Chip Kelly Could Use A Young Quarterback Like Colin Kaepernick

I know Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly had to be sitting somewhere staring at 49ers young quarterback Colin Kaepernick imagining him on the Eagles roster.  I’m sure Kelly would love to have that young man running his uptempo, read option offense for the Eagles in the upcoming year.   Unfortunately, the young man isn’t likely to be leaving the San Francisco organization for a long time.

It’s all about the quarterback in the NFL.  If your quarterback plays well, usually your entire team plays well and you win football games.

In the NFC title battle, Matt Ryan passed the Falcons out to a 17-0 lead by getting the ball to his three outstanding wide receivers Julio Jones, Roddy White and future Hall of Famer, tight end Tony Gonzalez.  Ryan made some great reads in the first half, followed by some quick,exact decisions and precise on the money throws.

He completed the first half scoring with a touchdown throw to Gonzalez that was outstanding.  Ryan and the Falcons dominated  the first half and walked off the field with a 24-14 lead.  They weren’t able to score any more points in the game and that cost them a trip to the Super Bowl.

Amazingly, the inexperienced Kaepernick was not phased by playing from behind in the NFC Championship game.  The youngster had no problem keeping his poise with crowd noise off the charts and the Atlanta defense stacked up to stop him from running.

He operated like a seasoned playoff-tested quarterback because he stayed disciplined and focused.  The young man made adjustments at the line of scrimmage before nearly every play.

First he analyzed what defense and coverage the Falcons were in, then he changed plays and moved his teammates into position before executing the plays to perfection. Kaepernick did this while the Georgia Dome crowd screamed to the top of their lungs and a national television audience sat and watched in amazement.

The Falcons defense came into the game with the intention of stopping Kaepernick from beating them with his legs and they were successful doing that because the young quarterback only ran for 21 yards on two carries.  Surprisingly,  the former Nevada quarterback beat Atlanta with his leadership, his mind, and his arm.

He handed the ball off to Frank Gore when he ran the read option, rather than keeping the ball and trying to get outside like he did last week against the Packers. The Falcons outside linebackers stayed outside to stop the quarterback from getting outside, but that opened up a lane for Gore and LaMichael James to gash them.

Atlanta’s secondary took wide receiver Michael  Crabtree away from him for most of the day, but Kaepernick had no problem with that and simply got the ball to tight end Vernon Davis.  The talented Pro Bowl tight end caught five passes for 106 yards and one touchdown.

Ryan made a couple of mistakes in the second half, which resulted in two turnovers which hurt the Falcons.  After scoring 24 points in the first half, Atlanta wasn’t able to score a single point in the second half.

183 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Could Use A Young Quarterback Like Colin Kaepernick

  1. Kaepernick played with his brains and his hose, a great one at that, along with a great running game, exactly the game plan the eagles can execute with foles

    Stop, just stop with all the praise on every quarterback that’s at least seen a tanning salon, you have a very good quarterback on your roster, you guys sound like little bitches complaining that your girlfriend’s ass isn’t like jaylos

  2. About 20-25 other Teams could use Kapernick as their QB, G-Man too..

    Look at QB Ryan Nassib from Syracuse, Zac Sysert from Miami (Ohio)
    or even a Sean Renfree from Duke to Be Drafted by the Eagles

  3. Lots of coaches would like to have Colin Kaepernick today. A lot of coaches would like to have Joe Flacco today too. If one of these guys throws three INTs in the Super Bowl and pukes in the huddle then nobody will like him.

    These two guys are playing for great teams. Put them on a shitty team and they look like Nick Foles and Mike Vick.

    1. but great QB’s make players better! look at how crabtree has blossomed with kaepernick at the helm– i thought the TD throws to Boldin by Flacco were just incredible–you are correct baltimore and SF are excellent teams, made better by two outstanding QB’s

  4. Agree Irish. I’ve been saying that every week. Put rg3 luck Wilson and capernick on the eagles this year and no way are they in the playoffs. All of them would be lucky to maybe win 5-6 games at the most. ESP Wilson and capernick who get to play with the top 2 defenses on the league. If the eagles were on the road in Atl or NE yesterday the offense would need to score 40 plus to have a shot. Hopefully we get this draft an defensive coach right

    1. Pheags, in all fairness to RG3, he was put on a shitty team this year and still made the playoffs. He completely put that team on his back.

  5. The attribute that distinguishes Kaepernick is the arm, but some want to talk about the legs, it will be is arm that elevates him If coached properly, that and a solid running game, some fans love the flash of rg3, but as a quarterback in terms of tools necessary to be great, it’s Kaepernick

    But again, stop drooling over something you don’t have, fan up and play up the good qb you have here, be glad for a new beginning, with a new coach, or go join the 49ers or redskins or wherever Vick ends up

  6. If that had been Andy Reid coaching, he would have never had the discipline to stick with the running game. Vick would have never had the discipline to give the ball to the runningback instead of run it himself.

    Hopefully, Chip Kelley will have a disiplined football team. It seems like it from his past work and present press conference.

    There are a ton of Quarterbacks that can do what Kaperneck did. They have been around since the days of Turner Gill at Nebraska and Major Harris at West Virginia. The NFL just never wanted them.

    It is laughable when I read that this years Quarterback crop does not have talent. There is talent every year. You just have to pick a QB that can operate your system or adapt your system to the QB’s strength.

    It was fun to watch the four remaining teams make open field tackles. The Eagles players and coaches stunk this past season.

    I hope Chip does a complete roster overhaul. I can live with a couple of losing seasons if it means a superbowl victory. However, the Harbaughs have proved that you can begin the playoff ride, right away with good coaching and talent evaluation.

    1. no there are not a ton of QB’s that can do that!! what distinguishes kaepernick et al from the QB’s you mention is the accuracy and arm strength…

  7. Did you notice that the one time Caperneck did run, he hit the ground as soon as he got around a defender.

    Vick said he could not learn how to do it. Russel Wilson also has learned how to avoid major contact. or absorb or deflect hits.

    The smart thing the Redskins and 49ers did, was look at what the player did in college and ask him to do the same thing. Their are too many rocket scientists coaching in the NFL insisting on staying in the pocket and all the other crap they teach.

    Bet Randle El wishes he was coming into the league now.

    1. Hell could you imagine Vick coming out now?

      Kap is basically what Vick COULD have been with proper coaching and team built to his strengths. Vick has always thrown a pretty, deep ball – ATL and the league in general just had no clue what to do with the guy – and ATLs team (and coaching) was ass.

      How about Cunningham or Kordell? Hell Steve Young – he woulda got it right much sooner. The era of the stiff legged QB is over. Folk are gonna want big, strong, accurate and fast. Looking at the success of the young guys this year and Cam last year – why would you want anything differently.

