Eagles Or Chip Kelly, Somebody Changed Their Mind

Somebody gave in somewhere for the Eagles to be able to sign Oregon’s Chip Kelly as their new head coach.  When Jeffrey Lurie began the search for a new head coach, he said GM Howie Roseman would play a major role in the draft and player personnel decisions.

During the news conference to fire Andy Reid, Lurie said he and Roseman had not decided whether the new head coach or Roseman would have final say on player personnel decisions.  He said they would keep their options open depending on the coach they were dealing with and the situation.

The former Oregon head coach had originally said he wanted to have final authority on player personnel decisions.  That may have been the impasse, which prevented Kelly from signing his deal before.

In another scenario, Kelly may have gone back to Oregon and got a clearer understanding of how soon his program was going to get hit with sanctions by the NCAA for recruiting violations.  That bleak future may have influenced Kelly to lower his demands.  Whatever the case they have a deal, but somebody changed their mind.

Lurie might have dreamed about Kelly after seeing the New England Patriots quick-snap the Houston Texans while humiliating them in a playoff game.  He might have dreamed about Kelly after seeing Colin Kaepernick run for over 180 yards against the Green Bay Packers.  Lurie had to have been thinking about Kelly as RGIII and Russell Wilson lit up the NFL this year.

Lurie just released a statement about the signing of Kelly.

“Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles,” said Lurie. “He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh energetic approach to our team.”

Kelly is the guy who Lurie wanted all along.  He was the guy, who was talked about all season long.

78 thoughts on “Eagles Or Chip Kelly, Somebody Changed Their Mind

  1. JUST SICK TO MY STOMACH. ANOTHER “OFFENSIVE KNOW IT ALL” who likes tiny players. and no defense….

    What the fudge happened to this organization?

    JUST SICK…..

    The only thing worst than this news is sitting througth another 21/2 hours of Les Miserable’s non stop signing…if you can call it that.

    Damn. We had Gus Bradley and we let him go….

    I am truly crying. My life stinks….

  2. Eagles 2013 Draft with Chip Kelly at the helm

    1st Rd (4th Overall) – QB Geno SMith (West Virginia 6-2 230lbs)
    2nd Rd (36th Overall) – WR Tavon Austin (West Virgina 5-9 175lbs)
    3rd Rd (68th Overall) – CB Desmond Trufant (Wahshington 6-0 185lbs)
    4th Rd (100th Oveall) – RB Stephon Taylor (Stanford 5-11 210lbs)

    More small, but fast players on the Roster..

  3. Russell Crowe mad Les Miserables as painful as watching the Eagles play last year.

    Violations easily may be the reason he left.

    To be fair if they hire a “competent” D coordinator i can deal with this signing.

    Give Lurie credit for having the balls to go against the grain.

    I also think Roseman will have to go through Kelly to make his system work.

  4. Although this may spark even more criticism of Lurie and Roseman, in all honesty Chip Kelly is better qualified for the HC job than Bradley. His offense may be suspect, but he has won consistently at every level and I’m not going to knock his system until I see it in action next year. The offense has a ton of speedy, athletic players at many offensive positions so it will be interesting to see how he utilizes guys like Desean, McCoy, and Maclin. My biggest concern is if we’ll have to watch Vick another year…

  5. Well fellas there is nothing we can do about it now. I’m bummed as well, and really thought Bradley was our guy. Now we need to accept it, and support our new HC. Me and my customers will support him at my Eagles bar come game day. GO EAGLES!!

    1. I know Sean, I was trying to find the smallest players available on the board somewher close to their Selections for a little humor..

  6. Okay, I hate the idea that Chip Kelly is the new head coach, but with this hiring we know this Howie Roseman will have no say over the draft and the roster. I’m just glad manned up and hired someone. Let the second guessing begin!!!!

