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Will Chip Kelly Want Michael Vick To Run His Offense?

You know Michael Vick’s ears perked up when he heard that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was going to be the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kelly employs an offense, which emphasizes speed at every position and that includes speed at the quarterback position.

Kelly’s offense seems to be the kind of attack, which Vick would be an ideal candidate to run, but you have to wonder if he has taken too many hits on his body to be a legitimate candidate to do much more in his career.

I don’t think Kelly is going to be willing to play without a running quarterback.  He’ll love the speed the Birds already have on the roster, namely DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, and Bryce Brown.

Andy Reid and the Eagles would have Vick run a bootleg fake after he handed the football off because it would occupy somebody on the defensive side of the ball.  Kelly believes in having speed including quarterback because it forces the defense to defend every player on the offensive side of the ball.

That puts Nick Foles’ future in Philadelphia in jeopardy.  Foles does quite a few things well, but running isn’t one of them.

Kelly is going to like the Eagles offensive line after he gets the chance to see Jason Peters, Jason Kelce and Todd Herremans, if they all return healthy from injuries. on Facebook

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245 Comments for “Will Chip Kelly Want Michael Vick To Run His Offense?”

  1. The subject of keeping Vick had to come up when they interviewed him, we’ll know the answer in that 3 day window they have to get rid of Vick once the SB is over.

  2. I’m hoping Vick gets out of Philly before this new regime starts. Ideally, this offense will work well with an athletic type QB. Vick has worn out his usefulness with Philly and its fans. A breath of fresh air is needed, preferably Kansas City. I make no bones about my desire to see Andy Reid succeed!

  3. Chip has to know some college kid Div I or Div II that may be available later in the draft. I cant believe another Kapernick cant be somewhere in college. If not I would kick Alex Smiths tires.

  4. No.

    I mean the internet has pretty much exploded with the “Mike Vick rebirth” stories.

    This is lazy journalism not based in reality.

    They’re premature and innacurate. They’re too simple. Based solely on the fact that Mike Vick can run fast.(even though that’s fading fast too)..and so they think that’s all Kelly wants.

    Firstly, Kelly’s offense requires the QB to arrive at the line of scrimmage and make accurate reads based upon the D positioning. Mike Vick is terrible at this. This is the weakest part of Vick’s game.

    Secondly, Kelly’s offense most often requires a very quick accurate throw. Does this sound like Vick. Of course not. This is the opposite of Vick.

    SO…Qelly likes a fast QB, and Vick has that….but MORE IMPORTANTLY, Kelly wants an intelligent, decisionmaking, quick release, accurate thrower. Vick is not that… all.

    Right now…of the 2 qbs on the roster…Nick Foles is the better option for Kelly…however, I do think that this new coach may very well open the door to a QB choice at #4. (a mistake I believe)

    • None of them QBs at Oregon look like rocket scientist and it seems to work well with them. I watched a freshman up thier run that offense just fine. How much reading a defense was he doing? None of them QBs over the years I would consider high IQ QBs. I personally would move on from Vick but lets not go overboard with what the QB does in Chips system.

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he keeps both and get a rewind to the McNabb/Vick “Wildcat” type solution.

  6. Don’t have a problem with Vick coming back. He cannot come back at 15 million. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a guy like EJ Manuel drafted in a later round.

  7. The Answer is No,
    Both Lurie and Roseman have already decided that Vick will no longer be part
    pf the Eagles Future before they started their Coach Search and expecially when Vick’s Agent/Spokeperson publicly stated that he would not re-work his Current Deal to stay.. Vick is a goner as he should be..
    Chip Kelly is a smart Coach, he is not going to install a “System” that is not going to work in the NFL, he realizes that NFL Defenses have speed,size all across the field and that a QB handling the Ball 15-20 Times a game in an Option-read run System swould get his QB’s killed at the Pro-Level..
    Will he want a mobile QB to move around to extend plays, absolutely, what Coach doesn’t, but I don’t think we will see much of his “Oregon Run and Shoot” out of the gate, at least not initially, maybe more roll-outs, some reverses, screens, bubble routes,etc,etc, Should be fun and exciting to watch what develops ..

  8. Vick isn’t staying. I’d put money on them drafting Geno. I’m not convinced Kelly is gonna hitch himself to the Foles wagon.

    • tsj, Unless Chips man-love for Foles, is a just BS, this is the route I think they are going to go too! I wouldn’t be surprised! It would be stupid, because Geno Smith AIN’T a #4, franchise QB! Nobody in this draft is!

  9. The hiring of Kelly represents change. Massive change. This is not a quick fix situation. There is no oint in keeping Vick for another year. He will be purged along with other “old regime” types.

    Kelly will be here to rebuild the whole thing…I think a 23 yr old Foles might be a part of such a rebuild, but I know a 33 yr old Vick will not be.

    • Agreed. No Vick, Jenkins, Cole, Asomugha, and even Ryans is on the bubble. Purge them all get draft picks, draft picks, draft picks.

      • I think they should Trade,Release,Purge of any Player on the Roster over the age 29/30 (outside of OT Jason Peters and maybe back-up QB T Edwards, LS Jon Donebros)
        Players like Vick,Herremans,Bell,Dunlap,Jenkins,Cole,Ryans,Asmo snip,snip snip..

  10. Your right, Vick isn’t staying. However, KC drafts #1 overall! Who knows what Reid has up his sleeve. The scouting combine will shed light some light which direction teams will go!

    • If KC resigns OT Brandon Albert, then I think they Trade down (Possibly with the Rams who want Joeckel) and get extra picks..
      If KC does not re-sign Albert, then AR will Select OT Joeckel with the 1st PIck

  11. We have a roster full of guys who didn’t do anything last year, but now we can trade them all to somebody else for draft picks? Stop it fellas just stop it.

  12. ESPN reporting that Chip Kelly wants to keep Vick and is a major reason he decided to come to Philly.

  13. What’s everyone’s thought about Chip Kelly getting the Oregon Duck Mascot to replace WIlliam Penn on Top of the City Hall Building.. Any Animal Activists or History Buffs upset about this..

  14. One of us have a better chance, of QBing the Birds next year! Ain’t happening!!!!
    This team isn’t making a run for a SB right away, anyways, are clearly going young, & are rebuilding mode! It ain’t happening! No need to rehash the FAILED PAST! He’s gone! Vick is due to make $15M, guaranteed $3M, after February 6th, is going to be 34, is injury prone, & a failed QB! AGAIN, IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!!

  15. Birdo- never said on espn

    Kelly never said it had to do with vick….bs

    Vick will not be back,,especially for $16m

    Eagles will look at Tyrod Taylor, Ravens as a possibility to compete with Foles

  16. What about Josh Johnson,hes a free agent?

  17. Stevo makes sense again. That’s been my stance from the beginning. M. Vick was never the biggest problem.

    The problem was the Washburn hire that led to the disastrous Wide Nine and no D. Coordinator wanting to come which led to Castillo on D and Mudd on line.

    Defense and O-Line has been the Eagles BIGGEST problems the last two years. QB play is low on that list whether it was Vick or Foles.

    With that said I’d be surprised if they keep Vick for a number of reasons. But it’s not like we will have to speculate on this long – come Superbowl time he’s due 3mil if he’s still on the roster. I don’t see them paying that just to keep and “see” if they will use him.

    • tsj, he’s lying! Vick will not be back! ESPN, didn’t say Vick will be back, nor that Kelly liked him, they just brought it up as a possibility, due to his College OF. It will not relate to he NFL, nor is Vick an NFL successful starting QB anymore! All you Vick fans, need to face the reality.

  18. But Vick staying would make me happy just to see Vinnie whining and crying for another year. lol. That would truly make my year.

    • Would not be funny! I’m sick & tired of the whole Vick mess. Tired, of the tired arguments, on both sides. I want whats best for the future, & the Vick experiment is over. It failed, & ain’t making a comeback!

  19. DJax days of running 50 yards down field every play to clear out space for Maclin and Celek are over. Look for bubble screens and designing plays to get Maclin and DJax the ball in space and utilize thier speed.

