Eagles Looking At Georgia’s Todd Grantham As Defensive Coordinator

I want to see the Eagles put some NFL experience behind Chip Kelly by helping him put together a staff of coaches who have coached in the league.  There’s talk that the Birds are trying to talk Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham into running the defense here in Philadelphia.

Grantham spent 11 years in the NFL.   He was an assistant on several NFL teams; Dallas, Cleveland, Houston and Indianapolis.  If they sign Grantham, it will mean that both he and Kelly will have major adjustments to make, so it will be very important that they add NFL-experienced coaches to the staff.

I think Alabama’s Nick Saban is the best defensive coach in college football and he spoke very highly of Grantham.

“Todd is an outstanding coach, coached on our staff way back at Michigan State,”  Saban told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “That seems like a long time ago.  But had a lot of good experience in the NFL. I’ve always been really close to Todd professionally and personally.  I think he’s done a phenomenal job there (at Georgia). There are some similarities in the system and scheme they use relative to what we use.  But I just think he has done a really good job. (He) has his own ideas and methods about how he does it.  I think their players play extremely well.  I think that always has something to do with the coach, the system, (and) how it’s taught. They do a really good job.”

“If you’re going to rank assistants, he’s one of the two or three best I’ve ever had on our staff.  Did a phenomenal job for us.  I certainly have a lot of respect for what he’s done at Georgia.”

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    1. Lovie SMith getting paid $4 Million by the Bears to sit and be a TV Analyst this year.. He will not Forfeit $4 Million to be a Coordinator for $1-$1.5 Million

    2. He is simply a Defensive Coordinator. He is a mediocre Head Coach. His defense, and assistant coaches, made him look better than he really is. Lovie is not a Head Coach in the NFL period.

      I’m African American, and I’m telling you that that is the reality of this thing with Lovie…..He just does not measure up as a true leader.

    1. U should be laying low after the whole “Baldy is my good friend since 92′ and he told me that Jon Gruden to the Eagles has been in the works for months now”.. to find out the Eagles never even spoke to him about the job.. ugh man u look pretty bad right now lol lay low and don’t mention what you “reported” bc noone cares or even takes it seriously.. sorry to break it to you this way but you got exposed

      1. I don’t look bad at all, about anything Lil Bron-Bron Jon Fraud. I just relayed the facts the Baldy gave me. I guess Jaws, Vermeil, Scheffter, King & countless other sources said, Gruden wanted to coach us, where lying? Did you read the entire article. Lurie said he talks ALL OF THE TIME TO GRUDEN! He’s lying, about not offering Gruden the job, just like he said at the interview, that the job was always Kelly’s! Kelly said, on ESPN, the day after the interview, that he was going back to Oregon. So everything out of Lurie mouth is BS, coach speak! So don’t come on here spouting off, like you know something, you POS! I don’t have to lay low, or do anything you say, so STFU @$$CLOWN! Don’t try to make yourself look like you know something, because you don’t, POS! Learn how to comprehend, & use that pea, that you call a brain, you little weasel!

        1. Gruden wanted control, Lurie didn’t want to give it to him, thus him not HAVING the job! So go back to pretending you’re breaking news, that everyone already knows. You got me on nothing, & I’d believe Grudens best friends, & co-workers in Baldy, Jaws & Vermeil, before a lying, limp dick, owner in Lurie! Did you actually think on the day, he’s announcing his new HC, that he’s going to reveal, if he offered the job to anyone else. It was first offered to Gruden, then Kelly, then Bradley was getting it, until Kelly changed his mind at the last minute. If you believe he always had, the job you’re an idiot. He clearly turned the job down, & said on ESPN, & to the Ducks, that he was a Duck, & glad to be back. He left because the sanctions are about to come down, & slam his @$$! Again, you’re a clueless, @$$CLOWN BASTARD!!!!

          1. You sound so silly. Lurie openly said that Jon Gruden was not offered the job because Jon expressed to Jeff that he did not want to come back to the NFL this year, said he had no interest in coming back. So If you still wanna believe that something was in the works between the Eagles and Jon Gruden because Brian Baldinger (Your so-called friend) told you so haha go right ahead but youve already been exposed and look like a complete fool for believing it and making a huge announcement on here about it hahaha.. Comedy… And all that nonsense you ended with about Chip Kelly was just alot of words… Just keep the breaking news to me genius bc the one thing you tried to break failed failed failed miserably.. Sheesh louise..

