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Report: Chip Kelly Meets With Michael Vick reports that new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and last year’s starting quarterback Michael Vick met today, but there were no decisions made regarding the quarterback’s future with the team.

The Birds will need to make a decision about Vick very soon.  He’ll get at least $3 million of his $15 million dollar salary, if they don’t release him before February 6th.  If they release him before that date they won’t owe him anything.

Kelly has always had a speedy quarterback during his time with the Oregon Ducks, so it’s been a question which of the Eagles quarterbacks he will want to keep.  The coach was very complimentary of Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles, nobody knows which way he’s going to go. on Facebook

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  1. Read Chip Kelly’s QB manual and see if any of that sounds like Vick…

  2. The Chip Kelly how to be a successful NFL QB manual? Let me know where I can get one of those.

  3. Vick will be released. No way does Lurie pay him $3 million for having him throw interception after interception. And i don’t wanna hear from these Vick supporters that it was because of the O line. He’s done, and Foles will be the starter. The writing is on the wall

  4. Trust me if he was told he’ ll be released it will leak out.

  5. Chip met with Vick to give him his walking papers good luck Michael Vick on your third undeserved opportunity as a franchise quarterback, you never had the requisite smarts, discipline, attitude, otherwise to be an elite quarterback in the nfl, you went to jail, yet your preparation never changed, you thought your hood attitude and your hood followers would get you buy, that is one of your biggest mistakes, it takes a very special athlete to lead a team as the quarterback but you focused on yourself, you will now be replaced and you are to blame , you suck , you suck way worse than many before you, after you and you suck because of you

    • LOL He hasn’t had the smarts but make millions and you on the other hand sit behind a key making a big fat zero….But you have “smarts” right…..

  6. On the second day of his employment as coach of the Eagles, Chip Kelly addressed the first challenge he’ll face from a personnel standpoint.

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Kelly and Vick met on Friday. However, there has been no resolution regarding Vick’s status with the team, and no answer is expected in the immediate future.

    A decision needs to be made, sooner than later. On February 6, $3 million of Vick’s $15.5 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed. Presumably, the Eagles won’t be inclined to guarantee that payment if they plan to eventually cut or trade him.

    That said, they can’t trade Vick until March 12, when the next league year opens. If the Eagles think they can shift the guaranteed $3 million and the other $12.5 million to another team via trade, maybe they’ll try.

    Still, unless the Eagles are going to pay part of that salary or Vick will reduce it, a trade becomes difficult to accomplish.

    In the end, there’s still a chance that Vick softens on his reported unwillingness to reduce his pay to stay in Philly, given that Chip Kelly is the new head coach. Either way, we’ll know more within three weeks.

  7. The is a big possibility that Micheal Vick, will be here at a discount. It’s just a serious reality. I too feel he had a bad season; but that Offensive Line did him no favors this year.

    What QB that will be available in the offseason would you sign that actually better than Vick?…Alex Smith?..NO…Matt Flynn?…No…He could very much still be on this team as a back up, because there is nothing better available.

    He may agree to redo his contract. What will he be paid per year, if he was released by the Eagles? I guarantee someone will want to trade for him, by the trade deadline next year. He can still play, especially if the O-Line is better.

    • I agree Cliff, the Eagles have some difficult decisions to make in the coming weeks with QB being one of them this is going to be a very interesting offseason. On a side note how about that nonsense at the press conference by Kelly with the I’m just a football coach I coach whatever players you give me, like who recruited all the players at Oregon his assistants? I just cringe at the fact that Howie Roseman is in charge of putting together a NFL roster. Disaster written all over it.

  8. A myth about Chip Kellys offense. I have watched Chip Kellys offense and none of his QBs are rocket scientist. He had a freshman this year that couldnt throw a forward pass let alone read a Hes had 3 different QBs in Oregon in the last 4 years and non of them are any good but guess what Kellys system let hem average 50 points a game. How the hell did all them QBs thrive in that system?

    • He’s a master mathematician according to Vinnie.

      • Bigloin you know Vick isnt going anywhere dont These hillbillies are gonna have a stroke when they found out Vick is staying. I will tell you what Kelly said to Vick today.”Hey listen Mike I can win with you I dont care what happened the last 3 years but if you trust me I have a proven track record with college kids who couldnt read a playbook let alone a defense just imagine what I could do with you. But I need something from you Mike. We cant keep you at that number. I need you to renegotiate.” Thats how that conversation went. lol

        • I would agree Dag, one of the things people keep missing is Chip Kelly saying playcalling can and will lead to the QB taking hits and making turnovers, that’s what he is selling Lurie and Roseman for them to keep Vick at a lesser salary. It’s all on Vick to be smart and accept a lower number if not then see you buddy.