  20. Vick has proven that he can’t stay healthy in a conventional system… do you expect he would survive in Kelly’s ? Makes no sense, maybe 5 years ago, but at 33 years old, it would be a huge gamble by Kelly in his 1st season.

  21. Chip Kelly will draft Geno smith to run his offense…Heloves speed, speed, and more speed!!!!!!!!!!!! Geno Smith to the Eagles!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think that this guy can win.

    But it is going to take a few years for him to learn the NFL way.

    Gus Bradley and Lovie Smith know how to win in the NFL.

    Jimmy Johnson came from Miami University to Dallas Cowboys and when 1-15.

    He was a National Championship coach from a great program. He eventually won the superbowl because Minnesota traded them all of their draft picks.

    So he can win, but it is going to take time. I think the Eagles have enough former Pro Bowlers on that team to win the Superbowl, if the right coach(Gus Bradley) came in

    and put his foot up those soft marshmellows.

    Kelly will have to find out what type of players he can use in the NFL and get them. That will take at least 2 drafts.

    Kelly has been so successful in the college game, that like Nick Saban, if things don’t go well the first couple of years he can just go back to college and will have a ton

    of offers. Gus Bradley and Lovie Smith are NFL guys. They are not going anywhere until their contract is up, And even then, they might try to stay.

    14 years of tiny players and sissy offense.

    Just sad…

  23. ROCKO, IDIOT, just become Geno Smith is black doesn’t mean he’s fast you stereotypical bastard. He runs a 4.7 40.

  24. Chip Kelly: “No one is married to an offense or a defense. If we had a group of guys who could line up in the power I, and run the power I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us, that we wouldn’t ask them to do anything that wouldn’t help them win.”

    The man has completely changed the style of offense he’s run at every stop based upon the personel. He ran power ball when he had a power RB, then he ran a spread when he had an immobile QB, then he ran the read-option when he had read-option QBs.

    Now he has a pocket QB…he will mold the O around him.

    He will of course, continue to implement other (mathematical based) wrinkles on O.

    Extreme Hurry-up
    No punting
    No FG kicking except at end of halves and games.

    Still not sure if its going to work consistently….but it should be fun to watch.

  25. Birdo…fuck you and the pussy you came out of. I ain’t never said anything about color you fucktard, I said speed which is something that Foles doesn’t possess. Who said anything about his color you racist. It’s good to see you r real colors show you racist scum piece of inbred trailer trash piece of shit. You too Vinnie, it’s a shame that you even father children you pussy boy. Your women picked a low level piece of shit to father her kids…

    • Awwww….did your little feelings get hurt Rocko?

      “Chip Kelly will draft Geno smith to run his offense…Heloves speed, speed, and more speed!!!!!!!!!!!!” Geno SMith Baby!!!!!!”

      Really….is speed really why you love Geno so much?

      Because he doesn’t have speed. He’s 0.1 secs faster in the 40 than Matt Barkley…don’t hear you clamoring for Barkley now….I wonder why?

      Tyler Wilson runs the exact same 40 at Geno….why no “Tyler Wilson Baby!!” from you?

      Mike Glennon is faster then Geno Smith….why no “Mike Glennon baby!!”

      Rocko…the most transparent poster on here.

      • “Pussy boy”?????????

        Love your reaction to my post also. I bring up how Kelly has moulded his offenses around his players, and you respond with some drivel about being a pussy boy.

        “Pussy boy?”


        “Pussy boy”

        What is the grade 7 playground like this time of year? You must hang out there a lot….where the fuck else would you get “pussy boy”

  26. Rocko the Socko — you said he was going to draft Geno because he loves Speed SPEED SPEED!

    Thats the dumbest statement I have ever heard. Either you think Geno Smith is fast because he’s black or you just don’t know a damn thing about college football. If that’s the case, STFU.

  27. Geno Smith blows…the only players he played well against are guys that couldn’t even make the Philadelphia Soul once their college days are over…I mean seriously look at some of those teams. He was nothing special when playing against quality competition.

    I think Chip will roll with Foles or maybe a free agent for this year. Most likely Foles. IF he fails to show up next year then you got Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Football who would be perfect for Chips offense. SO yea why waste a high pick on Geno Smith when you got those 2 guys coming out soon…you reach on Geno you are saying goodbye to Bridewater or Manziel..yea don’t think so…

    Fact is Reid fucked this team up big time. This will take time. No one is expecting the Eagles to win shit next year after they were lucky enough to win just 4 games…build the defense back, especially the secondary…maybe Foles shows up if not you got 2 guys worthy of a top 5 pick next time around who have everything Chip would like in a QB.

  28. Birdo…I feel sorry for your Mother.

  29. Eagles will probably have the highest scoring offense in the league in 3 years. Whats there to complain about? Lets see who the D Coordinator is first shall we?

  30. Pheags, I see your point, Manziel would be ideal. I’m just glad we got a new coach with a new philosophy that’s all, and I’m ready to win now you know.

  31. **Jon Bret The Hitman Hart’s Breaking News**

    I spoke too soon Chip looking to recruit Todd Grantham as his Defensive Coordinator. WTF does that make you haters happy? would Jarvus Jones make you happy?

  32. Can anyone give me some insight on UGA DC Todd grantham? Word is Jarvis Jones may actually the best player in the draft.

  33. Spent most his years as a D-line Coach in the NFL. Colts, Cowboys. Runs a 3-4. Known to like playmakers in defense. Believes turnovers is how you win. He would most-likely draft Jarvis Jones at #4

  34. “Will Chip Kelly Want Michael Vick To Run His Offense?”

    How did I guess that G.Cobb wrote this even before looking at the author?

    The answer is no.

  35. Georgia’s defense was crap before Grantham. Jarvis Jones has to be a lock at #4 if thats the guy he hires. Bacarri Rambo may also be his selection in the 2nd-3rd round. Pretty much 60% of the starters on defense last year will probably be replaced if Grantham is the guy.

  36. The bigger issue is how the other innovations Kelly will bring to the team:

    Extreme hurry-up
    Going for it on 4th down a lot more than we’ve ever seen (in the NFL anyway)
    No Kicking FGs unless its the end of a half or game

    Will translate to the NFL.

  37. I promise you chip Kelly will be exposed as a fraud in the nfl, he has zero, zero, nfl experience at any level, he was exposed by a tough defense employed at the college level by Stanford, guysvlikevgus Bradley, Vick fangio will figure his gimmicks out

    Let me enlighten you fools, there’s a reason they call him a franchise quarterback, because he’s the most important player on the field , his job is to make decisions, lead, much like a general, but not get into the fray, he distributes, passes the ball to playmakers, the running backs, wideouts, who take the punishment, get injured and are replaced every 2-5years, but the general remains, look at rg3, he’s already suffered one, maybe two career ending injuries by being employed in a foolish system that exposed the most important player to repeated devastating hits.

    This is what you will get with a running quarterback, as ken stabler recently said, “I have seen plenty of good young running quarterbacks but no older ones”

    • Jake you a Harbaugh guy? Well Chip Kelly beat him. Pete Carroll beat him. You like Jon Gruden? Well Gruden and Chip Kelly worked together offensively Yes the great Jon Gruden. Im sure you already know about Bill Belichick picking Chips mind for his offense right? GTFO.

  38. Oregons qbs ran the ball like 6 times a game last year on average I believe.

  39. I like how everyone brings up the Stanford game. Dude the guys record is 46-7!!!! I guess he should be 53-0 right? and even if he was 53-0 you would still find something to bitch about because your guy Gus Bradley wasn’t hired. a simple youtube video has you convinced Gus Bradley is the right coach. in 2009 Bradley’s defnse ranked 24th in 2010 they ranked 27th. They were calling for his head in Seattle for 2 years. Do you think if Gus Bradley was the head coach in Oregon he would have a better record than 46-7?