            1. You just might be the biggest moronic, brain damaged, imbecile, that I’ve ever encountered, in the 44 years, I’ve been on this Earth! And I’ve put away quite a few, retards! So that’s saying something! Dude, I relayed a message, from a legit source (not your alter ego, in your retarded mind), that was note worthy, before anyone knew about it! If you don’t understand how to use that pebble, you call your brain, your a lost cause, & I don’t know what to tell you. Another thing Son, I couldn’t give a F^#@ what you think! I’ve lived a long, hard working, active life, have done a copius variety of things, & have a extensive circle, of friends, acquaintances, & family, that I’ve surrounded myself with, so your idiotic rantings, of a delusion, clueless, lifeless child, is meaningless! So go on play pretending, that you are on CSN Philly’s payroll, Lil D Mini-Gunn, & I’ll stay grounded in reality, with normal human beings!

              1. I guess Kelly being back on Oregon’s recruiting trail, 2 days after our interview, him being hailed on the fan-a-vision, at Oregon’s CBB game, & his returning to Oregon’s interview on ESPN, never happened, & I made that $#!T up too?!? Instead of trying to be the 1st to break, already broken stories, why don’t you actually read a little, do some research, listen to the radio, & watch the copius amounts of sports outlets, that there are, before acting like you are informed!

  1. coordinators all make around $1 million/year. he is making $5 million this year to do nothing. if he takes a job he loses the $5 million salary thats why.

    If former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith fails to land a head-coaching job elsewhere, he’s prepared to sit out the 2013 season because he’s not interested in any of the coordinator jobs, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

    More From ESPNChicago.com

    Can’t get enough Bears information? ESPNChicago.com has all the latest on the Monsters of the Midway. Blog

    Smith interviewed for head-coaching jobs in Philadelphia, San Diego and Buffalo, but each of those teams selected other candidates.

    The only other two coaching vacancies are in Arizona and Jacksonville.

    An NFL source recently said that Smith’s name hadn’t come up during any discussions for the opening with the Jaguars.

    Fired by the Bears on Dec. 31 after a 10-6 season, Smith was set to receive a reported salary of $5 million in 2013, which will be paid to him if he sits out the upcoming season.

    Smith won three division championships and led the Bears to two NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance. Smith finished his career with the Bears with a record of 81-63.

  2. As I said on another post, it’s being reported that if Arians get the Arizona job, he’ll hire Todd Bowles as his DC due to the loyalty he has for him. I would be more excited about Ray Horton than any other potential hire.

    1. Ray Horton JR is not going anywhere
      He was promised to be the Asst H/C Title along with his DC postion with a nice Raise…

  3. **Jaguars hire Gus Bradley as their Next Head Coach***
    Las Vegas SUper Bowl Odds moved from 50 to 1 to 38 to 1
    Eagles with Chip Kelly went from 50-1 to 49 to 1 ….

  4. Your looking at the Chinese Gaming Chances Model, Rebersen, ..
    The World Bank has devauled the American Gaming Chances because of upcoming “Debt Ceiling” not being raised… this per sources at Kiplingers ..

  5. I’m surprised the name Monte Kiffin hasn’t come up in the general discussion about all the coaching changes about the NFL…He is the new ‘Secretary of Defense’ for the Cowboys, straight from USC, and Kelly had success against him in the PAC 12…He will now try to outwit him twice a year.

    Kelly himself will need a dynamic Defensive co-ordinator,

    1. Kiffin is like 72 Years old and a shell of his former self as far as Coaching goes.. His Defense’s at USC way underachieved for the last 2-3 Seasons..

  6. Cox would make a nice DE in a 3-4, Kendricks can play most the LB positions. Not sure if he would be an inside guy for a 3-4. Curry has the ability to play outside rush LB, much like what Brandon Graham was predicted to play when we drafted him. Ryans already said he would play what ever scheme he was asked to. He failed because he was still coming back from that injury. They could always look to unload Ryans for draft picks. Now would be a good time because his stock is high after the solid year he just had.

  7. Demeco Ryans will probably have to take a Pay Cut to remain with the Eagles
    He’s due to make about $6.5 Million next Season..