  7. You know the real shame of it all..
    We go 14 Years with Andy Reid, and now lets say 5-7 Years or more with
    Chip Kelly and his similar small be fast philosophy is that there is an entire generation of Philadelphia Eagle Football Fans that don’t know that the Franchise was once very proud of it’s blue-collar, lunch pale, work ethich with tough,hard-noses players that would slap you around for 60 minutes…
    We haev kids/young adults that will now know nothing of the sort but only now of Sread Offenses, 6-2 250 DE”s, 5-9 & 5-10 WR’s, and playing “Gadget Fottball” with gimmicks instead of playing “Man-up Foootball” .. I hate what this Franchise has become.. Gov Rendell was right, Philly has become the
    “City of Wussies”

  8. @ seansyh- I absolutely agree. They could have done better but I guess they also could have done worse. My concern now is who is going to be calling the shots? Will it be Roseman or Kelly? lol.

  9. So im hearing that Chip Kelly will have some power on personnel. Thats what was the original holding point that they had causing talks to stall…. I think Chip will try to turn Nick Foles into the next Tom Brady, they will be running a very similar offense. Look out

  10. Who cares who changed their mind? The bottom line is, they got the guy who was their number 1 choice, here goes what one of his former players has to say

    Former Oregon running back LaMichael James, now with the 49ers, is certain Kelly’s system will succeed in the pros.

    “One hundred percent, yes,” James told CSNBayArea recently. “I don’t think anything can stop that offense – NFL, college or high school, no matter what it is. I think Washington runs a similar offense, and I like the way they do their things, too. I think it would be kind of similar to that, I think a little faster though.

    “I think he can be one of the best coaches in the NFL. I respect him, he’s a super-great coach, and that’s the only thing I can say about him. He’s just great.”

  11. Geno Smith will not be the 4th overall pick. Chip will adjust his system to the players he already has. They will go defense with that first pick

  12. Well all I have to say is GO EAGLES….Cant be a Debbie Downer here and Im not switching my FN team. Going to pray for the best and support 100%. Who knows might be a genius move.

  13. Hopefully Chip Kelly will have final say on personnel. Even though I’m not thrilled being as specific a group of needs as he’ll have in personnel to even have a realistic shot at being successful he’s going to have to have his fingerprints all over personnel selection. I am at least open to the idea that he could craft some scheme similar enough to the Patriots offense that it could work.

    I think a lack of confidence has been the reason Kelly hasn’t made the move to the NFL, he’s been quoted as saying he himself doesn’t know if the system he runs at Oregon will work in the NFL and that lack of confidence concerns me even if I appreciate his candor.

    Rather than caving to power demands probably the offensive personnel already here excites him with the possibilities and he decided to relinquish his fear of failing.

  14. not reading all the comments, but jeff mcclane said that chip kelly went back to the eagles, the eagles didnt reach back out. not sure if that is confirmed

    1. I believe that.. word at U or Oregon is that Chip Kelly experience has kind of run it’s course out there and they already made plans to move on without him and were not expected his return after this Season.. He’s built them up to a Top 10 Program but is not a home-boy or very well liked there on a personal level per sources..
      The big Booster (Kevin Knight from Nike) has plenty of deep pockets to hire whomever he wishes..
      From Kelly’s Persepctive, he’s from New Hampshire and his Dream Job is to Coach the Patriots but that’s not going to happen anytime soon but is up for a new challenege and wants to go the NFL and prove his Coaching Skills nand build an NFL Program like he did in ORegon, with youth, speed and energy and a positive attitiude.. I think the more he thought about, the more enticing the Job in Philly began to look.. A city starved for a Championship, some good,young players who can assemilate to his system rather easily.. All things considered, he was not a very good fit for
      Cleveland, Buffalo and the other Teams that were interested in him..

      1. Paulman… as Ronald Reagan once said… THERE YOU GO AGAIN. You have no sources… you have ESPN like everyone else… you don’t know what the University was planning to do or he he was liked… stop makin up shit.