  40. He aint Andy Reid and thats enough for me for at least a few years. No to Vick. Look at what the patriots did with adding some concepts to a hury up game and protect Brady. I think New England is the Offense we will be most like as it makes the most sense for the pro game. Kelly knows what foles can and cant do from his time in college and the one thing every coach can work with is a smart coachable guy.

    Foles may be gone in a year or two if he does not pan out but I really think he gets all of (or most of) next year to prove himself.

  41. Steve Spurrier
    Nick Saban

    …Ok I’m trying to keep an open mind, but some of the excitement about this guy reminds me of the electricity in the air when the announcement was made the Nnamdi Asomugha had been acquired by the Eagles. I really hope the Eagles hire Lovie Smith to be the DC.

    • Butch, my choice too, but but WIP & Adam Scheffter reported, that Todd Grantham Georgia DC, as our DC. Sorry bruh! But if he can bring Jarvis Jones & John Jenkins with him, I’m ALL IN!

  42. Good instincts butch, that is exactly the reaction by some here, this is howie’s way of once again trying to make a name for himself like he did with the free agent signings following the lock out, everyone giddy with excitement, but it was a flawed plan, see a pattern here?, he went for the popular choice and threw aside long range, astute planning, this will blow up in the eagles face by year two of this stupid hiring

  43. A couple of names that I will throw out for DC
    LB Coach Kevin Greene of the Packers, former LB of the Steelers/Panthers
    Who has worked the 3-4 with Capers the last few years
    Rob Ryan formerly of the Cowboys who ran a 3-4 there
    Ken Norton from the Seahawks who coached their LB’s under Bradley
    Tedi Brusci would be an outside the box Candidate who played and learned the 3-4 under Belecheck
    Eric Nangini another 3-4 Coach with a good track record

  44. Anyone think Terelle Pryor would fit Chip’s system?

  45. I am ambivlent. Unsure.

    There are some things I love about Kelly…some things I am very concerned about. And I think that’s how this one goes…its a boom or bust pick.

  46. Vinnie, you have good insight, but considering who made thus decision to hire Kelly it is bust

  47. VIck and Foles will both be here

  48. Im calling Carolina and just asking the question? Is thier a price for Cam? Is he untouchable or does everyone have a price?

  49. Come on guys we all know who the running threat big name splash at QB is. It’s TIME fore TEBOW TIME. Yup you heard it here first. The eagles will trade Vick to the Jets for Tebow and the sanchize. Then the birds use Tebow to power their way to a 2 and 14 season and Watch as Foles (who would become nothing if he stays here) mature into the next Brady and win 6 Superbowls in a row for the jets.

    Well All that BS makes as much sense as most of what I have read on here for a Year.

  50. That was Vick and Foles to the jets and NO please No !

  51. Sorry I had to flex my Paulman side a bit!

  52. Kelly doesn’t run a hurry up offense, he controls tempo.

  53. Vick will be the starter to start.. Once kelly sees him run and throw.. He will get the nod..

    • @larrwd, Im in agreement with you, he can still run & throw. Vick absolutely recieved too much of the blame for last yrs failures of Andy Reid’s crappy offense WITH POOR OFFENSIVE LINE PLAY , ion which no QB would have survived. The one thing i sensed with Kelly is that he wants to win now. and the birds or the Bears would give him the best chance to do that

  54. renegotiate with Vick and have an open competition.

    the best QB start.

    Seahawks got it right…Matt Flynn was #1 on the depth chart until he lost the competition.

    competition breeds success.

    • Problem with that plan is Vick does not offer competition.

      Because he’s finished.

      • Like I said yesterday Vinnie, maybe Chip’s innovative football mind thinks different. We will find out in early February what Chip feels about Vick.

        • Chiop’s “inmnovative mind” is innovative in that he makes all his football decisions based upon math and probability,.

          Seriously…that’s what he does. He’s a “nerd” coach. Math will influence all his on field decisions vis a vis going for it on 4th, kicking fgs, going for 2.

          It will also influence all his decisions on his players. And I can tell you, there is no mathematical formula that says a 5′ nothing, broken down, miss games every year, declining, innacurate, old, turnover machine is going to be part of his rebuilding process. Guaranteed.

          Now Dennis Dixon I actually could see….

          Though I really think He will modify his system quite a bit to build around what he has.

          This team has too many other areas of need to go wasting the #4 pick on a project QB either.

      • Like I said everytime the name Vick is mentioned you are always there to give you bullshit two cent, but the first to say Vick is not worth talking about..

  55. Thats what I thinks going to happen..Now drafting Geno Smith is even an option

  56. If switching to a 3-4, Eagles will need 2 LB’s in this Draft
    Look for Jarvis Jones from Georgia or Barkevious Mingo from LSU
    at that #4 selection

  57. I guess we can no longer undervalue LB’s, paul,cliff is there any good ones that will be free agents?

    • Big, if we’re going to a 3-4, Anthony Spencer, Connor Barwin, & Larry Grant are FA’s. Also Graham, Curry & Hunt have played OLB, in a 3-4. Cox, Thornton & Jenkins, are perfect for 3-4 DE’s. But we’ll need NT’s. Terrance Knighton is a FA NT.

  58. CHecking the Free-Agent List for LB’s and it’s a very thin list this Off-Season
    some big names like Urlacher,Keith Rivers,Ray Malaluga,Darly Smith, that are past their Primes.. The Best that I come up with that are still young and have played in a 3-4 Scheme after a quick look are the following.

    1) Connor Barwin – Houston Texans
    2) Larry Grant – 49ers
    3) Victor BUtler – Cowboys
    4) Rob Jackson – Washington Redksins
    5) Leroy Hill – Seattle

  59. As the debate will rage on about who plays QB next year for the Eagles. File this name in your memory bank. Dennis Dixon QB is a Practice Squad player for the Baltimore Ravens and he ran this offense for Chip Kelly at Oregon. It makes sense for the Eagles to get players who can run the system. Unfortunately Nick Foles is not one of them, neither is Trent Edwards. I’m not even going to get into a debate about MV7. So we’ll see how it all shakes out in the wash.

  60. Who says Eagles going to a 3/4? Kelly’s rep is that of a guy who adapts to the players he has. My guess is his DC will at least start with the 4/3 and add a LB and redo the secondary. Contrary to Paulman’s Opinion, certainly doable….

  61. I would love to see the following Trades to Acquire more Draft Picks

    1) QB Vick to Chiefs for their 2nd Round PIck (#33 Overall) and maybe a Mid-Round PIck in 2014
    2) DE Trent Cole and a 6th Rd Pick to the Panthers for their 3rd Round PIck (#75 Overall)
    3) DT Jenkins and a 7th Rd Pick to someone for a 4th Round Pick (Approx #115 Overall)

    Then the Eagles Trade down from the #4 Overall Spot to the Rams for their
    #16 & #22 and 4th Rounder (#112 Overall)

    If Eagles did all these things (probably a pipe dream) they would end up with
    9 Draft Selections out of the Top 115 Players … In my dream, I would then Draft the Following Players to rebuild this Team

    1st Rd (16th Overall) CB Xavier Rhodes (FLa State 6-2 217lbs)
    1st Rd (22nd Overall) DE Aex Okafor (Texas 6-5 265lbs)
    2nd Rd (33rd Overall) OT DJ Fluker (Alabama 6-6 325lbs)
    2nd Rd (36th Overall) Safety Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 215lbs)
    3rd Rd (68th Overall) OLB Chase Thomas (Stanford 6-4 248lbs)
    3rd Rd (75th Overall) DT Sylverster WIllams (UNC 6-3 320lbs)
    4th Rd (100th Overall) OLB Jaime Collins (Southern Miss 6-1 248lbs)
    4th Rd (112th Overall) CB Tharold Simon (LSU 6-2 195lbs)
    4th Rd (115th Overall) ILB Nico Johnson (Alabama 6-2 245lbs)
    5th Rd (132nd Overall) TE Gavin Escobar (San Diego State 6-5 255lbs)
    No 6th Rd
    7th Rd (215th Overall) OG Blaize Foltz (TCU 6-3 320lbs)

    As my Dream continues, I win the GM of the Year Award in 2013 and get a Free-All Expenses Paid Trip to 2014 Super Bowl with Tom Brady’s Ex-Wife whose Name escapes me…

    • Would be nice Paul, but Kelly is changing to a 3-4 DF, so Okafor, Thomas, Williams, Collins & Johnson, don’t fit, & Vick won’t fetch us a bag of cow dung, let alone a 2nd AND a mid-rounder. He’s UN-tradeable! Teams, IF interested, will wait for his inevitable, February 5th, release. He ain’t staying either, for all his idol worshippers. He’s guaranteed $3M, after February 6th, on a $15M cap hit, is 33, injury prone, lost 3 steps, & is a BAD QB! NOT…….! HAPPENING……………….!!!!