  8. **** NEWS
    Joe Banner said this to Peter King…

    “We removed ourselves from the process,” Banner said. “We really liked Chip. He’s intriguing, a very different thinker, and very smart. But you could see he was uncertain what he wanted to do. He may be in Philadelphia 10 years or longer and have a terrific career. But the fact he committed to Tampa Bay last year, backed out, then seemed all year to be leaning toward going to the NFL, then being so uncertain with us, we just felt it was too big a gamble. If there was no ambivalence, we may have offered him the job.”

    1. Irish this is my main concern with Kelly, if the team struggles in years 1 and 2 does he start looking to go back to college? I think all this rebuilding talk is nonsense he needs to start winning right away to take away any doubts he can be successful on the NFL level.

    2. Sounds like this will be a pattern for some time to come….Joey will continue to comment about all things Philly, whether he is asked or not. The Jeffy – Joey verbal war will continue for some time to come.

      I really wish we would actually look to compete with a top level team….trying to “out do” the Browns is like Alabama trying to “out do” Hofstra (if they even still have a football team, which for some reason I think they disbanded a few years ago).

  9. I agree bsm, Reid never would have stuck with he running game and perhaps then we wouldn’t be heaping all this praise on this young man, it’s not all talent related, you have to put your players in a situation that exploits their talents , something Reid wasn’t good at, often did the opposite, especially with his quarterbacks, tried to turn mcnabb into an accurate, timing qb, ridiculous

    I am hopeful things will change with Kelly

  10. Banner v. Lurie, soap opera continues, who gives a crap about his so called ambivalence but goes on to win a super bowl with the eagles, that’s a pathetic statement from banner

  11. 1 – I thought the Kaepernick experiment (as I called it) would be a disaster. I was wrong there.

    The reason I felt this was wrong was because I thought the team would be fractured internally if they went through any adversity. Felt like taking out a guy who was the top ranked passer in the league at the time and who was in the NFC champ game last year for an unproven 2nd year player could have blown up disasterously if the team lost a couple games or he played poorly.

    That didn’t happen. Team carried the kid through his early games, and now he’s non fire. Whoops.

    2 – The fact that another team has a good young QB, does not preclude the fact that the Eagles may also have one.

    3. Kaepernick sat on the bench and practiced only for 21 games before he got his 1st start in his 2nd season….though he did have 7 other appearances before his first start.

    Lets compare:

    1st start:
    Kap 16 of 23 for 243 2 and 0….scored 36 pts in a win
    Foles 21 of 46 for 204 0 and 2…scored 6 in a loss

    Huge advantage for Kaepernick here. Obviously the year and a half in practice and the previous 7 times on the field helped him and he was better prepared for the first game. Plus his coaches d\id not ask him to do as much.

    2nd start
    Kap 16 of 25 for 231 1 and 1….scored 31 pts in a win
    Foles 16 of 21 for 119 0 and 0…22 pts in a loss

    Again advantage for kaepernick. He playing more efficiently than Foles at this point.

    3rd start
    Kap 21 of 32 for 208 0 and 0…scored 13 in a loss
    Foles 22 of 34 for 251 1 and 0….33 points in a loss

    Advantage Foles here. Nice progression into his 3rd start, wouldn’t you say? Improving each week.

    4th start
    Kap 19 of 23 for 185 0 and 0…score 27 in a win
    Foles 32 of 51 for 381 2 and 0…score 23 in a win

    Have to give the advantage to Foles again. In his best game as a pro led the 4th Q comeback. Very impressive game for a 4th start.

    5th start
    Kap 14 of 25 for 221 4 and 0…scored 41 in a win
    Foles16 of 33 for 180 1 and 1….scored 13 in a loss

    Advantage Kaepernick. His “coming out” game against NE. Foles with some rookie troubles.

    6th start
    Kap19 of 36 for 244 1 and1…scored 13 in a loss
    Foles 32 of 48 for 345 1 and 1….score 20 in a loss

    Advantage Foles in the broken hand game. Really strong performance from Foles with one throw he’s like back. Responded well by putting the next 2 passes right on the $$. Kaepernick with expected rookie struggles this week, just like Foles the week before.

    So……just saying,…..

    looks like 3-3 for me over those first 6 starts.

    1. Vinnie and Jake I have a question? Do you think these teams that rushed and hired coaches would have been better off waiting until after the Super Bowl so that Greg Roman and Jim Caldwell could be interviewed.?

    2. LMAO!

      Are you seriously comparing Foles to Kap – ’cause we both no basic stats hardly tell the whole story – well I know that and anyone with real football knowledge knows that – but okay keep playing that game.

        1. Foles did NOT play extremely well as a rookie this past year. He played Okay – at best.

          Russel, Wilson, Rg3, Luck and Kap played extremely well as a rookie. Ryan and Cam and Ben played extremely well as rookies.

          Foles – not so much. But okay. Keep drinking that kool-aid.

    3. You guys have to remember that Alex Smith was never Jim Harbaugh’s guy..Harbaugh really liked Kapernick in College, liked his passion,his aggressiveness, and his overall Coachability & Leadership.. Alex Smith was on a 1 Year Deal this Season for the 49ers only because the 49ers failed to get Peyton Manning last Off-Season and does not fit into Harbaugh’s Future plans

  12. It’s not the deep ball, it’s the intermediate throw, that has to be thrown quickly, accurately, and with velocity, in a tight soon to be closed window, that’s what I saw with Kaepernick, and haven’t seen it quite like that since elway

    1. NO SONGS, what real fans do, is continue to root for their teams, & don’t jump ship for the next flavor of the day, during bad times, & times of adversity. You are NOT a fan, & are, was, & always will be, a bandwagon, front running, FRAUD, who roots for color, & the name on the back. Stop continuing to make an @$$ out of yourself! It’s embarrassing!

  13. I am going with the older Brother and the Ravens for Ray LEwis final Game in the NFL..
    My Darkhorse Player of the Game will be Ravens RB Bernard Pierce (Temple) who I wanted the Eagles to Draft last year in the 4th/5th Round) for he will have a long,productive Career and knows how to protect the Ball and Block unlike Bryce Brown who may have more talent as a Runner, but is not as fundamentally sound as Pierce.. In fact I expect Bryce Brown to be out of the NFL entirely by 2014 if he does not dedicate himself 100% with Ball Security this Off-Season.. Chip Kelly will not put up with the continual Mental Mistakes that the Previous Coaches did.. Kelly will give Brown every chance to correct his ball-securing issues and build up his Upper body strength, but in the end, it will be up to the player Brown Himself) to correct this and I saw very little in his running style to show that he learned anything from his earlier fumbles.. Still was carrying the ball in the wrong arm half the time and like a loaf of bread the other half of the time.. This doesn’t get corrected by the Summer Camp/Pre-Season, Brown is not even on this Roster moving forward

  14. Ravens 26 – 49ers 24 in a Barn Burner and exciting Great Super Bowl
    Akers misses a last second 53-Yard FG to Secure the Win for the Ravens
    Bernard Pierce and Ray Lewis are Super Bowl MVP’s ..