          • Why would Kelly call Vick in? If they made up thier mind just to release him Howie would just tell Vicks agent. Kelly has no ties to Vick there is no need to meet him. Vick fully understood he was being released before the Kelly hiring. Plus biglion if Vick was being released they would do it right now especially after just meeting with Vick. Do you think he would keep it secret? Hell no he would be tweeting that shit right now.

        • They will more than likely have a riot or committ mass suicide if Vick is named the starter.

  9. I am sure Chip Kelly has been evaluating all the Eagle Pkayer’s and meeting with some the key Veterans of the Club to not only to introduce himself to the Players but do get his insight and gut feel about many of these guys as he formulates his game plan as far as Personnel wise goes. I am sure by the weekend he will have met with most of the Team and then will get his opinion
    Of what and who will be on board on what his program will be
    He’ll then probably sit down with Rosman & Co and then proceed to lay out his
    personnel plan and plan of action and then begin to move forward
    Chip Kelly is a smart and calculating man, if he is going to make changes
    (And he obviously ins going to) he is going to about it in a Professional manner
    As the the new leader of the Franchise
    He is now doing his due diligence of evaluating his Team, it’s Players and will
    Advise Roseman & Lurie of what needs to be done. It would be foolish of him to do anything less.

  10. Kelly despises negative yardage, let alone giveaways! There is no way he’ll tolerate Vick, Bryce Brown or anyone else not protecting the ball. Linemen better get used to not jumping before snaps either. He is a stickler for execution… Wow, what a novel idea for this team!!

  11. Don’t you nitwits understand, Vick works out, at the Nova Care, all year round?!? Also Kelly has already stated, he’s met with several players, since being hired! He met with B-Dawk too, does that mean, he is coming out of retirement to play for him?!? I have a better chance of QBing this team, than Vick! That will be a catastrophic mistake! The Vick failed experience, IS OVER!

    • Agreed DCar. My only point is dont tell me that Chip Kelly had a stable of stud QBs at Oregon.His QBs werent very good by college or NFL standards. Hell he had a freshman their this year that couldnt throw and Chip managed to still avg 50 points a game, I dont want Vick back I want Chip to find me a Kapernick in the draft. If you bring Chip in then I want to see what hes known for.

      • Agreed, Dag, but what you, & many of the Vick lovers fail to comprehend, he is due $15M against the cap, $3M guaranteed after Feb 6th, in which he publicly stated, he ain’t renegotiating, he’s 33 years old, injury prone, lost a few steps, well beyond his prime, turnover prone, & doesn’t fit Kellys QB preference AT ALL, & CLEARLY, on a rebuilding team! Get it? It’s over BRUH! Let’s move on, the faster we wash the stench of us, from the prior regime & roster, the better! Root for the name on the front, not the back! Move on!

        • What part of the I dont want Vick back dont you understand? What you and the rest of your”Im gonna buy a Nick Foles blowup doll followers” fail to understand is _I will go slowly once again_, we arent Vick fans, this is a cultural issue with alot of us.The Vick sucks is fair criticizm but the dumb, not intelligent, thug, cant do this cant do that bullshit kinda hits a nerve to some and just because some of us dont like the 4th worst starting QB in the NFL(at this time) doesnt mean we want Vick eithier. I will go slowly I DONT WANT VICK EITHIER. THEY BOTH SUCK!

          • Well put dag, if Mike Vick thinks he will see a penny of that 15 million add delusional to injury prone. If everyone on this site thinks Chip Kelly is going into his first year as HC with Nick Foles, Mike Vick and Trent Edwards as his only options are equally delusional.

          • NUMBNUT, where in any of my posts, past & presently, have I fawned over Foles, or called Vick dumb, not intelligent, or a thug? I think you are mixing me up, with somebody else! Also, how can you say Foles sucks, with half a season, with a beer league O-line, no DJax, no Shady, a checked out Maclin, & an inept coaching staff, making arrangements, for their next jobs? WTF, are you talking about. F^#@ING clueless! You ignore facts, & common sense, all the time! BTW, only Vinnie, you, & your cohorts make it a cultural & race issue, because racists bring up the racecard, not me bruh!

  12. Nick Foles blowup doll. Ha. I suspect every option is being considered. Reality is Foles and Vick are currently the Eagles QBs. But you can be sure that will be achangin. Foles still an unknown with possible upside. Vick not so much.
    There is a lot on this roster that needs improvement besides QB. Tom Brady would have a hard time putting up enough points to make up for the ineptitude of the Eag’s D and special teams.

    • I see your not part of the delusional crowd sir. Granbeagle nice post.