      • DE Okafer at 6-5 265 fits, (has the frame to be 280lbs in 2 years easily
        LB Thomas, Collins and Johnson all Fit.. they are Football balls
        You have Thomas & Collins as OLB’s with Johnson & Kendricks on the Inside (remember that Kendricks play ILB at Cal in their 3-4 Scheme and played it pretty well)

        DT Willaims is 6-3 320lbs and could be a NT or DT in a 4-3 ..



      • Dcar vicks termination date is now march…

        Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole has been told that $3 million of Michael Vick’s $15.5 million salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed on March 11, not February 6 as previously reported.

        • What the hell is up with that? Why is his sell by date all of a sudden different? Having done in Febuary would stop all the “Who’s Chip gonna play crap” that’s gonna happen ’till Vick is cut.

          That’s annoying.

          • no idea. maybe they pushed it back so the eagles would still be in the news ?

            • I think the original report/date of Feb was wrong to begin with
              Usually a Roster Bonus is tied into when the NFL Calender Year Starts, which is usually early to mid March and not in Febuary..
              and the Eagles can release him at any time if they decide to (which I think they will in a couple of weeks)

  62. if you or anyone could trade mike vick for the first pick in the second round than you would be GM of the year. he is untradeable. i would think that reid would soooner give that pick to the eagles for foles…. i’m not saying he will but i would say a better chance of that happening.

    • I know, there is little to no Trade Value for Vick Contract Status/Salary..
      I did say it was a Dream…

  63. I tell you what if they sign Dennis Dixon everybody on this site owes realtalk a apology. LOL

  64. Here’s an article I read on today that basically reiterates everything I’ve been saying

    Link to the article and video referenced

    Almost every person with an opinion on sports has given their two pennies about whether or not Chip Kelly’s fast-paced spread offense will transition to the NFL. It’s an interesting question — which is why it’s a shame it doesn’t matter. Check out this quote from the clip above (2:53):
    “No one’s married to an offense or defense. If we had a group of guys who could line up in the Power I and run the Power I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us that we wouldn’t ask them to do anything that we didn’t believe would help them win.”
    That really is the most important thing to remember: Chip Kelly is not in Philadelphia to show the Eagles (and the rest of the NFL) how to run Oregon’s spread offense. Chip Kelly is in Philadelphia to show the Eagles how to run the best offense that suits their strengths.
    We’ve all heard the ESPN talking heads go on about whether or not Nick Foles is fast enough to fit in his offense or if the Eagles are going to pay Michael Vick $18 million to stay (YEAH OKAY). Literally none of it is relevant. Chip’s offense in Oregon was different than his offense in New Hampshire. Just as his offense in Philadelphia will be different than either of those. Who’s to say Foles isn’t his guy? Here’s a quote from 2011 after a win over Arizona:
    “I’ll tell you what; I’m glad Nick Foles is graduating. I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes. … Nick is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”
    Sure that could’ve just been lip service paid to Nick to help his draft stock, but it also could be true. With Foles under center the Eagles could very well be a drop-back and pass offense with a few wrinkles tossed in if that’s what Chip feels fits their skill set. It’s not likely, but there’s no reason to believe Chip would shy away from formations and effective philosophies different than his own. Believing the man would simply try to import the same exact formula from the NCAA is short-sighted.

  65. “No one’s married to an offense or defense. If we had a group of guys who could line up in the Power I and run the Power I then we would do it. I think our players have total faith in us that we wouldn’t ask them to do anything that we didn’t believe would help them win.”
    That really is the most important thing to remember: Chip Kelly is not in Philadelphia to show the Eagles (and the rest of the NFL) how to run Oregon’s spread offense. Chip Kelly is in Philadelphia to show the Eagles how to run the best offense that suits their strengths.
    We’ve all heard the ESPN talking heads go on about whether or not Nick Foles is fast enough to fit in his offense or if the Eagles are going to pay Michael Vick $18 million to stay (YEAH OKAY). Literally none of it is relevant. Chip’s offense in Oregon was different than his offense in New Hampshire. Just as his offense in Philadelphia will be different than either of those. Who’s to say Foles isn’t his guy? Here’s a quote from 2011 after a win over Arizona:
    “I’ll tell you what; I’m glad Nick Foles is graduating. I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes. … Nick is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”
    Sure that could’ve just been lip service paid to Nick to help his draft stock, but it also could be true. With Foles under center the Eagles could very well be a drop-back and pass offense with a few wrinkles tossed in if that’s what Chip feels fits their skill set. It’s not likely, but there’s no reason to believe Chip would shy away from formations and effective philosophies different than his own. Believing the man would simply try to import the same exact formula from the NCAA is short-sighted.

  66. Most great coaches are married to a system they add wrinkles to it from time to time. Its going to be an exciting off season to say the least. We are about to find out how good a football coach Chip Kelly is. Let’s go Birds

  67. If the Eagles can trade worthless ass Kevin Kolb, there really shouldn’t be a problem trading Vick (if need be) You do remember Kevin Kolb …. right.

    • yea Kolb had more upside then Vick and Kolb wasnt making $15 million for the next 3 years either. Vick is untradeable dude

      • Kolb only upside was he had a one year contract, which makes me wonder why the Eagles only gave him a contract for only one year. Of course no one will pick up Vick’s contract, only because it would be easier for any potential team to write their own contract as it relates to Vick, and that is the only reason he would be undtradeable DUDE, dam sure nothing to do with his play.

        • Fuck…the BC lions just signed Travis Lulay to a 3 year 1.5 million dollar contract….

          so even they’re now out as Mike Vick potential suitors.

          Peace…Vick could be making $800k a year, and there wouldn’t be many offers.

          I will tell you this though….whereever he does sign….and if, by some chance he becomes a starter again….within 4 weeks you’ll be reading how terrible that team’s oline is.

  68. If Kolb had more upside than Vick, he would not have been benched nor traded

    • yea he wouldve cuz our coach and franchise was in win now mode and vick just looked so damn good subbing for kolb that you couldnt bench vick and give kolb the job back. kolb didnt really get benched he got hurt and vick was just too good to give him his job back

      • LOL Kolb has been hurt every since he’s been given a starting job, the no playingass stays hurt. He’s been given the starting position twice now, and guess what he’s still competing for the starting position.

        • And one more thing about your boy Kolb, it has been said Vick was out with a concussion longer than any other player, that is total bull, Kolb was out with a concussion 2011 the last 3 or 4 games of the season, and continued to have problems with that concussion leading up to the 2012 training camp. Ole boy Kolb has done nothing more than take teams for a ride. He should be locked up for grand theft larceny.

          • Vick wasn’t out with a concussion. He was out because he sucks, and the “lingering” concussion was right up there with watkins “ankle” injury as convienient excuses to keep terrible players off the field.

            • Well guess that would apply to Foles too huh, as it did Kevin Kolb. After all Foles did fall on his own hand and break it, dam sure didn’t get hit. But with all that aside, you actually could suck more than you. I guess outside of this webpage life must be very difficult for you.

  69. I think he is saying that at the time Kolb was traded he had more value than Vick has today. Obviously Vick had more value back then.

  70. Your right Irish…I misinterpreted! I agree much harder to trade Vick with his contract and his production from this past season.