    The Ghost of Edgar Allen Poe with the whispers of his Classic “The Tell-Tale Heart” are simply too much for the 49ers to overcome…

      1. Nice, I have a nice book that I got for myself last Christmas with most of his Poe’s works from his books, short stories to poems and everything else in between.. It’s a great Read when in the mood for the Human Emotion of Fear, even a little “Psychosis” and even “Sheer Madness”.

  15. Kaepernick was a three sport star in high school but received one ride for football and went with it

    Anymore it’s about the hype , not the talent, some can discern it like harbaugh did, cause everyone now would draft kap in the top three probably over rg3 and luck

  16. This Chip Kelly hire reminds me of when Mudd and Washburn was brought in and the organization and lapdog fans in here was acting as if those 2 over the hill losers were stud 1st round picks.

    Please go to the archive and look at those articles and I told everyone back then that if a team celebrate position coaches then they’re grasping at straws.

    A winning organization don’t roll out position coaches like splash free agent signings…losing organizations do.


    A new Gimmick coach with little players that will get smashed against imposing defenses.





  17. I am rooting for the Ravens to win the SB so that we will have one stupid poster try and write that the Eagles beat the Ravens this year, so we really aren’t that far from being a SB team….you watch….somebody will actually try and make that ridiculous point

  18. You mean over Newton, Locker, Gabbert and Ponder.

    UGH – 2011 not the best 1st round QB draft.

    How about Cinci taking Dalton the pick before Kaepernick?

    Hindsight is always so much clearer.

  19. It would be fitting for the more unheralded brother John to win, Jim is a loud mouth, although good coach, average, below average pro qb, John came up through the eagles, let’s pull for the ravens and our somewhat local boy , formerly called joe flaccid by yo, now joe full hard on flacco, ravens 35 49ers 31

      1. He’s played himeself into a $100 Million Contract over these last 2 Postseason Runs that he has had.. Protects the ball and doesn’t take negative plays.. Play’s smart which keeps his Team in the Game

  20. Songs. Last we heard you were rooting with a pigs snout for RG3 the nine ers ,careful of those ankles jumping from bandwagons….one new years can’t ,when chip Kelly and the,birds are winning allow you to hitch to our wagon….your a complete phony ,transparent as Saran wrap…In evaluating QBS how about we al get real here ..we had an offensive O line with fireman and pedestrians protecting floes ,what knapper nick had was a clean uniform,let’s see if Foles has a bit more decisiveness with a clean green shirt on,before we rush to judgement…in the secondary guys wrapped guys up and took them down to the ground,I can’t remember that all year long in Eagle land..we sucked under AR ,guys lacked intestinal fortitude..let’s stop analyzing a good chicken sandwich when the ingredients are chicken shit with mayo..

      1. What makes me laugh is that this kid “Songs” keeps praising Jim Harbrough, saying he plays smash mouth football. What he don’t seem to understand is that the guy is running Kelly’s offense. LOL

  21. Interesting fact for everyone. The past three Superbowl winners faced the Eagles in the Eagles’ home opener the past three years. Saints (2009), Packers (2010), and Giants (2011). Now possibly Ravens (2012).

  22. 49ers built from obscurity while Lurie was claiming the Eagles were “The Golden Standard”

    Now they may have another dynasty in rainbow sodomy land.

    This organization is fundamentally flawed from the top down.

    Chip Kelly well fail miserably.

    Paste it.

    1. First of all Songs, learn some rudimentary rules of grammar. Reading your posts are like reading a 5 year old’s. Second, rainbow sodomy land? Wow. Really showing some class. Aren’t you a Redskins fan? Go frolic around with their chat boards and talk about whether RG3 will even be ready for week 1. You’re the biggest fraud Eagles’ fan I’ve ever seen. And not once have you ever posted anything of substance. All of us were really excited when you announced your loyalty to the Skins. Now GTFO.

  23. What makes me laugh is that this kid “Songs” keeps praising Jim Harbrough, saying he plays smash mouth football. What he don’t seem to understand is that the guy is running Kelly’s offense. LOL

  24. Irish?

    Kelly’s offense?

    You see those massive offensive linemen on the Ravens?

    Do you see those imposing receivers?

    X’s and O’s are just that.

    You need players not gimmicks

    It works on the college level….not the pro level.

      1. and obtaining and playing a 5-11″ 195lbs QB like Mike Vick…
        Him listed as 6-1′ 210lbs is Bullshit…

  25. Yeah the 49er run Kelly’s offense you nitwit – the team you be going on about bringing in a smash mouth coach. Don’t play it off like you been talking about the Ravans, you ass.

    Why don’t you just come out and say it Songs…. You could overlook Mudd and Washburn, and Reid and all the losing. But when they put in a white QB you had to move on… that was more than you could accept, so you moved on to a team with a black QB. First it was the Skins then it was the Seahawks and now it’s the 49ers.

    Do you think everyone is stupid, and don’t know that?

    How would you like to be me…. we have not had an Irish QB since McNabb…errr.. McMahon

    1. Are you and the rest of these assholes serious? Many fans of these team were outraged when theywitnessed the venom directed at Mcnabb, but especially Vick as starting qbs of this team. Vick was catching the same shit even when he was a MVP candidate in 2010. He recvd more love from non eagles fan. when some pointed out that a disturbing amount of the vitriol was racially motivated, assholes like many on this board used the old faithful “playing the race card” defense.

      But somehow Songs being pissed at how this organization has fucked things up and those chooses to route for another team THAT HAPPENS TO HAVE A BLACK QB IS LEGITIMATE RACISM? I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt that MOST that hated on Vick the entire time did so for personal non racial reasons. BUT THE GLARING ARROGANT DOUBLE STANDARD WITH SONGS DEFINITELY PROVES OTHERWISE.

      1. Now remember brewski there are no racists here. LOL, seriously though we need to stop throwing those accusations around because I think we’re all Eagles fans here who want to see the team do well. Even Songs, don’t let the Seattle/Niners/Skins talk fool you.

  26. Russel Wilson vs Nick Foles
    (I already did Kaepernick’s first 6 vs Foles and they came out pretty even…lets look at Wilson (who is clearly AMAZING!) and Foles (who for some of you is just “ok”)

    Preseason – the 2 were identical…same atts, same yrds, same comps, same tds/ints.

    1st start:
    Wilson: 18 of 34 for 153 1 & 1….16 pts in a loss
    Foles 21 of 46 for 204 0 and 2…scored 6 in a loss

    Guess its advantage Wilson just for less turnovers. Both pretty underwhelming first performances.

