No Deal Yet With Gus Bradley, As Search Continues For Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles met with their leading head coaching candidate, Gus Bradley for about six hours on Tuesday afternoon and into night at owner Jeffrey Lurie’s Wynnewood mansion.  The meeting started at about 3:30 or 4pm and wrapped up at 10pm last night.  There have been no reports of a deal being consummated between the two parties, so the search for a head coach continues for the Eagles.

There’s no word yet, what the hold up is or where exactly the talks stand right now.  Their meeting yesterday was a continuation of their abbreviated meeting which occurred last Saturday in Atlanta, a day before Bradley’s Seahawks would lose to the Atlanta Falcons in a NFC playoff game.

The Seattle defensive coordinator had a Wednesday meeting scheduled with the Jacksonville Jaguars and whether he goes to the meeting or not could tell us something.  If he goes to that meeting it will definitely confirm that the Birds have no deal with him.  The coach may have promised the Jags that he would at least talk to them before signing with the Eagles, but it could also mean that a deal with the Eagles isn’t in his future.

Should Bradley have the meeting with the Jags and strike up a deal with their organization, the Birds would have to decide which direction they’re going to head after recent talks with former NFL coaches Ken Whisenhunt, Brian Billick, and Lovie Smith.  I could see them setting up an interview with San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman because he’s rumored to be the number one target of the Jaguars, but that could mean waiting until after the Super Bowl to sign a head coach.

The Birds were supposed to interview Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, but the meeting hasn’t taken place, so I could see them scheduling that meeting.

I don’t think the Eagles front office brass or the fan base would relish not having a head coach in place until February.  They would have to hold off the local media and the Eagles fan base quite a while if they decide to wait that long.

The Bears have their guy in Marc Trestman, former head coach of the Montreal Alouettes and previously offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, when Rich Gannon was the 202 NFL Player of the Year and the Raiders went to the Super Bowl.  He led the Alouettes to the Grey Cup up in Canada in 2009 and 2010.

The pressure has to be rising on the Eagles front office, but they must ignore it and focus on hiring somebody they believe will be a great head coach.  They’ll be criticized now, but in the end everything will workout as long as the new head coach is successful and that means winning a Super Bowl in the near future.

They should ignore the media and get the right guy, but it’s going to take a lot of courage to do that, even if it means waiting another week or two to get their man.

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  1. Look for the name of Tom Clements to pop up over the next couple days
    Trestman has taken the Bears Job, McCoy the Chargers Job
    Bradley is flying to Hacksonville and we’ll see what happens
    I think the next HC is a Candidate who the Eagles have not interviewed yet
    Though they obviously like Bradley a lot and for good reason

    1. Paulman, what happened to your initial prediction of Mike Nolan? I think you’ve predicted every single candidate at some point or another.

      1. I stated the Eagles would Interview him and they did, most of you didn’t even think he was worthy of meeting with the Eagles..And the way this Search is unfolding, who knows, he could still end up in Philly if some of these others targeted Coaches continue to turn the Eagles down.. If Nolan’s Falcons Defense play the 49ers tought and shut them down (which is highly unlikely), this could elevate Nolan’s Status again..
        I didn’t say that Nolan would be their primary target,but would be a Candidate in their back pocket so to speak.. I still stand by this.. (by the way, I wouldn’t hire him personally, I am only specualting on how Lurie/Roseman look at things) They can’t come out with a total re-tread who hasn’t Coached in a while or a Coach who hasn’t had recent success.. Right now Nolan’s Team is in the NFC Championship, while 28 other Teams are home..

  2. The Eagles can’t panic and make a decision off of emotion. They are doing the right thing. You dont have a 6hour interview and not sign the guy unless its more to the story. I believe both Gus and the Eagles want to keep looking elsewhere to make sure they are making the right decision. Proper due diligence. I also think both Howard andJeff enjoy this, the whole interviewing potential candidates. This probably wont happen for another 10-15 yrs so they are gonna make the most of it. Im not mad at that either..