      • Big, elaborate, WTF exactly am I delusional about?!? You guys amaze me, with the lack of common sense & comprehension, on here! I am nothing BUT grounded, sceptical, & truthful, in everything I state, & always have my facts straight before hitting “post comment.” So again, elaborate on, where I’ve been delusional?

  13. Big lion, in response to your post above, Kelly has said sacks are a result of the QB not getting the ball out. To me, it was directed at Vick.

  14. DCAR I do appreciate your philosophy and a few others who post. Like I have said before we need to move on from Vick. But if Chip Kelly in some insane reason decides to keep Vick you are on record with many others that you support the “NAME ON THE FRONT OF THE JERSEY NOT ON THE BACK”concept and will support whoever plays where in the name of being a Eagle fan. I shall do the same. Thats refreshing and will be revisited if neccessary.

  15. Chip Kelly and Mike Vick are Polar Opposites
    Mike Vick likes to hold the ball and extend the play.Mike Vick likes to throw deep to get the safeties to back up then use screens and draws and underneath TE routes.
    Chip Kelly likes to use short fast precise routes to get the safeties up and then go over the top.
    I don’t think they fit.
    Vick would be best in a Bruce Arians 5 step offense like Andrew Luck plays.

    • Some forget…In ATL Vick did not like to hold the ball and extend plays…He would take off, something that Kelly prefers in a QB …Vick’s number 1 target in ATL was Crumpler who was a pro bowler with Vick…

      • And this means what in 2013 ???? .. WHen are you going to give it up RT777 Your talking about Vick’s play from like 8-10 Years ago… Really ???

        • System scheme….Play calling…is all about of the game, right Paulman! Or did you not know that….The Vick we’ve seen these past two seasons, was not the same Vick he was in the past.

          I simply was pointing out that Vick’s game is not what AR/MM tried making him to be. Thats it! you honestly don’t need to act like such a little bitch about my input to Eagles0SB’s post… calm your old ass down!

          • Vick is Trash, can’t you let it go.. You talk as if he was a productive, efficient QB his other Seasons in the NFL.. He was mediocreall of his 10 Year Career (except for a 6-7 Week of Play in October/November of 2010).. His PLay the last 2 Years mirror his Career #’s and Stats..
            Another words, he is what we thought he was.. An average QB who will make some unbelievable,exxiting plays 1 minute, only to make a befuddling,careless play the next minute.. He had his chance and he blew it, (as did AR and MM) time to move on from all of them

            • Again Paulman, nowhere did I say that Vick should remain an Eagle nor did I say I want him to remain an Eagle…obviously if he were to remain an Eagle, I would not be upset about it! But if he were to be released I’m cool with that as well…I’m responding to Eagles0SB about stating Kelly and Vick are polar opposites…yes Vick may turn the ball over more than Kelly would like, but as far as being opposite of what Kelly likes, that is false…Got it!

            • Paulman he was replaced by Matt Ryan in Atlanta who has a great supporting cast around him but cannot take the team any further then Vick did. Does he suck?

              • Wrong BigLion
                Vick last Season with Falcons was 2006, then arrested in the Off-Season, Falcons used Starter Joey Harrington in 2007 abnd had a a poor team and then Drafted Matt Ryan with their 1st Rd Pick in 2008 who has beeen their Starter from Day 1 .. and yes, they have added to the Talent level on their Team in recevn years.. But Ryan was not supported with a Great Team by any stretch his 1st Seasons (They did have Roddy WHite, Mike Jenkins, Brian FInneran at WR, but no Gonzo at TE yet..No JJulio Jones yet, No Jacquizz Rogers yet)
                Ryan has improved more in his first 4 Seasons as a Pro then Vick did.. If I were to choose a QB today between Ryan and VIck, it would be no Contest, I would take Ryan as would 95% of People who actually follow and understand the game of Football
                I think Ryan has led the Falcons to 3 Playoff Seasons in a Row,
                Twice being the Top Seed and now to the NFC Championship Game..which is a pretty dman good start to a Career as a QB if you ask me.. Just like Joe Flacco.. What’s this his 6 Straight Season of getting the Ravens to the Playoffs in his first 6 Years of being in the NFL.. How many QB’s have done this…

  16. If you are listening everything Kelly has been saying and not saying leads to the conclusion thar foles and not Vick will be the qb in absence of anything even remotely better in the draft, if foles has a great year next year then Kelly will build his future around him, if he struggles then he will find another quarterback, it’s apparent, and based on what foles has shown, if Kelly is as good as it appears of exploiting the strength of personnel then foles will look spectacular next year, he’s that good

  17. I like the QB Boyd from Clemson in the 2014 Draft

  18. Don’t be surprised if Kelly and Eagles draft QB Ryan Nassib from Syracuse with their 2nd Round Pick

  19. Sholelace to be drafted in late rounds. Could you see Chip Kelly taking Michigans Denard Robinson with a late round pick? lol

  20. oh gcobb…… where everyone is a Vick lover or a Vick hater… muahahaha….