    2nd start
    Wilson 15 of 20 for 151 1 and 0….27pts in a win
    Foles 16 of 21 for 119 0 and 0…22 pts in a loss

    Advantage Wilson. higher % and tds and the win while FOles struggled.

    3rd start
    Wilson 10 of 21 130 2 and 0….14 pts in win
    Foles 22 of 34 for 251 1 and 0….33 points in a loss

    Advantage Foles. DIdn’t win, but performed very well. Wilson lucky his D held opponent to 12 pts. Foles with a much better game.

    4th start
    Wilson: 17 of 25 for 160 0 and 3….13 pts in a loss
    Foles 32 of 51 for 381 2 and 0…score 23 in a win

    Big advantage Foles here as Wilson continued to struggle. Another week under 14 pts. And 3 picks. Foles with his best game as a pro. Good thing TSJohnson wasn’t the coach…might have benched the Wilson at this point eh?.

    5th start
    Wilson 19 of 25 for 221 1 and 2….scored 16 in a win
    Foles16 of 33 for 180 1 and 1….scored 13 in a loss

    Well….pretty even here…Wilson with the extra turnover, both pretty anemic. I suppose the advantage goes to Wilson because he “did enough to win” but pretty lucky he’s got 2 wins where the D held the other teams to 12 pts.

    6th start
    Wilson: 16 of 27 for 293 3 and 0….24 pts in a win
    Foles 32 of 48 for 345 1 and 1….score 20 in a loss

    Advantage Wilson for tossing those 3 tds.

    SO there…..are they areally all that different? Yet one is a superstar and the other, according to many of you, is a bum.

    BTW – Game 7…

    Wilson 9 of 23 for 122 0 and 1….

    I could imagine the comments on here if Foles had done that in his 7th week.

  27. I see Vinnie won’t quit with the stats comparison that means little of nothing.

    The ONLY reason Wilson wasn’t a higher draft pick was b/c he was short. 6ft he’s undersized for the position, but best believe he is a first round talent.

    Foles…first round talent. I’ve watched Seattle play and San Fran play – and I’ve watched the Eagles play – also Vinnie conveniently leaves out all those eye popping running stats of Kap and Wilson which makes them HEADS & SHOULDERS better than the one-dimensional (mediocre one dimensional) Foles.

    Buy Foles is GREAT – right up there with all those rookie of the year candidates.

  28. So what does all this mean, vinnie, you have so called eagles fans constantly stating that foles sucks, is ass, doesn’t have “it” but facts state otherwise, what are you trying to tell us in this roundabout way, just say it vinnie, stop besting around the bush, as Sam kinison as the history teacher in Back to School, JUST SAY ITTTTTTTTT…lol

  29. Kap
    415 yds rushing 5 TD

    489 yds rusing 4 TD

    42 yds rushing 1 TD


    Foles – 45.3/79.1
    Wilson – 69.6/100
    Kap – 92.9/81.3

    We good go in the win/loss category – we could break it down on which of these QBs can actually throw a ball over 20 yards (hint: it’s not Nick Foles).

    But yeah Foles is a BEAST. lol

    What was that about results again?

    1. That should say:

      “We could go in the win/loss category – we could break it down on which of these QBs can actually throw a ball over 20 yards (hint: it’s not Nick Foles).”

      1. “We could go into the win/loss category – we could break it down on which of these QBs can actually throw a ball over 20 yards (hint: it’s not Nick Foles).”


        1. You are comparing 2 guys who played an entire year to a guy who played a less than 1/2.

          Both Kaepernick and Wilson improved greatly as the year went along.

          Who is cherry picking?

          I was comparing apples to apples.

          Foles/Wilson and Kaepernick were similar over their first 6 starts. (wqith Kaep clearly putting up the best #s with Foles and Wilson remarkably similar….Foles ahead in most aspects) Foles did not get the chance to continue…the other two did.

          The fact that Wilson dramatically improved from week 8 – 16 is precisely why Foles should be given the chance to continue.

          Again – apples to apples:

          Over first 6 starts (lets include all yards -rushing and passing.

          1332 passing. 177 rushing. total:1509
          8 tds passing 3 rushing….11 total and 2 ints.

          1108 passing. 109 rushing total 1217
          6 tds passing 0 rushing….6 ints

          Foles 1480 passing 42 rushing total 1522
          5 tds passing….1 td rushing……4 ints

          Oh,….and if Wilson had been on the eagles and produced exactly what he had with Seattle – his record would have been 0-6 over the first 6…..though Kaep would have been 4-2.

          1. AGAIN – Comparing first 6 starts to first 6 starts – and that’s all we can do because Foles didn’t get to continue playing and improving…..he grades out extremely well to those guys as far as yrds gaineed, points production etc.

            You don’t see it because you hate Foles shaggy hair.

            1. Comparing the anmount of Starts from 1 QB to another is stupid Vinnie, Diffenrece Teams, different circumstances, why even bother..
              It’s not an Apples to Apples type of Comparison, no base-line metric you can use on how a Player Performed, Who their Opponenets, What the Game Plan was, Injuries, Weather Conditions, Etc,etc.. At the end of the Day, it’s about the Wins,
              How many Wins did you lead your Team to.. and if you don’t lead them to Victories often enough, you lose your job..

            2. “.and if Wilson had been on the eagles and produced exactly what he had with Seattle”


              Who did Foles play in his first 7 games he played?
              Who did Wilson play his first 7 games?
              Who did Kap play in his?

              Oh and how many of those passing yards in all those lost games were done in garbage time? How many were dink and dunk passes that did nothing to move the chains? How many passes over 20 yards did Foles complete? But he’s comparable.


  30. and heres the problem with guys like vinnie…… they grind and grind and grind their thoughts over and over again and when you stand up to say no…. it means you are a Foles hater,

    Ill say it over and over again….. I support Foles. But… we know nothing. He looked ok. He’s tall. He has a good arm.

  31. Coack Kelly needs a QB like Kaepernick is like saying needs a Sport Reporter/Journalist like David Habersham …

  32. In Eagles news
    just heard Jim Herrmann turned down the job to be DC, if im the Eagles and want to go 3-4, I’d look at Winston Moss from Green Bay, i know he was interviewed a couple years ago to be a HC, hes been around a while and has the experience, and wont be moving up in Green Bay with Dom Capers there, i’d give him a shot.

    1. I believe that Moss has Titke of Asst HC of the Packers and still is under Contract with them. So unless he gets a “Promotion” from another Club, he’s off-limits to talk to another Team unless he was Terminated by the Pacjers or offered the HC Title from another Team
      Clubs do this (Name Coaches Asst HC to be able to protect other Teams of comi g in and scooping up young Talented Coaches like Moss)
      Now the Eagkes could talk to Packers LB Coach Kevin Green since a DC would be a promotion for him..