    1. Highly unlikely than Next HC has an extended Tenure..
      Those days when they hired AR was a different time with the Club,
      Newbie Owner, Little Expectations as far as consistent SUper Bowl Runs, looking to build new Stadium and Expand the “Eagles Brand”, now that this has been done, Lurie is no longer the new Owner on the Block, he want’s a Championship, the Problem is, he doesn’t have a real “Football Mind” to lead the way on how to get there.. Until he corrects this and Hires a real Football Mind in his Front OFfice, the same results will happen.. Occasional flashes of decent football, some good players but not a sustainable run with Roseman and his questionable Football Decisions as far as Drafting, Free-Agency SIgnings,Salary-Cap Management and overall Roster Management..
      I stated since November, that Lurie should have been concentrating on hiring a real Football Mind for the Front Office.. Time is lost now, and Eagles will continue their wayward ways until this gets accomplished..

      1. It doesnt matter who hires Gus at this point. Our front office decided not to hire him last night.

  3. They are NOT doing the right thing! They have ZERO clue, of what they are doing. For the life of me, I can’t believe these @$$clowns, let another one get away. They’re nothing but silver spoon fed, clueless, delusional, inept, ill-advised, ill-equipped, nitwits, playing fantasy football. They’re clueless, have ZERO Football acumen, nor knowledge. How the F^#@, do you interview candidates for 5-8 hours?!? WTF, can you possibly talk about?!? I run out of town too! This is really embarrassing, & I honestly believe the LaConfora comments now! WHAT A SICK JOKE!!!! This is well beyond DUE diligence, it’s clueless idiocy!!!!!

        1. What do you talk about for that long?? really?? wow get a clue man.

          I have had 2nd interviews in my personal life take 2 hours, and I dont manage a group of close to 100 guys….

  4. You guys can laugh at this all you want but the only team that got this coaching search thing right so far was Kansas City. They identified who they targeted and went and got him. Looking at all subsequent hires, Andy Reid was better then all of them. Hmmm interesting

    1. AR needed to be fired for his ABYSSMAL job the last couple of years but I said then that we will grow to appreciate him… i just didn’t think it would happen this quick!

  5. Said it before and say it again these three strappers dont have a clue what is going on they screw this up fans should really make their dissatisfaction known bigtime

    1. The fans need to cancel their season tickets! That’s the only this Limp dick owner will get it! Apparently, he hasn’t lost enough $$$ this last year, with the lack of merchandising sales, to get it through his clueless, delusional mind!!!! I can’t stand this Limp dick, Weasel & his stooge, @$$munching lackey, yes-man!

  6. I hear that biglion. I think he did need to leave Philly, I actually think he wanted to leave Philly. He is a good coach, voice just ran stale here. All coaches are less successful when there staff gets purged by other teams. He is faulted for not adequately replacing these guys.

    1. I agree Frank he knew it was time to move on and was prepared and in my opinion was already doing research on what jobs were going to be open.

  7. Can we settle down?

    1 – Bradley may have insisted on going to Jacksonville, as he made a comitment to interview with them. I understand the idea of comitment may be difficult for some of you to understand, but there are those out there who actually follow through on ours/theirs.

    2 – He’s a free agent. He may, or may not have received an offer from the Eagles. If he did, he could just be doing his due dilligence and finding out what Jacksonville will offer. He can always bring that offer back to Philly.

    3 – Perhaps he underwhelmed in his interview. The fanbase is going nuts in here for Bradley…based on a 1 minute youtube clip?

    4 – Jacksonville? Jacksonville? Home of the 1/2 empty stadium, fanbase that couldn’t care less, truely pathetic team with one aging RB, and whose future, and move to either LA or London (who knows?) is a forgone conclusion?

    I am not worried about Jacksonville. And if Bradley does choose Jacksonville….well then I’m not worried about losing him because obviously he isn;t as smart as I’ve been told.

    1. Hey Vinnie stop talking about my home, LOL seriously though not one mention of Bradley visiting here on the news or local papers NFL hotbed it is not down here.

    2. I would think it is safe to assume that our Front Office did not like Bradleys vision for the offensive side of the ball and or did not like his plan (or lack there of ?) for offensive support hires.