        1. I have an hurl friend who works for the University and stated that many University officials were getting tired of his Act and felt he wasn’t committed to the Program and are not sad to see him leave,
          Remember that he has no local ties to the aunicersitu or the region
          They were not even e levying him back to begin with and are ready to move on..

          1. This is false. Chip was just at a Oregon recruits house 2 days ago. He was going to be in Oregon however long he wanted to be. Coach for life..

  15. This is a bad bad dream. It simply can not be true.

    You had a chance to get the number one defensive coach on the planet and with NFL experience. Proven in the NFL and you go with college guy.

    No experience drafting players…

    No experience coaching multi-millionaires…..

    No experience on putting a defensive staff together….

    No experience period…

    Thanks Jeffery Loser.

    I’m going to a toy store and buy a fake gun. Then I’m going to the closest Dunkin Donuts and I’m going to curse out all the police officers there.

    That should do it.

    Quick and easy.

    I’d rather get the suffering over with, then live through another Andy Reid era with no hope of winning a SuperBowl.

  16. Geno not the best for a read option…not the fastest guy…
    I’m sure we could pick up better options off the scrap heap.
    I also think if you run that offense your gonna have to carry 3-4QB’s
    I am a Tavon Austin fan though..
    I really wanted GUS..:(

  17. Consider Kelly’s comments regarding Foles just over a year ago after Foles threw for 398 yards in an Arizona loss to Oregon.

    “I’ll tell you what; I’m glad Nick Foles is graduating,” said Kelly. “I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes. … Nick is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”

  18. We’ve all read that Sean…..but it only works if he modifies the read-option (which I think he is willing to do) Otherwise you do need 3-4 low paid Qbs on the roster like repski says as they will be changed out every 6 weeks because they’ll continually be planted into the turf.

    Right at this moment the read-option is successful i(SF, Wsh and a little bit in Seattle)…but that’s only because Pro-defenses haven’t adjusted yet. They will.

    I hope he brings elements like the extreme hurry-up, agressiveness, abandoning the punt…..but leaves most of the read-option business back at Oregon.

    1. I agree Vinnie except for the no punt thing. And he does have a background on the defensive side of the ball so that isn’t an issue either.

    2. This is gonna be a very long off season….Im gonna be following every little bit of Info I can get. I mean real info not Paulman Speculations lol. No Offense Paul just FN with ya.

  19. I guess those fake ass “reporters” on here were flat out wrong about no more college guys after Brian Kelly said no lol…

    Anyway on the hiring, I like the excitement and unknown that we have going forward. However, I was not a Chip guy, never wanted him. I would have rather had Gruden as HC and Lovie as Dcord. Or Bradley, Fangio, or Roman. I hope i’m wrong. I don;t like the fact that he was indecisive about this decision. Fr him to decline at first, go back to Oregon, and now change his mind tells me he had one foot in the NFL and one still back in college. I don’t like that. But again I hope Im wrong and he does in fact bring us that Lombardi.

  20. If chip Kelly brings his gimmick offense to this city forget it, paulman, the type of football we saw decades ago doesn’t exist in the minds of these new football, fantasy geeks, fans, gms like Roseman, it’s tough to have your hopes so high that the birds were going back to their roots with a proven defensive coach, but we have a fast talking, slickster , more gimmicks than Andy now in charge of the eagles, you will see plenty of highlights in the early part, more fastballs, but ultimately no championship, this is a bad day for eagles fans

  21. Im hearing that the Eagles got word at 10am that Chip accepted the deal. Also a source is saying that “two words: Howie Roseman” was the power behind Chip coming here and getting this deal done. This directly from a Eagles source

  22. Well luckily there are a couple low cost mobile quarterbacks in free agency (T. Jackson, J. Cambell, S. Wallace) and I think with no other options Kelly will have to roll with Foles this season. I think Kelly’s system fits with the personnel we have right now, but our defense needs a lot of help. But with one or two solid additions to the O-line the offense is pretty much complete. I think it would actually be better for the Eagles to sign a good OT in free agency because Joeckel is not a guarantee at #4. Why don’t any mock draft specialists have the Eagles selecting Milliner from Alabama? Looking at this years free agent class I have to say the CB position is probably the weakest and we should be desperate for help in the secondary.

