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Will Kelly Continue Calling The Plays From Sideline After Pre-snap Reads?

During his years at Oregon, Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly played the role of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady prior to his offense snapping the football.  He would have his offense hustle up to the line of scrimmage and get lined up in a formation.  They would then pause and look toward him on the sideline.

Kelly would then signal in what play to run depending on the defensive front and coverage they were looking at. Kelly would be getting a pre-snap read on the sideline and make an adjustment to whatever he saw.  There was a time when he had the backup quarterback signalling the play in on a big blackboard poster.

If you focus on Tom Brady on Sunday, you will see him get his team up to the line of scrimmage, then he will begin a forceful and energetic snap count, as if they’re getting ready to snap the football.  Sometimes he will either draw the defense offsides, but that’s not his main purpose.

The hard snap count is a way to force the defense to show their hand or what defense they’re going to play.

The safeties, linebacker and sometimes the cornerbacks will line up somewhere as a disguise for a coverage or blitz, before moving into the real position they’re going to play from a second or two before the snap.

Many times the linebackers or safeties will show the blitz they’re getting ready to run when Brady begins his snap count.  Once he sees the blitz or coverage they’re going to face, he will identify the Mike linebacker, so the line can count from that player to the player they’re going to be responsible for blocking.  He will check out of the run or pass play into a run or pass play that’s good against the defense they’re getting ready to face.

Kelly likes to the do the same thing, but he does it from the sidelines and I don’t know whether he’ll be able to do that in the NFL.  It will depend on when they cut off the microphone in the helmet of the quarterback.  He might try to do by just having the Eagles offense go to the line of scrimmage and tell the quarterback the play he want them to run

Clearly, Kelly knows the benefit of the pre-snap it’ll be interesting to see how he plans on exploiting it on the NFL.

Jon Gruden is a close friend of Kelly’s.  I’m told that they talk football on a regular basis.  He also talks football with Pete Carroll and of course Bill Belichick.  Eagles fans can rest in the fact that Kelly will be able to deal with the NFL. on Facebook

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10 Comments for “Will Kelly Continue Calling The Plays From Sideline After Pre-snap Reads?”

  1. I really like that video of Kelly and Urban Meyer on this page. I like how Kelly talks about never being married to any one offense or defense. While I’m reluctant about the success Kelly will have, the guy knows football and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

  2. Chip better worry about who’s calling the defensive play from the sideline or the coaching box it won’t matter if we can’t stop teams the 2013 draft and free agency should focus on defense we gotta get back to playing fast,physical,and smart defensive football

  3. I heard that the Eagles will be using the big boards (you know the ones with like a chicken on it, or a airplane)lol on the sideline just like college. The whole team will look over to see what play will be run. I swear thats what Lurie implied in his interview. lol

  4. I am pumped for big boards.

  5. Knowing Lurie and Smolenski, the back of the Play Boards will be available for local companies to advertise for additional revenue.. Good Grief..

  6. By the 1st Half, the Eagles will be down to 3 Plays
    The Dietz & Watson, Chicky & Pete’s and the
    WaWa plays..

  7. **Breaking NFL News
    Eagles Marty Mohrnewig takes the OC Position for the Jets
    Rod Marinelli is named DL Coach for the Cowboys to reunite
    With new DC Monte Kiffin
    Former Cosboys DC Rob Ruan to Interview with the Rams
    For their Open DC Position as the Adams decide to cut the chord wilt
    Greg Williams after serving his 1 Year Suspension due to bounty-gate
    Who is now a free-agent..

    • GOOD! Now we can be assured, that the entire prior staff, is bye-bye! Now lets hope for a good staff to be assembled here.
      Paul, I can see Kiffen retire, in a year, or so, & pass the torch to Marinelli. Also, teams will avoid Williams, like a Leper, with Tuberculosis. I can see him getting black-balled. Jets just keep the Barnum & Bailey’s going, don’t they?

  8. Thank you for the article Mr. Cobb.

    I will rest a little easier….dispite the fact we hired a no-experience college coach who is going to win games like Andy Reid did. No doubt. Depends on the defensive coordinator on whether or not he’ll win a championship.

    It’s no coincidence that Reid collapsed after JJ pasted away.

    There is something about this whole thing that just stinks. He just feels and looks like a younger version of Andy Reid. If Gus Bradley wins a Superbowl before the Eagles, then the

    “I’m smarter that you/Gold standard mentality”

    Should be publicized and ridiculed more than that poor notre dame kid and his imaginary girlfriend.

  9. Remember that Kelly’s offense absolutely destroyed Kiffen’s defense in the USC/Oregon matchups over the prior 3 years (USC did win one game due to horrible Oregon kicker). When Kiffen had superior talent. Can’t wait to put up 40+ on the Cowgirls!!!

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