  33. You don’t need to see any more of foles, kap, or any other qb that has played 5 nfl games, winners,nleaders don’t need a large sample of data, trust me Kelly already knows what he has in foles, if you can’t see the obvious talent, screw the stats, youdon’t know football that well, if you put foles in that game yesterday by his skill set, poise, he would have had success, especially with that surrounding cast

    The emphasis should be to build around foles, and I think that is what Kelly saw in foles, enticed him here, he said as much in his press conference, but some of you here just blinded by agenda or just don’t know football too well

      1. Sure Foles CAN be something – and I’ve said REPEATEDLY that with the right team Foles could likely be a Ponder/Smith/Flacco type and guess what – all those guys were in the playoffs and one is going to the super bowl.

        But to act like Foles is as talented as ANY of the other rookies who were slaying it up often and early – GTFOH – THAT’S the problem with Vinnie. He makes ish up and tries to turn Foles into something he is not.

        7 games from all the guys above and you saw REAL talent – some more raw then the other but who needed more than 7 games to know Luck, RG3, Kap, Wilson, Cam and of those guys were the real deal.

        Foles is OK – and if that’s who we end up rising with than fine – but let’s not act like we won the QB lottery like some of these other teams. We. Did. Not.

        1. I agree with the last line. There is no question as to who the qb is in sea, wash, san fran. We are atill wondering about vick… nuff said.

  34. Tsjohnson, Why bother comparing Foles to those other guys? Those guys play on good teams. If they played here last year they would have a shit record too.

    Besides, so what if they are good QBs they are not available.

    1. Um…you’re barking up the wrong tree.

      VINNIE has been making the comparisons – I was pointing why that was idiotic. And it is.

      AND I’ve said repeatedly the TEAM did the QB (Vick or Foles) any favors BUT to act like Foles is so measurable better than Vick even is a joke. Under the right circumstances we can likely have success with Foles. But lets not overstate what’s going on.

  35. With the NFL’s emphasis on offense, a lot of teams will be thirsty for a QB with accuracy and mobility. There are some at the college level cerebral enough to handle the NFL.

  36. First it’s pretty offensive given all of the virtually impossible to extremely difficult passes in extremely high pressure situations Kaepernick has made that a lot fans and reporters alike are complicit in labeling him “A run of the mill athletic QB resting on the good fortune of the 49ers front office” like Joe Montana had Freddie “FredEx…the People’s Champion” Mitchel and Todd Stinkston instead of Jerry Rice and John Taylor…like the 49ers had Kurt Coleman and not Ronnie Lott, like Aaron Rodgers had Akeem Jordan and not Clay Matthews. EVERY DOMINANT TEAM is a byproduct of overwhelming good talent and exceptional coaching, there just isn’t any other way, but there is clearly a double standard that a lot of people are more than willing to stand in line put there stamp of approval on a double standard in perception I guess because for some ignorance is bliss.

    As to someone’s comments about Griffin, Wilson and Kaepernick…I mean I guess you could assert some type of racial bias, but it’s a stretch given those teams and those players were the most dominant, dynamic and exciting to watch in the league when it counted at the end of the season. Songs may in fact have a racial bias, built to point to the top three teams and the top 3 QBs of the end the season as proof of that is fairly questionable and reflects poorly on YOU simply because WHEN those players have been White in the past there’s been shortage of credit given where credit is due.

  37. Vinnie has been more right than wrong , especially on quarterbacks , tsjihnson, you need to chill our with all you love for other qbs, especially tbe brothers and half.brothers, we have a good qb here , take off your shaded glasses, just because somebody does things differently than the qb here for tbe last twenty years dont mean he’s not as good , you don’t know as much as you think you know

    1. Vinnie hasn’t been right about shit. It’s not about the brothers or half brothers – Luck – you know him – he’s as white as they come. I can’t help that the rest of the young QBs who were lighting it up this year were black or half black.

      Though I will say I like Cousins – If we could have him here that wouldn’t be such a bad thing – he’s shown some real promise.

      1. I think Cousins would disappoint you in the long run, tsjohnson5.

        Foles ran a 5.14 in the 40 yard dash – Cousins ran a 4.93… Those two are as slow as it gets.

        It’s no surprise Griffin 4.41, Kaepernick 4.53, and Wilson 4.55 are among the fastest QB.

        Newton 4.59 is fast too. I think he is perfect proof that having a good team around you is important. He is likely a better QB than any of the others.

        1. I know Cousins isn’t fast but he has shown he can get it done under tough circumstances – playoff game aside. If we’re gonna go pocket passer I like him better than Foles. Obviously it’s not an option, but I think there is promise there.

          Newton is a BEAST – he’s been doing it pretty big considering he’s the most talented player on an otherwise nobody (Smith is old the RBs aren’t producing) roster. His D has lost it for him many a game this past season. And yes he is definitely proof that football is a team game.

          Good thing they kept Riveria ’cause I think they would have gone after Kelly hard and we might be talking Bradley instead of Kelly and I’m super glad we have Kelly.

  38. Luck is no better than foles like rg3 is no better than kap, and based on recent performance kap is better, especially with his hose, you can throw out all your love for the white qb who will never play here, it doesn’t disguise your iinnate bias against a white qb under center for the birds, I have the lot of you passive aggresive mofos figured out, you are outttttta here

  39. Read what this dumbass just said, I compared one white qb to another white qb and he makes the charge of racism, meanwhile he talks trash without stats, scouts reports on one of the best young qbs , nick foles, this is what I am talking about, expose these racists

  40. Tsjohnson , keep posting, I will expose you for what you are, a dumb ass racist, I will not need help if you continue to post, your choice, make it easy on me and hard on yourself

    1. Kaepernick reminds me of Randall
      Same long stride and speed and cannon for an arm
      Luckily he has a great coach not like Ryan that Cunningham had

  41. Just read the Eagles are looking at Ed Donatel the D Backs coach of the 49ers as their D Coord, he was the D Coord at one time for the Falcons and Packers, if that’s the case, he won’t be hired for another two weeks

  42. Comparing foles to luck is ridiculous.

    Statistically foles needs a full year.

    I don’t think Foles is what Kelly is looking for.

    Vick is too much money.

    Look for a run heavy eagles squad with 2guys close to 2000 yards combined.