  23. Christ.. Hw do all you guys know that Chip Kelly is going to find the smallest guys and play with “fastballs”? He took over Oregon with that similar system in place, tweaked it and made it work. Look at what Brian KElly did @ ND. He was known as an offensive guru, came to ND, realized it was going to take a D to win and he stack the D.

    Face it, we dont know what is ahead, we can speculate all day long, but it does not fucking good to state that we know something about this guy. How oftern did you see oregon in the great northwest? 10X in the last years at most?

  24. This move has all the trappings of howie, remember the assomaugh signing, howie got all caught up in the sweepstakes, form, hoopla over substance, making a splash, that’s what this franchise has become, five hours of fame, yea howie, good job boy, followed by five years of futility, eagles are toast

  25. Jeff McLane just reported that under Chip the Birds will switch to a 3-4 defense. This is something interesting to think about in regard to the new Dcord and the draft…

    I can easily see us taking Damontre Moore or Jarvis Jones now at the pick 4.

    1. Don’t forget OLB Barkevious Mingo from LSU at 6-4 240 is another freakish athelte but kind of raw, I see him as a Bruce Irvin type adn potentiall an Alson SMith Type once he puts on 15lbs of muscle/strength..

      Something to think about .. If OT Joeckel is on the Board at #4 , maybe a Trade to the SL Rams for their 2 1st Round PIcks (#16 & #22) could be possible..(an their 4th or something too)

      1st Rd

      at #16 — Eagles Select CB Xavier Rhodes (FLorida State 6-1 217lbs)
      at #22 — Eagles Select DE Alex Okafor (Texas 6-5 265lbs)

      2nd Rd
      at #36 — Eagles Select Safety Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 215lbs)

      Land 3 Starters from Day 1 would be a nice start to rebuilding the Eagle Defense..

      1. If they go 3-4, & if he is still onboard, Lotuleilei, will be our pick at #4. He is a Haloti Nagata clone, can be a NT, or DT. 6’4″ 330. I love the dude! I’ll go bananas if Rhodes last til #16 & Reid til #36. What a coup that would be! Would love it!

  26. who would play NT? Cox and maybe hunt @ DE along with ced thorton. OLB’s are Cole, BG and kendricks. What happens to Ryans? I mean he could stay and play the inside?

    1. It will be interesting to see thats for sure. They let Ryans go in Houston because of the 3-4 so who knows what will happen now with him. Maybe they resign Cullen Jenkins at a lower number to make it a smoother transition at least for the first year. When I watch Moore he does remind me a little bit of Demarcus Ware. Or maybe Star is there at number 4 who knows. I don’t think Joeckell makes it to 4

      1. Remember that Cullen Jenkins and Darryl Tapp took Salary Reductions last year so it’s very unlikely that either of the Players are willing to do so again

    1. If you Draft a Star Lotulelei in the 1st ROund or if they Trade down a few spots could still land a Jonathon Hankins (Ohio State 6-3 320lbs)
      or even a John Jenkins from Georgia in the 2nd Round (6-3 350lbs)
      could be your Nost Tackle with Antonio Dixon as Back-up

      then you slide Fletcher Cox/C Thornton or C Jenkins at DE..
      Use T Cole, B Graham as Stand up OLB’s with Ryans/Kendricks in the middle and could Rotain a Curry/Hunt at DE or Pass-Rushers to give Cox/Jenkins a blow… Add another ILB (Nico Johnson from Alabama in the 3rd Round) and there you have it ..

      1. Yea there definitely is depth as DT in this draft. Another name to keep in mind might be Jay Ratliff. Even though he is past his prime Cowboys have some cap issues and will need to make decisions on Anthony Spencer as well.