    This has been my biggest issue with the philly fans…. its all QB… all the time. While our D has become butter and our coaches have been even softer… all we can see is McNabb on air guitar or Kolb running for his life or Vick without a line or Foles stats beinh the same as all the hall of famers…. so sad really.

    Here is the real question for the year…. what are the Eagles gunna do on the D side of the ball?

  21. btw…. i have no doubt that it will be Foles this year. and it should be. I would also like to see them add a vet and a draft pick QB somewhere in the mid round.

  22. Why is there such a big deal being made of Kelly meeting with Vick, didn’t Kelly say in his pc that he would be meeting with all the players. Amazing how you folks try to make something out of nothing, then draw your own conclusions, which most times prove to be wrong.

  23. Which way he’s going to go???

    That’s Hilarious.

    It’s Foles.

    He practically proposed to him in the press conference.

    “He’s tough, and completed a left handed pass….”

    “What could we do to stop him?”

    “I was so helpless against Foles. Almost as helpless as losing 5 times to the current Villanova coach. Hope nobody asks him how he beat me. Sure hope the film is not available on how a college 1aa coach kicked my butt 5 times.”

  24. The article should read: “Chip kelly meets with every Eagle player in the building.

    Choices: 33 yr old broken down player or 23 yr old young player who outperformed 33 yr old broken down player is not that difficult a decision to make.

    Chip Kelly:
    “If people think we are going to do exactly what we did in Oregon, I think they should study what we did, because every year we were different cause the personnel was different every year. It is about looking at what you have for resources and putting them in position to make plays. That is what coaching football is all about. People think I am going to take the Oregon playbook, cross off the ‘Oregon’ and put ‘Philadelphia’ on it, then I hope they [think] that because they are going to be defending a lot of things we aren’t running.”

    “”We have a couple under contract. I am in the process now of going through tape. Nick [Foles] and Michael [Vick], let’s take a look at them and evaluate them. That is what it is at every position. So it is not different at the quarterback position as oppose to who we have on the defensive line or corner. We have to name a starting quarterback when we play Week 1. Right now it is evaluating everybody – top to bottom – on our roster and trying to figure out how they fit and what our vision is for how this thing is supposed to look.”

    Bub-bye former superstar.

    • qb rating

      Vick- 78.1
      Foles 79.1

      comp %

      Vick- 58
      Foles- 60


      Vick- 12-10
      Foles 6-5



      Out played? Vinnie…. always waving pom poms for the backups.

      That being said….. I still would rather go with Foles.

      • oh.. but i didnt add….

        Vick- dumb

        i also forgot to add that Foles stats are better than all the other rookies not named RG3 and in fact are the same as all the guys in the hall of fame. And almost as good as hero Kolb.

      • you also forgot Vick injury prone

        Foles not injury pro….oh shit Foles only lasted a few games to.. forget that thought.

        • dag.. im on board with Foles. I like him. He’s more of what i want from a QB. Im just around to remind vinnie that he doesnt know jack about football.

          • Dag isn’t a Vick fan. He’s just pointing out the level of stupidity that comes from those who HATE Vick. I like VIck though I do think it’s time for him to move on. I’m not a fan of Foles ’cause I don’t think he has enough of “it” to be successful. I’d like it if they drafted a guy and had Foles and him duke it out. I’m not a fan of a big name vet but maybe a current #2 or practice squad QB with some potential ’cause we are gonna need a backup whoever the starter is.

      • Vick ——————$13,900,000.00
        Foles ———————-$525,812.00

  25. Nice Vinnie. That’s some good shit

  26. Word is Chip is thinking about installing the Triple “T” Wing Ruuning Firmation with McCoy, Brown and Polk S his RB’s and will rush the ball 60+ Times a game while he rebuilds the Defense
    You heard it here first

  27. Man these post are racially motivated, look truth be told I really don’t care the color of my quarterback. I just want to experience a superbowl in this city. The only color I root for is green fellas. I know that sounds corny but it’s the truth.

  28. If Foles is the guy their going with then hey I will go get the #9 tomorrow. I will say one thing about the eagles organization. You can say what you want the eagles organization were one of the few that really gave black QB’s a platform.

