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Who Would Be Bradley’s Offensive Coordinator If He Gets The Job?

With the Eagles and Gus Bradley ready to conduct the second interview today, the most important question which Bradley has to answer is who will be his offensive coordinator, if he gets the job.  The Eagles must have liked his answer to that question on Saturday, if they’re sending Lurie’s private plane to Seattle today, to bring him back to Philadelphia for another interview.

What type of offense does this offensive coordinator run?  What does this offensive coordinator think of Nick Foles?  Does he have an available quarterback who he likes and is familiar with?

Back to who this offensive coordinator is.  Is Bradley close to Seattle offensive line coach and assistant head coach Tom Cable?  How close is he with the other offensive coaches on that Seahawks staff?

We all can look back now and see how important Jim Johnson was to Andy Reid.  Bradley’s expertise is on the defensive side of the ball, so he must have a great deal of trust and confidence in his offensive coordinator because that’s the guy who has his back on the other side of the football.

Many times coaches build bonds with other coaches when they come into the league and they stay in touch with each others as they move from job to job.  Bradley started off in Tampa Bay, so taking a look at any young offensive minded coaches on that staff could perhaps give us a hint as to who he will bring in as his offensive coordinator.

I know that Jay Gruden was on that staff, but I don’t think he’s a possibility of being his offensive coordinator, since he holds that position in Cincinnati.

What does he think of Nick Foles?  I doubt that he knows much about Foles, but chances are that he’s willing to ride with Foles because I think the Birds want to hire a coach who will see what they have in Foles.

My mind also started to wonder what Bradley thinks of Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who is obviously available since rookie Russell Wilson took the league by storm and led Seattle to the playoffs.

Flynn was highly coveted when he backed up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and his stock rose when had some big games in place of Rodgers.  His stock has since taken a tumble after being given big money by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, then getting beaten out for the starting job by Wilson.

Flynn is not likely to be in Seattle this year since they have adopted the read-option with Wilson as the quarterback and Flynn is a pocket passer and nearly good enough as an athlete to run the read-option.  You can bet that Bradley knows him well because the backup quarterback works with the defense as the scout team quarterback. on Facebook

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69 Comments for “Who Would Be Bradley’s Offensive Coordinator If He Gets The Job?”

  1. I’d give them a 4th or 5th round pick for Flynn n get one of the assistants from the Seahawks who worked with him to come in n be the O Coord, that’s what’s gonna Probably happen anyway or, I’d get that QB coach Mcadoo from the Packers who also worked with Flynn and make him the O Coord, either way I’d take a shot with Flynn, just cause he got beat out by Wilson doesn’t make him a bad QB, we all seen what gnat kid has become

  2. Ben McAdoo, Green Bay QB Coach, Joe Lombardi Saints QB Coach, or Geep Chryst 49ers QB Coach………….are the best choices.

  3. Hell no. If you bring in Flynn you might as well stay with Foles I dont see much difference. I like Alex Smith. He is young 28, mobile, and has dealt with adversity for a long time. I wouldnt break the bank for him but I would kick the tires on him and see what he wants. If Bradley wants to go to the read option Im sure there are a few Kapernicks on some level in college right now, that we dont even know about. There is some mobile QB in Div1 or Div II him in the later rounds. What if Lurie was bringing Billick in to guage his interest in OC?

    • That’s the problem dagg, a few teams are probably going to end up over spending on Alex Smith.

      • Alex Smith to the NY Jets or to the Jaguars if they Hire 49ers OC Greg Roman or possible to the Oakland Raiders if they decide to cut the chord with Carson Palmer at QB as they are rebuilding again..

  4. A popular choice would be Green Bay’s QB coach Ben McAdoo. Bradley could also bring Seattle Asst Head Coach Tom Cable with him. Having coached with both Cable and Jay Gruden, they could refer Hue Jackson. Bradley also used to coach with Bears LB coach Bob Babich who has previously worked with Stanford OC/QB coach Pep Hamilton.

  5. Flynn will go to the KC Cheifs with the new GM from Packers that Coach AR Hired who is very familiar with him.. PAckers and AR run a very similar system
    Formation and Terminologoy wise.. Seahawks would rather Trade Flynn to a AFC Team..
    Meanwhile back in Philly, a name for an OC to look out for is Cam Cameron
    (formerly of Ravens/Dolphins) or a darkhorse OC Candidate of Chan Gailey (Formerly of Bills.Cowboys) Both Coaches are older,have been HC’s before and don’t have the EGO’s to intrude on what philosophy/system that Bradley would want to implement if he is hired…

  6. Ben McAdoo, seems to be a logical, popular choice.

  7. ****Mike McCoy, to the Chargers****

  8. The GB Packers West Coast System does not necessarily fit QB Foles Skill Set.. I don’t see this as a great match with McAdoo …

  9. Would brad Childress get consideration for OC?

  10. If hired
    Final say over who has control over draft choices must be established at press conference
    Vague collaboration is non expectable answer

  11. That’s “acceptable”..Eagles0SB
    Plus word down at NovaCare Ctr is that GMCLiff will have the final answer on all Draft Picks for 2013…

  12. I dont think it would happen but I wouldnt mind N. Turner.

    • I would love Norv as a OC, offense would be high powered for sure.