        I like Chase Thomas from Stanford a lot. Chip Kelly knows all about him too…I think he will be a special player we could grab in round 2-3. Not sure how he would work in a 3-4 system tho…but big physical tackler which is what we need

        1. Good call on LB Chase Thomas, he’s a perfect SAM Backer.. or OLB in a 3-4.. I am not very high on either Ratliff or SPencer and believe that past their playing primes and on the downside of their Careers and would stay away from both of them..

  27. I am not in favor of this hire but as an Eagles fan I will give Kelly his chance to input his system. There is so much not to like in this hire and I will not list them here. Many of the fellow contributors have done that.

    I am a fan first and have been since the Kucharich days. Kelly will have my support. I am not worried about this team scoring points. If he can provide improvement in the red zone alone that will be sufficient. My concern still is the defense. This defense could not stop anyone during the season. They could not sack the QB, could not stop the pass, could not get turnovers.

    The secondary needs to be totally rebuilt. Another linebacker needs to be found. They need to become big and physical.( That’s why I wanted Bradley).

    I don’t think Kelly will be able to bring enough innovation to score enough points that defense won’t matter.

    The next two critical steps will be the hiring of a DC and the draft which I hope will be heavily oriented towards defense.

    Chip you have my support. As a lifelong Eagles fan I will give you my total support. If you fail my anger will not be towards you but directed at Jeff Lurie.

    Jeff, you are now on the clock.

  28. Does anyone remember Dick Vermeil? I believe the Eagles plucked him out of college right? UCLA? And I do know that he took us to our 1st super bowl…Just saying..

    1. 1980 didn’s really count since the Russians invaded Afghanistan and half the World boycotted the Olympics and here we are as a Nation invading a Country 30 + Years with simliar results.. A unwinnable War.. going to change the Culture..bring Freedom and the American way, I don’t see it working. Back in 1980, this Russian disaster was really the beginning of the end of their Communist Rule and way of their outdated,isolated form of Governing which took another 5-10 Years to really fall apart with a strong push from Reagan/Thatcher.. but hey, this is why we have History Books…

  29. Jake the snake…if you were the GM you would have taken Asmo too. He was a prize free agent, and we desperately needed a legit corner. Not Howie’s fault Asmo sucks donkey dick. Give me a break man

    1. GM Paul wanted CB Carlos Rogers who has gone on to 2 Pro-Bowls
      I wanted nothing to do with Asmo and especially at that ridiculous Salary level..His production and game was in decline since the 2009 Season
      Roseman could have signed both Safety Dwan Landry and Rogers for a combined less $$$ than Asmo and then maybe the Eagles Defense could have been something Decent.. (this from my notes back in March 2011)

  30. ***** Just reported, by the REAL D GUNN, that Chip Kelly will hire Georgia DC Todd Grantham as our DC.******
    Looks like the 3-4 is coming boys! Good! I’m sick of the 4-3 fastball BS! Monster D-line, good athletic LB’s.

    1. Thanks Dcar…good report. I don’t know anything about this DC…but I like that he coached in the SEC. 3-4 will be a fresh look.

    1. At least I don’t pawn it off to be my news, like that @$$miner!!!! LMFBO!
      Looks like we’ll be drafting LB Jarvis Jones & NT John Jenkins, now!

  31. It won’t matter for shit, this eagles team is done, they hired the wrong coach, this guy will be worse than andy Reid, no confidence at all in the eagles organization

  32. Georgia also has a Couple of Safetied that are projected mid-rounders
    Baccari Rambo and Greg Wiilliams
    I see Georgia a lot on TV here in the South and their a defense has been strong the last couple of years under Grantham
    He definitely will light a fire under the Defense and if Jarvis Jones stitching at #4 would be to hard to pass up
    Remember that CB Boynkin played for DC Grantham also

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