  29. I never liked Mike Vick truth be told and I will tell you guys why. He was an amazing talent who never worked on his craft until he got here. He was given great financial opportunities from football and he never took advantage of his situation. My main issue with him is he can’t read defenses good enough period. Now coming up his coaches I guess never really worked on it with him. But sometimes in life you have to be proactive and say I lack in this area. I need to learn these things somehow so I can be better at what I do. He had all the money in the world and nfl resources to get better and he didn’t do it. Until now, and it’s too dam late.

  30. Give me a team a Kobe Bryant’s in any sport and you will be a champion. I guy like that always works on his craft. He is what I call a professional.

  31. Excellent points pdiddy..
    All these Pro Players are great athletes players or they wouldn’t be Pro’s to begging with, but as in any profession (Doctor.Lawyer, Builder,Teacher, Nurse or what’re the occupation may be) you can only rise to the top by working on your craft and elevating the people around you and leading by example
    Raise your own expectations and game and you’ll be surprised who much there is to improve on…

    • Very true Paulman obviously Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassell, Tony Romo, Sam Bradforrd etc all arent studying enough because none of them have elevated thier teams.and obviously cant read defenses. none of them have won shit. Damn the NFL is littered with them bums. If they would put the time in and study more that would guarantee them stardom. damn dummies.

      • amazing isn’t it dag that only Vick is not elevating his game or teammates.

      • I am not worrying about those other QB’s Dag
        Bradford’s had 3 OC’s in his 4 Seasons with no wR’s help so I still think he has a chance to be pretty good
        Palmer can’t move
        Rivers lot talenten WR, RB and has had a shitty OL in front of him for 2 Years now
        Cassellis was product of the Patriots System and Fitz is what he is,
        And average to below average QB like Vick
        Will put up one good numbers, but way too many turnovers and can’t win consistently in the NFl like Vick hasn’t been able to do (10-16 in his last 26 Eagles Starts)
        Case closed my friend..

  32. Good stuff pdiddy, you are tbe many I hear on sports radio, we all remember randall, my favorite eagle of all time, the first black qb for tbe eagles, I know the medium is far different today, but back then I never debated race with my Philly fans, much like we didn’t give a shit that our center fielder for the Phil’s was black, but hang here for awhile, you will hear some of the most racist bullshit ever Agsinst a white quarterback, it is still a small minority of the eagles fans but well represented here, the classic is foles doesn’t have “it”

    • Hey Jake I hope Foles is successful and we have a high powered offense, when I say he doesn’t have it, I mean he doesn’t make enough plays to win he compiles great numbers but his teams at Arizona didn’t win thats what I mean by not having it.

  33. I think its very possible that Vick comes back next year. I like Foles but I don’t think there is any hurry or rush to put him in there as the starter. He was not a top ten pick, the last coach was the one that picked him, and the future of the franchise isn’t invested in him.

    I can see Kelly rolling the dice with Vick, and if it doesn’t work, Vick will be gone next year and Foles will take over in his third year. Which is a much more realistic situation than putting Foles back there now. Not only does he have no experience in Kelly’s offense (as all the players), but another thing that will help Vick is the fact that Foles has LIMITED NFL experience. Kelly might want a guy that has actual NFL experience to be his QB.

    • Yeah, I don’t see Vick staying – he’s too old. If Kelly don’t like Foles I think he will bring in a QB that he does like. Maybe he’ll get the kid Geno in the first round. Or maybe he will adapt his system to suite Foles, or another QB.

      To tell the truth I’m not sure how long the read/option, or zone/read offense will last in the NFL – even in a limited way. I see it going the way of the wildcat.

  34. The Oakland Raiders announced Saturday evening they have hired Bobby April as special teams coordinator.

    April is a two-time special teams coach of the year winning the award in 2004 and 2008, both while a member of the Buffalo Bills coaching staff. April was most recently with the Philadelphia Eagles on Andy Reid’s staff for the past three seasons.

    Amazing how we bad our S/T were.. He was the best S/T coach in NFL before he came here. Like Chip Kelly said if you dont have players it doesnt matter who the coach is.