    • Don’t forget Vick’s 2011 Season when the Team was one of the Healthiest in the NFL all season long and VIck was 8-8 with all his weapons nad OL intact
      there is a reason eh was 10-16 in his last 26 Starts since the end of 2010 and that is, Defensive Coaches and Teams caught up to him and exposed his inability to read Defenses, his tendancy to hold the ball to long and his tendancy to try to make a big play on every snap when it’s simply is not there…

  71. See paulman still plenty to talk about even though they hired a coach and we can still argue about Vick and Foles for another month.

    • Oh and we will guaranteed dude. TBH after listening to Chip talk about durability and decision making I think it’s pretty clear where this is going.

      • one thing Chip said about durability was…”result of play calling as well” and if I recall both QB’s of the Eagles suffered injuries this season….I dont think any of us have any idea where this is going…The QB of the future may be on the Ravens practice squad…

          • Real I think what you meant to say was

            the qb of the future may have been cut from the ravens practice squad.

            • LOL

              If Dennis Dixon is being considered as the “future” of the Eagles’ franchise……well……

              Talk to you all again in 2016 when we’re back searching for a new coach.

              • No I meant exactly what I said…We don’t know what is going to happen at the QB position. He could have been cut, could be on the practice squad, could be in college, could be on the team…some of you take things way too literally. Dennis Dixon is better than Foles in the type of offense that Kelly runs, Vinnie LOL hahaha….Do you know if Kelly wants to remove his read option system for Foles? Has the personnel been decided on? So until the personnel is decided, you don’t know whats going on…

              • I bet even Dixon is a bit slower then he was five years ago.

                IMO the zone/read (as played by the Ducks), is not a viable offense in the NFL. The franchise QB is too valued and earns too much money to run the ball 10 times a game by design.

                Unless teams start using two or three QBs like they use RBs these days. I guess that could work, but it would be like watching college football…

        • They overlooked that or just didn’t hear it.

          • Chip doesn’t like to rush the ball with his QB…he said that in his presser…if its there for the QB to run, then the QB should run. It all is about play calling, as he also stated. Also I’m not saying that Chip will go read option every snap….but there is a good chance that he’ll still want the ability to do that every now and then, to help neutralize defensive pressure or keep the defense off balance…To think Chip is going to come here and change or go away from what he is comfortable with as a first year NFL coach, is asinine.

            • yea it is asinine but the thing about it is the spread and read option are not the only types of offenses he is comfortable with. by all accounts his experience with coaching has basically ran every type of offense there is…

          • We read it….we just recognize the read-option is not viable as a permanent option in the NFL.

            As Irish saide, the economis of the game will not support it. You cannot expose your QB like that on a consistent basis. Ask Robert Griffin. The economic model of a team, where one QB makes up to 20% of the teams’s salary structure, will not allow it.

            In college, Qbs for programs like Oregon are pieces of meat. Chew them up…doesn’t matter…there are 10 more in line.

            In the NFL the team expends values assets. High draft picks. Millions and millions in salary. What? To be chewed up getting pounded to the turf 25x a game?

            Kelly understands this.

            • You guys must live by “its all or nothing, no in between”…Professional teams that live by that, become predictable…The big thing about the read option, is it is unpredictable…the QB can run, lateral to RB, or throw down the field…of course you can’t expose your QB every play….thats why there are other play designs other than read option…thats why there are screens, posts, outs etc….

          • That really make no sense, you see RGIII run the read option a few times as well as Wilson and they were pretty successful (I dont recall RGIII getting hit on a read option) his injuries came not getting out of bounds on a play (concussion), in the pocket, and with no contact at all…again as Chip said its all about the play calling…time and place in which the play is called and the execution.

            • by not getting out of bounds when he was….running.

              his knee was hurt when that bent the wrong way when he was….running.

              Look…a QB is going to gwet sacked 3.4x a game. Then his another 3 or 4 x.

              Ad in “a few” read option plays and its 4 or 5 more on runs. And 4 or 5 more on blocks…run that option and an LB is going to ignore that toos for a chance to plant the QB..Its ok as a occasional change up suprise….but not for long term success. Only long term injury.

            • I think all of his major injuries occured on runs real. Also he takes too many hits running the read option. We saw it here on Vick they add up quickly and the most timid of hits can be the next concussion. Your a real guy do you want your Franchise guy to get the hell knocked out of him almost every game? The NFL is a beast even our lame ass defense can bring the wood on a QB.

              • Xevious, I agree totally…Of course I dont want the Eagles QB taking major hits…that includes Nick Foles which is a reason why I say there needs to be a player brought in for depth and competition, because with Vick gone, Foles goes down, who’s the backup? And if they are looking at adding another QB, what skill set would Chip prefer? Lets all be real, we know what style he prefers…Will Edwards suffice?

                Also I’m not saying run the QB every play or every possession, the read option can be ran 3-4 times a game..Don’t over do it.

            • The zone/read that Kelly used in Oregon had very few plays that did not leave the QB as a option to carry the ball.

              In the running game there’s maybe two plays (power plays) where the QB was not reading a zone and keeping the ball is an option, by design. That’s what I’m saying could never work in the NFL with high salary QBs.

              I’m sure he can modify it, or use it less.

    • Yes, I am just tired of taking about Vick, he had 2010,2011 & 2012 to get it done and to be honest, his play, decision making and ball security got worse with each passing season after looking so good in Mid 2010.. The man is not a winning QB in the NFL for his game is too inconsistent.. It’s not even a story anymore.. He’s Toast

  72. 2011 a season where Vick and that offense were 4th in the league in yards/game…9th in the league in passing and was 5th in the league in rushing…Think that tells you something about how a complete team is required to win games…Special teams (28th in the league in returns) was awful and the defense wasn’t much better in the red zone and on 3rd down plays this season.

    • Another oversight on their part

      • Peace you are right, they are so caught up on the offensive side of the ball….its ridiculous…This team as a whole had problems this year. From special teams, offense, and defense…The fact of the matter is the special teams and defense really showed no improvement since 2010 and may have gotten worse…Also the fact of the matter is the offense hid many of the blemishes of the football team since 2010 (behind “former superstar”) The year the offense had this year and the little improvements from the other parts of the team = 4-12 record..

        • This is exactly my point. And is exactly why the Eagles will not spend a high pick on a QB at the draft.

          So…knowing it would be a complete waste of resources to expend picks on a QB when you have a QB who performed as well as, or better than the other QBs chosen last year….you’re not going to take another.

          So what then…..Do you really think Kelly, Lurie, Roseman and the rest of the Eagles’ braintrust can sell DENNIS DIXON as the answer? (Or some other scrub off the scrapheap?)

          How do you think that will play….

          Kelly at the podium….”we’re moving forward with a new era in Eagles football….we’ve just signed….CFL reject Darron Thomas!!!!!”

          Ya that’ll go over really well.

          • No your point is that the Eagles are good at the QB position and don’t need to look any further, as you don’t believe Foles should have any competition at the QB position…Thats your agenda…I’m looking at ways to improve this team as a whole without the coach having to go through a major overhaul of scheme and philosophy…If Kelly wants to run a similar offense where he relies on the QB to make plays with his legs from time to time, then you better expect competition!

            • So then you’d be excited to see the Eagles bring in Mike Glennon and Matt Scott then? They seem to be the two best “duel threat” QBs coming out in the draft this year.

            • @RealTalk777 my point exactly, what’s really annoying is the fact these people (not all) can only find fault in one player, when in fact the entire team had issues some areas more than others. Since Vick came to the Eagles the oline hasn’t been the best, Vick actually covered some of the flaws in 2010 and 2011. People forget that he basically played with no line at all this past season, something I don’t believe a lot of other qb’s in this league can do, or even agree to do. The agenda of most on this site is quite apparent to say the least.

              • apparant.

                Lets go over your position which is….

                1) There were tons of holes on the roster, Qb wasn’t the problem. Vick was fine. Everyone else sucked.

                2) But now that Vick is gone (and he is)….but I want to make sure the Eagles pick up another QB because Foles sucks.

                If Vick was here you’d be clamoring for a OL iwth the first pick to protect your hero, but now that he’s gone…well we better get a QB in here poste haste.