  43. 28 teams could use Colin……

    The cloest thing to a QB fit for Chip’s system is EJ Manuel of FSU

    He has been inconsistent in big games but is a project…..projected 3rd pick

  44. EJ Manuel from Fka State is 6-4 240lbs with some raw, but great athletic talent
    A big arm but not very fundamental in his mechanics at this stage
    Get him with a good QB Coach (Shurmur) and this kid could be a good one
    Has mobility, size and a NFL Arm, but struggles a bit under center and reading Defenses and with accuracy in the short/intermediate routes
    He reminds me a bit of a Josh Freeman of the TB Bucs and would be a 2 year understudy but he has all the tools to become a good one under the right Coaching and system and would be a nice Pick in the 3rd Round
    If he is still on the Board

    1. He also comes up small in big games, he does not struggle reading defenses he is very smart and understands the game of football. He does struggle with decision making. Excellent size, excellent mobility. Is worthy of a third round pick. Tyler Wilson and Tyler Bray would be better options. EJ Manuel is a poor mans Taj Boyd.

      1. Big, I agree, but if he’s still there in round 4, I’d take EJ. High upside, especially if he get’s with Shurmer.

  45. Now TsJohnson likes Cousins better than Foles too? Why?

    Look I made it clear I wanted the Eagles to draft Cousins as I had seen him several times at Mich stats. I didn’t know much about Foles.

    But now I’ve seen him play in the pros and he was $$ for a rookie.

    What is it you like about Cousins?

    Was it his first appearance when he went 5 of 9 for 111 with 1td and 2 ints?

    Must have been his “big game” in week 14 against an 11 loss Browns team that knew its entire coaching staff was going to be fired in 3 weeks?

    I keep hearing that its silly to compare one QB to another over the first 6. It is not.

    TSJohnson and other clowns just xcome in here spouting “__________ (usually Foles) is ass” ____________________ is better. Without anything to back up what they are saying.

    Wilson and Kaepernick are great NOW. But they weren’t after there first few games. There was plenty of talking head chatter about the Seahawks making a mistake after Wislon’s struggles over the first 6 games. You couldn’t just tell he had “it”. They were struggling on o. He was leading them to an average of about 16 pts a game.

    You do realize that the Wilson led offense scored less than 16 pts in 5 of his first 7 games. Did he have “it” then?? Was he a Superstar?


    He had a coaching staff and a fanbase that was patient with a young QB….something that seems like an alien idea to clowns like TSJohnson who think that QBs are either super or not in their firast 3 appearances.

    1. How about when he came in cold and beat the Ravens, I like Cousins too but guess what Foles will probably start off as the QB here and we’ll see what happens. I do find it interesting that Foles went back home and has only spoken to Kelly by phone when paulman and others made a big deal about Djax living in Cali.

  46. And now he brings up Andrew Luck….too funny.

    The way you think about rookies, You’d have run him out of town by week 6 too TSJohnson.

    Luck vs Foles
    1st start:
    Luck: 23 of 45 for 309 1 and 3….21 pts in a loss
    Foles 21 of 46 for 204 0 and 2…scored 6 in a loss

    Talk about garbage time….Luck threw for the vast majority of his yrds when down 41-14…”garbage time” where you say Foles got all his yards. About even. Both guys sucked.

    2nd start
    Luck 20 of 31 for 224 2 and 0….20 pts in a win
    Foles 16 of 21 for 119 0 and 0…22 pts in a loss

    Advantage Luck. Better numbers. Led team to a win

    3rd start
    Luck: 22 of 46 for 313 2 and 1…17 pts in a loss
    Foles 22 of 34 for 251 1 and 0….33 points in a loss

    Advantage Foles…better %, no turnovers, more pts. This is really weird because I thought Luck was a superstar right away. He lost 2 of his first 3 starts! That’s weird.

    4th start
    Luck: 33 of 51 for 362 2 and 1…30 pts in a win
    Foles 32 of 51 for 381 2 and 0…score 23 in a win

    Pretty fucking even here in the 4th start….who woulda thunk it? I though Foles was ASS and Luck a SUPERSTAR

    5th start
    22 of 44 for 280 0 and 2….9pts in a loss
    Foles16 of 33 for 180 1 and 1….scored 13 in a loss

    Pretty even…Luck more yrds, but also more turnovers…and 50%? Weird eh?

    6th start
    Luck 16 of 29 for 186 0 and 0….score 17 in a win
    Foles 32 of 48 for 345 1 and 1….score 20 in a loss

    Pretty pedestrian from Luck….Foles again with a better game and one TE drop from a potential win…with a broken hand…

    So what do we see?

    We see that When compared to Luck, or Wilson….Foles played almost identically, and in some cases better that both Wilson and Luck….though according to some “tete carres” on this board….2 are GREAT, and one sucks ass.

    Need I mention Foles performed just as well as they did….and much better than his predecessor….with an inferior team (vastly inferior when looking at Seattle)

    Yet so many here so quick to dismiss FOles. “HE NEEDS COMPETITION”

    Would you have said the same if you were Seattle fan (well actuallly they were). Would you have given the same leway?

    Give the kid a break…..he has moxie. He’ll be fine.

  47. Colts Hire O/C Pep Hamilton from Stanford who Coached adn Help Developed
    Luck during his Stanford Days since Bruce Arians took the Cardinals HC Position
    Another Great Hire by COlts GM Ryan Grigson who sure has been part of putting together and rebuilding the COlts Organization since the Dungy/Polian Days.. Colts had 6 Rookie Starters on Offense alone from last years Draft and now with a Healthy HC Chuck Pagano back and able to work full-time, I expect him to focus on the Defense in this Draft and get bigger up fraont with DT,LB and Safeties.. This COlt Team will be a contendor for the next 10 Years and lite years ahead of where they were just a season or 2 ago so a Rebuid Effort can be succesful with the Right People leading it.. All the Eagles and Chip Kelly have to do is look at what the Colts did last year and how Pete Carroll how reshaped/rebuild the Seahawks in a short period of time also.. The Key is to strip away the dead weight (yes this will mean cutting the chord with some popular veteran players) but to form a new identity and philosophy, change has to occur.. A new HC needs to have his players, his kind of people running the day to day activities and needs a 100% buy-in and committment from the Players and the Eagles probably have 10-12 Veteran Players that I am not so sure can completely buy into another system for they have become too comfortable/coddled under Andy Reid and probably don’t have the energy/passion and the sense of urgency that Chip Kelly is looking for and will demand…

  48. EJ Manuel throws the ball like Tim Tebow, with a big hitch in his delivery.

    I understand the Eagles met with EJ Manuel at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this past weekend. I hope Chip don’t like him or he could be an Eagle.

  49. Regarding Foles….Vinnie and others use terms like “great job for a rookie”, “give him time, he could produce like a Brady”, “his rookie numbers are just as good as some hall of fame QB’s when they were rookies”….true…….

    Optimism is great, but the fact of the matter is how many other rookies or even 2nd, 3rd year players who got their first NFL starts, had similar numbers and didn’t work out? A much higher number than those who were successful, guaranteed.