      • Y If we had # future HOFers on O in Irvin, Aikman and Emmitt.

        Check out how Miami, SF, and Oak did with Turner at OC in the last decade….not very exciting.

        Enough of the re-tread talk.

        Hiring Bradley = a time of renewal. Rebirth. Out with the old in with the new kind of thing.

        Young. Exciting. Adventurous.

        • Vinnie… as always you are a double talker. Do you know what kind of style of football we will get if we have a young exciting adventurous OC? Options…. running QB….. no huddles….

          • Innovation does not have to mean running QB. In fact, running QBs are the antithisis to innovation, seeing as how that is how football was played from 1880-wwhenever they invented the forward pass.

            The only reason the read-option is working right now is because it is a little novel in the NFL. The novelty will wear off soon.

            Besides, it does not make financial sense to have your best and most expensive asset open to unnecessary hits.

            More than anything, economics will kill the read option in the NFL.

            Now, as for the other things….hurry up, varying formations, punting less, going for 2 all the time……..I’m all for it.

            • So basically… you want a young coach who does old stuff?

              I’m not hip to all the gimmick stuff… i want an O.C. who can come in and get these “young guns” to stop with this me me me crap. No more jumping up and showing the first down move when you are down by 30. No more little dances from guys like Avant and Celeck who should be leaders. Ill take old school old guys who dont take crap from anyone.

        • His problems in SD wasn’t scoring points and just about every damn assistant coach in the league is a re-tread.

          • Norv Turners Problems in San Diego had to do with working for a cheap, Genral Manage (Smith) who let good Players walk without replacing the Talent nad have 2-3 Poor Drafts in a row
            in a 3 Year Span, the lost RB’s Tomlinson,Sproles,Tolbert,
            WR’s V jackson and really never replaced any of these guys with similar Talent.. OL has been a mess at OT the last 2 Years also..

            • Paulman, what was Norv’s problem in DC where he had an unlimited budget (and he exceeded it).

              I just think some guys were meant to be coordinators, and not head coaches.

              • I think it was more a “Turf Issue” in Washignton DC, Irisheagle..
                On a Serious Note, Norv Turner is a much better OC than HC
                just like Wade Phillips is a much better DC than HC
                and I do agree with 100% that some COaches are just better at being aCoordinators and focusing on their are of expertise..
                If you think about it, being a HC is a like being a CEO of a Small Company where you have to wear many Hats and wear them well.. Biggest thing is that you have to be able to anticipate, communicate and be flexible to change things up in a hurry.. (all attributes that I think we can all agree were not Andy Reids strong suit) Coach AR was great in Preparation,Planning, Scheming, but once the :Game actually started and was playing out, he was poor in adjustiing his calls based on what the other Team was doing. The Really good Coaches can do this, but not Andy Reid, that’s admitting failure in his plan, he won’t have none of that and gets stubborn about it .. Hoppefully Bradley will be adaptable,innovative,mic things up and stay’s agressive and I am sure that Coaching with Pete Carroll for 3 Years, that he has picked these things up..

  13. Norv Turner has been reported to work for the Browns as their OC for new HC Rob Chudzinski, who was Turners OC, in San Diego during their best Seasons , and want’s to help him out and help develop QB’s Brain Weeden & Thaddeous Lewis for the Brown’s future..

  14. What I want…..

    1. Bradley- I want a D coach who KNOWS philly football…. hard nosed D above all.

    2. A solid DC who follows Gus’s lead. Basically…. let Gus focus on the D.

    3. An O.C. that runs the O-show. One that will work with Foles and change the look of this O from a fast but weak bomb all the time show to a steady O that focuses on first the Oline and QB first and uses the backs and TE’s more.

    4. A special teams coach not named bobby or april.

  15. What is this nonsense I’m reading about Bradley or Whisenhunt man these idiots can not do this. Bradley needs to be the coach by 6pm.

  16. Bradleys plane has landed an he is on his way to Novacare.

    I strongly believe he will be offered the job. He might take a day or two to think about it, he’ll bring the family to tour the city this weekend.

  17. Your correct Paulman. Norv is a good OC. Smith is a douche and should have been let go 2 yrs ago. But the Spanos liked this fool for some reason. We here in SD are happy that they signed Mike Mccoy. But i will be even more stoked if the Eagles sign Bradley today. Let’s do this Lurie!!

  18. McCoy will do a good job with getting Rivers on tract

    They need a lot of help though
    2 OT,s another RB, another WR, a Replacement at TE for aging A Gates

    On Defense
    Chargers need 1-2 DE’s, and OLB, both Starting CB’s are Free-Agents and another Safety..