              • Your position is:

                1) Do not get another QB, Foles should not have any competition

                2) So Foles was the greatest thing that happened to the Eagles and his starting job is safe, meanwhile everyone else on the roster should compete or be traded and fill their spots with a draft pick…

                The fact is, there is still some speculation as to the type of offense we’ll see in 2013. There isn’t anyone on this board that knows, or knows what the final roster will look like… Everything is up for grabs right now, and to believe that does not include the QB position, you are being ignorantly selectively.

    • where were they in scoring? gotta get the ball in the endzone. if memory serves they ran the ball up and down the field and didn’t punch it in. yes their D was terrible in red zone and deserves the scorn you give them… thier offense was pitiful in red zone as well.

      • I think you would take the points that the Eagles put up in 2011 compared to the points of this season…I know I would…
        Where they scored 31 points (twice) 34 points (twice) 45 points (once) 24 points or better (3 times) (games in which the “former superstar” played.
        Average of 27 points a game in 2011 in 13 games in which the “former superstar” played

        • it was an average of 24 pts a game….a good bit higher than the pathetic 16/game he put up this year….declining skills…..

          • yea he put up a pathetic amount of points behind a pathetic O Line and pathetic play calling in collaboration with mistakes on his part…If he could block for himself I’m sure he would…

            I’ve already stated his production wasn’t good in 2012 to be traded with the contract he has…so stating anything about this season to me is moot and your only agenda was to attempt to trash Vick. Paulman brought up 2011 season thus is why we’re debating 2011…

            • If everyone was so pathetic around him this year…how did a raw rookie come in and the scoring increased by a td a game?

              • play calling changed…pretty simple. Also the result was the same, right Vinnie? in fact the result was worse? correct? in respect to wins/losses

              • more rushing TD’s? Vinnie? Cmon man, again football is more than playing QB….

              • Because the coaches and players were in a conspiracy against Vick. THats the only logical answer. THey have never used him correctly or called plays to protect him. Dont you read? Can’t you comprehend how the odds were stacke d against him to make him look bad. It’s plain to see…..

            • you can’t get by without making up excuses.

              • Did you read “pathetic amount of points behind a pathetic O Line and pathetic play calling in collaboration with mistakes on his part”

                specifically the “in collaboration with mistakes on his part” (referring to Vick) is that excuses, or simply stating everyone was accountable…I see your interpretation skills have not yet developed….

              • Did the running game improve, when Foles came in as starter? yes or no? so could the result of TD’s be that of the rushing game? or does the QB get the credit for rushing TD’s as well?

              • Sarcasm is fun when understood and even better when taken seriously 😀

          • Some NFL games are tough, scoring may be difficult, drives may be longer, which shortens the game which equals less possessions attempts..its not that simplistic, son…The Eagles also won a game that year scoring 20 points…So scoring 20 points and getting a win is showing declining skills?

    • Vick also led the NFL after 8 weeks with Total Turnovers (Int’s & Fumbles) when their playoff hopes were already lost in 2011 also…

      • Go back and look at those games…Vick had a total of 3 lost fumbles in 2011…A total of 14INT’s…4 in which were thrown in one game, in which the Eagles still had a chance to win….

        Eli Manning is one of the top QB turnover machines in the NFL, so whats your point…Eli may struggle then he drives his team down the field on a game winning drive..Eagles had many chances to do that in 2011, but did not due to a player other than Vick committing a turnover on the game winning drive….remember that?

        Here we go with the word “team” again…maybe it comes down to Eli just has a better team around him…I dont think there is no debating what defense or special teams is better…Giants or Eagles..

        • Real, I think it goes without saying that Vick was not the biggest problem. That’s why Andy Reid in in KC.

        • No need to look back at the MV7 Experience RT777,
          Watching it while it was occuring was bad enough.. Time for everyone to move Forward, we have a New HC and a new ERA is upon the Eagles Franchise and I’m sorry to tell you for the umpteenth time, Mike Vick is not a Part of the Future of the Eagles as it was already decided by Lurie & Roseman since last November..I know the Truth hurts sometimes, but it is what it is… You don’t build a new ERA and Vision and Team with a 33-34 mediocre NFL QB.. You just don’t do it.. Kelly has no vested interest in keeping VIck around, just like Howie & Lurie don’t any longer.. It was Reid/McNabb who pushed for him to come to Philly to beging with (And yes, Roger Goodell too) and now that;s all in the past.. let it go, breath deeply, the Sun will continue to rise and fall each day…

          • I know chances for Vick coming back are slim…I’ve already mentioned the contract and production of the 2012 season, will also be hard for the Eagles to trade him. You are the one that said don’t forget about 2011 and I had to, show that 2011 wasn’t all on Vick and he played solid in many games in 2011 win or lose.

            This isn’t about Vick, this is about finding a QB with a unique skill set that will help the transition of the new Eagles head football coach.

            • I don”t know why people aren’t taking Chip at his word. He isnt looking for a guy with a certain skill set, he’s looking to sculpt an offense around the talent he has or is aquired. He isnt married to the read option. It’s really the media not listening to the man and still speculating what they were 3 weeks ago. I take the man for what he said. He isn’t gonna run that Oregon Offense.

              • @Xevious – exactly, an offense around the talent he has and will be acquiring…how do you know that a QB with a unique skill set is not what he is gonna look at acquiring? How do you know that he won’t run a offense with some read option…of course he won’t be doing that if he does not make a personnel change at QB…

                So Xevious? are you saying the Chip is not interested in acquiring another QB, even as a backup?

              • @Xevious – exactly, an offense around the talent he has and will be acquiring…how do you know that a QB with a unique skill set is not what he is gonna look at acquiring? How do you know that he won’t run a offense with some read option…of course he won’t be doing that if he does not make a personnel change at QB…

                So Xevious? are you saying the Chip is not interested in acquiring another QB, even as a backup?

              • No what Im saying is I take the man at his word. He has said some glowing things about Nick but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s sold on him. I do think from what I read and heard though he does have an advantage. Howie Roseman said similar things yesterday on the Fan with Mike Miss. Im going to believe what they say since they aren’t Andy and Banner until they prove otherwise. New regime so they get the benefit of the doubt. My opinion is Nick Foles has the inside track.

            • Eagles were 8-8 with a full healthy squad in 2011 (minus Antonio Dixon) enough said, Vick QB play was not good enough to get them into the Playoffs with a full and healthy Offensive squad in 2011… 2012 was to Be Vick;s year to shine and his 1st Full Off-Season as being a Starter and his 4th Overall Season with the Eagles where every QB looks good in a very QB friendly system.. where Kolb even looked decent, Jeff Garcia and of course McNabb
              He blew his chance, time to move on, Coach AR blew his Chance time to move on…

  73. In 2011 we were also 31’s in the league in turnover ratio – at minus 14.

    Between Vick, Kafka, and Vince Young they had 25 Int’s and 12 fumbles.

    • That won’t be a problem under Kelly. From everything I can gather he is meticulous about practice ball security and the details. On WIP this morning he said the most imortant thing to look for in a QB was decision making ability. Which means he’s looking of someone who won’t turn over the ball. If Im wron gIm wrong but I really get a good feeling about Chip.

  74. I know one thing: The former superstar will not be the Eagles QB next year. (even you die-hard fans know this too)

    I do not know if Foles will be the QB, but I think the team/coach is leaning in this direction. I also think this is the prudent move.

    Again, as I have stated from the beginning, I believe Foles is the direction the Eagles will/must move for 3 reasons:

    1 – Foles showed more than enough promise last year where he played extremely well for a rookie.

    2- The Eagles have multiple priorities, expecially on D – and especially if switching to a 3-4. Choosing a QB (est at #4) takes an asset away from other positions.

    3 – The draft has more available talent at the D positions than at QB. It is purportedly an extramely weak QB class. In a year when defensive overhaul is required, it would be a misuse of resources to expend capital on quarterback when the value is at other position. (remember that Roseman and Kelly are nerds. They will approach this mathematically)

    • “The draft has more available talent at the D positions than at QB. It is purportedly an extramely weak QB class.”