  35. I respectfully disagree,
    I think Chip will take total control of who is on his Roster and the sooner he gets rid of older, underperforming, overpaid players from the past regimes, the better off he will be. He probably has a 3 Year plan and will need to find out about Foles for sure in Year 1 (2013) for if he is not the QB of the Future then he will need to go out and draft one in 2014 or obtain one thru Trade/Free agency
    I don’t think he’s concerned about getting 6-7-8 wins in 2013 as he is of putting his stamp on this squad right away and having as much of a Roster of his guys in 2013 to be able to move foward, so he may have to take 1step back in 2013 and have an overall less talented team, but to build a foundation of his type of players for the future he will have to make the difficult Roster decisions of who to move on from and I am hoping that Vick, Asmo, Cole, Herremans, DRC,
    Are at the top of his list to release, trade or move away from.
    D-Jax/Maclin/Celek/Watkins/Allen have 2013 to impress and show their earlier flahes or they will be a goners after 2013. There will be a grace period for this year for Kelly so he has no real vested interest in pretending to appease anyone by hanging on to Any Veteran Player who he doesn’t feel will be part of his Pkan moving forward, cut the chord this Off-Season and use the model of what the Colts did last Off-Season when Pagsno/Grigson cleaned house of many players and get their own type of players to step in and step up even though they got rid of Talented players who were not part of their plans
    (Manning, Clark, Garçon, Addai , Gary Brackett,Wheeler, Sessions, Lacey, etc, etc) and replaced these players with young draftee’s and undrafted free-agents who bought into their system and probably overachieved some this year, but now have a solid foundation on which to build on.. Colts played 6 Rookies on their Offense which is amazing when you think about it

  36. QB Luck, RB Valkard, WR TY Hilton, TE’s Fleener & Allen and an
    OL whose name escapes me and they won 11 Games..
    I know they had a last place schedule, played the Jaguars,Titans Twice each
    And had the overall #1 Pick in Luck, but it can be done with a roster full of young, hungry tough players which is what GM Grigson and HC Pagano brought to that Feanchise and it paid off. I am hoping Kelly does a similar thing instead of thinking that he can Coach up some lazy, I passionate veteran players on this Roster, now is the time to cut the chord and let there be open competition at every position on this Team for we all have to remember that this Roster at least most of it is 12-20 since 2011 so it’s not like you can expect this same group just to turn it around with a new Coaching Staff

  37. Coach Andy Reid hired the best ST Coach in the NFL
    Dave Toub from the Bears and also hire their Asst ST Coach which was a great hire from his close friend Lovie Smith’s Staff
    The 49er ST Coach is Brad Seely (also their Asst HC) who is all an excellent Coach and right up there with Toub. April sucked and I have been screaming this for 2 Years, could not stand his blow hard Press-Conferences either

  38. Paulman , disagree with the analysis on offense, chip Kelly said a big reason he wanted this job was because of the speed and youth on offense, I agree vick is out, but the playmakers are young, foles maclin djax brown these are players he will build the offense around

  39. When you watch the Bears and 49ers Special Teams, they will have some Starters on their Coverage Teams ( Safeties/LB’s)
    I’ve seen Gholston, Bowman, McDonald flying down the field taking no prisoners as they make plays.. When was the last Eagle who was a Stater play Dpecial Teams (outside of D-Jax). Back when Harbaugh was Special Teams in the early 2000’s, you would see some Starters play on coverage Teans, but not since and it’s cost the Eagles big time the last few Seasons as far as field position and changing momentum in games

  40. Speed is everywhere in the NFL, but heart, passion and teamwork is not
    And that’s what Kelly will found out and correct over the course of his first season
    He will not put up with alligator arms, receivers hitting the turf after every catch
    Or fumbles/ turnovers by his skill players, it goes against everything he preaches so I stand by my statement that D-Jax, Maclin, Celek, Brown
    Will have to man-up in 2013 and show the fortitude, heart, passion and being a good Teamnate in 2013 or next off-Season they will be gone..

  41. Kelly is a numbers/metrics guy
    You know there’s 50 WR’s in the NFL that Catch 50 balls for 750 yards a Season, there is nothing elite about the Eagles WR Corp as I have been saying for the last 2 years also..production and TD wise, they rank as a group in the bottom 1/3rd of the NFL over the last 2 Seasons and they were playing under a pass–happy Andy Reid/ MM System too..

  42. I see Eagles coming into Camp with Foles/Edwards and probably anoth QB picked up from another Team (Tyrod Taylor, Thaddous Lewis,Josh Johnson,
    Or a draft pick like EJ Manuel or Florence from Baylor who could fit Kelky’s faced paced Offense or have played in a familiar up tempo style in College)

    • I hear all about what the Eagle players cant do. How the hell do the Oregon players do it? Who the hell are thier QBs? WTF defense could that freshman read?Accurate? Chip Kelly has had 3 QBs in 4 years and none are even close to being NFL players. He has no skilled players in the NFL beside Lamicheal James as a backup. How the hell is thier RBs and WR doing it? lol. Its amazing that DJax, Maclin, Vick etc cant do this but the Oregon players can. How is that? Yeah the players in the NFL are better but guess what Maclin, DJax and Shady are better to.

  43. I agree with Foles and Edwards.. What do you thi k of the Baylor qb?

    • Denard “shoelace” Robinson!