    Chargers are fortunate to play in AFC West where the Raiders,Chiefs are rebuilding their Teams also..

  19. So glad we didn’t hop on the McCoy wagon. That guy is so overrated to me. It’s unbelievable how much fanfare he received.

    There’s only room for one McCoy on this team.

  20. I was never that High on Rivers and thought he was a bit overrated myself.
    but you have to admit, the Offense Team around him the last year of so pales in comparison to what he had to work with 3-4 Years ago..

    Re McCoy..
    Obviously he’s a good Coach, but I never thought he was a fit to be the Eagles HC.. He’s too passive.. too cerebral.. ha .. The Media would have eaten him up.. Not every Coach is cut to Coach in Philly, you have to have thick skin and tough as nails if you are going to stay in Philly for any length of time.. Andy was an anomaly to this, he took over with little to no expectations and built the Eagles into a Winner relatively quickly and then got a free pass for a few years until the last 2-3 Season where it became obvious that he lacked discipline,focus, fundamentals or a game plan that was adaptable to his Roster.. His system is his system, player goes down, plug the next one whether he’s ready or not, he (AR) just doesn’t adjust his system to fit his players very well.. hence the Square Peg in the ROund Hole moniker that has followed him for a while now ..

  21. Marc Trestman and the Bears have reached an agreement

  22. Trestman will be the Bears new Head Coach

  23. Hearing there are NO interviews lined up with Bruce Arians. It was falsely reported that they and Arians were going to talk today, not gonna happen. Looks like its Gus or nothing at this point.. Good options are beginning to dwindle, except for Lovie, Whisenhunt and Billick..

  24. If Gus does go elsewhere, then the Eagles will look at the 3 coaches I mentioned, but they also still have Greg Roman and possibly Vic Fangio (if hes willing to leave SF), Roman is going to be a HC at the start of 13′-14′ year, if Gus leaves, Roman could be an option there..

  25. Tom Clements is still on the Radar and the kind of young, accomplished Coach and person who Lurie will want to talk to. Clements a Notre Same Dame Graduate, has a Law Degree and held a Practicing Liscence before getting into Coaching full time. Watch him come to Philly to Interview by the weekend

    • I said a week ago that Tom Clements was on there radar, but he had a really bad showing against that 49ers. If they havent already, I see them having a discussion.

      • I this rate JH, interview them all hell wait until after SF is done interview Roman and Fangio they have no clue right now. Don’t stop at Clements interview McAdoo Scooby do and anybody else. Arians is still out there.

        • Big, dont panic bro. Its a process. Gus is still alive in this but maybe he didnt have a great plan? Remember thats one of the important things that Jeff wants a coach with a plan.. Yeah they should interview both Fangio and Greg Roman.. I believe they will lose this Sunday so theyll get there chance next week..

  26. Confirmed. Gus Bradley is leaving Philly today to travel to Jacksonville for an interview with the Jaguars..

  27. @Jon Hart could it be they would be more comfortable with Whisenhunt working with Foles then whomever Bradley brought in as OC or QB coach?

    • Very possible about Whisenhunt. There are alot of unanswered questions right now, we just gotta wait a little bit.. I doubt who he was going to bring in had little if not any bearing on his decision to travel to Jacksonville though

  28. What has Wisenhut accomplished with Developing Young QB’s
    He left Arizona with a Terrible QB Situation.. The Cardinals O/Line has been among the worst in the NFL for the last 3 Seasons which was supposed to be his Strength.. Stay Away from Ken Wisenhut..
    Look at his 1st Round Draft PIcks … Busts with RB Beanie Wells, and Ryan Willams from Va Tech,,, Did last years Rookie WR Micheal Floyd do much this Season….
    Ther Only Coach Candidate worthy of talking from the Cardinals is DC Ray Horton Jr , but Wisdenhut, Russ Grimm were products of the Steelers System and Organization.. they had 4-5 Seasons in Arizona and Failed..
    Stay the F Away.. I would rather see Billick, Lovie Smith, Bruce Arians than this guy..

  29. He led them to Super-Bowl on the arm of Warner..and the fact that the Eagles choked and played like shit in the NFC Championsship game where the game was over by halftime for all intents and purposes.. Horrible game plan by JJ for the Defense who were tentative all game until the 4th Quarter when it was too little, too late…

    • paulman if the game was over by halftime, how the hell did the Eagles take the lead in that game? I don’t like Whisenhunt either the epitome of a re-tread but stop trying to re-write history. His team went to the Super Bowl and came within a great catch from Santonio Holmes from winning.

  30. 4-5 Yeasr Ago with HOF QB Kurt Warner..
    How many QB’s has Wisenhut gone thru since 2009 ??
    Look at his Red-Zone Efficiency #’s, Overall Scoring .. It’s as bad as what Coach AR Was able to accomplish the last few Seasons.. No Thank you

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