      Duh! Vinnie…Its like that every year…There are less QB’s compared to defensive players…

      • The fact that there are always more D players available than QBs (obviously) does not always mean there is more D “talent” available.

        Last year there were more D players……and as every year more players at every position other than QB period….

        ..but…at the top of the draft, the more valuable “talent” was at the QB position…….

        That is not the case this year, where there is more D “talent” (not just numbers numbskull) in the D positions.

        • ???? is this guy serious? the value is based on team needs, Vinnie…last year is the last time in many seasons where you had so many QB’s taken and come in to produce or given a chance right away…What about the year before, the year before that?

          • of course value is based on teem needs. And since the Eagles’ pressing need is not at QB…why would we take one?

            BTW – 2012 4 1st round QBs
            2011 4
            2010 2
            2009 3
            2008 2
            2007 2
            2006 3
            2005 2
            2004 4
            2003 4
            2002 3

            Last year was not the aberration you seem to think it was

            You want the Eagles to use a pick on a QB, when the class is very weak and when we have one who performed very very well last year.

            That is a waste of resources.

            • whoever said use a pick on a QB…Depending on the type of system that chip runs, wants to run…The QB could be on the team already, or could be on someone else roster…what don’t you understand about that?

              • What do you not understand?? If you are going to bring in a new QB it has to be a draft pick…it cannot be a free agent signing from another team.

                The franchise is in the dumps. Morribund.

                That’s why they bring in Kelly…..a restart.

                They can’t then go to the podium in a few months and announce Dennis “cut from 2 teams” Dixon or Darron “Stampeders practice squad” Thomas, or any other scrub off another team’s scrapheap.

                It won’t work. You can’t sell that shit.

                So, if you are so cinvinced Foles is not good enough, it has to be from the draft….and the problem is there aren’t any QBs good enough this year at the draft….AND…if you do take one, because you feel you do need one (I don’t think they do) then you have to neglect one of the other positions that is also in dire need for the Birds. CB, DT if switching to a 3/4, OL etc.

                So your idea…announcing some refect from another team is stupid.

                So draft then….where you, obviously, will be very happy with Glennon or Scott in the 2nd.

              • trades for players don’t happen Vinnie? there are numerous players on this Eagles team, in which are tradeable and could be traded for a QB that is sitting on some teams bench or practice squad….what don’t you understand, its not as complex as someone as simple minded as you believe.

  75. Thats about all you know, cuz you don’t know anything else about the game of football as a whole!

  76. But hey Realtalk….more power to you. I am sure you will be jumping for joy when the Eagles announce Mike Glennon or Matt Scott at the start of the 2nd round. They seem like perfect guys to run the Chip Kelly college offense.

    You’ll be very very happy when they get selected (I won’t, but I’ll be happy you got the mobile “duel-threat” QBs you seem to covet as competition for Foles.

  77. the ‘dual threat’ part is the tricky part…. plenty can run but the guys making it work in the nfl are extremely accurate… one of the many reasons vick couldn’t run it.

  78. Cleveland Browns introduce Mike Lombardi as Vice President of Player Personnel

  79. And who is this mystery QB on another roster that the Eagles can trade for, and sell to the Fanbase as an upgrade Realtalk?

    Who is this guy that the Eagles are going to be able to sell to the fanbase as an improvement?

    Its not Dixon or Darron, they’re walking the streets.

    Colt McCoy? LOL
    Ryan Fitzpatrick…he’s be available. LOL
    Tim Tebow?

    Your ideas make, absolutely, no sense.

    The idea that there is some qb, superior to Foles, just sitting available on some other roster, ready to be plucked for a 6th round pick….of in free agency.

    SOmeone sooo good, Eagles fans will be rejoicing in the streets at his arrival.

    Anyone but Foles eh Realtalk? Peace? ‘Cause god forbid, you can’t have the kid who punked your favourite player on the roster any longer can we now?

    • “The idea that there is some qb, superior to Foles, just sitting available on some other roster, ready to be plucked for a 6th round pick….of in free agency”.

      See what i mean.,,.. failure to understand systems. Is there a QB on a roster who is “superior”? I dont know…. prolly not….. BUT…. is there a QB on a roster that would be “superior” in this system? Maybe…. and thats the question.

      • Bravo Bravo Bravo, Stevo, very well said:

        failure to understand systems. Is there a QB on a roster who is “superior”? I dont know…. prolly not….. BUT…. is there a QB on a roster that would be “superior” in this system? Maybe…. and thats the question.

    • punked? haha c’mon now…you’re hilarious

  80. Its so funny to see Vinnie still carying on about Vick fans…. ive yet to meet any.

    Its all about system sis… always has been… and thats the part of the game that you seem to be unable to understand.

    Vick in Philly worked when he had time…. y?…. because the WR’s had time to get open…. because Vick had time to run if needed.

    Vick in Philly didnt work when they tried to get the ball out fast…. y?,,,, partially because the WR’s didnt have time to get open and because they were leaving the checkdown guys in the backfield to help the poor Oline…

    Does this mean that Vick escapes blame? No… not at all… but Im not going to make Vick a scapegoat for the last 2 years….. to do that would be just plain Vinnie.

    As ive said since day 1….. I dont like the air it all out style…. BUT…. IF Vick had time he could be deadly in THAT system. TIMING is NEEDED in that system. Andy was the main problem because he wouldnt change the system for anything.

    As i see things in this system….. Vick is the WRONG guy for the job. For me…. Foles gets a shot but we arent handing him anything. Bring in 1 or 2 guys to compete.

    • All that is complete BS.

      Vick in Philly did not work. Except for the 5 games when he suprised everyone who didn’t have any film on the guy. That wasn’t because of “time” or “system” It was because of suprise. As soon as he was no longer a suprise, he was finished.

      Lot of guys on here go on about how they don’t want Kelly because he runs a “gimmick” offense (not true)…well MV& was the ultimate gimmick.

      The “system” is waht counts eh? Of course it does. But the guy had over 20TDs. Once. Under 3 different headcoaches and at least 3 different systems.

      What were all those coaches idiots?

      What a peculiar myth you guys try to spin…that all these coaches…none of them tried to build a system around Vick. That instead Reid (and others) just slammed Vick in there and tried to make it work. Such garbage.

      Of course they tried. And they all failed. No one has been able to turn this guy into an effective QB…and no one will.

      But fine. I’ve said all along Vick is finished and no longer on this team. We all know taht….I keep getting pulled into these ridiculous discussions.

      So back to Realtalks, and your points….WHO



      What friggin’ backup you going to haul in here, through free agency or a trade that

      a) is better than Foles

      B) Brings excitement to the team

      And if I hear Dennis Dixon again I’m going to lose it.

      Now he is old. And finished.

      • its ok… i dont expect you to understand.

        but i will drop a small nugget for you…. remember when it no longer worked? remember after those 5 games… Why?….. cause they rushed him up the middle and he no longer had anytime. The plan was to work on that in the offseason remember? 1 year later he never made the adjustment. and what did Reid do to fix the problem of Vicks failures when rushed?…. he continued to run a system of deep balls needing time. He continued to undervalue the need for depth on the Oline…. He continued to disregard a running game. Its basic basic stuff here… and sadly… it’s not something u can grasp.

        So when a guy like me says…. wow…. Andy is really screwing this up…. you hear… “I love Mike Vick”.

        Its failure to grasp football. Or… being so blind in your hate that you choose what to see.

        • AR did screw up i agree with you.. He trusted a veteran QB to recognize a zero blitz and burn the other team

          • ….. and failed to give the guy a WR who can catch a 2 yard pass and not get killed for being 125 and already has 2 concussions or more.

            …. and failed to give the guy a screen pass.

            ….. and failed to give the guy a D.

            …… and failed to give the guy on the coaching staff that is willing to run,

            • Right other than that Vick was an all pro! Funny except for Vick every qb AR has had played better on Reid’s team with the one big exception

              • and see…. here we go…. now I HAVE to defend Vick right?…. ive backed myself into a corner because I believe a Team is more than 1 guy……. well…… i wont do it… because Im not a Vick fan….. but I will say this…….

