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Parts Of Kelly’s System Have Already Been Successful In The NFL

The hiring of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly won’t guarantee a Super Bowl title, but it won’t guarantee he won’t lead them to a Super Bowl title. He will have to adjust his system to the NFL, but there are parts of his offensive system, which have already worked in the NFL.

Ultimately winning a Super Bowl title will depend on how well the Eagles draft. Can they find a Pro Bowl quarterback, who can put points on the scoreboard without turning over the football and make big plays with the game on the line?  Can they put together dominant offensive and defensive lines?  Can they put together a defense, which can force turnovers?.

Kelly runs the zone blocking rushing attack which has been very successful in the NFL.  Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan employed it in the late 90’s with league leading running back Terrell Davis and they won two NFL titles.  Shanahan is still having success with the zone blocking rushing attack.  They led the league in rushing this year and went to the playoffs with a rookie quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks run the zone blocking rushing attack and the Houston Texans run the zone blocking rushing attack and both of them were in the playoffs.  The system can work, but you must have good personnel to make it work.

Kelly likes to run the read option with that zone blocking rushing attack, but will have to adapt it to the NFL because you can’t run your quarterback too much and keep him healthy.  Look what happened to the Redskins Robert Griffin III, but you can’t deny the success of you mobile quarterbacks RGIII, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.

You can’t rely too much on your quarterback running the football because they get hurt when they run the football too much.  It’s smart to have that quarterback running threat there, but the quarterback has got to get on the ground and not take too many hits.  I like the way Wilson was able to run the football, but still stay away from getting hit.

I just read where Indianapolis Colts GM Ryan Grigson said the team needs to cut down on the number of times their rookie franchise Andrew Luck gets hit.  This is important because you can’t keep your quarterback healthy, if he’s getting hit by defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. Kelly will need to make an adjustment of his attack for the NFL.

The uptempo part of his attack will work in the NFL.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were quick snapping the Houston Texans last week and it’s because Bill Belichick had been consulting with Kelly.  Changing the tempo of the game has always been something that has worked in the NFL.

The Dick Vermeil-led St. Louis Rams were quick snapping teams on their way to a Super Bowl title.  Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers went to a no-huddle attack at times to change the tempo of the game.  Boomer Esiason and Sam Wyche went to a couple of Super Bowl using a hurry up attack.

A no huddle offense tires out defensive linemen and over a longer period of time it will tire an entire defense.  A no-huddle offense in and of itself won’t make you a champion, but it can be a piece of a championship team.

I’ve been told that Kelly is brilliant and will be able to make the necessary adjustments.  I’m willing to give him the chance.  This should be fun. on Facebook

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5 Comments for “Parts Of Kelly’s System Have Already Been Successful In The NFL”

  1. PARTS, is the optimal word! If he doesn’t change his philosophy, to better fit the NFL, it WON’T WORK!!!! The NFL, is bigger, faster, smarter, more adaptable, & doesn’t have the leisure, to CHEAT his way to the best recruits! Remember, we don’t have an RGIII, Newton, Wilson, or Kapernick, & IMHO, due to size, Wilson, & RGIII, aren’t going to last long! RGIII HAS a better chance, because he’s a good pocket passer too & could adjust!

  2. what kills me.. We have had a “Running Quarterback” since I was like 5 years old: Cunningham, Mcnabb, Vick, and even Garcia.. One can argue both Mcnabb & Garcia would look for the pass first, but both were never top caliper Quarterbacks.

    I don’t want another running QB! PLEASE GOD not GENO and NOT VICK

  3. Eagles now have Defined roles
    GM Howie is in charge of the roster & salary cap
    HC Chip is in charge to the plays and who gets playing time
    Easy, simple, clear

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