet to land.. Can you corroborate any of this..

  2. “i’m in love and I dont care who knows it”!! ELF.

    im giddy guys… i really am. I have been done with Andy and his ways since the little white guy dropped the ball against the cards in the NFC champ game (why cant i think of his 1 nutt name?)

    All ive asked for for like 4 years was a D attitude. I wanted hard legal hitting and a focus on wrapping a guy up. Its going to happen guys…. its going to happen.

  3. Kevin Curtis. Cancer joke was a little much Stevo.

    • It always cracks me up about that Dropped Pass by Curtis,as if that cost them the Game and the NFC Championship.. Even if Curtis hangs onto it, the Eagles still need 30-35 Yards to go for a TD with no Time Outs and not much time left…

      • Sorry bout the joke… u are right.

        Pman… i agree…. my point was… we should have never needed that catch… mcnabb put us up with little time left and the d failed in the playoffs as always.

  4. A little rain on the Gus parade….from Gregg Easterbrook today:

    Sweet and Sour plays of the week….

    But the Falcons have been here before this season. The kickoff was returned to the Atlanta 28. Matt Ryan likes to throw to the deep left in this situation — that’s what he did when the Falcons were backed up on their own 1-yard line with a minute remaining against Carolina. That’s what he did Sunday, throwing deep left to Harry Douglas, who gained 22 yards and then stepped out of bounds at midfield, stopping the clock.

    Now there are 19 seconds remaining and Atlanta holds one timeout, meaning it can throw down the middle, call the timeout and try a long field goal. Matt Ryan stepped up away from a rush and found Tony Gonzalez down the middle at the Seattle 31. Timeout, field goal and the ageless Gonzalez finally has a playoff win. Sweet.

    Seattle, which boasts of the league’s best defensive backfield, blitzed two defensive backs on the play with 19 seconds showing, nickelback Marcus Trufant and nickel safety Winston Guy. But the Hawks didn’t need a sack, and downs weren’t a factor — all Seattle needed was incompletions. Gonzalez went right to the place that Guy vacated, for the game’s key catch. Sour.

    Even more sour, the Seattle defensive backs jaw, jaw, jaw about how great they are. Yet with Atlanta on its 28 with 25 seconds left, when a couple of incompletions would mean an NFC title appearance for the Seahawks, Seattle defensive backs gave up 41 yards in two snaps, both throws going just where you’d predict. That’s a sour warhead.

  5. Vin — Sounds like something Jim Johnson would do actually.

    The game is a chess match. The Falcons moved the right piece.

  6. Yes I agree Bradley and his calls were risky at best on the final Drive
    Ryan had struggled all 2nd hhald with his accruacy and his confidence
    I would have rushed 3 and dropped 8 back with 6 DB’s dropping that 15-25 Yard area and dropping 2 LB about 8-15 yards in the middle of the field
    but one think you have to admit also is that both Catches were nice plays by the Receivers and not like there wasn;t a defender close by
    DOuglas made a very late break on ball already after it was in the air by Ryan ((I’ve seen Falcons do this many times thise season wher e Ryan is basically throwing to a spot)
    and TE Gonzales made tough catches all game long and was a hell of a catch and pass

  7. JH,Pman,Gmcliff, what’s up with the updates are we getting this dude or not. I want this coach stuff to be over any insider info yet???

    • The interview is still ongoing, Eagles not really giving any updates at all and haven’t throughout this entire coaching search process.. but im getting word that this is not a done deal with Gus just yet, though hes the leading candidate.. This is the order im hearing it goes in.. its a 4 horse race..

      1.Gus Bradley
      2. Ken Whisenhunt
      3.Lovie Smith
      4.Brian Billick

  8. They are still in the interview. On the 5th hour.


  10. It’s a done deal 3 year deal. No worries.

  11. Eat shit no hart. It’s what i heard on the NFL sirius radio a few hrs ago..

  12. Hey Jon, anyone can get their info off rotoworld and report it as personal sources. Dude, I just want to hear once that you, I and everyone else in the world have the same sources.

  13. My source in Seattle claims its a done deal.

  14. I hope your right atra1781

  15. Well it just goes to show the Eagles really didn’t have a true #1 guy. Ya it could have been Chip Kelly, or Bill O’brien, but obviously they wanted to keep their options open. And if Seattle’s D struggled towards the end of the season and in the playoffs, we would probably see a different front runner

  16. Hey fellas. Does anyone have any updates? Is the interview over? How did it go? Anyone??????

  17. This must be how the catholics feel when theu pick a new pope… has there been any puffs of smoke yet? White smoke means a new coach… right?

  18. Hey that’s interesting, the ducks have the third most players in the divisional playoffs. I seem to remember someone saying that the ducks don’t have anyone in the NFL. hmmm.

    • The Ducks don’t have any starters, or impact players in the NFL, that were coached by Chip Kelly, except Jarius Byrd. Haloti Ngata, was not Coached by Chip Kelly……LaMichael James plays for the 49ers….Who else is in the playoffs that Chip Kelly Coached?….HMMMMMMMMM!!!!

      and they don’t have the third most players in the playoffs. Get your facts straight…… When you quack your breath stinks

  19. Ed Dickson, is not a starter….Patrick Chung is not a starter anymore either, but I wouldn’t exactly call them impact…..don’t brag on the Oregon Duck prospects, their only impact is in college…..your dismissed DAFFY……

  20. Check the facts on the Ducks, they do have the third most players in the divisional playoffs.

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