                1. Id rather have the Oline McNabb had with Runyan and Trey than the one Vick just had.

                2. Id rather have the D McNabb had with J.J leading Dawk and Vincient, Hugh and trot than whatever you want to call that mess we had the last 2 years.

                3. Id rather have T.O than Djax (injured anyway).

                but none of this matters….. Andy is gone….. and thats all ive wanted for 5 years. The biggest problem we had is gone.

              • Id rather Have McNabb then Vick 100 times out of 100. 5 wasnt perfect but he wasnt a turnover machine. Fact is Andy had Success with Koy, Donovan, Jeff Garcia, AJ Feely, Kevin Kolb..the only guy he really failed with was you know who. I have no idea why we are gonna argue about a never was…but its gonna happen…so be it.

              • AJ Feely really? AJ Feely play in a total of 5 games between 06 and 07…great he won a game or two, that does not equate to success…Vick won some games too, and that does not equate to success..

                As far as Garcia, who’s lone season equated to 4 fumbles in 8 games…had that been Vick, you’d guys be screaming he’s a turnover machine…

                Kolb who had 7 INT”s and 5 fumbles in 6 games in 2010…that was successful….? To go with a 2-4 record…

                I get it now, as long as the players name is not Vick, Andy Reid had success. Got it!

              • Oh.. yes… for sure. 106 times out of 100. I was a mcnabb fan. Sorry… i wanted to say that but never remembered to. I was sad when they traded 5 and handed the keys over to vinnies love kolb.

                Id trade a million kolbs and vicks for mcnabb. Proving more and more my point that reid lost his mojo.

              • But x…. none of those guys played that great under reid…. stop buying what the philly p.r. people sell u.

  81. Hey Unreal if Kaepernick doesn’t win the SB I hear they will trade him to the eagles for Vick and DJAX.
    Anyone on the bench is no better than what they have. I’m telling you the eagles offense will more closely resemble new england than it will Washington. Remember the 49ers were conventional with smith until Kaepernick was ready. Look for the as a likely scenario.l. They may have a option threat drafted in the 2nd or third and if he develops….

  82. This is going to be fun when Kelly decides go rotate QB’s . LOL

  83. Quote from a current member of the Eagles team, who knows less than the majority of you

    The casual observer wasn’t the only one who thought the Chip Kelly hiring meant good things for Michael Vick. A Philadelphia Eagles teammate had the same reaction.

    “That is the first thing that popped into my mind because I think, obviously, the outlook after the season was everybody thought Mike would kind of be out of here,” center Jason Kelce said on ESPN Radio. “But yeah, you look at Oregon’s offense and obviously Mike kind of fits that mold a little bit. Now, whether we run the exact same offense that they run at Oregon, that’s still up for debate. I mean, he said already, I guess, that the offense that he runs will be dictated based upon the personnel that he has. So I guess we’ll find that out in a few more months.”

    • Do you have both your fingers and toes crossed for the former superstar’s return Realtalk? ‘Cause that’s going to hurt after a while.

      (BTW Stevo – what’s that you said about there being no Vick fans in here? Realtalk, Peace and Rocko are the 3 co-presidents of the “bring back the starship” campaign)

      • I am a Vick fan however as stated many times in the past, I’m an Eagles fan first…I posted the above comment just so it was clear, that no one knows what this football team will look like, with Vick or without Vick…

        • I’ll agree Real you have stated it before..Plus you didnt buy the RG3 Uni’s for your family Like songs…At least they got 3 Qtrs b4 his leg was ripped of like an episode of Scooby Doo.

        • @RealTalk777 I ususally agree with you, however when you say “no one knows what this football teal will look like, with Vick or without Vick” you’re wrong, because someone knows a person who is in daily contact with the front office, a person whom the Eagles organization discuss all major decisions, and that person is none other than VINNIETHEEVICTOR, Mr. Know It All Himself………Its unfortunate that even after having all those discussion the only player’s name on the team he can seem to remember is Michael Vick…..LOL LOL man what a loser

      • Actually…. it looks more like the center of the philadelphia eagles may be the pres. but… thats beside the point.

        I will stick to what i’ve said for about 5 years…… When we get a real Head coach in here….. I will stand behind whomever he thinks is the starter. I dont think it is/should be Vick but….. im not counting anything out.

    • Kielce is correct Vick is a ‘current member of the team”…

  84. Has it been vonfirmed that Horton is in as Clevland DC? Anthony Gargano flat out said its a done deal, however, its not on any web sites….

  85. The with respect to what personel is on the field the players opinions mean nothing to this new coach.

  86. Now…. about THIS year….. if Kelly wants NOTHING to do with Foles (and im hoping he can work with him) then why would we waste a year with Foles under center if thats not what the coach wants? If he wants a dixon or a Vick or someone somewhere… y would we NOT go and get that guy? Because its a bad P.R. move vinnie? No…. silly…. simple sis.

    That being said…… if Kelly says Foles is THE guy… im all in… get me a jersey stat!

  87. @Frank, nothing definite on that yet. I’ve read reports saying he is front runner but thats about it

  88. When all is said and done… I think Foles is the guy. I HOPE Foles is the guy…. but ill tell you what….. Im standing behind the coach this year. He gets a shot. If he wants a different QB…. im not worried about a 3rd round pick.

  89. I will be less supportive of the coach if he shares the same D views as Reid tho. Make no bones about it…. we need less inovation on D and more size. I want a proven D coach here. San fran and Balt and falcons all have a D. Patriots get a pass cause they have Brady. You NEED a D to win.

    • All D-Coordinators mentioned are 3-4 guys. Horton is a great pick up for Cleveland….Bowles Not so great for Arizona…Lets all thank Jesus we aren’t Cardinal fans.

  90. Is anybody concerned that Chip Kelly for all his offensive genius has no NFL QB’s that has come from his systems. The kid playing at Oregon will never take a snap in the NFL either.

    • No Big, He has stated a few times that he will form his Offense around his personell. In College he could out fast everyone, I think he’s smart enough to come up with an Offense that is worthy at an NFL Level. At College he only had to worry about winning college games Now at the NFL level he will adjust and use the skills at his disposal. If you watch College a lot you know that the QB doesn’t need to have the passing skills an NFL caliber QB does. USC hasn’t given us an NFL Caliber Qb either even though Sanchez is fronting…..But Pete Carol is doing well. It might just be blind faith but I think Chip is smart enough to find what he needs or Utilize what he has. Im a Foles guy so I think he will do fine. If he doesn’t Im sure Chip will find his QB. Have Faith Big lol.

  91. My Darkhorse QB Candidate is Ryan Nassib from Syracuse and would not be surprised to see the Eagles use their 2nd Round pick to grab him before the Buffalo Bills do since their HC Marrone Coached him at Syracuse
    He’s 6-2 225 lbs and has the roll out ability and decent arm and smart, heads up QB that Kelly is looking for
    I can see him and Foles alternating some series next Season with Bassib taking over full time in 2014, remember where you heard it from..

    • He’ll be starting for Buffalo paulman,come on man you know that.

      • Darkhorse? Not so much. His stock really rose this year.

        I thought they mite take a look at him, but do you really want to use a second round pick on this kid? Is he that much of an upgrade over Foles, I don’t think so. I think you stack the D this year and try to add depth to the o-line. Than next year, figuring we have a top 10-12 pick, use that on a first round talent qb that will fit with Chip wants to do? Again, Foles mite be a qb Chip wants to work with for the future?

  92. Real talk still pining away for Vick, some things will never change, Vick is gone, he was a great effort, warrior type quarterback, who just did not have the discipline, smarts, work ethic as a young quarterback to develop into something more than his skill set, now his skills as an athlete have diminished, linebackers can now chase him down, but it is too late for him to be a professional quarterback, he had a second chance that many do not get, so see you later Michael Vick , join the long list of under achievers based on their talent

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