  8. Seahawks hired ex-Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to replace Gus Bradley in the same position.

  9. Just heard Bears D Coord Rob Marinelii wont be returning, if im the Eagles im scooping him up today! Hes exactly what Kelly could use, someone with a good tract record as a Coordinator with a lot of NFL experience.

  10. Just read the same thind Andrew P
    I would have him on a plane to Philly right now..
    He was the DL Coach under DC Monte Kiffin during the Tampa Bay Super Bowl/Playoff Teams years, then went to be HC of the LIons which didn;t work out too wll, and then went to the Bears as DC under Lovie SMith for the last few years.. His great with the Front 7 and always has been…

  11. Paulman, hes in the same mold as Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, horrible HCs but great Coords, i would never hold his HCing experience against him, great D Coord, would be a perfect fit for us.

  12. A little tough on Nnamdi…..Yes Nnamdi got beat on some 1 on 1’s and has not looked like the CB we expected…But he poor safety play had something to do with some plays in which Nnamdi looked awful. You can replace Nnamdi with anyone you want, but if the safeties aren’t disciplined and staying away from biting on the play action pass….we’ll see similar shit next season, regardless of the corner.

  13. Just read a quote from Jeff Laurie today that said he DID reach out to Jon Gruden about the HCing job but Gruden told him he wasnt interested in coaching this year. These reporters who were saying all that crazy stuff about how it never happened or it wouldnt work cause of a power struggle with Roseman really dont have a clue.

    1. yep heard the same thing with my own ears. I wrote this a few weeks ago about him:

      This is a JOB we are talking about. Specifically, an NFL Head Coach job we are talking about here. A job that requires you to work 7 days a week basically year round in some capacity and once the season starts the job entails by all accounts 15-20 hours a day/7days a week. The average NFL coach makes $3million/year with the top dog making $7.5. Jon Gruden by all accounts makes between $4-$5 million/year working 1 night a week for 17 weeks.
      Why the hell would he want to make the same money and work harder???????
      THIS IS A JOB.
      Would you work longer and harder for company A and make the same amount of money at company B working 5% as hard and as much as you would for company A?????????
      GET REAL

      biglion and have a cigar told me I was wrong because coaches are wired differently than us. dcar said he had sources telling him the jobs was grudens to take.

      my response was

      i wonder why every year there are gruden coaching rumors yet he never interviews.
      i wonder does it have anything to do with publicity for his tv persona and shows? anything with trying to basically brand his name and make himself out to be some nfl god like madden?
      i wonder why all these people say he will coach again, its a matter of when not if yet Jon himself never says a word? I wonder who is releasing this information that the Browns could go after him, he is the Eagles guy, Bears called him, could it be his agent? espn? never hear Jon say these things…
      but yea you guys are right. he will coach again and according to Dcar it will be the Eagles.
      jons a coach not a tv personality he is a coach its in his blood.

      so all these people have sources saying he wants to coach, yet you have a super bowl winning coach that every year is rumored to coach again yet never even gets an interview. the writing is on the wall, he dont wanna coach.
      if he aint interviewing he aint coaching.
      all this is is hype for jon.
      im not set on anything it is common sense.
      i can add 1+1. no interviews=zero interest in interviewing, no interviews=no head coaching job, no interviews+rumors=NFL version of TMZ.

        1. I clearly stated, during those reports, Rosemans control was holding up the job to Gruden, & if Lurie didn’t change his mind, it wouldn’t be. Go read! Lurie is just covering his @$$! Gruden will say something. Lurie also clearly stated, he talks to Gruden all of the time, which I also reported. I said he talked to him at NFL & the TB SB anniversary game. So as for me pulling this out of my @$$, just to stir something up, is BS! Honestly, I could care less, & I’ve stated many times, Gruden wasn’t my choice. I liked Fangio, Billick, & recently Bradley. I wouldn’t have complained if Gruden got it, but he didn’t! Life goes on! Who gives a rats @$$! We have a coach now, in which I actually was impressed with, at yesterdays interview, but we’ll see if he can actually coach, or not! Anythings better than Reids stupid @$$, that’s all I care about. Let’s hope he’s as brilliant as everyone is pumping him up to be, because if he isn’t, we’ll be set back for another 5-6 years! I WANT A F^#@ING SB, BEFORE I’M DEAD! Is that too much to ask?!?!?