    You have a guy like Vinnie who is driven to try and make his point by comparing Foles stats as a rookie, in which he doesn’t consider the full spectrum and consider all the odds/percentages of all NFL QB’s in history. He cherry picks the information just to prove his point. (By comparing HOF QB’s and not the bust QB’s, is cherry picking information)

    Then you have this dumb ass Jake, who goes on a “black athlete” rant once a month, having the audacity to call cats racist because they oppose Foles. Very close minded thinking, it has nothing to do, with color, its the same reason you guys crown Foles or like Foles, just the other side of the coin. You take the stats and compare to HOF QB’s, some see the stats and compare to a Charlie Frye, Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich, list goes on….

    1. Gregg Williams was Reinstated 2 Weeks ago and then had to be Terminated by teh ST Louis Rams (since he was technically under Contract to them from a signed 3 Year Deal signed last Year when Jeff Fisher took over)
      The Rams have terminated his Contract (probably some sort of settlement) and now Williams is a “Free-Agent” and available to land on any Team
      I would not be surprised f CHip Kelly does talk with him..
      Williams may be a hot wire and a little rough around the edges, but the man is a super aggressive Coach who is all about putting Pressure on Offense’s and Opposing QB’s.. Maybe he can be in some type of Support Role or Defensive Advisor for he does has a wealth of Experience and Knowledge though he does have some baggage…

  50. On another note, I love watching the Ravens defense. Fast/hard hitting bunch. We need players that look to hit instead of simply take a player down. I want to see a defense that makes the offense pay for catching a pass or running the ball. When you think about it, the only hard hits we seen from this Eagles team came on personal fouls, defenseless receiver hits.

    1. “Because I’m hard hittin’, always bitten, cool as hell,
      I got the tree on my mirror so my car won’t smell.”

    2. That’s why dink and dunk passing attacks aren’t winning it all realtalk because real defenses punish those crossing routes with hard hitting LB’s and safeties.

  51. LOL

    I am comparing Foles to luck and Wilson and they’re from the same draft class. And while they compare out very favourably….though some people on here think those 2 are superstars and Foles is a bum

    I compare Foles to other very successful QBs because, again, his performance grades out very favourably compared to them.

    I think this is a very POSITIVE thing…

    While guys like Gongs, and Realtalk, and TSjohnson do nothing but try to rip it apart because they hate Foles because he took their hero’s job away.

  52. Look at Realtalk…trying to associate Foles with scrubs like Frye and Grossman.

    But to humour you – here goes

    First the first 6 starts….and then starts 3-6 to see if they were improving after a couple of mulligans…..

    136 of 233 (60%) for 1480 (246/game) 5 and 4..117pts…19.5/game
    Games 3-6
    102 of 166 (61%) for (1157 289/game) 5 and 2….89pts…22.5/game

    Improving. 22.5/game. Over 60% comp%….289 yrds/game?? really??strong td/int ratio

    108 of 179 (60%) for 1076 (179/game) 5 and 5….78 pts….13pts/game
    Games 3-6
    79 of 135 (59%) for 712 (178/game)….2 and 4….44 pts…11 pts/game

    Regressing a bit in %, td/int ratio….this guy’s #s cannot even remotely be compared to Foles…less yrds, less points…more picks

    Grossman (chuckle)
    88 of 160 (55%) for 1106 ((184/game) 3tds and 5 ints….115pts…19/game
    Games 3-6
    56 of 100 (56%) for 700 (175/game) 1td and 4 ints….75 pts…19/game

    More regression…can’t get over 60%, td int ratio bad, 175 yrds/game??? less points, less tds, more ints

    109 of 189 (58%) for 1368 (228/game) …5tds and 9 ints…119 pts…20/game
    Games 3-6
    73 of 125 (58%) for 801 (200/game)…3 tds and 6 ints…72 pts…18/game

    Regression in yrds/game…td/int ratio…pts game….less yrds, less tds…triple the picks…

    So here are 3 guys…all with inferior metrics to Foles….and all who REGRESSED as the games went along.

    Meanwhile…Foles Improved as he gained experience.

    But according to Realtalk…..Foles is the same as these guys. He’s going to wash out like them.

    And one last thing…all these guy had the same or more Ints than Foles with aabout 1/3 the amounts….all their INT %s are much, much higher than Foles is.

    1. If taking what I said and comprehending it as “Foles is the same as a Leftwich, Grossman, Frye” I guess when you compare Foles to a HOF QB, you are saying Foles is the same as Brady, Manning etc….correct? Again, two sides to the coin, sis….

      1. I’m not saying they are the same. I’m saying their results/stats are similar.

        I think this is very positive, but I do not say it means he will be a HOF QB. Just that it is very, very encouraging, and is why he will be the starting QB for next season to see if he continues to improve.

  53. It is just during these playoffs that I have noticed the refs allowing defenders to jamb receivers, and grab with their hands at the line of scrimmage. And they have also allowed contact well beyond 5 yards down field.

    That is a big part of the reason the Ravens won that game – the Patriots receivers couldn’t get into their routes.

    1. I’ve noticed the same thing Irish,
      Once Playoffs come around the ticky-tack holding,clutching,pushing Fouls and Penalty Calls go by the way side and Refs allow them to play more old-school.. The Teamsa nad Defenses that adjust and take advantage of this tend to do better with an agressive Secondary as we have seen the Ravens and 49ers play with these Playoffs just like the Packers,Giants,and even the Saints were during their Super Bowl Run.. If Refs are going to allow it,
      Defenders will push the envelop and clutch,grab,hold even more .. It’s up to the Recivers to adjust their Games and Rroutes which is why you rarely see a Team with Soft,Wussy Receivers (like the Eagles) ever win a Championship.. Indy Colts and Peyton Manning would complain every post Playoff loss how their Receivrs (Harrison,Stokely & Wayne) were getting manhandled by teh Patriots/Steelers every year..
      Just like the Panthers and TB Bucs Secondaries man-handled the Eagles Receivers during the early 2000’s ..

      1. But I’m not going to buy his jersey like you are…he plays for another team.

        I care about the eagles’ Qbs and I find it weird that we have a young one showing a lot of promise.

        In fact showing more promise than any rookie Qb since McNabb….and in some ways a lot better than McNabb – though obviously McNabb had him beat on the athleticism.

        Yet despite the promise….he’s ASS to you. You would rather wear a VickGriffinWilsonKaepernick jersey.

        1. Vinnie,

          Songs is an ass.

          He has been switching his allegiance from one team to the next as they fall from the playoffs. One thing that all the teams he favors have in common is a black QB… Which is fine… if he wants to support black QBs in the NFL there’s nothing wrong with that.

          What I find comical is that Songs bitches and moans that the Eagles hired a gimmick coach. He remarks that the organization is doomed by an owner that wants to outsmart the rest of the league.

          Here’s the funny part…. all of those black QBs that Songs loves – they play in the zone/read (gimmick) offense that the Eagles new coach developed. Songs totally ignores that fact.