      I got news for everyone here. The Eagles chose not to hire him last night and it wasnt because they are idiots….

    3. Cant agree more. I seem to remember this same scenario playing out after the Ray Rhodes Era. Lurie learned his lesson and interviewed everyone under the sun until he found Reid. Same scenario. We just need to calm down and take it easy. Not like we have any control either way.

  8. Blewit Gus gone now the talk is Ken Wisenhault listen to Howies voice sounds like a bitch whining who would want o come here really!!

  9. Jags Owner Deep Pockets and a potential move to Los Angeles,Ca could be an enticing carrot for Bradley or any other Coaching Candidate

  10. Its no coincidence that the 3 starting jobs in the NFL that are left are the 3 teams in the NFL with the worst QB situation. Arizona, Jacksonville and Philly. Only Andy Reid went to another team with “hope” at the QB position but has #1 pick in draft. But saying all that I cant believe Bradley feels Jax is a better situation then Philly. They have no QB,, a RB who probably has 2 years max left ,no fan base in a tiny market ,and thier best player this year was a punter.

  11. If the Eagles waited for Vic Fangio, I would then undoubtedly know that I’m a genius haha.. This is who they could really be targeting. Fangio and or Roman the OC for San Fran.. Like I mentioned a week ago this thing could go another 2 weeks.. But if they do in fact wait, its the coaches on the 49ers they should target.. Fangio remaining my 1st choice since last year.

    1. It seems a little unusaual to be that underwhelming and still be at the Interview Process for 6 Hours plus, don’t you think..
      Something not adding up here..

  12. If Bradley wanted to be the Eagles HC, then why the trip to Jacsonville? Lurie & company held the man hostage for 6+ hours, and still couldn’t get a deal done. Stay tuned in for more of ” As The Birds Turn”.

  13. If Bradley wanted to be the Eagles HC, then why the trip to Jacksonville? Lurie & company held the man hostage for 6+ hours, and still couldn’t get a deal done. Stay tuned in for more of ” As The Birds Turn”.

  14. You guys forget this search is more about picking the right coach and what assistant coaches the candidate is gonna bring in and all the experience coaches can bring in better assistant coaches than Gus Bradley

  15. Eagles web site has it posted that the leading canidates to be D Coord are a couple of college guys,please dont tell me the Eagles are this stupid to tell these coaches their bringing in that they have to have a DCcoord the Eagles want, didnt we just go through this with Washburn? Didnt they learn anything from that? This is real bad people.

  16. So has anyone heard that they are forcing both the OC and DC?. Just caught a little of it on WIP, didn’t get the first part of the interview.

    Supposedly it’s the current DC from the fla gators

    1. HaHa too funny. The three amigos strike again!!! How in the hell do you pick the coordinators for the incoming coach. So the interviews with Kelly,Kelly and O’brien was about who in their opinion are the hottest up and coming college coaches this is bordering on the bizarre now.

  17. Rumor has it from a “released prisoner” who is out on a work-release program and was delivering some orderves at Lurie’s residence last evening that the big sticking point is the Howie Roseman wants to be able to call some PLays during a game, expecially in teh Red-Zone and Bradley was dumbfounded and took it him 2 hours just to respond to Roseman’s requestm while Lurie & Smolenski shot some Pool and thrw Darts in Luries basemant game-room..

    1. yea you said that. but you said that at like 8pm that nfl radio reported gus left the nova care complex. and he was never at the nova care complex and it ended at like 11pm so you were right but your details were wrong which means nfl radio reported guess information

  18. these guys are ass clowns.

    The absence of Andy Reid gives us a window into the incompetence that was above him.

    Right now, Andy Reid is putting together a new staff while these ass clowns are interviewing every coach on the planet.

    Not to get the best guy but to get someone who will go along with their no winning vision of how the team will run going forward.

    How do you know a Front Office without vision?

    From the beginning Lurie was talking about following other teams success instead of creating his own success.

    first it was following the 49ers old model then they transition to following the Giants model.

    Think about it.