    1. Believe it or not “Ski” I was in your Corner about Gruden not coming back to Coach any Team this Year..

  14. I think it’s pretty clear we are going to move to a 3-4 defense and I’m actually excited about that as well. This is going to be great. This is also the year to do it in if you’re looking to build through the draft:

    Jarvis Jones, Bjoern Werner, Barkevious Mingo, or if Chip wants to reach for his own guy…Dion Jordan. I think if we switch to the 3-4, the guy we draft at #4 will become the staple of that defense and will lead us for years to come. VERY excited about that. If we decide to go Nose Tackle in the first, Star Lotolelei might be in play, or we may be able to get Jon Jenkins in the second!

    It’s exciting but it’s definitely a draft in which we can get some guys to be the staple of our defense for years to come.

  15. **Breaking NFL News**
    Jaguars new HC Gus Bradley has Hired OC Pete Carmichael Jr of the Saints to run his Offense and already Hired Dan Quinn of Florida University earlier to be his DC. Sounds like a man with a plan, this group could have been in Philly so
    Chip Kelly, game is on …

    1. Saints OC Pete Carmichael will turn down requests to interview for the offensive coordinator jobs of the Jaguars and Eagles.
      Carmichael is a coaching free agent, so the Eagles and Jaguars technically didn’t need the Saints’ permission to interview him. Although overshadowed by coach Sean Payton, Carmichael has done a sterling job of calling plays for Drew Brees over the past year and a half. Rather than developing a quarterback in Philadelphia or Jacksonville, Carmichael will resume his “excellent working relationship” with Payton and Brees.

    1. My bad …
      Quinn is the new DC with Seattle to replace Bradkey but
      Carmichael is new OC with the Jaguars hired by Bradkey

  16. Biglion821
    January 17, 2013 – 1:21 pm

    “Who cares what Kelly did vs Kiffin , this ain’t Oregon vs USC.”

    Sure, but Jerry Jones just hired Kiffin to replace Buddy Ryan’s son.

    So, for those who like to ‘fantasy manage’ you should be interested in the fact that the Eagles-Cowboys match ups for the next couple of years will be
    feature Chipper vs. Kiffin. |—)

  17. Grantham would be a great hire….for thise that dont know him, im a Georgia bulldog fan and Todd is an excellent coach…..his philosphy is be physical and fly to the football…..he runs a 3-4 scheme and all of his players play fast…..draft Jarvis Jones #4

    Grantham will bring in bigger players for the d-line and safety…..he likes them big and physical

  18. Just heard Kelly has his D line coach coming to join him, I just hope they have the D Coord in place and we just don’t know about it yet, we can’t afford another Washburn knucklehead move.

  19. Chip Kelly will be viewed as an unconventional hire who turns more conventional at the nfl, I take his press conference that foles is his quarterback , this will be a good move , he will exploit foles’ instinctive play at the line of scrimmage, his smarts, ability to make a quick, accurate throw to the playmakers, Vick does not do any of this, if Vick restructures he could be a serviceable back up, this will be a high octane offense witha a damn good quarterback at the helm, this is what I took from the press conference

  20. Remember this name, DARRON THOMAS. He was the QB for Kelly last year and played in the CFL this past season, if they can’t get anyone in the draft or free agency, look for them to grab him.

    1. If by “played in the CFL” you mean rotted on the Calgary Stampeeders practice squad because he couldn’t even beat out Brad Sinopoli (from the football powerhouse University of Ottawa) for the 3rd QB spot. (Though Sinopoli probably just there to fulfil Cdn content roster rules).

      Don’t you be trying to bring that CFL news into my house!

  21. Btc24, not may be available, IS available! They just replaced him with Todd Bowles, I said Rod Marinelli earlier, forget that ! Get on a plane right now and get Horton over here!

  22. I hope Howie and his PR guy read the comment sections on GCOBB. Please go get us Ray Horton…I can’t believe they let him go for Todd Bowels.
    Sign Horton Howie

  23. The problem with signing Ray Horton is that he wants to be a HC and if he showed even a inkling of improvement to this defense he would probably only be here 1 year.

    1. Also it HAS to be someone Chip Kelly likes, Kelly has to be comfortable with his staff. You cant just pick coaches for Chip. Can you imagine if Horton wasnt very good here. Chip already would be like “that wasnt my guy”, Howie picked him. Im also a believer in yes Ray Horton had a good defense or did Arizona scouting department hit home runs on them players because Arizona has alot of studs on every defensive level. Makes Hortons job alot easier.