      • Deboard is not a NFL QB, he’s like 5-10 175lvs and wouldn’t las 2 Weeks taking 65 Snaps a game.. A good College QB but that’s about it
        He may make a NFL Roster as a Wildcat/ WR or Scat Back and maybe as a Punt Returner but not as an everydown QB
        I expect him to be a 5th/6th Rounder and go to a team who likes versatility like the 49ers/Packers or even Patriots or home state aream the Lions to create a little hometown buzz but for 5-7 plays a game, and he can make a big play for you.. Eagles have enough of these types with D-Jax, D Johnson, D Lewis, and Boykin already on their Roster

  44. I like QB Florence a lot from Baylor and though he’s rated as 6th/7th Round Prospect due to his average height and athleticism, he’s mature, a good leader who makes smart decisions and runs a high tempo offenses brilliantly
    In my opinion. I think with a good Indy Combines and Workout Day that he may be a QB that rises up to a 4th/5th Rounder. He has all the intangibles
    and is a tough guy who protects the ball really well which is very important to Kelly (as it is for all Coaches) and you can’t argue with the Season he had taking over for RGIII down at Baylor.

  45. I won’t pretend I know all that much about him, I saw him play twice this year and looked like a poised kid. That’s what I think the birds should do, take a later round flier on a qb. Like I said before, see what files has this year, stack the D, and look to get some depth on the O-line.

  46. “calm your old ass down paulman”, paulman pulls a muscle in his brain every time real talk mentions Vick, classic

  47. @paulman I agree with just about everything you posted about Ryan and Vick except they are no better off then they were, both got to NFC championship games although with Ryan they have better pieces around him. My point is really to say we give all the credit and all the blame on QB’s its all just an individual choice of whether you like a guy or not. You can always find excuses when they don’t win.

    • That’s part of the Postion an Mental Make-up you have to have as NFL QB..It comes with the Territory, in the end, you are measured in Wins and Losses..
      Most of us agree that Donovan MCNabb was the Eagles best QB in FRanchise History, still it wasn’t good enough for many since he never got the Eagles over the Top. but now looking back to those Eagle Teams in the early 2000’s would you rather a QB taking you to the Playoffs every year and at least having a chance to complete for a Championship (like Ryan has done with the Falcons or like McNabb did with the Eagles and like Flacco is doing now with the Ravens.. You also have to remember that during Vick’s Career with the Falcons, he never led them to back to back Winning Seasons let alone back to back Playoffs appearances and this was during Vick’s Good Days.. No Comparision my friend.. None..

  48. Ryan does have a rep to coming up small in big games. Had it at BC too. This 2nd half disaster yeasterday with 2 ints and the fumble will not help that.

    For all the talk about games and Ds and etc…they always come down to 1 or 2 plays that turn everything.

    In the Atl game I think it was the fumble.

    In the NE game it was Hernandez not running OB at end of first half.

    COmpletely inexcusable the way he cut back in and got tackled when he could have just run OB to exactly the same distance. It was almost like he did it on purpose.

    I don’t know whay I’m not reading more about that….it had to be the worst play of the playoffs so far. It completely ruined that drive at the end of the half and took 2 chances at going for a td away from the Pats. If pats score a td there, its a completely different game.

  49. I’m not sure you can say the Atlanta Falcons are no better off now than they were in regard to the QB position. Just a guess but I’m pretty sure Matt Ryan isn’t going to federal prison anytime soon. Most importantly, he likely isn’t going to throw his team and team fans into a pile of shit over some type of absurd illegal activity. I think Matt Ryan will get a trophy for ATL eventually, hes only been in the league like 5 years and has shown to get better, with probably 10 solid years ahead of him. As an Eagles fan, Im much more concerned about having to get through an NFC with Ryan right now going forward then I was in 2004 with Vick. Like Paulman said, its not even close.

    • I have no problem with that either pheags but its always on the QB. We have all witnessed Ryan come up small in big games and yesterday his defense sucked but all people in Atlanta will remember is he came up small on the last drive. Football is the ultimate team sport but most fans get caught up with one position. He played good enough yesterday they should be in the Super Bowl but nobody will remember that.

    • Hmmm, you’re right if Matt Ryan did have any type of legal issue, he would never go to federal prison, he wouldn’t go to state prison, hell he wouldn’t even go to county jail. Ben Roethlisberger proved that after being accused of raping not one but three different women he wasn’t even arrested let alone given any type of jail time. I guess I am not understanding what your point is, as it relates to prison, or illegal activity.