    The Giants won by taking our linebackers coach who was pointed out to them by our fired college scout Marc Ross.

    Who in the front office thought it was a good idea to let Marc Ross go and keep these ass clowns over college scouting?

    Instead of trying to pattern your organization after a division rival, why not realize the guy you let go gave them the plan?

    A damn dog chasing it’s tail.

    You think other organizations can’t see the incompetence ?

    A division rival who was decimated takes your top scouting guy and defensive line and win a Superbowl and you didn’t see the potential of the same guys working in Novacare.

    Well if couldn’t recognize the talent right in your face, how can you now be trusted to get the right guys on the outside whom you’ve never met?


      1. I think I dectect a little Andy Reid/KC love in Songs latest rumbling.

        “Right now, Andy Reid is putting together a new staff while these ass clowns are interviewing every coach on the planet.”

        SO off you go SOngs…you kow Reid is going to draft Geno Smith….so you’ve got your 5th favourite team in the past 5 weeks. Have fun.

        Talk to you next week when you are on here pumping someone else’s tires.

  19. Can’t argue a thing that Songs just wrote, I originally thought the Eagles would have a problem finding a coach because they were forcing Nick Foles down everyone’s throats, now it’s worse they are forcing assistants and personnel down coaches throats. Why don’t Howie just coach this is ridiculous.

  20. To play the pragmatic devil’s advocate, have any of you even considered the fact that maybe they just didn’t feel like Gus Bradley was the right guy? Why do we assume that Gus said no to them?

    1. ive considered it. and i would bet my life that gus did not say no to us and i would bet my life the eagles said no to him.

      kind of hard to give a guy the reins to the hc job that has absolutely 0 experience with an offense unless he has a bullet proof plan with his offensive vision.

      in gus’s 23 years of coaching he has held 0 ZERO offensive coaching positions. IMO this is why he is not our head coach.

      If Gus doesnt get a job this year he is probably a DC for life unless he goes the NCAA route

    2. My theory is btc they don’t think he doesn’t have the right offensive assistants to support Nick Foles if thats the case I have no problem with that.But to hear they are looking at coordinators is discouraging.

  21. a lot of people sound like whiny girls on here. waaaaaaaaaaaa i like this guy even though he has 0 offense experience and the eagles dont listen to me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. AR has his Staff Pretty much in place and just hired David Toub as Special Teams Coach who has a great resume and has Coached the Bears Special Teams the last 7-8 Seasons and is one of the Best in the NFL..
    They are keeping Secondary Coach Emmitt Thomas (who worked with the Eagles and is an excellent Secondary Coach) and LB Coach Gary Gibbs
    in Place after he hired Def/Coordinator Bob Sutton from the Jets as and brought about 6-7 Eagle Coaches in QB/OC D Pedersen,WR D Culley,TE Melvin, DL Brashner, Strength and Conditioning Coach Barry Rubin and some quality control guys..
    Very impressive Statff he’s put together..

    OC –

    1. Paulman, what good is that staff when Reid will be calling the plays on O? Their gonna have the same thing there that Trot and Hugh Douglas complained about and we all saw here, Reid throwing the ball all the time and giving his D no rest, and thats besides the obvious, no halftime adjustments, bad clock management ect. They can have him and his new staff.

  23. Also Hired Eugene Chung as Asst O/Line..
    Coach AR said he is going to call the Offensive Plays so really, Doug Pederson is still basically the QB Coach while Andy is the OC & HC..

    That David Toub is a great SPecial Teams COach, wished Eagles could have hired him.. Again, I get back to Bradley, being in the NFL for 7 Seasons with only 2 Clubs (TB Bucs/Seahawks) does he have the relationships/contacts to go out and get a quality Staff and herein lies the biggest concern for Lurie/Roseman and if Roseman is suggesting or demanding that certain COaches be added to the Staff, then that gets the GM/COach Relationship off to a horrible start.. This is what I believe has occured with Gus Bradley and the Eagles..

    1. This is crazy, hell at this point why not. I just heard Greg Roman is from Jersey maybe they can keep him from the Jags and entice him to come back closer to home.