  24. Since Chip Kelly was in Phoenix for a few days around his Bowl Game and was interviewing with NFL Teams if he reached out to Horton at all as a possible DC with him if Kelly landed a HC spot..

  25. 6’2″ 220LB info from bleacher reports draft rankings

    Seems like this guy could run Chip Kelley’s offense.

    Matt Scott is apparently showing up at Shrine Game practices this week and may be making some money for himself.

    Scouts will like how quickly Scott was able to catch on to Rich Rodriguez’s spread offense in 2012, and I like the fact that he is a teammate. Instead of bailing at the first sign of adversity, Scott stayed in school at Arizona, despite losing his job to current Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles.

    Scott took a redshirt in his senior season and burst back onto the scene in 2012 like gangbusters. Scott has a good enough arm, great feet and the ability to pose a real threat as a ball-carrier in the zone-read attack.

    Scott is patient in setting up screen plays and is very obviously a smart player who loves football. He is a player we will see creeping up draft boards as April gets closer.

  26. Goodbye Mike Vick:

    “In our attitude, every sack is the quarterback’s fault. lt is not a sack if the quarterback throws the ball away. Nobody ever lost a game 0n an incomplete pass. Throw the ball away, and give us another opportunity to make a first down. lf you throw it away, it is second-and-10 for the first down. lf you take the sack, it is second-and-16 for the down. lf you can stay away from negative yardage plays, you will be successful. We base the success formula for offense on the total number of plays. Take those plays minus the dropped balls, offensive penalties, and negative yardage plays, and divide by the total number of plays. lf the answer is 80 percent or better, you win the game. The total number of good plays is what you want to consider.

    The job of a quarterback is simple. He has to let it happen, and not make it happen. We want to move forward. That is a concept you have to make your team understand. The cardinal sin at our place is the quarterback sack. We want the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in 1.5 seconds. That does not mean holding the ball until 2.5, waiting for someone t0 get open.”

    What did I say about everything Kelly does is based on Math??

    1. Thats a beautiful quote Vin and clearly means Vick aint coming back assuming that quote is from Chip. And if it is Chips quote guys gonna do just fine!

    2. How many QB’s have Kelly produced that play in the NFL? Beautiful quote and all but Darron Thomas didn’t get a sniff and Dennis Dixon is on the practice squad in Baltimore. So what does that quote mean in the big picture of him knowing what a successful NFL QB is all about? You guys man love makes you irrational. I don’t want quotes I want to see his offense work on a NFL level talk is cheap.

  27. We all knew Vick wasn’t coming back at 15 million anyway does that make us brilliant. I have a feeling now that our starting QB isn’t on the roster right now.

    1. I really think Foles is going to be the guy. Foles showed promise and upside in the limited amount of playing time he had and with a bunch of second and third stringers. I fully expect Foles to make big strides this year with a healthy offensive line returning, DJax back, LeSean McCoy back, and a full pre-season under his belt taking snaps with the first team.

      Anyone heard anything on how Peters’ recovery is coming?

      1. no updates on peters but he was close to coming back at the end of last year so im sure he will be fine for camp

          1. i think in march he initially got hurt, then in May he hurt it again. some viewed the injury as a potentially career ending. but he was close to playing late last year.

            by the time camp starts he will have had over 13 months to recover. hopefully he is ready to roll week 1 full steam but its a guarantee barring no future injuries he will be ready for camp

  28. You guys are asking how many QBs that played for Chip are playing in the NFL? The question should be, how many teams needed a QB that came from a system like his? The answer is, NONE! Its only this past year or two you been seeing his system or some form of it implimented, i bet if he doesnt think Foles or Vick is the answer he goes an gets Darron Thomas out of the CFL or someone that knows his system to come here and play until he can draft the QB he wants.

  29. The Eagles need to hire Ray Horton as Defensive Coordinator, RIGHT NOW… the way he has beat up our offense over the years, we need him. Forget this guy at GA. And why I’m talking about Horton, this guy was up for Head Coaching jobs last year, no mentions this year??? The NFL’s hiring processes are a JOKE, and that old stupid so called Rooney Rule… just my opinion.

  30. Rob Ryan interviewing with the SL Rams today for open DC
    Bears hired Wes Tucker (formerly of the Jags)
    Rob Marinelli signs as DL Coach with Cowboys
    To Coach again with new DC Monte Kiffin..

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