      • Hmmm i think you are clearly just an ignorant retard that knows nothing about the law on federal or state levels. Really you think Matt Ryan wouldn’t go to federal prison if he was caught doing the same illegal activity that Vick did cause he is white? give me a fucking break. Really Big Ben? Was there a conviction that I missed? I guess no conviction because he was white. I guess Kobe is white too then. Fact is Ben never went to jail because there was no conviction just like Kobe never went to jail when he was accused of the same exact thing. No rape conviction no jail time…they both paid money to make their problems go away.

        Ray Lewis was a freaking murder suspect. got away with a misdemeanor and no jail time…i guess that was because he was white too. He paid an undisclosed settlement to make his problem go away too (and his bloody suit that magically disappeared)…Again, he must have gotten that break because he is white.

        Stallworth and Little both killed a man. Both got a slap on the wrist for it. Must have been because they are white like Matt Ryan and Big Ben.
        I can go on and on…

        Obviously, your comment suggests you are just a racist. I just showed you it has nothing to do with race. It all about money, when you have money, regardless of race, for the most part you can make your legal problems disappear.

        And my comment to Biglion had nothing to do with race. He simply said something like the Falcons are no better off now then they were after Vick lost the NFC championship. I simply disagreed because I doubt Ryan will go to Federal prison anytime soon and he seems to take his career serious which Vick admitted he did not at that age. You say you don’t understand my point? Well let me make it simple for your tiny brain. A franchise that has a QB that is actually allowed to play football and seems to take his career serious is in better shape than a team that has a QB that didn’t take their career serious and also happens to go to prison for a couple of years. I didn’t think you had to be considered a genius to understand that.

  50. The Current Falcons under QB Ryan have become like the Eagles of the Early 2000’s led by McNabb..A good SOlid Team who will compete and most likely get to the Playoffs every season, but still not a Top Notch Team to go all the Way… Now fast forward to 2013 and be honest, as an Eagle fan, would have rather have the days where McNabb was taking the Eagles to the Playoffs every year with at least a chance to win or get all hyped up about the flash and dash type of recent Teams with big name Free-Agnets, Big COntracts, that on paper had more promise and talent, but failed to show heart, passion and toughness to play as a real Football Team…

    • Come on man I’m taking McNabb all day everyday, paulman I just hope Kelly gets some immediate early success because I don’t want a Petrino situation where the first sign of failure has him running back to college.

      • Paulman, I would rather take Vicks improbable run for one season in 2010 over that fraud long, overdue tenure here in Phillynof the greatest chike artist in philadelphia history, we knew how it would end with mr, mamas boy, with his air gitaring fake ass, pussy boy, throwing up clown jerk off, is that too strong for you paulman, good I can get even stronger with my disdain of the greatest fraud perpetrated on the eagles, and Andy Reid could say it a lot stronger, but he needs a job

  51. right now just give me a QB who can play all 16 games ! its been several years since we had that

  52. Grow some balls paulman

  53. And your ugly ass would be home for the Playoffs like the last 2 Seasons
    The only Fraud in Philadelphia Sports these days is Mike Vick trying to be a
    Winning NFL QB

  54. Haha, nice paulman, I like it , showing some juice, Vick had a better chance of leading birds to championship than that fraud mcnabb, I never bought in with McFraud, I did buy in in 2010 with Vick, , and vick is a competitor, unlike puss boy mcnabb, I will tell you that for all his faults the players in the huddle would rather go with Vick, notwithstanding his faults as a quarterback , but a tough sonaofabitch

  55. There’s no doubt that Vick has heart and is a tough competitor,
    My issue is that he is a dumb QB who still can’t read Defenses, Coverage’s well enough even as a 10 Year Veteran should.. He’s no better than he was 4-5-6 Years in fact he’s regressed the last 2 Years and is a Team Killer when it comes to Turnovers. He’s horrible and of the All-Time worst

    • Dumb like that coach killer Cutler, dumb like that turnover machine Room, a sourpuss throw everybody under the bus Rivers? Before you say all time worst you need to look around the league. Dudes stealing money like Cassel and Kolb. How about Pad Statford otherwise known as Matt Stafford take your pick.

  56. **********News

    Former Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn joins Lions’ staff as a def asst. Reunites w/ Jim Schwartz, joins his son Jeremiah.

  57. Here’s the difference between this ass clown organizations and winning organizations.

    The Giants snatched the best talent evaluator Eagles had in Marc Ross who plucked Spags from the linebackers coach position and are him “D” Coordinator.

    They win a chip shortly thereafter.

    Eagles request to speak with the Giants linebackers coach and he turned down a promotion with a greater pay scale.

    This guy didn’t want to become a defensive coordinator for this clown ass organization so the word is spreading around the league that the Eagles brass are clueless.

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