  54. Folks, our next franchise QB is going to be EJ Manuel after we draft him in the second round with a choice that many will call “surprising” and a “bit of a reach”.

    1. Word from EJ Manuel’s future Agent to be, he doesn’t want to come to the Eagles.. He thinks his Career will be in jeopardy if Drafted by GM Roseman..
      Says he doesn’t like Roseman personally and thinks he’s a Fantasy GM and is also not sure how long Chip Kelly will remain in Philly as their Coach since the runor is already out that Kelly is the hand-chosen pick of Owner Robert Kraft to take over the Patriots once Belechek Retires which many insiders have stated that will be sooner than many think (1-2 Years Tops)..
      EJ Manuel’s Agent says he wants to go to KC and play for Andy Reid ..

        1. Lurie is close,personal freinds of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft..
          If Kraft wants Kelly at Belecheck Retires at the end of 2014. Then Kraft & Lurie will work it out.. It’s what wealthy Billionaire Friend’s do for each other.. Eagles could even get some high Draft Picks in Return so not really a bad deal as far as the Eagles go..

  55. Irish…I mean Schill…oh, my fault


    Hell with your definition of allegiance.

    When will the Eagles brass show there allegiance to their loyal fan base that have supported the team for decades?

    They don’t deserve allegiance..and now I understand why so many people who have grown up following Eagles eventually turn on them and follow the real winning organizations.

    You may call it front running…..but it’s more like rebellion against a losing culture.

    I’ve been loyal to this pathetic organization for 3 decades boy,and now viewing with objectivity opposed to rabid fandom.

    So, get outta here….You damn real I’m off the ship and will expose these shekel grabbing owners for what they are.

    1. I didn’t choose to root for the Eagles, the Eagles chose me. I’m not a fan because I want to be, I’m a fan because I have to be. It’s in my blood. They represent my city and where I’m from and what I’m about.

      Are you from Philly?

  56. Songs, you don’t know anything about how successful Chip Kelly will be next year. None of us do. None of us know crap about how successful any of the new coaches would be. All of them are taking a leap.

    If that hire is the last straw, then so be it, don’t let the door hit ya. If it wasn’t Kelly it would have been something that you would whine and complain about.

    As far as this weak statement: .”You damn real I’m off the ship and will expose these shekel grabbing owners for what they are.”

    Kelly’s deal is 5 for 32.5 which averages to the 6th highest paid coach in the NFL (per last year’s salaries). Really pinching pennies there

    Go back under your bridge troll.

  57. @real talk, get your facts straight, I do not go on a rant once a month, that’s the old days, its now more like once a week, a backlash against some of the most stupid, biased commentary that can only be explained by hatred, its probably vanity as in pointless, but I feel better afterward, you dig?

  58. “Irish…I mean Schill…oh, my fault


    So I’m guessing that this ^ means that you think I am someone else who once posted on these boards.

    I can tell you that I have never posted here under any other name…. You can believe that, or not. It makes absolutely no difference to me. lol

  59. EJ Manuel says he knows exactly what Kelly wants to do in the NFL and fits it perfectly.

    EJ Manuel said Kelly recruited him to Oregon and he wanted to go but is from Va. and Oregon was too far.


    I’m telling ya fellas, thats our next franchise QB. And Chip will mold him into the perfect QB for his offense. Second round pick. You heard it here first.

  61. EJ Manuel has terrible mechanics, and a slow delivery. I hope we don’t get him. He can’t beat out Foles.

    If Kelly doesn’t like Foles, we should try to get someone else. There are others that would be better – Geno Smith for one.

  62. By looking at the type of system he ran in college and the players he attempted to recruit — the ONLY clue we have as to what he “wants” or “likes”.

    1. Birdo, to think Kelly is going to come into the NFL and run his Oregon offense is a bit misguided. Kelly is viewed as an innovator and I don’t think he’s stupid enough to try and run a pure read option system here. If he did, I’m not so sure Manuel is the pro typical guy for it.

  63. btc — not saying he would. Just going by the types of players Kelly likes. A QB that can run as well as throw opens up so much more. Just ask Jim Harbaugh.

  64. Im hearing that Ed Donatel could be the Eagles DC but obviously they can’t make it official bc hes apart of the 49ers coaching staff. But many believe the Eagles already have there DC whether its Donatel or someone else

    1. Ed Donatello is an excellent Coach and Soecializes with the Secondary and would be an excellent Hire in my opinion
      I had him on a list of Coaches to Interview for the HC Position along with their Special Teams Coach, Brad Seely.. If they have a shot at one or both of these guys would be great news in my opinion, both experienced and quality guys besides being great Coaches

  65. Based on what Kelly said, I disagree, but that’s what makes this web site roll, time will tell

  66. Birdo…if they renegotiate with Vick and there’s hope…but the QB means nothing if they don’t replace those lineman masquerading as human turnstiles

  67. I offer Vick a Deal
    A new 2 Year Deal for $ 7 Million in 2013 and $9 Million Salary
    And he gets his $3 Million Roster Bouns next and Give him 2 weeks to consider or cut the chord and move on..

    1. I doubt they keep Vick. i doubt Vick wants to stay. And I agree – they are drafting a QB – EJ Manuel possibly – Foles is gonna be Edwards and Edwards will be third.

      Seriously I think they draft a guy – have’em duke it out in the pre-season adn may the best young quarterback win.

  68. I would move on from Vick just the same as we moved on from Reid.

    Who needs a 33 year-old, injury prone, running quarterback who makes $15.5 million, when you can draft a younger, taller version in the 3rd round and pay him a fraction of that amount…

  69. Potential Breaking News***
    Eagles discussing a Trade with QB Foles to the Chiefs for their 3rd Rd Pick
    (#65th Overall) and in Turn Select QB EJ Manuel contingent if
    Vick Re-Structures Deal wi the Eagles
    Per a recovered “Mayan Calender” Dated 2013, the “Chiefs”
    With a Fat Guy and a tall thin Shaggy White Dude win the Super Bowl
    Remember that you potentially read it here first…

  70. Maybe bringing in Donatello also bring in Dashon Goldson? Just a thought…Goldson is not the best safety in the league by he is HOF compared to any of the guys we have now…A safety tandem of Goldon and Matt Elam would be a nice improvement IMO

    1. It’s Donatell. LOL! After seeing Goldson being sun-burnt all game this week, no thanks. Give me Jairius Byrd, all day, any day. Hopefully Buffalo don’t franchise him! It’s very rare that a safety gets franchised. Don’t know if it has ever happened?

      1. Julio Jones and Roddy White could burn any safety in the league. Jairius Byrd included…

        Like I said it would be a drastic improvement from what we got now. Alex Henery can hit harder than Nate Allen.

        I would love Byrd to come here too tho…I just think Buffalo finds a way to keep him.

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