  24. Ooh Jesus,Mary & Joseph,Abraham,Samuel,Cain, Able, Adam,Eve,Saul,Paul, Moses, King Tut,Steve Martin,GIlda Radnor, the Columbia, Ohio and Tennesee and all them rest of those Rebel Rivers

    Chip Kelley may be back in play for they (U Of Oregon) were expecting him moving on and had already made plans on doing so, so when Kelly Returned back, maybe the U Of Oregon were not welcoming him back with open arms
    since they feel this is a every year occurance with him…

  25. Breaking news: My inside sources close to Jeffrey Lurie tell me that Central High School head coach Rick Drayton will be the new Eagle’s head coach…Lurie had a secret 4 hour meeting with Drayton last week at a quiet Main Line watering hole, and was impressed by Drayton’s decisiveness in accepting a tentative contract offer, so he had the papers drawn up by his legal and accounting team, and Drayton will sign this week.

    The reported meetings with Bradley, et al, were just formalities, Lurie being a considerate man and not wanting to cancel on previously scheduled appointments.

    Lurie considers Drayton to be ‘a leader of men’ who will ‘have control of the locker room’, and, despite his lack of NFL experience…Drayton is, however, an experienced fantasy leaguer, and is reported to be a serious innovator in the area of text messaging.

    Lurie first met Drayton in the fall, at the Central – Frankford game, which Central lost by 21 – 14…However, Central’s strong showing and Drayton’s use of the cell phone during the game convinced Lurie that this was the Eagles man.

    It’s a done deal, book it…Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow are discussing it as I post.

    Deal will be for 3 years at $150000 per.

  26. we should know foles’ future within about 3 seconds of the press conference. watching all the read option stuff if he goes all out read option better have 3 qbs with that skill set– those dudes are gonna get killed. unless you are kaepernick who for some reason is always running in the clear!

    1. Kelly does have a SHIT ton of offensive experience and his experience includes a power scheme as well.

      Chip is on record as saying he creates his offense based on personnel not the other way around.

  27. im fine with chip. should be fun and mccoy will now be fully utilized. but if this means vick stays im not a happy fan AT FUCKING ALL

    1. I’m with you mhenski. Please get rid of Vick. Also, I guess this confirms that all of you who said nobody wanted to coach the Eagles were wrong.

  28. Something happened. Gus Bradley was ready to go. I recgonize Chip’s creativity but dont think he is NFL material. And its not like we have Brady Welker running the plays. Good luck but Gus was what we need. Defense.

    Hello 5-11

  29. One last thing: Possibly because of the relatively modest size of the Drayton contract, the Birds will announce that there will a once a week (Wednesday afternoon) PR meeting with Internet sports bloggers at the Nova Care complex, followed by a free lunch for all bloggers or ‘sports journalists’.

    Lunch will consist of Tuesday nights leftovers/remains from ‘Chickie & Petes’ and free Miller Lite beer.

  30. I like it. I also dot think Vick is back. Kelly just released a statement sayin there is a lot of ways to play football. I think that is a support call for Foles.

  31. No way on Foles going to Chiefs..
    KC will get a QB with their 2nd Round Pick (#33 Rd Overall) and one as advanced as Foles.. Why give up a Draft pick or 2 to obtain him..
    (Tyler WIlson,Tyler Bray, EJ Manuel, Ryan Nassib, Landry Jones) will all be on the board in the 2nd Round …
    Only Geno Smith, Matt Barkely and Mike Glennon will go in the 1st Round

    I believe Chiefs obtain Matt Flynn from the Seahawks

  32. I could see Flynn going to Kansas City.
    How many run and gun Qbs have won the Super Bowl??

    Roetlisberger??…….I prefer a pocket passer and some creativity.

  33. 3-4 scheme may be coming to Philly im hearing. Kelly likes an aggressive attacking defense. Also hearing that Kelly will bring in a Offensive Cood to focus heavily on passing passing and more passing.

        1. LOL You don’t just plagiarize from everything we all read but you even steal from me…had that up before you because I saw it from an actual eagles reporter. LOL what a joke you are

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